Climate Engineering, Pushing Life Past The Point Of No Return


All available data from the ground paints a very dark horizon for life on planet Earth. Mathematically speaking, on the current trajectory we have no chance. The fact that this is so hard to accept for most people does not negate the reality itself. If one is driving straight toward a cliff at high speed it is easy enough to say that if they do not alter their course they will certainly perish. So what are our options? To radically change the course of civilization as we know it or we will all face the consequences of the collective actions (and inactions) of the human race. So many are in total denial. Even within the ranks of movements that claim to be fighting for the common good, denial is epidemic. How is it possible to believe that our species can perpetually expand and consume resources on a finite planet with finite resources? How can all this activity not have an effect on the equilibrium of the planet’s life support systems? The climate balance of the last 7 to 10 millennia (which was unique in the Earth’s history) has been disrupted from countless causes. Again, mathematically speaking, the single greatest cause appears to be the global climate engineering insanity (though, as already mentioned, there are countless other causes). With this in mind, the article below is an important read for those that truly want to understand just how dire our common dilemma is. When reading the article, and viewing the videos contained in it (also important to do) one must focus primarily on the data presented from the front lines. The fact that some of these scientists are calling for climate engineering to be implemented should not taint the data that reveals the unfolding reality on the ground. We MUST separate the baby from the bathwater. It is impossible to know what the underlying motives are for the scientists calling for climate engineering to be immediately deployed (as if it has not already been going on for over 6 decades). Perhaps they have been threatened, perhaps on this point they are also in denial. Climate engineering has made an already bad situation much worse overall and has poisoned all life in the process. Reviewing the data below is critical for those that want to understand more deeply just how dire and immediate our collective situation is. It is important to understand that climate engineering has helped to bring us to this dark corner. Geoengineering is not a cure but a curse that is even worse than the disease itself.
Dane Wigington

Accelerating Towards an Arctic Blue Ocean Event

Source: Collapse of Industrial Civilization


“For the last 8,000 years we’ve had [relatively] amazing stability with constant weather temperatures and sea level. This stability has allowed the development of agriculture, civilization, industrialization, and a population of 7 billion and rising. This apparent stability is entirely a fluke. It is by amazing good luck that we are here today looking back on the past.”
John Nissen (12-4-2014), Arctic Methane Emergency Group

On the 4th, 5th, and 6th of December of the year 2014, the Arctic Methane Emergency Group (AMEG) held press briefings at the COP-20 United Nations Climate Change Conference that is taking place in Lima, Peru. For those unfamiliar with AMEG, here is a summary about them from their website that illustrates their proven track record of predictions:

AMEG is a group of determined scientists, engineers, communicators and others, dedicated firstly to establishing what really is happening to our planet (especially in the Arctic) using best scientific evidence, secondly to finding effective and affordable means to deal with the situation, and thirdly communicating these matters to authority and the general public.

AMEG aims to position itself in the centre ground – neither overstating nor understating the dangers of climate change. We are only alarmist in the sense that we are drawing attention to the more unpleasant realities of rapid Arctic warming and climate change, which have been downplayed or ignored by IPCC, unwittingly backed up by the media. We are determinedly optimistic as regards promoting an intervention strategy against all the odds, believing that mankind must have the collective intelligence to sort out the mess that mankind has got itself into.

In early 2012, AMEG gave evidence to the UK’s Environment Audit Committee in their inquiry on protecting the Arctic. Much of our evidence was dismissed by government advisers, but all our evidence has been borne out by subsequent observations and events, including: the rapid rise in temperature of Arctic ocean and atmosphere; the dramatic decline of sea ice to a record minimum in September 2012 (following the exponential downward trend we had warned the committee about); the exponential increase in release of the potent greenhouse gas, methane, from the Arctic Ocean seabed; the exponential increase in melting of the Greenland Ice Sheet and consequent sea level rise; and the continuing disruption of the jet stream patterns we expected from Arctic warming, with resulting climate change in the form of weather extremes (despite a continuing hiatus in global warming), causing widespread crop failures and increase in the food price index above the crisis level, thus promoting civil conflict in a number of Asian and African countries where food prices have recently escalated, including most notably Syria.

