False Flags, Media Lies And A Willfully Blind Population

Clinically insane leaders combined with a majority of the population that is willfully blind, this is a recipe for total global extinction. The military industrial complex and industrialized society has long since pushed the biosphere past the point of no return. What is left for us to salvage? Only if enough people awaken and join the fight for the common good does the planet have any chance to continue supporting life into the future. Our government and others are being run by criminal cabals who are determined to achieve total power and control even at the cost and consequence of exterminating all life on Earth. Mainstream media and the tyrants who control it are completely manipulating and spinning the coverage of events perpetrated by the power structure for the benefit of the power structure. If we are to preserve any future for our planet and ourselves, we must wake those around us to what is unfolding. The article below is a summary of what is happening, why it's happening, and what we can do to help change course.

5 Ways Government False Flags Offer Hope To The Blind

Source: The Liberty Beacon

False Flag

The enemy will always fit in perfectly with the government’s stated long term plans. Once you know and understand the script nothing will surprise you.

By Bernie Suarez

As many truth seekers have observed over the past year, government false flag operations are now the norm. Almost every week and sometimes every day we hear about some kind of lie surrounding an act of violence. These tales are being told to us by government through their mouthpiece media. Our current day system is in love with staged terror and mass shootings as they fit in perfectly with the state’s number one plan, which is to generate fear in order to keep the sheep under control. Despite the fear, insecurity and desperation that arises from fake terror and staged false flag shootings, the typical blind sheep, consumed in the government’s false reality, will quietly root for government to muster up enough firepower and macho-man brute force to kill, defeat, blow up, murder, dispose of or take out the “enemy”. Who’s the enemy? It’s whoever the government mouthpiece media and the puppet politicians say it is. The enemy will always fit in perfectly with the government’s stated long term plans. Once you know and understand the script nothing will surprise you. So how can it be that false flags offer hope to those who are blind to the current world events and the intention of the globalists I.E. the sheep? Here are 5 ways that false flag operations offer hope to those blind about the new world order plans:


1- Sense of safety


False flag operations create a sense of danger and thus an illusion of government safety from this perceived danger. The illusion suggests that unless government is around, you will not be able to defend yourself, you are thus incomplete without government’s safety. This illusion of course is based on the belief that government exists to protect you somehow. One must believe that it is in the interest of government for you as an individual to feel good, feel happy and feel safe. Even though there is no proof, historic account or train of logic to justify this assumption, many brainwashed coincidence (non-conspiracy) theorists will believe this blindly.


2- Confidence in government fighting skills


False flag operations suggest that government has all the skills to catch and kill the bad guys even if its after they inflict their damage. The illusion falsely suggests that this current (now dead) terrorist will never harm you again. Thus after murdering the terrorist patsy or shooter government is seen as the efficient skillful avenger of the deaths of its citizens. Remember “Operation Iraqi Freedom” or the initial invasion of Afghanistan? Most Americans bought into it, even rooted for the attacks because it gave them as sense of vengeance over the supposed “terrorists” who did 9/11. This is all about appealing to people’s lower-brain primitive drive of anger and getting even. Don’t be fooled.


3- Government cares about you


False flag terror attacks offer hope to the blind sheep by suggesting that government actually cares about the people above and beyond the false claims of wanting to keep everyone safe. Like a concerned loving parent, during a typical staged false flag, government and it’s politicians have a chance to pretend like they care about people. The notion that government loves and cares is so far detached from reality it is difficult to put into words. Nothing could be further from the truth. Governments do not exist to love and care about anyone. The nature of governments is quite the contrary. Nonetheless, the latest false flags all have been used as platforms for to sell false sympathy, love and genuine concern for humanity.


4- Government is resilient, you should be resilient


False flag staged event offer hope to the blind sheep by showing them how resilient and able to bound back their government is. Government always carries on as usual after a false flag. They know that the primary purpose of a false flag is to instill fear not to slow down the economy or interfere with Wall Street. The blind sheep however, see this as a sign of how “strong” America is. They admire how “America” and it’s courageous people keep right on shopping, spending money and maintain their ordinary lives. To those that are blind and fooled by the false flag, this is a powerful symbol of strength and resilience on the part of their country. Just another thick layer of deception surrounding government false flags.


5- Government is selfless and altruistic


Hope is spread amongst the blind in the midst of typical government false flag attack by showing the sheep that government is not just a loving and caring government who cares about your safety but that government is willing to put off its own tasks to focus on new speedy legislation to implement measures in response (reaction) to the false flag staged attack so that this type of attack doesn’t happen again.


Some of these points may overlap a bit and sound pathetic even ridiculous to anyone paying attention but face it, many people really are this brainwashed and they actually think this way. Many dumbed-down blind sheep, zombies, and brainwashed slaves who listen to mainstream media news think just like this. This alone should sound an alarm to anyone who is awakened and cares about humanity, to push them to stay active, stay strong and keep fighting the government controlled disinformation machine known as the mainstream media and all of government’s politician puppets mouthpieces.


