Geoengineering Is Fueling Deadly Epidemic Of Vitamin D Deficiency


Dane Wigington

Climate engineering is mathematically the greatest single assault against all life ever launched by the human race. The ongoing catastrophic effects of the global atmospheric spraying and radio frequency transmissions related to geoengineering programs are so massive in scope and scale that the overall destruction and death they are inflicting is impossible to quantify. Many deadly effects of the solar radiation management operations are completely overlooked, epidemic vitamin D deficiency is in this category.


Vitamin D deficiency is linked to a very long and growing list of human degenerative disease. Immune system degeneration, neurological system disorders, cancer, arthritis, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, obesity, cardiovascular disease, kidney failure, and even reproductive system disorders, the list goes on and on. The paradox is this, though our bodies manufacture vitamin D from sunlight exposure, now we have altered light from the sun due to the light scattering particles that are saturating our atmosphere from solar radiation management. There are no existing studies to address this issue since the ongoing climate engineering insanity is being officially denied. Next, since Earth's protective atmosphere is being torn apart from multiple aspects of climate engineering (sprayed ozone destroying particles and RF heating of the atmosphere), the UV radiation we are all now exposed to is at extremely dangerous levels making exposure to the sun a health threat. In addition, the extremely high UV levels may actually cause the body to shut down vitamin D production. The 12 minute video below has very important and on target data that directly addresses the vitamin D deficiency issue and the role of climate engineering in this equation. It is well worth the time to view.

What can we do? Join the fight to expose and halt climate engineer, this is the battle we must win and it will take all of us.

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  1. Free Energy Technologies says:

    There is a link between vitamin D deficits and autism again more proof that autism is environmental, and environmental sicknesses have a what would be considered in contrast to other sicknesses an easy cure and I am glad to know that once we catch autism is not forever but they don't want us cured they want us to be autistic forever and that is not ok autism is not welcome in my life in any way shape or form just as other disabilities.

  2. Jim Stephenson Jr says:

    Vitamin D (actually a seco steroid) is very complex.  I've been studying it for about 9 years.  The test they do is the inactive form, unbound to GcMAF.  This is also called vitamin D binding protein.  MANY ill people are high in the active form, the one that isn't tested.  I hope you take what I am saying here serious.

  3. Lee Eyerman says:

    People of all ages here in Ohio are having mass heart attacks and dying.The chemtrails formula promotes internal and external bleeding.We need to address the ailments,confront the government,and get the news media to stop being schills and tell us the truth.Lawyers are always instigating lawsuits over bad drugs on TV.Will someone advertise if we have chemtrails symptoms we can sue.Advertise it on TV.We should all be compensated for breathing this shit.Will a lawyer out there with balls start the ball rolling?Thank You.

  4. S. Amato says:

    We have reached the point of urgency. Taking steps to protect you and your loved ones is critical. Not only do the metals have toxic effects on nerves, blood, heart and bones – the biological plasma in these formula's can degrade platelets, leading to clotting abnormalities and internal bleeding. You must find an alternative doctor or MD trained in advanced therapies and not reliant on their prescription pad.

  5. Laura says:

    Dane, or others…I couldn’t pull up the video you mentioned (“The 12 minute video below has very important and on target data that directly addresses the vitamin D deficiency issue and the role of climate engineering in this equation.”)

    Has anyone else experienced this? How do I get to the video (sometimes, I can put the subject in YouTube and one shows up I can access, but not this time).

    Thanks for help on this, Dane or other readers….

    • mr says:

      His website has been hacked for many years, I have told him that he must change his server location to perhaps Iceland.

  6. bob says:

    I got a tan in the first two weeks of weather that allowed one outside, years ago it never happened until mid-summer. I was tested low on vit. D even though I was always outside and got a lot in my diet, though my liver and health isn't great since being put on drugs during my teen years to make me be 'normal'.  I get heat sickness all the time in the last few years.

