Geoengineering, A Clear And Present Danger

This video presentation was done in Northern California on November 21st, 2014, it is a wake up call. When the ship is going down, one must prioritize their time, their actions, and their energy. The planet is dying. Though there are countless forms of damage to Earth from human activities, climate engineering is mathematically the greatest single source, it is the epitome of human insanity. Our society has been very well trained to turn two blind eyes to the big picture, and to simply spend their time and energies only on their own pursuit of personal pleasures. If this paradigm is not overturned, and people do not choose to stand and face the challenges closing in on us, we will have no chance. Now is when we decide why we are here. Now is when we decide what it means to show our love for our children. If life on Earth is to have any possibility of survival, if our children are to have any chance of a future, we must all stand together in the battle to preserve what life is left on our once thriving planet. If we do not act today, we will not have tomorrow.

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  1. David Foltz says:

    Greetings.  Do you have anything that I can send to my state and federal legislators that I can send them (packet, links, etc.)?

  2. Effie T says:

    Is there any information out there about what chelation methods are available to the elite? There's a book called Fight Autism and Win that was recently banned on Amazon. It's about gentle chelation. Active censorship is happening in the U.S.A.; it's crazy. 

    • H says:

      Try ion cleansing. It helped me in lead exposure when insurers/worker's compensation refused chelation. It still helps now. 

    • Grace says:

      Go to Don't use sensored google. Search hair analysis test. After you do a hair test and get your results, you will know what your toxins are, the heavy metals. Then search online for supplements to chelate. Chelating slowly is safest, so when the heavy metal is in your blood stream, it will be removed and won't relocate into your tissue. You'll  expel it. Super important to not be constipated, because it will relocate then, due to fecal matter not expelling fast enough. Take probiotics daily and when you finish a bottle, buy a different brand so you get a different strain of good bacteria. Cheap probiotics as az good as expensive one according to my doc.  It might take you months to get your Gastro track healthy first, but after you see improvement and no sluggish colon or constipation, then you're ready to chelate for years. Always take probiotics from now on and then always chelate after you start. We have to keep detoxing forever because the environment is so toxic. Best wishes. 

  3. Effie T says:

    Have any pilots come forward? If so, they need to be protected. I've been watching from the Denver area and it's obvious that they are trying to block the sun. The trails are right underneath the path of the sun. Yesterday I saw a trail turn on then off. There were some planes with normal contrails. I'll try to get some pictures. I've also noticed that Apple's prediction of sunny days is inaccurate. The weather app will predict a sunny day and then on that day it'll change to partly cloudy or cloudy. I'm going to start taking screenshots of this. 300 days of sunshine is not accurate at all. Any day that I try to get some sun results in days or weeks of coughing. I don't know where to move as it seems like spraying is happening everywhere. We deserve our own extinction. 

  4. Ron says:

    Matt 24:22 "Unless those days had been cut short, no life would have been saved; but for the sake of the elect those days will be cut short."

  5. May Lee says:

    Aluminum and Alzheimer's. Let me tel an abbreviated story: A family member developed the disease rapidly. A neurologist and world leading researcher into Alzheimer's came himself to the home of the person afflicted. Why? Probably because of high levels of aluminum into the body of the person. The source was identified as pots and pans made of aluminum which were used for over half a century. Highly correlated data was recorded and then published. Then … nothing. All knew of this correlation and these events occurred 50 years ago. Aluminum as the cause of Alzheimer's is known. Now aluminum falls from the sky. Alzheimer's incidence is skyrocketing. To my knowledge, there is no known cure as of now.

    • eddie says:

      I have the cure. Pineal gland detox.  Borax soap mix in mineral oil 1/8 t/s, magnesium flakes  and water boil. Iodine drop.

  6. Shirley says:

    Dane:  I first learned about you in April through a Kevin Shipp reference.  It has been both overwhelming and revealing to think I saw the "chemtrails" in Florida many times and thought a Christian pilot was making crosses in the sky just before Easter.  Now I'm scrambling to get up to speed and I feel like I'm falling down a rabbit hole and can't get to the bottom of all this Deep State vs. geoengineering revelation.  The more material and books I buy on it, the more "trails" I see over my home in Sarasota.  Am I getting paranoid, am I crazy (as my son, friends and associates think) or are we being "gaslighted" by the cabal?  Thank you for your great website!  I want to write a letter to the editor of our newspaper, but I don't know where to begin over this long weekend.  A rainbow over the city gave me hope Friday night, but was it real or geoengineered?   See how the stratospheric aerosol dispersions are "gaslighting" me?

  7. Peter James says:

    You’re an Angel Dane. Ive tried telling people about this from when melbourne had golf ball size hail on Christmas day when we should be on a 30 degree day but they looked at me like I was on drugs and talking about a conspiracy. I'm willing to buy your panflets print my photos of the spraying and stick them on the local councils windows followed by a fire which I WILL START 

  8. richard brown says:


    I just found this;   They don't even deny cloud seeding, and talk in terms of decades of seeding cycles.. I had not imagined that such lunatic experimentation with the worlds ability to sustain and shelter us all was going on.  This is very alarming. I commend you for bringing it to folks attention  Dane.


    regards from Bulgaria


  9. Tim Hopkins says:

    Hello Dane,

    We are privileged to live in a rural village called Leintwardine in the united Kingdom. Our village dates back to being a Roman fort named Branovium 2000 years ago. We are close to the Welsh borders about 4 miles away and an area of outstanding natural beauty. The River Teme runs through here and the Teme valley has been designated a "site of special scientific interest." The Teme flows into the river Seven which is England's longest river and supplies drinking water for many thousands of people.

    The area is mainly agricultural, being famed for Herefordshire cattle and also growing potatoes along with cereals and oil seed rape.

    Last Thursday 28th Sept was clear bright and sunny in the morning and being retired I decided to go out and take some landscape pictures.

    I chose a vantage point I had used previously and while there noticed high altitude jets leaving long trails behind. These appeared to be  being turned on and off but were up hill and behind me from the area I wanted to photograph. Over the space of 45 minutes I took 125 images starting in beautiful sunshine, then moving down hill and then back to where I started.

    Over this time the sky had become quite hazy and the sunshine was dimmed.

    I spent the rest of the day away from the village and returned along the Teme valley travelling west about 6.0pm. As I neared Leintwardine the skyscape was completely changed and the house where I live and road were under a grid of expanding jet trails. When the sun was low enough I took several more Photo's which clearly showed white and black fallout descending  from the sky. Our village water supply is abstracted from the river and these trails were predominately over the river upstream.

    I have emailed these pictures to our member of parliament for an explanation and also alerted local environmental organisation (Herefordshire Nature Trust)

    Since Thursday I have discovered your website and watched your utube presentations. These I have also emailed with pictures to other people including my next door neighbours who have a young child and another expected in the new year. Nick is a vet and his wife Karen an agronomist.

    Keep up the good work. God bless you and all who help you in the work you are doing.

