Fox News reports on chemtrails


A news report from Fox31 reveals to the masses that chemtrails may be a reality, leaving it up to the viewer to decide.

After the release of the documentary “Shade the Motion Picture” which details the fact that geoengineering and chemtrailing operations actually exist and are currently underway worldwide, other reporters like Fox31′s Heidi Hemmat have taken the information to the mainstream.

Fox News reports on chemtrails
Recently Hemmat did a piece on geoengineering which brilliantly features Rosalind Peterson from thedocumentary film “Shade” which released in October. While the segment lacks a lot of hard-hitting information, it does bring the issue out in front of the masses.

While the report passes off the existence of chemtrails as a “mystery”, saying that some call the concept “crazy”, it may do some good.

The report states that there has been a “sharp increase of barium and aluminum in the California water supply”, allowing Joe Golden a NOAA spokesperson to debunk the “conspiracy” as “contrail”. Golden suggested that Hemmat ask the FAA what is going on.

The FFA replied, saying that the streaks in the sky are simple “contrails” which are typical of airplane travel.

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  1. Jim C. says:

       This has been going on for about 10 years and to dismiss them as contrails is ridiculous. Most aviation people know what a contrail looks like and that they are temporary (usually 20 minutes or less), whereas chemtrails linger and spread out, usually during the day after they are spread. Some medical practitioners suggest this may explain increases in the autism rate and other diseases.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Jim, just for the record, the aerosol operation have been going on for over 70 years. About what we have trained to believe are “contrails”, yet another falsehood. The attached link will shed much more light, thank you for speaking out on this most critical issue Jim.


    • Don Hamric says:

      I live in California this is a daily occurrence I have many pictures but some people still think its not true 

  2. Raine says:

    Major Chemtrails on South Shore Boston area on 4/11/16 between 4:00 to 6:30 pm.  criss-cross patterns with large slow spreading plumes. I went through 4 towns and saw the same in every town. About three planes spraying. Later in area people arriving at veterinarians office with their pets and two woman sneezing like crazy and couldn't stop…they said they didn't know what was wrong as they have never had this problem before. Two grown men coughing and hacking…terrible….they do not know what is happening……its time to tell them all……

  3. JLH says:

    Government using people as test should be a crime punishable by life imprisonment with no possibility of parole. This is the style of crime you would see criminals  doing on a James Bond film. Be assured the cancer rate will increase. I guess the Government is hoping their objective whatever it is will be reached before the ones involved will be found out. Maybe its to thin population slowly while beefing up obama care. Making people sick will show obama care is needed whatever the cost.Puts more money in a failing system. Everyone will then start signing up without force. They certainly do NOT want you healthy.  Look at Flint Michigan. Lives MURDERED and completely destroyed. This must stop but it will not until our so called Congress and Senate are held fully accountable! I called the EPA in my state. I truly believe they all know what is going on but have been told to keep quiet or else. Must be billions behind this secret operation and life simply doesn't matter. Its demonic and I hope they read this . There is a HELL and life is short.The ones involved are breathing it too.

  4. Mary says:

    My niece and 7 other pre-k kids stayed home from class today due to headache. We are lcoated in Kingsville, Ontario . My niece's teacher messaged my sister that the same was happening to the kids in a school in Chatham, ON. I told my sister it was probably something in the air since it wasn't the water(separate systems). She said last week there was a chemtrail sighting 10 min from us. I had no idea what this was, so I googled chemtrail side effects and headache was the third on the list. First was neck ache, which my sister has been treating since the weekend. Also, earache was in the top 5 which me and my brother in law have had over the weekend too. These may seem like little ailments, but they were instant following the chemail sighting. What would you say about this Prime Minister Justin Trudeau? What would you say to the the children who breathe in this air in?

  5. vj ross says:

    July 16 2015  Today was a very windy  day. The air show starts tomorrow. The Blue Angels were practicing today. I only hope others noticed the spraying as an oddity, due to looking up to find the planes.

    I see the aerosol spraying day and night. Today they were spraying with the wind east to west. There were some persistent chemical clouds over head when I noticed a halo around the sun. It was strange because the halo was quite dark on the inside then a light rim of faint yellow, orange and blue. The sky was very blue beyond but where the cloud was in front of the sun it was dark almost ash color.

  6. Rick says:

    I live in the mountains on the North Carolina/Georgia state line. There are trails crisscrossed across the sky almost daily.
    Atlanta’s Hartsfield Jackson international is about a 2 hour drive away. I initially thought it was the planes but if you look up you can see the domestic airliners and they are not all leaving trails like that. I have been wondering why some planes leave trails and others don’t.

  7. Debra says:

    I travel from Mesa to downtown Phoenix everyday to get to work and I have watched thousands of Planes take off and land and never seen vapor trails behind them but for 2 weeks + and up untill 3 or 4 day ago I saw 10-20 per day on my way to work @ 1:30pm. It looked like it was partly cloudy but too many straight lines and you could see abruptly where they were coming from and going in all different directions. I have seen them for years, I’m 57 BUT never so many all at the same time and never for so many days in a row. This time I knew what they were.

  8. Xheexie says:

    Glad to see that Faux News is finally doing something bright for a change. And we CAN count on Rosalind, a former USDA crop loss adjuster now spending all her time exposing this massive hoodwinking operation.

    It is extremely annoying to me when the idiots running the militarized weather weaponizer NOAA lying through their teeth, pretending to be absolutely clueless about the spikes of poisonous metals in California and other states’ drinking water supplies– does this idiot and his cohorts really think there’s a conspiracy out there of folks driving around to all these sources and sprinkling the toxins on the water? SHEESH.

    Now that I understand that the nation has an actual Department of Weather Modification it makes sense why these corporate talking-bubbleheads insist that all the spraying is being done by “the government.” I’d like to know how much is being done by the privatized corporatocracy government contractors– same difference?

  9. KFJ says:

    Thanks for mentioning Monsanto’s aluminum resistant seeds. I was telling a friend of mine about that just yesterday. I live in Mount Shasta and we are heavily sprayed here too.

  10. Martha says:

    Heavy spray day in SF bay area, especially over the coast. Extreme drought persists during our rainy season for the second year in a row. Windless striped milky dead sky on what should be a crisp winter day.
    Besides weather modification, why this spraying of tiny particles said to be Aluminum and Barium that we inhale, poison our water and kill the soil? Luckily our food safety czar Monsanto has recently patented aluminum resistant, drought resistant seeds.

    • nancy says:

      This is for the last person who mentioned luckily Monsanto has aluminum resistant seeds was obviously Monsanto who's doing the chemical trail spraying to kill off all of the regular seeds so that their seeds are the only ones that will survive there's nothing lucky about this we're all being controlled manipulated and made sick for the benefit of large companies and the government

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