  7. I know many of my posts are sooooo boring, because they contain actual scientific data… The situation is worse than you think. PubMed hates it when ordinary civilians READ actual data… >
    Elevated silver, barium and strontium in antlers, vegetation and soils sourced from CWD cluster areas: do Ag/Ba/Sr piezoelectric crystals represent the transmissible pathogenic agent in TSEs?
    Med Hypotheses. 2004;63(2):211-25.
    "High levels of Silver (Ag), Barium (Ba) and Strontium (Sr) and low levels of copper (Cu) have been measured in the antlers, soils and pastures of the deer that are thriving in the chronic wasting disease (CWD) cluster zones in North America in relation to the areas where CWD and other transmissible spongiform encephalopathies (TSEs) have not been reported. The elevations of Ag, Ba and Sr were thought to originate from both natural geochemical and artificial pollutant sources–stemming from the common practise of aerial spraying with 'cloud seeding' Ag or Ba crystal nuclei for rain making in these drought prone areas of North America, the atmospheric spraying with Ba based aerosols for enhancing/refracting radar and radio signal communications as well as the spreading of waste Ba drilling mud from the local oil/gas well industry across pasture land. These metals have subsequently bioconcentrated up the food chain and into the mammals who are dependent upon the local Cu deficient ecosystems. A dual eco-prerequisite theory is proposed on the aetiology of TSEs which is based upon an Ag, Ba, Sr or Mn replacement binding at the vacant Cu/Zn domains on the cellular prion protein (PrP)/sulphated proteoglycan molecules which impairs the capacities of the brain to protect itself against incoming shockbursts of sound and light energy. Ag/Ba/Sr chelation of free sulphur within the biosystem inhibits the viable synthesis of the sulphur dependent proteoglycans, which results in the overall collapse of the Cu mediated conduction of electric signals along the PrP-proteoglycan signalling pathways; ultimately disrupting GABA type inhibitory currents at the synapses/end plates of the auditory/circadian regulated circuitry, as well as disrupting proteoglycan co-regulation of the growth factor signalling systems which maintain the structural integrity of the nervous system. The resulting Ag, Ba, Sr or Mn based compounds seed piezoelectric crystals which incorporate PrP and ferritin into their structure. These ferrimagnetically ordered crystals multireplicate and choke up the PrP-proteoglycan conduits of electrical conduction throughout the CNS. The second stage of pathogenesis comes into play when the pressure energy from incoming shock bursts of low frequency acoustic waves from low fly jets, explosions, earthquakes, etc. (a key eco-characteristic of TSE cluster environments) are absorbed by the rogue 'piezoelectric' crystals, which duly convert the mechanical pressure energy into an electrical energy which accumulates in the crystal-PrP-ferritin aggregates (the fibrils) until a point of 'saturation polarization' is reached. Magnetic fields are generated on the crystal surface, which initiate chain reactions of deleterious free radical mediated spongiform neurodegeneration in surrounding tissues. Since Ag, Ba, Sr or Mn based piezoelectric crystals are heat resistant and carry a magnetic field inducing pathogenic capacity, it is proposed that these ferroelectric crystal pollutants represent the transmissible, pathogenic agents that initiate TSE."
    Complete text:

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Paul, I do not find your posts boring!  I admit sometimes I've been confused.  But you do prompt my research, which always leads to even more stuff.  So much stuff!  I guess my post here yesterday was taken down because of something I said–owing to research.  I'd so hoped you or someone could have filled in the blanks for me.  Answered my question, anyway.  But here is another and this one is for you.  Would deer manure transmit this?  When buying manure, steer, for gardens, and buying alot, somehow a bag of deer manure got thrown in, did not even know they carried that or anyone did.  My neighbor in back saw it and wanted it for her small food garden, confused, I said sure.  Instinctively, I felt it might not be a good idea and should research it first.  What do you think, oh wise and very research saturated one?

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Paul-I forgot to ask if eating deer meat would then be a problem?  And what about buffalo?  R

