Arctic Death Spiral and the Methane Time Bomb


If we are to be effective in the fight to expose and stop climate engineering, it is essential to have a clear understanding of reality. All of us must get past ideology and preconceptions in order to put the correct dots together. Each of us MUST learn to sift through data from all sources in our search for truth. We must try to look through a clear lens in order to see an accurate picture. The video below unfortunately does not mention the critical issue of the ongoing climate engineering and thus does not take into consideration the cataclysmic effects of the same. It is likely if the film makers did mention geoengineering, this video would have never been allowed given the status of the participants. In spite of the climate engineering omission the unfolding events on the ground which are outlined in this video are beyond dispute. The fact that climate engineering is not mentioned, does not negate  reality.

Those who truly wish to understand the current state of the climate and the planet’s life support systems will take the time to view this exceptional video.

Dane Wigington

14 Responses to Arctic Death Spiral and the Methane Time Bomb

  1. william mcnaughton says:

    I taught Environmental Science for many years. At first there was only the concept of releasing C02 in a relatively short time that took hundreds of millions of years to sequester. I knew that there was a direct relationship between the heat retention of heat in the land, atmosphere, and especially the vast oceans! In the 1970's I suggested to my students that they might be sitting in the bleachers watching a great new paradigm for mankind or a the destruction of the life support system that humanity needed to survive. I told them that I would probably not live to see it, but they or their grandkids might! Now, it is already happening, and more and more rapidly and in my personal opinion with the positive feedback cycles beyond reversal I think that it is already to late to reverse the end on not just mankind, but most life on the planet! It can still be slowed though not prevented. In another 65,000,000 years all of the new niches will be filled and the earth will be waiting for the next mass extinction! Life will go on!

  2. Zarquon says:

    I saw this posting yesterday on Zengardener's blog. There is no mention of it (yet) on McPherson's site so I thought I would post it here for your comments. It rings true to me.

    What Are Climate Engineers Doing In The Arctic?

  3. Bill stewart says:

    I enjoyed your information on geo enginering and would like to get

    more of it, thanks Bill Stewart

  4. penny says:

    With all due respect to the public school system, probably before any of y'all were in 7th grade I was reading in my freshman geography book about the dangerous combination of industrial CO2 and the greenhouse effect.  I agree with Dane et al. that probably the planet could adapt somehow if the geoengineering were halted, but also that all the polluting has to stop.  There isn't any necessary conflict between TPTB finding ways to make money off a problem they created, and that problem having been an unintentional side effect of their earlier money-making exploits.  In fact, it makes perfect sense to me, because they are amoral and greedy, and they are not clever enough to have intentionally created global warming.

    I hate greedy bastards, but I don't think everything will be solved just by pitching them out.  I wish it could be that simple, but…

    Also, I worked down the hall from Hal Johnston, who proposed the chlorofluorocarbon model of ozone depletion (for the Antarctic, before HAARP), when I was at grad school.  He took incredible heat from the establishment for that paper, nearly destroyed his career, and was shunned by colleagues for a long time.  He was atypically kind (atypical for a high-level scientist type, that is).  I would like to believe that he was an honest man – one of maybe 2 on the faculty there (the 2nd was denied tenure, of course).

    What's the difference between the first lab rat in space and the first billionaire in space?  Right: we let the lab rat land back on earth at some point.  🙂     (Hope the bad joke doesn't get the whole comment banned!)

  5. Larry Fator says:

    Even Among our own anti geoengineering  supporters confusion still exists. We need carbon dioxide for the trees to make oxygen … This is science 101 fact. The boogie man CO2 hoax was created right after the hole in the ozone was discovered over the Arctic way back in the eighties. The tear in the ozone was no doubt the military experimenting with haarp. The damage was discovered by science and as the solar radiation found it's way thru this hole the Ice started melting. It was then that the whole global warming scare  first took root.  The diversion from the clandestine haarp operations was to put the blame on CFS's or Cloral floral carbons as in R12 refridgerent.  That was cooked up by Du Pont to bribe the government to ban R12 and force the nation to switch Ro The new and patented R134…Then as haarp continued to rip thru the earths protective ozone layer solar shield the ice continued to melt and the oceans continued to warm from the now intense solar penetration.