    Highlighting the evil of those willfully planning the destruction of our environment and our children's and grandchildren's wellbeing is a wonderful thing to do. Your personal sacrifices doing this work an example for all of us who care.

  10. Charles says:

    Dane, I had asked my long time neighbor, an airline pilot, about "chemtrails" and he adamantly denies anything such, so I delayed research.  Now I see this site and all that you have to say.  Do pilots really not know of this geoengineering or are they privy?  Are the elements/compounds put into the fuel, or a separate applicator?  In the why category, could this not be part of the UN's agenda 21 (or 30) which calls for a reduction of worldwide population by 95%.  Your vid is from 2014 and it just got renewed exposure, glad I saw it.  Thx, C

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Charles, about your pilot friend, I would say that he is well aware of how long his leash is. He knows to speak of climate engineering (the “chemtrails” term is harmful to the credibility of our cause) would be a very bad carreer decision at minimum. About the rest of your questions, the equation is complex, there are many layers. Hope you will continue to investigate this dire issue.

    • Tom says:

      Just wondering about that hurricane that hit Ireland. My friend in Santa Fe. New Mexico recommended this site and confirms after reading what my wife and I suspect. I'm in Ireland and she's in New Mexico. We have seen so much tampering with our food in America for years ( to much to explain here ) that we are looking for a place on earth to retire and hold hands till the end. The Azores came up and after reading these lovely peoples comments, well it's scary. I can also confirm that the CIA have bought Amazon and have a major silent hand in Walmart. They have started to control Americans eating habits and modifying it's contents. Thanks Dane and all on here. Stay strong and pray. 

  11. Inge Perreault says:

    Hi Dane,

    Thank you for bringing the geoengineering into the open. The fact that they are even spraying over the Azores  is amazing but we got a reprieve during main tourist season with the result that we have experienced heat and sunshine that is so strong, it is impossible to be outside for any length of time. The Azores have a sub-tropical climate and it has never been this hot. They must have damaged the Ozone layer because even at 7pm the sun feels like it is burning your skin and it does not cool down until dark. Last winter we had gray skies daily other than one day a week when they seemed to give us a break. The worst nay-sayers trying to debunk your movement live in America, their apathy is astounding. I had a former friend tell me that SNOPES debunked your valuable work and that the trails were photo-shopped into the pictures, that is how deep the denial goes.I can no longer associate with people whose minds are closed to what is happening and who show no interest whatsoever in the fact that we are being poisoned on the largest scale ever seen. As I mentioned before this did not start here until after the self-propelled HAARP platform docked outside the harbor of the capitol of the Azorean Archipelago, I must have been the only person who bothered to do some quick research and determined what it was that others mistook for an oil-drilling rig. How can you possible mistake one of these trails for con-trails coming from planes flying significantly higher and disappearing within 10 minutes max. Since they began spraying Alzheimer and cancer in the Azores have risen sharply as well as neurological diseases. When we arrived here in November 2006 there was one cell-tower on Lagoa do Fogo, now there are at least a dozen and I see small ones all over the islands. We are 2000 miles from the American continent and 900 miles from mainland Portugal, who would ever have thought we would be exposed to chemical warfare on a population in the middle of the Atlantic ocean? Keep up the good work Dane, you are the voice in the wilderness exposing the Emperor with no clothes. The friends I have lost in the States were not worth keeping at this time in my life, I gladly let them go after receiving nasty remarks such as "Never send me gargabe like this again.") They claim to care about their grand-children and close their eyes to the unpleasant and disturbing actions of the Powers that be. I saw the HAARP platform with my own eyes floating by my windows in rather close proximity and nothing on this island has been the same since, even the flowers are confused.Please keep-up the good work, you are reaching a lot of people outside of the USA and it is my guess that the only true organic vegetables are the ones grown in greenhouses.

  12. Inge Perreault says:

    In 2006 my husband and I moved to the Azores because we could see that retiring in America was financially not possible. We have lived on the main island for 11 years not and until 4 years ago we had the normal Azorean weather. Then one day I was sitting at my PC, our windows all look out over the ocean and I saw this STRANGE thing floating by. At first I thought it was something for oceanic research but upon further search I found that it was one of the three existing floating self-propelled HAARP platforms. It remained in the capitol outside of the harbor of Ponta Delgada for about 8 days, everybody wondered what it was but did not bother to research. Then again sitting at my desk I saw a red large vessel with no flag but a number 7 at the bow come by my window and upon further research I found out if was a vessel for rapid transportation of the platform that I read was transported to Korea. Ever since I see the chem-trails and our weather has changed drastically. Last winter we got 1 day a week of sunshine, ever since that platform was here we see the trails and last year a scientist from Finland was here who checked the soil and rain-water, you know what he found. I never expected this to happen here but the Azores are instrumental in the development of European weather. Everybody I know is Vitamin D deficient, I am glad to be 70 years old and not long for this world – this is not my world any longer and nobody in America want's to believe me. They all don't want to be upset and think about the future of their children and grandchildren, they all play ostrich sticking their heads in the sand not realizing that the rest of their body is quite exposed:) Humanity is at a very defining moment and most people prefer to look the other way. I am sick anyway and had a full life, you can lead the horse to water but you can't make it drink. I have accepted my fate, coming out of post-WWII Germany was difficult enough, my children's generation does not seem to care, they think I am no longer of sound mind. Well, they will see…………………… is 2017 and only getting worse.Dane, you are a very courageous person, you have my admiration.

    • celtic freedom says:

      hi Inge Perreault, i admire you for your comment sound mind and obviously light filled soul , keep smiling grandma , never quit , there is continuation always of soul , God bless you darling from australia

  13. Karen Morgan says:

    I doubt that the California Folsom Lake Damn could have been fixed without a long term drought;   and now we have the Oroville damn spillway to replace not to mention the Clifton Forebay damn which needs immediate work. 

    A little humor:  "Damned if you do; damned if you don't".  Finding the lesser of two evils isn't easy. 



    You need to get this out to schools so our younger generation can here about this.

  15. Willett Amie says:

    I have heard a little about "chemtrails" and you're right…it's a non-threatening term.  However, "climate manipulation" makes you take notice.  Thank you for this video.  Extremely informative for me as a novice on the topic.

  16. William says:

    Hi, Dane. so does this mean that there is no such thing as organic food?

    • Maria Maize says:

      What an incredibly good question.  I would like to kow th answer to that one.  Perhaps grown in a greenhouse with filtered water would minimize  the intake of heavy metals – especially the aluminum?

    • Teresa says:

      Organic foods don’t exist due to chem trails being sprayed all over our world since the 60s. What we eat and breath is killing us slowly. 

  17. Ludovico says:

    Hi Dane, I just did spanish subtitles for this video of yours, I uploaded this video with the spanish subs to my youtube channel for the spanish speakers. If you would like the srt file so you can add them in your video please send me a mail ill be happy to oblige. Thank you so much for your efforts. Ludovico

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Ludovico, thank you more than I can say for your efforts to help us sound the alarm in spanish.

