Anti-Geoengineering Legislation In Rhode Island Is Still Alive


Dane Wigington

Rhode Island State representatives are showing a level of morality and courage that has so far been lacking from all other states. Representatives of the state, Karen MacBeth and Justin Price, are still pushing forward with their efforts to expose and ban the ongoing climate engineering programs that are decimating the biosphere and human health. has been supplying informational materials to the Rhode Island committee members and will continue to do so. In the 16 minute video below, the Rhode Island legislative committee is addressed by Tom Loiselle, a very dedicated citizen and activist that has been instrumental in the continuing effort to push H 7578 forward. I have been communicating with Tom for some time and Mr. Loiselle has also joined the Geoengineering Watch team of attorneys on 2 recent conference calls. Our most sincere gratitude to Tom Loiselle, and to Rhode Island State representatives Karen MacBeth (Dem), and Justin Price (Rep) for their ongoing courageous efforts to address the  extremely dire geoengineering issue.

Click the icon below for the full text of the latest version of the Rhode Island anti-geoengineering legislation draft.

Copies of this ground breaking Rhode Island anti-geoengineering legislation proposal should be forwarded to all elected officials (and other appropriate agency officials) in every state. Every day that the ongoing climate engineering insanity is allowed to continue further diminishes our odds of salvaging a planet that will continue to support life. Make your voice heard in this most critical battle.

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  1. bija says:

    I am originally from RI and still have connections there. Sadly, it seems that a decision on BIll H7578 has already been made and "basically it has been put back on the shelf", according to my source. 

    Seems there is no light at the end of this long, dark tunnel. Very discouraging…

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello bija, actually, the fact that the bill did not get immediatly smashed was a big step forward. Some of the RI reps now want to join in on a conference call with our attorneys group which we are arranging. “On hold” is not dead, and now the sparks are flying.

    • SD says:

      We have seen many reports from Rhode Island/ Narragansett Bay of "mysterious booms". Coastal areas obviously being used for HAARP related weather modification.

      Last summer's story about the mysterious "beach explosion" is worthy of note.  Multiple eyewitnesses in broad daylight. One victim thrown many feet into the air.  Loud boom heard. Some observers reported precursor noises, waves in nearby water.

      Early investigation by local officials turned up nothing.  No evidence of combustion.  No evidence of ignition source. Later investigation (coverup) said high levels hydrogen gas found in sand.  Electrolysis of old abandoned buried cable as source.  Nonsense.

    • bija says:

      Dane, that's good to hear!  Waking up and seeing this abomination overhead day after day is heartwrenching and demoralizing.  But you know that better than anyone and still find reason for hope! Can't wait to see those sparks fly!


    • Joy Poland says:

      We can't give up on this – this is critical for us to examine this issue and bring it out to the people so we can all be informed about the negative impacts that can (is) coming from this.  Sources I have and my connections say that we are on the verge of an ecosystem collapse – not sure what kind but if/when it occurs it will be profound and geo-engineering is directly contributing to it.  It is going to be even more "discouraging" when all of us who are trying to bring this out have to say "we told you this was going to happen" and now we will all have to pay a very very high price for ignorance and complacency.  If we all come together on this we can stop it – don't give up.

  2. Ben says:

    It seems that sending the R.I. bill in mass to key figures in other states would be a good idea. If we could come up with a streamlined format that would include contacts and some basic text, I think a lot of people would participate, and the link would get shared with more and more people. The R.I. bill is a positive example, an opportunity that should be capitalized on.

    • Calea says:

      Yes! Do we have anything along these lines? And who are the key figures in particular that would take notice in Oregon?

  3. AllyL says:

    Thanks for the link to the clip Stephan. 

  4. Marc says:

    Is it just me or does anybody out there view the current political intelligence rape-a-thon with a mixture of profound disbelief and mountainous pity? It is with almost unbearable x-ray vision that I watch those around me post and twitter and share and complain and pontificate and otherwise matriculate in this college of DUMB-ASS. Oh, look how important and real it all seems! Oh, wow, the "super tuesday" results are in!!! Good God Almighty, blah, blah, blah, Trump, blah, Hillary, blah, blah, Bernie, blah, extra blah, muslims, Mexico, blah-dee-blah blah.  Are you Illuminati f**k-wipes kidding me?? Bet you guys are quite thoroughly entertained watching idiot-America lap up your recipe of contaminated broth from the Mind-f**k cookbook. I, for one, have had enough of this calculated and quite effective distraction. That doesn't make me "better" than someone who, for example, prides himself on being an armchair political pundit who's watched politics closely for 40 years. I could not possibly care less what people know about the machinations of our breathtakingly corrupt government and political system. I just don't fucking care. However, what I do care about is how on f**king earth are we gonna make these motherf**kers (and that's just exactly what they are, i.e. Mother Earth) STOP HAARPING AND GEOENGINEERING THE HOLY LIFE OUT OF EVERYTHING!!!! Yes, it is already way too late to actually save ourselves. I get that. But if I'm gonna do ANYTHING at all, it sure ain't gonna be "vote for Hillary." Are you kidding me? It's gonna be to do what little I can to drive a nail into the coffin of the jerk-flippers behind all the environmental mayhem now completely running rampantly out of control worldwide. Yes, yes, I know. My efforts are insignificant in the bigger picture. But at least I can maybe sleep a little better knowing in my heart of hearts that the ISSUE of which I speak, and against which I rebel (geoengineering),  is the ONLY REAL ISSUE worth funneling my energy into. That we hear absolutely NOTHING about this from any political candidate is the true barometer of how magnificent is the deception, even as every single brain in idiot-America slowly fills up with freshly sprayed aluminum. Are we to be blamed, then, for our apathy and our stupidity if it has been systematically imposed upon us for an entire generation?

    • Dana MacCuish says:

      Only an opinion Marc, but I think you may be a little "better" than an armchair channel surfing begging for representation vassal;  you have a Big Heart and a Head that functions with a talent of the Hand, Writing.  Always enjoy your views!

    • a simple horseman says:

      Marc, and All, I completely feel as you do and with a similar disposition about it. Tell ya one thing though, reading your comments is like listening to the George Carlin of the battle against Geoengineering. We needed the bluntness and truth of George and "we all" need you! I think you'd be a great opener for the next presidential state of the "union" address. My guess is that what you write comes off the top of your head and with great speed and ability. Around here we call that 'good at shootin from the hip'. That ability might just keep us all alive. Keep'em coming, we'll read them.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hey Marc, someone just HAD to go and encourage your ranting!  Well done?   Only One generation?  Make that at least three!

    • eveonst says:

      I agree. Watching the DNC reminded me of post-impressionist paintings of people in cafes with their faces shown in grotesque colors, deformed, and intoxicated.  I am speaking as a former registered Democrat – although have not been for over a decade.

    • Emily says:

      The answer is for the order followers who are the actual DOERS of all the destruction and evil need to get a conscience and grow a backbone and stop following orders to do their jobs if it means directly or indirectly harming us. They should  quit their jobs and do something that is beneficial to humanity rather than something that aggressive and harmful.

      The rest of us need to stop kidding ourselves that voting for politicians does any good at all when all it does is choose new slave masters who the politicians end up filling the role of. All they do is carry out the agenda of the world powers that be. They don't help us in the least. We have to help ourselves.

      Everyone needs to read THE MOST DANGEROUS SUPERSTITION by Larken Rose and start listening to him on YouTube.

  5. Jonathan Leitch says:

    Dane, I heard you say that vaccines contain mercury and that flouride is a by product of aluminium.  Yesterday the Toronto Star published an article that over 40,000 students in Ontario face suspension because their immunization records are not up to date. Would it be possible for you to publish the data. How are we to respond to Trump when he says vaccines cause autism?  I suppose I will have to wait for the litigation to find out..Is the mountain now a cliff?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Jonathan, there is a great deal of information available on the points you mentioned, one such link is attached.

  6. Melanie says:

    Hello friends, if any of you would like to help with this critical cause, please help spread awareness by helping to fund this billboard in Northern California.

    Best to all of you, and thanks to Dane for spearheading this movement. 

  7. FreeSpirit says:

    “As a shepherd seeketh out his flock in the day that he is among his sheep that are scattered; so will I seek out My sheep, and will deliver them out of all places where they have been scattered in the cloudy and dark day.” Ezekial 34:12

  8. DrDignity says:

    In Palm Springs & Palm Desert today & yesterday was a new phenomenon indeed.  The sprays above were in their traditional X & U patterns but instead of  the typical mares' tail formation spreading upward & downward, there were just large white drips forming at the spray bottom like icicles forming everywhere. Dane, is that a new fiberglass with aluminum spray?  It may be too heavy to stay aloft for very long, especially if the nanoparticles are heavier.

    • Dennie says:

      Feels and tastes like "they" have changed the mix of the sprays.  The "clouds" have been looking pretty weird of late, too.

    • Kevin Love says:

      I've noticed some weblike material in my yard and on my vehicle that I've never seen before.  I thought it was spider web but this is unnatural and fibrous.  If there is any good news…my anger as a parent of 3 young boys and 2 older boys, I've sounded the alarms to my coworkers and neighbors and people I run into anywhere.  The reaction has been amazing how many people want to spread the word further.  I work with people in the entertainment industry so I will keep them informed and hopefully it spread as fast as the chemtrails do in the sky…lets be on our knees in prayer!

  9. Geri says:


    How can this legislative body sit there without emotion. Have their brains already been damaged by the aluminum spraying. Their only response was any questions. How did they not sound the alarm. The house is on fire and they ask are there any questions. Frightening !

    • Dennie says:

      Here's what I heard:  The members of the Rhode Island Environmental and Natural Resources Committee actually "got" it, they didn't lose their heads over it and they took Tom Loiselle very seriously, hearing him out in entirety, without having him escorted out in a straight jacket by men in black, or white.  That's a GOOD start.  Now, when the HELL can we get the reps in YOUR state to listen to you and me on the subject?

