Bye Bye Blue Sky


This is an excellent video that has not yet had the attention it deserves, the link is below. There is indisputable evidence presented in this short documentary including proof that the military is purchasing huge quantities of barium and then trying to cover up this fact.

We are all caught in a circus of total insanity. If this constant onslaught of lies, deception and criminality are allowed to continue, we well all very soon pay the ultimate price. The nonstop spraying of our skies with toxins is nothing short of genocide and ecocide, if these programs are not stopped, it will soon be game over for us all.

Get up, get educated, and get in the fight. Denial and/or apathy will not save any of us, all of us are desperately needed in this most critical battle, every day counts.

My most sincere thanks to the people involved with the making of “Bye Bye Blue Sky”.

Dane Wigington

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  1. Robert Mugabe says:

    Yes, so right! All these chemicals are killing us!!! And don't even get me started on the vaccines……polluting our children with more chemicals…..I'm so glad I grew up when you died of polio like a man. Soon these chemicals will turn the frogs gay, and then turn all of us gay……government doesn't want us to reproduce, only sodomize each other 

  2. Ann Mayo Graf says:

    I am a musician, singer and recording artist. I am 80 now and have been  coughing and losing the clarity in my voice. I learned about what was happening in the skies only 3 months ago and since have been watching the skies daily witnessing the truth for myself. I realize that many people do not want to know the truth and prefer to believe all is well. I do want to know, even though it provides a heavy load of grief for me to hopefully fashion into a way to help us all recover our lives. I am thanking all of you who share what needs to be known and sending my love to all who send the alarm to wake up the dreamers and sleepers who never question and who, when looking above, see only the silver lining. Thank you for being here so we need not be alone..

  3. Sue says:

    Hi—Regarding disease or cancer rates…

    I've been studying some patents and so on looking for good ways to ground during sleep at the very least because we spend so much time wearing rubber soled shoes (insulators) or working  surrounded by artificial materials.  Someone mentioned that it is only since WW2 that we are all wearing insulating shoes.  That's also about the time the biochemical/pharmaceutical  industry got really cranked up.  Since then you know how bad it's become, but I wonder how much of our problems are caused by being insulated from our ground while soaking up artificial frequencies in the atmosphere?   Worth it to find a forest to lounge in sometimes and see if that changes our condition.

  4. Philippa says:

    Why so silent, we have April 2016. I miss some updates. Like here ein Europe, I notice that the white skies are just there in the morning, when you look up and wonder. The seem to spray by night now, to have the milky sky just ready, and no crisscrossing visible. Nobody speaks about it, it has become natural by now!!! Children born 2000 don't even know what a sky can look like when it is not forcefully polluted. All I can say is, please take vitamin D not to get sick.

  5. Cassandra Anderson says:

    1) STOP BUYING all their poisonous crap, stop eating anything except that which is certified organic (but still check the source) so we are not adding to their coffers unknowingly.

    2)DEMAND ANSWERS from all our Representatives and do not leave them alone until they give them. DO NOT ALLOW THEM TO PASS THE BUCK; HOLD THEIR FEET TO THE FIRE.

    3)MAKE AN APPOINTMENT with one or all of your State Senators and provide the evidence they require.

    4)TEST YOURSELF (blood, saliva, or hair), your rainwater, your drinking water, your soil, and keep a data base.

    5) EXPOSE,EXPOSE,EXPOSE even if you do not feel people are listening. Flyers, posters, business cards, word-of-mouth. I have found from experience that the first time someone hears about it they tend to blow it off. But the second time someone brings it to their attention–they listen. Doesn’t matter if you are the first or second person–as long as you are one of them.

    Awareness is increasing. I only found out about them myself one year ago and I have already seen an exponential increase in awareness. We are currently between 8 and 9 percent critical mass and only need to reach 10 percent for real change to begin. Don’t give up now as things will only get worse if you do.

  6. Jane says:

    Damn Right alumlung. They can target you for sure. Cancer getting all the women mostly. They don’t want them to produce offspring. I can’t count the amount of people I know who have died from the Big C. Look up Barium Hydroxide and Ammonium Nitrate and see why your trees have died. Also Ethylene Dibromide.

    They are spraying more then just nano aluminum up there.

