Climate Engineering Unites Weather Channel And Monsanto


All the elements of our corporate fascist industrialized criminal global world order are uniting to further tighten their control over the Earth’s life support systems and thus global populations. Those who control the climate engineering must also control the flow of information. They must have paid actors like those at the Weather Channel to convince the public that the ever more unnatural and engineered weather is in fact completely natural and normal. The marriage of The Weather Channel and Monsanto further broadens the web of information control that is completely connected to the ecocidal and genocidal geoengineering insanity that is decimating our biosphere. All those involved with these criminal corporations and criminal activities must be exposed, this will take all of us to accomplish. Make your voice heard in this fight against total tyranny. The article below shines yet more light on the Weather Channel/Monsanto criminal alliance.
Dane Wigington

Weather Channel Joins Hands With Monsanto GeoEngineering

Source: Minutiae

The Weather Channel, has become an overt Public Relations Firm for GeoEngineering – Weather Modification. The Weather Channel is now in bed with Monsanto:

The Weather Channel Interactive and Monsanto Announce New Agriculture News & Forecast Web Site

But why all the secrecy while at the same time injecting mind conditioning images into television commercials in order to get the public mind to subliminally acquiesce to its arrogant science of GeoEngineering?


TV Commercial With Spray Trail

I was watching a few minutes of idiocy on television the other evening, when my eyes happened to catch a three-second subliminal injection of a GeoEngineering aerosol spray trail in the background of a car commercial. I was absolutely stunned with disbelief! I rolled the program back, froze the image and snapped it with a camera. This is blatant psychological manipulation to condition the public mind into submission that it is perfectly fine for an arrogant military science to “Own the Weather.”

What sort of pathology drives reckless individuals to strive for such heights? Where is the FCC and why, as a ‘Public Servant’ isn’t it informing the population of the deadly toxins being dumped on them. Why the stealthy knife in the back approach such as this?

As an agent of Chemical Giant, Monsanto, would not this make the Weather Channel complicit in crimes against humanity and the planet, especially since this global spraying campaign is dumping billions of tonnes of toxins into our lungs and environment?

Even NASA is involved in the mind conditioning process. The following cloud chart from NASA is being used in public schools to teach your children that artificial chemical clouds (chemtrails) are safe and natural:

VIDEO New NASA Disinformation: Cloud Chart for Schoolchildren

Source: Minutiae

13 Responses to Climate Engineering Unites Weather Channel And Monsanto

  1. Gérard Fabrice says:

    What if … Chemtrailing is about creating global dimming to control food production? Look at Maslow’s Pyramid of Needs, the most basic being food. If a corporation can control the weather (by chemtrailing), it can control food production, food prices and, ultimately, mankind. This must be stopped at all costs to ensure generations after us won’t become enslaved by the likes of Monsanto.

  2. Nick says:

    The Weather Channel needs to be boycotted. Stop watching their shows, follow their lies, etc.

  3. Barbara says:

    Totally agree – I cannot fathom what goes on in the hearts and minds of TWC anchors.

    A few of them actually seem to enjoy the game…the thrill of the experiment…and often seem to be smiling (smirk) sick sick.

    These are crimes against humanity.

    From Hurricane Sandy to Pilger NE twin Tornadoes… to the record 13″ of Rain on Long Island and countless big or lesser events over the past year alone….completely engineered and TWC fully complicit.

  4. Barbara says:

    I’ve been tracking The Weather Channel (The Weather Machine) for well over a year now. This is way beyond serious.

    TWC website is a vehicle of “telegraphing” and messaging between the elites. I have taken many screen shots of their “banner headline” which confirms their involvement in weather events….and often serves as a pat on the back. TWC was purchased in 2008 for $3.5 BILLION. TWC is an umbrella under which the globalist mega-elite can do their R&D,engineer, stage, promote and condition the public on Climate “changes” we can bank on. Here is an article on 2008 purchase:

    This is where Monsanto fits in – and this should be totally illegal…but having Blackstone and Bain in the mix and everything behind these entities….this is NWO business as usual…no limitations…no truth or justice.

    Weather Services International primarily provides business-to-business weather services, particularly for the media, aviation, marine and energy sectors, serving over 5,500 clients in 45 countries. For more than 25 years, WSI has focused on becoming the best in the world at predicting, detecting, and visualizing disruptive weather.