    • Kevin Love says:

      I agree….the frustration mounts!  I trusted in conservative radio talk shows to give us information but to no avail.  Here is the letter I wrote to all of them:
      Recently I've been made aware of the almost daily spraying of our skies with chemicals.  Finding this hard to believe I did some Internet research and used the scientific method to support this theory of chemtrails.  It's not only observed fact but air water and ground samples show this scary truth….weather engineering is full scale in California and in much of the world as evident by satellite images.
      Wondering why such an important topic of our day isn't covered daily to pressure government geo engineering programs to stop their dastardly evils.  Admittance to this program is done even by the weather modification scientists and we in SoCal observe the dispersing chemtrails creating a milky sky daily.  Regular clouds or pure blue skies are rare.  I love your radio show for your ability to expose the corruption in our government but my family and yours are breathing in this toxic air full of aluminum barium and other crap and news media is hush hush.   I would expect you to be hot on this blatant coverup of our time.
      Concerned citizen of a once great country.


  10. Malinda says:

    Thank you, Dane, for your tireless work.  It seems the sprayers and evil doers are very creative.  Look at this video of an ice circle turning in the Idaho River

    And this creation: Blue ice waves in Michigan supposedly made when the air bubbles were squeezed out of the ice (but was there enough pressure in these small square sheets of ice to squeeze out the air? Blue ice sometimes appears in glaciers where there is a lot more pressure)


  11. AllyL says:

    To some of the people commenting that they are suffering constant colds and other health problems, I have been taking drops of food grade hydrogen peroxide every day for the last 7 or so years and take nothing like the number of colds and other ailments that I used to and that a lot of others around me still do. It was termed oxygen therapy at the time and has worked wonders for me and also a friend who completed chemotherapy a few years ago. Very cheap too.

     On another tack, can anyone remember the article that showed footage of a lone aircraft spraying a curtain of fog around warships from around 70 years ago ?  I cannot find the article and think it would be useful to show people what could be done by just one aircraft all those years ago.

  12. BaneB says:

    A very fine meteorological presentation by this fellow down Los Angeles.  He does an analysis for each day.  The past 13 days has shown a persistent artificial high pressure placed over the southern half of California.  And the counter clockwise rotating Eastern Pacific storms are being piled up into one huge rotating pinwheel and the ionospheric heaters are destroying the central cores. The LA area has suffered the hottest February on record.  Partly due to no rain being allowed into the region; partly due to very heavy jet induced aerosols that never seem to let up which trap heat AND toxic fumes of diverse sources. He has a succinct comment at the end of this 6 minute UTube expose.  He has become one of my daily internet sites for the search for truth in these time of lies.  The truth cannot be aerosoled.  Search under:  1 pacific redwood.

  13. moderncalamity says:

    The fox is guarding the henhouse.  The fox is the military/industrial/government complex.  Those associated with the "fox" are either GAG ordered, given a script to protect their empire or afraid. Whether acknowledged or not by the fox, geoengineering is killing all forms of life including the fox, but perhaps they don't care?.  We can confront the fox as much as we want, but they will continue to deny or stall.  It may be better to approach all other organizations not associated with the fox that are free to take their own action such as airlines, pilot associations, schools, sporting associations (football, baseball, tennis), all unions, runners organizations, little league, organic farmers, etc. with flyers from this website and personal letters that emphasize the damage being done and the medical conditions we have from the chronic exposure.  Is this what they want for their children?  The recommendation would be to cease all activities until the air is safe from all toxic spray associated with geoengineering.  This includes telling all pilots to refuse to fly, sailors not to sail, runners not to run, sports players not to play football, baseball, tennis, golf etc unless toxic spraying of our skies comes to a complete halt.  If all people knew they were being exposed by a non disclosed toxic assault they would take action to protect themselves and their families.  Let the nation come to a halt in peaceful protest. Inaction will get action.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Great idea moderncalamity. If we could accomplish this ban on commerce and activities we would get the attention of those in power pretty fast. Hit 'em in their pocketbook- which is the thing they are most concerned about anyway. I'm ready!

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hi Modern Calamity,  Almost a good idea.  I say almost because unfortunately or not? geo-engineering is not the only harm, the only reason for stopping!  I mean all this methane leaking everywhere, toxic nuclear stuff leaking everywhere, the navy using depleted uranium along our shores yet people still go to the ocean and even get wet.  Poisoned drinking water–lead and chloromine.  Haboobs of nuclear dust in Nevada.  The way and the few who process our foods for us and how.  Health care and lack of.  Big Pharma.  I in no way mean to imply that geo-engineering is not The thing, just that there are so very many major things that even the dumbest citizen knows no one is looking out for us.  No one cares, no one is protecting us and even basic infrastructure like bridges and pipes are failing.  Not to mention the nuclear reactor in NY-and why, why do they always place these things near the water and ocean?  Or Hanford's infamously leaking nuclear waste.  Fukushima and "no one" tracking the radiation, and the media's silence in general. Even GMO foods which were considered a "fringe" issue once.  I mean we all have tried and tried for years and years and years and find almost no one cares to be informed about geo-engineering, much less stopping their activities based on our warnings!

      However, it has gotten to the point where people are beginning to be aware that something has gone terribly wrong, that fracking them is causing earthquakes and poisoning lands and water.  That the EPA is useless.  That it is not just one state, one place, one plant that is endangering us all.  People are getting nervous. If geoengineering was the only assault on us perhaps more people would be aware.  But people tend to compartmentalize and so focus on one thing at a time and for a week only.  Thereby totally missing how this all hooks up and the bottom line.  As in we are so screwed the light from screwed won't hit us for a thousand years!  Maybe if we all look down as well as up and see the whole picture That alone could make it easier for those unaware to become aware.  As in, if your country is willing to poison you and your children with lead and cholromine, methane and radiation, and you know it for a fact, then how come geo-engineering, which you can see with your own eyes, seems so freakin far fetched?!  Why would That be a conspiracy theory instead of something rather easy to grasp, as you can se it and watch it in action with your own eyes?!- especially given what all Everyone knows by now?  It was advised to shelter with the recent carbon monoxide "explosion".  Porter Ranch roared methane for nearly 3 months and it took our governor most of that time to even respond!  

      People are beginning to catch on to the bottom line: greed, money and self aggrandizement.  Wall Street, the stock market, Big Corporations–amoral bullies all!  Who have precious little to do with the average citizen who seems to just get screwed again and again with no hope of things getting better or war stopping, fear mongering stopping.  We've all been put on a slow boil.  Few are happy.  The time is ripe for awareness of geo-engineering which as it previously stood could not stand a chance of getting the sit-out you suggest.  But, when seen through the lens of all this other crap, sky crap seems nearly a given!

      Put all that with all the rest, and maybe, just maybe inaction becomes a possible tool of protest.  Now, to wrap it all up and tie it with a bow!  I mean, it makes actual sense to accept, given all else.  Not a far flung idea, not just a possibility but an "of course!"

    • eveonst says:

      Worth a try, I think, if enough people would overcome their fear and do it.  Rachel — there is radioactive dust blowing around western South Dakota also.  For those who still believe that nuclear is a "safe, clean" energy.  For years they just dumped uranium tailings practically in the open air in SD and eastern WY.  As of a few years ago they were pumping the radioactive waste underground, where it can leach into the Oglala aquifer.

  14. “Uncontrollable radioactive flow” coming from nuclear plant near NYC — Actual releases are “trillions of times” higher than reported during latest leak — Cracks in multiple spent fuel pools — Intense investigation underway to see if it can be stopped / March 1, 2016

    ‘Uncontrollable radioactive flow’ from Indian Point continues to contaminate the Hudson River
    by Nicole Jewell, 02/26/16
    …for more than a decade, the Indian Point plant has been unable to prevent its highly radioactive reactor and spent fuel pool coolant from leaking into groundwater routes that eventually lead into the Hudson River. Entergy, the operator of the plant, seems to zero in solely on tritium, a radioactive form of water and contaminant that leaks from the plant’s cooling system. The most recent leak, however, according to an assessment by the New York Department of State as part of its Coastal Zone Management Assessment, contains a variety of radioactive elements such as strontium-90, cesium-137, cobalt-60, and nickel-63 in addition to tritium.


  15. Dave says:

    Marc, I sometimes feel the same hopelessness fighting this evil,and yes, there is a distinct ringing I have noticed in my ears. However, let's remember Danes goal, to inform and educate as many as soon as we can to reach that critical mass. I think this legislation has the potential to legitimize our mission in the public arena. This is the equivalent of the Donald Trump vs political establishment moment that we should use to shake the environmental/military /industrial complex to it's core. Glen, I will mention your letter to my Mich state rep, to get the wheels turning. soldiering on.   

    • SD says:

      Widespread and frankly unbelievable spraying activity over SoCal again today, Tue.  Engineered fog past few days also.

      General comments on biological effects of Geoengineering.  Breathing particulates discharged from the tanker planes obviously harmful.  Who of us really knows what they're spraying.  Upper respiratory symptoms at epidemic levels now.  Ask your Dr. And yes, I also have ringing in my ears – constant.

      WE KNOW that HAARP modulates the D region of the ionosphere and generates ELF/VLF radio frequency signals back to earth.  WE KNOW that natural sources of VLF sferics (lighning) is associated with various health problems – migraines, anxiety, perhaps heart attacks and sudden death. Tinnitus? maybe. MDs are the least likely to know for sure.  The Geoengineers sure as hell aren't  admitting anything. Climate change effects on living things is bad enough, but as Dane reminds us – the sum of deleterious health effects caused by Geoengineering is mind boggling.

    • BaneB says:

      Ringing in my ear has intensified.  Maybe because there are so many low pressure systems blocked out in the eastern Pacific due to jet stream manipulation, that the weather terrorists are working over time and a amping up their ionospheric microwave heaters.  If these six or so systems join forces the pent up energy could be devastating….more than would perhaps be accepted by the public as not being a sign of meddling by the geoengineers.  Whatever, the high whine is of various high pitches.  There is a pressure to this sound.  I picked up some kind of "bug" at a wedding anniversary party a couple months ago.  I usually don't leave my nest very often.  The throat is okay, my nose is strange, but my lungs refuse to clear up.  It feels like a fly ash sediment that is planning on setting up housekeeping with no intention of vacating.  Is there a doctor in the house?

      went outside last evening around 10'pm to check on the "rain."  Using a high powered LED light revealed precipitation.  But odd to say the least. The light revealed to sizes of mixed fallout.  One mist was like fog, very very fine but individually observable.  The other was like a fine 'snow', easily observed and very buoyant floating up and around but generally falling.  This mixture of what I thought was misty rain might have been something else.  Because my surprise was twofold.  The fallout left no moisture nor feeling of moisture on my face nor on the backside of my hand.  AND the stars were out and there was not a cloud in sight.

