Formerly Frozen Siberia Is Exploding Into Flames


The vastness of Siberia is difficult to grasp. The importance of the boreal forests that exist there cannot be overstated. Such forests are the second largest source of oxygen production on the planet. The Siberian forests were once a carbon sink but have now become a massive carbon source due to the dying and burning of this expansive wilderness.This once frozen land is now burning with a fury that is completely unprecedented in any historical record. In recent years as much as 100,000,000 acres has gone up in flames annually. Regions that should be frozen solid till mid June are now smoke and ashes. Where are the mainstream media headlines on this? The global power structure will do everything it can to keep populations completely blind and oblivious to the converging catastrophes that are rapidly closing in on us all. All available data indicates climate engineering has played a major role in the die-off and incineration of Siberia. The article below and the short videos in it should be a sobering wake up call, we ignore the darkening horizon at our own peril.
Dane Wigington


"The Dry Land Burned Like Grass", Siberia's Road To A Permaburn Hell

Source: Robert Scribbler

(Residents of the Trans Baikal region of Russia flee through a raging permafrost fire on April 13 of 2015. Video Source: The Road to Hell Recorded by: Vladislav Igorevich.)

The script reads like a scene from some post-apocalyptic disaster film.

Frigid Siberia begins an epic thaw — a thaw set off by an unstoppable dumping of heat-trapping gasses into the atmosphere by human fossil fuel industry. Finally, after years of warming, the thawing land itself becomes fuel for fires. A thick layer of peat-like organic material that serves as kindling to the heat-dried trees and grasses atop it.

Immense blazes ignite in April — fully 100 days before the usual fire season in late July. The fires explode to enormous size, doubling in area in less than a day, covering scores to hundreds of square miles. Residents flee or face off against walls of raging flame in bucket and hose brigades. Military units descend on the regions affected to fight blazes and prevent looting. The fires are freakish, starting from nowhere at a moment’s notice. Eyewitnesses at the scene of one fire describe the surreal situation saying: “… the dry land burned like grass.”


(A wall of fire confronts residents of Chita, Russia this week as local townsfolk prepared to defend their homes and livelihoods from the inferno. Image source: The Siberian Times.)

But for two regions of Russia, that’s exactly what happened this week.

In Khakassia, a region of southern Siberia bordering Kazakhstan and Mongolia, massive blazes ripped through a broad permafrost thaw zone, impacting 39 villages, killing 29 people and leaving thousands homeless. By Thursday, many of these massive fires were finally extinguished — leaving miles wide scars over a smoldering and blackened land.

Hundreds of miles away in Trans Baikal, the story was also one of hellish inferno. There, wildfires erupted from the thawing permafrost zone — engulfing forests, burning dry land, destroying hundreds of homes in more than 9 villages, and killing four people. One wildfire alone surged to nearly 400 square miles in size and threatened numerous settlements near the city of Chita. There, locals are still fighting the blaze in a desperate effort to preserve life and property.

Chita Fires April 17 2015

(Satellite image of fires and large burn scars in Chita, Russia on April 17 of 2015. For reference, bottom edge of frame is 120 miles. Note that some of the burn scars in this satellite shot stretch for 20 miles at their widest point. Image source: LANCE MODIS.)

In total, nearly 50 villages and towns have now been affected, 33 lives have been lost, four more have gone missing, nearly 7,000 people are now homeless, and more than 6,000 domestic animals have been lost to the fires. These are the first, early casualties in a fire season stoked by climate change that will flare off and on for at least the next five months. A fire season that will likely see immense plumes of smoke covering broad sections of the Northern Hemisphere, involve Canadian and Alaskan permafrost zones, and see wildfires burning all the way through Siberia to the shores of the Arctic Ocean.

And so we are just at the start of a long road through another hellish Arctic fire season, one enabled and made far, far worse by a current and very rapid rate of human-forced warming.

Source: Robert Scribbler

15 Responses to Formerly Frozen Siberia Is Exploding Into Flames

  1. Sotir says:

    Thank you Dane for your unending effort, and also all of you compassionate souls.  Please make geoengineering flyers and write on them at the top or bottom "I see them".  Please place these flyers in one or more of the windows of your vehicle/s.  This will create awareness among others as you go about your daily life.  It will hearten those in the know, and arouse curiosity among the unaware.  On the back of these flyers you may write, "Pass it on" or perhaps a message.  Something like, "No information, no consent, this isn't democracy, I refuse to vote.  Pass these flyers to others when you can.  Thank you all for your concern and intent to stop this crime.

