California’s Engineered Drought


One of the most talked about topics in the media these days is climate change, but it is also the source of much misinformation and skewed science

By Sharon Schloss

(INTELLIHUB) — It seems impossible to get accurate information from the scientific community or government entities like the EPA that are supposed to have the public’s best interest in mind.  In most discussions of climate change, CO2 is considered to be a major contributing factor, but what is completely ignored is geoengineering’s role.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has discussed using geoengineering to combat global warming, but denies that such programs are currently in place.  Scientists David Keith and Ken Caldeira have been very public about their promotion of spraying fine particulate matter into the atmosphere as a way of reflecting back the sun’s rays back into space and thus mitigating the warming effect on the planet.  To no surprise, the general public and even Al Gore himself have roundly rejected this idea as insane and destructive.

To the uninitiated, geoengineering is the dispersal of fine particulate matter into the atmosphere through the use of aircraft to affect the weather and climate.  The substances used are known pollutants, primarily the heavy metals aluminum, barium, and strontium, and they are confirmed to have a negative impact on human health as well as animal and plant life.  Heavy metals have been linked to autism, Alzheimer’s disease, and asthma, to name a few of the many health hazards they pose.   It has been proven that these programs are already in place in the form of aerosol spraying, or chemtrails, that goes on daily throughout the US and the world as well as the deployment of explosive canisters of massive amounts of geoengineering particulates over less populated areas and the Pacific Ocean.  The proof is in the form of air samples, some of which you can review at and rain samples which show ever-increasing amounts of aluminum, barium, and strontium in rainfall.

California is in an unprecedented drought, with the lowest rainfall since recording began in 1894.  Just like climate change in general, it is very difficult to find accurate information on the causes of this drought and its resulting impact on the state of California, both agriculturally and in terms of increased wildfires and pollution.  In a recent National Geographic article on the drought, complete with photos of geoengineered clouds over the parched earth, the scientists interviewed claimed that these conditions are completely normal for California and that man-made intervention has nothing to do with the drought at all.  Regarding the pollution caused by lack of rainfall and almost daily chemtrail spraying in LA, a March 4 article in the Los Angeles Times actually sited wood burning stoves as the cause of increased air pollution in the city.  This article was also accompanied by a photograph showing a sky heavy with chemtrail aerosols.  Considering that Los Angeles temperatures in the weeks preceding this article were unseasonably warm, in the high 70s and 80s, it is doubtful that anyone was burning any wood or heating their homes at all.  Furthermore, Los Angeles favors natural gas heating over any other form, and most fireplaces in rental units across the city were decommissioned long ago.

What almost everyone is ignoring on this drought issue is that for the duration of the rainy season, massive quantities of chemtrails and chembombs have been dispersed over the Pacific Ocean and over the state of California.  Why wouldn’t science consider this when determining the cause of the drought?  According to Dr. Clifford Carnicom of the Carnicom Institute, when too many condensation nuclei are introduced into the atmosphere, in this case in the form of fine metal particulates, the moisture has too many places to collect and proper rain clouds cannot form.  He and Dane Wigington of have also discussed how when introducing these metals into the sky, the atmosphere is transformed into a conductive plasma state, easily manipulated by ionosphere heaters, such as HAARP.  There are more than two dozen of these facilities on earth, as well as sea based facilities.  The radio waves emitted by HAARP can be used to change the jet stream, as we have seen over this past winter with extreme storms in the east and extreme drought in the west.

Looking at the satellite image from NOAA each day, one can see the obvious blockage of rain bearing clouds from entering the west coast.  The entire coast has had reduced rainfall, but California seems to be the main target for an engineered drought.  California produces more organic produce than any other state in the country, per recent USDA statistics.  Biotech companies, like Monsanto, who wish to control the world’s food supply, are also invested in climate research and climate engineering.  Monsanto purchased the weather data company, The Climate Corporation a few months ago, further implicating the agribusiness giant in this weather war.  By controlling the rainfall, they can gain a further stranglehold on the commodities market.  By polluting the soil with aluminum and changing its pH, they can force GMO seeds patented to withstand drought and acidic soils onto farmers who can no longer grow natural foods.  Africa has been a victim of these tactics for decades and it looks like California is next.  It is no coincidence that Bill Gates is the world’s biggest shareholder in Monsanto stock, with 500,000 shares, and is also a major funder and proponent of geoengineering.

