Geoengineering Exposed At California Jam 2015


On March 27th and 28th of 2015, a major global awareness event was held in Southern California called "Cal Jam". This gathering brought together several thousand concerned citizens from all arenas of the global community. Many that attended were from the medical and chiropractic professions, Cal Jam is the fastest growing Chiropractic event on the planet. A number of speakers presented information on critical issues that we face, one of the primary subjects addressed was the issue of geoengineering. The 25 minute presentation below is an outline of the threat posed by global climate engineering. It is also an appeal for all of us to pull together in the critical effort to expose and halt the spraying of our skies with highly toxic aerosols which is contaminating every breath we take. My deepest and most sincere gratitude to event organizers, Dr. Billy DeMoss, D.C. and MaryJane Mirasol, for their tireless efforts toward the common good and for producing this video. I also wish to thank all the other speakers at the Cal Jam event as well as all those who attended. Cal Jam was truly a gathering of people who are committed to making the world a better place.
Dane Wigington

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  1. Mary Hollowell says:

    Aren't we now at ~ 30% global dimming? And [@ 19:23] "told to test for combustion particulates only" ?!  What about specific toxins in water?

  2. Annie Carvalho says:

    Here in Desert Hot Springs, California, we wake up to beautiful blue skies, and by 7 am the planes are spraying. By 9 the sun is gone and we're breathing a white haze. I'm so disgusted with this. I take people on the Camino Santiago across Spain and I have photos of chemtrails there too. It's everywhere.

    Don't the people who are doing this worry about their OWN children? Are they just stupid????

    I'm sad. I miss the clean air and blue skies of my childhood. 

    I wonder how long the planet can live under this type of abuse.

    • Vin says:

      Same thing here in Denmark EU where we already have limited sunny days. The morning starts out nicely and by 9am they start spraying nonstop til late afternoon turning everything into a foggy mass.

  3. Debbie Bond says:

    Extensive geoengineering here in Australia.

    If you want to help combat the negative effects from spraying, research a product called Cell Food (helps deliver more oxygen to the body) and Zeolite (heavy metal detox).

    I wish the people who are involved in geoengineering etc would do something productive and for the good of humanity with their lives!


  4. Geni says:

    I was watching the weather channel in my hotel room after a conference in New York last March 2014, and there instead of a regular, real weather map behind the "weather lady" were 2 chemtrails flying across the screen behind her!!!  At the time, there were just tons of chemtrails all over NYC and Long Island, everywhere I went, everyday!!  I have never had tv in my home as an adult (55 now), and was curious as to how they were going to present the "news" which I call the "olds"…same old crap over and over…Totally shocked at how blatant the "weather coverage" was, and seemingly nobody reacting?!!

  5. Kristina says:

    If we all held up banners with the words LOOK UP!! over the overpasses of every major freeway at the same day and same time period, it would raise awareness greatly!  How can we make this happen?  Let's unite and do it soon!

  6. TG says:

    Spent a couple days on the beach looking over the Straight of Georgia on west coast of Canada watching a continuous display of chemtrails. Got to chatting with a slightly older retired guy about the obvious assault on our atmosphere and air we breath going on over our heads. Sadly he glanced up and said…" So long as it is drifting east who cares…?"  I then told him to take a look behind and above and added there is a heluva lot more of this crap going on over the Pacific and drifting on to us…

    He just didn't't seem to get it… I'm sure he was thinking I was just some conspiracy nut… that is until later that night when he, his wife and some friends while sitting just down the beach from me, enjoying the "unusual" sunset… noticed the perfect rows of a variety of silvery streaks forming and growing across the heavens.

    Before I knew it their phone cameras were pointed more at the trails being created than the "unusua"l sunset.

    I sure hope they can put two and two together soon…

    The next day (Saturday) we returned to our home in the forest (only a few miles away from the beach) to clean up in the yard after the tree company came to cut down and remove our dead plum and pine trees… We will miss the fruit and majesty of our beautiful trees that died well before their time.

    There was not a chemtrail to be seen today for some reason… and the sun was baking us alive in only 23 degree Celsius temps… No wonder our willows are now wilting and dying as well. We have not had too much rain but it is certainly not drought conditions… yet. Hopefully the many fir trees here will survive the intense UV and continue cleaning the air we breath.

