Geoengineering Is Destroying Our Health, A Doctor Sounds The Alarm


The total contamination that has been inflicted on our planet by climate engineering is mathematically greater and more widespread than all other sources of environmental contamination combined. The ongoing toxic spraying of our skies continues to add to the already lethal burden of contamination from climate engineering laid down over 65 years. The environment and our bodies are reaching and surpassing the breaking point. The report below was penned by a health care professional that fully understands the gravity of the damage which has been done to us from the geoengineering fallout. The well researched conclusions of Dr. Amato should be carefully considered.
Dane Wigington

Could Geoengineering Have Something To Do With My Failing Health?

By Dr. Steven Amato, D.C., contributing writer for

It is widely suggested by doctors and scientists that all one needs in order to stay healthy is to eat a ‘balanced diet’. This idea is drummed into the public’s consciousness to such an extent as to constitute absolute truth. Fact is nothing could be further from the truth. In today’s overly toxic world, eating a balanced diet is toxic in itself. Consider that our food is grown using inorganic fertilizers which have been shown to precipitate into the walls of your arteries and joints as arteriosclerosis and arthritis… or in your brain as Alzheimer’s; or that pesticide and herbicide residues become trapped in your liver – giving rise to fatty degeneration and subsequent hypertension; or that genetically modified foods have been demonstrated to degrade your cell wall structures. Dangerous radiation is routinely used on vegetables as a decontaminant. American’s swill down high fructose corn syrup, derived from GMO corn by the barrel-full on a yearly basis, and it’s hidden in many condiments as well.  These are just a few of the technological advances science has brought mankind, fueling the healthcare crisis that plagues this country by eroding its gross domestic product.


Three unmarked non-commercial, military type jets laid these down directly over my home

In order to fully grasp the seriousness of this problem, one need be mindful of the fact chemicals are ubiquitous. There are over 100,000 according to EPA estimates. The newest, most dangerous form of poisoning is happening in our skies – solar radiation management or chemical contrails, harmlessly labeled under the guise of geo-engineering. There is no escaping the grasp of the new religion known as science. The sad fact is that pseudo science today drives policy through consensus, not good science. Just like everything else in the New World Order, science has been monetized to the highest bidder. The most frightening part is that you and I have unwittingly become the scientist’s guinea pigs. The laboratory is planet earth and “science by consensus” is recklessly out of control. It’s no secret within the broader scientific community that “standards” established by establishment-scientific-researchers – the Jason Society – are awarded to the highest bidder. In an outcomes based world, this model is not only flawed, it is ethically and morally corrupt. Whether you believe chemically generated contrails exist or not is irrelevant. They exist, and the people who design and deliver them don’t care what you think…. they’re going to continue spraying these deadly aerosols despite what you say or do; you can be sure, since your taxes are paying for them, and the war on terror will continue long after you have moved on. American’s have become powerless as agents of change. You are faced with a choice, suffer the consequences or become pro-active. For those who disagree, the mantra “proceed at your own risk” and buyer-beware could not be more appropriate. For everyone else, protecting yourself starts now!

The two principle ingredients in these aerosols are barium (Ba) and aluminum (Al). Water-soluble barium salts are clearly toxic to human health. Water-soluble barium by far, carries the most risk. The main portals of entry for inhaled barium are the lungs and sinuses. This route allows direct access into the bloodstream, exposing red and white blood cells, platelets, hemoglobin and organic iron to the oxidative effects of this dangerous substance. A thorough review on the importance of the blood vascular system is an exhaustive topic. Suffice to say, blood represents the substrate from which body tissues derive their nutrients – like fertile soil that provides the perfect medium for healthy and vibrant plant-life. Noxious chemicals in general, and heavy metals in particular degrade the quality of blood – their drying properties degrading the blood’s moisture content, increasing viscosity and driving up stroke risk.  It’s been reported barium can absorb up to 400 times its own weight in moisture. The particles involved are nano-sized, one-billionth of a meter, one ten-thousandth the diameter of a human strand of hair. This gives you an idea how easy it is for these particles to gain entry into your trillions of cell structures, where they rob your energy, making you feel chronically tired. Once inside, they disrupt mitochondria function – the energy generator inside each cell that provides the power to effect respiration, vitality and alertness.  If you’re wondering what can be done to protect yourself, you’re moving in the right direction.


This "cloud" formation is inconceivable based on historic recordings of real clouds both in artist renditions and photographs

Aluminum, the second but no less serious toxic nano-particulate is important enough – its effect’s target central nerve system tissues like white brain matter. Al causes what are known as amyloid plaques to form in brain tissue, degrading nerve synapse end points, across which signals need to jump in order to maintain normal memory and problem solving capabilities – cognitive function.  Advanced accumulation of amyloid plaques have been identified in Alzheimer’s, a condition of rapid neurodegenerative cognitive decline. Parkinson’s, ALS, Multiple Sclerosis and Myesthenia Gravis are similar conditions, together characterized by rapid and advanced decay of nerve tissue – progressive and irreversible. The global pharmaceutical cartels are not for want of recognizing the potential profits, they are busy conducting next generation anti-neurodegenerative drug trials, based on the effects of chronic heavy metal poisoning from the ongoing decades-long geo-engineering false flag campaign.

