Former USDA Official Speaks Out About Geoengineering


On August 14th, 2015, there was a major event in Northern California that was organized for the purpose of exposing and halting global climate engineering programs that are decimating our planet and the entire web of life. Numerous experts spoke out at this event including attorneys, former government scientists, a former defense industry technician, former military personnel, a prominent Northern California Neurologist, and a CEO for one of the largest environmental and engineering consulting firms in the world. Approximately 1000 people attended this event. Rosalind Peterson was one of the speakers at the Northern California event. She was a former USDA farm service agency agricultural crop loss adjustor and has spoken on the floor of the United Nations about the climate engineering issue. Rosalind's statement of urgency is contained in the video below, she has fought long and hard to expose the the truth about many dire issues. The emcee for this important event was John B. Wells, radio host for the highly acclaimed "Caravan to Midnight" show. John works tirelessly toward exposing the truth for the common good. His participation in the Northern California event was of immense benefit to the cause of exposing geoengineering. My deepest appreciation to John, to all the speakers that participated and shared their knowledge, to each and every activist that contributed countless hours, and of course our gratitude to all those that attended the event. Individuals came from locations as far away as Valdez Alaska and St. Louis Missouri.
Dane Wigington


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  1. Elena says:

    Hey Rodster, how do you know Bernie Sanders is aware of these programs? What have you read and where? I am curious because he seems our best hope as far as pres candidates are concerned. He seems to be a fairly truthful person, maybe if he were asked, at a rally or whatever, he would expound on the topic and raise awareness. At least he admits global warming exists, do you think he would admit to these programs if asked? I like the way he is willing to take on Wall Street; that's more than anybody else seems willing to do.

  2. Jack ruddy says:

    How can I get involved locally, I am in denver co?

  3. JR says:

    Won't take much of your time. This morn. 9-1-15 as previous days coming in from eastward nasty goop looking skies. Their busting their tails to make our skies look cloudy like (fallout). They have been building up their trash from east to west, super nasty folks. Of course we had the prism look up there, rainbow looking colors in it? We are forced to breath this crap!? The whole bunch of lowlifes for now are getting away with it, but in the end this will be their own downfall for all eternity. There is a price for lusting in evil and destroying our Lord's works…Here in Southwest, N.M. Good Day…

  4. Tina says:

    Folks,send all of this to Doug Lamalfa-he pleads the 5th here.I think he knows better. He just helped open the door WIDEOPEN- for monsanto(poison) mr lamalfa needs educated here.Or is Congress complicit?? Corporate frauds???

  5. Along with rickets, cancers, Alzheimer's, etc, this is starting to affect speech, profoundly.  As an educator, I observe this in large audiences.  We must speak out about this geoengineering / weather weaponry while we still can.

  6. Marc says:

    I found a YouTube video of Guy McPherson making a clear, unmistakable reference to an existing program of geoengineering the skies with "sulfates". I harken back to an encounter between Guy and Dane at one of Guy's public talks, wherein Guy will absolutely not concede that geoengineering is and has been going on for a long time. 

      Now, maybe I'm behind the times a little bit but, as far as I know, Guy has consistently denied that geoengineering is occurring on a large scale. Can anyone add to this? In any event, his comment in the YouTube video pertains to the collapse of civilization, which would then cause "the sulfates to fall out of the atmosphere that we've been putting into the atmosphere, and therefore get rid of global dimming, and then, in addition, triggering a 50 gigaton burst of methane out in the Arctic ocean, when the Arctic ocean becomes ice free……….".  Bingo!! In this comment he has clearly made a reference to ongoing geoengineering in our skies with "sulfates" to sustain "global dimming". His rationale appears to conclude that if this form of geoengineering were to cease due to collapse of civilization, then global dimming would taper off, triggering a methane burst. The implication being that for right now, global dimming is saving our asses from an even worse scenario. Really? My understanding, born of an examination of global temperature data, points to a relentless increase in global temps regardless of all the efforts to inject aerosols and and deflect sunlight (global dimming). 

      Sounds to me like there is a serious flaw in Guy's reasoning, based upon the data. Any clarifications, Dane?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Marc, the link below should shed some light. About McPerson, in my personal meetings with him, his demeanor was truly disturbing. His denial of the climate engineering reality was emphatic and obsesive. Either he has been threatened or he has psycologically gone of the deep end.

