Australia – Chemwebs Falling From the Sky


Spider webs are not supposed to fall from the sky.

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  1. john says:

    This has become very common now. Everytime the sun shines brightly, you can see these webs glimmering on the treetops and attached to you house and everything else. This is very concerning to me as I am seeing it very regularly now. THey seem to have a pinkish color when reflecting sunlight. They are so thin that you can only see it when it catches the suns light just right. I'm surprised more people aren't talking about this. …btw my location is the US East coast.

    • Gary says:

      I saw them falling again today in North Carolina, along with what looked like heavy snow, backlit by the sun with in the blue sky! Every night, I walk my dog and shine a bright flashlight into the night sky, revealing a constant barage if sparkling, highly reflective, innumerable paricles of various sizes, shapes and colors. Though most of them are tiny, some are fibrous strands, usually less than .25 inches. I see the longer strands on bright sunny days, like today, falling from very high and descending to land all around me. I've observed this in every season for many years. has a plethora of data from many years of scientific research, including some highly magnified photos and film. 

  2. kirsty says:

    I saw these in Edinburgh, Scotland a few days ago during a really hot ‘sunny’ day (a rarity these days)and at first I thought it was the tail end of chemtrails finally landing, then I convinced myself they were little bugs or dandelion seeds flying but now I know exact what I saw, chemwebs. Shocked and horrified, currently trying to get answers and spreading the news about chemtrails to friends, contacts. My government deny, deny, deny and blame it on water vapours, altitude and humidity, bla bla…deny flat out they are involved in any geo-engineering programme. Where do go from here folks?? What is to become of us? I despair, for myself and kids and family. Take care all. Take zeolites, powdered in juice daily to help detox the heavy metals, give to your kids, elderly relatives and animals where possible.

  3. TheNowaytogo says:

    Hi there, i’ve open a channel on YT in 2011 with that :
    I ‘ve record cheemwebs and chemtrails on tape and i’ve done many videos on YT but recently the “dry rain” and ” fiber fall episode” are heavy here in France !
    You better Watch my last “crazy” vids :
    And many more if you got time !
    Thx, nd regards from France !

  4. JanCarol Hills says:

    It’s effing “THREAD” as described by Anne McCaffrey in her Dragonrider / Pern books. Only this ain’t Pern, and it ain’t a natural phenomenon here. Egads.

  5. Esteban says:

    Hi well I’m over in Canton, Texas and this went on for about an hour.Way to weird.

  6. Donna Stone says:

    This is crazy.

  7. Bo says:

    I woke up this morning to a huge thick web around my back door. came out the front and saw webs all over. flying in the sky, attached to tops of trees, hanging on poles, etc. On the way to bringing children to school we saw them all over our whole small town. I took pics. some showed up well, some didn’t but I definitely y have it documented.

  8. Marian Sutherland says:

    I would not be deliberately getting the fibers/filaments/”chem-webs” all over my hands, although I am very aware that there is no way that we can avoid inhaling, ingesting, and having skin contact, as these foreign materials are totally pervasive in our environment,at least they are where I live in North Canterbury, South Island, NZ!

    They cause a lot of irritation in my eyes, and a friend with dogs says they get upset and paw at their faces, when the fibers are visible in abundance, as in the above video from Australia.It beats me how insects and birds are not more noticeably affected by them.

    When you hit 60 years old, and have been observing spider webs in nature for your whole life, you will know that these are a very different kettle of fish!
    Here’s a very short video of fibers that I shot earlier this year: Waikari Environment Fiber Infestation ( 8/ 05/ 2013 )
    more NZ sightings are documented on the excellent website Northland NZ Chemtrails Watch

  9. Christy says:

    Wherever you are they are there. I have seen them for over a year but NEVER this obvious. They are everywhere just not as thick. Can see them with dust or talc they pick up as they move. They form around flourescent lights especially. Be safe.

  10. debbie says:

    It happened again today…. As I drove my car early this evening, I observed first just a few, then as I continued my errands, more appeared on my windshield.. First I was in town, then I drove just out of town to look at some property, and those webs were falling everywhere. I didn’t know what to do. It was a beautiful evening with mostly blue skies and no OBVIOUS chemtrails, but these webs were falling out of the sky. People were out walking, mowing, taking advantage of the beautiful evening after work, etc. Maybe the timing is no accident. There were also a lot of tiny bugs but hardly any birds. If anyone knows how I can collect some of these webs, please let me know. I took a few pictures with my phone but not sure they will show up. I am so totally …I don’t even have a word for it. Sickened?

  11. debbie says:

    I watched this video a few days ago, and I was thinking, “Well, at least I haven’t seen those awful things around yet.” That changed yesterday, when I saw them on my windshield just after I started driving. There were maybe a dozen, being very fine and stretching all the way across my SUV. Wish I had been abe to get a sample, but it started raining before I could. I live in Southwest Virginia. The more I learn, the more disgusted I get. Also, I found out yesterday that there are people in the area with Morgellon’s, and I think I may have it, too.

    • Bonnie Lou Roi says:

      I cannot believe my eyes, ears, heart. this is truly unbelievable! Deplorable.

    • victoria Smith Not Cha Mama's Gourmet Foods (pickles) says:

      Debbie when i was researching this stuff i came across a womans comment about her experience wtih morgellons. she said she had put a jar of alfalfa on her tub.. she accidently knocked it over into her tub of water.. she said the “fibers” started coming out. now whether this is true or not if you think u might have them then I would buy a bottle of alfalfa and pour them in the tub of water.. I hope this helps… really i do…

    • Gary says:

      Debbie, now that you are aware of them you'll see them quite often. In North Carolina I see them almost every bright, sunny day, and at night with a flashlight. Perhaps, when we reach critical mass awareness, we'll have enough men and women of courage to effect the change needed to take down this wicked genocidal cabol.

  12. kspace says:

    Dude .. this is absolutely insane …. This needs to be measured. Thickness of the webs and chemical composition.

  13. willie says:

    Keep on keepin on. That is to say even if we all knew ,me thinks it wouldn’t change anythin. They just don’t care to keep it hidden anymore. Death is what is coming for those responsible and to those who are complicit ,well let’s just say that there is a price to be paid for not standing against criminals. I’m glad to offend and shock people ,I don’t discourage or bow to be hip. So start yelling and screaming people let em know you know. The web may just trap those who are silent. God bless all good people and help us fight the good fight

  14. GeoBear says:

    At least one Morgellon’s patient believes she got it by touching chemwebs. If I saw that shit on the ground, I would run in the opposite direction.

    Interesting there’s no disintegration in 2 years; we’d expect that from artificial life

  15. Margo says:

    These are constantly appearing in Tampa Bay, Florida, USA (Gulf of Mexico) which is also near an air force base and other airports. The spraying of chemtrails and other aircraft technologies in action day and night, creating chemwebs, storms and who knows what else day and night.

  16. Drew says:

    The above is a very important video since people will only wake up to chemtrails agenda if either their pockets become emptied by the agenda or if they see and feel it with their own skin and eyes. For example if you’re growing something and your [p;ants begin wilting and the seed stalks become barren or if you get sick and realise it could be caused by chemtrails. Here’s another video and you can find more by searching for “angel’s hair chemwebs”:

    Only by seeing and touching the chemwebs you will truly wake up. Only seeing photos and videos of celestial spraying, even if it happens in real time, will NOT wake up most people.

  17. Gilly says:

    I had these chemwebs on my conifer trees in the UK put a sample web still attatched to the branch in a jar 2 years ago and its still looks the same as the day I did it. No disintigration at all. I’m sure a spiders web would have gone by now

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