A second, more troubling feature of barium involves its reaction with cardiac muscle. The heart relies on the trace mineral potassium to maintain healthy resting tone. Disturbances in heart potassium level (hypokalemia) can force high cardiac RPM’s (tachycardia), placing undue stress on both heart muscles and nerves. Barium competes against potassium – increasing CVA risk, especially in the overweight and obese. A condition known as arrested ventricular systole has been identified in studies designed to test barium effects on heart muscle. In layman’s terms this means ventricular hyper-tonicity or simply “heart spasm”.  Chest pain, lightheadedness, fainting, respiratory distress, shortness of breath, asthma, vision problems, pain into one or both arms or hands – with occasional numbness, morning stiffness, fatigue and bowel problems – can be traced back to the heart. And inhalers can make matters worse. The young and middle aged are not immune. Juxtaposed against the background noise present in solar radiation management chemicals, significant risk metrics cannot be ruled out. Health care consumers ought to exercise extreme caution before accepting prescription medications that are designed to sedate or stimulate. The wrong medication could bring on a serious consequence – quickly. Talk to your doctor about any medications he intends on prescribing you. Be sure to ask if there are any cardiovascular side effects mentioned in the drugs insert, or whether anemia could be a possible medium-term side effect. Follow-up questions to your druggist/pharmacist should be addressed. Ask questions and demand reasonable answers. Your druggist will ask if you have any known allergies to medications, rash, shortness of breath, lightheadedness… or any other unusual reactions you may have had to medications in the past.

Exposed individuals (everyone) should discuss with their provider the likelihood of possible inhaled heavy metal exposure from the contrails in the skies above your neighborhood and work site. Patients must pro-actively steer the dialogue to the need for blood tests geared to measure the metals aluminum, barium, lead and mercury, economized at the very least to barium and aluminum. Ask for a “blood heavy metals profile” naming the above items as particularly relevant. I learned that my blood barium levels were hovering in the triple digits (normally zero) following a heavy metals blood screening in March, this after particularly intense aerosol activity throughout that month. Ask your doctor to order a CRP (C-Reactive Protein), a test designed to measure endogenous heart inflammation.  If your doctor asks why you want your blood tested, explain that recent heavy metal exposure typically shows up in blood first, and hair perhaps weeks or months later. Mainstream medicine is not completely sold on hair mineral analysis, but the presence of metals in blood where none should be there could be diagnostic for heavy metal poisoning.


ON-OFF demonstration of an intended brief dispersion, compelling evidence

Maintaining a sense of awareness that dietary supplements, vitamins, and neutraceutic food concentrates represent your only protection against the unpredictable consequences of untested, broad, rogue and hasty scientific environmental experiments affecting the general population. The toxic chemicals manufactured in the laboratory since 1988 and by default, previous to ’88, have been cleverly cloaked as harmless by way of passage of the De Minimus Interpretation of the Delaney Clause, authored by Michael R. Taylor, a former chairman of the Food and Drug Administration. As a one-time Monsanto CEO and revolving door participant in the regulation of the companies he once worked for, while employed at FDA, Mr. Taylor’s interests are at best defined in shades of grey. This legislative maneuver unleashed a pandora’s box of new chemicals onto the US food supply market, when it effectively and substantially diluted the protective measures written into the original version of the 1958 Delaney Clause. Legislation that once forbade cancerous substances into the US food supply lost its bite when scores of new chemicals came onto the market as a result of this new amendment.  In summary all bets are off, now that labeling laws have been neutered or eliminated entirely. The only safe alternative remains grown at home food or farmers market produce, meats and poultry – Ukiah Natural Food Coop – notwithstanding. However – there are no guarantees unless you plant it and you harvest it.

Your cells have been under a full-scale attack, morning-noon-and-night by chemicals since the mid 1980’s. While these chemicals are drying out your body, your joints and your nervous system, they are simultaneously degrading your body’s cell-signaling hormone pathways – resulting in metabolic oxidation, reactive oxygen species (ROS), disruption of chromatid material and damage to the DNA molecule. Chromatin damage and DNA disruption are key features identified in terminal cancers. That’s why Vitamin’s C and E are so important as a preventative measure against 21st century-engineered chronic degenerative disease. There are many more vitamins and supplements capable of reversing cell destruction by gobbling up ROS, enhancing enzyme streams, promoting cell wall integrity and increasing Co2 removal.

Only you can make the right decision, by exercising your will to choose safety out of concern, prudence out of necessity and common sense out of urgency.

Come to the geo-engineering workshop taking place at the Hampton Inn, Ukiah. Wednesday, June 24th – 6:00 to 8:00 PM.  Steven Amato will conduct a Power Point presentation on his thirty years of research into the environmental effects of twentieth century scientific advances, with an emphasis on the latest moral hazard – chemical contrails, solar dimming and SRM. Bring a pen and pad. Admission is free. Call Hampton Inn (707) 462-6555 ask for Leslie

About Dr. Steven Amoto, D.C.

I began practice as a chiropractor in 1980. During my tenure as a physician and healer, I practiced both straight chiropractic with physical therapy, and clinical nutrition using kinesiology and muscle testing. I graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Iowa, and did residencies in South Carolina and Nebraska. I am also trained in cranial specific manipulation, having studied under Drs. Sutherland, DeJarnette, Bludworth, Pick, M.L. Rees and Upledger. Proficiency in all extremity adjusting.

I maintained several practices in the northeast from 1980 to 2005. A change in priorities led to a move west in 2005. There I turned my energies to the land, reclaiming formerly logged tracts of old growth California Coastal Redwood forests, developing natural gravity fed springs. erecting fences and rehabilitating pastures for the raising of organic grass fed livestock. 

Rescuing this abandoned and mistreated stretch of timberland and pasture was a labor of love. It provided the bridge for what would follow: the first website using AI to generate a nutritional package targeted to your lifestyle patterns. This brand of lifestyle alternative medicine is based on almost forty years utilizing the most professional companies in the fields of nutrition and homeopathic medicine.