Recent independent research, by scientists in AMEG and elsewhere, puts beyond reasonable doubt our assertion that the Arctic is locked in a vicious cycle of warming and melting, with the sea ice well past its tipping point. The current albedo forcing from snow and sea ice retreat is now estimated at around 0.4 to 0.5 Watts per square meter, averaged globally, amounting to 200 to 250 terawatts heating in the Arctic – more than mankind’s total energy consumption.  This albedo forcing is liable to double within a few years as the snow and sea ice further retreat. AMEG believes that the vicious cycle of warming and melting can only be broken by rapid intervention to cool the Arctic.

Although AMEG’s research has concentrated on the Arctic and its effect on climate change, our study of IPCC’s own evidence suggests just how serious are the long-term prospects of climate change due to both CO2 and methane – far more serious than claimed by IPCC itself. The carbon budget for CO2 – the allowable amount of CO2 to avoid dangerous climate change – has already been used up, if one takes into account the effect of methane and other greenhouse gases. If one also takes into account the climate forcing through albedo loss in the Arctic, then it is clear that the world is heading for extremely dangerous global warming by mid-century, even without Arctic methane. The only way to head off such a disaster is by reducing the level of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere well below their current levels, using a combination of aggressive reduction in both CO2 and methane emissions but also by removal of CO2 from the atmosphere.

The videos of both press briefings are below. They essentially cover much of the same material, but are both worth watching for the details that the different speakers give illustrating mankind’s dire predicament. Following the videos, I summarize AMEG’s discussions along with their conclusions. We truly are at a turning point in the survival of our species.

The source of these videos has taken them down since the original posting of this article. Perhaps there is now more attention on this information that was wanted. The only known functional video link left is below

• The tipping point for the collapse of Arctic glaciers has been breached and a runaway meltdown of the North Pole ice cap is currently unfolding. Arctic ice is decaying exponentially. (For a better visualization, picture an area of ice the size of the state of Maine being lost every year since 1979.):

Highly reflective snow and ice is being replaced by dark sea water which is much more [absorbent] of solar energy causing the Arctic to warm much, much faster than the rest of the planet. This is destabilizing the atmospheric air circulation and ocean circulation. It is reducing the temperature gradient or difference between the equator and the pole which slows down the jet stream making it wavier with higher ridges and troughs. The jet stream has also become prone to stagnating in the same region. Very warm, humid southerly air can go to much higher latitudes than before, and cold arctic air can go to much southerly latitudes than before. This in itself is representing an enormous positive reinforcing feedback (not positive for humans) which is carrying more and more heat up into the Arctic and more and more coldness from the Arctic further south. What this will do is fracture the jet streams, leading us to a very different world, a less predictable climatic world where weather extremes such as torrential rains and extended droughts and floods come to dominate the weather system. The frequency, severity, and duration of these events all increase. These events also occur in regions where we did not have this before. For example, we get 80cm(32 inches) of snow in the Atacama Desert which is the driest region of the planet – an unprecedented event. We get torrential rains where we had desert before. We get desert where we had moderate temperatures before. This is already happening now with just 0.85 °C of warming that the world has experienced since the start of the industrial revolution. This situation is very dependent on the conditions in the Arctic. As the Arctic continues to exponentially decline in snow and sea ice cover, these extremes will undoubtedly have to increase. The physics of the system says so. Because we now live in a warmer planet, there is more evaporation of the oceans leading to more water vapor in the atmosphere which fuels stronger storms. (The atmosphere can hold 7% moisture for every 1°C increase in average temp. Since we have increased the average temp by ~0.8°C from pre-industrial times, we have 6% more water vapor in the atmosphere). Because we have changed the chemistry of the atmosphere, we have changed the planet’s weather and climate.

• Once we reach a point of no Arctic sea ice, perhaps as early as September 2015, this will create a “blue ocean event” in which all the heat from the sun will be able to penetrate Arctic waters, vastly accelerating the rate at which the Arctic is warming. Consequently, massive disruption of atmospheric circulation and ocean currents will ensue, thus locking the Arctic into an ice-free state. Global sea levels will rapidly rise and climate chaos will ramp up.
• The East Siberian Arctic Shelf, containing hundreds to thousands of times more heat trapping gases than what are presently in the atmosphere, is in the process of releasing a catastrophic amount of greenhouse gases.
• Climate models do not take into account fractures, imperfections in the sea floor, regions of unfrozen subsea methane and other weak points in methane deposits. The models simply treat these areas as uniform slabs that will act in a predictable and symmetrical manner.
• Historical ice core and sediment records show numerous instances of the Earth having undergone abrupt climate change of 5-6°C or greater within a very short time period, one or two decades.
• The initial heat-trapping strength of methane(CH4) is up to several hundred times more powerful than CO2 during the first couple decades of its release into the atmosphere before degrading into CO2.
• Collapse of Civilization is assured at a 4°C rise in global temperature.

