Climate Science Is Built On A Foundation Of Lies And Omissions


Dane Wigington

Most would interpret the title of this article to mean that the planet is not warming as rapidly as we are being told, but the reality is this, planet Earth undergoing unprecedented and catastrophic warming. The 6 minute video at the bottom of this article is extremely revealing and alarming, but even the information in this video falls far short of conveying the true gravity and immediacy of what we collectively face. The "worst case" projections by "official government agencies" is for a 3 degree Celsius rise in temperatures by the end of the century, but such projections and modeling assume global geoengineering will work. This fact is astounding when all "official" agencies completely deny that geoengineering is even going on. All available data already makes clear the fact that the ongoing climate engineering programs are a total disaster. Climate intervention is making an already bad situation far worse, not better. In addition, "feedback loops" in the climate system like methane release are radically worsening an already dire climate scenario. Methane and its horrific effect on the greenhouse gas buildup are not even considered in IPCC climate models, how is this possible? What are the "scientists" being paid to hide? Methane is over 100 times more potent a greenhouse gas than Co2 over a 20 year time horizon. Because land and ocean temperatures are going up so rapidly, formerly frozen methane deposits are thawing and releasing. This  factor is already pushing atmospheric methane levels off the charts.


Methane is already rapidly building up in the atmosphere as the chart above clearly shows, but what are the temperature projections as the formerly frozen methane continues to thaw and release? The chart below should be alarming to all, it is the temperature rise projection for the Arctic, the rest of the world will not be far behind.
The climate science community as a whole has radically underreported the severity of what we face. As conditions continue to unfold on the ground, the true degree of damage done to our planet and its life support systems will become impossible to deny. The total inadequacy of current climate modeling is clearly revealed in the six minute video below. Though climate engineering is not admitted to in this video, the data it contains is still valid. DW


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  1. Rachel Robson says:

    Dear Freedom Ranger, I like your can do attitude, but!  There have been and are matriarchal societies.  For one thing, various Native American tribes such as the Dine-that would be Navajo.  Many other tribes too, and even in male dominated warrior Natives, there was a men's council and a women's council.  If the men decided to go to war, they had to run it by the women's council who could veto it.  But also in ancient Middle Eastern times, the Isis culture flourished for awhile and in fact the Roman Catholic Church took its stance against that by twisting Jesus's female inclusive way towards men only.  No doubt there are many other examples.

    And dear Paul Vonhamish, you've hit the nail on the math head as I've often blamed the Greeks and the Socratic Dialectic which laid the groundwork for the Industrial Revolution, our Judicial system and computers.  They made everything into a this or that.  Up/down. Yes/no.  Binary all the way.  But as much as I'd like to blame the Greeks for everything, China had more than its share of abuse, greed, war, and anti women.  Japan too for that matter as it developed a warrior society for apparently no reason.  An anomaly of sorts.

    Seems obvious that like plants and critters, different things and peoples sprouted all over the globe.  Eleanor of Aquitaine was extremely unusual.  12th century.  Married two kings, had 11 children, some by her last husband, King Henry the 2nd.  His own sons killed him.  But not in defense of their mother whom he locked up in a tower for 15 years as she constantly made war against him!  History is replete with this stuff.

    However, to another point of yours Paul, brain development.  It is said that women recover from strokes better than men because of the wiring in our heads which is said to have developed in the lower brain on both sides as compared to men.  Thus, men were linear-as they literally had to throw spears, shoot arrows, etc., while the women had to develop conversation skills to keep peace back home among others old and young.  All very interesting, but….

    Dieldren, It is good to know about this necessary certificate.  It would be a good idea to follow this stuff from place of origin to implementation-if only there was time and there is not.  I do have a friend who is a nuclear forensic researcher.  Which I mention by way of saying I dislike throwing around the word strontium without clarification.  Strontium 90 was not existing until we blew the first atom bomb.  Strontium itself is very common.  Strontium 90 is something else and can be traced.  But as for the EPA, only now that they got rid of a worthless man who was at the Federal helm for nearly 30 years and rarely even showed up, his boss recently taking his place, just recently the EPA grew teeth.  This is one reason why they have been so useless.  But then the government is so very corrupt, the two parties just two sides of the same coin, all seems hopeless.