  16. [This man is brilliant! Thank you, 1PacificRedwood. You are making it all so clear for everyone to see. Awesome work, mister. My sincere gratitude.]     2-29-2016; Day-12 of High Pressure Blockade; Phased Array Radar Generates Right-angle Front!
    1PacificRedwood / Feb 29, 2016
    Mon. Feb 29; Irrefutable evidence of weather manipulation is on display again today! A giant perfectly formed right angle is on display – Mother Nature DOES NOT generate right angles. The right angle is produced as a result of a powerful phased array radar focusing microwave RF energy onto the core of the storm to weaken it and neutralize the counterclockwise rotation in the weather system. We see that the core pressure has raised to 992 mb with not much rotation left. The long edge of the right-angle front is about 1500 miles long! Today is the 12th day of stationary high pressure installed into place to block all incoming weather systems into California and the West coast! (I lost count and called it the 13th day….blamed it on the weather controllers.) The skies over Southern California are a quagmire of heavy aerosol chemtrail spraying, and the reason for this is some pockets of moisture are moving Southeast through the region and pose a threat of rain. Chemtrail aerosols are clearly visible offshore on the SSEC Watervapor map; the aerosols create a hot air inversion layer over the moisture field preventing lift and precipitation.

  17. California Faultlines Rupture Releasing CO, CO2 and SO2
    Paul Beckwith / Feb 29, 2016
    On February 25 between 16:00 and 19:00 there appeared to be a rupture of the major faultlines on the West Coast of the US. The gases CO, CO2 and SO2 were measured to skyrocket, stay very high (indicating ongoing emissions) for at least 18 hours and then slowly dissipate. The spatial pattern of the emissions followed the "tuning fork" pattern of the major faultlines.

  18. AR says:

    Here is a link to Leonardo DiCaprio's documentary about climate change called, "The 11th Hour".

    I don't give a hoot about Hollywood, and was only made aware of his speech on climate change at the Oscars through the commentary on this site.  What a powerful message that literally was heard or read by hundreds of millions of people.  This is exactly what we need to continue to raise awareness to a critical enough level to stop geoengineering.  

    Dane, I hope you are successful in reaching him and that he will help the cause. 

    The documentary has clips of aerosol spraying, although the topic is not actually discussed. It is a powerful film – we need to share this one with others…please pass it along.

  19. cinnamon says:

    For those that have been wondering about drones, I found this youtube

    Drone Cloud Seeding !!

    Also this older one



    The problem with cloud seeding

  20. sonja says:

    Thank you so much Tom! I've been aware these strange clouds since I was a little girl. I've been following this site for years now………we ALL need to have courage and keep exposing this madness each and every day. We also need to obtain a list of all commercial airlines who are spraying this madness, so we can start the boycott process! 


  21. Marc says:

    This ongoing development in Rhode Island is remarkable. However, do any of us really think these psycho-f**ks from hell are gonna do anything different just because the little ol' state of Rhode Island might ban geoengineering in their skies?? Even if 30 states banned geoengineering in their skies, does anyone here really think these a-holes will stop? What power exists on this Earth that  will make them stop? The voice of the people? Sorry if this sounds bleak and hopeless, but when I go outside and see almost every day, month after month, year after year, jets flying willy-nilly in all directions spraying their deadly shit from hell over all creation, it's as anguishing and debilitating a scenario as I could ever have imagined. It wears down your spirit. And now, just within the last 6 months or so, I have developed a strong ringing in the ears. It is relentless. It is ongoing even as I write these words. Aging?? Bullshit!!! These shit-bums are doing something to us. How many of you are experiencing the same thing? I know many have commented on this phenomenon. 

    • cinnamon says:

      Hi Mark

      I have been experiencing it for over 3 years now.  Never having any ear problems at all thru my many years.  My sister and many others are also having same issues, that they never had before.  For me, it is not just the ringing/hisshing, it is the resulting ear pressure build up, leading to sinus pressure.  I get up very early in the mornings and have been writing down the times of the day when it suddenly gets worse.  Like today, was ok until 6:30 AM, and the pressure so bad, could not go to work.  For me, I attribute it to HAARP,/ELF/RF being turned up to the max, like today.  Also gives me stomach cramps.  Almost every time it hits me hard, will look in the skies and see the frequency waves in the "cloud" formations, which I witnessed yet again this morning.  Our atmosphere is now so filled with particulates, they do not need physical cloud formations, to transmit these frequencies.  Our bodies were not made for these lower frequencies, and thus are producing physical effects on us, some more than others.  "they" know about the side effects of these frequencies, along with the chemical particulates themselves.  "they" simply do not care.  Like Dane says, it is all about the money/power.  It is no longer simply trying to keep us dumbed down, they know too many are waking up to TV, MSM, so now, they are trying to put us all back to sleep, by weakening us PHYSICALLY.    Trying to scramble our thought process.  "They" now see, humankind, will not go silently into the night, as they had schemed long ago.  The sicker we are, the more people will go to the Dr's, ER's, prescriptions that only compound the problem. And now, will the help of Dane and others, we are fighting back against "their" medical/pharma propaganda.  Like George Carlin always said, it is one big club, and you aint in it!  They are soul less vampiric psychopaths bent on keeping us enslaved.  This forum allows us to voice our non-consent.

      IMHO, we were all created to experience life in our own unique ways, and by doing so, act as guides, for each other in sincerity and good will for one another. Our spiritual guide, to do unto others as you would have done to you.  IMHO, that was our true path, but then came the great schism/seperation.  When our inner spirit for just to all ended.  The fall of light and the beginning of "duality".  The dark vs the light, good cop vs bad cop.  The age where you must choose sides, think about it.  A psychological manipulation from where we were supposed to be.  Although our true intentions to help each other, yet again infiltrated.  Non for profit BS, that steal our rue intentions to help, back into "their" pockets.  I could go on and on.

      I know, it seems useless at times, and we "appear" to all be in the snare of the trap or web of deceit, our voices are heard, on one level or another.  We all had a journey, with good intentions, but that so called road, "they" paved for us, was not paved with good intentions, the complete opposite, nothing but roadblocks that we must no longer "go around" or "take detours".  We must break thru "their" barriers, in this so called "society" that "they" created and manipulated and create our own path together for the benefit of all

    • a simple horseman says:

      Marc, "Shit-bums", I laughed out loud. I don't laugh much these days. I always enjoy reading your posts here. You are the king of rant in my book. I usually do not like bad language but you seem to make it flow quite well. Someone a while back posted a video of a man doing a rant about the shit in our skies. I know I and others would appreciate if you took the time to do one yourself and post it here. I'm sure it would get passed along. I'm curious if your weekend at a farm helped you decompress or provided you some diversion from the ongoing assault we are in the midst of. The ringing in your ears, yours, mine and most every ones ears is quite real and I firmly believe as you, "they're doing something to us". I wonder if the ringing is caused by toxic metal build up in our bodies combined with microwave frequencies, ???. Keep'em coming Marc, "We" will read them.

    • Al C says:

                      I agree Marc…………While it is good that there are honest politicians who want to make real change, the power structure is set up in a way for plausible deniability………….How do you cut off the head of the snake?

                        There was an author who wrote a book, "The Octopus" and I believe his name was Danny Cassolaro and it's theme was that you cut off a tentacle and another would grow in.

                     I believe he died in a mysterious accident similar to author Jim Keith……………..It really sucks and these assholes know the own the sandboxes and the sand.

                 I really believe we're screwed………….Sorry for being so negative.

    • James says:

      Marc ,

      All of us are having the Same Symptoms .  Vit C , Glutathione and NAC are all important in the fight to win this war .

      Clifford Carnicom is the only one who Seems to Know What its gonna take to kill the Poison Pathogens we are all being infected with.


    • BaneB says:

      Al C:  re.  Danny Cassalaro:  this brave individual was a freelance investigative reporter.  He was looking into a software scandal involving a back door code being inserted into software referred to as the Promis or Promus software.  He was getting too close to a " flame " and compromising evil's intent.  There was a couple, the Hamiltons.  They invented the software but a government agency, maybe the department of injustice was trying to steal it from them in some legalized manner. This entire intrigue reads like a macabe fiction.  But this is a true revelation of the rot that has infected Babylon. Danny Cassolaro had set up an appointment I believe in Parkersburg, West Virginia, meeting with an anonymous source who claimed he had information for the investigation.  Cassalaro took a motel room.  The next morning a maid found him in the bath tub bled to death.  His wrists were slit to the bone.  The crooked Parketsburg police ruled it suicide.  His brother and family never accepted this lie.  One of the dangers of 'total information awareness' brought to us via ubiquitous microwave computer stalking and snooping is to be able to know where the leaks are, and dispatch the plumbers.  Full Spectrum Dominance IS a fact of microwave dominance.  Wireless technology allowed the murderers of Michael Hastings to know his every communication in real time.  These same predators who stalk proceeded to use his moving automobile as a weapon with which to off him….all by wireless remote.  Indeed, any device that has wireless operating systems can be hijacked.  One avenue of entry is through the aircraft or auto entertainment system.  And in our brave new world of insanity, this power of full spectrum dominance include the entire planet and the weather.  Microwave energy, Satan's spawn.


    • Diane Friday says:

      Sad to say I know exactly how you feel Marc. Yes, the ringing/hiss/tone/hish in the ears is becoming intolerable. I believe we've become impregnated with so many metals that our bodies are reacting in a variety of horrible ways when they crank the up HAARP. Which they do on a daily basis, usually more than once, depending upon what weather they're generating or destroying, where, and when it's scheduled to impact a certain area. We used to think the sound was actually IN the ear, but we realized a long time ago that it seemed to be emanating from inside the head. Our skulls allow for great acoustics, and we found that if we tense the lower jaw, or move the head forward or backward while tensing the muscles, the sound changes. Our bodies are full of aluminum, barium, strontium, and probably lithium. I think the auditory nerves then react to the bombardment with electromagnet energy. It's been going on for so long now that I can tell what the rat bastards are doing by the specific tone in my head, how loud it is, and how long it lasts. It's been absolutely horrendous today, because there's yet another round of rain scheduled for tonight. The humidity was very low today, I feel like my skin has been prepared for mummification after being outside too long today, yet somehow it's going to rain tonight. Watched the stinking scum making the weather, or perhaps laying down enough of their toxic cocktail to make the atmosphere conducive for more rainmaking. Apparently, the month's worth of rain we got here in southeastern PA last Wednesday just wasn't enough. It rained yesterday morning, it will rain overnight tonight, and the scheduled weather for the rest of the week into the weekend is the usual miserable shit that seems to have been designated for the northeast. The temps are scheduled to drop starting tomorrow, and there's even mention of snow "showers" for Friday morning. I imagine that a lot of what I saw going on in what was a blue sky today was ice nucleation, because, you know, winter. It's March, after all, and I'm sure the overpaid weather shills will have no end of explanations as to why the weather continues to be so "unsettled", much the way a crack addict on meth would be unsettled. They'll all rot in hell; the hell of their own making. 