Graduated – Palmer College of Chiropractic 1979
Authored local newspaper health column named “The Spinal Column” 1980-1985
Developed ‘in service’ curriculums for Bergen County Police and Fire Academy 1982-1988
Sports Injury prevention training Indian Hills / Ramapo-Valley High School Districts 1982-1985
DEA, FBI, CIA, Local/state police seminar on injury prevention and postural biomechanics 1987
Certified Sports Physician Program CCSP American Chiropractic Association 1990
Presentations to over six thousand people attending seminars, workshops, speeches, lectures 
Appeared on television and radio shows – expert in alternative medicine, chiropractic, nutrition
Certified Contact Reflex Analysis 1995
Opened Alternative Medicine Clinic New York City March 1997
Trained in SE5 Radionics and scalar applications 1997 to present
Trained in Rife applications 1997-present
Presently engaged in research into the human health effects of geo-engineering, solar radiation management, weather modification. 

71 Responses to Geoengineering Is Destroying Our Health, A Doctor Sounds The Alarm

  1. S. Amato says:

    The incidence of lung and respiratory complaints has been escalating dramatically over the last three to five years. The principle reason for this alarming increase in breathing problems, mucous buildup and sinus congestion can be attributed to the daily inhalation of toxic heavy metal atmospheric nano-particles. The most troubling aspect of these toxins is their ability to compete with normal electrolyte levels in heart, brain and lung tissue. By competing with minerals like potassium, calcium and sodium, they degrade the vital physiologic mechanisms necessary to maintain normal dynamic equilibrium, including blood pressure, fluid balance and respiration. Unsuspecting individuals reaching for innocuous over the counter medications like Sudafed, could be playing a deadly game of Russian Roulette because of the stimulating effect of these and other sinus drugs. The same goes for the more powerful decongestant inhalers prescribed to millions by their MD practitioners. 

    These irritants imbed themselves, causing scarring of lung tissue, and progressive restriction in the normal movement of the lungs inside the chest. Acute asthma, panic attacks, bronchitis, bronchiectasis, pleurisy and other chronic disabling respiratory conditions can be associated with this mechanism.

    There is absolutely no justification for spraying known carcinogenic substances into the upper atmosphere. Once lodged inside lung tissue, perturbations of functional dynamics can create high levels of inflammation resulting in irreversible damage and eventual death. Shockingly, it was over a decade ago that the government made it legal to test substances like these on American's, turning them into human guinea-pigs without their knowledge or consent.

  2. Mary Martinez says:

    I recently lost another 5 pounds from 100, feel like my skin is drying up and wrinkling since last year.  I have a cough constantly, to the point of exhaustion, have had what I'd describe as brief heart/lung spasms.  I'm coughing up whitish phlegm.  I don't even want to go into explanations of why I don't even feel like writing or calling.

    By the way, I do organic, stay alkaline, some raw some cooked, take Dr.Wallach's vitamins, don't do GMO or high fructose corn syrup, so I'm not poisoning myself with bad food.

    We've had some nasty chemtrail activity, sometimes twice a day. Right as the dawn breaks it is most visible.  We've got pictures.

    What is the chelation protocol?

    • Dr. Amato says:

      You did not state your age. The developed protocol centers on the basic three mentioned on the top banner of the website Although chelation has garnered the most attention within the anti chem trails community, I believe protecting the heart is paramount beyond debate. Adding to the three above – Carlson Labs 99 mg. Barium, the most egregious offender of heart muscle, competes with heart potassium causing perturbations that lead to a condition called arrested ventricular systole. The heart muscle cannot relax sufficiently, leading to a decrease in stroke volume, fatigue and increased CVA risk factors. Maintaining heart O2 is most important, making mixed tocoperols and Co-Enzyme Q-10 an essential heart protective feature.

    • Dr. Amato says:

      1. Vitamin C Crystals – Carlson Labs

      2. Ionic foot baths to pull out metals

      3. Broad spectrum enzyme to dissolve polymers

      4. Chlorella and Cilantro tincture / extract

  3. Laura says:

    I have heard of many folks (1) experiencing severe dizziness (even calling E.R. to get help!), and also (2)increased glucose readings. I am ALSO wondering if these two “symptoms” could be related?

    Could these two “symptoms” be caused by something that is being sprayed?

    Please advise, Dane or Dr. Anato, or anyone else who might know the answers. Thank you so much for any help you could give.

    • Dr. Amato says:


      There are a number of heavy metals contained in these aerosol compounds. Each has its particular atomic number, molecular weight and adverse set of physiologic effects on the body. Readers need to be aware of the enormous amount of research that's gone into this plan. There are many tangential goals – goals that can only be uncovered with broad study into a great many areas of specialization; these include biology, chemistry, weather, communications, chemical and biological warfare, climate engineering, oil exploration, and eugenics – re-engineering of the human species. (not to mention the corollaries of population control, command, control and communications) Defense has been planning this phase of operations for decades. It needs to be understood that Washington, NATO and their respective corporate governments are so intimately intertwined that entire economies rest on promoting aggression around the globe. Former President Dwight D. Eisenhower referenced during his fair-well speech in January 1961, the emergence of a Military Industrial Complex which gone unchecked, could grow exponentially out of control. We have arrived at that point.  It just so happens the screw now takes its turn on the North American continent and its citizens. As our freedoms incrementally diminish, and options become fewer and far between – survival becomes the operative word for those possessing the will to resist buckling. Make no mistake Laura, this is an assault on our bodies, our minds – and what little spirit drive's our collective will to survive. Dr. A

  4. Frank says:

    The lies continue with MSM science and there agenda. The article below never mentions climate engineering as the cause of many health issues.  

    Climate Change Health Risk Is a 'Medical Emergency,’ Experts War

  5. Superluminal Man says:

    Geoengineering has multiple agendas —CLEARLY: Depopoulation, Genocide … Mass DEATH —is a PRIMARY One.