Scientists consider a global warming of 6°C to be a threat to the survival of humanity, and anything beyond an increase of 2°C to be intolerable (as recorded at the Asia-Europe Summit by Khor, September 2006). Link

• Even conservative IPCC projections of BAU predict a 4°C rise in global temperature by the end of the century and this estimate does not include the methane release from the Arctic seabed, permafrost and tundra. No where in its reports does the IPCC state that a 4°C would be catastrophic to civilization and life on Earth.
• Simply attempting to “adapt” to anthropogenic climate change is not a realistic option.
• The meme of money and profit holds sway over all of society.
• The operating system of global civilization, i.e. neoclassical economics, is fatally flawed and it will kill us.
• The consequences of predicted drought from global warming will make food production impossible in most of the world…


• A life-affirming system of ecological economics must replace the current ecocidal model of neoclassical economics.
• Institutions must divest from fossil fuel investments and burst the carbon bubble.
• Techniques for cooling the Arctic need to be implemented now, such as spraying salt into the atmosphere to thicken clouds. Additionally, carbon sequestration techniques need to be implemented now, such as biochar burial which is a carbon negative technology that also enriches soil fertility.
• The world must recognize that a 2°C target is not the benchmark we need to worry about right now. We need to worry about and immediately deal with the destabilization and disruption of our climate and weather patterns that are already occurring today at 0.85 °C.
• Only a concerted international effort will provide us with a chance to mitigate and adapt to climate change by building a deep toolbox of approaches to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. However, reducing emissions alone will not be sufficient. An active withdrawal of CO2 from the atmosphere will need to be a part of managing climate change.

AMEG does not mention the Antarctic which was recently found to be melting three times faster than a decade ago:

The glaciers in the embayment lost mass throughout the entire period. The researchers calculated two separate quantities: the total amount of loss, and the changes in the rate of loss.

The total amount of loss averaged 83 gigatons per year (91.5 billion U.S. tons). By comparison, Mt. Everest weighs about 161 gigatons, meaning the Antarctic glaciers lost a Mt.-Everest’s-worth amount of water weight every two years over the last 21 years.

The rate of loss accelerated an average of 6.1 gigatons (6.7 billion U.S. tons) per year since 1992.

From 2003 to 2009, when all four observational techniques overlapped, the melt rate increased an average of 16.3 gigatons per year — almost three times the rate of increase for the full 21-year period. The total amount of loss was close to the average at 84 gigatons.

Also in the news a few months ago was the realization that Greenland’s ice sheet loss has doubled in just the last five years. Greenland’s ice is much more unstable and prone to collapse than previously thought, and it alone holds enough ice to raise sea levels by nearly twenty-three feet. Paul Beckwith notes that the rate of change in ice melt from Greenland and Antarctica has doubled every seven years for the last couple decades and that if we continue on this trend, then the world will indeed experience a sea level rise of nearly twenty-three feet by 2070.

Last month a seemingly reassuring headline stated that ‘Alaska shows no signs of rising Arctic methane‘ according to NASA’s CARVE project (Carbon in Arctic Reservoirs Vulnerability Experiment), but any hopes about the ticking methane time bomb in the Arctic were quickly dashed after reading the article:

…High concentrations of have been measured at individual Arctic sites, especially in Siberia. This adds to the concern that massive methane releases are already occurring in the far North. NASA’s multiyear Carbon in Arctic Reservoirs Vulnerability Experiment (CARVE) is the first experiment to establish emission rates for a large region of the Arctic…

Alaska composes about one percent of Earth’s total land area, and its estimated annual emissions in 2012 equaled about one percent of total global methane emissions. That means the Alaskan rate was very close to the global average rate.

“That’s good news, because it means there isn’t a large amount of methane coming out of the ground yet,” said lead author Rachel Chang, formerly at Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts, and now an assistant professor and Canada Research Chair in Atmospheric Science at Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Charles Miller of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, California, the principal investigator for CARVE, noted that results from a single year cannot show how emissions might be changing from year to year. “The 2012 data don’t preclude accelerated change in the future,” he said.

