What is the true state of the Earth's climate system?
By Dane Wigington

Now is the time when legitimate investigation and diligent discernment are most needed in the quest for truth.In years past, the government, main stream media, special interest groups, and others, had a definite agenda behind the message of "global warming". Without disclosing the whole truth, and certainly without any disclosure of the ongoing climate engineering, the global power structure and their minions sought to implement various forms of control and taxation over society, using the climate issue as the premise. Now, all the media does is hype up one engineered "winter storm" after another, what has changed? Is the world really getting colder?

The game has indeed changed. Confusion and wrong conclusions are now the norm even for those that are diligently seeking the truth. Now that all the major powers have signed on to massive global geoengineering programs, and abandoned any notion of curbing greenhouse gas emissions, these powers, the military industrial complex, the fossil fuel industry, and others, have now doubled down on global climate engineering. The global elite owned main stream media (including all major weather forecast agencies) are doing the bidding of their string pullers, they are painting a picture of brutal cold and winter all over, but is this really the truth?

Who is spending almost a billion dollars to have media show us the engineered cold areas and then ignore the record warm areas?

The map below is the most recent GISS surface analysis from NASA. This map is the absolute bottom line of reality regarding the true state of our warming planet. The extremely radical range of temperature variances is tell tale of the immense and ongoing geoengineering assault on planet earth.


*NOTE.Click map to see the full view of the NASA information.

Global temperature map, deviation from normal temperatures.
Note where the geoengineering focus is most centered, which are the cool regions in Canada and the eastern USA, and a region of Antarctica where the research vessel is stuck in the ice. Was this incident truly just accidental? Or perhaps a well orchestrated media maneuver? Impossible to say, but the press sure made the most of it and many took the bait. The well orchestrated media machine and loads of manipulated data have convinced a great many that our planet is cooling overall, this could not be further from the truth.

Though there are countless factors contributing to our warming planet, geoengineering alone has done truly horrific and unquantifiable damage. All available data makes clear that although geoengineering (aerosol spraying and HAARP jet stream manipulation) can and does create extremely large regional cooling, it comes at the cost of a much worsened overall warming. Does this matter to the military industrial complex? Obviously not. The weather is now a weapon for them and they are not about to let up. Only when the masses are fully aware of this issue do we have a chance of stopping the ongoing and lethal crimes in our skies.


If the majority continue to beat the "global cooling" drum, that only serves to help the geoengineers to covertly sell geoengineering behind closed doors to countries and leaders around the globe. Lets pull together in the fight to expose and stop geoengineering. This can be better accomplished by having an accurate understanding of what is unfolding and why. Beating the "global cooling " drum is exactly what the powers that be want at this time.

To recognize the climate meltdown has nothing to do with Al Gore (he is a part of the problem in this equation), it has only to do with understanding what the data dictates. Global geoengineering is taking us from the frying pan and putting us in the fire, the spraying must be stopped. Not only the spraying programs tearing the climate system apart, they are literally poisoning the entire planet and every breath we take. Please get educated and get involved with the fight.

By Dane Wigington.


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  1. Leo says:

    Media news reporting that the storms are going to get more intense. Food prices are going to get higher. Droughts and crop yields will be around globally. Climate Warming on the rise. Why don’t they mention that Geoengineering is creating this problem? As far as the comment saying the Military should arrest these people behind this. You must be new to this as it is the Military behind this. Go outside and watch at night and during the day. Look up. If you are blind then use your hearing and listen. Go to your local airport and watch all the airplanes flying in and out. Just practicing you might think. Oh yes they are practicing spraying you. And watch for the Aur Ambulence service. You will see that flying about pretending they are going out on a Call for someone to pick up or transport. Then watch the sky and see how overcast it gets. This is not done sort of Joke or Hoax. This is reality. See all the pharmacies being built. Have any sick friends out there. Check one Check two. Do you read me?
    All of the Old Folks might want to Ring their Bells and wake up To The NWO.