Remember, as bizarre and surreal as all of this sounds, this world of government acting as a caring parent, looking out for the best of humanity, is the only concept of government the blind sheep know. The thought of government actually staging attacks against its own people to keep them in fear is far too scary for the slaves to accept. This fear actually gives birth to an ignorance that acts to protect the brain. This cognitive dissonance actually works as a defense mechanism to preserve the sanity of the being. To stay sane the poor blind sheep not only believe whatever they are told but they actually look to government for protection from the artificial threats engineered by this same government.


This is how its done and this is precisely how government maintains its power over the people. Let’s start our counter-attack by continuing to spread the truth about the real reasons why government stages terror attacks and the sequence of logic that drives the existence and functioning of government. The hope is to explain government false flags to where a child can understand it. Let’s remind others of the importance of starting our search for truth by focusing on the most important things first.


It is infinitely true and factual that with all things being equal, the best starting point to understand and explain what really happened in any event is to consider motive and who has most to gain. It is also infinitely true that the notion of maintaining power and control is a much more dominating factor in the explanation of an unknown event than the notion of the quest for “safety” and benevolence on the part of a controlling system of government.


This one lie told to humanity about the benevolent nature of government being the more likely explanation than the argument for maintaining power and control is singlehandedly one of the great lies humanity has endured since the beginning of time.


Throughout all of human history there are countless examples of controlling governments oppressing humanity and constantly pushing for more and more power and control. The notion of government constantly looking out for the safety and well being of its citizens by turning the country into a police state of rigid draconian laws is entirely fictional from A to Z. Government is and always will be a concept that seeks to maintain its existence and control over every citizen.


So as truth seekers seeking truth, it is our duty to shatter the false hope many people have that government is an innocent good Samaritan watching its citizens and looking out for its well being. This hope is delusional, naive and profoundly disconnected from reality, yet sadly this is the root of the logic many hold on to as they continue falling for the false flags which are now happening almost daily.


Will humanity actually overcome this mental defect being expressed in possibly at least half of its population? Let us hope so and let us all keep hammering away and continue exposing government false flags in real-time.


Congratulations to the other half of humanity for now nearly mastering the skill of exposing government false flags in real-time. A skill that came with a lot of practice and opportunities. Let us remain vigilant and hope that we, as a whole, can stay on top of government false flags and are able to continue exposing them until they go away all together. Picture a world without false flags- something very difficult to do today. Thus the focus of true hope is now clear.

Source: The Liberty Beacon

15 Responses to False Flags, Media Lies And A Willfully Blind Population

  1. JR Richmond says:

    As a Christean (spelling intentional) I see a real pattern in the mass deception over shadowing our entire world today. The Book (1611 KJV) in Ezekiel speaks of millions being "in the Valley of Decision" during these end times. As monstrous agents of a large global conspiracy continue to use every means available to force their world view violently on the populations of this world, continent by continent; they return to the so called 'New World' where they first established their Lie. This requires an additional suspension of disbelief. A NEW Lie wherein the only hope of the individual to escape the terror is to throw his lot in with the terrorists. I believe we used "Stockholm Syndrome" many years ago for this phenomena not thinking how soon it would 'come around'.

    But actually the conspirators here are a tiny fraction of the body politic, maybe less than 3%. The herd that they have stampeded is only about 16% of our population, according to the vote count in last years election. The President was elected by about 18% of the population. Demonstrating an important truth, only 34% of our population embraces the new lie that we are a 'democracy'. AND a New World Order! The old lie about constitutional republics is only tolerated if you are communist or socialist, that 3% of the stampeders.

    My best advice is to disregard every claim as a lie, and inspect the record for validity before assuming any proposal as accurate. Including this one.

    Regarding the current Vegas travesty, that is why I chose to speak here. Like Alex Jones you intuited this event, a higher level of NWO terrorism, from the staged events leading to it. And before he did, thank you, for speaking the truth as a guard against further tyranny. JR

  2. Tina Taylor says:

    These people in government are psychopaths. There are over 3 million in the US alone, and constitute a high percentage of Congress. The majority of people do not know how to identify the disorder. http://petition.NoPsycho.Org

  3. Freedom Ranger says:

    I have to disagree, complaining on chatboards is exactly why people are awakening. Writing your congressman I personally is an act of futility. You express the naive belief we live in a functioning Democratic Republic. I assure you , you do not. These congressmen and women are completely aware of the program. YOUR VOTE DOES NOT MATTER. YOUR VOTE DOES NOT MATTER. YOUR VOTE IS NOT EVEN COUNTED. This is the truth, trust me the bankers and military industrialists run this country and the last person who resisted them was killed in November 1963. THE ONLY THING YOU CAN DO IS WAKE PEOPLE UP. VENTING IS PRECISELY HOW ALL REVOLUTIONS BEGIN. PATIENCE, you have to wait until you see a crack in the armor of tyranny draped about us until then all protest is futile. When there is mass panic then only then will begin a chance. When the masses of blind cattle stampede only then do we have a chance, so chatting and venting is of utmost import.