Vast amounts of carbon are stored in undecayed organic matter—dead plants and animals—in Arctic permafrost and peat. Scientists estimate that there is more than twice as much carbon locked in the frozen North as there is in the atmosphere today. The organic material won’t decay and release its carbon as long as it stays frozen. But climate change has brought warmer and longer summers throughout the Arctic, and permafrost soils are thawing more and more. If large amounts of undecayed matter were to defrost, decompose and release methane and carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, the impact on global temperatures would most likely be enormous.

Because no other program has made measurements as comprehensive and widespread as CARVE’s, Chang said, “One of the challenges is that we have nothing to compare our results to. We can’t say whether emissions have already increased or stayed the same. Our measurements will serve as a baseline.”

We already know that methane levels have increased two-and-a-half times since the pre-industrial era and “since 2007 atmospheric methane has been on a renewed sustained increase… due to planetary feedback emissions.” Methane has “more than doubled its 800,000 [year] maximum”:

This increase in atmospheric methane started as a result of carbon feedback feedback methane (CH4) from anomalously high temperatures in the Arctic and greater than average precipitation in the tropics, rather than from increased industrial emissions (Dlugokencky et al, 2009). Link

We also know that scientists continue to be shocked and awed at the increasingly accelerated rate at which glaciers around the world are melting. Essentially, industrial civilization is whistling past the graveyard.

Because of AMEG’s honest assessment about the climatic state of the world and the horrific future mankind faces, I support their efforts. We have no time left for philosophical musings about the ethics of AMEG’s geo-engineering ideas to cool the Arctic or debating why, how, and who is responsible for the mess we are in. The Blue Ocean Event is coming and time is not on our side.

“The end of the Arctic will be the noose gently placed around our necks. Get your affairs in order, Humankind.” ~ The Final Stand

Source: Collapse of Industrial Civilization

20 Responses to Climate Engineering, Pushing Life Past The Point Of No Return

  1. Jeff Fish says:

    Hi folks. Sorry to be a bummer but Elvis has left the building. The show is over. The inertia behind the events leading to this unbelievable extinction event will cause these forces to continue on for hundreds of years even if they were all stopped today. Look at the recent methane craters in siberia, they are huge and those are the ones you can see on land. Oceanic upwellings are now several kilometers across in some places and present navigational hazards as they will swallow a ship due to displacement factors. Love yours and your neighbor and believe in god. We have been here before and we will be here again as this is not the first civilization to be on this blue stone. I don't want to sound like a nut so I won't say too much but mankind is not monospecific to earth. I am heartbroken for my child and yours. Jeff.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Jeff, yes, the human race and life on Earth is already hitting the wall and it is going to get worse rapidly from here on out, but does that mean that we can no longer make a difference for the better? Even at this late hour? We are in uncharted waters, but we all still have a responsibility to do all we can for the greater good for as long as we can. If, by working together, we could expose the climate engineering insanity, we could yet take a quantum leap in the right direction. Hope  you will not give up, hope you will continue marching with us in this fight.

  2. paul russell says:

    Two or three times per week I see trails behind jets that slowly drift, spread out and morph into clouds. This is in Jacksonville Florida. This afternoon I counted no less than seven crisscross patterns. ”Look for the X’s in the sky.” For a period of about ten days recently there was no spraying. We experienced clear blue skies. Today the temperature was 80° and I suspect they did not want it to go to 90° at the end of December. Look Up & observe for yourself. We will never hear the truth until the very last hours of these final days. There would be total chaos if the truth were known.

  3. Thank you ever so much, Dane!
    What ‘they’ geoengineering ‘thinks’ are helping is actually destroying planet earth. They are playing little ‘gods’. “Be sure your sin will find you out.” I am sharing the top article ‘Pushing Past the Point of No Return’ with Orbis Vitae.

    Dane, your relentless time, work, studies, applying your knowledge of such catastrophic weather conditions have truly been a godsend.
    I say ‘God Bless You!’ Great is your reward. Your labor of love does not go unnoticed!