  7. george washing hempfarmer says:

    the food has been genetically altered in labrotories… food which no stomach , (not humans or animals stomachs) on earth can recognize as food Bcuz it’s genes have been crossed with other organisms, making untrue food basically. Than these fake plants are grown for seed crops in hawaii and shipped worldwide to be grown. Oh botha

  8. george washing hempfarmer says:

    people would have to wake up world wide in the most powerful of ways, miracles are always possible, Evil people can not surely succeed the way they want because of the laws of karma…

  9. george washing hempfarmer says:


  10. Patrick Pasin / Film "Bye Bye Blue Sky" says:

    Hello Dane,

    Thank you very much for your comment!
    Here is a more recent link of this version:
    If it can be of help for you, I can send the pictures of the tender of the French Army for baryum (just give me an email address).
    I whish you all the best for the event in Shasta County and congratulations for what you do!
    Warm regards,

  11. Josh says:

    Maine is being sprayed like crazy. It is insane. Sometimes a dozen planes at a time. Horizon to horizon. All day long. My eyes are stinging all the time. Friends with persistent hacking coughs. People don’t see. Don’t look. Don’t want to know – want to “stay upbeat”. What is the strategy? How do we come together to effect change? How do we form community as people who are awake to this daily onslaught? The sky goes from an odd metallic blue in the morning to a thick white blank screen by afternoon. People are in a daze. Unaware. Blind – seemingly unable to focus attention on the sky for more than 3 seconds or so. Maine was a beautiful state – now it looks like a hell-scape to anyone who remembers sunsets and sunrises. Haven;t seen one for many months. No pink or purple sky. Always milky white. depressing. How can it be that no-one is missing the sunsets? Asleep Asleep focused on “devices”. Let’s try to remember that the earth we claim to care about is staring us in the face screaming out for our help. Let’s kindly help others to see. People think aluminum is naturally in plants and in dust. It is always bound in minerals and never loose as dust – never in the air – or the water. People don’t know. The disinformation sites with quasi-scientific language easily leads people astray. We need to provide better and clearer info. and to leave far-out speculation OUT of it. It does nothing but turn people off. We need to kindly help people awaken – not turn them away with theories that (while they MAY be true) – sound too far-out for most. Let’s meet people where they are – or too few will awaken.

  12. alumlung says:

    Sorry for the typo. “Chewed” is supposed to have been ‘chem webs’. You know it’s a cover up when even Android spell check won’t let you write the “C” word!

  13. alumlung says:

    I believe I was purposely targetted with very low altitude chem trails for a year from October 2005-June2006. No joke. I always wondered why they’d only be very heavy over my area, yet 4blocks away was clear. Certainbtypes of aerosols can be manipulated to stay over a specific area. I was poisoned. You can see the pics yourselves at , & At the time I was doing my best to inform everyone. This was pre YouTube, when MySpace and Friendster were the main social networks.
    Pay special attention to the photos of my ionic breeze filter. I’d owned this brand of Sharper Image Ionic Breeze air filters for 8 years prior to the beginning of the daily aerosol onslaught and they never ever became even half as dirty over usually 3 months on average. A light would let you know the filter was dirty and needed to be cleaned. Yet when this heavy spraying began, the light would come on daily and you see the result in the photos on flickr. I had chewed everywhere. Dozens of shrubs and trees died,most of ewhich were decades old. Even my neighbor died a year later. She was only 38 yrs old.
    2 weeks before she passed, she had come to my door to
    ask if I’d been feeling ill. I told her” yes!” For the next hour, we compared our strange symptoms and they were the exact same.
    I had chewed everywhere. All over my trees, bushes, and home. In fact they’d grow on the walls. I’d spray them with vinegar, but it was very strange. I’d already lived in that same home for 4 years and never had this happen before. They were not spider webs at all, although they looked somewhat similar. I have been in constant pain and extremr fatigue ever since. Spent $1000s on doctors. A total waste. You have to fend for yourself unless your lucky enough to have a family who’ll care for you.

  14. Cynicles says:

    For the past few months I have known when ‘they’ would show up. Crisscrossing the sky above Lake Tahoe (viewed from the eastern slope just south of Reno, NV).

    This was not a tough thing to figure out. Every time a storm was aprx. 12 – 20 hours out they would be showing up – like clockwork they did just that.

    They were back again today as a storm was about to roll down from the AL gulf.

    CA, a major food supplier for the nation, has not had any rain of note for months. This past winter recorded 24% of normal rainfall. Mind you this was the heavy precipitation time of the year for the N Sierra.

  15. Frag Tal says:

    With global warming extending drought and/or flood conditions into areas of the world that have been major food producers, I suspect that the zombie apocalypse may be what we will be a part of as we reach starvation levels never seen before. We’ll be lurching around looking for any scrap of food like substance, and the military will be ready for the breakout of the mob into the 1% safety zone. Or, not. Either way, it answers the question of why the military, and even the CDC are training for “Zombie Apocalypse”.