    • JR says:

      Hey Marc; I know how you feel in all your frustration man, so as the word says put on your breastplate of righteousness and leave it on. It's a pisser man, but one day it will be over. I don't know if you believe in scripture as I and it's still hard then to stomach. Many good people have died or been killed in exposing truth in past for various issues. We have to stay and remain as strong as we can, it's super difficult at times, but remember the better days past. I hope and pray for our future & that of our children, however old they may be. In this difficult trials and tribulation we are in, the light will always win. We are but sojourners here and we all will go. We can't win everyone over to shed light on truth, so we take on 1 day at a time. In the end, however long that may be, evil will die off and go to HELL. WE WIN…..PEACE BE WITH YOU AND THOSE OF A LOVING HEART, YEAH? OK Brother. We will not be robbed of our joy, however they may try. It's a good thing these LOWLIFES can only kill us one time, they will pay. Vengeance is mine says the Lord, because it's a heavy burden we can carry in this life with so much bullshit and corruption and lie after lie. NEVER put your faith in man, confidence yes but not faith….You will remain in my prayers and the rest of my brothers and sisters here, Hasta LA Vista……Not the Arnold what's his name way making movies. I'll see you man…Love Conquers Everything…..HA, HA….

    • levi says:

      Smoking in parks is banned look up at tankers spraying shit that will make your unborn children potentially autistic and ensure you die with dementia the level of ignorance in society is enraging to say the least.speaking of which if you are aware of our predicament please don't bring children into the world we are already knee deep.

  22. Marc says:

    Article in this morning's HuffPost: "Japanese seafood is mostly free from Fukushima radiation." Really? If you want to grok just how moronic the news feed is to the public at large, read this article. Then click on the link to the actual report….what fun!!! More scientific gobbledegoop than you can possibly digest…ahem…….published by the National Academy of Sciences but hello??? This report was assembled by….wait for it………..Japanese scientists. Hmmmm…..would I be correct in assuming there is still essentially a "gag" order on the Japanese press regarding Fukushima?? Does this report, as highly technical as it appears on the face of it, not suggest that there is an agenda at play here? Or am I just paranoid and suspicious of any finding that would dare suggest that marine life around Japan is "safe" to eat by virtue of it's "low" cesium content?

    • BaneB says:

      Yes, once again my a BS meter has gone off the chart.  The alarm bells are ringing!  You touched on every salient point to be made about why one should chew lightly when foolishly imbibing in Japanese food products. The economic paradigm is such that while it creates the poisons and toxins out of the industrial matrix, it cannot issue health warnings that might cause a collapse.  Given the pace of global contamination by more than only increased nuclear radiation, the term "organic " will simply refer to products containing the lesser of many evils.  Federal operatives, such as the Food and Drug Agency, do their part by increasing the levels of toxins we eat, inhale, and wear, to meet up with increased corporate demand for "product safety."  The FDA was originally mandated by Congress as the PURE Food and Drug agency.  As an aside, there was a advertisement I saw somewhere recently that was seeking donations of money from the gullible public. The ad said this monetary drive was going to be a BIG effort to finally cure cancer.  You know where I am going with this……..

    • Tony says:

      They're only interested in the fishing industry collapsing, they don't care how many people get sick and die! 

      If we actually went to the moon then the space suits we used to get through the van allen belt and to protect the astronauts from solar flares and radiation could be used to get in there and clean fukashima up. 

      But we've been lied to. And they have been spraying us with toxic chemicals,  regardless of the danger to our health. 

      I for myself, am not aver eating seafood again, NO ONE SHOULD. 

      The tinnitus in my ears is constant, and loud, and I'm sick of it. I don't recall this being a problem of our parents and grandparents and can only be the result of the pollution today. We also live in a electromagnetic,  microwave soup, that can't be helping our health. Check out the dangers of the smart meters they are trying to shove down everyone's throats.

      The owners of this world don't care about you, THEY DONT CARE ABOUT YOU, and the only way they're going to stop poisoning us and the planet is if we physically stop them. 

    • Marc, don’t you just love the “mostly free” part?
      Yeah, now IF only it didn’t take just 1 teeny-weeny hot particle to give you cancer, we’d be laughing! Duhhhhh… I wrote a semi-satirical song about the never-ending Fuku FU…don’t worry, it’s just a little “Background Radiation”!

    • levi says:

      yeah there a town in Japan where they scare dolphins into a cove and sell them for aquariums like sea world type stuff but they take the ones they don't sell around to another cove and slaughter them by spearing them in cold blood so they can sell them to eat.They keep that part under tight wraps so basically they sometimes get sold as other types of whale meat on the market without consumers knowledge and since mercury builds up the food chain the people eating this dolphin meat are at high risk of mercury poisoning.Japanese people could extinct ocean life by themselves if giving enough time with their appetite fore seafood alone.It's just sad because you know dolphins are self aware and basically humans of the sea with their problem solving and social behavior.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hey Levi! You make a good point and one I was gonna make.  Isn't there a movie about this called The Cove?  Greenpeace has been on the Japanese about this big time.  And yes, the Japanese would and nearly have killed every single fish they can find.  There is just lots of footage of their slaughters.  Whales, then dolphins, manta rays, sharks for fins, on and on.  And they go far far afield in their hunts, places they should not go.  And they don't care.  What about the pearls they farm now?  Radioactive pearls?  I'm from the midwest and so not as much into fish as some.  I do not like to eat seaweed but many I know do.  I gotta wonder about seaweed now.  Because I have some I'm supposed to add to chicken feed if they are stressed, but….Frankly, for some time now, I don't trust anything from the sea, any sea.  I did used to like snapper.  But.  I do like salmon, but.  I like trout, but.  And of course I like catfish and that must be out for sure.  So also I wonder about any sea salts?

      But as per what Marc is saying, from the beginning they stressed that most of the contamination will zoom downstream from Japan and majorly impact the countries downstream.  Japan's waters are notoriously rough seas.  So rough they were not even invaded  until "relatively" recently and so are the most "pure", genetically homogeneous  people on earth.  Nonetheless they developed an elevated warrior class for virtually no reason.  No invasions, no outside enemies, just house against house, brother against brother.  Why?  Who knows.  Because a lot of guys like to fight?

      What ever happened to taking the blame and committing Hari Kari?!!  But of course we used nukes on them and we and others filled the Pacific with tons of nuclear stuff and its waste.  We have our own nuclear disasters.  We are all gonna miss the seas so much.  In so many ways.  No vote was taken, no one got to agree or disagree.  About the use and consequence of nuclear/atomic weapons. "They" just did it.  And so sealed our fate. Not unlike geo-engineering.

  23. Glen Horton says:

    Dear Mr. Leutheuser,
    Below is a copy of the email I sent to Mr. Shirkey. A month ago I sent you and he an email addressing my concerns regarding geoengineering. You courteously responded to that email. Mr. Shirkey offered no response. I replied to your response and was hoping to receive some sort of acknowledgment to that message, which to this date, has not been received. I would ask that you consider the following message I sent to Mr. Shirkey as also being a personal plea to you.
    Glen Horton
    Dear Mr Shirkey:

    It has been a month since I emailed my concerns to you regarding the issue of geoengineering, aka climate engineering, stratospheric aerosol injectionn, solar radiation management, etc.
    I am disappointed that I have not even received even a token reply from you. Your colleague, Mr. Leuthauser has courteously responded, and I hope you will follow his example.
    The fact that a secret, ongoing climate engineering program has been underway in the skies above is rapidly becoming a non-secret. Citizens–worldwide–are waking up to the reality that they are being poisoned by toxic materials being sprayed at altitude by scores of jet aircraft. So many of us have been unaware or in complete denial of these programs. That is completely understandable considering the scope, spectrum, and ramifications of the issue. However, the dire consequences of these ongoing aerosol spraying programs demands that they be acknowledged, addressed,  and rapidly abandoned
    Mr. Shirkey, with all due respect, as an elected "servant of the people" of the 16th state senate district, it is your sworn duty to be our  "champion"  and speak out in defense of our health and well being. Please do not forget you and your loved ones are also breathing in and being bombarded by these toxic materials on a nearly daily basis.
    In conclusion, I am attaching a PDF document of legislation being proposed by courageous members of the Rhode Island legislature. I would be delighted to see your name affixed to a similiar bill in the Michigan senate. Also attached is a reference sheet where you and/or your staff can verify the disturbing reality of these geoengineering programs.
    Thank you for your time,
    Glen Horton


  24. TOMBOLA says:

    Hello Dane,

    Magnificent work – nobody can argue with the facts and evidence you along with your counterparts have presented. I/we appreciate the information you tirelessly and unselfishly aspire to bring to the fore everyday and I have been trying to do the same thing.

    It is difficult even though I show video and photographs to people.

    Is it permissable to use the Rhode Island legislation in Perth, Western Australia?


    • BaneB says:

      Speaking for myself, GO FOR IT.  Please, use this proposal for legislative redress of a life-threatening grievance.  And if this proposed legislation does become law in the sovereign State of Rhode Island, it ought to reasonably dovetail with your nation's Anglo-Saxon derived laws and statutes, and governance procedurals.  Therefore this proposal in and of itself is a opportune seguey.

