Climate Engineering And Regional Weather Modification, Understanding The Difference


Dane Wigington

A recent routine publication in a Southern California Newspaper about a localized small scale weather modification program was touted by many as an admission to geoengineering programs, this is not the case. Though any form of weather/climate modification on any scale is harmful to the overall environment and climate system, the small scale localized weather modification programs (which are routinely and openly conducted around the world) are only used as a tool to distract the population from the inconceivably larger and more destructive global climate engineering assault. The small scale programs in question are virtually meaningless against the backdrop of the ongoing global climate engineering assault. Again, such programs are only used as a "red herring". The 3 minute video below is an exposé of this fact.

The climate modification assault against the planet MUST be exposed and halted, this effort requires all of us. The activist suggestions link gives more input on how you can help, let's make every single day count in this desperate battle. Our sincere gratitude to Co Creation Productions, Inc, for producing this video. 

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  1. Cynthia says:

    It seems with all the spraying that pilots would weary and there would be fallout. Where are these people around the world. Some of them have to be talking. I take pictures everyday of the spraying and it's everywhere. These people must be talking can anyone tell me more on this because they can't all be brainwashed this is going on around the world on a daily basis. 

    • jefe says:

      Cynthia– Some people do speak out, but in general they are kept in check by a conspiracy of silence, "Omerta" as it's called by the mafia.  Everyone in the aviation industry knows what's going on, but when their careers and sometimes their lives are on the line, it's easy to shut them up.  When you ask them directly, they immediately go mum.  One flight attendant I work for refers to the "C stuff".  Talking on the phone with friends, you might hear the line go "click-click"… meaning you've triggered an intercept at NSA.  If chemtrails don't exist, why is the secrecy establishment watching out for people who talk about it?

  2. Rob in OC says:

    Hello all ( :

    I haven't seen any trails here (Orange County CA, SoCal) for the last 2 – 3 days but as you guessed it, the sky always seems to be silvery white!  I did see a few jets leaving trails today, sometimes I see them at night.

    I've had a cough going on 5 weeks now and it is driving me nuts!  The amount of phlegm I cough up at a time is small, almost clear yet it is super sticky.  Nasal congestion is present as well.  I also seem to get a burnt/metallic taste when coughing sometimes – anybody else experience something similar?

    I can't help but think how toxic everything has become because of the spraying.  It's just unimaginable to me to know that EVERY breath I take is slowly killing me.  I always wonder what it would be like to have truly clean air, water, and organic food.

    I went for a walk in the park the other day and it was so nice.  Nice to see a few butterflies, nice to hear some birds singing, and to hear a small stream!

    I can't help but think how in your face all of this is yet people simply don't see it or want to believe it.  I can't help but think how in your face the consequences are NOW yet people still don't see it.  I for one can't wait to see how it all plays out.

    Sorry, I know my thoughts are all over the place, just typing as it comes to me…  : /

    Take care everybody, be good to one another.


    • Rob in OC says:


      Dane, have you tried reaching out to "1PacificRedwood" from youtube?  I check his channel daily for new videos as he does one almost every day!  He does an amazingly job of breaking down the weather warfare/manipulation!  Here is his latest video:

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Rob, yes, he is putting out important data. We have tried to reach out to PR, but so far no contact has been established. We will continue to make an effort to connect.

  3. Dennie says:

    "I don't know who is Stupid'er. The people that are involved in the aerosol program or the people that deny that such a program is in effect."

    I call it "Complementary Psychoses."

  4. Jerry says:

    In regard to the weather channel crew having a laugh over shaking a mock toy cloud in regard to their cloud seeding story.   

    The distraction news is not just a distraction per se.  Simply it is making the language of weather modification so acceptable that weather channel media can joke about it.  Just as chemtrail pictures on cereal boxes and cartoons for children are to condition them to think the skies are normal with all these streaks of aerosol 

    We know it is purposefully done because normally this would just be a story done without the silliness.  The media controllers have obviously sent out a message to all networks to get their listeners used to the term weather modification as a minor weather tool, thus dampening the conspiracy of aerosol spraying.  And we can surmise that it has to be as powerful as CIA, or their ilk, because it has happened rather suddenly over our country taking up way too much air time.  So, things are heating up.  This latest unrolling of dis information is another clue that a critical mass of our population is fast approaching,  

    • David former Navy Aerographers Mate (Weather Observer/Forecaster) says:

      The 3 minute Climate Engineering & Regional Weather Modification comparison video, is great for a description of the differences between the two programs. I also feel the 16:13 video that follows, with the multiple number of people presenting the evidence & facts of what they know & have observed, is an excellent video tool for introducing people to what is actually taking place and what is being affected as a result of the ongoing programs. I will be referring to these two videos, when I discuss GeoEngineering to others.

    • Al C says:

                    I see weather modification(er, um "chemtrails") in about 90% of commercials now………….especially pharmaceuticals.

                  Who was is that said, "If a lie is told often enough, it will be eventually accepted as the truth."(paraphrase)………Hitler?

               Now the lie is being perpetrated through our senses by every available means.

