Extreme Weather Fluctuations as the Climate Reacts to Geoengineering


Dane Wigington

What’s Wrong With The Weather?

Global geoengineering/weather modification programs are completely disrupting the planets natural weather patterns from top to bottom. The entire climate system is so totally out of balance at this point that it is swinging radically from one extreme to another. These massive fluctuations are being “forced” by the global climate/weather modification programs known as “solar radiation management” (SRM) and “stratospheric aerosol geoengineering” (SAG).

Adequate Precipitation, Or Colder Temperatures?  Now, More Often Than Not, You Can’t Have Both, Thanks To Geoengineering

If one takes the time to examine the first NOAA map below,(temperature forecast) even without any meteorological experience, it is easy enough to recognize that there is extreme contrast. Temperature gradients should tear more from north to south, not from west to east.

The NOAA projected temperature map below is for the period from 2/10/13 to 2/14/13. The oranges to red colors with the letter “A” indicate “above” normal temperatures. The darker the color, the further above normal the temperatures are predicted to be. In this case, the darkest shaded areas would indicate a prediction in the 15 to 20 degree above “normal” range.

Toward the west/southwest US, a range of blue coloration (with the letter B for “below” normal) reflects far below average temperatures. In the darkest shaded areas these maps predict something in the 15 to 20 degree below average range.

The second map below reflects rainfall “predictions” (more accurately considered “scheduled” weather as virtually all the “weather modeling” maps for NOAA are now done by defense industry contractors like Raytheon, the same contractors conducting the geoengineering programs). The second map is for the same period as the first map. Again, areas with the “A” indicates a “prediction” of above normal rainfall. The darker the color, the further above normal.  “B” is below normal rainfall. The darker the shaded area, the dryer it is “predicted” (scheduled) to be.

So How Is Geoengineering Effecting The “Forecast” Maps And The Weather?



Here is the important consideration between these maps, in general, the further above average the temperatures are, the more precipitation there will be. The lower the temps, the less precipitation there will be. At first glance this could seem straight forward enough. After all, the atmosphere does hold 7% more moisture for every degree of temperature rise, but that is not the full story any longer. The atmosphere is being completely saturated with toxic, reflective, desiccating geoengineering particulates, and the jet stream increasingly appears to be consistently manipulated with ionosphere heater installations. (See HAARP manipulates jet stream)

The more the geoengineers spray to try and cool down the temperatures, the less it will rain, period. (The science is clear on this. Google “geoengineering reduces rainfall” , there are simply too many studies on this to link only one.) Add “artificial ice nucleation” to the spray mix and the precipitation appears to go down still further. “Artificial ice nucleation” is a chemical process that can produce colder weather/cloud temperatures and snow out of what should have been a rain storm at well above freezing temperatures. If the temps are already cold enough for snow, this same process can lower the temperatures even further, but at a cost, not much snow compared to historical norms.

There are, of course, exceptions to this when a very moisture laden storm system is ice nucleated, but the “snow” from such system “conversions” is “heavy wet snow”. This recent term coined by the Weather Channel describes the concrete-like “snow” that sticks like glue to trees and causes utter decimation to the forests. Broken and tipped over trees are everywhere in the Pacific Northwest from just such an “ice nucleated” storm in late December. The massive amount of heavy metals in these snow storms, tested at the state certified lab, proves our storms are being “seeded”. This “seeding” of artificial ice nucleating agents is accomplished by spray disbursement into the clouds of a weather system by jet aircraft.

Though the geoengineering programs can and do cool very expansive regions, there is a paradox, it comes at the cost of a worsened warming of the climate overall. The more they spray, the more they have to spray to cover up the damage already done. In addition, as already covered, the “engineered weather” comes at extreme cost to the environment as a whole. It is also important to consider there are likely many as of yet unknown aspects of the global spraying agenda.

The More They Spray, The Less It Will Rain Overall

So, as previously stated, in general, when excessive geoengineering chemical spraying is done to cool the temps down the precipitation goes down accordingly. The spraying can and does blot out the sun by the creation of very large scale upper level haze/cloud cover. When clouds are super saturated with toxic heavy metal and/or chemical particles of a very small size, (10 nanometer particles are specified as a preferred size by geoengineers and some geoengineering patents) then there are to many “condensation nuclei” for cloud droplets to combine and fall as rain. Storm clouds can be blown apart into an expansive, mostly rainless, and often featureless upper level canopy of haze, sometimes spanning immense distances (hundreds or even thousands of miles). Again, the blocking of sunlight and the effect of ice nucleating agents/particulates cools the air mass below the clouds but at the cost of reducing or even eliminating precipitation.

Conversely, if the spraying is reduced enough, total available condensation nuclei is reduced. This allows the cloud droplets to combine and fall as rain though the temperatures, then generally remain well above normal given the time of year and the region.