  25. NAVAL Research Lab PDF:
    Remote Sensing with Active Experiments
    Using Active Experiments to SEE and HEAR the Ionosphere

    • Active Experiments
    – Chemical Releases
    – High Power Radio Waves
    • Enhanced Ionospheric Measurements
    – Sporadic-E Layers
    • Standard Techniques: Radar Backscatter, Radio Sounding, TMA Trails, Tomography
    • Active Techniques
    – Heater Excited Airglow Radiation (HEAR)
    – Rocket Exhaust Seeding of Irregularities
    – Equatorial Irregularities
    • Standard Techniques: Airglow, Backscatter and Incoherent Scatter, Radio Beacons
    • Active Techniques
    – Chemically Induced Electron-Ion Recombination


  26. MS says:

    I think I see a blueprint forming before our eyes.  1.  We all have a duty to confront our local media, especially the meteorologists with videos, photos, credible documents on a scale that will force them to have to confront the issue in a way that honors truth in journalism.  2. We must all begin to press our local politicians in the same way – with the same credible information and scientific terms that were presented by Dane to Mike Mangas, and which were presented to the Rhode Island State Legislature.  The terminology and documents  honestly played well with the state politicians in that hearing.  Seeing a politician holding up documents about the weather programs almost brought me to tears.  Some of them seemed genuinely intrigued and upset about climate change programs that intentionally altered Earth's natural functions.  I believe one RI politician said, "We have other ways of combating climate change than to hack the system" or something to that effect.

    These types of efforts can often fall on deaf ears, but if the effort is kept up and politicians begin to cave to a mountain of dissent about these programs than maybe we'll see the cracks in the dam.  Confronting your local weatherman and local politician is something we can all do (in a rational, scientifically supported, documented supported, non violent way) along with providing examples of Shasta County, Rhode Island State legislature, etcs.  It is not just possible for someone to do this — it is now became our ethical and moral responsibility to do so.  Remember what Dane said  — come armed with documents, videos, studies, and other credible resources while speaking a language of science and we all stand a better chance of convincing the last of the politicians and media that have not been bought off.  If we all did this we would be making a large step towards critical mass.  We all need to be involved in this fight.  The blueprint is being laid out in front of us.  Be persistent.  I wish I could hug you all in solidarity as we march on the fight to save the human race and her mother.


  27. When harm is being done to the people on a scale that's beyond the police powers of the states, it is the job of state legislators to come forward, study the matter, and demand of the federal government that it put waste and war aside in order to devote all resources, human and financial, in order to stop the harms and heal the citizens. See for a description of the domestic violence clause in Article IV, Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution.

  28. Gary says:

    The EPA regulate the coal fired plants  but let aircraft spray this same coal fly ash all over .  No legal cases to stop this or very large fines for allowing, is there no legal system left ? It   should be easy to track this huge amount . I read of airbases being overwhelmed with huge amounts of this poison Incoming there.

    • Earth Angel says:

      It's mostly corrupt and bought off by the criminal systems running the governments around the world. I learned a long time ago we have a LEGAL system- but it's not a JUSTICE system- by any stretch of the imagination. Sad but true.

    • BaneB says:

      No matter which agency one investigates, the rock turned over reveals a  nest of liars and coverup artists.  The EPA is one such operation.  The agency was subsumed by corporate Babylon years ago.  

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hi Gary, and say what?  You've read of air bases being overwhelmed with huge amounts of coal fly ash?  Read where?  Bases where?

  29. Trashton says:

    I am not a conspiracy nut, but I am not an idiot either.  Anyone that denies spraying is taking place, or says they haven't noticed pockets of chemicals dropping from streaming clouds is either getting paid or is totally stupid…I recommend folks use regular old cheap binoculars to watch planes turn on and off their wing mounted spray…Unmarked jets…No company names or numbers displayed. Expensive and high performance…All jets spraying product look exactly the same….

    I watched the Rhode island man in the newest video speak his peace. Then as always some paid player will say, "Are you referring to the COMP trails from jet engines?"..The African American guy in the suit was right on cue..Immediately,the young white rosy cheek politician says he is not aware of any spraying going on but if it is so,we may want to do something about it. Right on cue. The young kid is a horrible liar and a worse actor… Then you have the rest of the cast. The concerned and knowledgeable Rep. Price has been stirring the pot for years. He is part of the con. Anyone that can't see or feel that they are being worked is not too smart. I am sure these same people think professional wrestling is real.

    Most people (if pressed) will say they don't worry about what they can not control… We refer to these people as willing casualties.

    This entire chem trail project is simply a huge chemical dump. Remember the "Superfund" (1980) cleanup of chemical companies dump sites and storage facilities? The cleanup never happened. Are Billions of barrels of chemicals still just sitting in warehouses eating through steel drums? What about chemical waste generated since 1980? Where is it? Superfund sites were simply shuttered and life moved forward. There is a Superfund site near my home. NO activity on this property since it was shuttered in the 1970's.  NO cleanup

     "Where is all of the chemical waste that has been generated in the past twenty years?  The past forty years? The past fifty years?  Someone tell me what happened to even one barrel of chemical waste"

     "Occam's Razor" tells us that all of the chemical waste and bi-products are being dumped into the atmosphere. Where else could enough chemicals come from to supply thousands of jets with product to spray 24/7 on a global basis? Where is all of this nano-aluminum being manufactured? The answer: it is not !!  It is already sitting around for 40 years or more.

    Start asking," Where is any and all of the old and new chemical waste?" 

    What happens when foreign terrorists fly overhead and dump deadly chemicals on the populations? Nobody will blink an eye because it is already taking place!

    The trade center plane incident is NOTHING compared to Tens of millions of people being exterminated from spraying. Behind the scenes, (wink, wink) this huge chemical dump is taking place in the name of Geo-engineering and SRM. If you have any working gray matter left you must know that chemical companies own our planet.  They have all of the money, hence all of the power…

    They took fluoride out of drinking water because it is highly toxic.  Read a toothpaste tube. "If you swallow any fluoride seek immediate medical attention" Fluoride is an unwanted bi-product in chemical production. Yet it was added to our drinking water for decades because we were lied to. Now fluoride is detected in the spray. Coincidence? No such thing…

    Why are people afraid to speak out?  Everyone is being sprayed and they know it!   I'm going out kicking and screaming. I am also not distracted by any other events, real or otherwise. 

    I simply am living life one day at a time. I live each day as if it were my last. The next time you want to go out and spray poison around your yard to kill bugs remember that you to are being handled in the same fashion…

    • A lot of the planes spraying are unidentifiable but I have been able to identify two commercial airlines spraying over my house in England by using a radar app. No other planes were in sight and I used the app to identify the planes and you can then use the app to click on the plane and it tells you the company and the actual plane being used. So far Ryan Air and Etihad Airlines have been found spraying over my house. I have written to both companies and sent them photographic evidence and pictures of the planes information. I have told them I do not consent to the spraying. Unsurprisingly I have heard nothing back yet.

    • BaneB says:

      Yes, my BS meter had me perk up and take note of the "rosey cheeked" individual.  He remark was peculiar.  Still, no was was seeking to table it.  Nor was there any rancor……that alone was refreshing.  So, off it goes to committee I suppose.  Oh but to be a fly on the wall there.  Regarding EPA, they are now armed and dangerous like lots of other power grabbing federal agencies.  Whatever they claim they are in their Congressional mandates, time and co-option by corporate subversion has rendered many of them the very opposite.  EPA is now the Environmental Pollution Agency.  They facilitate.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Trashton, Well, you certainly got most of this right on target.  That's my whole point about coal fly ash.  Dr. Herdon says the "fingerprint" of coal fly ash is the aluminum, strontium and barium it leaches when exposed to moisture.  I knew immediately he was right because disposing of this radio active and highly toxic substance is nearly impossible.  Which is in the area of what I like to call a Bean Counter's move, not unlike the mad cow disease.  Heck, more than 40 years ago I read of trucks dumping toxins anywhere they could in the dead on night, any pond, lake, etc.  In Colorado they took waste from a nuclear plant and just raked it into a large track of land around the place, just raked it into the soil, threw some soil on top of it and planted grass.  Next thing you know it looks like a park and housing springs up around it.  Cancers now ravishing that housing and of course no one knew.

      However, I think the Rhode Island thing is important.  First? state to take this subject seriously if only for show.  I thought Tom seemed unprepared and wished he'd been more coherent.  The Republican however seemed rather well informed and prepared.  What sort of ruse do you think this is?  Beats the hell outta being laughed at, or worse.

      I too do not believe in coincidence.  I too will go out kicking and screaming.  I too am now simply living one day at a time.  As if it were my last.  I don't know the "who" to whom you were speaking, but I have never sprayed a bug or plant.  I have in fact been an organic grower for 65 years, teaching others how to reclaim poisoned soil, build healthy soil, and grow abundant food with French Intensive gardening.  All for what?  A life time of lies and nuclear and chemical and war everything?  I am pissed.  Way past pissed.  So far past pissed that living life to the fullest everyday I find myself smiling and extra enjoying each wonder that I see be it real or not!  And, even feeling love and compassion for those not aware, refusing to be aware-because I realize the burdens they are carrying and so take the load for them.  But making sure they know where I stand but no, I will not ruin their dinner party.  In fact I will be so fun, so entertaining, interesting and hip that as I benefit them, they will have more room emotionally to handle this info and become aware. And actually want to hear what I have to say and they do!  One bloody thing at a time until time runs out.  Time is fake too. The clock ticking is of our own making.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Whoa Julie Alexander, well done you!

  30. Geoengineering the climate: science, governance and uncertainty
    01 September 2009
    The Royal Society has published the findings of a major study into geoengineering the climate.
    The study, chaired by Professor John Shepherd FRS, was researched and written over a period of twelve months by twelve leading academics representing science, economics, law and social science.
    Man-made climate change is happening and its impacts and costs will be large, serious and unevenly spread. The impacts may be reduced by adaptation and moderated by mitigation, especially by reducing emissions of greenhouse gases. However, global efforts to reduce emissions have not yet been sufficiently successful to provide confidence that the reductions needed to avoid dangerous climate change will be achieved. This has led to growing interest in geoengineering, defined here as the deliberate large-scale manipulation of the planetary environment to counteract anthropogenic climate change.
    However, despite this interest, there has been a lack of accessible, high quality information on the proposed geoengineering techniques which remain unproven and potentially dangerous. This study provides a detailed assessment of the various methods and considers the potential efficiency and unintended consequences they may pose. It divides geoengineering methods into two basic categories:
        1.    Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) techniques, which remove CO2 from the atmosphere. As they address the root cause of climate change, rising CO2 concentrations, they have relatively low uncertainties and risks. However, these techniques work slowly to reduce global temperatures.
        2.    Solar Radiation Management (SRM) techniques, which reflect a small percentage of the sun's light and heat back into space. These methods act quickly, and so may represent the only way to lower global temperatures quickly in the event of a climate crisis. However, they only reduce some, but not all, effects of climate change, while possibly creating other problems . They also do not affect CO2 levels and therefore fail to address the wider effects of rising CO2, including ocean acidification.
    full article and 4.6mb PDF here:

  31. Hectar says:

    This is serious stuff here. I always wondered why the weather is so weird. Now that I have watched a few videos on this site my concerns are confirmed. Dane how long do you think it will be before anything is going to be done about this? If it keeps going on what will happen? I tried to explain this to some friends and they think I am insane. Help me out here. How should I approach people on this matter. Or am I wasting my breath?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Hectar, no, you are not wasting your breath, you are doing what needs to be done. See the attached link for more direction.