    • BaneB says:

      I think the lie commentary was made by one of Hitler's chief propagandists.  But, you might recall Baby Bush's comment along the same line.  To paraphrase:   " just keep repeating it over and over until they believe it."  I like his other "sage" advice to the Citizenry after the 9-11 caper was achieved.  To paraphrase:  just go out to the mall and keep shopping."  Gosh, but I do miss his qualification to be chief puppet of the  Potemkin village known as our republic .

  5. Rebecca says:

    Hello insane world, I wanted to update everyone in this asinine    nightmare asylum we live in. Today Friday 4/1/16, April fools right? How stupid is that? I went to the Yakima Indian reservation with my tools of information to enlighten the people of the poison spray raining down on all of us. I was surprised to have people interested and saying they had known something is wrong but, have not been able to figure it out, now I think most are more willing to listen and investigate this crazy insane contamination destroying all earth. I am finding if you approach this in a way to ask with one of Dane's flyer in hand present them with it and ask if they know anything about the spray clouds in the sky, looking at the flyer and planes laying lines in the sky, people look like deer in the headlights and the light bulb goes off! We are making a difference, I finally had one of the states (yes men) call me back after a year of calling them weekly, sometimes daily. I gave them all the information and told them I wanted answers about why we have not been informed and poisoned with all the cover-up. I went to the Mare's office as well and walked to the high schools administrators office along with two other grade schools and jr high school. I have sold almost everything I own and might be living in my car to carry this message to every ear that will hear, I have a purpose to help my fellow earth love of life. I figure we better really get the pressure on these slime destroyers or die anyway, I could not think of a better way to spend my last days. Love to all and Dane I cannot ever have the words to say how much I admire and Love the man you are. Thank you as well to Susan and all of you, lets hit everyday hard to wake up the masses, or we will be dead soon anyway. May we see our world heal and help -n- Love one another once again someday, I pray. Peace to all R.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Rebecca, all of us that are truly commited to this battle are essential to its final outcome, thank you more than I can say for the work you are doing to help educate the Native American communities. 

    • Irene Parousis says:

      "I have sold almost everything I own…"  This is amazing, my daughter and I have been doing the same.  At this point we won't be needing much of anything anyway, if we run out of oxygen.  Very encouraging Rebecca, thank you!

    • BaneB says:

      I have not sold my stuff, yet.  Because of my age it makes more sense to me to give things away as a gift from time to time.  But, realizing the situation we are all understanding as dire, certainly material possessions  of the vain and ego oriented are not worth the fixation.  New priorities are set, especially when it threatens life as we know it.  Lightening the load clears out the cobwebs.

  6. INDIA:
    Met warns of harsh summer for most of country during April to June / Vinson Kurian / Thiruvananthapuram, April 1:  
    The India Met Department has assessed that there is a high probability (76 per cent) of maximum temperatures in the ‘core heat wave zone’ during April-June to be above normal.
    This zone covers Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Delhi, Haryana, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Bihar, Jharkhand, West Bengal, Odisha and Telangana and Met subdivisions of Marathwada, Vidarbha, Madhya Maharashtra and coastal Andhra Pradesh.
    Seasonal forecast: This in turn suggests high probability of moderate and severe heat wave conditions in the zone during the hot weather season of April to June, the Met said.

    Heatwave likely to delay planting of summer crops
    By Madhvi Sally, ET Bureau | 2 Apr, 2016
    NEW DELHI: Summer planting of crops including paddy and cotton could get delayed due to above normal heatwave conditions expected to prevail over central and northwest India from April to June this year as forecast by the weather office.
    Above normal temperatures can also have devastating effects on human health, water resources and power generation.

    Hotter summer ahead for parched Kerala
    National » Kerala  / April 2, 2016
    IMD to issue heat wave alerts, warnings every five days
    Indicating a harsh, scorching summer ahead, the India Met Department (IMD) has forecast above normal temperatures in Kerala during the hot weather season from April to June 2016.
    According to the seasonal outlook issued by the department on Thursday, temperatures in Kerala are likely to be above the long-term normal by one degree Celsius or more during the period.
    Palakkad recorded the highest maximum temperature of 40.3 degrees Celsius on Friday. Kannur registered a high of 37.8, Kozhikode 37.4, and Punalur 36.7. Summer showers brought relief to a few locations in the State. Punalur registered a rainfall of 1.4 cm and Alappuzha 3 mm. The Met centre here has forecast isolated rainfall in Kerala till April 3 and scattered rain over the next two days.
    The IMD seasonal outlook says the mean, maximum and minimum temperatures are likely to show a departure from the long-term normal across the country as a whole over the next two months, with high probability of moderate and severe heat wave conditions in central and northwest India.



  7. More planetary Geoengineering gone wrong? No wonder TPTB are terrified of the general population finding out the truth! If you think the refugee horrors in Europe are bad, imagine India with 1.252 billion… Read "The Camp of Saints" by Jean Raspail, who predicted these catastrophic migrations of desperate refugees in 1994.