  6. Please refer to complete study regarding manganese poisoning.

    Inhaled manganese

    ["Manganese toxicity may result in multiple neurologic problems and is a well-recognized health hazard for people who inhale manganese dust, such as welders and smelters (1, 4). Unlike ingested manganese, inhaled manganese is transported directly to the brain before it can be metabolized in the liver (35). The symptoms of manganese toxicity generally appear slowly over a period of months to years. In its worst form, manganese toxicity can result in a permanent neurological disorder with symptoms similar to those of Parkinson's disease, including tremors, difficulty walking, and facial muscle spasms. This syndrome, often called manganism, is sometimes preceded by psychiatric symptoms, such as irritability, aggressiveness, and even hallucinations (36, 37). Additionally, environmental or occupational inhalation of manganese can cause an inflammatory response in the lungs (38). Clinical symptoms of effects to the lung include cough, acute bronchitis, and decreased lung function (39)."]

    • Dr. Amato says:


      The very point these aerosols represent a type of broad spectrum, multi-purpose version of chemical – biological warfare is not lost on the complexity of the compounds involved. Be it manganese, lithium, barium, aluminum or mercury – they do not belong inside the human body in an inorganic form. They degrade function in the near term and degenerate human tissues – long term. To argue otherwise is a fools errand. That's why both government and the media have been mute on the subject. It's time to plan actively on protective strategies that include all possible contingencies, both chemical and biological.

      Dr. Amato

  7. vickey says:

    I take the chlorella that is grown in indoor pools and Zeolite to remove heavy metals.  I practice a regular regime of cleanses and visit colon hydrotherapist 1X month to keep toxins down. Body maintenance is work but the alternative is worse.  The choice is yours.

    • Lisa says:

      Yeah.  If you have money there are a lot of choices.  Choices you don't have if you are poor.

    • Dr. Amato says:


      It's everyone's individual and personal responsibility to attend to their health, holistically. Either that, or give one's power over to the professional's prescribing pharmaceuticals and administering vaccines.

      True that it's work, but no one will do it for you. I commend you and everyone doing the work, 24-7.  Lisa, there are plenty of strategies you can take that are far less costly. I start with Vitamin C, E and a broad spectrum enzyme formula, taking these daily. The total comes to less than a week's groceries but lasting four times as long. Go for it.

      Dr. Amato

  8. Sean says:

    Hey Dane, I just got the results back from my urine analysis for heavy metals. Surprisingly my aluminum levels are only 9.6micrograms/g with reference interval being <25 and barium 2.7micrograms/g with reference interval <7.
    I live in Vancouver BC and we get sprayed here all the time. Do you think test is innaccurate?
    I did test at 3x the upper expected limit for lead slightly high nickel as well but everything else fell within so called normal ranges.
    Thanks for any help you can provide.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Sean, if you did not go through a chelation protocal before the metals testing, the results are likely not showing the true picture of metals that are lodged in your system.

    • ian wood says:

      Seems like they just keep saying everything is ok. Carry on and shut the f$%k up. 34 yr old lungs are caput. There was a lot of young people in the ward i was in for a week.  any tests come back as ok . Nothing up with you which is very suspect .

  9. FreedomRanger29 says:

    We as a people must simply realize capitalism has failed and this is the result, oligarchic monopolies which increase profit by any means necessary. In the future when we get through this the parasitic infestation the banker class must be permanently and forever destroyed along with the insurance class. These 2 aspects of capitalism are the main forces behind the assault on the planet these 2 classes draw the sociopath in epic numbers. We must eventually share the planet and all its resources with no one having more than another. what we see is the symptom of the capitalist parasitic infestation whose wealth has been and always  will be based on slavery.  The  "I have more than you" system and that is the meaning of life is ending. These people who have polluted the world and our minds with this garbage are going to pay the ultimate price for their betrayal and treachery. Have faith, we are going to make it through. This is what humanity needs for the next stage of our evolution where we rid our DNA of parasitic evil for I believe this evil is inherently genetic.

  10. Wyatt Berry says:

    From what I have read and witnessed myself this year, 2015, seems to have already seen an unprecedented amount of spraying compared to previous years.  These programs are accelerating undoubtedly.

  11. Teachers must now take new courses to work with visually impaired children.  Besides destroying life on earth and human cognition, "secret geoengineering" aerosols are rapidly ruining our eyesight.  Their desperate attempts to cover this up are beyond despicable … I, for one, want to be on the right side of history.

    • Dr. Amato says:


      We need not be powerless. Strategies exist to mitigate failing vision. As for the children, credible sources cite text books now showing chem-trails behind jets and planes – as if they're "normal'. That will give you an idea how serious this madness is.

  12. Libby says:

    So much of California is in drought.

    Most of Texas is flooding!

    Crazy, destructive weather all over the country.

    Most of the pictures on the slide show are of California.

    I watch the many geoengineering trails going on over the Rockies here in Colorado and see similar formations. Our weather is crazy but we got too much rain this spring. We were even worried about another flooding situation.

    Question: Do they use different chemical mixtures to produce different weather scenarios. Seems these trails are producing everything from drought to flood and more? 

    Why, with so many people becoming aware, are the petitions not being signed by the masses? Until and unless we reach critical mass we are not going to win this war. 


  13. We are all too afraid to speak. We can call them ELITE, CABAL,POWER CENTERS, but no more. It is not hard to follow money. People who had courage to speak are dead. William Cooper /Behold of the pale horse/, Hunter S. Thompson / Dead of the American Dream/, Aaron Russo / Democracy to Fassism/……just to name a few. We can complain, cry, look at the sky as long as we want. 