    Sadly, I think we're all done for if many morepeople don't wake up and something is not done about this critical situation soon.

  7. DTx says:

    I’m in a part of Tx that received half it’s annual rainfall in two weeks. There has been heavy spraying here for 2.5 years. I’ve even seen trails on clear nights.

    Following a storm this week, the sky was pink/orange, which is not unusual; the clouds looked like a washboard; and there was a strong odor of Sulphur.

    I have no doubt modification is happening. My questions, which I’d like someone to pose to David Keith and other advocates, is this. What is your plan for protecting yourself and loved ones from the negative health effects which you have admitted? Why are you not afraid of the ‘unkown’ effects of this so-called technology, which you’ve also admitted? Why would you advocate the cheaper/dangerous approach, while knowing there is a safe alternative?

    Further, where do the supporters of GeoEngineering live? Perhaps there should be mass migrations and/or organized marches to those cities. Would they poison themselves or subject themselves to devastating severe weather? Do they all have storm shelters and secret potions?

  8. arcadia11 says:

    shut down the planet.
    we are the 'human resources' of the inbred
    usurpers who are wiping out life on our earth.
    they have no reason to believe they can't take the next step and the next – even openly.  we have given them no reason to
    believe otherwise.
    we are supporting and funding their activities.
    what changes have we made since last year's geoengineering videos?  how have the comments changed?  how many videos do we have to see before….what?  before we do what?
    before we stop sending our children to their common core indoctrination centers?
    before we stop:
    accepting their killer pharmaceuticals and barbaric degrading medical procedures?  and that includes veterinary medicine and dentistry.
    buying and upgrading the dangerous toys they have made available for population reduction, surveillance, and mind control?  still sending money to the giant telecoms?
    enabling cell phone towers?  playing russian roulette with your brain – or your child's brain?  gps tracking?
    appearing in their courts, hiring their attorneys?
    manning their corporations?
    funding their corporations?
    funding the united nations?  there are tens of thousands of un ngos that head up the assault programs AND the opposition to the assault programs.
    participating in their programming through the tv and allowing your children to so? 
    driving our cars with their gas when it is not a necessary trip?
    worshipping at, supporting,  their churches, temples?
    supporting through participation or donations universities and other secondary schooling institutions?  (not to be confused with education)
    supporting the film and music industries?  supporting anything that is anti-art?
    paying taxes?
    voting?  i had to put that one twice.  it may be worthwhile to vote totally locally as long as the candidate is not pushing agenda 21.  which is not likely.
    going to the park, the beach, barbecues, sports activities, school recess, non-essential shopping when the skies are chemtrailed? 
    supporting or participating in arena sports?  hunger games?
    paying lip service to porn, pedophilia, transgenderation.  be vigilant here and non-politically correct.  the family unit is a threat to the psychopaths.  they are planning to break up families under agenda 21. 
    if we want to create a new world we must leave behind all vestiges of the INSTITUTIONS that have been designed to hold us in servitude, complacency, and ignorance.
    the inspired words of michael ellner bear repeating here – please take them to heart:
    "just look at us.  everything is backwards, everything is upside down.  doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, psychiatrists destroy minds, scientists destroy truth, major media destroys information, religions destroy spirituality and governments destroy freedom."
    we have been Institutionalized.  by design.
    by large steps or small steps, we must wean ourselves off of the institutional poison.  all of it.  we cannot take it with us.   we will replace it with freedom, health, happiness, cooperation, creativity, caring, ethics, justice, morality, voluntaryism, individuality, abundance.  everything government is not. 
    it helps to have a name for what is happening on earth.  chinese proverb:  "the beginning of widsom is calling things by their right names."  there is a convenient name for the catastrophes and ills we are facing at this time.  as most of you know, it is agenda 21.  the globalists and their minions have gathered under the aegis of the united nations – the vehicle for global dictatorship and population reduction. 
    animals were mentioned in the comments here.  under agenda 21 there will be no pets.  and very few wild animals.  my last four dogs all had cancer and one had diabetes as well.  they are being targeted by the chemtrails and vaccinations.  know that type 1 diabetes can be created by a single injection.  do not vaccinate your pets under any circumstances.  two of my dogs had large tumors at vaccination sites.  no drugs no antibiotics.  the itching can be managed or cured with a solution of borax (20 mule team) and a bit of peroxide.  i have made this solution for several neighbors and family members for their pets.  works well.  for humans too.  you can bathe in it.  visit earthclinic.  that is where i get most of my natural healing info.  don't give your pets kibble.  especially cats.  real vets refer to kibble as diabetes in a bag for dogs and kidney failure in a bag for cats.  if you eat well, feed your pets what you eat.  if you feed pet food, even if you have to buy canned, buy only organic.  this is for humans as well – if you buy only one thing that is organic, make it meat and other animal products.  the antibiotics and hormones in non-organic meat is devastating pets and humans.  it is the main cause for very young girls developing breasts and going through puberty inappropriately early.  also for the feminization of males.  and don't give your pets tap water.  oleander capsules and topically, cansema (alpha-omega labs) for cancer. 
    so you know that i am more than willing to be the change i want to see:  i tossed my tv 8 years ago, my microwave at the same time, my cell phone about 7 years ago.  i do not support the medical establishment, the only drug i take is an aspirin only now and then for spinal stenosis pain.  my only phone is a corded landline, hardwired my laptop as well.  the emfs are part of the chemtrail/haarp program.  my car is 19 years old – no gps tracking.  i have a debit card, no credit cards.  i use cash or money orders whenever i can.  i live well below the poverty level so i do not pay taxes.  i do not labor for another, my time and energy are my own and i enjoy much leisure time.  i have never voted for a president or congressperson.  i have voted once or twice in local elections.  i do not eat fast food.  my children were not vaccinated and i home-schooled them for about a year under threat of imprisonment and did not require them to finish high school.  they are delightfully intelligent and they can see chemtrails.  i do not shop at home depot, target, walmart, etc.  in northern california many family-owed businesses have been replaced by corporations.  it is very sad and not a little scary.  even people here who signed petitions to keep our independent pet food store from being replaced by pet smart have started shopping at pet smart rather than travel 1/2 mile farther to the independent store.  that is sad too.  we have become so accustomed to instant gratification and convenience that it is literally killing us and our pets.  if your teen-ager (or you) simply cannot live without a cell phone, understand that they may not be able to live because of a cell phone.  and it is not just yourself who is put in harm's way by the phones and towers – it is everything that is alive.
    if you do not like what is happening in our world, don't participate.  don't support and don't fund.  otherwise, don't complain.  humans have been for so long feeding the machine that is crushing them.  amazing.  it feels good to stop. 
    this is a lovely video re: peer-to-peer economy and technology.  i hope you will take a look.
    Jeffrey Tucker – The Revolutionary Implications of P2P Technology [Capitalism & Morality]
    thank you for being aware of the chemtrails, etc.  i have the greatest respect for you all. 
    to freedom – and none too soon ~