    Is India facing its worst-ever water crisis? ‘The unthinkable is happening’  / Desdemona Despair, 30 March, 2016
    On 11 March 2016, panic struck engineers at a giant power station on the banks of the Ganges river in West Bengal state. Readings showed that the water level in the canal connecting the river to the plant was going down rapidly. Water is used to produce steam to run the turbines and for cooling vital equipment of coal-fired power stations. By next day, authorities were forced to suspend generation at the 2,300-megawatt plant in Farakka town causing shortages in India's power grid. Next, the vast township on the river, where more than 1,000 families of plant workers live, ran out of water. Thousands of bottles of packaged drinking water were distributed to residents, and fire engines rushed to the river to extract water for cooking and cleaning. … "We are being told by the authorities that water levels in the river have receded, and that they can do very little." Further downstream, say locals, ferries were suspended and sandbars emerged on the river. Some 13 barges carrying imported coal to the power station were stranded midstream because of insufficient water. Children were seen playing on a near-dry river bed.
    Nobody is sure why the water level on the Ganges receded at Farakka… Monsoon rains have been scanty in India for the second year in succession. The melting of snow in the Himalayas – the mountain holds the world's largest body of ice outside the polar caps and contributes up to 15% of the river flow – has been delayed this year… But the evidence about the declining water levels and waning health of the 2,500km (1,553 miles)-long Ganges, which supports a quarter of India's 1.3 billion people, is mounting. […] The three-month-long summer is barely weeks away but water availability in India's 91 reservoirs is at its lowest in a decade, with stocks at a paltry 29% of their total storage capacity, according to the Central Water Commission. Some 85% of the country's drinking water comes from aquifers, but their levels are falling, according to WaterAid.
    No wonder then that conflicts over water are on the rise.


    • Correction: "The Camp of Saints" by Jean Raspail was written in the 1970s.  222 reviews on amazon!

    • Von Droid says:

      NASA worldview for April 1, 2016 over the region of India mentioned in the article shows what appears to be microwave influence in the clouds and Chemtrail activity.  Off the coast of the region appears to be the center of a large system, almost perfectly circular in shape.  The western  side of this system, within the circular whole, exhibits a defined large obtuse angular cloud break.  

  8. glendon says:

    i'm late in reading yesterday's entry.

    i have to share what happened the other night.  we were expecting a cold front with thunderstorm leading.  it was the middle of the night.  i 'heard' a very strange sound of thunder that woke me up.  then i smelled a most horrible smell.  just awful.  within 5 minutes the true thunderstorm arrived with torrential rain, small hail, thunder and lightening.  it rained for hours.

    has anyone else experienced something like this?  that smell was just awful, and very synthetic smelling.  it definitely wasn't ozone.

    • glendon – Someone else reported this and it may to be related to the Fly Ash they are dropping: Removing Ammonia from Fly Ash
      J. Bittner, S. Gasiorowski, and F. HrachSeparation Technologies Incorporated, 10 Kearney Rd. Needham, Massachusetts
      Ammonia Contaminated Fly Ash
      … mandated reductions in NOx , particulate, and SO containing aerosol emission levels are expected to require the installation of control systems which may use ammonia as a reagent. Depending on the level of ammonia present in the flue gas at the unit precipitators, the collected fly ash may be heavily contaminated with ammonia primarily as ammonium sulfate salts… For NOx control, the flue gas ammonia level will be set by the amount of ammonia “slip”, i.e. unreacted ammonia present after the SCR or SNCR unit. For precipitator enhancement to reduce particulate or SO aerosol emissions, ammonia is injected into the flue gas prior to the precipitators and will be deposited on the fly ash. The degree to which this occurs is dependent on the SO content, fly ash sulfur content, alkalinity of the fly ash, the ammonia concentration, and ash loading in the flue gas. The use of fly ash in concrete requires that the fly ash have specific physical and chemical properties… When fly ash contains ammonia, this ammonia is liberated as a gas by the action of the highly alkaline solution of the concrete. The alkalinity shifts the equilibrium of ammonium ion in solution to molecular ammonia according to the following equation:  …  The dissolved molecular ammonia is easily released from solution as free ammonia gas.  …The finished properties of the concrete are not adversely affected when using ammonia contaminated fly ash, but the odor is unacceptable, particularly if the concrete is used in underground or enclosed spaces. … In order to assure that no problems are encountered, the ammonia content of fly ash should be no greater than 100 ppm.

    • robert goulet says:

      where was this?

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hi Susan!  From this info, well, I am still wondering if fly ash is somehow helpful in cement, or, if yet another way to dispose?  Was this answered?

    • Larry Charles says:

      Rachael..,   Yes fly ash Is a component of cement.  Larry

  9. BaneB says:

    Thanks for that pep talk.  I feel better already.  You are right on.  These sky terrorists hate love.  They are the antithesis of life.  And they have been spraying the skies east of here over the Yolla Bolly range all morning.  Very high flyers all going south leaving long trails.  This impacts the northern Central Valley of California.  One would think the capitol of Sacramento would be sick of the non stop spraying over them.  But, nothing but silence from Governor Moonbeam and the legislature….except to pass billion dollar bond measures and grabbing water rights.  There won't be any water if this cabal of the blind don't wake up to the underlying main reason for our drought.