  18. Phil says:

    The spraying here in western Maryland has been out of control, especially since last fall (kind of a coincidence that the ramping up of these programs started right after the Paris "climate" conferences).   I am young and have always tried to stay healthy and active, but over the past couple of years I felt my breathing and energy levels deteriorating.  I find my memory and multitasking abilities deteriorating as well.  And it is not just me…..I am seeing these problems with just about everybody I know!   I am slowly starting to wake a few people up to this subject, but overall most people seem to care more about sports and the latest Hollywood drama.  I keep telling them that none of those things are going to matter when all of our food production dies, all of our water is poisoned, and we all become deathly ill from this assault on us.  I have even written to my local and state representatives (no response).  I am about ready to send a letter in to my local newspaper with hopes they will publish it.  Who in the hell gave these Zionist criminals the right to do this to us?  Everyone involved in this assault on us will have their judgement day when they leave this earth, and I have a feeling God is NOT going to have mercy on them!  Thank you Dane for your courageous effort in exposing this.  God bless you!

    • CLAUDIA says:

      Once again….the government blames it on the people's activities….but are contributing to the damage by a far larger degree….and with purpose! MAN is the spirit of the 6th Seal. Each Seal on the Scroll started the workings of a certain Spirit. The 6th Seal released the era of man worshiping himself as god. Man….messing with GOD's creative laws, because man knows best! Just as man started manipulating the Word and Law of GOD for his own ends and power.

    • Trish says:

      We need young people LIKE YOU, Phil! Thank you for waking up and taking action.

  19. Kevin says:

    If geoengineering is happening on a global scale, there is only one thing that could garner Worldwide collusion and secrecy and its that life on Earth is about to take a drastic turn for the worse and this is a last ditch effort to turn it around. Whatever the case may be with the spraying, they should all be hanged for the secrecy.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Kevin, climate enigneering is real, and global, but it is a mistake to believe what is being done is in any way benevolent. Global geoengineering is about power and control at the core.

    • Steven Hedstrom says:

      war criminals for crimes against humanity! 

  20. Peter Biekens says:

    Dear Dane,
    Not being one to take anybody's word for anything, I considered and then decided to take an Open University course in meteorology, the better to track what is going on in our skies.
    Guess what, in the last few months the Open University has closed the course. Also I am having difficulty getting any sort of access to NOAA satellite feeds.
    Something smells here – perhaps sweetened by evidence that California by reports is getting rain again.
    Could it just possibly be that the totalitarian tiptoe is in action where people evidence waking up to the truth, and in response the geoengineers back off ?

  21. Mira says:

    So terrifying to hear all this. I have known a little bit of this for a long time, but had not realized to what degree our beautiful planet and its inhabitants are affected. We all wish we could stop it, but what can a solitary everyday person do in face of the global elite who is at the head of all this. I just feel helpless like a lamb being led to slaughter. At my age, I will probably don't live long enough to see the whole horror of aftereffects, but my  children and their children will. And my heart aches for them an the rest of humanity.

    • Monica Sp says:

      Do lots of praying. It has been proven that prayer works and if enough of us do it, we can hope for a miracles. If we follow what has been happening in the world today, with eyes wide open, we can see the corruption in high places and the fact that mainstream media is the fake news as Donald Trump says. Thank God, the Internet and the many whistleblowers and people sharing posts that have things become exposed. This is just the beginning of mass awareness and time to take our planet back and have the beautiful life on earth that we all deserve! Also, there was apparently a lawsuit in Canada and the US. Not sure how that's going but they are still spraying in Vancouver, BC where I am, even sprayed over Christmas!! 

  22. Jason says:

    Hi Dane
    appreciate your work! I have also been beating the drum to a often deaf and blind crowd.
    can you advise/provide what you have on Australia/New Zealand
    Will you be coming to Australia anytime soon?
    hope to hear from you

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Jason, thank you for helping us to sound the alarm, don’t give up. No plans to come down under, but will let you know if that changes. Much work to do and not enough time, I will remain at my post on this end. Lets keep banging those drums Jason.

  23. tommy dinney says:

    the elite are known. they MUST be physically removed.trained x military can do this job. Is this a war of survival or not?

  24. Linda says:

    God bless you all.  It does the heart good to read these comments from countless aware and committed people.  Having been one of those who has followed the spraying for over 20 years at least, and feeling so sad at the denial/apathy/coverups and almost losing hope, I renew each time I hear/read Dane and these comments from the hearts of so many.  Here in La Jolla we have some days of blue skies that seem normal, and then out of nowhere comes the most gigantic chemtrail that seems to take up half the sky.  (Where do they get the planes to spray these giant things?)  Kind of terrifying.  And the rainclouds gather often and turn the air humid and the sky dark, and not one drop of rain.  I can tell they are hiding their manipulations behind the rainclouds; it becomes obvious after a while.  Praying daily for miracles and circulating the videos from Dane whenever possible to as many as possible.  Mother Earth and the Weather systems are trying so hard to be normal….we cannot ever give up.  Thank you Dane and all of you with such great hearts.  

    PS  Like Freedom Ranger, I also got a date of 2020; surely something has to give soon? Either that or we quietly follow the disappearing little animals/creatures to a hopefully blossoming new world.

  25. Kim Nicholas says:

    I just attended your presentation in Redding Ca. and thought I was going to hear a bunch of crazy people but what I heard was professionals with clear educated information. I was invited to attend through Facebook and I hope you use this method of getting your information out. I hope this information goes viral. I want to thank you for your life's work of trying to save this planet, as I have grandchildren that I worry about . I want to let you know my husband and I left overwhelmed and a little fearful, it seems so big and unstoppable but I promise you I will spread your words and information as far as I can reach, and anything you ask of us I will do to help. Thank God for you and the brave people that are coming forward. I will add you and your organization to my prayers and ask God to help save our planet by putting light on the horrible things that are being done. Thank you Kim Nicholas and Bob Martz.

    • Lynn Sandage says:

      Here in Vermont the phenomenon has seemingly stopped during the past 10 days or so— but before that it was EVERY DAY & in MANY PLACES IN THE SKY FOR MONTHS ON END.  I can't find anyone locally to get involved.  I want to help with this issue.  Are there any politicians other than Cynthia McKinney working on this problem?  I'd like to share an important poem I have written that presents our problem in broader terms to interested persons.  In humility & hope,  Lynn Sandage where I'VE NOT SEEN A SINGLE SNAKE ALIVE ON MY MOUNTAIN THIS YEAR, WHERE THERE FORMERLY WERE MANY SEEN BY ME EACH SUMMER.  Also almost NO MORE BUTTERFLIES, VERY FEW BEES, and blackberry bushes disappeared, ETC.

    • Noah Bowes says:

      Lynn, here in New Hampshire the drought is getting worse, and I see planes flying over every day. The planes are also closer than jumbo jets. I feel like the phenomenon has moved over here.

    • Tom says:

      Lynn. Same in Ireland. Diminished bees, badgers, butterflies, flowers, berries and birds. What a shock since arriving home after 30 yrs away from what was once a beautiful countryside, bursting with nature. I brought it to a Politician here and was treated like I needed a straightjacket. Lots of aluminum particles in our food here. The soil is no where near as rich as it was 30 yrs ago. 