    • Terri says:

      excellent info. resistance is not futile. brilliant ideas and information. people don't want to take the chance. Have the courage to say NO. instead they say yes to everything and everyone.

      Even saying yes to a clerk who demands identification, finger prints, ect for the product you wish to buy from their store. Clerks who drill you like an army sargent for your private info and do not deserve or need that info should be given the firm but polite NO! 

    • TG says:

      Thank you for putting most everything I have learned as true in the last few years into nice tight package. I am copying your words and will be using much of what you say in my own "wake up people" statements in the future.

      Encouraging the hypnotized masses to question authority and this so called reality that has been created for us over centuries by the ruling class elite that are killing us and our planet is the first step… I hope it will sink in to them before it is too late..

    • Geni says:

      Thanks for writing it all down!  I am on the same track, but am self employed and am wondering how to stop paying taxes.  Any ideas anyone?

    • tonyp says:

      i'm at a loss for words… so thanks for yours… chemtrails/clouds a daily event here in perth west australia… unimaginable criminality… all our "leaders" are complicit…

  9. Terri says:

    We have a lot of breathing problems these days. The air seems like it lacks oxygen. Some days are okay. others are not. our animals are feeling the effects as well. Licking their feet all the time. dogs sweat through their pads. That is where they are focusing their efforts. We do what we can for them. 