  2. Johnathan says:

    Today in S California we were sprayed heavily.The only time they usually cannot haze out the sun is when it is windy, but alas last week they decided to go ahead and spray after what ever time the wind died down, as opossed to spraying in the morning only. Today they sprayed all day, there were heavy non dispersed line chemtrails at sunset. Just a couple of years ago, we were only being sprayed occasionally, now it is heavy spraying daily. How long can the trees and plants last, it is cold here in March and chemtrailed overcast 99% of the time, and this is not normal weather, I would say that this weather has become commonplace now, and it is very, very scary. I am from back east originally and I know that the beautiful sunny days here that I loved are very, very, rare. I have even ran outside to sit in the sun before they begin spaying, often I can see them start to spray as I try to catch all the sun I can. This is madness, these people are going to kill us all, if not by disease then by starvation, if there is no sun there are no plants, no food for us or for the animals and fish, I try to show people the sky, look up I say, and they do not want to know, it is too scary for them. Well when they starve to death, that is really going to be horrible never mind scary. I am going to take the info that Dane gives out and take it to my city council, if one city stops the spraying I am hopeful more will, we will see.

  3. Evwryone loves what you guys are up too. This kind of clever work and reporting!
    Keep up the terrific works guys I’ve added you guys to blogroll.

  4. James Chownyk says:

    Sunday am between 9&10 they were spraying chemtrails over Ontario. An hour later most were gone heading for Western NY & graet lakes. Today March 10-14 dispersed chemtrails are coming in from the west-Michigan heading for Ontario, Lake Ontario, Niagara, and Western NY. solar Jim

  5. Angie Home says:

    Here in the UK we have had enormous storms – I expect that you in the USA may have heard about them. It has caused massive flooding, not quite reached the House of Parliament yet and it seems now they have eased a bit.

    Why am I telling you this – its because with all this flooding and the protests by the affected people suffering this weather the Government has at last used the words “jet stream”. As we know this is what has caused the draught in USA and now they are saying it’s caused the storms in the UK, even though late last year the meteorologists predicted a draught from October last year and continuing into this year. They explained that because the direction of the jet stream has changed and brought cold air from the polar Arctic down, meeting warm air from the equator this has resulted in unprecedented stormy weather. They have now “predicted” that the storms will stop by March – how do they know? What they don’t say is that they have “miscalculated” and were the cause of this weather change in the first place and by manipulating the jet stream as we know they have done. After all the protesting to our Government for not helping these poor people who were flooded in the SW of England now reaching the outskirts of Greater London, the Government has decided that they would bring in the army to help with flood defences, a little too late in my opinion. But notice how they use the results of the jet stream theory to explain the severe weather. One can imagine these officials standing in front of the press with their fingers crossed behind their backs lying to the public and hoping not to be found out.

  6. IcareaboutmyEarth says:

    I think to stop the geoengineering aka Humanity Extinction Program,Is For everyone to show up in mass turnout around the Globe & to demand that our Military arrest all that are Involved!And then demand that all Chemtrail Planes be Grounded & Dismantled..

  7. vickey says:

    I am disappointed to not read any loving support for our Earth Mother – the Mother who feeds us and allows us to experience experience upon Her. What has she become to the masses? Since the slaughter of the Red Race, it has become a home to rip up with bulldozers and chainsaws, pollute with a myriad of toxins then leave our destruction for the next generation. Karma has caught up with humankind. There will be no future generations soon. Look at what we’ve done to an innocent planet. We are reaping what we have sown – each and every one of us.

  8. Rady says:

    hope springs eternal… for all of us.

  9. gingercake5 says:

    the todd, the geoengineers would not want to mitigate Fukushima in America. They’d want to make it worse. Depopulation is the goal, right? Get yourself a geiger counter.

  10. seeuingoa says:

    Dear Dane

    You are fantastic, but don´t mention Gore
    so many times, it spoils your message.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Reason why the government has kept people blind for a reason is because this stuff keeps the hospitals very busy

    Not only that


    #1 reason


  12. jc says:

    The sun’s output and solar minimums have a large influence on global temps. The magnetic poles are moving, the suns magnetic poles are flipping. It was well established that there are larger weather cycles that come every 30-35 years. Mid to late 1970’s of which I can fondly remember were very cold winters, ice storms followed by very hot summers. Mother Earth News and Time magazine proclaimed we were entering another ice age.