    • Hello Rachel Robson: That's a pretty tough question, but. I would be very careful of most manure in today's environment. If the deer are feeding in agricultural areas where GMO corn or sweet beets are grown, I'd bury it somewhere else. There are fairly reliable research papers concerning "Morgellon" bacterial forms. These are modified Agrobacterium called Bacillus thuringiensis.
      "Since 1996, a wide range of crop plants have been genetically engineered to contain the delta-endotoxin gene from Bacillus thuringiensis. These "Bt crops" are now available commercially in the USA. They include "Bt corn", "Bt potato", "Bt cotton" and "Bt soybean". Such plants have been genetically engineered to express part of the active Cry toxin in their tissues, so they kill insects that feed on the crops."
      "In some respects, this is an important technological and practical development, because it ensures that only those insects that attack the crop will be exposed to Bt toxins – there is no risk to other types of insect. It also ensures that the range of uses for Bt is extended to insects that feed on the roots or that bore into the plant tissues – for example, the European corn borer – because such insects cannot be controlled by Bt suspensions sprayed onto plant surfaces."
      "However, there is also a "downside", because the target insects are perpetually exposed to toxins and this creates a very strong selection pressure for the development of resistance to the toxins. Various crop-management strategies are being developed to try to minimise this risk."
      Complete article:
      Also here: >
      This is another emerging issue: >
      The Arthromitus stage of Bacillus cereus: Intestinal symbionts of animals
      Complete text is found here:
      The only thing I'd use in a modern garden is sheep shit from healthy sheep raised within an "organic" farm or ranch setting. There's allot of bad shit out there that isn't the same old shit we once knew and loved… 😉

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Yeah, right, I found this information about toxic metals and chronic wasting disease, too, and posted it somewhere here a few days back.  It is amaaaazing to me, the interaction of low frequency shock waves (from jets, H.A.A.R.P?) with the metals once they get in the body– did "They" research this before "They" made up the recipes for the toxic Chem-trail Stews, or are "They" just heartless, soul-less Cosmic A**holes?? 

      Right now, outside, in the North Bay Area, CA we have LIGHTNING.. apparently heat lightning, going on east of San Rafael, CA.  There were the typical weird chem-cloud clusters this morning, then fatter puffier clouds later in the afternoon, looking rainy-ish.  Sunset was weirdly spectacular, with clouds that made EVERYTHING shine very brightly, very reflective clouds, then they turned salmon-pink, the wind stopped blowing and– voila– LIGHTNING!  It's going on right this minute (10:05 p.m., PDT).  Yesterday we had a lot of smoke traveling south and west, along the coast, from the fires in Lake County.  Normally this would head out to the Pacific Ocean but we must've had an onshore wind.  You could smell that smoke. 

      About Vitamin D:  First, the docs were saying that we have an epidemic of vitamin D deficiency– mine had me tested and I was low– and now, the "official" word on that is that THERE WAS NO SUCH THING, we are not all low, and there is NO deficiency epidemic going on– WTF?  We have information and dis-information campaigns going on out there all at the same time now.

      Speaking of dis-information campaigns, is everyone aware that Jim Morrison's (The Doors) father was a rear admiral in the U.S. Navy, commanding the fleet at the Gulf of Tonkin in 1964, that Stephen Stills grew up on military bases in South America, and John Phillips' father was in Navy Intel..?  "THE SIXTIES" was a "Psy-Op":  This is how "They" work.  When are WE all gonna wake up?


    • Dr. Amato says:

      Hi Paul

      Everyone should be on a multi-mineral protein bound supplement with principle ingredients potassium and zinc to lock up those binding sites. All home water piping used to be copper, which adequately supported adrenal function when combined with protein in a meal. Copper's too expensive. They're now using PVC. This conundrum CAN be unraveled, but it takes perseverance and some coin. Stop the visits to the barista, devoting the money instead to protecting yourself from certain premature death.

  8. Does anybody have a clue how to get rid of


    I got 6,7 (instead of max. 2,9)

    Strontium is 39,4  (max allowed 10-70)

    Zeolite? Thanks in advance.

  9. Marc says:

    Something's up here in the Midwest, St. Louis area. Today is the first day in memory that I cannot locate a single trail anywhere across the entire horizon. In fact, for this region, it is remarkably clear and cloud free today. We have not had a sky like this in many, many months. Maybe longer. The question is…..why? Obviously, what with the way these worthless bastards operate, I know this sky is itself just a manifestation of a larger regional or national weather modification agenda in progress. Nonetheless, I cannot help but be seduced by the relatively clear blue sky (though still silvery, but not as much as "usual"). Is this blue sky, with much brighter than usual sunlight, actually a psy-op in and of itself? It seems many are noticing changes in "strategy" in their respective regions. Are the low-brow minions behind this bullcrap following orders from on high to cease activities in certain prescribed regions to facilitate an outcome in some other?

    How f**ked up is it that we are immersed in suspicion by just looking up at a sunny blue sky?