    • Al C says:

      I am sad to say that I agree with you.
      The psychopathic elite, Illuminati, cabal, military industrial complex (insert another title here)……know the majority of the population have been dumbed down to not care and they just continue doing what they want.
      I believe there is a spiritual awakening happening on this wonderful planet right now and THAT is going to be the only thing that saves us…………..How?…, I don't know.
      There is an excellent book called "Wetiko" by Paul Levy and he describes a vampire like non-local entity that has inflicted humanity including everyone……..To stop the evils of the world, we must also look into our own dark sides and shadows, since we are really all one consciousness.

    • Dr. Amato says:


      Think of it this way – true, you're alive – but it's fast becoming a living death – somewhat like hell. The option, death – represents a release to another plane, freedom – absent the material bondage that brought mankind to this catastrophic and horrific stage.

      Dr. Amato

  14. Lisa says:

    Here in Siskiyou county in CA, I can attest to a fierce increase in spraying since the beginning of 2014.  I have constant lung unhappiness and am noticing myself being the driest I have ever been.

    We need to feel and express our bitter rage, panicked anger and  hatred.  Those feelings are actually loving (we just don't dump them on others) and are one of the major ways to regain our boundaries and work our inner Gandalf, "you shall not pass."

    Other than that and the other suggestions I have heard over the years, preparing ourselves to die, emotionally speaking, is important.  I support Earth in her plan to raise her vibration and getting these evil people off her.  Whether there is a pole shift or crustal displacement in the process of her taking back the reins, I would rather die that way then let these f*ckers have their way with me.  I plan on taking my consciousness with me and tearing these people who are behind this a new one when I get to the other side.

  15. Bob says:

    If aerosol spraying is going on everywhere, every state, every country, every ocean, then are greenhouse grown foods, with care on using only pure water, the ONLY way to get real organic veggies and fruits? I guess so.  Isn't that frigging sad.  What the hell!  Can't even grow decent food outside anymore.  Think about it, if virtually everywhere there is aluminum, barium, and other heavy metals, then any food product grown, or raised outside, has them in it.  So GMO foods are even extra especially bad for you.  Does that means natural supplements and herbs too?  These God damned bastards!  You know that iridium layer  in the soil, about when the dinosaurs were killed?  Are we going to go down in history with a frigging layer of nano sized heavy metals?  So intelligent beings reflect on our Era, in the future, with regret and a sense of "what morons they were".

    • Lisa says:

      Yes.  I have been saying the same thing.  With every alternative news and health source I go to each day on the net or receive in my inbox, no one ever states, as they are admonishing us to eat organic and use foods to heal, that these foods are CONTAMINATED by radiation and chemtrails – and that's just naming the two biggies.  I don't get it.

  16. Marc says:

    Talked awhile ago to my daughter who is in her 30's. She loves life, is half crazy actually, with a sense of humor that is off the chart. I love her soooo much, there are no words. We actually have a great rapport but on the subject of geoengineering she does not want to hear about it. She has, in the past, indulged me a little and has tried to understand where I'm coming from, but anymore, she won't have any of it. And in fact, she now gets a bit pissed off if I bring it up. But she suffers from some chronic health problems which I won't go into, but I listened as she described some of the things she has tried to bring the syndrome under control. She offhandedly mentioned that, on the advice of a doctor apparently, she had bloodwork done for heavy metal contamination. This caused a light bulb to switch on in my brain, believe me. When I asked her what showed up she said "several things but mostly my aluminum was real high". What??!!! Hello? I said "Forgive me, I know you don't wanna hear about geoengineering, but aluminum is one of the primary substances they are spraying around the world." There was  silence on her end of the phone line. I could tell she was starting to "connect the dots".

    Point of the story is that this whole goddamn f**king thing should be pissing us all off big time! It fills me with rage that I have to discover that my own daughter is being contaminated as we speak, with the very substances we know the assholes are mining, refining and "weaponizing" every minute of every day. This absolutely must come to an end. It has never been more clear that there is a depopulation agenda now in full swing. These bastards KNOW! that what they are spraying is deadly to all life. And yet, still no official disclosure, no toxicity reports made available to a concerned public. Gee, I wonder why? (Oh, and by the way, my fellow Americans, it has become necessary to spray you all to death. ) They must find our state of alarm both laughable and threatening at the same time. Laughable because of our relative ignorance and impotence, and threatening because of our increasing legitimacy in the arena of public awareness.

    • cj says:

      Amen Marc!  I have 5 kids, and seven young grandkids who have no healthy future unless this crap from the pit of hell stops.  Our bodies are not designed to handle this high load of man-made toxins.  The only result is disease, chronic disorders, and death.  Be bold, and continue to speak out!!

  17. Brittany says:

    The skies where I live in Idaho Falls Idaho have been being sprayed heavily for the last two months. However, this week it is out of control with constant spraying. Today I cant see any part of the sky. What I can see are the unnatural chemical trails that are spreading out and blending into the very thick coating in the sky. The physical effects on myself, my family, friends and coworkers are astounding. Most people in my area are unaware of what is happening in the sky. Im trying to carefully inform those I know. How is it that this has been happening for so long and most in my area are unaware?