While it seems preposterous that anyone would deliberately create a drought, we must consider who has the weather modification technology and why they would use it.  Clearly it is not being used to benefit anyone except the ruling elite.  The connections between the elite, the GMO push, and climate modification are dizzying.  We cannot even get a reliable weather report from the Weather Channel anymore.  Chemtrails are referred to as “high clouds” and geoengineered skies are called “partly cloudy” or “hazy.”  We see forecasts on heavy chemtrail and aerosol cloud days that say we have extremely high humidity (90-100%) but a 0% chance of rain.  On days with an actual chance of rain in Los Angeles, chemtrail spraying causes a dissolving effect on the clouds until they come apart and the chance of rain is destroyed.  The most glaring reason that we likely cannot get a real forecast from mainstream weather media is that E.L. Rothschild LLC owns a 70% stake in Weather Central, the company that provides weather data to all major media outlets.  There are a few meteorologists that call chemtrails what they are, like Scott Stevens, a former television weather man and owner of and Kevin Martin of The Weather Space (, a website with an accurate chemtrail forecast.  They are however, in the minority and receive little funding and no television exposure.

California’s drought is anything but natural.  The entire rainy season has been disrupted by geoengineering for the past two years, and it is no mystery why.  One need only look up at the daily chemtrail spraying to understand that something isn’t right in the atmosphere.  The patents to create and suppress rain have been available for decades.  The US used cloud seeding in the Vietnam War in Project Popeye in order to drown out enemy supply lines.  China used rain suppression to stop the rain for the Olympic opening ceremony in 2008 and was very public about it.  It’s no secret that this technology is available and it is no surprise that those who own this technology are misusing it.

So what can the average person do?  Boycott GMO, tell everyone you know about chemtrails, and help to break the silence.  The geoengineering issue is too big to be marginalized and our very survival as a species may depend on our actions today.  People who see the obvious going on in the sky have been deemed crazy conspiracy theorists, but it’s no theory anymore.  The proof is available that these operations are happening, and only through reaching a critical mass of awareness can this poisoning of our air, food, and water, and this destruction of our climate be stopped.

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  1. Kenny J says:

    Thank you for taking the time and putting out the effort to get this information out. From the amount of comments on this post I don’t think very many people are interested. It’s sad that so many people still listen to and believe what the major news networks tell them. I haven’t had “T.V.” Since 2002 so maybe I have an advantage in that regard and can see through the veil that has been placed between we the people and the truth.

  2. […] Warka design is its localization. Instead of the feds deciding which crops will get watered during engineered droughts, people can meet at least some of their water needs independent of […]

  3. […] Warka design is its localization. Instead of the feds deciding which crops will get watered during engineered droughts, people can meet at least some of their water needs independent of […]

  4. Please watch my youtube channel:
    I explain how these technologies work, and what their ultimate purpose is. Thank you for covering this topic.

  5. The HAARP Report says:

    Please review my youtube channel, The HAARP Report, especially this video:
    I explain how chemtrails work, and what they are doing to California. In that video, I show the worst case of chemtrail poisoning of the San Joaquin valley in California. I have complete understanding of the operation and purpose of chemtrails and HAARP, and will help to get this information out. Please view my youtube channel, to learn how these technologies work, and to learn how they will cause the rapid death of planet earth. Thank you for covering this.

  6. Dan Cieri says:

    Note, Carnicom is not a Dr.

    What is quite interesting is that the chemicals known to be sprayed into the atmosphere, barium, strontium, aluminum and others, not only attract water molecules, but also cause the atmosphere to warm faster than without those elements. Carnicom has a paper that proves this (see link below). When you consider barium holds 60 times it’s mass in water, and that it’s estimated they have sprayed millions of tons of barium, we can get a picture of why the water is staying up in the atmosphere and not raining. The drought is man made by these people running these programs, it is intentional, and is being used to jack food prices up, cause food shortages, especially organic food, and to allow those who tell us the drought is caused by man/CO2 to destroy our economies and steal our prosperity. This is as serious as it gets.

  7. francis m reps says:

    Mr. Jim Willie of the Golden Jackass website { a money forum } has a perfect description of the majority of Americans of ALL ages; “TWO LEGGED FARM ANIMALS ‘. How else to describe cattle in clothing ,looking up at the sky with uncomprehending eyes ?.

  8. Michel Pelletier says:

    I live near Montreal Canada.We had long and very cold
    winter but that is nothing to whats happening in California .I first was exposed to your web site Feb
    this year .Sure enough I looked up and saw chemtrails and aircraft laying them.I see this repeated almost
    every day.On our trip down to Cocoa Beach FL we saw
    trails in every province and state that we passed through . I have seen heavy trails for the 5 days
    that we have been in Cocoa.

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