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hi Marc, Don't know if you read a post of mine last week, but we had two days in a row of clear blue skies.  And Heat.  I voiced that because the heat was so oppressive, it made me almost wish for trails to clouds!  Then, had the shocking notion that might have been the purpose!  So, I agree how F'd up it is now to be suspicious of a clear blue sky.  Did you experience way more heat that day?  On the flip side, my plants just loved it as did my chickens who normally run to shade or under some kind of cover-they sunbathed, just soaking it up.

    • BaneB says:

      The same can be said for Mendocino County, California.  Relatively clear blue skies, but still laced with a flourescent silvery glow.  The jet trails have morphed to a more classic con trail appearance.  The weather engineers are using a less showy formula perhaps.  The situation here has been triple digit Fahrenheit temperatures for many weeks.  To have such a period of this much heat is unusual.  And there are forest fires around the area.  We get tropical clouds from Mexico but little if any precipitation.  The entire westher is majorly screwed up.  Your area description of the chemtrail changes seems to match what is going on here.

    • Marc says:

      Hi Rachel. Actually on that particular day the temps backed off noticeably and it was very pleasant, if indeed in this world of toxic nano-fallout one can use the word "pleasant " to describe the weather. But lo and behold, the very next day brought a canopy of weirdness with some trails but not many. But a VERY weird sky full of distinct cloud formations that didn't have anything to do with one another. Unrelated cloud structures all tossed together in one big sky. Just plain stupid.

      These perpetrators (and I stress "trators", as in, "traitors") really truly suck. They are no part o' nothin", and a day doesn't go by I don't pray to my favorite ascended masters to reach into the karmas of these worthless slugs and twist 'em up a really choice "boomerang" effect for the infinite suffering they are dishing out to their fellow living beings.

    • trent says:

      One thing I have noticed in MD is that they have begun to spray starting at dusk, so the next morning it is completely clouded over but no one us the wiser because it’s not as easy to see these trails at night.

  10. Mark Hedges says:

    Technological progress is like an axe in the hands of a pathological criminal. – Albert Einstein

  11. Dog aka db says:

    The insanity goes on where ever I have traveled! CO, all of CA!, OR, WA, MT, WY, ND, WI, IL, OH, PA, NY, DC, VA, NC, SC, FL, GA, TN! They are spraying all over! Some more than others! Same type milky sky's! Hot sun! UV is deadly! Gobs of people on their cells! Towers everywhere! Many issues to talk to people about! My family thinks I'm nuts so what do I care what others think of me! I think they are nuts for not seeing what I see! Time to go deal with real world! Peace!

    • castlerock says:

      I have been living all over Mexico the past 6 years and we are being sprayed here as well. From the big cities like guadalajara to small coastal towns… I moved to Colima Mexico only a year ago and the skies were a beautifull blue! Now I wake in the mornings to chemtrails across the sky and white skies……

  12. Keith Whittington says:

    Today the patterns changed. Instead of slicing the sky from ear to ear, the planes are making slashes and dashes. So, there we (a slightly different group) stand and a plane makes a gash right in plain view, spray on, spray off. I point it out again. One guy acknowledges it!, then wandered off. He returns about half an hour later. The gash was still in the same place, but had time to start spreading out, which I pointed out. He nodded. The group remained silent, no naysaying whatsoever. I think we made a small breakthrough, all because the asswipes doing it made such an obvious presentation, like powerpoint in the sky, and I wasnt flying solo.

    • Keith Whittington says:

      There is power in numbers and our potential is 99%. Herd mentality is programmed into the american psyche. Our task is to shepherd them into greener pastures, wolves be damned. I dont care if I annoy the flock, like a Blue Heeler nipping at ankles. Eventually, they will find security in it as our herd grows.

    • Katherine Gale says:

      I too think you made a break through. I try to appeal to individuals logical abilities. Generally, people want to be “in” on the discussion and to display their intellect. If you are non-confrontational and ask questions 90% of the time they tend to be receptive. Observation such as do you see that? I tend to say, I wasn’t aware of geoengineering but it’s being so widely discussed by the government and scientists I decided to learn more and began looking this up on the internet. I work SRM and geoengineering into the conversation so that the terminology sinks in. I then talk about how it spreads out just like crop spraying and that the process is so simple to carry out as the process its very similar to how they spray crop land with pesticides. How after 911 it was observed that when planes stopped flying the temps went up. All logical and widely known technology. If they bring up contrails and that people are crazy I laugh and say, yeah crazy I guess the crop dusting that we’ve been doing since the 1950s and probably earlier is some big agricultural hoax. I then say, just like the crop spraying process their are official patents and images of this phenomenon widely available on the net. Don’t believe me check it out for yourself.