    • Nicole says:

      Hi Marc, again I echo your comments. I had a few of those videos you are referring to not sure where I put them but if I wanted to I know I could dig it up – he's not worth my time at this point but yes Guy absolutely has made a turn around on the word geoengineering. He has used it since his denial that it exists and in fact he has come off several times as if he supports it. So my newest theory about his many faces is that he is on the side of geoengineers, period. As far as my family and friends are concerned, he's in the same bucket as David Keith. So yeah, that makes him insane.

      I do believe that he is however right about one thing – we're screwed. But I didn't however turn into someone else with that knowledge, I still tell the truth, I still know the difference between right and wrong – the toxins are coming from the planes, it's intentional, it's poison, it's killing everything, it's wrong from a moral, ethical and spiritual standpoint and it's being driven by money and greed, not concern.

      To illustrate that point, we have the Rockefellers (once again) who are the driving force behind a massive project which is to have towns totally revamped all across the nation at the speed of light so that 1. Cars will no longer be used 2. Trains can only take you where they want you to go 3. The "wilderness" is off limits and no one can live rurally and 4. You can still buy all the shit your heart desires. The prototype for this model is underway in CA and the same money grubbing psychopaths are calling the shots. They bought up most of the natural forest in CA to "protect it" and now we see how its being developed into a "sustainable" Pottery Barn cement community.

      Check out your new home and don't ask who's behind it, no one else is

      The beautiful rural town of Middlebury VT has just announced that it will rip the entire town apart and reconfigure it including a railroad that hasn't been used in many years. The project will take five years and is expected to drive all of the local business that's been there for generations out. Many are already closing shop. Middlebury has never had a problem with people complaining about the town. It is just gorgeous. Everyone there is upset about the transition.

      These insane criminals don't just have the money – for money is nothing without power. Even with the looming threat of nuclear catastrophe from Fukushima and other horrific things going on such as geoengineering, even as all of this unfolds they continue to plot for whoever is standing in the end – so that change cannot happen and people will continue to be mindless sheep. 

    • Rodster says:

      I posted a comment regarding the same article with the same identity. I asked Guy regading Geoengineering and he said he only dealt in "FACTS".
      So I responded and replied by linking two YouTube video's, one from PBS and the other when Dane confronts a climate scientist who admits that spraying the skies with aliminum could be a way to reduce temps on Earth. It doesn't surprise me that Guy did not post my reply.
      Here's the deal, I am not a climate change denier nor a defacto believer. I also am not a Geoengineering denier nor a believer. One thing for sure is I don't trust those in power so I am willing to read, listen and learn regarding Geoengineering and Climate Change. At least I can therefore make up my mind one way or the other.
      One thing is for sure, our planet is beginning to fight back and from the looks of it, it's getting pissed at us for what we're doing to it.

    • Rodster says:

      One thing I don't like about Guy McPherson is that if he disagrees with you, he has NO problems taking it personal, which he did towards Dane.

    • Hey Marc and ya'al, Guy is "wired". That is: He's programmed. Many of "them" are programmed. We are also programmed in our own way, but not by covert intelligence… as yet… Watch this video carefully, and put on your thinking caps. Who was James Holmes?

      A science presentation by James Holmes in 2006

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Mike Ruppert brought out very solid evidence of lies and cover up of the assassination of RFK, as well as the program of CIA mind-controlled assassins: 

      Here's an excerpt from near the end of the article:

      Does CIA produce mind-controlled assassins? Well, aside from the reams of material released under the FOIA from CIA's which say that they do, stop for a minute and look at one LAPD document from SUS files. Sirhan Sirhan was hypno-programmed using hypnosis drugs, and torture by. Among others, the Reverend Jerry Owen and CIA mind-control specialist William Bryan hypno-programmed Sirhan at a stable where he worked months before the shooting. Also working there, at the same time, was Thomas Bremer, the brother of Arthur Bremer who, in 1972, shot Presidential Contender George Wallace. Read it for yourself and ask yourself what you believe about the existence of democracy in this country and what you believe about the fate of ANY Presidential candidate not sanctioned by the powers that be before the "race" is run.

      The author of Crossing the Rubicon:  The Decline of the American Empire at the end of the Age of Oil, Mike Ruppert worked as a detective with LAPD and knew many of the people, rather well, who were in the department and working the night of the assassination.   There is a photocopy of an afadavit in the article that is very damning in regard to providing solid proof of a secret program of mind control programming of assassins, patsies and fall-guys. 

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Marc:  Please post the link to the McPherson YouTube video where he refers to sulfates falling out of the atmosphere that we've been putting into the atmosphere.  I'd love to see this.  It really should go viral.