      Bless yall and keep it in the news, somehow. 


  26. Nancy Jones says:

    Is the court case still going on in Shasta County CA? I have not seen any postings by anyone up in that area. Wondered what the status is. Also, of recent, Northern CA being bombarded with spraying and planes up four at a time. Spraying early am then in pm as well. Most likely coming out if Beal AFB. Why can’t a meeting be held with the Commander there to see why they are sending planes up daily and who oversees and approves these flights. This us our tax $$$ at work and we should bombard our Representatives with questions, $$amounts, studies, investigations and such. Yesterday in am, beautiful blue dky, by evening, totally covered with Chemtrail lines. I feel helpless….

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Nancy, hang on. Big wheels are turning behind the scenes in our favor, a very big free public presentation is now scheduled for Redding Cal on August 14th, watch for more details.

    • Bob James says:

      Please make these videos downloadable.  We can put them on DVDs for distribution.  I'll take some to Sen. Rand Paul office, Rep. Alan Grayson's, etc.

    • Ian Bentley says:

      I was in Brussels in the ixelles district in Belgium two weeks ago it had been more than 32°c for the past week and was only going to get hotter then on the Saturday at noon i was standing outside a bar in ixelles when i noticed a perfect grid pattern of trails in the sky it looked like a chess board the next day the sky was white we must stop this for our children sakes and the planet 

  27. Evan says:

    Thank you, Dane. Spraying here in Napa County, Ca is persistant.

    You mention shying away from the term "Chemtrails"…I looked up the word in Wikipedia recently, and it only had a listing for "Chemtrail Conspiracy Theory".  No surprise here–the term "conspiracy theory" was coined by the CIA after the Kennedy assassination, and is tagged onto any desired subject to marginalize it. Few people realize that the CIA does a tremendous amount of editing on Wikipedia. Control the information….and you can control the population.

    I hope to get a presentation on the spraying at our local library. 

    Thanks again.

  28. Bob Shroyer says:

    I am so glad I saw your interview with Greg Hunter. What we have seen since 9-11 and before is that people are in fear of questioning the Power Elite. This entire geo-engineering situation is so illogical that normal humans could not possibly agree to doing these things unless they are threatened or in fear of something. I am beginning to think that Aliens have either taken over at the higher levels or they are controlling these people and want to occupy this planet after we are all gone. Sounds crazy I know, but how else could this many people justify these insane actions?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Bob, we have seen the same type of spinless human behavior all through human history, its just on a much more massive scale now with consequences that will be total if populations don’t wake soon.

    • margaret says:

      There are many many things taking place around the
      World that connect with and explain why geoengineering is taking place. See the above site.
      Also do your homework on fema camps, jade helm, project 21, nation wide martial law to take place before sept 2015. Do your homework on the undergroynd cities being built to protect the “elite” from the mass genocide they are planning against the unsuspecting public. Its a satanic and demonic sorce this is all stemming from…..

    • Tom says:

      Bob. New World Order. Two classes of people, poor work for the rich. They are trying to cut out the middle class as they have a vote.

  29. Scott says:

    Yesterday and today 4/3-4/15 here in Phoenix, Arizona they blanketed the skies like mad as if they were determined to destroy everything in one day.  The best part was that I was able to wake a few teenagers up along with some adults about the reality of what is going on.  

    The facts I provided were simple, "Look up, do those look like clouds to you?"  While all the jets flew overhead spraying.  Needless to say they wanted to know more so I sent them to this sight.

    "Truth should be stricken from all languages for if it is learned, it will destroy the very fabric that tries to suppress it"   ~Unknown~

    • Beth says:

      Here in southeast Wisconsin the spraying has been relentless these past few months.  I can't remember a day when I've not seen the trails in the sky, and I definitely notice patterns.  They spray for a few days, then often on a Saturday, they stop for most of the day, and the sky looks wonderfully normal or almost.  But then it starts up again.  Thanks for your website.  The need to educate people is urgent!!!!

  30. Malcolm K Foster says:

    Hi. I am very worried about this and only this week on Good Friday, I was in a local park here in East Lancashire, England, with my wife and little granddaughter. I recognised a number of unnatural trails across the sky above us and watched them as they widened out and drifted with the wind across the skies. They looked so unnatural and I noticed there was a sharp leading edge along the advancing side whilst the opposite side feathered out. The otherwise clear blue sky was becoming very hazy and I suddenly realised I was looking at chemtrails, something that I did not realise were being sprayed over us in the UK. I tried to take some photo's and video of this but only with some limited success. Today I have witnessed a couple of jets leaving normal con-trails high in the sky, which soon dissipated in a minute or two. I now have no doubt these poisons and carcinogenic elements are being rained down on us for whatever the reasons of the people doing it. No wonder there is such an increase in cases of dementia, etc. It might be a way of reducing the world's population (as this is a declared aim of The New World Order) or enabling people like Monsanto to have monopoly on the supply of aluminum-resistant grains where normal grain dies, etc. This is an evil act, ruining God's world forever, our world – the only one we have and I hate those responsible for killing our planet. I pray it can be stopped.

    A last thought is – kill the land, the plants and us and make the land worthless. Agenda 21?

  31. Debra Stinchcomb says:

    This is my first real awakening to this problem. Really, how can we make anything happen. The global economy is backing this. What can I do??? I was just thinking we ae the Titanic and heading towards the iceberg, it feels hopeless, so very hopeless.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Debra, abandon hopelessness and fear, adopt anger and the motivation to expose the insanity. No one can take your will, no one. 

  32. Steven Chamberlain says:

    Copy a link to this page and send it to ALL of your contacts and tell them to send it to All of their contacts. Tell them that if they don’t something terrible is going to happen. TOTAL PLANETARY EXTINCTION.

  33. nati says:

    Dear Dane
    first I thought I was led to an unserious page: now I know it truly and better: you are one of the best informed persons, regarding this genocide-chemtrail geoengineering. As I mentioned in my first mail, they are chemtrailing us to “Death” here, also in Germany, especially around Frankfurt-Mannheim area I found out.
    Since January 20th, we have the feeling they r acting up in a new manner, maybe using additional toxic particles. I sincerely hope that you will be able to attribute to the “willingly blinded” population to realize what is going on on our complete planet.
    I am trying best I can to inform ppl here in our area, becz its not only in california, Dane, believe me also over western-europe, they initialized the “secret genocide” over our population. plz which email address can I directly use?
    May you be blessed, always
    thnx for your battle
    nati from germany

  34. Glenda Jasper says:

    Dane I have taken all of every video/pictures of proven reality what’s happening in our Skies
    I have awakened ones in Banks,Dept Stores, Grocery outlets & more we have to LOOK UP and become a Part of this vast suicide march that is happening right above us in our Skies..California must get their head out of their pouch & begin awakening for they too are just as acceptable as the rest in dying slowly from deadful poisons sprayed 24/7

  35. RobiMac says:

    How can anyone stop all this? The globalists don’t care what the populace thinks. With regard to all that they are putting in our atmosphere, our water, our food, that causes all our physical and terminal illnesses, I don’t see any globalists or other self important people and their families wearing gas masks so, they have to be taking some kind of antidote or preventative inoculant.

