Droughts Resulting From Climate Engineering Threaten Global Food Security


Solar radiation management (SRM) programs are filling the skies with particulates that radically disrupt the hydrological cycle. Available science makes clear that atmospheric aerosols cause drought. The drought in California is a glaring example of engineered drought, but there are other examples from all over the globe. California has been particularly devastated by what is verifiably an engineered drought. The article below outlines just how serious and immediate the threat is from the ongoing atmospheric spraying. Of course in addition to the total climate disruptions, geoengineering is contaminating the entire planet, but that is another story. Sounding the alarm about the climate engineering insanity  is a responsibility that belongs to us all.
Dane Wigington

NASA Bombshell: Global Groundwater Crisis Threatens Our Food Supplies And Our Security

Source: Climate Progress

NASA Bombshell: Global Groundwater Crisis Threatens Our Food Supplies And Our Security


Sustained drought in California is depleting aquifers (click to enlarge).

An alarming satellite-based analysis from NASA finds that the world is depleting groundwater — the water stored unground in soil and aquifers — at an unprecedented rate.

A new Nature Climate Change piece, “The global groundwater crisis,” by James Famiglietti, a leading hydrologist at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, warns that “most of the major aquifers in the world’s arid and semi-arid zones, that is, in the dry parts of the world that rely most heavily on groundwater, are experiencing rapid rates of groundwater depletion.”

The groundwater at some of the world’s largest aquifers — in the U.S. High Plains, California’s Central Valley, China, India, and elsewhere — is being pumped out “at far greater rates than it can be naturally replenished.”

The most worrisome fact: “nearly all of these underlie the word’s great agricultural regions and are primarily responsible for their high productivity.”

And this is doubly concerning in our age of unrestricted carbon pollution because it is precisely these semiarid regions that are projected to see drops in precipitation and/or soil moisture, which will sharply boost the chances of civilization-threatening megadroughts and Dust-Bowlification.

As these increasingly drought-prone global bread-baskets lose their easily accessible ground-water too, we end up with a death spiral: “Moreover, because the natural human response to drought is to pump more groundwater continued groundwater depletion will very likely accelerate mid-latitude drying, a problem that will be exacerbated by significant population growth in the same regions.”

So this is very much a crisis, albeit an under-reported one. But why is NASA the one sounding the alarm? How has the space agency been able to study what happens underground? The answer is that NASA’s Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (GRACE) satellite mission can track the earth’s mass over space and time — and large changes in the amount of water stored underground cause an observable change in mass.

Here is California’s groundwater depletion over the last three years as observed by GRACE:


NASA: “The ongoing California drought is evident in these maps of dry season (Sept–Nov) total water storage anomalies (in millimeter equivalent water height; anomalies with respect to 2005–2010). California’s Sacramento and San Joaquin river basins have lost roughly 15 km3 of total water per year since 2011 — more water than all 38 million Californians use for domestic and municipal supplies annually — over half of which is due to groundwater pumping in the Central Valley.”

Certainly, the combined threat of mega-drought and groundwater depletion in the U.S. breadbaskets should be cause for concern and action by itself.

But we should also worry about what is happening around the globe, if for no other reason than it inevitably affects our security. As I wrote last year, “Warming-Fueled Drought Helped Spark Syria’s Civil War.”

Dr. Famiglietti explains the risk:

Further declines in groundwater availability may well trigger more civil uprising and international violent conflict in the already water-stressed regions of the world, and new conflict in others. From North Africa to the Middle East to South Asia, regions where it is already common to drill over 2 km [kilometers] to reach groundwater, it is highly likely that disappearing groundwater could act as a flashpoint for conflict.

Outside of this country, NASA has observed aquifer declines in “the North China Plain, Australia’s Canning Basin, the Northwest Sahara Aquifer System, the Guarani Aquifer in South America … and the aquifers beneath northwestern India and the Middle East.”


Water storage declines (mm equivalent water height) in several of the world’s major aquifers.

Famiglietti says that groundwater “acts as the key strategic reserve in times of drought, in particular during prolonged events,” such as we’re seeing in the West, Brazil, and Australia:

Like money in the bank, groundwater sustains societies through the lean times of little incoming rain and snow. Hence, without a sustainable groundwater reserve, global water security is at far greater risk than is currently recognized.