  16. Rusty says:

    I live in the same area .Everywhere I have been in the USA nowhere I have seen is as heavily sprayed as this area its mind boggling . These is almost no such thing as blue sky here and if there is a hint of blue its covered by the milky fog .There is massive chem blankets daily basically shutting out the sun at times or days . You can look up here anytime 24-7 and see planes spraying . There is “white” sunrises and sunsets now in FL.. How the f*ck do people not realize whats going on over head!

  17. AR says:

    I live near Cape Canaveral, FL, between two air force bases. they are spraying us almost daily. We are literally under assault, and the majority of people in this area don’t even look up. I woke up this morning and looked out my window to see chemtrails across the whole sky…There are a lot of surfers here, and the pilots always spray above the beach and the shoreline, every day. They sprayed the beach line over Memorial Day weekend daily, where hundreds of beachgoers spent the day…

    Also, Is this is the reason for the whole “zombie apocalypse” theme coming out? That the gov knows aluminum will reach a saturation point in the environment and in us, and literally turn us in to zombies? Just a thought…

    Pentagon document lays out battle plan against zombies:

    and from the CDC:

  18. Lynn says:

    There is a goal of 10% global dimming. Or ‘whitening, is another word for it, of our skies. One excuse is for national protection; an anti something ‘field’ of some sort. IF you watch the water vapor maps you can see the chemtrails…
    But weather warfare is also part of the reason for development. Storms have been thrown at populations for decades. Drought and floods are being caused The ‘natural’ fires are burning hotter than they ever have. It’s the heavy metals in the ground taken up by the trees and igniting.
    Take pictures and document. Because a water shortage is coming your way too!

  19. Dale Webster says:

    One other thing. When you mention this to people it is a very good idea to mention it once and only once if they are interested at all. Because if they are in any way curious then you stand a chance of relaying the information. If not the people will think that you have gone Bonker’s.

    Not Kidding!

    Hate to say it but most People are so Fck’in Dumb it is unbelievable.

    Excuse the Lingo please.

    The Military is involved because:

    They are designed to kill or exterminate. This has been happening for years and even a lot of the Veteran’s have no clue. Just thinking that they have done a Superior job for their country.

    I’m not dissing them in any way.

    Look back in History and you will see that only if you have the Gumption to do so. We have a Hwy Here

    The 401

    They call a certain stretch of it:
    The Hwy of Hero’s

    I call it the Hwy of Zero’s

    It’s time that they all wake up and see the Light before it’s too late

    Probably already is for them

    I don’t like to have to say all of this

    It’s very much true though

  20. Dale Webster says:

    No Different here in Good Old Canada people. When it it heavily sprayed. It creates a wind tunnel which funnels the cold air to the south.
    That is of course if the prevailing wind is going in that direction. That is one of the reasons why all the real bad storms your way among other thing like the High Frequency Auroral Program going on. It is making everything Alkaline which in turn is killing a lot of trees and Foliage around everywhere. It seems with all the information that is presented there are still way too many people unaware. I always try to mention the GMO thing to people around the vegetable and fruit section in stores. Look at GMO bar codes on Google. Only you people that are paying attention will stand a chance against this. All the others that are lombotamized already might as well be from the Dumbing Down from this.
    Google Alan Watts Geoengineering YouTube or Alan Watts Chemtrails YouTube.
    As a matter of fact watch as many as you can from this Smart Man.

    All these charity runs and run for the Cure and things to that Nature are explained well by Alan Watts.

    Your local Masonic Temple are something to look at also.
    It’s not just the big jets either.

    There are Geoengineering contractors at most airports with littl planes. They are not practicing up there. They are spraying this stuff also.

    And your local Air Ambulance is too.

    You don’t have to be a Brain Surgeon to figure this out or any type of Doctor.

    Who’s making all the money from this?

    Answer: Big Pharma and Corporate Thugs
    Educate yourself Big Time.

    It’s a choice that You Have

    All the Best to Everyone that is paying attention.

  21. David Moore says:

    I sympathize with all of the comments here, and I appreciate the work that has gone into getting this information. Thank you.

    I would like to recommend this video for possibly a new perspective on all this, and a brighter hope for our future.

  22. […] via Bye Bye Blue Sky » Bye Bye Blue Sky | […]

  23. Brandy says:

    Carol, I live in SE michigan. They spray almost daily here here some times for several days straight. We have barely seen enough sun to cast a shadow since nov of 2013. I also live out where there is much corn and soy planted, I wonder if this condensed spraying has to do with gmo crops. Our snow here was also flamable and did not produce water dropps when heated. Only soot fell from heated snowballs or discinigrate. Weird. So sad 🙁

  24. DIMOJABE says:

    That was inspiring. I have contacted the FL Dept of Ag & Consumer Svcs and formally asked that the State of Florida be excluded from all aerosol spraying. The agency director Adam Putnam’s office has been investigating for 17 days. I called 2 days ago to see where they are. No resp yet.