  4. Eric says:

    I found the organizations you’ve mentioned when confronted about geoengineering to say ” that subject is not on are list of important issues”. Say what? It’s like..I don’t recall. No more donations to those groups from me for Sure!!!!

  5. Eric says:

    Absolutely right on Mike. We must get out of our comfort zone and take action

  6. Mike says:

    All of you posting comments, “WHAT HAVE YOU PERSONALLY DONE TO STOP THE SPRAYING?” Complaining on this forum DOES NOTHING! All of us viewing Dane’s website already know what is taking place. Have any of you pursued your local, state and national politicians with an unrelenting fervor? Have any of you pursued your local media outlets day after day with new information about climate engineering. This is what everyone needs to do if we are ever to succeed in stopping climate engineering! This is what Dane means when he says “we need Critical Mass to hit the streets” There have been over 15 million visitors to this website. Can you imagine the success we would have already realized if those visitors to this website actually became active in sounding the alarm, constantly stalking those in the public arena like parasites to get this matter exposed and stopped?

    Think seriously about this: how much effort are you willing to expend to save your life and the lives of your family and friends from extinction? Do you think that you can you do more than just posting a comment or two on this website to “vent” your frustration.

    Once you can “mentally grasp” the severity and finality of where climate engineering is taking us, maybe then “YOU WILL DO WHATEVER IT TAKES” to survive!

  7. Derkit says:

    Life is not a miracle, life is the result of all that is. Life is NOT an accident, life is not “created” by gods” Life happens….anywhere and everywhere…Life is precious, that be true, but you are going to far my friend. Anyways, point of my post is to share my opinion, nothing more…lol

  8. Marc says:

    I am on the email list of a handful of major “environmental” groups. I constantly receive emails from Earthjustice, NRDC, Greenpeace, Sierra Club, etc. Nary a one is bugging me with an “urgent message” about geoengineering. NOT ONE SINGLE MENTION OF GEOENGINEERING AS THE NUMBER ONE CATASTROPHIC ENVIRONMENTAL CHALLENGE!!!! Not the slightest mention of this astoundingly obvious affront to humanity and all life on planet earth. Why??
    These groups perpetually chase my ass begging for donations for polar bears, or wilderness protections or some legal fight in Washington on one of many environmental fronts such as the Keystone pipeline fight. Now, some of these are legitimately good causes, but why does not a single one of these well-funded groups go after the monsters behind geoengineering?? Why, I ask??? This glaring and gaping omission speaks volumes in and of itself. Is there really an unstated and tacit understanding amongst all these groups that they had best leave geoengineering alone or else? Has the dark cabal of CONTROLLERS threatened these groups into silence?
    Does anyone out there wonder about this same thing? Why has no one really, really famous (in pop culture) stepped up to the plate and come out AGAINST geoengineering? Or am I overlooking anything? It seems to associate oneself with this issue may be damn near as toxic as the actual spraying going on, if you know what I mean.

  9. Karen W says:

    The internet is a great tool to get information out and hats off to you Dane for doing this. Thank you.

    I believe it’s time we start grouping together and stand shoulder to shoulder with this fight.

    What impressed me with the France attack was that it drew thousands together…that is what we need here in the US. Enough of the IPhone and isolation. We need to get out in the public together. I say we start at the capitals. I’m in favor of going to Sacramento!

  10. Andy Butrick says:

    Alan, human life is no accident. The miracle of life on Earth suffers from human occupancy here on Earth. If one looks to find answers in life, my suggestion for myself is to answer my human place within this grand miracle of life. We need not fight the sheeple, I love sheep and I love all people, even those who commit genocide. Hate is my first response, anger, retaliation and war. I am strong and capable to fight, yet what greed and evil, anti life wants is for us to suffer. I know that life is a miracle. I also know that death is a part of this life, this miracle.
    In the end life overcomes death by living and dying together as one. Chemical warfare and global domination surely ends itself for nor life nor death has any balance with such crimes againt’s this miracle of life on Earth.

