Continued Climate Control Exposed


The weather makers continue to wreak havoc on the climate system overall. Though a great deal of moisture has moved over Northern California in recent days (and headlines called for significant rain), very little made it to the ground. The goal of SRM (solar radiation management) is to create the largest expanses of cloud cover possible. On Friday October 24th there was generally rainless cloud cover stretching from the Pacific past the great lakes. In recent days, the "scheduled weather" from NOAA (a branch of defense contractor Raytheon) was completely changed. As the West was finally allowed to cool off a bit, parts of the South and the East immediately went into record warm territory.

temp map 1

This second NOAA map illustrates the "scheduled" cool-down that is planned for the Easter US after the short cool down of the West was orchestrated. Until recently, "forecast" maps like the one below were unprecedented, not this sort of radical imbalance of temperatures is the norm.

temp map 2
Dane Wigington


4 Responses to Continued Climate Control Exposed

  1. Pontoon Barclay says:

    Please tell us, just how far do these power gurus plan to
    take the geoengineering? Till all the reservoirs in CA are empty? And WHY? Back east we are all bringing in twice the wood we usually needed in the past. This is insane, criminal.

  2. Mysteriousbarges says:

    By the way. If any of you do ever get mysterious threatening phone calls from certain higher ups (You will know) to force you into media blackouts don’t listen. They are just full of crock!

    Do what you normally would do for house security such as resetting locks/making sure you’re house is unattractive for break ins such as cutting back tall bushes that could hide a burglar from view/installing flood lights.etc that are reasonable so you won’t also look like a tin foil hat to the MIB or they will know who to spot.

    The best way to hide is in plain sight taking reasonable precaution in a way that won’t look very suspicious.

  3. Judi Brisse says:

    Well, thanks Dane for updating us on the Northern Cali. moisture that never really showed up in the last week. I hadn’t followed up with the news/weather after I heard initially about all the moisture/precipitation headed for Oregon and Northern Cali. I was just hoping at least some parts of the state were going to get some major rainfall, yet I doubted it with what we all know about these criminal weather manipulations. I realize now that I never did hear any follow-up on Cali. rain totals. And I SURELY know I saw all those aerosolized skies on Thurs. and Fri. of this week in our area here just north of Santa Barbara. The skies were TERRIBLE again those days, I could not believe the activity and now I see why. It’s unbelievable to see this gentleman point out the low pressure areas and then see them disappear right before our eyes….Still so many people in this state not taking the drought seriously, way too many elite properties around me with green expanses of either horse pastures or lawns. Good Lord, how will this play out. Keep the information coming please. Thank you Dane for all of this highly relevant info. Very much APPRECIATE.

  4. Kathleen Gabel says:

    That is a hideous unnatural weather pattern. We must expose this to the masses. one by one.

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