      If they say, why wouldn’t they openly admit this? I reply, well money for one. If these are government or more specifically military contracts the vendors may have signed confidentiallity agreements. This is often standard practice and the public finds out about things like stealth bombers or the health effects of chemicals like agent orange decades later. Do you believe what you can see or what you are told? I choose to wonder about what I see and do research. Some people lives are so inundated with work, their kids activities and other obligations that they do not have the time to look up, observe and question why the skies have these spray lines that spread out. I have always been curious and need to know what is that. The concept is so simple, the technology already in practice in the agricultural industry. Around 2003 or 05 when there were 30,000 official deaths from the heat wave that struck Europe the sightings of SRM became common around the world. It just makes sense that this is a government program using well known technology to diminish the amount of solar energy and by extension the heat reaching the surface of the planet. The scary thing is that the reflective nano particles are toxic and eventually reach the water we drink and the air we breath. Etc. Etc.

      The natural response to ridicule or an argumentive personality is to be confrontational or angry. I try to set a tone that avoids this sort of response. If the personal is unreachable, I just walk away. I have noticed the more I talk to people the better response. I think you just get better at engaging people. If you can joke around and create a dialog that appeals to their intellect and curiousity it works. In my experience, confrontational and emotional (getting upset) exchanges do not work.

  13. Dennie Mehocich says:

    T-shirts are a great idea.  I'd like one showing a 3-D Earth from space, on an indigo background that says "Clean up your room– your mother doesn't live here any more" on the front and on the back, "STOP geoengineering!"

    In the meantime, here's what else BARIUM is doing to you:

    Barium intoxication is a very probably cause of multiple sclerosis, and along with silver and strontium, and exposure to LOW FREQUENCY sounds as well as high ultraviolet levels, operate in such a fashion as to facilitate the transmission of "TSEs,"  transmissible spongiform encephalopathies– you know, brain-eating pathologies, like mad cow disease (Jakob-Kreutzfeld disease in humans).  The NIH abstract for this information is found on their website, too.

    • Play this video from 40:20, because first part of it (40 minutes) is repeated. There are comments specific to chemtrail aluminum poisoning starting at 1:20:45 to the end of the video. All excellent information from someone who knows the score. Dietrich Klinghardt – Excellent presentation on various detox methods and useful products Tip o' the pen to Dennie Mehocich for your post. I love it when people include links to PubMed. PubMed is an excellent source for peer reviewed medical literature. Great reference materials for lawsuits…  

    • Tim says:

      dr k is a genius on detox!

  14. Connie Chauvel-Gomez says:

    Is this the reason it is harder to grow gardens???

    • Rachel Robson says:


    • Hello Connie Chauvel-Gomez: Although barium is being heavily used, it's nano-aluminum oxides that change soil PH and destroys uptake of nutrients needed by your garden plants. Many persons are complaining about stunted plants, or plants that die right at the root line. Here's a bit of information on soil testing: >
      Soil Aluminum and Test Interpretation

    • Earth Angel says:

      Connie, We are struggling with our gardens here in North Georgia, USA too. Living on a farm for over 20 yrs. and I've never had to work so hard to get such dismal looking vegetables. Seeing recently planted organic blackberry, strawberry, and raspberry plants with new growth (as well as older established branches) shriveling and wilting randomly. Also okra, bannana peppers and tomatos showing signs of mutation, growing curled or doubled together.  Wondering if this is from the spraying, or harsh UVB & C levels burning them up- possibly fukushima fallout genetically mutating them? Those responsible for the demise of earth's natural systems must be punished as harshly as they are treating the earth.

    • Mark Hedges says:

      I'm having garden problems also, stunted plants and some are going to seed early? The plants that are doing well I will save seed instead of eating, maybe next year I will have a more chem-resistant garden? NLOL

  15. Katherine L. says:

    and please, eat as healthy as possible.  Check into how to detox.  I have a list of things I do but I just want tho mention this. Just look into overall "wellness" – inside and out. Raise your vibrations.