  13. Lynzzie says:

    Iin Northern California this week a stripped sky on a sunny day was orchestrated. It is sad to think that I need to consider changing plans to stay in when there is obviously to anyone incredible amounts of spraying being done that lasts most of the day and the particulates lasting weeks, probably months in the ground and water systems. Thanks to Dane and his passion for the truth.

  14. wakawaka says:

    What do u plan to do about it

  15. Anonymous says:

    The guy was right. Wake up. It the 21st century. Instead of complaining about what is going on all the time. It is best to Reseach all of this very deeply and find out the facts. To stand there shuffling your feet and your arms up in the air one should take a very good look at the situation. Fear is a very good tool in which has been deployed for centuries. One can find out the very answers and guard themselves and their families from the Agenda. To complain and shuffle your feet with your arms up in the air will not help. Only the Denier’s will be in trouble from not knowing the complete truth.
    Do your research well and you will find out the Truth and everything will be OK.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Oh by the way. It’s not just the drones and jets alone up there. Check out your local airport and see the little planes coming out and about flying upwind. Look out at nighttime and you will see lots of them. Also your local Hospital Chopper Ambulance service.

    All involved

    Not hard to figure out.

  17. Anonymous says:

    It matters not whether the planes or drones are pilotless. The fact is it is happening and people are getting Sick and Dying because of this Agenda.

    As far as the two BC protesters go with their signs about Climate Change Now
    A pie in the face would have been nice
    After all they were dressed as waiters

    Yes I believe they are unmanned aircraft up there spraying.
    Just look after your health as best you can.

    What else can you do?

  18. looking for truth says:

    You folks need to wake up – don’t really think you can accept the truth – the government is correct you cannot handle it. You scoff at it poke fun at it and then dismiss it.
    These planes are pilot-less – they are nothing more than drones.
    Just like fed-ex has been piloting their planes via remote control for over 15years now.
    Wake the f***up. You are living in the future. They have kept you blind and unknowing for a reason. This is the 21st century!

  19. Anonymous says:

    Google: Alan Watts You Tube
    Listen to his videos
    Listen to the one on Chem trails

  20. Terri Scheinuck says:

    Well I live in Arizona and I feel no heat this Winter.
    The rescue ships are all stuck in record breaking ice that isn’t supposed to be there. Poor scientists.
    Summers are not as hot in Arizona and I have lived her 55 years. We have Haboobs now here! LOL!!!
    Chemtrails however, well they love the big open blue skies of Arizona. Up near Sedona you can watch 3 or 4 planes lay down a checkerboard complete with x’s and o’s. High light clouds the MSM say on TV. Be wide open spaces if they would stop spraying us like bugs down here. What is wrong with the pilots? A paycheck worth killing your own family below you? REALLY?
    (Funny Chemtrails still underlined in red.)

  21. Mark Mallory says:

    The geoengineers are spraying the skies with highly toxic nano particulates of Aluminum, Barium, and Strontium. The only thing geoengineers are mitigating is your life span.

  22. Mark Mallory says:

    It’s sad to see people like Alex Jones and Mike Adams the Health Ranger jump on the global cooling bandwagon. As “in-touch” with reality as they are, this one issue of Ultra Violet overload due to a jet-age shredded ozone layer, has completely escaped them. This is the hottest winter I have ever experienced here in southern Utah.

  23. the todd says:

    I wonder if the Geoengineers are trying to park a hi pressure system over the us to mitigate the damages of fukushima radiation?

  24. […] What is the true state of the Earth’s climate system? By Dane Now is the time when legitimate investigation and diligent discernment are most needed in the quest for truth.In years past, the government, main stream media, special interest groups, and others, had a definite agenda behind the message …read more […]

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