Chemtrails Evidence -Tanker Enemy


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  1. Here is a link on Morgellons & the research has been acknowledged!

    This link will totally blow your socks off & make your hair stand up on it’s ends!
    It never ceases to amaze me, How totally Immoral & to not even think about the consequences as to the effect that this “Will have” & “Has” on Mankind! Even our little Innocent children, Don’t even have a chance of developing their little lungs. And then to have to battle with yet another attack on their precious little Immune systems! We have Psychopaths ruling the earth & Mad Scientists running the Planet!

  2. Angie Home says:

    Excellent video and now we have the Germans protesting although do they believe it is to do with radar blocking? I am not sure that they are right. Still, it’s encouraging that they are attempting to stop whatever they think it is.

    Germans generally don’t like interference of this kind so there is hope albeit by the meteorologists.

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