  36. shepherdess says:

    I wanted to add, and Dane may have old you already, as well, there is a great book called The Choice is Clear by Allen E. Banik.
    Along with pure water, Hippocrates said, let food be thy medicine, and green herbs as described in scripture, when fruit, veggies, seeds, nuts and legumes fall short because of poor soil etc., we have to make up for it, so find whole food, non gmo, real supplements, such as Purely C, zinc and echinacea to add to the diet.
    We learned the foods of the wild in our area to eat [such as dandelion, sorrel, dock, clover, purslane and lambs quarters]. But with what they are doing, the wild foods are in great jeopardy as well. This subject is so very important!

  37. shepherdess says:

    Dane thank you very much for your work, we appreciate your voice and your work to use to pass on this info to others.
    For Tom and others that it may help, let me share this input. Oklahoma/AR/TX region has been hit hard since 2005 and have been documenting. We have had alot of high radiation fog as well.
    Being vital family herbalists and vegans, and deeply troubled by this, we try to do our part to share knowledge and help ourselves make wise health choices; i.e we use only distilled water, also for removing toxins, Living Clay, and olive leaf for helping with the fallout, to combat the radiation/radiation fog we include Holy Basil and nano iodine. Also, for the bacterias and virus’ that are also in the fallout, we need to make sure we are eating a healthy processed food-free, mucus-less diet as organic as possible [preferably non gmo, organic, food grown inside greenhouses and not from shallow gardening] to make our immune system strong adding great herbs such as sunflower seeds, and other seeds and nuts, sprouts, red raspberry, nettle, morianga, cilantro, magnesium spray, progesterone. These come to my mind right away, as part of our usual routine. Of course, we have nano silver, black walnut and wormwood on hand as we do lavender, peppermint etc. should we need; we use cayenne pepper and garlic as our antibiotic sources and part of our pro-active ways. “They”, under the great “destroyer”, the one of Chaos, sexual immorality, deception and slaughter; are ruining the air, the water, soils, the plants/herbs/trees that are the base of our very existence. While we are able, we need to build our bodies and minds up, make sure our organs are clean and functioning well, and learn to live and eat simply and in season. When things get harder, the more fit we are, the more knowledgeable and informed, the better. This is what we do, this is how we keep us and all our farm animals well without need of medical care outside of our Creator and us, we offer no medical advice, this is for your education, guidance to do further research on all these things, and for entertainment purposes only, :% , May you all be in health as you seek Truth in all things!

  38. Tom Liccione says:

    Dear Dane,
    Thanks for your tireless efforts to shed some light on such thorny issue. My son had the good fortune to ask one of our Congressmen if they are spraying the skies with aerosols. He could not have denied it: that day was one of the worst we have seen in the Denver area. Here’s how our Congressman answered: “We have no choice. It’s not an exact science, but I wish they would hurry up because we don’t have much time”.
    I am amazed at the degree of apathy that is so widespread in our society. I have tried to gather information about the aerosols they spray. One night my wife and I saw a giant black x in the skies above our head. It terrified me, until I learned that titanium dioxide, doped with some carbon, can promote hydrolysis. Water vapor is split into Hydrogen and Oxygen. That lowers the atmospheric humidity and less heat is retained. I have seen two black x’s again last spring. This time it was sunset and very visible, but not many people noticed them. We had a heat spike and the next day was forecast to be above normal. Those bright, short and quickly disappearing contrails are probably Titanium Dioxide. It is a pigment and it quickly dissolves in the atmosphere, which acts as a liquid. This does not mean I justify what I see done in our sky. I watched a presentation by a JPL scientist and he spoke of an alternate method of fighting global warming, by carbon dioxide removal. Its only negative point: it’s too expensive.
    If you or anyone who reads this has any information on how to minimize the damage from the sprayed aerosols, it would be very helpful. Some people recommend drinking lots of water, but the water is contaminated with the fallout, so would it really help? We have a small reverse osmosis system and I wonder if it is good enough to filter out nanoparticles. I suggested to my son we should have the filtered water tested for metals.
    may God keep you healthy,

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Tom, thank you for your efforts in this battle. I have sent you a PM regarding your comment and what the congressman stated, I would like to speak directly to you about this.Regarding your osmosis system, it will likely not filter out the nano particulates if that contamination is present.

  39. Nicole says:

    As Dane says, “People ask, why would they do this” well one great reason is that too many scientists, both on the IPCC panel and independent are now begging for geo engineered intervention. So their reports ultimately do more damage that good. They are panicked about the methane release in the arctic but cutting our nose off to spite our face is not the solution. Trying to suggest that this will be minimally invasive is ludicrous. Look at the trees already. We are next. Thank you Dane, and much love to you and yours!

  40. Earth Angel says:

    Today in North Georgia I saw one of the weirdest sights I’ve ever seen. The day started out sunny with blue skies. Temps by mid-morning around 50 degrees or so. During the noontime hour they were spraying the skies with the trails fairly heavily. Coming home from an outing at 4:30pm the sun became covered over with the horrible opaque mess that we are all now too familiar with seeing- BUT to either side of the glowing mass behind the shroud of particulates appeared a rainbow looking sundog equidistant from both the left(southward)and the right(northward)of the center point of the sun. It felt to me quite a bit colder than it had been (like the refrigerator door opening feeling the cooler air sensation we have all come to recognize-at least for those of us who are awake to what is happening), and I believe they were likely spraying the chemicals which cause the artificial endothermic reaction since today they have now abruptly changed the weather forecast for the next week from unusually warm for the Christmas week to a potentially turbulent rain event Dec. 23rd then possibly changing over to snow Dec. 24th. Voila!!.. A White Christmas for North Georgia. 😉 Let’s see what happens here folks!

  41. Mike says:

    They fly too high for the hunters to shoot. Also, if any of these planes were to be downed, news headlines would be, “Lunatic Terrorist shoots down commercial airliner filled with families and children traveling for the Christmas Holidays.”

  42. Jan-Michael says:

    Thanks…I am very interested in this as at now age 63 with MS diagnosed 14 yrs ago, I am abig believer in detox of heavy metals.

  43. Jan-Michael says:

    Thanks for this detox recipe. I have Multiple Sclerosis and my research shows part of the MS equation, at least to lower severity, is Chelation therapy (recipes)
    so I again thank you for your post.

  44. Jay Fiato says:

    Yup I second that it as Dane says will get you further .peace

  45. Jay Fiato says:

    Share facts on social media post flyers and like Dane said we have to or we will not be. Peace

  46. Jay Fiato says:

    Thanks for the info , but if we can stave off this for people or mitigate it , we need a detoxification process for our planet it’s as you know our only one .peace

  47. Gary says:

    How can this be made more publicly known ?..Most people don’t have a clue what’s going on in the sky above their heads !..They say”oh !..It’s just contrails” !

