Engineering The Planet Into Total Extinction


The sixth great mass extinction on our planet is not off on the horizon somewhere, it’s here and now. We are statistically currently in the sixth mass extinction and are losing some 200+ species of plants and animals to extinction every single day. The video below accurately outlines many important facts. There are a few points in the video that available data disputes. Much of the aerosol spraying is payload dispersions with military tankers (not just fuel additives) and the current mathematical trajectory for total global extinction is even more immediate than the film indicates. Aside from these points, the video is an excellent compilation with a multitude of accurate facts that anyone can verify if they actually do objective investigation from multiple INDEPENDENT sources that are not connected to the “fossil fuel/military/ industrial/geoengineering/corporate media complex.
Dane Wigington


15 Responses to Engineering The Planet Into Total Extinction

  1. Jane says:

    So you like shoveling Nucleated Snow.
    Buying Snow Removal Equipment.
    Heart Attack Yak Yak Yak
    Piece it together people.
    Barium Hydroxide and Ammonium Nitrate being sprayed over your head  daily, to make huge Snow Storms, and to cool down the supposedly Global Warming Sht act from Al Gore
    The Unconvienant Truth which is a total LIE!
    These Bad Fck'rs are making this Global Warming to melt the Artic to get the Oil.
    Same Sht. 
    Just another pile.
    While doing it they are poisoning you and your family. But Really.
    Who Gives A Flying Fiddlers Fck.
    We the people that have some sort of Clue Do.

  2. Earth Angel says:

    Freedom Ranger your information about the mesospheric cooling may be a possibility- but it seems more likely they are seeding the clouds with barium hydroxide and ammonium nitrate to produce the endothermic reaction which brings the rapid and lethal cold spells and artificially ice nucleiated snow storms that are freezing and killing plant and animal life alike. Also bringing much destruction, damage, misery and death to human life too. The scum that are perpetrating this must be ‘called to the carpet’ for their sins and justice meted out appropriately.

  3. Gary says:

    Hi Steve, you may find Roger Waters album Amused To Death interesting.

  4. Larry says:

    never give up…

  5. Jane says:

    Everybody is watching TV and getting Fat. People are getting Lazy and have been for some time. That is what this Spray does for you. Yes when you tell people to look up and observe they don’t believe it. All looks normal to me they say. You point out all the planes and jet aircraft. Same thing. It all looks normal. Then even if they do investigate it on the Net then they go to Meta Bunk or Contrail Science and say. Look see it is a Conspiracy. Real Dummies out there. They say….. Oh that can’t be true or that you are off your rocker. I am getting worn out trying to convince people about it. Just do whatever you can do yourself and screw the disbelievers. It is a waist of time and wasted breath. .. like you can talk the talk but you can’t walk the walk. For all those that are doing something. Thank You

  6. Steve Moyer says:

    We are entertaining ourselves to death!

  7. Al says:

    You hit the nail on the proverbial head, bija.

    We should have millions of people marching on Washington DEMANDING this to stop…..period!

    Unfortunately like you, I too feel like some tin foil hat weirdo when I point this out to people…..I’m still blown away that they still don’t even notice it……..Too busy with iphones, sports etc………..very sad.

  8. “With over 100,000 commercial flights per day, the delivery process through commercial aircraft is as efficient as it is cost-effective.”

    Erm… Do we really need aircraft? No.
    Erm… Do we really need petrochemical products? No
    Erm… Do we really need to snuff every living thing on the planet in order to save our sorry asses? No.

  9. Michel B. says:

    As alarming as this clip is, it doesn’t fully explain the implications of geoengineering as a weather weapon for military and economic purposes. Aluminium aerosols and the use of HAARP is not mentioned here.

    If the climate situation is so dire, and I’m not saying it isn’t, why aren’t alternative technologies mentioned. Surely these have to figure in the formula at some point?! Maybe the author will mention this in subsequent clips?

    Non carbon technologies are possible now and I’m not referring to nuclear. Look up Solar Thermal Chimney as proposed by EnviroMission. They are power stations that can produce megawatts and carbon free. They will be expensive to build but what is the price of not doing so?

    Without discussion of the actual alternative technologies and just disparaging the current state of things, we are still wallowing in hopelessness. It is important to hear how bad things are going and there is value in that as a motivational force, but real and effective discussion has to begin on real solutions that can be implemented straight away and not just when oil runs out or when civilisation starts to crumble.