    How I wish like minded people lived near me.  We need to band together for what comes next.  I believe the spraying we've been seeing for so long now was a trial.  Full scale comes next-that or incineration.  OY!  Is anyone ready?  How does one plan for the unknowable?  Especially if one has no resources?!!  Guess it counts for alot to communicate now while we still can.  Thank you all, and bless Dane and his tireless efforts.  R


  2. Dieldrin says:

    Dane:  Thanks for the info.  I've given this matter a lot of thought and believe I have a few tips that might help.  One, don't just show one photo of spraying and one of a valid con trail…show both next to each other to get some relativity. Second, in some of your information I have found photo evidence of illegal modifications to airliners for the purpose of spraying.  Without an "STC" (Supplemental Type Certificate) ANY modifications are ILLEGAL. Hence, someone should be arrested, unless the flying organization actually has (doubtful) such an STC (our military, however, are exempt). Third, if necessary sue the EPA for looking the other way. The "millions of tons" of aluminum, barium, and strontium must be followed from the point of manufacture to the spraying aircraft.  This should not be that hard to do.  Since (when applied by spraying) these substances are quite illegal, the EPA cannot help but being involved.  And finally, I think the days of keeping a lid on such a large activity as spraying are coming to an end. Thanks for letting me respond.   

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Dieldrin, not sure what photo’s you are refering to. In regard to “codensation trails”, with very few likely exceptions, all that we see in our skies are particulate dispersions, even the shorter bright trails. On the rest, our fight desperately needs others to pick up the ball and carry it in regard to the other tasks you mentioned. I am absolutely buried with tasks in this battle and can not take on any more duties. We desperately need “activists” to get active so that more wheels will begin to turn in this fight.

    • Hawkeye says:

      Hi Dieldrin. I am sure everyone in here, myself included, appreciate your comment suggestions as we do to all comments written on this site, but what you state is simply too little too late and to sue…… my how in the world can that happen with so many people having so little $$$ these days?? Any idea how much a suit like that would cost, especially up against these bankster criminals spraying us? Not possible and who would even take the case is another good question. I have tried this tactic by "free" consultation appeal and just got ignored. This element is way too powerful ( $ ) and way to corrupt to take to court.

      What I would like to suggest instead is tell your friends "The pubs are lying" about global warming/climate change. They go in front of the public and laugh as they deny it all – so why in the world do people still think the "pubs" are going to save the country in 2016 or any other time when they for one, have done absolutely NOTHING to date to stop any of the political BS we are being forced to swallow these days, and they laughingly deny any of this warming, so no admittance to the spraying of our skies, you see?

      People either can't handle this info. we are trying to give OR they just do not care OR they are too afraid of it all so they tell themselves it is not happening. So kick their party people in the face and at least a good seed gets planted in their zombie brains. They will get mad and still deny BUT they can not delete the words they just heard you speak and these words will fester in their brains. Neither blue NOR red parties are worth the time of day, both are lying about this issue and both are on OUR Congress floor – making a mockery of it – acting in front of the camera's for the play writers benefit only. ALL just to get their paid salaries WE pay for. I am attacking this arena now as a former "patriot" member of a local republican party that I quit 2 years go and refuse to ever vote again, due to becoming very aware of what is going on right over my head every single day in my piece of paradise.

      I have even called my local commissioners and sent 50 pics of our skies under attack w/planes included in the pics and after much debate and disclosing my past experiences to validate what I know this is and what these locals tried to tell me it was, I got ignored once again! I have decided, I am not paying for this any longer. Put more pressure on the pubs and if they react to you as they did to me then DO NOT VOTE for them and keep telling on them. It is just another angle to try and God knows we need all the angles we can get!

      Best Regards to all nd mny thanks as well! Hawkeye



  3. Bella_Fantasia says:

    It was distressing to find out the comment section on Truthout.Org no longer exists.  Dhar Jamail has had some great articles, and I've been able to support other commenters who make accurate statements regarding geoengineering or post my own.  It's discouraging because that site has posted articles about geoengineering in the past.  I've written them an email expressing my disappointment.  I'd encourage others to do so.  Loss of a informative outlet is unfortunate, as our time grows ever shorter.

    My love and best wishes to all here for their faith and perseverance.  Dane and Russ, the work you continue is always deeply appreciated.

  4. JR says:

    Hello folks from Southwest, New Mexico. I wish I could report better news but the evil ones are destroying all of our rain clouds coming in. They are just demolishing anything that looks like rain or snow clouds all day here in our area, 3-12-15. With lie after lie from weathermen and whoever else is in on the matter of destroying such I would rather stay out of those shoes. Lord Help Us, and His Peace upon all here with good intentions…..