At this point, the atmosphere has been so devastated from the decades long geoenigneering programs, and so saturated with the toxic metal and chemical fall out from the constant spraying, there is virtually no completely “natural” weather.

In the case of the maps above, the “scheduled” weather would appear to be heavy spraying of incoming storm fronts as they pass across the west/southwest. The temps are thus “predicted to drop, with far below average precipitation. Once over the eastern half of the US, spraying will either be reduced or larger particulates could be used in the spraying and the moisture which was migrated across the west will come down in the east, perhaps in a deluge. Again, there are always unknown variables in the precarious realm of total weather manipulation.

What Is the Environmental Cost Of The Geoengineering?

This question can never be adequately answered, as the decimation to the planet and the entire web of life from 60 years of ever increasing weather modification with toxic spraying can never be quantified.

We now have massive global ozone destruction in the northern and southern hemispheres, mass extinction of plant and animal species (now estimated to be as high as 10,000 times background extinction rates), total disruption of natural weather patterns, and a complete toxification of our air, water, and soils. How long can life on Earth sustain this total assault?

Though humanity has damaged the biosphere on many fronts, all available data indicates that no single cause of environmental destruction even comes close to the total decimation being inflicted by geoengineering/chemtrails.

Geoengineering must be brought into the light of day, and it’s up to each and every one of us to get this done. Educate yourself on this issue. Arm yourself with credible data. A well thought out flyer and a copy of Michael Murphy’s “Why In The World Are They Spraying” can do wonders to wake up those that have so far kept their “head in the sand”. Once critical mass of awareness is reached, and those who actually carry out these programs realize that they are pulling the noose around their own neck along with the rest of us, we will have a chance at stopping these lethal spraying programs.

16 Responses to Extreme Weather Fluctuations as the Climate Reacts to Geoengineering

  1. You better believe it. This is what happens when man tries to fool with Mother Nature.

  2. Diogenes says:

    Revelation 11:18 God will destroy those that were destroying the earth.

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  4. Betty Kelley says:

    Another great article Dane, i am sharing these on FB where I notice above normal activity these last 2 days, I see/sense a growing awareness. Everyday in my skies in NC— and elsewhere as seen on the visible sats, our skies always contain the anomalous/created clouds either alone and/or mixed with natural ones. I have noticed time and time again that when storms move out and the skies “try” to clear–there is always a mixed residue left behind of these unnatural clouds which are at a higher altitude and move at a different speed and sometimes direction. This is being done both before and after all storms–creating a cloud cover long before they would normally arrive and keeping it from clearing out after storms would normally be gone.
    From what I observe, natural storm systems are being enlarged in every direction and intensified—by taking advantage of what would be a typical storm they create expansive and extended cloud cover. Do you concur, is this what you see?
    We all miss the sun

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  6. mike howe says:

    mike from chico here. Dane, we are listening. I see it every day over chico. Please dont stop, fight the power, praise Jesus in our plight aga. ‘the beasts’ that run the show. peace.

  7. Karen F. says:

    New storm following Sandy’s path?

    From the reports I have heard they are expecting “extreme” conditions. I have never lived on the East Coast but had a friend that was in the 1978 storm and told me how shut down everything was. People were stranded. He told me about cross country sking through an empty city.

    They are saying this one could be worse. Considering the higher population this could be a major event.

    Of course, it may not snow at all.:)

    I happened to watch a New York weather forecast on internet last not and the weather man could not explain or predict much. He used the analogy of a football game! lol!

    The anchor innocently asked, “What is this? We used to be able to predict the weather, is it global weather change?”

    The weatherman explained this off as having too many computer models and they were basically confused… I guess? At least that is what it sounded like.

    Okay, reality check. We were suppose to have somewhat of a storm the last couple days. Just got a couple of sprinkles and some really pathetic amount of snow. They have been spraying more for the past week. I think we are in a drought even though there is still snow on the ground from before Christmas, and we are not at that high of an elevation. I have lived higher and the snow used to melt.

    Just some observations. I’m not a scientist obviously, but I don’t think it takes a genius to see there is something happening.

    I am going to go and study the article above better now. Thanks for making this information easy access.

  8. Iraja says:

    Well written article. Good link connections. Wish I saw more of these articles in mainline press, but we know they are part of the problem. Keep up the good fight!

  9. Meta Zimmerman says:

    Thank You Soo Much For Making This Information Public!
    My Question Is.. WHAT Can We As a Society Do To STOP
    This?.. To Whom Do I/ We Address This Issue Too?
    It’s a SAD Situation.. Seriously TRAGIC!!
    Mahalo Aloha
    Meta Zimmerman

  10. sickandtiredofcrappyweather says:

    Where are those kamikaze pilots when we need them?

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