  2. Hello Dane,

    Perhaps a naive question, but why isn't anyone suggesting methods to recapture methane from these melting bogs and wetlands? Unlike propane, methane burns relatively clean and requires no elaborate processing to be usable. Farts burn, ya know?

    Also recapturing methane from landfills and feedlot wastes seems like basic science 101. I know it's "counterintuitive" for petro-industries to produce energy products without destroying the entire friggin' planet, but methane recapture just seems too simple to ignore. Even a politician could figure it out…

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Paul, in regard to the rapidly accelerating methane releases, they are taking place across vast areas, there is no feasable method of capturing it. Some of the seabed releases are a hundred kilometers or more in width, there is no technology that can deal with.

  3. Katherine Gale says:

    Deniers have talking points, the carbon cycle, that humans add only a small percentage of carbon to the atmosphere. They are correct but this is an over simplification of the green house gas issue. Since the industrial revolution, the rate at which humans have reshaped the environment has been unprecedented. Humans have steadily introduced unnatural sources of C02 into the atmosphere. We have destroyed carbon sinks (clear cutting forests, burning down rain forests, damaging the ozone, spraying SRM nano particulates that kill plants and trees). This has thrown the carbon cycle out of balance. The oceans have absorbed a vast amounts of this carbon and are acidifying (C02 + water = carbonic acid). At 400 ppm, oceans are warming (warmer oceans absorb less C02), droughts and exhaustion of potable water are destroying habitat.

    Temps rise as C02 and methane rise. As this article points out warm temps lead to more regions thawing out and emitting more green house gases as they break down (rot and catch fire). These C02 and methane releases are considered to be from natural sources. Yes nature is releasing these green house gases but under circumstances that are a direct result of activities of humans activity.

    This concept is not that hard to grasp. But people are not even aware of what goes on around the world and how this impacts them.

  4. John Marshall says:

    I believe it's the methane releases after the permafrost melts which is what traps the gases underground. Geo Engineering in my opinion is the root cause of all our weather calamities and methane releases. We are already seeing methane releases all over the globe and on both poles. As the methane levels rise more warming takes place and soon everything will be on fire or uninhabitable. God help us stop this insidious globalist madness…..

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello John, yes,  stopping climate engineering is the greatest priority fight and a major causal factor in regard to the climate disruptions, but we must be careful not to ignore the rest of the damage done to the planet by the human race. 100,000,000 tons of Co2 that is being pumped into the atmosphere each and every day is a problem, as is the cutting down of the forests and paving of the planet. Then there is fracking, etc. the list is endless. All this being said, exposing and halting climate engineering will remain my top priority.

  5. This is totally a NIGHTMARE, happening right before our eyes!  Our very own governing officials 'THINK' (or don't) they are helping us?? They are trying to control the weather! That in itself is insane! That job belongs to God. BUT He will NOT force Himself on mankind. When our president and all the other governing officials WAKE UP, it may be too late. THANK YOU, DANE!  I am sharing this with Russ Tanner's website <> 


  6. Dog aka db says:

    Earth Day in Denver CO on the 22nd downtown. 30+ booths and none were aware of geoengineering! Many homeless all over! Brief buzz through and planted seeds among many curious young minds? Hope it touched some! I should have had some info to hand out! My bust! I then traveled up to the mountains and it is obvious the amount of dead and dying trees!!!! More than Beatle kill! Large areas have been cut down and some areas they leave the trees they cut! 1 person said his business of remodeling high dollar homes with beatle kill wood is in demand! Aspen groves, cedar shrubs, sage, pines that are left are showing noticeable signs of stress! Many conning out! Massive amounts of cones! La di da, life goes on! Big hopes for the broncos this year! If trees could move where would they go?

  7. nikki says:

    This is excruciating…  I lived in Lake Tahoe for 25 years and tried to work with everyone from the school districts to the city council to the chambers of commerce on sustainability.  Yet, instead of embracing tools given to them that would help make the region more environmentally safe and healthy, they blew it off for a few dollars – to be made among a sad little group of gluttons.  