    • JR says:

      Just a follow up of yesterday. Today 3/13/15 sky full of clouds but 9:00 a.m. the sky devils tearing them up with SAG-Chemtrails. Besides normal east-west patterns they are flying North to South with parallel lines. Yesterday they were flying from east and banking left which is south along Interstate 10 as I see it towards El Paso, Texas. Liars have no credibility in my book as Dane knows all to well with such evil works. Good Health to all and families………….

  5. carl says:

    I am very concerned about the direction that we are heading. Geoengineering is obviously occurring world-wide and all the "authorities" deny it, even though it is right over our heads every day. I try to spread the word and also to educate myself so that I am able to provide facts.

    I couldn't continue to be a "good drone" and go off to work after being sprayed every day so I did decide to stage a protest. I am hoping it is a huge success. This is the Facebook page: . This is a global even on 4/15/15.

  6. I watched 'Cosmos' by Neil deGrasse Tyson… one point that has stuck in my mind is when he said, "If the peoples of the world would stop fossil fuel emissions NOW the world might have a chance of survival."  It hasn't stopped.  The science of Geoengineering is only making it worse while allowing the offending countries to continue destroying the world. We've had many opportunities to get away from nuclear and fossil fuels but the interest that make their fortunes will not give it up nor will the government take the lead.

  7. Bryan H says:

    If u wanna see on this link the different wind directions, high/low pressures at diff altitude and temperature check this out. Really cool!! And u can learn how to use it by pushing on the word earth.,-7.85,61

  8. Christina Parousis says:

    I think blaming men and patriarchy is comparable to blaming the NWO and the 1% for the mess we are in.  I consider this mindset to be irresponsible and a hindrance for this and every other battle.  We are ALL to blame for giving away our power in the first place and until we acknowledge that and bare responsibility, we're just a bunch of hypocrites.  I would argue that greed and narcissism are the aggressive cancers of our world, and they are very much unisex. 

    "There can't be any large-scale revolution until there's a personal revolution, on an individual level. It's got to happen inside first." – Jim Morrison

  9. JR says:

    Here in Southwest-N.M. the lowlifes are coming in from west mostly and building up there with their whiteout skies. The rest come in from east due west and lay their trash on buidup there west of us. Today they are not laying their trash from one end to the other, concentrating only west of us. This morning by the way I heard a big boom at around 8:50 a.m. MST. It did not sound like something from White Sands Missile Range as in a bomb even though sound came from that general area east of us. NASA and other military contractors work there and bomb blast come from there once in a while. This blast sounded more hollow like a super big shotgun more up as in sky than a thud in ground. Lord only knows what they do out there because they are of course mum. Can't speak out because the're history, yeah. One fellow said a few years back his friend told him they were working on owning the weather out there!!! He slipped, conscience maybe working on him or boastful and proud out of ignorance. Real dry climate (weather), and nasal passages all to dry. Never had allergies like some folk, and I'm not about to start getting on that band wagon. Peace ………… 

  10. Bill says:

    The video you've posted contradicts what you've said in the intro. Kevin Anderson says geoengineering is in experimental stages, and yet we know it's already occurring. What is the point of posting this? I am more confused now, unless you mean to show that Anderson is obviously lying about geoengineering taking place.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Bill, I did mention the climate engineering denial farther up in the arcticle, but your point is well taken, it should have been mentioned again just above the video itself. I have now done that, thank you for pointing this out.

  11. Patrice Lopatin VERMONT says:

    I feel that our downfall was the industrial revolution. Our greed and ignorance as a species not to be accountable for the well being of the planet and its inhabitants into the future have brought us to this place. I do not know if there can be any technological fix to this grim trajectory even if engineered skies were to cease, but since we do not know, that is our only hope and we must continue to raise awareness as a group and for our own personal conscience. I know this way of life that most seem to desire, simply is not sustainable for such a huge human population. Dirty power and using our own finite living space here on earth as a toxic waste dump is devoid of respect.I hope this planet will survive even if it means humans may not be one of its future inhabitants. Thanks for your brave and committed effort to help save our world Dane!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Patrice, thank you for your courage in holding the course. No matter how dark the horizon, how many examples have we all seen of life surviving agains all odds in nature? Earth must be freed from the chains of climate enginering. A paradigm shift is already unfolding, industrialized civization is unravelling by the day. If we all combine our efforts to credibly and effectively expose climate engineering, it would be the greatest leap in the right direction we could make.