  48. JR says:

    To June; I’m in Southwest, N.M. also and our skies are not normal June just because it’s sunny, you must know that. We are in the high desert as well and not even near sea level, and our rain clouds are being broken down to nothing. This is why we are in drought, it’s man induced with a sinister purpose. I’ve witnessed this for a good 12 years now since my eyes were opened by a friend. These lowlifes are always spraying our skies and the air we breathe can’t possibly be clean. As you say the sky is funky looking whited out, even yellowish-orange, grayed out. You know they spray at night as well so what should be clean fresh air is now contaminated every breath we take. The bicyclists and motorcycle enthusiasts, along with runners are no where in the know how it seems of SAG otherwise they would have some protection over their faces. The person working all day outside is another bad story in itself. It seems the majority cares not or knows not and willing to do anything as our government would not do such things to harm us? These particulates are always surrounding us especially with mostly non-stop spraying. The SAG sprayers have anger it seems with rainclouds (moisture) as I’ve stated because they destroy it and nature itself. Yesterday we had low lying fog in area and clouds from west and it (they) were consumed from spraying of chemtrails-SAG, 0 left. You know as well as I and rest on this site it’s an uphill battle with our so called leaders mostly all gullible and too complacent. The battle for Freedom seems to be here on our front, not some far off distant place as they (it) would have us believe. EPA, USDA, etc. is not looking out for our well being as they are selling us out with big corporate interests in many areas and practices of injustice. Our climate and weather is for sale, this need not be in question or put up for a vote and should be of no concern to us they would have us think! All the crooks in banking defraud and corruption recently, did they not all get super big bonuses and get bailed out at taxpayers expense and the common citizen? I understand some are in the current cabinet under Obama as were in past administrations. It seems we forget who we are dealing with people, being bombarded left to right with human issues and injustice, lie after lie, environmental being one major one. I’ve heard of the term fear mongering tactics used on us too often to blind us in confusion. I hope this all makes sense, because the evil we are surrounded by daily does not align itself with good at all in any form and should be exposed (as) the orchestrators. In the end good prevails over all evil because it is the light that overcomes darkness……….

    • Tom says:

      JR. I lived in Santa Fe for many years and have seen and tasted what you described. I worked near LANL , Taos and Ghost Ranch. I have seen the changes with my own to eyes. I'm in Ireland now looking for a place for my wife and I to retire. Fact is JR, it's polluted here also. The once beautiful countryside is dying at an alarming rate.


  49. Steven Chamberlain says:

    Hello Ahsha, When approaching people with this issue please try to avoid using the word chemtails. Use terms like climate engineering, geoengineering or stratospheric aerosol injection. The word chemtrails will only lead someone searching for the truth to lies and deception.

  50. Ahsha Staiger says:

    Hi Steve,
    I was working in Valdez when the avalanche/dam happened and cut off the city for few weeks, then after all the fresh water run off hit the bay the wind stopped blowing and the berametric pressure dropped to never seen before levels (as stated by the captain and second mate)
    and we froze into bay as we were pulling a bardge, another tug had to break us out. Captain Hill posted it on YouTube.
    Climate change is real. Can’t speak on this chemtrails business much but I can say this without a shadow of doubt people/governments act in there own best short term financial interest.

  51. June says:

    This morning I woke up to a clear sky. I can’t remember the last time that has happened, and I’m in the Southwest. Normal weather here, the weather I have known for the last 30 years here, is clear and sunny day after day. It’s the desert. However, the relentless aerosol spraying from airplanes has created a filthy, grey-white film over our city day after day. It’s despicable. Today I said, “Thay’re going to let us have sun today.” Can you imagine that? They are letting us have sun. This is insane and the weather modification program must be stopped now.

    Thank you, Dane, for educating us. I know you are humble, but you are a hero.

  52. Light of the Phoenix.... says:

    If you want to see what I have send me a friend request….Lightofthephoenix Artstudio…

  53. June says:

    bijua-Yes, Arizona has been hammered. It’s sickening. Why doesn’t anyone seem to notice or care? People are in denial. They don’t think that the government would allow such an atrocty to happen. Denial. I keep spreading the word like you. Thank you for doing what you’re doing.

  54. Steven Chamberlain says:

    Ahsha, The first thing you can do is send a link to this website to All of your contacts and tell them to pass it on to All of their contacts. Use the flaming arrow package. Then print some flyers and give them to everyone you meet. I own a pizza place in Nikiski, Alaska. I have made a commitment to put this website or a flyer that directs people to this site on every pizza that leaves Charlie’s pizza. I won’t stop until the spaying stops! Thank you in advance for your activism.

  55. Talawanda says:

    Superb once again, and they just keep getting better and more professional, Dane. Believe me when I say all of this has been shared. Blessings to you and yours.
    I do have some Detox information if anyone is interested.

    Heavy Metal Detox Recipe

    6 apples (dissolves accumulations
    in blood vessels)

    1 beet (blood builder and thyroid

    4 stalks celery (minerals and
    sodium to help deliver nutrients
    into cells)

    1 handful cilantro (heavy metal

    1 handful of wheat grass (heavy
    metal chelator and blood purifier)

    1 handful of dandelion (liver
    cleanser and blood purifier)

    1 handful mint (flavor and
    beneficial essential oils)

    1 lemon (mucus dissolver, cell
    toner and lymphatic cleanser)

    2 in piece ginger (stimulant and

    2 in piece turmeric (anti
    inflammatory, very beneficial)

    2 tbs. zeo force clinoptilonite
    clay (very important, the magic
    ingredient, carries heavy metals
    from the body, find the healthforce
    link below my youtube videos)

    Juice all this and drink at least
    once per day; takes about 20 minutes
    It is not as simple and easy as some,
    but we are getting hit hard on all sides
    by these toxic heavy metals and we
    must do whatever it takes to thrive
    in this world.

    • Mike says:

      Hi Talawanda,
      Thank you for sharing your Detox formula
      Can you also share a link to your youtube
      videos as you commented on your post 
      from 12/10/2014.
      I thank you kindly for your assistance in this matter.

  56. this is a sample from an “upcoming album” of heavy “aerosol-geoengineering” we experienced yesterday, we had a very “Foreboding Sky” as you’ll see…
    …you know the new slogan “I Can’t Breathe”…….
    I’ve a new one : “We Can’t Breathe”….
    Let’s make T-Shirts and get the word out !!!
    here is the first example :

  57. sue says:

    thank you dane, for all that you do.