          Then the lunatic science that was "CREATED " by those involved in haarp and the accidental? , tear in the ozone decided without asking "we the people" took it upon themselves to mimic reflective volcanic Ash with nano particle aluminum and SF6chemtrails to dim the sun and cool the planet. But with no regard as to the consequences of spraying billions of tons of toxic crap cocktails. Forget about all other theories as to why the trails are taking place as I recall distinctly the when and where of how all this bullcrap started. The recently discovered document of the DOD that was signed into action in 1997 giving them free reign  to spray anything they feel necessary on us all in the name of national security , solar radiation management , vaccines/medicine,or weather modification . Look it up under " the government allowes  aerosol spraying of the public!" We are screwed with little hope of stopping this unless we can somehow get a letter thru to some high profile celebrities .or to the large insurance companies as they may listen due to the billions they are paying out for extreme weather destruction claims !

    This was the beginning of the end..  for us and the planet if we don't pool together and bring worldwide exposure to this insanity and bring it to a screaching halt. The problem is we have Bill Gates funding the spraying and is in bed with the leading company that is destroying the planet …Carbon Engineering $$$. Check it out .0

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Larry, I allowed your comment to post as it was on target for the most part, but the Co2 statement is not accurate. Yes, Co2 is a nessesary element for the environment, but the rapidly escalating levels of this greenhouse gas is absolutely a problem. Water is nessesary also, but if you find youself 10 feet under, water is not so helpful any longer. There are many factors in this equation of planetary warming, Co2 is one of them. This being said, it is imperative for us to focus on exposing and halting climate engineering as our greates priority.

    • E. Grogan says:

      Thanks for the info. We've had PLENTY of time to do something about it, but the PTB have done nothing but continue polluting. Perhaps geoengineering is their answer, but it's a very poor one. Also, they talk about spraying sulphur dioxide – which will kill everything in its wake.

  6. devin says:

    There are so many lying media threads and then you can fin where these companies actually hire PR ppl to pretend to be somebody else just to help the denial belief. This is utterly insane!! The world is about to die and all our government cares about is PROFIT!!!
    As you guessed I am another slave in America.

  7. sherry taylor says:

    the enormity of survivalist changes..well it is daunting.
    Also only the biggest centers in my country have any organized groups. and..they are riddled with protectionist violent fear enhancing folk lore. It may be frighteningly real..but how about baby steps the average person can how to get a community garden going, how to learn to be more kind and share. People need hope.,.although I won’t shirk from the truth sometimes you need time to process the enormity of it all..emotionally..the death part.

  8. Tim says:

    It is over. The gun has been shot. Feedback loops are in place. Earth is a goner.

  9. Earth Angel says:

    Yes, I agree with gmojihad- I don’t see what all the fuss about CO2 is. That was a 5th or 6th grade science lesson back in my day. Carbon dioxide is turned into oxygen by the plant life in earth’s biosphere, isn’t it? So how did it suddenly become such a big ‘boogeyman’ that everyone’s so afraid of? I wish these kooky nazi mad scientists would have left our atmosphere alone and Tesla had never given up his secrets! It sure looks like we’re screwed. I’m praying for Divine intervention while doing all I can to help STOP the madness!

  10. gmo jihad says:

    Meteorology, the science of the weather laughs at Al Gore and the rest of the Illuminati who write books, provide government funding and fail to mention that they are challenging the principles of established science. Actually, they avoid said science and simply provide their on theory as fact. Nobody talks about the fact that carbon monoxide turns into carbon dioxide in three months as it is exposed to sunlight. Carbon dioxide changes into free oxygen in three weeks. There is no problem with the burning of fossil fuels – to the contrary, the burning of fossil fuels creates a higher content of oxygen in Earth’s atmosphere which creates a more healthy environment. This is how people used to live for hundreds of years before the flood. Furthermore, I learned this science in the Chicago Public School system by the seventh grade.

  11. David Sheehan says:

    I think that professor emeritus Guy McPherson is right. The biosphere is in hospice. All we can do now is to work towards saving something of the life environment that some species may survive the armageddon that is approaching within the next generation (2030-2045 is the time-frame for climate collapse. Our species is doomed by the folly of the growth economy driven by fossil fuels that is devouring the biosphere like some obscene vampiric being.

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