    • Jayne says:

      If you're a woman, you should not be using the word "we." Women did not do this; men did. Industrialism is a patriarchal phenomenon, only 200 years old, and patriarchy, the war society based on competition, violence and territoriality, is ONLY 6000-7000 years old. At one point, when males were not socially dominant, humans were able to live in harmony. Patriarchy rising along with agriculture began to explode the human population so that it began to become a cancer. Industrialism is the cancerous outgrowth of patriarchy. I am sorry if this sounds harsh to men, and Dane, I really hope to your credit you do not censor this feminine point of view. It is needed. I am just saying that women do not bear the blame of the male power structure, which you must admit, it is.

      I do share Patrice's best hopes for earth and am heartened to hear someone else express planetary consciousness over our egocentric humanism. If humans don't survive, at least we will have cured earth of her cancer. And life will again come to thrive. Best wishes!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Jayne,yes, I do believe the world would be a much better and more peaceful place if women were running the show. Though there are plenty of women that are fully participating in the insanity we face, overall, your point is well taken.

    • Jayne says:

      Major spraying today here in Brooklyn. So disturbing to see people walking around so dumbly and clueless. It takes everything I have to not accost every single person I see and tell them to look up. They just look at me dumbly with little to no expression. They're all just so happy it's 61 degrees and yes, very hot feeling.

      The delusion protects people from having to face the overwhelming feelings of a conscious person. I do not think like Dane has said on his show that people just want to play golf or watch football (and largely women are busy doing other things as well, such as raising the human race…). I think, having experienced such grief that at times I just collapse onto my couch and cry for earth — this is what they want to avoid. These horrible feelings of grief and perhaps also a surreality that this is even happening!

      I am working on doing something more to help, but this is forthcoming.

      Thanks all for caring. We will get through.


    • Freedom Ranger says:

       The industrial revolution was a beautiful NATURAL evolution of man. Industry is beautiful and our capacity for industry is what will save us. It is not the weapon that kills but the hand that wields the weapon. Nature made us with the potential for the industrial revolution we are not separate from nature. Nature intended this, we just have to see what will happen in the end. One thing that will not save us is lack of industry.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Freedom Ranger, so far industrialization has only been a lynch pin for certain extinction. There can be no industrialization without damaging nature and the web of life. Short of some as of yet unkown technology, the industrialization process will be our end if it continues.

    • Hello Jane,

      I can't say I entirely agree with your synopsis, but you're right. Most of the nasty shift in human culture began with the first agricultural revolutions that took place in ancient Mesopotamia and early pastoral civilizations. These major cultural shifts were toward utilizing collective farming methods, and it placed humanity into large urban centers for the first time. These processes also initiated the concepts of city-states and centralized record keeping utilizing numbering systems.

      Dr. Leonard Shlain presented an interesting hypothesis; stating the shift in these early human cultures toward militarization and masculine control, was due to physical shifts in collective brain features toward left hemisphere dominance. It's a very interesting hypothesis. This cognitive shift was associated with the introduction of using abstract alphabetic characters in descriptive language, rather than iconic markers or iconic stories.

      I think a major part of the ugly shift has to do with qualifying mathematics as a method to describe "reality". Reality is iconic, tactile, and story-like to the mind. Living should be a sensory process, and reality should not reduce to some abstract set of calculated values…

      Anyway, check out these two books. Anne Baring is a genius, and the artwork and photography of the book is stunning.

      The Alphabet Vs The Goddess | by Leonard Shlain


      Also: The Myth of The Goddess; Evolution of an Image

      by: Anne Baring and Jules Cashford


      Anne Baring's Website


    • Freedom Ranger says:

      Jayne,. Matriarchal societies are interesting idea, I wonder why there have been none in the history of civilization?

  12. Michel B says:

    Governments won't change things. They are in the pockets of the business/economic paradigm and they are very short sighted.

    It will be up to the rest of us to try to get something happening. We really have to reduce our usage of power, convert current means of energy production to clean models and start reestablishing forests and grasslands.

    Apparently grasslands are the best at sequestering CO2 on a large scale. They grow faster than forests and nourish the soils.