  7. Michel B says:

    Rosalind wastes no words. She simply states we must stand up to this. No conjectures on 'why' it is being done. She is even kind enough to call it an experiment. She is a Diplomat par excellence.

    But she gets to the root of it: These programs are destroying our ability to feed ourselves. No need to talk about the military aspects, the long history, the rich families behind it (although she does mention Bill Gates and his salt water idea. I think Bill needs a salt water enema.)

    So, deprivation of water, UV off the scale and soils toxified. It needs to stop NOW.

    • Karen oneil says:

      I have been saying no for years now! No politicians will ever respond! Have signed numerous petitions, alerted numerous friends and family on the subject and even painted them in my paintings to bring awareness! If private citizens can spray what chance do we have if our government will not make laws to stop this?

  8. Steven Chamberlain says:

    Rosalind Peterson is a Superstar!!!

  9. leo derosia says:

    Whoever is responsible for this should be  hanged……bstards

  10. Marc says:

    Rosalind Peterson is the real deal, no bullshit, solid as a rock, straight shooter. What she summarizes here should give us all cause for alarm.(as if we needed any) I myself witnessed fried crops on either side of I-5 on my way to Redding for the event. Pitiful, the ugly fields AND skies in the valley. Also, I have a few things I'd like to share with Mr. Silas Lyons. While I'm thinking of it, I try to imagine what the hell a guy like Mr. Lyons could possibly be thinking when he sees massive spreading trails crisscrossing every which way in a region such as Redding is in, considering that Redding is really not near any major metro areas and not directly under flight paths from any major airports to any others. What is going through his walnut sized brain when he contemplates why there would be such significant air traffic in the general area? And what of the drought? Does he feature regular reporting on the drought and discussion as to what the cause(s) are? And so on.

    Me thinks there might be a smidgen of antagonism between Mr. Lyons and Dane Wigington. I am getting the sense that Silas Lyons and Carole Ferguson are actually too self-absorbed and cowardly to face a real discussion about geoengineering and it's horrific effects on the Redding area, and because they know virtually nothing about it, view Dane Wigington and his incomparable knowledge with fear and condescension. Truly pitiful and incompetent, given the fundamental nature of their jobs, which is to bring quality reporting to the people of the Redding area. They will one day soon realize that their smirks, their phony arguments born of illiteracy, and their condescension were ill-conceived and destined to not only fail, but will serve to ultimately expose and embarrass them. 

    But this drama is really an insignificant part of the bigger picture. It is , however, emblematic of the snarkey ignorance that infects the land, and which is poised to crumble into dust, like Napoleon's tin buttons.

  11. Janet says:

    We had some black smokey wispy weird clouds tonight. High desert, California. Made a beautiful sunset just like the aluminum ones do. 

    • Nicole says:

      Hi Janet, I'm just curious, did your clouds look anything like these?

      NASA buying up giant swaths of land and chasing out the people who live there based officially on "noise" when in reality it's about their need for privacy. Watch this jackass skip-de-do in the glistening purity of chemical rain. His intellect is that of a mole, which is why he's on mainstream SheepV. 

      I know…I really should stop insulting the sheep.

  12. Earth Angel says:

    Rosalind Peterson- a real class act with an impeccable resume'! Thank you Dane for bringing together so many credible speakers. Shame on the Record Searchlight and others for refusing to cover this event- THEY are the ones to look like fools for refusing to acknowledge the importance of this event and this ISSUE…Keep Going everybody!  The FORCE is WITH US !

  13. Tom Keith says:

    Nice job again Dane ! Still having problems waking people up. Sent flaming arrow packages to both newspapers in my area: little response. 

  14. jac says:

    These are NOT experiments. This degeneration of our world is deliberate.

  15. Vincent Geerdink says:

    I want to thank everybody for your help. Bst rgds V.

  16. Melody Meachum says:

    Dane…I like the format you've chosen to highlight each speaker on a separate video. I believe it's having a much greater impact rather than running the whole evening at once.  

    Rosalind is such a "seasoned" speaker besides being top notch in her field!

    Thanks so much for all you do!

  17. Rodster says:

    Supposedly Senator Bernie Sanders is aware of the Geoengineering program. Why can't we take this message directly to the US Government and request congressional hearings on these programs.

  18. kirk says:

    their spraying still, in north east Ohio bees this summer for a shot time, then gone, alot of sick bumble bees.

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