  5. Paul Thomas says:

    Yes, the Normalization attempts continue everywhere. We must all “call” these people on this when we see it happening. tell them we’ re boycotting their products, etc. The Automobile Club of Southern California is ow running ads with kids taking a “selfie” with a huge chemtrail in the background. i wrote to the president told him i was dropping my decades-long membership unless the drop this ad immediately . our local TV station KTLA Ch. 5 has the gall to run Monsanto ads (of course complete with trails in the sky). Keep the pressure on, guilt the hell out of them, embarrass them, educate them on geo-engineering for the umpteenth time – whatever it takes. Don’t let your local government and media tell you they don’t know about this – They Do! If we can turn the tables on them, their whole house of cards should fall quickly, as Dane has mentioned before.

  6. Dan Cieri says:

    Anyone here who really cares about all this and want to be part of the solution, start attending Dane’s Saturday radio show where you can listen to Dane and Russ Tanner and others, you can call in to speak with them, you can contribute to the chat group live…get on the calls! They are informative, critical, and they help get the word out.

    Radio show is 3pm EST Saturdays

    Call in to 1-718-717-8296 – to chat with Dane (mute your phone if you call in….)


    Browse to the radio show at – to just listen

  7. Dan Cieri says:

    Anyone here who really cares about all this and want to be part of the solution, start attending Dane’s Saturday radio show where you can listen to Dane and Russ Tanner and others, you can call in to speak with them, you can contribute to the chat group live…get on the calls! They are informative, critical, and they help get the word out.

    Call in to 1-718-717-8296 – to chat with Dane (mute your phone if you call in….)

    Browse to the radio show at –

  8. Marc Rennard says:


  9. Mark Davis says:

    Chemical spraying is just part of a larger plan for a New World Order and central government. This is being slowly implemented with help from the UN, and the US has already signed on for UN Agenda 21, which is supposed be part of a plan for “sustainable development”, but actually restricts everyone’s freedom though nature preserves, connecting corridors,and high density urban centers, where everyone must live, etc. check it here in pdf form:
    George H W Bush signed it for the US in the 1990’s and it is being implemented now.

    This is one reason that chemical spraying is worldwide, it is just one part of a complex plan for NWO, and is being implemented, slowly now.

    The EPA has just proposed stricter ozone standards, at ground level, on 11-25. No mention of the contribution that chemical spraying has on ground level ozone, nor are there any plans to study or monitor the upper atmosphere, where the spraying is taking place, what chemicals are being sprayed and the effect on everything. Check the proposal here:

    Since the EPA is a public agency, and must accept input from the public MAYBE we can prod our senators, reps, and state and other officials to get the EPA to study the effect, on ozone, environment, and life in general, of the chemical spraying, since it cannot be convincingly denied, with all the proof.
    Yes, mostly everyone is ignoring or accepting the spraying, but when they find out the harm it is causing their family, lungs, bodies, backyards, etc. there will be many questions asked, and a least awareness will be achieved.

  10. Gene Maynard says:

    I forwarded the video Smoking Gun Proof of Atmospheric Spraying to all my e-mail contacts. Maybe an idea if you’re not already doing it.

  11. Rebel Siren says:

    The dots keep connecting! Thank you for this information, Dane!

    The war machine a.k.a. Biotech/Big Ag is sending our planet into a downward spiral to oblivion and causing illness and suffering on the way down!

    Refusing to buy their GMOs, vaccines, and toxic weed killers will help hit them where they’ll feel it the most, their “bottom line”. As you’re aware, Monsanto and Gates (who as we know is a major geoengineering profiteer) creating the Ebola VACCINE through Monsanto’s pharma associate, Tekmira.

    When we put all of this together, it’s crystal clear and highly disturbing. When did we allow a toxic warfare chemical company to take control of our food and medicine anyway?

    Thank you for all of your efforts and standing strong in the face of adversity, Dane! The more impact we make, the more their disinformation social media “forum posters” target us!

    To all the good people out there, please beware when liking pages or accepting new friends, social media is a breeding ground for hired shills to infiltrate and spread propagandized deceit. The “trolls” resort to the lowest tactics to discredit us and suppress awareness to prevent public outcry since lack of public outcry is the equivalent of “implied consent”, as in cleverly worded Public Law 105-85.

    Rebel Siren

  12. Gene Maynard says:

    I agree the Weather Channel is complicit in crimes against humanity but that is not even an after thought to them. This is all about money and power. These people are beyond psychopathic. There is no reasoning, there is no human compassion. Just as with a wild animal it is you or them. To threaten them with arrest is as saying to a bear about to take your head off; okay, I’m calling 911. I’m sorry if I come across the wrong way, I don’t intend to. But these people know exactly what they are doing and they chose to do it anyway. I agree, everyone needs to be aware.

  13. alan says:

    It’s all Monsanto+Government+WeatherChannel+Archon +Anderson Cooper = SIGH!

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