Chemtrail Graphics on the Weather Channel


Disinformation, as blatant as it gets.

3 Responses to Chemtrail Graphics on the Weather Channel

  1. Rhonda Jeanne says:

    While appearing both blatant and creepy to those of us who know the truth, they also remind me of graphics used to induce hypnosis and mind control. First you see the zingy trails, then the boxes break up, suggesting you saw something when you didn’t or that you shouldn’t concern yourself with what you saw. Or maybe the boxes are particulates? Definitely creepy though.

  2. K. Miller says:

    Can’t be any more blatant than that!!!

  3. Doug says:

    We get them on the BBC weather intro, theyre more realistic than these ones though! Iv only seen them on the weather intro when the next day is to be relatively blue skies and trails will be obvious. They were all over the wimbeldon 2013 title screens too. boke

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