  58. sherry taylor says:

    A lot of people are just coming to grasp how they are being poisoned in their food(arsenic in rice)…
    Including the air ..would that push them over the edge?
    Good thing they don’t know “they” added pollution additives in plane fuel from 40 years ago to now.
    Pretty crazy stuff..i even heard of a plan of adding it to container that insane or what?
    Then we are going to be dinged for using too much carbon?
    They even put arsenic in water to help the pipes not rust..I mean really..never mind we are absorbing the least the pipes are saved

  59. C.D. says:

    On or about June 15th of this year is when I first became aware of the insane geoengineering programs taking place. I am sickened every time I see them spraying and irrevocably changing the foundations of LIFE on Earth. I moved to Maine to get away from the stress of the city and to enjoy nature and fresh air. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t see them spraying… they spray often in the evening (which makes absolutely no sense if it’s SRM). They even spray on cloudy days. People are just being conditioned that we are entering an era of “extreme weather” but more are realizing now that it is the geoengineering programs that are causing all of it! How can this go on? How can other countries allow it??

  60. Steven Chamberlain says:

    It’s still 39 degrees in Nikiski, Alaska at midnight. The thermometer hasn’t budged in 36 hours. A steady stream of cover with little or no precipitation is pushing north out of the pacific. THEY have stolen our winter and it’s really pissing me off! Every little blue hole in the cover gets a thick trail of scum almost instantly.

  61. Ahsha Staiger says:

    How can I futher help this cause?
    Thank you in advance for your advice.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Ahsha, check the “activist suggestions” link and the “flaming arrows” link on the home page of Thank you for joining us in this fight.

  62. matt says:

    the 9 news in denver just used the word con-trails when looking at sunset pictures,, WOW WOW all these people are in on this even the little news guys !!

  63. bija says:

    Arizona has been under an all out assault since right after Thanksgiving. Today is so sickeningly and completely covered in a milky haze and uncomfortably thick, like breathing toxic vapor! How have we allowed them to steal our joy in living? My family and friends have made it clear that I am not allowed to steal their denial by telling the truth, no matter how gentle I am with the information. I have turned my vehicle into a moving poster, post flyers everywhere possible (always gone next day!) and wear a vest I designed that says Look Up with this website ( when it’s not rediculosly hot in December!). I live about 2 miles from the Airforce Base. They are always flying screaming fighter jets over our heads, so I know people are looking up. Apparently most everyone has forgotten what a sky really looks like. Living with this every day has taken its toll in so many ways. I guess it is true that ignorance is bliss!

  64. Freedom Ranger says:

    Boulder Colorado Stephen, the mountains overlooking Boulder. I live at 7500 feet, The temperature recording was taken while in town, 5400 feet on the Dec 6th not the 7th, correction. I registered 67 at the house at 7500 feet, 40 degrees above normal or so.

  65. Karen says:

    This morning in Sacramento a person I was talking to over the phone sounded sick. I asked her if she was. She said No, but after the rain she lost her voice and has been dealing with it since.
    I’ve also noticed telephone/computer trouble since the rain. We NEVER had that problem before with the amount of rain we just got.
    Dane can you shed some light on this, please

  66. Jim says:

    When ever I bring up this topic to my friends, family, or strangers, they look back at me with a blank expression and if I do get a reply, it’s an “oh well, that’s life.”

  67. JR says:

    We are being bombarded by the jackasses and have been for the last week. Not one day passes devastation is not sprayed on us. Their coming in from west which would be for most part Arizona state, and more than likely California state. From the east the spraying is non stop which some could be from military base Clovis, N.M. is one close in state. Oklahoma state and further east where these flights are coming is the other direction, who knows, huh? They fly from North which Albuquerque, N.M. has military base there, and from South which San Antonio, Tx. has one I believe, unless closed now (Lackland-Airforce). El Paso, Tx. is right over state line has another military base-Ft. Bliss. The rest of these lowlifes must be commercial airline and private corporation, yeah? Lord be with you…Satan and its worshippers are on the loose! Our skies are super messed up with masses of chemtrail spraying! SAG…..Peace^^^^^

  68. Jane says:

    Pratt and Whitney aeronomics getting an injection of 80 million from Canadian Taxpayers to make these Quieter Engines for aircraft. That should tell you something. Maybe they will be Quieter when they are spraying the Toxic Chemicals over your head. I have to shake my head when the weather reporters say Lake Effect snow off the lake. They must have been extremely busy in the Phillipines fuelling up that Typhoon with the Chemtrails. Doesn’t matter what you call it. Conspiracy Theory, Geoengineering, Chemtrails. The fact is there are Patents for this and have been for years. Enjoy that Sht weather folks while choking on this Sht Spray. I like the Heavy Metal video by Don Felder You Tube. I have come to the conclusion that people don’t give a Rat’s Ass about being Sprayed like Rats. The only people that do are reading this.

  69. Rick says:

    I have read several articles on How to stop Chemtrails. The best one I have read yet is How to Kill Chemtrails. If people do not take actions in their own hands they won’t get sun. I am very surprised that hunters don’t take pop shots at these planes. They probably will when they have a loved one die from the spraying going on.

  70. Rick says:

    Real shame that the majority don’t care that everything is being poisoned slowly.

  71. Steven Chamberlain says:

    Well, here we go again. It is currently 39 degrees in Nikiski, Alaska at midnight! That’s about 30 degrees above normal. Somehow they have kept our temps hovering around 32 degrees night and day for the last 10 days or so. The little bit of snow that we got last week is almost gone. I feel there is another warming trend on the way for Alaska. I’ll keep you all updated. Freedom Ranger, where are you that it is 70 degrees on Dec. 7th?

  72. Karen says:

    An excellent presentation, Dane.
    This needs to go to all the alternative media NOW! Pandora has exploded!!
    Thank you Dane for your commitment to your children.

  73. Erik James Van Houten says:

    Wow, just wow Freedom Ranger! What an amazing post, struck straight to my heart.

  74. Freedom Ranger says:

    70 degrees on December 7th, a woman walks in and says “what wonderful weather” I dont bother telling her its not. That it should be cold, it should be wintry. The truth is most people simply care about themselves and how they like 70 degrees in December right now. That is the problem people only care about themselves for the most part, no matter how I want to spin it, I always arrive at this uncomfortable fact, people only care about instant gratification these days. I dont know where or when it became this way it just is now, the people I talk to are just thrilled its 70 degrees in December. I can only wonder how long we have until the most ardent denier wont be able to deny and be happy and complacent in this meltdown of the natural world. They have people so confused and divided it is sad. I read we have until 2020 in the Northern Hemisphere before extinction begins. I mean… that is right around the corner. There is always a part of me that believes this is all a joke, that I am a crackpot tin foil hatter, but then there is this deeper part of me that knows its true. What is even more disturbing is the fact they dont talk about chemtrails, it makes me think the worst, they are obviously, undeniably dumping millions of tons of STUFF on us and they wont talk about, they spend millions hiring evil soulless traitors to debate what is so obvious…spreading ridicule and ire, yelling conspiracy theorist. The ultimate abuse, to use our tax dollars to destroy, hide and twist the truth through so many devious means.
    People are so blind, they have 100’s if not thousands of Fema camps with millions of coffins. I cant believe the excuses they give for having them lying around. People are like sheep now, docile,the truth is most people simply dont care if they are being poisoned they will round us up, they will kill us. They, they are not fit to be described as human. Parasites who will kill the host rather then let the host thrive without parasites. Newsweek just wrote a terrible piece, on the cover it said, GEO-ENGINEERING CAN SAVE THE PLANET, can you believe it? They are trying to cover themselves. They have been killing us for decades, 10’s of millions dead because of what they have done, what they are spraying. Now they are going to ram a piece of legislation that mandates geo engineering making post fact poisoning legitimate. It is simply not OK that we even have to put up with this, we shouldn’t have to ask permission from our leaders to ask the oh so high and mighty to stop destroying what belongs to all of us. Meekness will not save us, nor being quiet.