  4. Dennis Hardy says:

    I can’t help but notice the estimated date they give is September 2015. According to John Kerry and the French Foreign Minister, 500 days until climate chaos, see the link below.
    Doing all I can, and it doesn’t seem to be waking ANYBODY up. No one cares! I am of the opiniion that there is no longer ANYONE who doesn’t know something is wrong, really wrong with our climate. They may or may not know the casue, but I talk to hundreds a week about this topic and without fail no one EVER follows up or takes action. I believe everyone knows something is wrong, and fall into two camps. ONE: I know something is wrong and I HAVE to do something. TWO: I know something is wrong and whats on TV. Far too few in camp ONE and way too many in camp TWO. Often times I feel this is what we deserve. Then I look at my 7 year old son and say NO, I didn’t ask the corporations to destroy and pillage a healthy planet. I grow, well I used to grow, my own food, I live very frugally and well below my means. Then I do blame myself for not being able to get people to see the error of our ways. I have had a nickname most my life, “Nature Boy”. Nothing has given me the solace and peace of just being in nature. Now I try to not even look. As hokey as it sounds, when a tree dies a little piece of myself dies too. I am waiting for how they explain all the trees collapsing on cars and houses, as is now commonplace in Ohio and surrrounding area; the tree cutting business is booming. Interestingly, about 8 years ago I began in earnest trying to develop a Pyrolosis unit small enough for anyone to have one and create their own Bio-Char from their waste, and ran into so much red tape and high costs that it was out of reach. No one has developed any kind of small scale pyrolosis unit, Hmmm I wonder why. I don’t buy anything anymore that I hear coming out of mainstream, and sadly oftentimes these days, alternative media. I find it a sad state of affairs that we have known for years anything on the mainstream news is propaganda, now we can include the weather forecast too.
    I am very saddened and discouraged this past week. Even in the winter you can see the devastation all around us and it makes me so sad to know we CAN change all this, but won’t.

  5. If mankind had centered all efforts toward simple gardening skills and the construction of humane living quarters for actual human beings, our long term survival situation would have stabilized about 4500 years ago. Instead we’ve insisted on military aggression, built cities of hamster cages, poisoned the land, and filled the oceans with a deathscape of floating plastic shit. Way to go. Our scientists have done a great job of educating us into extinction.

    In my opinion (which is worth absolutely nothing): There are two obvious solutions to the planetary heating problem: Permanently ground ALL nonessential aircraft, along with a permanent ban on ALL space vehicle launches and military operations world-wide. If you know someone in the military, tell them to go fuck themselves as soon as possible. Military minds are sick minds, and military style thinkers need to be exterminated.

    #2.) Permanently BAN all radio, radar, sonar, and electromagnetic emissions devices, immediately. Reduce electrical consumption from the electrical grid to pre 1930’s levels. Our specie is intentionally maiming and sterilizing every living thing on the planet with electromagnetic emissions, so we can talk on little plastic deathtraps and watch some low-life bullshit on energy hogging digital televisions. There is substantial atmospheric heating associated with our perpetual addictions to wasting energy on what amounts to kids toys. Maybe a glance at data like this will wake a few dying consumers up. >

    Excessive electrical consumption requirements of the wireless cloud

    “If is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it”

    – Upton Sinclair –

  6. Tim says:

    Hey, John Coleman says there is zero global warming. What a baffoon.