  18. Jonathan says:

    Is there a place on our planet where they don't spray? Anyone see the news? We are in our 6th mass extinction right now, and humans are part of it too! So, after they kill us all, they will stop spraying? Come out of their bunkers and repopulate this planet? Then maybe we need to go and take control of some of those bunkers. Anyways, what's the use of destroying your planet if it is to be living in an underground bunker? WOW Elites, what a life! Hey I'm jealous (hear the sarcasm) I want to live underground too! Pff this is pathetic. There must be a court room somewhere that can stop and trial these people, I mean come on, they are 1% and we are 99%. It's not by simply talking about it that we will change anything. Challenge those in power, write to David Keith, write to you government officials, start online petitions, create websites with backups to put it back online if it ever get's taken down. Know this, if you are afraid to lose your life fighting this cause and challenging the Elites, would you rather simply do nothing and still lose your life in the aftermath of sprayings? Losing a life for a life, same thing no? If the Elite realize that we finally understood that we're already dead anyway, they might fear that we will rise up in a more constructive manner. So people, I ask you, will you simply wait to die poisoned or die fighting the Elite? We're all dead in the long run anyway. Do it for your children at least, it's their future that's on the line. United we stand, Together we shall conquer! Just think at what people do to their government officials in some country, look at the streets of some of those country, people march out and manifest! They don't just stay inside in front of a screen crying about their fate. Example, Dane here, we see him everywhere challenging those in powers, he does his own meetings, he attends manifestations and marches, PLUS he does his work on this site, so if he spend 12 years of his life for us, isn't it time we give back to him and our children a little hope? Stop being sheeps and become the wolves!

  19. Alexander High says:

    Dr. Amato
    Many thanks for the information.
    Dane will the meeting be filmed on the 24 June at all for those of us who won't be able to make it there? Also will a video be available to watch on the Geo Engineering website at a later date??
    There are some people out there desperate to know how to detox and some are already quite sick by the sounds of it. I hope that the information they need will become available to them.
    Thank you for all that you do.

  20. Gabriela wall says:

    We are sprayed like rats here in Slovakia, Europe 24/7.  I have a bad cough lasting weeks and people around me are sick too. I have to move out. Can somebody recommend a country with no chemtrails? I am thinking like South America. If people start moving by the millions to those chemtrails-free countries that all people will take a notice. It is all about depopulation, I live in a very small village in mountains and see a chemtrails less there that is a larger city where I stay during day. Wake up people.

    • Will says:

      I am sorry to bring the bad news, but there is no "chemtrail free zone" as you may be imagining.
      I live in South America, Brazil, and they are engineering the worse drought in the last century, much like in California, and also in our richest states, much like California.
      Our skies are being assaulted, and I can not but wonder how hypnotized deniers are. Clueless about what goes on above their own heads.
      You would just sum up to chemtrails the fact we live in a poor country that is being divided in two by the elites, just like they are trowing black against white in the USA (here is motivated by marxist "left" and "right").
      This is going on basically in every city, although in varying intensities, we barely get some days free of this crap.
      Maybe, Europe and the US have been assaulted first, but right now, there is nowhere to run.
      The only thing we can do is stand by the truth, as the truth shall set us free, someday. At least now, we are not bound to their manipulation, even though we can't depart from the consequences of the ignorance of the masses.
      We should observe that these recent attacks are obviously reaching a climax. In California, such as in São Paulo, these droughts seem to make a point to the incoming "Climate Change" agreement of world leaders meant to happen now in December, and Pope's enciclic, .
      Problem reaction solution, coped with skillfull deception and the blind sheeple of the world. Identify the wolves in sheep dressing here, people.
      And stand by the truth, waste no time with the idiocies they put on television to make us even dumber!
      God bless the good people of this planet!

    • Mike says:

      I have some friends in India that say that they have never seen a Chem trail until they traveled to Europe and the USA.   I would like to know if there are any other areas like this or any constructive conversation on the subject.   

      Thanks for the information and comments.   I am in the USA.  Lots of people are becoming aware but the majority of the people are going to stay asleep.   There is evidence in the deaths and health conditions of the people all around us. 

  21. We have had heavy spraying over Lincoln UK. Myself and my husband have had bad coughs for weeks. My husband was in hospital last week as he was coughing up blood, numerous tests were done, the only thing they could find was my husbands lungs were inflamed. I am sure it is to do with the heavy chemtrail spraying. 

  22. Ann says:

    Since about the middle of January we are getting constantly sprayed in Calgary. The ice did not melt for many months. One of the sunniest towns in Canada does not see the sun much any more and when then it is behind a veil. Instead most of the days are covered with the strange      " fog " . Almost constantly jets are flying above our house day and night. It is getting worse, it seems, every day. Now we had lightening and thunderstorms, even hail, accompanied by a very strong wind. The cloud formation always follows a pattern, it is a mixture of Chemtrails and HAARP and more. For sure the cloud seeding drains the energy out of the body and poisons all life  underneath. We are getting sprayed like bugs, and even have to pay for it . 

  23. Wyatt Berry says:

    For the past several days the only clouds in the sky were the ones produced by the overflights of jets.  This morning it began to rain and one of the raindrops that landed on my lips tasted metallic and salty – I don't swim often, but when I do I usually experience the same taste that does not go away.  This stuff is everywhere people.

  24. Karen W says:

    Great information, thank you so much.

    We have been getting sprayed up in the foothills of el dorado county, outside Sacramento for the past three days.  The air seems humid, yet the earth is as dry as bone.  Could this be due to the barium?  The butterflies, bees, and birds have gone.

    • Dr. Amato says:


      The butterflies, bees, and birds have gone – yet you're still hanging around?  They know something you don't know. Sound the alarm! This is catastrophic, a runaway freight train to disaster. I am preparing for the worst. You're welcome for the information.

  25. Ralph Ely says:

    This day has been hell for Northern California, Oregon, Washington and Idaho. The spraying has been markedly ramped up this week with high saturation at low altitude here in N. California. I have a metallic taste in my mouth, dull headache and an extremely low energy level.  I have doubled up on my Supplement intake, along with lots of water.
    We were sprayed like Roaches today.  It was  like Terminix on steroids.
    In spite of it all, tomorrow is another day that we all must keep waking the sleeping masses to the immediate threat of GeoEngineering.  Do what it takes…Radio Call in Shows, Emails to friends, elected officials, news and weather reporters, Facebook and other media available. We need to leave "no stone" unturned.  We are literally in a fight for our life.  I for one will "go down swinging"  before I will give in to this Genocide against Humanity and the assault against God's creation and gift to us.    