Yes, we can stave off bankruptcy a little longer despite our unsustainable lifestyle by taking money from our children’s bank accounts. As we reported last year, we’re taking $7.3 trillion a year in natural capital — arable land, potable water, livable climate, and so on — from our children without paying for it. In short, humanity has constructed the grandest of Ponzi schemes, whereby current generations have figured out how to live off the wealth of future generations.

Source: Climate Progress

10 Responses to Droughts Resulting From Climate Engineering Threaten Global Food Security

  1. JR says:

    Great article about the California Water Woes in this last Mother Jones magazine. “California Goes Nuts” by Tom Philpott. Major eye opener.

  2. andrew says:

    My 21st email to my contact list, titled IG FARBEN.

    At the start WW1, IG Farben was an informal group of powerful petrol, chemical and pharmaceutical companies with cartel agreements.

    At the start of WW2, the then named ‘IG Farben Group’ was composed of at least 380 companies within Germany, 500 companies in over 100 countries outwith Germany, and had over 2000 agreements with other companies.

    The IG Farben Group included Bayer, BASF, Hoescht, Standard Oil, Behringwerke, DAG, IG Chemie.

    According to the US Prosecutor at the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal (1945), WW2 would not have been possible without IG Farben (the same probably also applies to WW1).

    The Nuremberg Tribunal report states that IG Farben group:

    1. Was the “warp and woof of the dark mantel of death that covered Europe”
    2. Made the largest donations for the Nazis to seize dictatorial power
    3. Built the largest corporate plant in wartime Europe at Auschwitz (6000 football fields size)
    4. Was financed for the building of their plant and the concentration camp at Auschwitz by German Bank and Dresdner Bank
    5. Used slave labour from the concentration camp to build their new factory
    6. Gassed and burnt their slave labour when they were sick for longer than 2 weeks
    7. Conducted the criminal experiments on the inmates of Auschwitz and other camps
    8. Used toxic patented chemicals, that had never been tested in humans, but were intended for a newly designed global market called “chemo-therapy” by BAYER and other IG Farben companies
    9. Owned the patents on all drugs used, killing over 50% of the inmates who were experimented on
    10. Killed over 2 million people in Auschwitz alone
    11. Were heavily involved (instigated) in the WW2 war of global conquest.

    Please read at least the first 10 pages of “The Elimination of German Resources for War”: http://www.profit-over-life.org/books/books.php?book=30

    and watch this extremely informative video: http://www.movement-of-life.org/The%20Hidden%20History%20of%20the%20Twentieth%20Century.html?pk_campaign=NEWSLETTER&pk_kwd=14-05-16_video

    You will start to understand that it was IG Farben (not the German Military) that carried out the intelligence gathering, industrial preparations and planning for war.

    Whilst the name of IG Farben was discontinued after WW2, much of their resources, personnel, information, contacts, experiment results etc, were taken to USA – where they continued in secrecy their plans for world domination.

    Please also see:

    and http://www.mintpressnews.com/video-america-recruited-protected-pay-nazis-day/198318/

    These kind of people have few morals or ethics. What else have they been up to in the last 70 years (apart form gassing us with atmospheric aerosols)?

    An enormous number and variety.

    There are striking similarities between the destruction of the Reichstag (German Parliament) building on 27 Feb 1933 and the subsequent “Homeland Security Act” of 24 March 1933, and the demolition of the World Trade buildings (and building 7) and the subsequent Homeland Security Act of 25 Nov 2002.

    Further to that, General Schwarzkopf said : You know those sci-fi films you watch – well, we are 500yrs ahead of them. (He probably used the time scale as a comparison to the saying that Islamic art and science/philosophy used to be 500 years ahead of western art). Schwarzkopf used weather warfare to devastating effect during the aptly named Desert Storm.

    Suffice to say that the Nazi aim for a dictatorial “New Order” (Neuordnung) has basically been achieved with NATO and the unelected EU Commission that arbitrarily makes European laws. The term has merely been changed to “New World Order” (NWO).

    This NWO expression is much used by NATO politicians. Why do they have the right to impose a NWO when the population of NATO countries is only around 13.7% of the world population?

    NATO has overwhelming superiority in military weapons and technology, particularly air superiority. It is a very brave person who is prepared to fight against that.

    Future emails will include peace laureate Obama’s UN speech 24 Sept 2014 when he declared “War on War” and Cameron’s UN speech of 25 Sept 2014 when he declared that non violent conspiracy theorists “must be eradicated using all means at the Government’s disposal” i.e anyone who questions the official story on anything from 9/11 to ebola.