  10. How They Brainwash Us
    Paul Craig Roberts / March 30, 2016
    Anyone who pays attention to American “news” can see how “news” is used to control our perceptions in order to ensure public acceptance of the Oligarchy’s agendas.
    … Yesterday I was stuck in front of Fox “News” for some minutes on both sides of 1:00 PM US East Coast time. It was one of the blonds and some character presented as a terrorism or ISIS expert. It seemed to me that the purpose was to prepare Americans for the next false flag attack. ISIS, we were told, will be branching out and bringing its bombing attacks to America.
    All of these bombing attacks have anomalies that the media never notices. Whatever officials say is reported as factual. How these bombings serve Washington’s agendas is never mentioned. The bombings often have the same pattern—brothers who conveniently leave their IDs on the scene. I suppose that having hit on an explanation that worked, the explanation is used repeatedly.
    Liberalism has helped to make Western peoples blind by creating the belief that noble intentions are more prevalent than corrupt intentions. This false belief blinds people to the roles played by deception and coercion in governing. Consequently, the true facts are not perceived and governments can pursue hidden agendas by manipulating news.

    • Dennie says:

      Yes, all of these "terrorist" attacks are very obviously formulaic– too bad stoopid people, mostly egregiously the turn-a-blind-eye media, cannot see PATTERNS, actually, but then again, the American public school system does not train people to notice patterns, small and large; it's much too busy filling the heads of children with facts mainly about Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, never mind that EVERYONE DOES NOT WANT TO GO TO MARS and we need poets more now than ever; it does not encourage questioning– the mostly-clueless uncreative people we train to be "teachers" wouldn't have a clue how to foster curiosity in a cat, let alone actual students, who represent the future.  I predict there will be a real backlash against this insane All "Science," All The Time bullshit being forcibly fed to the children of Planet Earth at this time.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      And again.  Had to say that liberalism does not strike me as making people blind.  But then, I live in Berkeley which once had a very strong anti-war stance.
      A quote from Aeschylus:  "In war, truth is the first casualty."

  11. patrick taylor says:

    The Banksters Are Now Setting Up the Crash of 2016

    As the great Yogi Berra once said, "it's déjà vu all over again."



  12. jennifer says:

    Dane I agree with you. I think the admitting of the small scale spraying is only to distract the masses from the much bigger large scale spraying done on a regular basis. Here in the northeast, whenever it gets incredibly warm(which is now the new normal) they engineer a false cold front to distract everyone from the record shattering heat.Deception is part for the course for these evildoers! I have been trying to enlighten people with the truth but it has not been easy.Just the mention of the sky being sprayed and I immediately am branded a nut and the funny looks are hurled in my direction.Dane I will keep trying to educate people even though it is at times disheartening. I also wanted to say something about something one of my fellow posters mentioned.The lack of rain. How the hell does anyone living in the northeast not notice that it hardly EVER rains anymore!? Dane,it only ever rains when these bastards plan some type of weather event for purposes of distraction.This lack of rain and constant warmth records being set IS NOT NORMAL!What the hell is wrong with people that they just refuse to see things that are quite obvious?!?! Thank you Dane and thanks to all my fellow posters as well. Reading your comments helps me get through all the insanity that is currently taking place on our once beautiful (and hopefully future home???) planet.

  13. Cindy says:

    Link to the California governors Climate Change Research Plan:  It appears we are their research project.

  14. Anonymous — Have a look at my photos from the Olympic Peninsula WA and see if they resemble your fibers.
    I believe this is 'chaff' from the Navy Growlers here:

    I think this is Zinc Sulfide and barium:


  15. adam says:

    Ahh yes. You'd think that to both the citizenry of any given area and their local weather men and women who are expecting a bright and sunny day as told by all four network Pro-Pagan-DUH broadcasters that EVERYONE would be scratching their heads with a collective WTF? How is it that WE ALL THOUGHT it was going to be sunny all day and yet, the sun has yet to be seen through the artificial cloud cover which releases not one drop of rain? WE KNOW but even some of the forecasters who were far more accurate in even their seven day forecasts TEN YEARS AGO are still clueless why they just can't seem to say what to expect with any degree of certainty but they'd never tell We The People why they can't figure it out. Many DO KNOW but I feel an equal amount are still clueless but I'm working on one but I think she's going to be hard pressed to quit her career when she sees why she just can't seem to get it right but I'm trying to break her down

  16. Frank says:

    The war on all of us continues as Veterans are treated like criminals. 

    Two Senate Republicans are seeking to understand the Veterans Affairs office practice of reporting veterans to the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check system.

    Currently a veterans assigned a fiduciary trustee to act on their behalf is automatically declared “mentally defective” and is reported to NICS, the database Federal Firearms Licensees use to determine whether a prospective buyer is eligible to buy guns. As of December 2015, the VA has reported 260,381 individuals to the FBI, effectively making them prohibited firearms possessors under the law. The way they treat us veterans is beyond words. I have been asked from the VA if I own any guns. 