    The great inertia to overcome is the basic lack of awareness and lack of education on the public’s part. Almost no one knows this is going on. It’s news to most people and unbelievable to most of them, even with the obvious pointed out.

    “they might even boycott oil based products and that would be a disaster” is true on many levels considering our society is based on consumption of oil based products, but I’m sure the author does recognise that continued consumption is the bigger disaster. Geoengineering is at best a band aid treatment of a symptom of an economic paradigm.

    The changes required on every level of society will require everyone to be fully aware of those changes and why and how they are necessary. The most well meaning of us are still trapped in a carbon economy, so we have to start the difficult but totally necessary process of transformation to a whole new way of living. Simple words with the largest of implications, I know, but most people aren’t even at that point.

    To be philosophical, I don’t know if we will successfully make this transition as a global society, but those of us who are aware have to try. It is in the trying that we must find our dignity and conscience.

  10. Sr. Gladys Marhefka says:

    ADDRESSES:President Barack Obama, The White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, NW, Washington, DC 20500 and
    Ban Ki Moon, Secretary General, United Nations, 1st Ave and 46th St., New YHOrk, NY 10017. Thank you.

  11. Freedom Ranger says:

    Mark, its because they are creating a large “polar vortex” storm over the Bering Sea in Alaska. They are about to deep freeze most of the US next week. Make everyone shut up about the hot fall. I imagine that is exactly what it will do. I have a terrible feeling they are causing a rift in the ozone allowing the mesosphere to pour through. So many incidents of flash frozen animals only mesospheric interaction can do this.. The mesosphere is just a 100 miles up and -140 degrees, if there is a hole (lack of ozone)it pours through the breach. I believe they are ripping a hole in the ozone and letting the mesosphere in to create these “polar vortexes” just a guess. They wont do it in the summer because how do you explain a -30 degree day in July. They are getting ready to let one rip next week and I believe you are seeing the preparations.

  12. Mark says:

    Here in the central valley in Calif. there is chem trails daily, today 11-8 there were trails in the morning and many trails in the afternoon. These trails in the afternoon seem to be blocking the sky in certain places and those places were not clearly visible, but rather foggy, close to the sun. This is not the usual pattern of chem trail spraying that was taking place. Something other than the normal or regular spraying is going on. there is an unusual amount of spraying now taking place. I have heard of several different speculations on this, but am nor sure what is exactly going on. This is definitely not from jet exhaust but spraying in patterns.

  13. bija says:

    So why aren’t we out in the streets? I go out there, but as a lone combatant, I am just a crazy person. Where is everybody??? Oh yeah…watching the game.

  14. Pat says:

    They are spraying like crazy all over California and Nevada today you can clearly see it on radar.

    What are they up too? Feeding that storm in Alaska which is supposed to blow into the deep south later in the week.

  15. Michelle says:

    3:55 “Our aim is to maintain a global shield of aerosolized particles to deflect sunlight away from the earth. This results in a synthetic shade, and we do this quite simply by adding sulphates and other compounds ( to jet fuel. With over 100,000 commercial flights per day, the delivery process through commercial aircraft is as efficient as it is cost-effective. Through combustion, the spiked fuel additives are released via the jet exhaustion and dissipate according to what is called the ‘rope and feather effect’. As you can see here, the ejected particles begin their journey as a rope that looks similar to vapor condensation, and then the particles start to feather in the wind according to wind speed and direction. Dissipation patterns will vary based on delivery techniques and atmospheric conditions. But the aerosolized particulates will eventually disburse into a fine haze, giving the upper atmosphere a white, powdery look. These particulates will remain suspended in the atmosphere until they drift back down to earth ( We are currently experimenting with different types of deployment methods to determine the most effective chemical combinations. If you’re asking yourself why you haven’t heard of this before, it’s because a media-block has been ordered for national security purposes as to not panic the population, because if people actually knew how close we were to truly destroying life on earth, why they’d probably stop watching television, they’d probably stop shopping, they might even boycott oil-based products and that would be an utter disaster.” Tell us, Mr. Scientist, how would people awakening from zombie slumber and moving into sustainable living would be ‘utter disaster’? That is, for anyone but the banks and corporations that pose as our government?

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