    Remember, since the US government holds the patent on all ebola viruses, if you are infected with that (or any of their other patented pathogens), then they basically own you!

    “There is no fear in love” 1 John 4:18

  3. Freedom Ranger says:

    I feel there is a push to make water the new oil. Ultimate control, make water scarce and then control its distribution. How much shall mankind endure before it rises up? I shake my head.

  4. Pat says:

    Wow we got 1″ of rain in the San Fran area this weekend during the Giants World Series parade hmmmmmmm!!! The official NWS forecast back to business as usual. Btw I did not see any spraying over the weekend as if they decided to let these storms come through!


  5. jason birdwell says:

    Here in southern california they have been spraying us really really heavy the 30th 31st,it is beyond me how their getting away with killing us ,the days i wake up feeling crappy i walk out side like i do every morning ,but the days i wake up feeling bad sure enough the sky is completely filled with fake clouds i mean really thick clouds,those compared to the light spray days,that tells me this stuff is deadly this is flat out murder.

  6. JR says:

    Here in Southwest, N.M. USA we have again in last couple of days had our rain clouds dissipated to a big 0, nothing left of them. This morning what small remainder of clouds seem to moving north of us. These clouds had been moving in area from South-Southwest of us. If you have time check out dvds “Blue Gold: World Water Wars”, or “Flow: For Love of Water”, their both good watch and educational. One of them will tell you where Bush’s girls invested money in Brazil buying much land where good water is abundance and of course military bases established soon within that time frame. If I understand correctly it will give them ownership of many water rights. Also one of the dvd tells us where by 2025 year much resistance will be in play where people will be sick and tired of losing water rights as a color chart in USA will illustrate. What a coincidence that in that year is when the book “Owning The Weather: Weather as a Force Multiplier” states 2025! I hope I got the title correct, I’ve never read this. I’m up to my neck with much bull…. in our present country’s status and past crap of how it got to this point as is. All that is left is to fight the good race, there is no turning back. I believe oppression, the state we’re in and headed is what our Lord said was a stench in His nostrils over His people. A lot of people just don’t we are and have been there for a long time. We’ve been to complacent.

  7. Ken says:

    I was thinking about how GeoEngineering could cause these droughts over many land surfaces.

    If the spraying is done MOSTLY over land, then that would repeatedly cause rain to migrate MOSTLY into the oceans. This would add to ground water loses.

    We know it’s NOT cloud seeding to cause rain, but STOPS the rain until it can form large enough drops later to fall. As most land masses are being sprayed, it stops rain over land but it has to go somewhere. That must be mostly in the ocean.

    Then of course, global warming only adds to the problem with LESS frozen water to thaw in the spring to add to the ground water.

  8. Michel B says:

    Firstly, the SRM and SAG programs have to stop. Then revitalisation has to start.

    Look up maxwaterdesal and the Whisson Windmill. These are two great ideas thought up by Max Whisson, a scientist from Perth, Australia. His water windmill is a stand alone device that takes water from the air, is passively powered by the slightest breeze, works just about anywhere and can be built to any scale.

    His proposed water highway is a passively powered sea water desalination system that works on a megaliter basis.

    Mankind is infinitely creative and adept at solving problems. It is this which the powers-that-be most hate. We can achieve self sufficiency and harmony with the environment if we give ourselves the chance. All it takes is intelligence and the will to do good and create a better world.

    Water as a fuel has long been possible. Look up Stanley Meyers’ work on water as a hydrogen fuel source. It is not radical as petroleum is a hydrogen technology – hydrocarbons, but it produces carbon dioxide. Water as a hydrogen fuel produces no carbon pollution and it can work in any combustion engine.

    There are many inventions which are available now or can be constructed from now on if we remove the blocks to doing so.

  9. Constant Walker says:

    As they say Down Under, “No worries!” Those “future generations,” if there even are any, will not be paying this one’s ‘debts.’ It’s all due-and-payable right now, and Nature is just about to collect in-full.

  10. gm says:

    Dane, can someone answer a question? Back in June I collected some rainwater over two rain cycles. Afterwards I noticed large black specks in one collector but I put them both up and forgot about them. Yesterday I was reminded of them and took them down. Both jars had been sealed. I took them down and noticed in one the water was gone but remaining was a clear substance that looked a lot like sugar granules. There is no odor. Do you know what could have been in the rain water to cause this?

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