    Our trees of all kinds produced no fruit this year. no fruit. no nuts. no wild food at all. bramble is blooming and black berries but the black walnuts are not. pecans, apples, wild apples, peaches, pears, cherries ect. they produced leaves and no flowers. locals say it is bizarre. we try to educate them to what is causing it and they dismiss it and walk away or make the usual excuses. it wasn't a freeze that killed the blooms. There simply were no blooms. 

    the wild birds and squirrels are coming around looking for food more then ever before. this area normally has an abundance of food for them so they go elsewhere in the summer months. not this year. there doesn't seem to be much food for them.

    The Oaks and sycamores are weak and thin leafed. there will be massive starvation in the animals i think. then the massive starvation of people. won't take long i don't think. 

    • Steven Chamberlain says:

      Excellent post Terri, Thank you for telling it like it is.

    • BaneB says:

      Terri, here in Mendocino County we have had a springtime beginning in January and it is still springtime.  We had no winter.  Except there was a couple of days in April when consecutively icy snow and sleet happened both times during the night.  And the wind blew like crazy.  Wind chill was 20 degrees.  As a result I have no fruit on any of my plums, mulberry, apples, etc.  The small fruits froze off.  Amazing but the leaves have recovered.  The manzanita is a disaster.  And it can no longer be a pretense that my giant pines and firs are dying.  And not from drought as this area had about 40 inches of rain.  I feed the forest critters because it is obvious the food chain is broken for them.  Regarding my dogs, both of them yawn frequently.  They are small and low to the ground and kick u

  10. Karen W says:

    For what it's worth check out DoD Minerva Research.   Go to the Research, Data, and Tools.  Then go to List. Then, at the top it has in blue lettering Minerva Research Initiative on going. When you open that and start digging, you will find on page 7 and after the "weather" and climate change through feed back control loops. This is something that needs to be brought to the light. Our ethics and moral compass has spun out of control!

    There was also a website called: within this research.

  11. Tim says:

    Anyone see Amazing Race Finale Friday? The skies over Dallas were loaded with chemtrails throughout. Watch it on demand. Unreal! I notice that everyday cameras when outside, are picking up the chemtrails left and right. Pawn Stars is another show that frequently pans the sky over Vegas and captures chemtrails.

    • Deb says:

      I see chemtrails everywhere I look. TV ads and shows all the time now. There’s spraying all the time in NC and of course when I try to bring it up I get looks like I’m nuts. The air never smells clean even after it rains which seems to happen after heavy spraying. We have lots rain when we shouldn’t. The sun is not as bright as I remember when I was growing up. Blue skies are now grayish white. I think people need to get their noses out of their phones and start looking up. No one seems to want to know what’s going on around them particularly above them.

  12. Sherrie says:

    Great presentation ! Everyone should see this and it should be on the news ! 

    • Cheryl says:

      Saw what  Deb wrote about the sky was just saying to my husband the other day that the sky never looks pretty blue anymore I live in Okla. we are having alot of flooding ring now and come to think of it have seen alot of the white striks in our skys but didnt know what they were

  13. Wyatt Berry says:

    I have noticed a recurring pattern – very heavy spraying at sunset as many here have also related, but within an hour or two after sunset the skies completely clear up and the night remains cloudless.  Perhaps that is a localized experience for me here in Maine, but perhaps others have also noticed that the clouds seem to "turn off" during the night hours and resume in the early morning once the aerosol tankers return.

    • j hughes says:

      Same here in NC for months and months. Sunset against the horizon is heavy spray. Possible solar effect on the spray? Disgusting.

    • catherine says:

      Yes, here in Belgium near Gent, everyday very heavy spraying, early morning, very cool during the lunch hour as if a freezer door was opened, then constant spraying all afternoon until sunset, then clear skies until morning.   Never, never a clear blue sky behind the sometimes cumulus clouds.   Several weeks ago, 2 airline stewardesses came into my shop on different days.   I asked them about what they knew about the geoengineering, and they said that that all the pilots and stewardesses knew about it, but were told to keep silent because there is somebody waiting in the wings to take their jobs if they say anything.  These were two separate occasions where both of the women didn't know each other.   They were not surprised at all when I asked them about all the chemicals in the sky.   They did report that there was a lot of illness among airline personnel and that they were all very worried about that.   How about that for proof?