  13. Melody Meachum says:

    Appreciate your confirmation Dane & Maidenhair!

    @Kim…I'm a fellow Michigander, so agreeing with all your observations. Today marks our 4th straight day of pure sunshine in SW MI. Regardless of the why, I'm taking it and thoroughly enjoying as it may only mean pilots being tasked elsewhere. Your comment on the sun's power (heat) is so true….& nearly blinding on certain days.

  14. Frank says:

    I would like to personally thank Dane and all groups and individuals that put together a first class Web site. It is getting harder now to speak out about what is mentioned on this web site. There is not any weather site that you can even mention anything out of there itinerary without getting banned. The conspiracy sites are just as bad as the shills will call you every name in their book. If the subject of climate control can't even be mentioned without being chastised or banned we all know what they want to hide. I am very concerned about the Net Neutrality bill that was passed and all the hidden laws that will censor many alternative Web sites. 

  15. Ana says:

    The today and near future scenario are already bad enough but how someone can predict 500ppm  of Co2 in the next 20 years(or afther a 20 years period of time)if trees are dieing ,200 species per day are dieing  , acidification of seas ,methane release etc ,etc , and we know how our biosphere or the natural clima cycle is being disrupted by geoengeneering that  is just  delaying as long as they can the our  knowledge of the truth clima situation or the iminent colapse of our world specially  when we still in the  same "Business as usual" red line  path . Those in power are trying to hide that geoengeneering is doing much more damage than good to us /to the planet  and that it was a very wrong/criminal /irresponsable  decision from them since day 1 till today -Perhaphs that´s why they pretend that geoengeneering is just a project ,maybe as a way to keep people ignorant  about  their geoengineered weather (cool downs) and for them to not be charged in courts by populations . 

    Sometimes i think that all these experts are so sure  as anyone of us about what is going to happen in the next 20 years . Nature is under a sistematic atack and Nature can be so unpredictable as   humans in their own infinite  power of destruction , pathological greed and genetic selfishness….

  16. Kim says:

    Here in Michigan, it's gotten much warmer (compared with negative 5 degrees from just a week ago).  It's almost 50 today.  The strange thing though, was last Sunday.  It was a beautiful blue sky day (the spraying has slowed in the last week) and the sun was very, very warm.  Warm enough that even though the temp read 36 degrees, the neighborhood kids were playing outside in short sleeves!  It was so bizarre. I'm sitting outside amongst 4 foot snow piles and people are walking around in short sleeves at 36 degrees, because the sun was so warm. It felt like 65 degrees out.  I've never seen anything like it.

  17. Melody Meachum says:

    Hi Dane…these extreme findings are hard to take, but thank you for continuing to bring urgency & immediacy to everyone's attention. I just typed in some "Downer Debbie" thoughts, but erased them. We all know the real score. Those awake and actively combating the enormous issues facing us from every direction need to do our best to keep positive in spite of the evil, psychopathic Norvus Ordo!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Melody, yes, keep your motivation to stay in the fight. No one can say how profound the planets response would be if we can expose and halt climate engineering. We must all pull together in this most critical of battles, giving up is not an option.

    • Maidenhair says:

      Totally agreeing with your statement Melody it's been a harsh reality that we the ones LOOKING UP still having to see these Planes fly across our skies especially when a storm is about to hit  per-say California

      Dully noted that hearing not to concern ourselves with these hanis crimes due to them being a lower energy and just keep your Heart Open and all will our Planet continues to be going thru a death rate 100%

  18. Marc says:

    Dane, I am more than a little fuzzy on the extent to which the rise of CO2 past 400 ppm is directly responsible for the catastrophic weather we see happening around the planet. Not clear on whether the archeological record shows indications of such extreme weather in epochs past when CO2 was this high. So…given that CO2 is, of course, altering climate to some extent, are we to blame SRM and SAG (which has been underway for decades) for the lion's share of the more extreme weather effects we are seeing? I ask this question as a result of a video clip I saw on Thanks for any insight, and I applaud your incredible work!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Marc, the weather and cllimate is altered by all that you mentioned, it is not a “this OR that” equation, it is a “this AND that” scenario. The radically increasing Co2 levels are a huge problem (100,000,000 tones a day going into the atmosphere), climate engineering is an even bigger problem. About the climate in Earth’s history, the era that allowed human civilization to sprout and flourish was a period of extremely unusual equalibrium. This former balance has now been completely disrupted.

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