    The VA has a crisis suicide hotline for veterans and many reports are veterans call and they are put on hold. The whole system is corrupt and only gets worst.

  17. marc says:

    Wow! Last two days and today are quite out of character here over St. Louis. These skies look for all the world to be circa 1980, huge, gorgeous puffy clouds, wind, fast moving sky. Granted, the "blue" is not as deep blue as i remember from back then but it is bluer than I've seen in a long time. Just another temporary artifice I'm sure, as a direct result of entire adjacent regions being manipulated. Wish skies could look like this all the time.

    • Frank says:

      Hi Marc, There spending all there time here in the SE as weather here has been bizarre to say the least. We had weather roll through last night and I heard constant weird sounding thunder. There were reports of different color flashes in the sky, red blue and green. They can't even make excuses any more for these bizarre occurrences. We all are attacked daily with weather warfare.

  18. Alan says:

    From the LA Times this morning:  "Federal biologists on Thursday confirmed the presence of a lethal fungus known as white-nose syndrome in Washington, the first occurrence in western North America of the disease that has killed roughly 7 million bats."  




  19. Donna says:

    Last week my partner and I were watching the local weather on TV, and the gal mentioned the "weather makers"  We looked at each other in shock. Script???

    • Donna says:

      Sun City Arizona, 3rd day not a plane in sight. It's the way it should be, and I am pointing that out to all of my neighbors. 

    • BaneB says:

      Otherwise the community will have to rename Sun City to Chemtrail City.    The reason they are residing in Sun City is for the sun and not for the spew , grunge , haze, and tic tac toe.  Can anyone say look up and say BINGO?

  20. Kathy Burns says:

    Check this out before taken down,
    Washington State

    SO, so disturbing Dane to see the BOLD FACE lies on mainstream. Not shocking just unreal that this cover up is this enormous. I can handle a lot but its so hard to grasp that all the way down to local people they are controlled and programmed to blatant LIES !
    This is the mammoth circle that got everyones attention here on the west side of Washington state…just absolutely unreal the Level of crime we are fighting. Seems at times like this that its near impossible but I wont give up! I held your flyer against my window while driving in traffic right under this circle trail. Next I am getting  this website printed large to put on the back window!

    • Kathy — I saw them making circles out here on the Olympic Peninsula WA. Must be some new dispersion process with very fine nano particles that end up very wispy, deceptive. Notice the KOMO photo doesn't show the dispersion of the 'doughnut' … But I saw these things cascading dripping down here from my deck.

    • Kathy — I just remembered that actually the first time I saw this circle "doughnut" thing was in Manhattan NYC over Central Park in 2001! I couldn't believe my eyes. Of course, no one noticed – but I could see it from my apartment on the 16th floor. So they have been able to do this for 15 years.

    • Kathy Burns says:

      Thank-you Susan for your info. I appreciate hearing from others in the area!

    • BaneB says:

      The high flying terrorists have been putting down their toxins here all morning long.  The sky is barely blue.  Silver is more like it.  I am sitting here watching a  " roll cloud" kind of configuration.  The criminals laid it down almost two hours ago.  It has fattened up and just sits there.  Meanwhile the grunge silver aerosol is hazing out the nearby mountains and horizon.  Just looking at it makes me cough and wheeze and sneeze.  And makes me seeth with disdain and indignation which galvinize more phone calls.  Keep pushing, keep pushing.

  21. Peter says:

    Hi everybody, I'm from Germany and I want to tell you what the mainstream media over here are telling us right now. If you know a bit of the german language you can read it yourselves here:

    The summary of this is: We used to have big problems with what has been called sour rain in Germany (what was mainly caused by sulfur and other acids). Now decades later our air is too clean. Since there is no longer sulfur aerosols (which are the results from having sulfur in clouds in our skies) we are running into big problems because sulfur is no longer preventing us from global warming. They say Sulfur aerosols made the clouds more reflective and at the same time made them stay longer in the air, preventing us from uv radiation and greenhouse effect. So this article which was presented to us in one of the biggest newspaper magazines in Germany implicates that we need to have more sulfur in the air again. Let me repeat this: They are telling us our air is "too clean". I leave it up to you to figure what they are preparing.

    I live in Berlin and found out about geoengineering two years ago. I can only tell you that they have since then intensified their effort to bless us with chemicals big way. Now I can see the criss cross of hell every second or third day. We do no longer have an open sky here. Even if there is no visible spraying going on the skies are milky and grey at best. Sometimes I think I can even smell it and don't know if I'm on my way to becoming psychotic.

    On a website especially made for kids by some ngo here in Germany I once read: Exhaust fumes from airplanes condense in air and finally become clouds. They are learning in school that everything is okay with our skies. Since I read this I think we have to talk more to kids about what's really going on there. Most of the older people I know just don't care, but we could open the eyes of the people who will have to live on this planet when we will already be gone. 