    • David former Navy Aerographers Mate (Weather Observer/Forecaster) says:

      Hectar, I have been very confident & successful with distributing the GeoEngineering Informational Flyers, that can be downloaded/printed from this website. These flyers have great photos, examples, data  & definitions, of what is truthfully taking place in regards to Climate Engineering/Modification. I have a 90% acceptance rate, with the people I make an attempt to give the flyers to. They will take them to do their own research & investigation to gain knowledge on this subject. Sure, I would like to verbally describe/discuss the matter, with more lengthy details etc., but I do it in a brief manner, so I do not loose their attention or annoy them. I plan on placing flyers in the entrance of the Public Library with approval. 








    • BaneB says:

      David Former Navy Aerographer:  just to let you know I e-mailed that Jacksonville TV station that has blocked your inquiries and images.  Obviously that operation is another fraud.  They claim they want input and offer a contact e-mail.  Yet, mention weather warfare, control, aerosols and geoengineering and up pops the three monkeys.  Anyway I presented my rant and a host of images of my own and from other sources.  Of course they were gifted with the square cloud pic as icing on their psyche.

  32. Rodster says:

    Does anyone have Guy McPherson's email address? Let's all send him this legislation. Haha

  33. Sean Slavin says:

    I just had a chance to watch this video. Wow!! Very powerful. I'd love to see how Dick West…I mean Mick West is going to "debunk" this.

  34. Bill Russell says:
    Canadian political scum explain that it's only contrails.
    You can't work with professional liars.
    They will get around you. They were picked because they
    will lie to the people. That's their skill. It's their trade.
    You Cannot Negotiate With These Psychopaths.
    They will run over you.
    Find a better way.

    • Roger Gibbons says:

      Hi Bill ….they may not listen yet but soon they will have too. The more people you can send info/planting the seed  the numbers will be to big to ignore for all that are in Government.

      Send them the article on the Rhode Island Pushing through a bill on geo engineering …its all there in black and white …this is a government body who is aware of what is happening in the skys above. This gives you and I more weight in what we have been saying when it comes to geo engineering.

      Keep sending and planting the seed of truth.

    • Thank you Bill, for that unfortunately depressing information. In fact, I now remember signing that petition online back in 2013. Somehow I missed the guvmint response (if you can call lying a response) in January 2014. Depressing hot-air-crap, isn’t it? Maybe NWO mad scientists can make a distillate of politicians’ lies and add that to the SAG cocktail….Ah, but wait, we now have a new Liberal government under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, elected last fall. Surely, they will be more honest than the Conservative Party corporate frontmen under Mr. Harper….
      Yeah, right…hope springs eternal in the human breast, eh?

  35. jilly sowdon says:

    what an excellent piece of reporting! And,such a good place ,a hearing ,to get all the information out  there,and begin the legal opposition of geoengineering.brilliant.I hope it wont be long before we can do the same here in england,because the same srm "tests"(!) are being conducted here too.indeed,world wide as far as all the reports and photos i have seen have shown me.again,thankyou dane,this insanity will stop.blessings.x

  36. Massive CO Clouds Over West Coast/Earthquake Watch!!

    • BaneB says:

      According to what I have read, the potential for a major quake exists 5 to 7 days after a release of carbon monoxide.  The greatest density of the gas cloud over California was February 25 and 26.  Therefore the time of March 2 through 5 is the window for an event.  The greater concentration of carbon monoxide was in Southern California.  But, the cloud extended to the Canadian border.  For a quake to "fire off" there has to be a coupling of the earth, the atmosphere, and the ionosphere.  We  know certain entities are using the earth's atmosphere and ionosphere as potential weapons of warfare force multipliers.  One can be sure creating earthquakes is on their agenda.  According to Senator Claiborne Pell, among others, the technology already exists.

    • Donna says:

      Secretary of Defense, William Cohen said this about Weather Warfare- "Others are engaging even in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves." (Guess who Others are). 

    • Teri says:

      i wonder if the level of Carbon Monoxide isn't a sign of a pending earthquake. It is a sign of geoengineering. They have been pushing down cold air from way up and trapping it on the surface so what happens to the surface air when all the carbon monoxide is trapped in a similar fashion? Pushed down to the surface and trapped. All the cars on the road and traffic jams with massive amounts of smog in LA ect and it is being held down by the constant spraying compaigns. 

      it could very well mean an earthquake but i do wonder if it isn't a way for them to create a ''garage '' like environment. Gas everyone on the surface. The moment they fire up the car OUTSIDE the C02 never dissipates it lingers and hangs in the air. another catastrophic result. unseen damage created by geoengineering. not that vehicles don't cause damage. they do. but this spraying campaign is multiplying the damage times 1000. 

      just a thought. what a perfect way to gas the population. slow poisoning. 

    • Rachel Robson says:

      I saw this posted the other day Susan, with the monoxide, massive "explosion" and there followed one report I posted on prior page of this going with earthquakes of magnitude.  Some say that is hearsay.  This stuff goes all the way up into Canada. The map of it is astounding.  In Lodi, where my daughter lives, the air is worse than here.  Her husband cannot breathe and needs his inhaler.  The 12 year old who was hospitalized for 3 days when he was 4 for H1N1 needed an inhaler for a year or two now and then after that but not since-until now.  So, she went to get them their inhalers BUT the entire city of Lodi is out of inhalers!!  That is in and of itself newsworthy.  And scary.

      I have not been able to breathe well through my very congested nose for 7 years now but I do not need an inhaler.  We were here for the '89 earthquake and that was scary.  So we both have some real concerns about this.  She'd be safe, unable to drink Lodi's water or breathe, but safe from quake.  I, however am not.  This house has no foundation.  I sometimes think that is why it is still standing.  Daughter says if the quake doesn't get me, only! takes San Francisco away, the tsunami will get me and I do live close to the Bay.  She suggests my survival kit-which at this point amounts to a good flashlight, three ways to start fire, a morning glory root of a plant of on porch by the Titmouse bird family can hold and carry that fire for days-Indian trick–water, some anyway and some canned goods-of course with BPA lining, and a storm whistle!  She says in addition I need a boat, like a life preserve boat, a floatie, tied to the roof of this house packed with gear!  Heck, I don't even have a sleeping bag anymore, much less a way to cook, a tent, etc.  She figures I can ride the tsunami to Lodi!  My God but that sounds like fun! I am not kidding.

      Chickens cannot swim.  Hmmm.  Finally they are all laying again and gee it was a long time coming.  The sky is totally hacked, we are told to expect rain coming.  Rhoda, my dendron had her best year ever, hundreds of white blossoms all over the front of this house.  Even the azalea bloomed.  Everything is in bloom, birds are everywhere, tweeting and mating.  It did rain and more than we expected.  We are told more rain is coming.  My precious plum is sprouting leaves all over!  Some rain, real or not, does seem to help a lot.  But all too soon it will be very very hot and dry, you know, if The Big One doesn't manifest.  Most doctors have bailed from the lower end of medicare and medi-cal.  Gas may be cheaper but nothing else is, prices just go up and up.  Store after store is closing, some switching to online.  Berkeley is barely recognizable anymore.  Big buildings brought to us by BP and the University.  Big money everywhere.  To quote Bob Dylan: I used to care, but things Have changed.

    • PatinSF says:

      They are trying to debunk the readings!!LOL!

      Fires there are no fires in California!!

      Erroneous CO emissions over California cause unrealistic CO concentration in GEOS-5 model

      March 1, 2016

      IMPORTANT NOTICE: Elevated carbon monoxide (CO) concentrations over California in the GEOS-5 products since February 25, 2016, are incorrect. They are a consequence of unrealistic emissions derived from satellite observations of fires, which led to elevated concentrations of atmospheric CO (as well as other species).

      NASA's EOS-Terra spacecraft entered safe mode on February 18, 2016, during an inclination adjustment maneuver. This caused the MODIS instrument to enter safe mode, with the nadir and space-view doors closed. When the Terra MODIS transitioned back to science mode on February 24, 2016, the operating temperatures for the SWIR and LWIR (Short-wave Infrared and Longwave infrared) focal planes have not yet stabilized. As a consequence, some data products have been severely degraded. This includes the "Fire Radiative Power" fields that are used by GEOS-5 to compute emissions of CO, CO2, and carbonaceous aerosols by biomass burning.

      GMAO is working to correct this problem. The GEOS-5 analyses will be re-run from February 24, 2016, using only the EOS-Aqua MODIS data, in order to exclude the unrealistic CO emissions. EOS-Terr


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello PatinSF, yes, I believe you are right on target. NASA is doing damage control to try and mask the severity of what the CO images captured. This is the same NASA that has boiler plate “chemtrails are a hoax” handouts that the supply to all government officials and agencies. The power structure and their puppet agencies are becoming ever more desperate and dangerous.

  37. Dave says:

    Hello all, I think this is a breakthrough that could be the catalyst that so many of us have been waiting for. Listening to the hearing, it seemed that those involved, with the guidance of Dane, could bring this to national prominence. I have a state rep from Mich that goes to my church that I've been meaning to talk with about SRM/SAG (a good man) and this will bring it out of the conspiracy realm and into the reality of these programs. I too follow some of scary microwave angle and also see planes with who knows what invisible substance being sprayed of which I understand very little, but we have to use every weapon to expose this evil. I look at this as an answer to prayers.