    I have formally written The Obama White House and formally requested to be excluded from GeoEngineering and weather modification activity in the USA. I sent my letter certified mail and have done one follow up call (202-456-1414). They are unable to handle my request so far, but if I make it enough, I know from past experience, they will figure out something.

    I bought a Q-link pendant to deflect EMF pollution (I have 6 cell towers in a 5 mile radius from my home). It is really helping. My chronic lack of motivation is lifting very fast. I also stopped eating paragraph food in 2009 and no longer smoke cigarettes or drink very much. I have detoxed my system several times and learned to juice fast. After watching the documentary Rivers of Waste and seeing the polluted rivers and streams of Eastern North Carolina for myself, I am once again, a vegetarian.

    There are 18 systems or substances impacting the human population in the USA. The chemtrail family of chemical and biological substances has to be broken down into the 3 major categories – which would bring me to 21 systems or substances.

    People, the reason for the aerosol spraying is:
    1) Those in control of our military/corporate/banking complex are trying to destroy us in a way that will allow them to make as much money as possible on our slow deaths.
    2) When we die, we can no longer object to their agenda or use up the earth’s finite resources (their view).
    3) If we are living in a brain fog, barely able to sustain the analytical processes necessary to conform to the requirements of corporate life – we will hold back others who would question this situation.

    The only way we are going to get everyone on board – is if we start getting them OFF the chemicals in paragraph food, OFF electric & tobacco cigarettes,too much booze, the poison tap water, the television, the cell phone, the iphone, etc.

    Everyone who lives in an urban area near cell towers, must take steps to protect themselves. EMF pollution is real. Ask any radio station engineer. Go stand near a cell tower for 20 minutes and see how you feel the next day.

    People are not going to become aware of new information that is very serious, if they physically can’t think anymore. That’s what all these chemtrails really achieve – a mild chemical lobotomy.

  25. janeen says:

    You’all should move to north Texas where we have endless blue skies!

  26. EyesQueen says:

    Hi, Linda, regarding the text size click on the cc on the bottom right of your video screen. Choose options, then select a larger font size up to giant. Hope this helps.

  27. kristine says:

    I know i get so mad at my so called friends and i am calling them out ..i am in disbelief that not one of them share anything i post..I just thought i had smart and educated friends..i told them i am worried about them and there lack of concern..and that I dont want to hear one thing about how their family has mom is dying from colon cancer ..pathology says its dietary..hows that? whats in the food?

  28. Roger says:

    Have occasionally noted cris-cross trail patterns in the sky over north Georgia USA, where there are virtually zero commercial airways. This morning, before rain clouds moved in, trails were visible horizon to horizon, some in a grid pattern, others on diagonals. These trails seemed to linger in a very calm upper atmosphere – I watched one aircraft making a trail, and it did not disperse nor dissipate over a half-hour period. And I note, coincidentally, that I was mentally “slow” all day, with a persistent bit of headache. Who gains from such activity, if all people, animals, and greenery are deprived of full sunlight, and winter is artificially extended?

  29. Alpha Vector says:

    The brilliant mind behind the HAARP project, I presumed, already have the idea as to what is going to happen if they keep on doing what they are doing. And I also presumed that their brilliancy will lead them to do what is innate to human nature, self preservation..! Preserving their ownselves if not for others. There must just be something laymen like us can not fathom at the moment. Meanwhile, keep an eye to the blue sky..! Unless they got the imprimatur of the Devine Creator to damage or redo His Creation, nothing ever will..!
    Granting they have the capability to let all the volcanoes in this world erupt at the same time and granting still that they are task by the Divine Creator to clean this world by removing humans with polluted minds and deeds, then expect them to go on, doing what they are doing now, meaning you and me are going too..! Of course with them ! Tough luck, but no problem with the blue sky…! The world maybe a smoldering ember then! Apocalypse ? Yes ! No more eyes to look into the blue sky !
    Go with consolation, good people, collateral damage as said ! As for Mother Nature ?
    Given a few dozen Milliniums, her hills will be verdant again..! Will be peopled with a new species of humans who will never learn to say BYE BYE BLUE SKY…!