    Just my 2 cents: Geoengineering is only a small part of their plans. If I look at the millions of refugees who are now coming to Europe and especially to Germany I can clearly see that we are being roundupped. In the not so far future the orient will be free of inhabitants as will be Northern Africa. Countries that have oil will be bombed empty, nobody there except for the companies that make a profit out of it, it's already happening in Syria, Irak, Jemen, Afghanistan, now Libya, who is next?

    And: Africa is drying out, (California?).I have been there six month every year for the last six years. Water reservoirs like Lake Kariba are almost empty, ground level of water in some places is down to 300 m from 20 m!

    In general I think it's not about oil, it's about reducing mankind and: it's about water. We can live without out oil, but the people remaining on this wonderful planet (let's say the 500.000.000 lucky ones according to Georgia Stone Monument) cannot live without water. It all comes together nicely: Chemtrails from above combined with no water combined with people that will be herded like sheep in one crowded place like Europe. If that is finished they will unlock the bomb that solves it all.

    Well, sorry for my pessimism, and sorry for not bringing up a solution. I don't have one.


    • Peter — Don't apologize. Many, if not most of us are just as pessimistic. I am expecting the worst. But Dane is right that we must continue to do everything we can to raise public awareness. That is our only hope really. If enough people realize what is being done to them, then maybe these bastards will stop their insane acts and let Nature resume her superb ability of rebalance our planet back into harmony. Even that wont be pleasant. But we have to try. People have the right to know the truth. Thank you for your post. It is good to know what's going on in Europe. My sister lives in Rome where the refugees just keep coming because financially insolvent Italy is mainly coastal and nothing can stop them.


    • Dennie says:

      Peter:  The Bee Ess about "not enough pollution" in the sky to offset the global warming since stopping sulfur emissions because of acid rain and so we have to add sulfur is just a very poorly disguised ruse, one that I distinctly heard coming out of the mouth of Guy McPherson on an internet radio interview– this MUST be The Line that the geoengineering cabal's cooked up to feed to people when they ask what this is about and why it's being done.  Only the stoopidest are going to fall for this.  Unfortunately that is far too many on Earth. 

      The Corporate-Banking-Industrial-Military complex needs all that moisture in order to run their weather warfare programs.  I think I understand that the moisture is used to move the weather around on the hijacked jet stream.

  22. Sean Cairney says:

    not everyone jimped onto this.. i,ve been telling those who have to not associate climate engineering with simple cloud seeding for some time now… thanks for this Dane and for keeping people on the right tracks

  23. Tag says:

    Yesterday, 3-30-2016,  I watched the spraying all day.  At 8 AM the sky was blue but by 10 AM was just the usual white milky haze.  I was working outside with 2 of my friends that day and saw the tic tac toe clouds and the lines everywhere.  And just couldn't understand why THEY didn't see them or question WTF they were.  I guess I am a wimp.  Should have said something I guess.  But honestly, I am sick to death of saying something and getting branded as a PSYCHO! 

    I have been coughing and hacking for months as has my daughter.  I know why, but remain silent and suffer in silence.  It's a flu thing going around is the popular diagnoses.  Since when does the flu last for months? 

    They don't want to hear truth and I am getting sick of trying to tell them to look up and question what they see. 

    I will continue to document the evidence and maybe someday, somebody will look at the pictures taken over my house as evidence and realize something is just not right.  Over 200 in 5 months. 

    • Joe Sullivan says:

      this recipe caused the breathing problems

      its slowly killing everyone – period

      Drink Fuji Water to detoxify the Aluminu

      matter – take my word

      im  not a crack pot

    • Larry Charles says:

      Tag,   Phoenix, AZ, 04/01/16.  3rd day with no spray.  03/30&31/16 beautiful, white, normal, fluffy clouds set in a blue, blue sky.  Clear today.  Warms my heart!  I hope it last.  Larry

  24. Ben Elterman says:

    This seems to be right on queue. There was the science study in January of 2016 on how to convince the people to accept stratospheric aerosol injection, and now a couple months later we might be seeing part of their game plan.

    The large program that is not publicly acknowledged causes the problem, in this case the California drought, and then the small local programs that are in the publics eye, come to the rescue by modifying the weather again. The probable outcome is that the public develops a positive attitude about geoengineering. Then when  public opinion is sufficiently manipulated, they could have the  controlled media start to acknowledge the larger program.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Ben, though studies about framing geoenigneering to be accepted by the public is being done, those in power are well aware that the public will never accept these programs. Those in  power will continue to do all they can to hide climate engineering until the last possible moment, until collapse. 