  38. Abby says:

    It is fairly easy too see. Just have to Look Up. All this crap about it is for communications and Air Force intelligence garbage is a total farce. If you look up Georgia Guide stones you will see something very differently. 

    It is all about NWO and depopulating. It does not matter what stands in the way. Marine Life, human life. 

    Maybe fine of the Deniers should go to their local Freemason's temple and look at the people that go there and which cars they are driving.

    They like the darkness. That means no Sun. They are like Vampires. If you believe in that corny sort of stuff. But really these people do. They think that they are living in the darkness while they are living their everyday lives. Well that is what they are taught in their secret society.

    Then when they pass they think that they will see the Light. Crazy as it seems, that is what they are taught to think. It is their special order.

    Why do you think most of the U.S. of A have had so many Freemason's as Presidents?

    Go Google it. Don't take my word for it.

    Now when you watch TV, note all the commercials that inspire you to take medications of sorts to alleviate any of your illness. 

    Are you starting to figure this out?

    Pharmaceutical and hospitals.

    You probably don't want to hear the truth, but it is the Truth.

    Then you look at the weather and you see how the News Station always has their Big saying like. Storm Watch or something else. That is because they love this kind of stuff. Everyone glued to their TV sets and watching just like Kid's waiting for the next Candy or Ice Cream Cone.

    Be Dazzled. People love it and can't figure out that they are under Control. Instead they want to be entertained by Disasters and things to that Nature which the News Channel feeds you. 

    People don't even bother to look up in the sky and see that they are being poisoned.

    They think it is just Normal.

    That is sadder then SAD! 

    • BaneB says:

      You referred to vampires.  An excellent metaphor.  These Geoengineering terrorists are the soulless living dead of 'fiction's' dire warnings.  And I would suggest that a major player in the sucking dry of the life-force is DARPA…uh…Dracula.

  39. girlbot says:

    Great work here in getting this out, even though there isn't any real penalty in the legislation, I think.

    Just want to report a new type of spraying here in NYC that I have not seen yet. Very light-seeming wispy trails that are sprayed in crisscrosses. It could have been a lighter material or it could have been higher winds making materials look lighter… not sure. But the trails disappeared relatively quickly and did not turn into the typical white haze. Wondering if anyone has seen this and conjectures as to what it could be. Thanks!

    • BaneB says:

      Yes, the same observation happened to me here in central Mendocino County, California.  It leaves a long trail that has two parallel lines which don't linger, nor do they morph.  This is becoming a more common occurrence.  Maybe a more sinister spraying because it is less showy.

    • Greg says:

      Yes girlbot, it is happening here in southwest Colorado too.  It seems to be a different material that turns into whispy, cirrus like clouds.  We are also getting sprayed during the dark, early morning hours.  Last month, it was the grid patterns and diagonals that blended altogether into a solid white/gray mass.  Then they would microwave it and it turned into the ripple like clouds.  Hang in there!  We might reach critical mass before too long.  Greg

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Guys, is it possible these are trying to debunk the fact that contrails do not exist anymore?  As if to show people, just normal contrails, so that hi bypass turbo fan engine argument loses ground?  Or is that paranoid? 

      We are not out of the time frame for a big one yet.  Yesterday in Oakland I could see the ripple clouds.  That never bodes well.  Big quakes in Indonesia-what a nightmare for them, again.

      Just thought that what you are describing which I have not seen yet, could be intentional confusion.  A bit more than a week ago, I saw clouds in geometric shapes–one was like a big triangle.  I was stunned. three dimensional!

  40. levi says:

    The last coldest year on record was 1911.Any notion the industrial age is a paradigm that can continue indefinitely is simply ignoring reality.It takes decades to decommission a nuclear facility if you had the money and there's only money in keeping them operational.On this trajectory with the climate oceans and economy imploding those 600+ facilities well there going into meltdown with this planet.People want to play video games like Fallout 4 well guess what kids fallout is already here.Only when the oceans are dead the food is gone and the air is unfit to breath will you realize you can't eat money.

  41. God bless the people in Rhode Island for finally
    getting onto the governmental level for exposure of SAG. The $500 fine for geoengineering generated an irony-producing chuckle, but…it’s a start! The mainstream news item from Cyprus you posted recently was also an encouraging sign. Perhaps the wall of governmental silence is finally beginning to crack. I have forwarded both of these items to my federal Canadian Member of Parliament, and to the office of the federal Ministry of the Environment. I pray that SOMEONE at the governmental level here in Canada will WAKE UP and SMELL THE NANO-ALUMINUM.

    • Roger Gibbons says:

      Good to hear Steve …I too have been sending to all the Canadian offices of the environment. Local and Provincial also Federal offices.

      Keep up the seeding.

  42. virginia says:

    So many "thank yous' to so many of you who have written such informative posts here. I learn so much from reading them.   But foremost a very big THANK YOU to Rep. MacBeth and Rep. Justin Price of Rhode Island..we are all in your debt for showing such spine.  Also to Mr. Tom Loiselle…a brave citizen, indeed, a thank you for your perseverance and knowledge to make this deadly aerosol spraying a priority. Good luck on H7578.  We will be watching closely.

    As for our gutless wonders here in California….led by Mr. Gutless, himself, Jerry Brown… we expect nothing from you bunch of cowards and shills. Is there not one of you who will follow the lead of the Rhode Island Three?  You are all criminally guilty and will pay for your silence, sooner or later.

    As usual, Dane…I guess you are getting tired of hearing so many of us express our gratitude, but here goes one more:  Thanks for everything.

    Meanwhile in northern California on Sunday….I thought I was on another planet where they had no skies…just infinite white crap overhead. I also saw something unusual: among the muck above, some of the formations were brown.  What in the world is that all about?  This is insanity.

    • Correct me if I am wrong, but doesn’t barium refract in the brown zone of the spectrum? On those days when there is the famous “chem-ring-around-the-sun” phenomenon, to me it frequently seems to have a distinctly brownish tinge. Nice of them to let us know what variety of toxin we’re being doused with today, eh?
      Hey you pilots, grow a pair and “Expose The Sky-Crime”!

  43. Paul Jarrett says:

    Dane, this link was posted on allnewspipeline today. Not sure how much play it is getting in MSM, but I doubt very much. It is a serious warning about a major earthquake in the next few days on the west coast.
    Stay safe1 I appreciate all that you are doing. I've seen no chem trails since arriving in Kenya 2 months ago in the Great Rift Valley west of Nairobi. 

    • BaneB says:

      This could be a warning issued due to the large carbon monoxide cloud discovered over the past few days hanging over California. I read somewhere yesterday that the phenomenon occurrence is associated with pre-earthquake.  Then again maybe all the insane fracking is causing both.

  44. C.J. says:

    About Leonardo DiCaprio. I watched that also. When you do your investigation intensely you will find about these Actors and Singers. Just like Bono. The more and more you research you will find that these people that are saying things about addressing climate change and mitigating it are probably saying Spray more stuff. Just like the guy that owns Virgin Airlines and Virgin Mobile. They are wolves in the Sheep clothing. I ma glad that Rhode Island is not backing down. When I watched the video however, the 2 people that were taking the comments and complaints did not seem to care. The darker fella especially. I'm not racist. I don't know any other way too say it. The bearded fellow also seemed to want to shoe it under the Rug it seemed. Probably because they don't want to address the issue. Why? It seems they are trying not to see what is going on because they might have been told to Keep their Mouth's Shut or Else! 

    Here where I live it started clearing up a Bit and then I heard the Air Ambulance flying around and then it completely got Dark Black skies again. Also the local Geoengineering contractor in this area, yesterday was doing their best to put the Filth into the Sky.

    Way too many people with lots of dollars and No Brains.

    Unbelievable. More people are waking up though.

  45. Kat L. says:

    Thank you to these public servants for living up the creed! when the pooh-pooh hits, these folks can hold their heads up high.  For the others, tribunals await them.

  46. russ says:

    I have been speaking to a friend about the spraying and at first he laughed at me, a few days later he started to ask questions yesterday he came to my house in a panic, pulled me outside and showed me 8 planes spraying( now he not only believes but now hes become as big a preacher as I) and hes telling 2 guys on his job—-although small it made my day to see this new Preacher about whats going on. Thanks Dane for this wonderful info and God Bless these people in Rhode Island

  47. Abigail says:

    Thank you, DANE! This is such an amazing report for those of us who truly KNOW that Geoengineering is destroying all life on our planet, Earth. PRESS ON! Sharing with Russ Tanner's Orvis Vitae. You never cease to amaze me, Dane, on the vast information you present and remain such a gentleman. Blessings upon you and your family.  PRESS ON!


  48. Sean Slavin says:

    So who decided what the penalties for violating this proposed bill would be? The penalties for speeding seem to be more severe. Ok that's a slight exaggeration but my bet is that even if this passes the perps will pay a relatively small fine and just continue spraying.

    I suppose the upside to all of is at least this issue will finally be out in the open and acknowledged.

    Forward we march. One step at a time.

    • Earth Angel says:

      What was it the wicked queen in Alice in Wonderland always said?.. OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!! … wasn't it?

  49. Gosh, Dane — Truly it is a 'six-ways-from-Sunday' wonder that you manage with so many embers to ignite! God bless Tom Loiselle — and you for your Herculean persitant efforts. Here's the latest report from the amazing 1PacificRedwood:

    2-28-2016; Day-11 of High Pressure Blockade Stopping Rain Systems; Heavy aerosol spraying in So. CA  / 1PacificRedwood  / Published on Feb 28, 2016
    Sun Feb. 28; Today is the eleventh straight day of a high pressure blockade being parked off the West Coast. According to the West Coast IR / Rainbow map, we see pockets of moisture moving East through most of California. Despite this, the weather was warm with low humidity (28%). The reason for the low humidity and no preceipitation was the extremely heavy aerosol 'chemtrail' spraying conducted all day in Southern California. As we can see in the MODUS Today color map, the aerosol spraying was wide spread around the State. There are actually 10 low pressure centers identified in today's Surface Analysis Map, yet no rain /precipitation is in the forecast for the Southern California region! Looking at the Northeast Pacific Watervapor loop we see a dark area surrounding the 961mb storm and frontal system, generated by a transmitter to isolate this giant storm and prevent it from merging with any of the other low pressure systems in the vicinity. The radar generated boundary around this large storm is especially visible in the Northeast IR/Rainbow map. Also note the extremely straight edge on the back side of the storm's frontal system – generated by phased array radar.