  26. Bella_Fantasia says:

    Thank you Dr. Amato and Dane.  I had thought aluminum was worse than Barium, but now I know better.  They're both frighteningly toxic. 

    I've told five doctors already.  I know one of them acknowledges this reality.  If people keep telling their doctors, would it make a difference eventually, I wonder.  One would think thoughtful doctors and nurses would be seriously concerned.

    Dr. Leonard Coldwell, who has many videos on Youtube, acknowledges "chemtrails" as a serious health threat.  I wish he would use the toxic aerosol terminology.

    Frustrating sometimes as it is trying to raise awareness, it's a successful tactic that eventually will lead to critical mass awareness in the collective consciousness.  The many truths that have been hidden by our leaders seem to be getting away from their tight control.  Truth has fluid quality that is hard to contain.

    Love and Perseverance to Everyone here in this epic effort to protect Life On Earth.  We can never be wrong.

  27. Robert West says:

    I live one hour north of Bend, Oregon, and I have skin lesions on my neck that will not heal. Prescription medicine is useless. This started when aerosol spraying began very heavy last year. If anyone has a remedy please post it. Thank you.

    • Hello Robert West and others: It is important to understand the effects of electromagnetic emissions on cellular metabolism, autoimmunity functions, tissue repair, and long-term integrity of DNA. Because all life forms on planet Earth rely on healthy biological functions, the first thing anyone should look into for proper health recovery, is to significantly limit electromagnetic emissions in one's environment.
      EMF emissions from cellular towers, wi-fi MESH networks, portable DECT phones, and BlueTooth devices, are now significantly damaging human health. There is plenty of information regarding EMF poisoning on the internet. Here are some examples. >
      Dr. Magda Havas, PHD – WiFi in Schools is Safe. True or False?
      Dietrich Klinghardt discusses the massive increase in molds when exposed to EM emissions.
      ["Nicole Bijlsma – building biologist and best selling author of Healthy Home Healthy Family – discusses the concerns associated with the use of wireless technologies in the home and explains why the authorities are reluctant to acknowledge a concern."]
      Nicole Bijlsma –
      EMF & DNA – Dr. Martin Blank
      Key into comments starting at approximately 7:45 into the presentation. This "fractal" antenna process is apparent in all living biological cell functions. The issue is not limited to DNA damage in human cells alone, but the cumulative damages being imposed upon ALL biological life on the planet…
      Please DON'T fall for EMF "neutralizers", pendants, magic crystals, etc. These devices are all total nonsense. To be continued on next post.

    • Jeff phelos says:

      I would try a good aloe gel 3 x daily. Then at night use pure unrefined coconut oil on it before you go to bed. Better than any medicines.

    • JR says:

      Hey Robert; You may want to try Aloe Vera Plant. A small strip applied to lesion, burn or cut straight from the plant-natural. Don't over water plant! Our temp. was 108 in Southwest, New Mexico yesterday 6/20/15 with the lowlifes blasting away our rain clouds and I'm sure HAARP at work, what else? Way to hot for June…Good Healing to All…

  28. Tim says:


    I have a bad feeling that part 2 of this horrible nightmare is some sort of virus release that our bodies cannot fight because of the chemtrail garbage already in all of our bodies. Stage one was getting everyone loaded with this garbage and Stage 2 is the virus release. This would explain all the FEMA coffins, FEMA camps (quarantine those that are alive), Jade Helm (those protesting the FEMA camps) and so on. It is a frightening scenario but start connecting the dots. 

  29. vickey says:

    Cleanse – Cleanse – Cleanse.  Must keep working at removing heavy metals from my body.

  30. Ian Mitchell says:

    I live in New Zealand and the spray program has been stepped up over the last four years here. Every time there is heavy spraying  a few days later our A&E Departments fill up with young & old having from respiratory problems to upset stomachs. What is being done to us is nothing short of premeditated murder, for what they have done is nothing short of the worst genocide this world has ever seen. Let's hope we the people take this world back, but I’m afraid time is just about lost. Our world is in serious downward spiral and time is short.

  31. keith whittington says:

    Water, Food, Clothing, Shelter, Energy.
    The Capitalists control them all.
    Add governments, media and guns and it is no wonder that they act as if they own they sky.
    They do.

  32. judy lauer says:

    I now live in Billings Mt. I am 69. Last Wenesday they poured chemical trails, more than they ever had. The next day my gut was on fire. I could not even get out of bed. Friday I was able to get out and I mentioned being sick. I learned even young people told me they were so sick they had to call in from work.
    I only hope I am able to be able to leave the country  in a month.
    How can those that spray this poison on us live–knowing they are slowly killing all who they spray?

    • wandakate says:

      How can they do this knowing what they're doing? The almighty dollar is most probably the reason, they're being well paid, and beyond that they don't give a hoot about anybody. They are also breathing this, but whether they realize that or not is to be seen.

      It's most likely all connected to the de-population agenda. They need to get rid of millions and this is one of the ways to go about that.

  33. Irene Parousis says:

    In 1996 my mother was diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis and strange enough at the same time started complaining of chemical odors which she insisted were being sprayed into the atmosphere, at the time I believed this was a side effect of her disease.  My wise and connected mother was a prophet, this I can attest to today as I experience many of her foresights.  When doctors told us there was no cure for her disease we turned to alternative therapies which consisted of intravenous chelation and a host of vitamins.  Her condition was completely reversed and she lived another ten healthy, productive years.  Alternative therapies do help and can reverse damage.  In the meantime we should all address the root cause of most disease and that is living out of balance with nature and our disconnection to source, our light within.  I just want to add that in addition to toxic metals our frequencies are also being manipulated by HAARP and that is potentially far more damaging.