  30. Chi-Town says:

    The denial of these programs and their existence has got to stop! WE KNOW they are spraying us like lab rats. I live in Chicago and here in the last couple weeks we’ve been bombarded a couple of times. Today was ridiculous. I watched our sky go from blue to the ugly silvery color it became hours after they began. Why will people refuse to wake up and fight this? We are running out of time, there are many other things happening simultaneously. Everyone must do their part even if that’s just waking up a few people at a time

  31. Carol says:

    I really believe there is more than a 20% reduction in sunlight here in South East Michigan. Last night was record-setting cold and today we are only being allowed partial sunshine, just very faint shadows.

  32. Jean says:

    All I know is when I go outside in Cedaredge Colorado, U.S.A to do some yard work I can see them spraying. Then I notice that I am very tired about a day later and my stomach is upset. My Grandmother used to say they were “seeding the clouds” and to wait for the rain. I have taken all that under consideration but to white out the beautiful blue and make the air almost icy what good does that do?

  33. horsegirl says:

    Ironically we moved to one of the only areas we’ve seen any blue skies. Not every day. We suspect some globalist lives nearby and they periodically cease activity. There still exists material in the air that renders skies an anemic robin’s egg blue. Nothing like the gorgeous twilight blue zenith of 40 years ago.

  34. Aluminum oxide in water, used by utilities to clear water. Aluminum oxide in air, no good reason to be there.
    We ingest and breath it. It causes confusion, stupor, comma, and death. It is a chemical that was removed from antacids because the CDC autopsied a patient and from his brain saturated with aluminum oxide. It crosses the brain membrane and accumulates in brain tissue. There is evidence that jet contrails are aluminum oxide just like the rocket engines on the space shuttle. the solid fuel boosters.
    My best advice is to drink “Reverse Osmosis” water.

  35. Linda says:

    Seems like a really good video but I could not read the very small translation text, so I missed most of it. Could not seem to make it bigger.
    Very important to do all we can to circulate the information, which is indisputable. I worry about those who are directly confronting the “authorities” etc because people in charge seem to find a way to silence others, often in not good ways. Please be safe, and prayers are offered for all of us. Our planet is dying and many just have given up, thinking there is nothing they can do. May we persevere, and may real miracles occur to revive life and end this insanity.

  36. frieda says:

    Yes, I want my blue sky back too. I am writing a letter to the prime minister’s office every day I see spraying

  37. Tim says:

    So depressing. I want my wall to wall blue sky back. It never happens anymore. By mid afternoon the planes have messed it up. Our horizons are white. Even the sunset is white now… sad. This is the end of Earth, in my opinion.

  38. Michel Pelletier says:

    I contacted my federal MP’s office from Chateauguay Quebec.
    I asked them to view this film.I asked for feed back.
    She said that she would view the film but could not
    comment without the MP’s consent.Political correctness
    is going to kill us.I’ll call again we’ll see.
    Day 10 moderate chemtrails,day 11 heavy chemtrails
    at Cocoa Beach.

  39. Constant Walker says:

    Among the prophecies of the Hopi People is that of the “black and white sky” characterizing the the Fifth World (the Sixth in some reckonings, the Fourth in others). Whether the geo-engineers are aware of this ancient ‘forecast’ or not, their activities are bringing about just such a condition.

    Meantime, this vain and desperation-driven attempt to lessen somewhat the destructive effects of the “civilization” wasting disease, with its terminal stage fatal consequences for the domesticated Humans who’ve been its main ‘agents’ here, is itself becoming a major factor in their “self”-inflicted demise. This ‘program’ has already reached the inevitable point where the need to ‘intervene’ is exceeded by the capacity to do so, the catastrophic ‘back-lash’ (from the climate system lapsing into the chaos through which it must pass to reach any sort of ‘new’ equilibrium) even the geo-engineers are so terrified-of, is indeed already occurring. There exist absolutely no technological or institutional means for preventing it….much-less for reversing it.

    What might actually help, though, even at this late date, and ameliorate somewhat the accelerating and metastasizing devastation, would be the recovery by HumanKind of enough of its Organic Integrity to fulfill our given Function within Earth’s Whole Living Arrangement as a component of Her immune system. There is no other Way to arrest the “progress” of the wasting disease anywhere short of the Planet-‘death’ that is its otherwise much-sooner-than-later outcome.

    What is preventing our artificially “individual”-ized tame Sisters and Brothers from making that recovery is the biologically paralyzing “self” infection. So the first step for them is to get over their own too-precious “self,” and to re-emerge as Free Wild Natural Persons who will then coalesce spontaneously into the Free Wild Natural Communities that are our true Organic Form, and which are the wellsprings of that Organic Integrity. Random collections of the ersatz “individual” do not and cannot access it,, and so are doomed to the extinction their own relentlessly “self”-referential attitudes and behavior are bringing upon All-concerned.

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