  75. Earth Angel says:

    Dane, Your presentations just keep getting better and better. This, one of the best yet. I’ll bet you feel you could give them in your sleep by now; having given so many for so long. God Bless you, we all owe you a debt of gratitude for your tireless work, research and courage of convictions. You have inspired thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands- even more. Your Father in Heaven is no doubt very pleased, whatever the outcome in this fight for Mother Earth’s survival. Thank you so much. We are with you all the way in this most important cause.

  76. Nina Council says:

    Thank god for informed people like Dane Wigington, he makes it very clear that it is all up to us little people to save our planet. As a hard working animal rights activist, and environmental I say, bless you Mr. Wigington. I will forward your talk to all I know and ask them to forward to all they know. Thank you

  77. Gloria says:

    Dane my heart cries for this cause. I attended a recent conference with a man, cant even come close to describe him and I also cannot disclose who he is for various reasons…but I now have 100% confirmation that Mother Earth is for REAL—–a Feeling, Living, Breathing, Organism. I will let you sit with that one on your own. I personally have never given up on dispelling the truth in the face of constant criticism but I dont care! i love my family, and all I do, is only for them. I have to end tho, on a very dull note. The confluences of events now taking place on our planet….and sadly at this time I think it is already too late.

  78. Terri says:

    When I was a child I was told all the time what would happen in a nuclear war. The nuclear winter that would darken the planet and make it so nothing grows. People would starve to death by the millions

    Those who rule us have found a way to do just that except without the war and bombs. Their chemical spray is causing a nuclear winter to occur.

    The lack of light. Lack of uv-a accelerated uv-b the fact that so much sunlight has been diverted that solar panels won’t work or won’t work as well. The death of tree’s and plants in the heavy metal soil. Nothing grows in it except monsanto seed.

    Add to that the drying up of rain on a global basis. the massive chemical caused drought in California that has caused a huge loss of food crops. The massive deviation of temperature this year which has caused more destruction of food crops. Early freeze, nucleated winter storms killing cattle. All the symptoms yet caused by man made chemicals. Chemicals that kill all lifeforms leaving the buildings intact.

    The darkness in some areas has gone on for months at a time. again, man made chemical cloud cover that doesn’t let in sunlight. without sunlight there is no life. I learned about that in grade school when they talked all about the effects of nuclear winters.

    I guess you could call this the Geoengineered version of nuclear winter. The results are proving to be the same. something to think about.

  79. victor says:

    Several times a week, I receive a petition in my email from I think that is the site. What if Dane or a very knowable person on this site filed a petition for people all over the world to sign and after a suitable number signed, sent the petition to all heads of state and other politicians and major and alternate media, etc? If worded correctly, this might just help us wake up more people and cause more of those involved such as the pilots flying these planes to come forth.

  80. Steven Chamberlain says:

    I travelled from Nikiski, Alaska to attend this presentation and expert panel discussion. I meet many of my new found hero’s in the fight to stop the spraying. I left behind a couple of pairs of jeans and some socks and underwear to make room for a few hundred two sided full color glossies and a half a dozen DVD’s. Every pizza that leaves Charlie’s Pizza will get a professional full color glossy GeoengineeringWatch flyer for the next couple of weeks. Everyone must find creative and effective ways to spread the word. I have made a commitment to put this website along with credible information on every pizza that leaves Charlie’s Pizza. I won’t stop until the spraying stops!

  81. Chrys says:

    I can’t thank you enough, Dane, for being such an articulate and well informed advocate for waking people up. I will never forget when the light went on for me back in 2008…it is so obvious now, and is increasing in magnitude.

    I have brought the subject of climate engineering up with a few close family members in the past (referring to it as “Chemtrails” at the time), and have since taken the plunge and made my concerns public by posting this recent presentation on facebook. It is time to stand by the truth, and forgo any trepidation regarding what others may think. I can’t thank you enough for giving me the courage to do so.

    It all comes down to facts. Research for yourselves, people…look up, look around, look inside. We need to come together to affect change. Don’t be afraid to talk about it…it is real and as Dane said in his presentation, it will not stop unless we do something about it.

  82. Tim says:

    Good job. People still think it is a hoax. I seriously don’t know how they don’t see it.

  83. It’s about power and control. There’s the simple answer everyone is looking for as to why. Keep planting those seeds and water them daily with tenacity. Thank you Dane Wigington.

  84. Kristy says:

    Excellent presentation as always. It was an honor to meet and to march with you yesterday in Redding. I am just curious when the panel discussion from this particular event will be posted? Thank you for your hard work and dedication.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Kristy, it was great to finally meet you in person. I am most grateful to you and the other dedicated activists that made their voices heard in spite of the rain. The panel of experts discussion video is still being edited but will likely be out in a week or so. Thank you again for coming so far to join us for the important demonstration yesterday, Kristy.

  85. Ana says:

    Great Presentation.You Dane deserve all those plaudit and it´s not every father that would fight like you for the future of their children and all the other children along with theirs ,but thank God we have you!…godbless you, with all my heart i say thank you very much for all your work and efforts !if it was me i guess i would probably already had given up with so many people trying to descredit your work and having to face so much oposition ,intolerance and rage from everyside …

  86. Vian Coombe says:

    I am totally with you. How can I help in the UK ? I am sharing your postings. I am an Engineer, also exFerrari, where can I send samples to be analysed in the UK that can be truly believed or not have influenced results. I live on the South coast and photograph the chem trails every day, I post them to my FB page. I want to help spread the word.
    Kind regards

  87. mountain mom says:

    I watch the spraying over our area that happens regularly, and have documented it with photos for my own records… mostly because I cannot believe other people dont look up and wonder WHAT is going on. At times there are so many jets I can see a new one in my visual zone every minute or two. Easily 30+ jets while out on my morning run. (I am in the Sierra Nevada foothills near Yosemite) It scares and saddens me that the power structure in this world is out of control, and no one really wants to know.
    Keep going. I hope it helps.

  88. Charlotte says:

    Well done as always, I have the deepest respect for Dane. I wonder if the able-bodied will ever mobilize against the very real flesh-and-blood criminals behind our mass genocide. I have no children, and I have a disability that preys on my life 24/7, but I still do all that I can. This fight must be fought by those who plan to have a future.

  89. paul meereis says:

    I am taking strangers into the street to look up They are not suprised but accept their fate Without combined and ruthless action we will fail We must now use force to get some progress

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