  11. Ana says:

    The problem is that the majoraty of people in the world are the sheeple or brain dead or zombies or brainwashed or imbeciles(as simply i named them )and they seem to like it or we wouldn´t have these guys https://twitter.com/PedderSophie/status/557073809812226049 having more popularity in France afther more than a dozen of deaths in a very bad staged terrorist operation ,the timing was perfect to Hollande,specially when the USA was asking for more backup in the fight against isis and alqaeda….this operation look very similar to the other of bin laden arrest and death (more popularity and more votes)…and the worst is when the zombies are also your own family and friends ! And if you say something they “eat you alive”!
    Killing their own people seems to be part of the agenda in order to get what they want, very “democratcly”, from the sheeple . killing their own citizens in these operations also seems to be their cover or “inocence proof” and just because people are naive to still believe in their governments as their safe/peace keepers – expecting peace or safety coming from those who were always promoting the wars and hiding the truth behind it?(seems like telling a nice fairy tale to children to sleep)…using their citizens deaths or funerals for their own political promotion afther a terror atack(with big media corp.help propaganda)should be a wake up call to people!spraying us should also be a wake up call !hiding methane and radiation levels in the air should be another wake up call if people at least got informed about trivial ecological issues, but instead we keep seeing people preparing their future as if everything was just fine ,people just discuss what is oficial and officially nothing is happening ,oficially governments are even preparing the Co2 emissions reduction ,are making the economy recover (at the cost of our growing levels of poverty and growing richness for a few ), a trip to Mars in 2025 etc. and everything just can be fine.For them geoengeneering doesn´t exist,spraying doesn´t exist, radiation and methane are in low “normal healthy” levels …looks impossible and stupid? no ,nothing is impossible to this people ,they will fabricate as many new studyies as they need to proove their views(lies)with more well known scientists saying how power plants are safe and “green” instead of “red” or how safe we are with those levels of fukushima cause our governments are caring people and take good care of us and have families too …as if they have cared enough with nuclear disasters consequences in children or in our food suplies or land or trees etc,the same with quimicals sprayed everyday in our skies …
    Unfortunatly seems to me that people will aloud government total access to their private data/life just in the name of security or democraticies would not be able/aloud to do whatever they wish as if we were under martial laws http://www.wsj.com/articles/u-k-government-debuts-tougher-counterterror-laws-1417016762 …internet was always their focus ,now they have the perfect excuse(s).
    I think we are living Times when we are making the passage of our democracies to something else (“controlacy”-total control ) and where we will have not how to fight them anymore if they can get to the last “stage” of their agenda…
    False flags means one major thing :More Money and more suport to USA and some other big countries to continue their wars for oil and more power in the world …as if they worry about something else besides their own Comfort and Power . The auto-entitled terrorism fighters brings more terrorism ,more immigration from countries in war .More exploitation of human labor(cheap labor).More poverty and violence.More social and racial conflicts and more restrictive laws or martial laws(to achieve peace and security as they say),more control on weakened populations with fear of everything:fear of terrorism ,fear of loosing the job,fear of getting sick ,fear of other finantial crisis ,fear of more crisis or more troyka(international finantial “help”) and fear of having tomore pay banks debts again …fear,fear ..insecurity…name it! cause those in power continue to make the laws and whatever they want for their own private interests and to keep us controled !they seem to make the stories and History :Past,present and future of the sheeple and of all of us that have fears too and they know it!…Many people don´t talk cause live in fear and they know the probabilities are very few of winning this game against the oficial Mafia that rules us and controls us with sophisticated technologies and paid trolls everywhere!

  12. Alan Cameron says:

    Great Article. Unfortunately the majority of the Sheeple won’t be able to Digest it. We were heavily bombarded today with SRM. Easy to see with all the Air Traffic. It makes me wonder if there are people paying attention to this. My guess is No. Most watch the Media Lie News and believe everything is just Peachy Keen.

    I hardly watch it anymore because there is so much Brainwashing going on.

    We’ll see how many post to this. Maybe a few, but most are getting more Braindead with each passing day that goes by.

  13. Nicole says:

    Thank you again Dane. As I read this morning news, it appears Al Gore is throwing a global concert to raise awareness of global warming. In June. And while he is planning his useless party, he could be using all of his leverage to put ads in all newspapers, buy billboards, and use the media to inform the masses specifically about geo engineering and chemjet spraying. It’s like you said in your last broadcast with Russ, when the ship has a giant hole in the bottom of if, you don’t work on the dent that’s in the propeller. If we don’t stop geo engineering now, there will be no world left to fight other climate related issues. We need those who have the power to use it, rather than being cowards. Thanks again.

  14. carol freiberg says:

    Give up liberties for what? Safety? You have to be an idget to believe such drizzle.These criminals throw out just enough crumbs to keep the masses in their comfort zone.Once the veil is lifted those who depended on the government for their “fair share” will get more than a wake up call.This has been an interesting ride but I’m afraid it’s all going to come to a screeching,and there will be some screeching,halt.Better wake up and realize WE do have the power to stop these criminals but it requires all of us to get out of our comfort zones and collectively raise hell.

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