    I imagine, this same thing happened and is happening still, among every region in the country – and throughout the world. 

    Geoenginnering, however, poses an entirely new set of hurdles.  Without basic knowledge of the environment/natural sciences, it is difficult to even speak to people who want to be good to the environment.  

    Yesterday, I finally spoke with someone who really listened when I was talking about the spraying going on overhead.  She was educated on everything from GMOs, to Fukushima, to Gates Foundation and more… when I pointed out the chemtrails and discussed how they manipulate the weather affecting everything from agriculture, to health, she was immediately on board.  As we sat and spoke, she looked up several sites and saved "How/Why in the world are they spraying" vids to her screen and called a friend to tell her about them later.

    I almost fell over.  Right now as I type there are these amazing cumulus clouds overhead…. and right above them, chemtrails are being sprayed.

    In the US we will again see engineered drought this summer -with wildfires -, but people will rarely look outside of conventional news to see why it is actually happening.

    On a final note, there is a video entitled "Dear Future Generations:  Sorry".  It is a great short… and please note, when watching, the big fat chemline in the sky.


  8. This is not just and insidious attack on Russia, it is an insidious attack on ALL of us.  The United States must IMMEDIATELY retract all of its invading forces from ALL parts of the world and return HOME.  It is unacceptable that they are allowed to continue to commit these atrocious war crimes against the rest of the world.  It is time for their leaders to be called to account in International Courts of Law and be held accountable for their attempted genocide of the human race.  It is appalling that we have tolerated this for so long.  I vote for International treason charges being filed against the US Senate and Congress.


    • talawanda78 says:

      I couldn't agree with you more, Janet.  Since 2008 when Obama took office, and verbally gave his approval for the military to geo-engineer the planet, it made me wonder 'who in heaven's name' gave 'him' the permission to do this?  Oh, in reality I know 'who'…and I know their agenda of lies regarding weather and climate change.

      That being said, another is also at the helm, which is Monsanto…for only their GMO seeds can be grown in these types of soil. For the one, aluminum resistant, and the other drought resistant.  Why would anyone wonder who is another 'cause and managers' sitting there, steering the wheels.

      Next, is the real positioning of this planet. Every 25,356 years or so, the Earth begins her tilt into the procession of the equinox, which means that it's northern hemisphere is now facing the Sun. But they lie, and just grouped it with their climate control agenda.

      Then, I went to TCM (Turner Classic Movies) to watch the old, color movies just to see those Technicolor, bright blues once again. They have all now been made into HD, Digitally 'Re-mastered'.  I have witnessed what they have done…and in all the older, color movies that used to have the deep blue skies have been 'Whitewashed' with horribly faded blue; and if your screen is large enough, you can see with your own eyes how they've gone over them; pretty obvious.  And the lies of the present and future 'will' come back to haunt them. Whatever goes around, comes around.

      I've sat and wondered how many more tears I'll shed over this. Over this last 7 years, I cry more than I ever have, as I watch this land dying. I've watched Bees, sitting on flowers in the early summer 'die' from trying to collect the pollen; and more tears were shed. I did tell each one that I was so sorry for what was done to them. It sounds crazy, but this earth belongs to that which keeps it in tune.

      As hard as I try to cheer up, each day is a hell on earth for me. It's almost as though it's drawing life and energy from all of us. I so hate them all, for what they have done…and I would hold each one, no matter what position they 'think they hold' …completely accountable. "I was just following orders" will 'never' cut it because when/if conscience plays a part…then as far as I'm concerned they don't have it.

    • Dennis Hardy says:

      Hello Janet,
      I sincerely do not want to attack you, but do you really blame this ALL on the US? I can only ask you one question; and if you answer to yourself honestly I think you will understand the gravity of our situation. 
      If the only power in the world responsible for this(geoengineering) crime were the United States would it be happening?
      That's it, answer honestly and start to see the real truth of our insane world and the "actors" who run it.
      Best, Dennis

    • Earth Angel says:

      Amen Janet! – Well put. I second that emotion; and lets not forget about the past and the current presidents, secretary of state's, and all in the military who have been and are currently involved in carrying out these crimes against the peoples of the world.

  9. Karen W says:

    I will send this to people I know.  This is so very sad.

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