    • jim stewart says:

      Ellipsis [from the Greek elleipsis/ defect] is used to 'corrupt' the mind by omitting or 'eclipsing' the whole, such as, the truth, the 'whole' truth, and nothing but the truth. By their grammar, you shall know them. The art of elliptical rhetoric is difficult to defend against in forensic cases, because the mind has nothing to observe, until what is 'eclipsed' is revealed. But, in cases involving mass deceptions [cf. Sharyl Attkisson Ted Talk, for example] the use of elongated ellipses is well-funded and inconceivably extensive. Therefore, revealing an AI logic, which incorporates principles of 'symbolic' logic that are by their very nature 'defective' and that 'leave behind' our in vivo ability to think ethically, is critical to foiling STEM. The purpose of STEM is to decapitate our knowledge of good and evil, our ability via many memories of the same thing to experience our virtue of discernment, and make ourselves sound and sane again with the whole truth and nothing but the truth. 'For in that Nature has fashioned rational beings for the sake of one another with a view to mutual benefit based on worth, but by no means harm, the transgressor of her will acts with obvious lack of respect against the most venerable of deities. And the liar too acts through lack of respect with regard to the same goddess. For the Nature of the whole is the Nature of the things that are. And the things that are have an intimate connection with all the things that have ever been. Moreover, this Nature is named Truth, and is the primary cause of all that is true.' __ Marcus Aurelius To Himself, Book IX. 

  25. Chris Hedges
    We All Are Islamic State / Mar 27, 2016
    Revenge is the psychological engine of war. Victims are the blood currency. Their corpses are used to sanctify acts of indiscriminate murder. Those defined as the enemy and targeted for slaughter are rendered inhuman. They are not worthy of empathy or justice. Pity and grief are felt exclusively for our own. We vow to eradicate a dehumanized mass that embodies absolute evil. The maimed and dead in Brussels or Paris and the maimed and dead in Raqqa or Sirte perpetuate the same dark lusts. We all are Islamic State.
    “From violence only violence is born,” Primo Levi wrote, “following a pendular action that, as time goes by, rather than dying down, becomes more frenzied.”
    … The killing and torture, the more they endure, contaminate the perpetrators and the society that condones their actions. They sever the professional inquisitors and killers from the capacity to feel. They feed the death instinct. They expand the moral injury of war.
    Twenty-two veterans of U.S. military service commit suicide every day.  They do it without an explosives belt. But they share, with suicide bombers, the overpowering urge to be rid of the world and the sordid role they had in it.  “It is better to suffer certain injustices than to commit them,” Albert Camus, like Immanuel Kant, understood. But the politicians, pundits and mass culture dismiss such wisdom as weakness. Those who speak with sanity, like Euripides when he produced his anti-war masterpiece “The Trojan Women,” are reviled and banished.
    … We perfected the technique of aerial mass murder and wholesale destruction that we call “carpet bombing,” “saturation bombing,” “area bombing,” “obliteration bombing,” “mass bombing” or, in its latest version, “shock and awe.” We created, through our national wealth, the managerial systems and technology that the sociologist James William Gibson calls “technowar.”  What were the attacks of 9/11 but an answer to the explosions and death we inflicted on towns and cities around the globe? Our attackers spoke to us in the demented language we taught them. They, like the attackers in Paris and Brussels, knew exactly how we communicate.
    The merchants of death, the arms manufacturers, are among the few who profit. Most of the rest of us are caught in a cycle of violence that will not cease until we end the U.S. occupation of the Middle East, until we learn to speak in a language other than the primitive howl of war, death and annihilation. We will recover a humane language when we have had enough, when there are too many of our own dead for us to sustain the game. The victims will continue to be mostly innocents, trapped between killers that come from the same womb.

    • BaneB says:

      I respect Christopher Hedges.  But, unless I am missing something in his comments, he is incorrect about 9-11 being a blow back from Arab quarters.  Indeed, blowback is a post WTC phenomenon.  And to caveat further, while there is some blowback by vengeful Arab victims, the global terrorism on the scale we observe is something designed to confuse and stampede the public.  A terror network can be operated that sucks in those with refute oud indignation and idealism.  These are the pawns and assets.  They really have no clue as to their handlers.  A force/entity is far back in the shadow of deception pulling the levers.  They are utterly ruthless, and determined to either control this world through chaos.  And if they can't get it all, they will try to destroy the earth in total.  False flag to blame the truth for a lie.

    • BaneB — Yes, Hedges is not aware of everything. But his adamantine, fearless and intelligent courageous stand against the Global Corporate Regime's evil corruption, tyranny, and moral depravity makes me forgive any small flaw in his larger grok. He gets my vote for 'saint'!  It seems that key certain individuals in the Rebellion are somewhat limited to specific layers of the total picture. Perhaps this idea of layers of specificity is necessary for a useful concentrated focus – lest the over all picture diffuse the effect and weaken its result. It's as if each one has a specific job to do, a piece of the puzzle to expose. This is a big Sea of Lies covering every aspect of our planet's life and history. Hedges knows that the 'Wages of Rebellion' are zip, nada, nothing. In other words, these brave few can never expect any reward except the reward of doing what they believe, following their conscience regardless of the risks. For that they command our total respect.