    • Mark m says:

      Wyatt, the lower layers of the atmosphere collapse at night (dusk) and are photoionized and lift back up in the day (sunrise). Couple this with the constantly evolving man made SBN (strontium barium niobate) LCD screen above your head and it will help explain some of the effects you see. Also I have seen an effort around my area to keep the skies clear at night so the heat escapes and in turn daytime temps are lower. They seem to think this is an appropriate substitute for moisture by making the snow pack hang around a little longer. Everything is very dry and the pine trees are dying quickly, we don’t have long.

  14. Gary Pennington says:

    A great presentation, Dane. It is up to every one of us to keep spreading this truth. I might add, Dane Wigington does so much for all of us, and only asks of us to continue the fight.

  15. Frank says:

    A excellent presentation at "Cal Jam" Dane. I have sent this video to many and they say your first class. Thanks for all you do as you inspire many more than you know. The wheels keep on turning daily to expose geoengineering. 

  16. Roberto Durante says:

    Thank you for your action, we have to fight all together against the chemtrails project who are killing every living being on this planet even YOU.. I watch it and share it on my FB, it’s about the future of our kids…..

    I live on a small island and the last time they take a way our blue sky, how can I send you photos???

  17. Marc says:

    Standing ovation for Dane Wigington!!! And heartfelt gratitude to the CALJAM organizers for giving Dane a slot to speak. Superb overview of all the critical points and scenarios surrounding geoengineering. 

    Is it not incredible that even at this late stage of the game, there remain such vast numbers of people who appear clueless about this atrocity? This fact must encourage the hell out of the perpetrators. They must be high-fiving eachother every goddamn day, smug in the certainty that the peoples of the world are so incredibly stupid that they barely even notice an entire Air Force of jets spraying them into an early grave. With all due respect to my fellow human beings, I know we each awake in our own time, due to various circumstances. But that is precisely what this fight is about: to exponentially increase awareness of this atrocity where none may have existed before. But raising awareness will not deter this octopus from following through with it's agendas. I'm having difficulty on this point. If a million-strong demonstration were to occur on the mall in D.C. would the CABAL issue cease and desist orders to the military? Would the markets suddenly stop trading weather derivatives? How, HOW do we get these worthless bastards to stop??!!!? We're talking the criminally insane here. We're talking about a GLOBAL ORCHESTRATION with multiple governments and whole fleets of jets at the ready to carry out the aerosol atrocity. We're also talking about an unlimited flow of covert funds never to be tracked or quantified in any public forum. May God help us all. That's all I can say.

    • Hello Mark:

      Your comments on these pages are much appreciated. Many comments on these pages sound helpless and defeated. Too bad… The ethnic trade and banking cartels (as you know) have been orchestrating world "debt" since the late 1600's. The Rothschild family of banks have created the illusion that humanity is little more than a debt/slave to their false economy. I think the chosen few need to take a short hike off some tall buildings…

      The only way to defeat these pigs is to physically drag them from their homes and fire them. They deserve no respect as human beings, period.

      These people would have no control over geoengineering or anything else, without the willful participation of our treasonous government. Treason is treason. All executive, administrative, and judicial branches of world government are in Breach of Contract with the citizen public. It's time to fire them ALL. 


      “I place economy among the first and most important virtues, and public debt as the greatest of dangers to be feared. To preserve our independence, we must not let our rulers load us with perpetual debt. If we run into such debts, we must be taxed in our meat and drink, in our necessities and in our comforts, in our labor and in our amusements.”


      – Thomas Jefferson –

  18. San Miguel Co., CO says:

    Great presentation Dane as usual. Thanks for all you are doing….Yesterday I caught the last 30 minutes of the movie JAWS on TV and you guessed it a couple of quick shots with “chemtrails” in the sky….that movie came out in the mid 70’s when I was 5 years old…it’s true-I’ve never experienced natural weather in my life. Sad…. Check out the Utah tourism commercial showcasing the National Parks. When they show Arches it’s a criss-cross of “chemtrails”. I almost fainted…they don’t even try to hide them. Right in our faces laughing….

  19. Cori Gunnells says:

    Dane, that was clearly one of your best presentations ever. Compelling proof and explanations, as well as imparting the most sincere and real reasoning as to why 'all' of them should join this fight. I heard their responses interrupt your delivery, to the affirmative. 