  34. Diana Moss says:

    I was wondering how long it was going to be before the RX companies come up with the wonder drugs to combat the ill effects of chemical poisons that rain down on us every day.  The bigger problem is that these chemicals have to be in the soil where food is being grown and in the water everywhere.  Please provide more ways to detoxify our bodies.

  35. Jim Tobin says:

    I hear the cover story, solar radiation management a lot lately and one would assume they would be managing  solar radiation for some purpose. Solar Radiation is growing and needs to be reduced? Managing the solar radiation level gives a benefit of some kind? As usual, no explanation including since when or in what way but we are left to assume it must be for our benefit. No report on how "they" are doing with this management on any scale of any kind. We are left to assume something's working.
    Yet, we the people are paying for a secret program we are told nothing about and are told it's always been like this. Jets do this.
    I have been fortunate to have been alive and aware before all this started and can say with an expert opinion this is not how it's been. This is not normal compared to the world I was born into. 
    The only conclusion one can eventually come to is this is an attack on the American people and the world itself. All we can do is keep pointing out the insidious nature of this plot in hopes the walking dead will come back to life before it's too late. It appears this could be a battle for our very lives. Let's hope light wins in the end but it won't win by us just hoping. We all have to take some kind of action. Action breads reaction and that leads to truth coming out.

  36. anthony barrett says:


    • anna says:

      I don't encourage people to use mainstream "medicine" in any way. The medical mafia system is the third-leading killer in the US. Consider that. Kills between a quarter (officially) and three quarters of a million annually (Dr Bruce Lipton). Natural medicine and energy medicine are our best tools. Chlorella, zeolite, Chinese foot detox, energy work and yoga — there are myriad ways to detox and stay healthy. Also focus on health instead of illness — your mind is your best medicine!!

      Off-topic, I saw a completely vertical sort of corkscrew trail yesterday right out my window (sorry did not get the pic as I was on the phone). I haven't seen one of these before, but they seem the BEST evidence against contrails. What plane flies vertically? And more importantly, what the HELL are these??? If anyone knows, please shoot out an answer. Will look into it. YIKES!

  37. K Susan says:

    Thank You Dr Amoto & Dane.  The spraying in Seattle was so heavy last week that I actually got 5 people 'converted' who wouldn't listen before.  I only get angrier & angrier as the days go by.  

    Im using Zeolite and Chlorella to rid my body of as much heavy metals as possible.  I hope they are working because the exposure seems to be getting worse and worse.  

    I tell everyone I come across but few believe. How else can we address this in our locals?  Media, doctors, pilots??? 

  38. Liz says:

    It saddens me as well. This is the single most important thing that we all have to stop. We need a march on Washington to stop this, we need to send out flyers and post billboards , we need to call all agencies and make them aware that we know about this. We need to alert our health care professions. There are too many separate groups, we need to be one strong before it is too late….. 

  39. Bija says:

    Dr. Amoto — thank you for trying to help us stay healthy in this science lab gone mad. 

  40. Karen Strong says:

    When I hear this morning, over the radio, that over 100 people in "small" New Zealand die of bowel cancer each month I am astounded … So I am left to wonder how many are dying after taking into consideration all other cancers … Something is TOTALLY not right clearly ….Thank you for this read …

  41. Elissa says:

    Dr. Amato,  thank you for this article. Please follow up with an article how to detox the barium and aluminum from system.  Ongoing daily detox tips and more intense detox for short duration would be great.

  42. James says:

    I  follow the big picture when it comes to  health of the population .
    It’s tragic to see everyone sick and dying . Nobody seems to care?
    I care , I see it , I cry , I get mad .  how do we stop this poison?
    It’s gonna take big stones to win this one.
    The  criminals who are doing this need to be caught and prosecuted.
    It’s that simple .

    • Rachael Webb says:

      I feel the same way, I try my very best to keep myself and my family healthy, I only buy organic food, I haven't eaten fast food or junk sweet foods since the earlier 90s, and although I am healthier than a lot of people around me, there are still days that I am depressed and lethargic, and this is mostly on heavy spray days. It really saddens me to see all my family and friends sick all the time. I am a nature lover and have always loved to be outside, but on a day like today in north Texas all I want to do is stay in bed. It was supposed to be brilliant sunshine today, but I knew that wasn't going to happen when I started seeing the planes yesterday. So instead today we are buried under an ugly flat white sky. It’s so depressing, yet I still cannot convince my family and friends that this is not normal.

  43. marco says:

    Thank you for this information about just what the chemical trails are doing to us, the guinea pigs, in this experiment. Also for the suggestions on the supplements to help counter the detrimental effects of barium, and the resulting drying, effect on the heart, etc. This information is essential to us, who are being sprayed, sometimes daily.

    The suggestion of getting tested for heavy metals was excellent also.

    Thanks again. Dane and Dr. Amoto

  44. David Gwilym says:

    We are poisoned from every angle, food, water, air, consider this, the more "advanced" your countries healthcare is the higher the rate of cancers, dementia and associated illnesses all of which are now affecting multitudes of populations exponentially more and the younger you die, also tied to that is the more powerful your military. Tibetan monks, no synthetic pharmaceuticals, no military, no mcdonalds lol life expectancy well over 120.

  45. carol freiberg says:

    People continue to blame their maladies on anything besides what they are inhaling 16 X's a minute. They watch those allergy commercials on TV and run straight to the pharmacy for an instant "cure" for their never ending symptoms. Unless enough people can get over their cognitive dissonance and read more articles like Dr. Amoto has written, the powers that be will continue to experiment on us and treat humanity as a lab rat. Thank you Dane and Dr. Amoto.

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