  50. BaneB says:

    A premise:  while these great Citizens are operating under the assumption that SRM is a program to mitigate global warming, my morphing concept, based on many hours of investigation and contemplation (such as it is), is that the spraying of nano metals Into our atmosphere is more about creating a medium for microwave communications.  Satellites overhead, GWEN, NEXRAD, Cell, all way over wattaged, are the parts of a mitary communications machine, a doomsday device that will perpetuate that reality…..a self fulfilling entrapment with no way out.  The entire earth has been quietly turned into a microwave medium.  The NATO countries are the most heavily saturated along with the US.  Naturally, the other major, and some minor powers are doing the same, in order to compete with the latest microwave stealth inventions.  It is a fact that cell towers are under study  to be utilized as command and control of drones.  Whose drones ,  Ah, the good of it all:-). A pizza delivered by drone !  Are those 30,000 predicted drones about package deliveries?  Or are they about ever greater policing and loss of constitutional guarantees?  There will be no end to ever increasing "need" for wireless technology.  Search out UTube vids on DARPA robots.  Frightening, IMO.  A reason for desiccating the cloud cover is to remove attenuation of microwave signals.  Clouds and rain create "scatter."  And one can easily observe our Frankenstein clouds being hit with intense radio frequency ionospheric heaters and assorted microwaves.  One might suspect "nation security" will be paying a visit to the "sovereign State of Rhode Island.  The smallest state in the union of states has put a shot across the bow of the satanic behemoth.  Too bad our corrupt legislature here in California was not leading this charge.  Too busy I suppose with methane and carbon monoxide atmospheric releases.

    • Bane: "The entire earth has been quietly turned into a microwave medium." I have been thinking the same and agree. They are in fact 'terraforming' the planet, perhaps irrevocably. One wonders if these mad plasma-physics scientists really have any idea where this will lead? We know these frequencies are not good for humans. So who benefits? Will the elite live underground or in orbiting aerial ships? Too insane…

  51. Tom ONeill says:

    Dane- I read they are using or developing invisible sprays. Yesterday I saw planes spraying but then spray dissipated- it was 60 degrees here yesterday so it was not condensation.  If invisible- we are really in trouble for letting people know what is going on.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Tom, though there seems to be an effort to make the spraying less blatant in many cases, the particulate associated with SRM will always be visible as they settle into various layers of the atmosphere. Can the climate engineers spray other elements for other purposes that would not be visible and perhaps could be much more lethal? Certainly.

  52. cinnamon says:

    Found this, for a better word "intriguing".  Attaching for those who aren't afraid of going down "rabbit/rabbid" holes

    Scalia, the Illuminati, the Jesuits and the Vatican

  53. JR says:

    In Southwest, New Mexico this morning what rain clouds we had up there were decimated through out night. Zero % rain was left with whited out Chemtrails-SAG/SRM. I called to the Capitol in D.C. to air out what I've been calling on for years against this crap. I've received letters in past where Air Force says what I see in sky are Contrails, yeah right! The reps. in office from past are replaced with new people and the spraying continues, just plain Evil I say. These people as those in past will more than likely die in their BIG SIN and lying through their teeth…..The one and only Lord be with us………

  54. cinnamon says:

    SRG alert from NJ.  50 degrees at 8 AM despite the massive chemtrailing from pre-dawn to sunrise.  Shortly afterwards, a solid ridge of "clouds" could be seen in the western horizon, rapidly moving eastward.  As they approached, you could see the entire "formation" had HAARP/ELF/RF wave patterns.  I became physically ill, once again.  We were being ice nucleated AGAIN.  The "cloud" formation turned into swirling mass of white and bluish grey "clouds", that started to dissolve into a haze/fog that was falling into the lower atmosphere.  As the "clouds" dissolved and skies started opening up again, we were hit with another round, then another round.  The "white" formation are now turning pale yellow, mixed with the bluish grey formation.  I can hear military planes (from the bases west of me), but they cannot be seen.  They must be flying just above the low lying "cloud" coverage.  God only knows what they are doing just above it.  

    Dane, thanks for sharing this, as I try to fight back the tears from what I see is unfolding, yet again, before my eyes.  Mind you, it is only 10:30 AM here.

    I also find it not to be a coincidence, that the meteorogist that had been on the largest broadcast radio station here in NJ from its inception, abruptly retired Sept 2014. His retirement was announced on a Monday, and his last day was the following Friday.   Also, the main AM radio broadcaster of that same station, who had aired some chemtrailing info here and there, suffered a severe concussion from an accident while on vacation, in November 2015, forcing him to retire after 25 years.  Both his sons had been in the military, and from what I recall, did not return to the US.  I have to admit, that once the main meteorologist left, I stopped listening to that station, except for traffic reports, when I needed to travel.  I have no clue, what this long time radio host had been covering prior to his "accident"

    • Maria says:

      Hi Cinnamon i am in NJ too and witnessed the same thing.  I have been studying this for awhile now and I see with my own eyes what is happening.  I can tell this morning what we saw was not "natural weather" we dont see much Natural weather anymore 🙁 makes me ill and sick!  I have been taking a ton of pictures and videos.

  55. Killer Dana says:

    Amador County California Spray  Alert !  2-29-2016  @ 08:00
    Last night the Monsanto Chem Jockeys were  hard at it with more Poison  Fall Out .
    Hey  Bernie   Sanders  ,,,
    Are you gonna do anything concerning the Poison we are all  being infected with ?

    • Lynn Burch says:

      Am in Amador county as well. 11 straight days of spraying. Tim Donnelly (candidate for governor last time) is on Facebook.  I messaged him abt this. He said that he is discussing this right now. I also called Les Baugh Shasta county as they had a big supervisors meeting- scientists, doctors,etc came.  They were going to ask fed govt abt it. I emailed him and he said they recd no meaningful response. I contacted him again. They need to keep going. Maybe u could email him too. The video is on youtube. Worth a look.

  56. Sharon Hodson says:

    Leonardo DiCaprio spoke out at the Academy Awards 
    last night about climate change, how about enlisting his voice
    to bring awareness about climate engineering? 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Sharon, we are trying desperately though a number of contacts to reach DiCaprio.

    • Marie says:

      There are so many people, famous or not, out there wanting to say more, do more. We need someone like Mr DiCaprio to break the silence. I pray each and everyday that it will happen soon. Thank you to all of you that are out there sharing your knowledge.Thank you Dane. We will prevail.

    • levi says:

      Be careful with Leo he met with the pope over their common fear of climate change and have you not heard Obama say climate change is the most urgent threat too these people will try and sell the climate engineering as a cure when it is clearly the biggest problem just like Paul Beckwith calling for geoengineering to cool the global emergency in the arctic that oh surprise no one is being told.Now I do think Leo's concern is probably genuine but he wont accept the climate engineering reality he should have added 2015 wasn't only the hottest year on record (right after 2014's record) didn't only set the record it more then doubled abolished abruptly shattered it like Dane say's this is a full on meltdown and people don't like to hear that reality because its not comforting well this year is already on pace to annihilate that record especially if you aren't confused by the cool downs and the huge jet stream teeter totter

    • William says:

      Its one thing to admit climate change exists, even liar politicians can manage that, its quite another to take it to the level Mr. Wigington does and point out that the geoengineering is causing the climate change, intentionally, in the first place.

      It would be suicidal for a celebrity to come forward, speak the truth, and rally the troops, this is because the same puppet masters that put politicians in place are the same ones who control the media and control who is famous in Hollywood and who is not.

      Look at what happened to Scalia, its a shame but I feel the same would be awaiting any famous personality that has potential to sway the masses.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello WIlliam, thank you for making your voice heard in this battle. For the record, though climate engineering is making the warming of the planet worse, there are countless forms of anthropogenic (human caused) damage to our biosphere. It is imperative that we remember and acknowledge this. If we don’t, and if we attribute all the climate damage to climate engineering alone, we will lose all credibility which we must retain in order to build the bridges we will need to prevail in this all important fight for the greater good. Thank you again for making your voice heard William.

    • William says:

      Sorry about that Mr Wigington, I fully understand exactly what your saying, I admit fully placing the blame on geoengineering is wrong.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      No worries at all William, I only make the point in order for us to maintain a foundation of credibility. This being said, I, like you, will keep all my focus on exposing and halting climate engineering. Thanks for helping to sound the alarm William, we all march together in this critical battle.

    • Dennie says:

      Did everyone see the Vatican's 1985 coin, the one with the jet on top of the map of the world, spraying chem trails:  WTF??!!!  Sorry about the creepy music, "Lucifer's Hym;" this was really the best picture of the Vati-chem coin,

      "Let Us Spray: =========== +"

  57. Irene Parousis says:

    WOW, this is GREAT!

  58. Nigel holden says:

    Hi we are getting this on a daily basis in GB it blocks the sun and makes us I'll .it makes me sick to think this can go on and  people don't look up

    • BaneB says:

      The NATO countries seem to be the worst of the geoengineered.  Everybody wants to be wireless, clueless, and remote controlled.

    • I know what you mean Nigel, I have had a cough since last April when there was heavy spraying, my husband even ended up in hospital coughing up blood. Luckily he is OK now. I have  a radar app that identifies some of the planes spraying and I have written to the airlines involved. I find it really hard to get anyone to believe me, even my close family, they just think I have gone crazy. I'll keep trying though, it's too important.


  59. Key phrase: "Without our consent."

    The above comment is a legal issue, period.

    Whatever the excuse, persons engaged in nonconsensual geoengineering are in direct violation of multiple international laws regarding human rights. If the agencies involved in these activities are not addressable within a legal framework, then what options are left??? More waiting for Federal "leadership"? Surely you jest…


    All these individuals are international geo-terrorists. They need to go to prison for the rest of eternity…

    • Geri says:

      Every city and town across this  country and around the world need to  present legislation against this globally destructive event called geoengineering. It defies logic that federal government officials and the military allow this practice that is destructive to the planet and every individual! They too are breathing in these aerosol poisons!
      Do any of you experience symptoms that include burning in your throat and bloody nose during and after the spraying?

    • Guinea Pigs says:


      In a word…


      Bloody noses, lung, throat and nasal irritation that just won't quit.

      I have no airborne allergies and these symptoms are not connected to colds, asthma, etc…

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