    I hope you've heard, or do hear from many of them. If not, I can tell you that there isn't anything more you could have said, explaining why they too must stand up confidently, and help all of us end this insanity. 

    • Mary Hollowell says:

      Stand up for the sake of children!  Hear Dane say, "It's even in kid's films. I don't know if you know that" at 23:25 minutes.

      Plus, it's also normalized in children's literature such as on p. 17 of this biography about J. K. Rowling!

  20. Liberty says:

    Everything on this planet is being poisoned. Every breath we take is toxic, rain, water, soil, air.  What kind of demented EVIL beings do this to all life on earth?  We have a battle against EVIL forces – and how to fight such a sick controlling mentality that is rampant throughout all governments worldwide?  Hitler would have loved this geoengineering plan – simple, effective way to eliminate huge percentage of people & life. Since when do we look towards gov'ts and elected officials for help?  They only help themselves and their corporate cronies.

  21. jonathan says:

    Amazing presentation! If this has been going on for 60 some years, how long do you expect this to continue on before we die? I mean, I love my daughter more than anything and I do want to save her and the rest of you but, I truly think, as you stated Dane, we will have to go out with torches and stakes except we will have to use brute force. When you talk about enlightening the military personnel, your hopes are in vain, the military are so cocky they think they own the right answers. I wonder if I’ll live to see the end of a resolution. I still am on your side and I will fight to death for this cause but please people, let’s try harder to eliminate those in power. Question, don’t the people in power live on this planet? Aren’t they poisoned too or do they live their whole lives in bunkers and/or are they planning to leave for another planet? Many questions left unanswered.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Johanthan, thank you for your support in this fight. I have answered the questions you have asked, hope you can review more of the presentations in the center of the home page on

  22. Felix says:

    I will have to send each separately or I loose them:    is 50 mins long by Dr Russell Blaylock, MD on dangers of Chem trails

    Are you saving these sights?  I have several  I can send.   How are we going to STOP this ????

  23. wandakate says:

    IT'S not just allergies or sinuses that it's affecting, but muscle aches and joint pain, plus headaches. Normally "ONLY" my back aches, but since this spraying my legs ache, my neck aches, my shoulders ache and I'm having headaches that I never have. I have a good immune system and I haven't been sick with even a cold or the flu in about 8 years now, and I rarely ever have any headaches, but now I do. SO, I know for a fact that this spraying is affecting different individuals in different ways. There has to be a way to STOP THIS NONSENSE!!!

    Tell everybody, sound the horn, shout it from the rooftops. Do whatever is necessary to stop this unnecessary spraying of our skies and all of these toxic chemicals onto our humans, our animals, our plants and our gardens and farms. This is INSANITY!!!!!!!!!!


  24. Sharon McHod says:

    Unbelievable, when I point to the sky that is criss-crossed with trails, and talk about Geo-Engineering, they scoff at me in disbelief. No, that's just contrails from jets….it's the Strategic Air Command protecting us.  From what??????????? At what cost?????????

    I think most people do not want to acknowledge it and prefer to hide. 

    • William Osborne says:

      Denial is a powerful psychological defender  against realities that people find to freighting to accept. It is the primary function in all addictions, what ever they may be.

      Just don't give up. Be patient and offer the reasons why this is happening. Tell they about the Halliburton company's geoengineering company they purchased for 960 million dollars, and David Keith, the brain child of the use of nano-aluminum at Harvard University. But most importantly ask them why, when there are days with spotless clear blue skies and no notices of airline groundings or airport closings ,can there be not a single cloud in the sky?

  25. Randy says:

    National Research Council released two documents.

    Hear Marcia McNutt, Waleed Abdalati, Scott Doney and David Titley talks about "SRM needs to STOP NOW".

    “Significant” potential for unanticipated, unmanageable, and regrettable consequence. Including political, social, legal, economic and ethical dimensions”.