  7. Ana says:

    I think these scientists know who “they” are and i think they sent them the message that “they” will suffer like us with the world colapse …finally i see scientist being more honest with us and not saling us the “golden pill” however i think that will not help ACTION with projections to middle century and even 2099 -for God sake if till 2020 they are expecting Artic free of ice what they are expecting to happen then or even before?-it just makes people relax and we need action to be taken now and not in 2020(if we will still here).The near future has already a bad scenario ,no need to think about a distant future .No water supplies for 7 bilion people and automaticly no life and no food on earth …and seems that we have a lot more to add to this with methane releases ,more nuclear plants to open in future etc and all converging to a big disaster.So,why would THEY care about people dieing because of geoengeneering programmes,from epidemics ,from radiation ,from wars ,from terrorism etc?perhaphs that´s why many people are talking about depopulation programmes specially when THEY(big guys)come to TV shows saying how too much people there are in the world today.Just now that we are at the edge of the cliff by all means is when they come with this phylosophy of “too many” and never before(before the 7 bilion growth) …I really can´t understand these confused and contradictory “stories” of mankind !-the ones that lived their life getting rich by saling to us their products:their cars,their technologies ,their industrialized food or articles ,moovies,financing our homes aquisition and our debts,giving us Visa cards etc are now the ones blaming the population growth as the main cause to all this situation ,i guess they don´t consider themselves too many (not many depleting resources). And 6 decades of experimentations on manipulating weather or geoengeneering ( that have been increasing in the last decade)is enough for THEM(THEY) to know that this is not the “holly grall” scientists think it will be and big corporations are already with eyes and hands in the Artic resources ,i would like to ask in this UN conference :how scientists do not know about geoengeneering already in progress?or do they need to make it official?(for several reasons) how they expect to change our “civilization” system from night to day? how they will expect Money and profit to disapear from human minds once that they lived on that “maximum” since birth? how they(scientists) will fight disinformation or how they will deal with people that find global warming a hoax?and what a few people in the world truely willing to change the course of their lifes can do?…maybe it´s priority for governments (and elite) to finance underground cities or underground bases(and they need lots of Money to pay for workers and supplies) and to run in the right moment?I heard in a reporter tv programme that they have suplies for 20 years so what this people are up to? why do they need supplies for 20 years? specially if they were expecting to save the planet?…the fema camps people talk about just sounds to me that before the colapse of the planet they are waiting for the social ,economical and finantial colapse and riots ,urban wars etc.Population control is probably their major problem or issue at this Time …what do they (the Elite)know that they already traced a path to follow and seem to be preparing themselves for the worst or to some sort of colapse ?…do these scientists know anything about it ?i hope they would tell us if they knew cause i respect a lot the work of this AMEG …

  8. Tom says:

    What’s surprising is that geo-engineering is what we’ve been doing all along! Every time we start our cars, for one example out of too many to list. Almost everything we do as a civilization has a negative effect on our environment. There are way too many of us and we’re killing the planet the way we live – all take and no give. Any further geo-engineering has precisely zero chance of working since it’s simply more of the same.

  9. Freedom Ranger says:

    What is really messed up is if this is true, which I do believe, more people would survive a nuclear holocaust than a methane one. approximately 1.72% of the global population would survive a nuclear exchange, it would drop global temps by as much as 7-10 degrees celsius thus stopping methane release in its tracks. A methane event, 0% of the population will survive. Talk about stuck between a rock and a hard place. Dane, what do you think about exoplanetary engineering that does not involve geoengineering? I have read research papers that seem to me to hold promising results.

  10. JR says:

    I posted earlier this morning; now 12:43 p.m. 12/12/14. We are being inundated today in Southwest, N.M. with chemtrails-SAG, and from look of early sky as sun was coming up looking due west we were sprayed all night. I mean the milky white funky crap we are all familiar with. I saw this video clip and how they don’t address the sprayings is so obvious believing too much in themselves and us as a lay-person. One person stood up speaking his mind against the majority here, I commend him. This is not a consensus people and they will not even put this up for discussion to the citizen, as John Nissen stated take your medicine and shut up. Even then the all to gullible would believe in their lies and be so deceived not looking at the whole story and be in agreement. They will continue spraying, he calls the one person stupid who spoke his mind. John as the rest of them are to smart for their own good to their own demise, ruin and salvation. I would hope they would stop spraying as you all but not likely folks. We know they don’t address the real issue as Dane and others put it of HAARP and SAG. We people are ahead of the curve and took the blinders off not being deceived. As I look outside for a moment there is a super big cross sprayed overhead. The not so suspecting person may believe this is a sign from God himself, not cool for those here who believe. What a shame the majority can really be so narrow minded, blinded, and elevate man himself.

  11. carol freiberg says:

    Can’t wait to see the geoengineering equivalent to Johnathan Gruber in front of a congressional committee admitting that they were a little “glib” and totally wrong about the aerosol program. Of course, by then, it will be too late and the damage will have been done.Those “unitended consequences” are already apparent to anyone with half a brain.

  12. JR says:

    Hey Dale; If it’s the end as some perceive, all the underground bases for these lowlifes means they will just have all that more dirt on top of them. That will be their burial ground, heh. There will not be one stone unturned in the last days brother where they believe they can run and hide. Whewww, it is written….Dane and all the crew with him God’s speed with you and families and the rest who put up a good fight!