  26. Detailed study confirms high suicide rate among recent veterans
    January 2016 / Alan Zarembo
    Recent veterans have committed suicide at a much higher rate than people who never served in the military, according to a new analysis that provides the most thorough accounting so far of the problem. … The issue of veteran suicide has become a political cause for activists and legislators. One statistic has become a rallying cry: 22 veterans take their own lives each day.
    That figure is a national estimate based on a Department of Veterans Affairs analysis of death records from 21 states. Though it is usually cited in the context of the recent wars, most of those suicides involved older veterans, who account for the vast majority of the nation's 22 million former service members. Among veterans in the current study, there was one suicide a day. The rates were highest during the first three years out of the military. Veterans who had been enlisted in the rank-and-file committed suicide at nearly twice the rate of former officers.

  27. Dawnski says:

    I shared this site with the NC Wildlife Commission and Lake Norman Wildlife Commission after very poor communications and concerns in helping my son with his Bee Conservation project. Tim Gestwicki Executive Director NCWC, Angel Hjarding NCWC director Pollinator Butterfly Highway, Gene Vaughn, retired Duke Energy, Committee Chair  LNWC & Billy Wilson, President LNWC its okay if you do not respond to my informative email. I hope you are now spending time reading Danes valuable research and find his daily pasion and commitment to environmental conservation motivational for your 501.c.3 organizations and projects infrctioud. My son will follow in Danes admirable footsteps in sounding the alarm to save bees and the planet. Not just plant a pollinator garden all by himself and stick a sign in the dirt. Thank you for joyfully and promptly donating a Pollinator sign for his project. Sad that it had to come from an agency from across the country rather than our state & local environmental conservation organizations. Thank you Xerces for inspiring a college bound student with your enthusiasm and appreciation of his Bee Conservation project! We appreciate you too!!

    • Dawnski says:

      Furthermore, I fail to understand how or why. . .

      "Gene Vaughn, Senior Scientist with Duke Energy. Mr. Vaughan's professional interests and project experience center on wildlife issues as they relate to threatened and endangered species inventories, fish culture, fish disease diagnoses, toxicological impacts, raptor enhancement, and nuisance species control.  Specifically, his Duke Energy project assignments included evaluating wildlife populations in relation to power plant operations, plant and animal assessments in transmission rights-of way, enhancing ecological diversity through habitat enhancement, stream restoration, and rare and endangered inventories.".

      . . This intelligent of an environmental senior scientist just sat there while I tried to pronounce 'neonicotinoids'. And only suggested the local public golf course as the location for the bee friendly pollinator project, knowing they spray toxic fertilizers and pesticides which permeate the soil for years thus contributing to the bee DIE OFF not contributing to bee CONSERVATION. Were you going to help plant the garden at the golf course but not in our toxic free backyard? Was the sign only a part of the deal if the bees food was planted at the toxic golf course vs. our pesticide free, neo-ni-cotin-oide free backyard? Do you people only invest in time and energy in student projects of well to do 2 parent families who support the non profit? Doesn't a Duke Energy Senior Scientist know about the GeoEngineered weather affecting our community and planet, responsible for the necessity of conservation projects that require immediate attention, especially the toxic fly ash getting in our lungs and poisoning the bees? 

      Gee Wally, I may not be a senior scientist but I sure keep running in to important people in my community who are quiet as a mouse when I ask these important and pressing questions. Thank you Dane for manning up to the truth with scientific, documented proof. And for genuinely caring about environmental conservation for all mankind!

      Done venting. . .



  28. The absurd lengths these people are willing to go to to hide the real geoengineering issues must reflect their fear of an unleashed mob that inevitably learns the truth. I wonder if they have timed how long it will take them to get to their undergrounds? Perhaps there is a warning alarm in their smart phones…elite alert…time to go under… …  :o) That ‘cloud producing doughnuts’ clip from TV weather was Three Stooges stupid. I know that you, Dane, watch the weather channel to keep ahead of their mischief. But I haven’t watched TV in 10 years and find this repulsive idiocy shocking. Have we Americans really come to accept this kind of insulting chicanery? If so, then little wonder that most don’t look up and see with their own eyes what’s falling on them from the sky. They are cut off from their own powers of observation, discernment and intelligence.

    Here on the Olympic Peninsula WA it is unusually hot. 75 on my deck. The planes appear to have a new technique. They are spraying less, with circular trails of toxic particles that quickly spread into wispy thin clouds that are not as obscenely thick as the previous kind, but are likely more insidious as the particles are said the have been made smaller and smaller, nano stuff. What we cannot see, we still breath. I have given up fighting the ‘white’ dust all over my house. It’s pervasive, coming in through the vents and now my open windows. One hopes to air out the house in spring and summer, but with aerosol spray geoengineering all we do is let more slow-death into our homes.

  29. Karen says:

    You know I've noticed something in the last few months. I have know about chemtrails for some time, but if you think about something which is really a big eye opener no real clouds produce rain. Think about it I live in the south and I watch the huge puffy clouds as a kid I would make   Shapes and forms from them. These clouds have never since I've known about chemtrails formed together and made rain. Are rain is artificial, it only rains after they,spray the sky's full of this stuff. Real clouds don't make rain!!! It's like I'm in a movie and where all put on,this earth as maybe an experiment. 

  30. Why not hire these guys to hunt down the mad scientist chemtrail/aerosol planes?

    think they'd have the heart/principle to blow the whistle?

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