    Complete reports for free PDF download:

    Climate Intervention: Carbon Dioxide Removal and Reliable Sequestration

    Climate Intervention: Reflecting Sunlight to Cool Earth

    Report in Brief (4 page lay summary)

    Press Release

    Climate Intervention briefing slides (PDF)

    Watch the webcast of the report release briefing

    Watch the Recorded Union of Concerned Scientists webinar

    Watch the National Research Council webinar

  26. PJ says:

    I've been following geoengineering for a while now, but I've yet to understand the WHYS? WHY is the government manipulating our weather.  What is the gain? Is it just to line their pockets with money like Al Gore did? They all want to get rich from the "global warming" agenda?  Or is there a more sinister reason — like to kill the crops in CA of which we supply approx 75%+- of the fruits, vegetables and nuts for all of the U.S.? Is this eventual FOOD CONTROL by the BO regime??

    • Ralph Ely says:

      PJ, the answer is yes to all of your questions. I found there are even more questions to ask and answers to be had before you get a feel for the crushing weight and magnitude of the GeoEngineering Program.

      It took me 4 to 5 days of research on this web site to begin to grasp what I was seeing in the sky. (One word of warning…be ready for the roller-coaster ride of your life, with many WTF moments.)

      It is well worth investing the time. It is an investment for you and your loved ones,  Indeed, it is an investment for your very life!  

    • Milla says:

      Understanding HAARP is key to understanding chemtrails. It appears the main thrust of this emerging movement is to ignore the MILITARY aspects of this program, which are fundamental and essential. They refer instead to the slow kill of depopulation by the global elite. Probably true enough, but the chemtrails ionize the atmosphere and therefore make it conductive. This allows for masking of spy planes, all sorts of horrible military activities that are actually destroying earth's ionosphere and exposing us to cosmic harm, destroying protective magnetic belts and so on.

      I encourage everyone not to neglect this because it is essential to understand. Dane wants the military to eventually mutiny and I suspect this is why he stays away from any mention of US (and other government) programs such as HAARP and weather modification/warfare. All the big powers do it, but the US as military hegemon is the worst offender and it is US military that has stated a global domination movitation. Most chemtrail activists are nationalist, so they want to avoid this as well. But we must talk about it, and remember we are global citizens, not merely citizens of a country.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Milla, we must have a general support from the ranks of our brothers and sisters in the military, there is no other way forwars. I know for a fact that awareness of the climate engineering insanity is growing fast in military circles as I am hearing from some of them. Lets keep banging the drums, the awakening is coming.

    • HolyDiver says:

      You are right. I think they want all non GMO foods to die. My gardens, since 2012, have been so horrible, i am just about done trying. I would usually plant 150-200 tomatoes a year, all from seed. Now, these tomatoes get to be about 3-4 inches high and then stop. It's beyond horrible. This is a deliberate destruction of individual gardens.

  27. Nicole says:

    He isn't an activist. He is a dad. A husband. A human being. All people from all walks of life will have to come to terms with the reality of what is unfolding, one way or the other. People like Dane make this so much easier to digest. Because our "government" doesn't care about us. They don't have a heart, or a soul, because they could never do this to us otherwise, and they could never let us live in terror below poisoned skies if they cared about life.

    You can't spray mass populations, and look down at all the dead trees, and know that you are experimenting on people that are becoming sicker by the day from the spray – and not realize this is genocide; this is omnicide. 

    We want it to stop. We want this nightmare to end and we want our leaders to act like upright human beings and to do what is right. Thank you Dane for demonstrating what that looks like. Much love from our family in Vermont. Home of Bernie Sanders, who is clearly living in OZ if he thinks he would ever get our vote. He sent us a one-size-fits-all blurb showing that he is no different from all the rest on this issue, he could care less what it is doing to us. 


  28. Chad says:

    I've found most people are brainwashed Dane! Or they are scared and just in denial as if they hide or do nothing it will go away! Need more emails to send these messages to! In Jesus Christ I'm saved! Ayeee! Amen!

  29. Scott says:

    Dear all,

    Apparently whatever is falling from the spraying is seriously affecting our dogs. The vet says she is seeing more and more of this on a daily basis.

    My dog presented with bumps on her back. Extreme itching and redness all over her. She has been to the vet several times and each time they try something new. Nothing appears to work for very long.

    When I bath her a reddish orange flows off of her into the water. The bathing gives her relief for half a day then  it is back. Vet now says she was having a reaction to something or has an allergy to something. I had allergy tests done and they have come back as an  unidentifiable origin? Could this be from the fallout of chemtrails?

    Scott in Fla.