  13. becca miller says:

    hello Dane, just a bit of clarification, the gentleman kept saying how ‘simple, easy cheap’ etc it would be to rapidly cool the Artic by spraying’salt’into atmosphere, he said it could be done w 200 ships on the Artic ocean. I kept waiting to here what you said would soon happen, the idea planning to using geoengineering to mitigate… he was referring to sodium chloride, table salt and not the phos-
    phates (alum,barrium, strontium) is that correct? Do you think that is possible? And in light of this methane issue..could stopping the current chemical spraying even help much and what about tring to force them use nacl too instead of the current alluminium nanophosfates and radioactives they are covering us with?
    Also, i have been trying to contact you for some time, through several means… even the newsletter sigh up on .org site comes up ‘error 196″ and the last several saturdays the phone lines do wierd things during radio shows i keep being bumped off right as line is picked up, still ..other tech probs (same thing w carnicorn and some youtube and Haarp searches and other even more creepy things keep happening..any way have emailed u several times, would like to ask you several questions. please email me back and or respond here, maybe you have some better contact info,mine is above. I hope you’re staying safe and dry during your storms, by the way here in central TX day before yesterday I saw very much and obvious spray trails in my sky,more than ever before… its warm and rainy cloudy ever since.. I am having real problems trying to tell people whats going on.. very discouraged..dont know how you manage to stay so ON every single day. And thank you. u r in my thoughts and prayers always.Could use any advice…Scared so much for my children, for everyone’s children…hope to hear back, email to me i will send phone number also…my name is Becca

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Becca, it is important for you to re-read my introduction to the article in question. In this introduction I make clear the fact that we can already say for certain that climate engineering is not only not working, it is making a bad situation worse overall. Due to the endless list of negative effects from climate engineering, it cannot work. We have over 6 decades of ongoing climate engineering to prove this.

  14. Marc Rennard says:

    This presentation was among the best I have ever seen, all rolled up into one, focused projection: we are f****d.
    The reserves of methane locked up in the Siberian shelf are so vast that their rapid release appear poised to kick our asses to hell and back. And so…….the “solution” is to find a way to as quickly as possible cool down the Arctic, AND roll out ways to sequester CO2. Sounds simple enough on paper. But are we not still facing a tsunami of stupidity, complacency, and orchestrated cover-up of the truth presented here?
    I just can’t see a planetary turn-around from fossil fuels to green technologies in less than another generation or two. But wait! If catastrophic changes are really just around the corner then perhaps this is what it will take to move humanity and technology off the couch. But will it be too little, too late? As the jet stream stalls and we suffocate inside our cities, what then? Who will undertake to save whom? And how? Will not chaos and anarchy explode across the landscape?
    If truly catastrophic weather events begin to become the new normal, I fear there will be no viable way to right the ship. And what is so disturbing about this great presentation here is that these dire predictions and assertions are not in some envisioned future, but are HERE AND NOW!!!!! Unfolding NOW!!!!
    On Linda Moulton-Howe’s website, she has been receiving many, many reports worldwide of strange booms, tremors, metallic scraping sounds that cannot be traced to a cause. They seem to rise up from underground or from above but authorities haven’t a clue. Communities are getting nervous. This phenomenon is real and increasing. I am not one given to wild speculation about fringe topics but from my investigations I think it entirely plausible that the Illuminati/military/government elites have embarked on a massive construction project to create underground “cities” to ride out the apocalyptic cataclysms and social chaos that climate collapse portends. Is this really so far-fetched? I rather think not.
    Once again I applaud the fine work and absolute commitment of Dane Wigington. Standing ovation……

  15. Paul Wenc says:


    What impact does Geoengineering / SRM have on the Arctic Methane gas release problem?.

    If we STOP Geoengineering / SRM now, will this Arctic problem cease or slow down?


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Paul, climate engineering is radically altering upper level wind currents, this alters ocean currents. Now there are warm ocean currents flowing into the Arctic which in turn further melts the methane. Also, there is the horrific ozone layer depletion linked to the climate engineering, this also hastens methane release. There are other factors still, but you get the idea, climate engineering is making the situation worse overall, not better. It is the pharmaceutical “cure” for the planet that is even worse than the problem it claims to mitigate. There is more detailed data in the attached link.

  16. As ever, the real deal. The science behind what we are saying. Shared.

  17. Dale Smith says:

    Given the facts and the constant spraying, it seems that this is a concerted effort to push us to the brink of utter disaster because I can come to no other conclusion. Sure does explain all the underground bases and all the massive underground building in the Ozarks. Looks like the elites are going to go underground and let us serfs fight for survival. God help us and I hope that I am wrong.

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