Chemtrails in Thailand


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  1. Patrick Cowley says:

    …..(sorry, it somehow posted on it's own before I'd finished?!)…where was I?..Yes, they're spraying every day, the air is terrible, and I feel ill when I go out in it for too long. It's breaking my heart, as I remember when I first moved here and the sky was such a beautiful blue color. There doesn't seem to be so many butterflies anymore either……I've tried to speak to people here about it, but because it's part of the King's special project, no-one wants to hear anything negative said. And, in fact, if I say anything about it, I risk getting into trouble with the authorities/ booted out of the country as it's concerning the King…..I did speak to one guy who has links with a weather station and the military, and he tried to tell me it's just dry ice they're spraying to help the farmers by increasing rainfall. However, I know the affect the air is having on people after they've been spraying -respiratory problems, itchy skin, weird outbreaks of conjunctivitis….I've also noticed a lot of younger women have bald patches thinning hair (not sure if that could be linked?). I wish there was something I could do to protest about this, without risking being thrown out of the country I now think of as home….Also people here seem to be brainwashed about the King, and I suspect it would fall on deaf ears. Any ideas about what I can do? I really need to do something. I'm so angry about what is going on and desperately want it stop. Can anyone suggest anything?


  2. Patrick Cowley says:

    The situation in Hatyai (southern Thailand) is terribile. The moment any sun appears or there's even a hint of blue in the sky, within 5-10 minutes they'll start spraying. There is always a haze here, even when it's supposed to be a clear day. T

    • Arien ebeltjes says:

      I am living close to savarnabumi airport in samutprakan. I am coming from the netherlands where the sky is full with it. But here in samutprakan i never see it.

  3. Riccardo Bianco says:

    I live in southern Thailand since 2004! From 2010 they began to spray the skies as from other parts of the world and maybe more never   see a blue sky and this is not   the program that the king uses to make  the rice has water .to the contrary in the last year there is 'a drought' scary I had to dig the well of 4 meters 'deep because the pitches are finishing! does not snow here! if it does not rain over Thailand and' a country to its knees!

  4. John says:

    I have been in Thailand for many years. I have been aware of chem trails for years and look a the sky all the time. It's usually blue accept for rainy days and often very deep clear blue here in the south central area. I did see one very obvious spray trail over Phuket in 2012 at 6 AM that cut off as soon as it got over the water like they flipped a switch. I took photos. I suspect that was rainmaking. Thailand is not a NATO country which don't seem to be getting sprayed.  But eventually it all mixes together so there is not escape in the end.  

  5. Nick says:

    Now 13 Mar 15, there's almost daily activity  in the middle of NE Thailand (Isaan), about 16 latitude, and near the city of Mahasarakham.   Aircraft include C130's and US built fighters.   There are  high-level aircraft that I can hear on afterburner but cannot identify.  Both fighters and C130's have buzzed low over my house on a handful of occasions.    . Sometimes these aircraft appear to be working in tandem perhaps delivering different chemicals.    Perhaps delivering nothing but noise?   These aircraft fly low, mid-level and high-level missions, sometimes twice a day, for about 20 minutes in the area of my home.  I don't know if my area has a specific significance (perhaps due to its isolation from major populations).    As far as I'm aware air operations began during the dry season last year, but have increased in  intensity this year.   Last year during a spring-time aerial mission by a jet fighter over my home, I looked up to feel cold droplets fall on my face.  There was a smell of insecticide in the air.   Within days my family and I developed a similar little cough from the upper lungs. My children became dangerously ill later in the year, and  were diagnosed with pneumonia (probably bacterial pneumonia along the lines of legionares diesease though no tests were run on our behalf). I do not know if there was a  connection between this flight and our illness, but the coincidence is striking.     We get little or no notification or information.   Last year we heard in the media that cloud-seeding ops were to begin.  At that time I found  a website representing the King of Thailand's Cloud Seeding program.  I recall it mentioning 28 aircraft specifically fitted for aerosol distribution.   Dispersal chemicals at that time were listed as Urea, salt and "other chemicals".   This year we're trying to say inside and not worry.     The King's rainmaking program is probably greeted with enthusiasm by most of the people of Thailand.   I do not know what other chemicals are being used.   Impact on morbidity or mortality rates on animals or humans is also unknown.  Personal experience indicates that low-level illness  might be on the increase, but this is speculation.   It could be due to stress as a consequence of not knowing what they're doing in the sky.    My cats and dogs don't appear to be adversely affected.   In recent days this year, the sun seems to shine through rays of thin fog at mid-levels within the troposphere.   Dimming of the sun is pronounced.   There is mostly a greenhouse feel to the air, but sometimes it has been wonderfully cool too.    The moon shines reddish yellow at night, but could be due to forest fires which my wife informs me are again blazing in the Chaing Mai hill region to the north (this is an almost annual problem in Chaing Mai).    Here the sky is white during the daytime.. Democracy on hold.  A military government in power.   We do as we're told but we're not told anything

    • Aswellian says:

      Hello @Nick.
      It's my understanding that the process here in Thailand involves sodium something or other, and at least according to The Bangkok Post, was not harmful. Aparently the King applied for internationally recognized patents on the process they use, so the patent information is publically available.
      I am very familiar with spraying, having lived in the Pacific Nortwest and BC Canada, and my feeling is that it's a different process here. Not the same thing. However, a few links are below, so you can inform yourself:
      The Thai government "Royal Rainmaking" project website. I can't read much Thai, but maybe you can, or know someone who can translate for you:
      General info about the project history:
      Link showing what appears to be a hardware procurement (buying planes) from one of the companies selling weather modification related services:
      Recent article announcing efforts to create much needed rain in Thailand:
      There is a lot of information, you just have to know how to look. Hope this helps.

  6. jeroen says:


  7. Reb Shep says:

    I just spent three weeks in Thailand/Laos. I have never seen such heavy spraying. We saw it everywhere we went, including when we were in Tokyo for a layover. The spraying there is worse than anything I have seen here in Canada.

    This along with the political turmoil going on in Thailand makes me question what is really going on in that country.

    If I was an expat living there I might be inclined to rethink staying there.

  8. w s says:

    i have been in thailand for 6 years and have never seen chemtrails here, that is until yesterday. we recently moved to roi et and yesterday morning there it was a single chemtrail in the sky. this morning the same thing. this was a little after 6am.

    is there a tie to the un’s agenda 21. are they trying to irradicate everyone?

    i have a question for the elite behind this genocide . . . . . when you kill us all off, who’s gunna wipe yer ass???

  9. Colt says:

    Same crap, different country. How have they convinced all these countries to spray?

  10. Angie Home says:

    All these photos look very familiar – its absolutely horrendous. Its everywhere I believe. They even spray when the sky is complete grey/white. I have several pictures of this. At the moment we are in autumn like weather and the sun is now low in the sky. We have complete cloud cover from dawn to about 2 p.m. when we are allowed some sun in the afternoon and the full heat of the sun has diminished. I got a shot of the observer plane today but not low enough to get a reasonable image, quite blurry.

    Thank you for posting your photos.

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