    • Christina Parousis says:

      Hi Scott,

      Last year our dog's groomer told me that a lot of her clients were complaining about allergies in their dogs, including her own dogs.  I informed her about the spraying and that of course animals are more exposed to the fall out through direct contact with the ground. So the next time I saw her she told me that she tried keeping her dogs indoors for two days and their symptoms subsided.

      I had discovered this product from Dr. Horowitz's site, the only one I've found that is supposed to gently detox heavy metals in animals, among other benefits.

      In addition, you might want to consider for your dog an Omega 3 supplement or Coconut oil, Turmeric and a spoon of Sauerkraut daily (recommended by our vet, the kind that is just cabbage, water and salt).  Unless your vet is holistic, anything they prescribe will only compound the toxicity already in your dog.  This extensive advice blog is a very resourceful place for alternative solutions and you'll find some good skin rinses too

      Recently I heard from the naturopath of a friend about a healthy, young dog that died suddenly of esophageal paralysis.  This naturopath is well aware of geoengineering and recommended liquid chlorophyll to detox people and animals alike.  The other day I heard about another dog, 8 years old that just returned from Florida and died of a stroke.  This is extremely alarming.  Hopefully we all continue informing our dr's and vets, mainstream and holistic about the lethal spraying programs.  At least our animals have us to try and protect them unlike all those in the wild who have nowhere to hide and no way to detox from the constant toxic exposure.  Good luck with your pup.

    • Robin says:

      My Dogs, too. I took them and my family off all gluten and wheat products and major improvement. Also, my husband’s arthritis disappeared. Good luck to you.

  30. ((((((((((((APPLAUSE))))))))))))))


  31. Melody Meachum says:

    Hi Dane…Excellent presentation. You created a great balance by providing easily understood information while propelling the audience forward to inform and share.

    There are many, many ways we can all do this every day.

  32. Ralph Ely says:

    All of the questions ask about GeoEngineering are answered in this video. (Thank you Dane for your passion, leadership and honesty.)

    Copy this video's address and send it to everyone on your email list with a note about your concerns of this issue.

    Share this video on Face Book.

    Daily, tell everyone you talk with, go to to get Get Informed and Get Involved. 

    We need "critical mass" to stop this "genocide" now!  Later will be too late! 



  33. cathie says:

    Thank You Dane!    Being a non traditional student at a Maine University I carry flyers all the time and in all of my classes I have learned to incorporate the subject of Geoengineering into conversations, papers, and answers on tests. I have brought up the subject with every one of my professors since I found out about this almost 4 years ago. Just got to meet my new advisor last week, left her with the "Look Up" dvd and some info letters. Took Climate Change last semester and did a final by creating a slide show, didn't get applause but plenty of chins hitting the floor. Look forward to Organic Chemistry this fall~~have already had a conversation with that professor….seed sowing going well~ keep on keeping on people~ together we can do it!

    • Debbie Culver says:

      Great job, Cathie!!

    • Dennis Hardy says:


      Good for you I do the same at Miami of Ohio. I find it very saddening how our university campus' used to be a hotbed of activism. Now, I'm in my early 40's, any time I broach the subject I hear the "talking points" of the establishment these kids are hoping to go work for. The professors are even worse. I try in every way, in every course, in every project, EVERY DAY I keep talking and speaking truth. I find ways to put the topic of geoengineering into my work. I just last week gave a presentation in, ugh, cultural anthropology, where I got 20 questions before the prof. cut it off and said if students wanted to know more they could see me after class. I post flyers on each posting board and without fail they stay up a day or two then someone takes them down; no problem paper is cheap.People avoid me at baseball and soccer games. My "friends" no longer talk to me, my neighbors will no longer let their kids play with mine. My family wants me to go to a hospital and "get help". Still I will never stop and neither should any of you.NEVER!!!

      “The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it.” ― George Orwell

      Best, Dennis

  34. Linda Huet says:

    It is all very sad!  People are having REALLY bad allergies.   It is happening!

    • Milla says:

      I cannot walk outside without going into an allergic reaction IMMEDIATELY. Dane has said the first ramp-up period was about 1998, which is when my childhood allergies resurfaced and allergy meds became a huge business with Claritin and the like. I think this is another such period, only it's cumulatively worse.

  35. Lisa Fuster says:

    Thank You

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