  16. Katherine L. says:

    I guess it has to get worst for the masses to act upon this. I continue to spread the word and every chance I get I'm mentioning this.  I was at a town hall meeting and even though I did get picked to asked the panel (Senator Norcross and others) I submitting my Geo question and they still haven't responded. I call my local airport and they say they don't know what it is, they told me to call the EPA and I got no response from them. I got no response from the Clean Air Council too.  Gee I wonder why?  It never ends but neither do I.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Clean Air councils only measure combustion particulates, not the crap that's so prevalent that we can see getting sprayed all over us 24/7/365.  Unless and until people perceive that they are being hurt personally, they HAVE NO DOG IN THE FIGHT.  Too many people still do not know about these programs but the word IS spreading. 

      It really helped a lot to be able to tell people who ask really good questions about "persistent condensation trails" (well, we KNOW they aren't "condensation," though water vapor is a green house gas, we're told), about the high bypass turbofan jet engine that produces virtually no water vapor condensation– stops 'em right in their ignorant tracks to quote a website they can easily remember so they can look at the animated model of the engine and see for themselves.  Nothing like the light of truth when shined upon the cockroaches of ignorance, scattering or melting like, well, vapors..

  17. Lana Givant says:

    Vitamin D deficiency is related to cancer. As a breast cancer survivor, I can say that after Geoengineering of the Pacific Northwest, I was diagnosed with breast cancer  and a extreme Vitamin D deficiency. My Nurse Practioner has me taking 4,000 to 5,000 units of Vitamin D3 orally every day. I am an average sized female. I am addressing some previous comments and questions. I hope this information helps. Much love to you Dane and everyone involved with exposing Geoengineering. Lana

    • Carol says:

      I too was prescribed 5000 mg of D3 each day when I was diagnosed with  Polymyalgia Rheumatica.  Vitamin  D3  deficiency is such a problem that I believe everyone should be tested. 

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      And we should be sure to get enough potassium and copper in our diets, as barium displaces potassium.  Aluminum displaces calcium, manganese, and magnesium, due to their valence on the atomic table:

      The REASON why the Psychopaths do this?  THEY DON'T CARE.  They DON'T CARE if they die because THEY HAVE A DEATH-WISH. 

      The Biggest Disease of All Time on Planet Earth is THIS:

      I DON'T CARE!!!

      Diagnosis:  TERMINAL HEARTLESSNESS.  and it CAN kill this planet if we don't find our hearts and USE them to motivate our hands, feet and mouths, too.

    • V says:

      I, too, live in the Pacific Northwest and the chem trails here are massive. I was tested for D3 and found to be so low my doc had me on 30,000 units per day for a year to get my levels back up. Yes, you read that right….30,000. I have had two bouts of cancer, and I still take D3 albeit a much smaller daily to dose. This is extremely alarming as we also have the fallout from Fukushima landing on our shores. It is not good folks. 

    • mr says:

      D3? Forget that! Take Maitake mushroom powder. The only solution I know that works!

  18. Many readers wonder how our industrial ghouls can justify the slaughter of six billion human beings. Simple. They've been allowed to do so. Damaged brain functions (lack of moral constructs) are due to microwave emissions… Excerpted from: Temporoparietal junction – Wikipedia

    ["The temporoparietal junction (TPJ) is an area of the brain where the temporal and parietal lobes meet, at the posterior end of the Sylvian fissure. The TPJ incorporates information from the thalamus and the limbic system, as well as from the visual, auditory, and somatosensory systems. The TPJ also integrates information from both the external environment as well as from within the body. The TPJ is responsible for collecting all of this information and then processing it.[1] This area is also known to play a crucial role in self-other distinctions processes and theory of mind (ToM).[2] Furthermore, damage to the TPJ has been implicated in having adverse effects on an individual’s ability to make moral decisions and has been known to produce out-of-body experiences (OBEs).[3] Electromagnetic stimulation of the TPJ can also cause these effects.[4] Apart from these diverse roles that the TPJ plays, it is also known for its involvement in a variety of widespread disorders including amnesia, Alzheimer's disease, and schizophrenia."] Morality ["Morality is the differentiation in intention between choosing between what is good and what is bad. Connections made at the TPJ help an individual understand their emotions and make decisions based on them. The TPJ allows the association of emotions to events or individuals, aiding in the decision making process. However, errors in this emotional processing can arise when patients have lesions in the TPJ or when the brain is electrically stimulated. transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) can be used to disrupt neural activity in the rTPJ right before a patient had to make a moral decision as well as during the decision making process, constituting to two different testing environments. Then, when presented with a moral dilemma, patients’ ability to make morally-sound decisions was deterred. TMS to the rTJ affects the ability of an individual to use mental states to make moral decisions.[30] Studies also show that there is a relation between theory of mind and moral judgment, once again signifying the role of the rTPJ in morality.[31][32] "] Notice the location is very close to where most persons apply their cellular phones:

    > Complete text:

    Vitamin D deficiency is related to biological impairment of cellular metabolism in the human body, and is strongly associated with exposures to RF digital emissions. Get rid of your cell phone, wi-fi, and BlueTooth devices, before these devices get rid of you…

  19. Gene Maynard says:

    Dane, I read and watch just about everything you do and I heard you say with over 600 religions all can't be right. You are exactly right. Organized religion has failed in everything but it's ability to make tons of money. The truth cannot be contained in a building, neither will truth subject itself to being a servant of greed. It will not hang around as a slave. God is love and all truth is wrapped up in that love. A love found in the hearts of all men who respect all other men and will avoid hurting others at all cost. That is the true religion, the religion that seeks nothing for itself. I am sending the article below to all my e-mail list as well as making some fliers.

    SRM’s Genocidal Connection

    Every breath we take contains microscopic toxic nano particulates. Such small particles are extremely damaging to the respiratory and neurological systems and cannot be filtered out with any readily available filtration mechanisms. They are so small that they penetrate straight through the lung lining and into the blood stream. There, they can adhere to cell receptors like a plaque, slowly but surely damaging our health and bodily functions such as the neurological and immune systems.

    Four major hospitals across the country have conducted tests on what is now called an epidemic of vitamin “D” deficiency in the United States. Two hospitals in Texas, a third in Arkansas, and a fourth in Florida are finding similar results. All are showing a 90% deficiency rate across the board in their patients. Two of the tests in two separate facilities used 600 test subjects and found that only two people in each group had normal levels of vitamin “D”. About the same amount were also deficient in Iodine. Two of the hospitals noted that in the totality of patients coming in and routinely tested for Vitamin “D” levels, they are seeing only about 1 in every ten that approach normal levels. When instructed by administrators to begin elevating the levels of Vitamin “D” in their patients the doctors said they can’t. Cell receptors are layered over with plaque and cannot function properly to communicate to cells in a way to uptake the vitamin.

    Also, due to SAG and SRM {stratospheric aerosol geoengineering & solar radiation management} the sun rays reaching earth have been reduced by 25% in some areas and those reaching earth are so diffused by the particulates in the atmosphere it is of no value to human health. The human body produces Vitamin “D” but needs abundant [un-diffused] sunlight to accomplish it.
    Some health experts are now saying children born after the year 2000 are not expected to outlive their parents. This is an extremely sad turn of events. The year 2000 is about the time geoengineering heavy metal spraying began in earnest around the globe 24/7. Thousands of planes daily saturating the atmosphere with nano particulates of; aluminum, barium, cadmium, mercury, lead, and arsenic, to name a few. Geoengineering has been going on for at least a half century but in earnest since 2000. With every breath we take we inhale these metals with catastrophic results on the body’s organs. However, as devastating as they are on adults they are even more so on children. The small size of children and therefore the smaller organs are receiving the same concentrations but with a synergistic effect. The concentrations are in effect maximized in children because of their smaller size. In physics criticality is the point at which a nuclear reaction becomes self sustaining. I think it is safe to say the destructive elements of geoengineering have reached criticality!
    Vitamin “D” deficiency is devastating to human health causing such problems as; cancer, autism, alzheimer’s, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, muscle and joint pain, failure in bone development and bone weakness, tiredness, and depression.
    One doctor noted that fifteen years ago it was considered rare to find toxic metals in even 1 out of 100 patients. Today these metals are found at toxic levels in 99 out of every 100 patients tested. Particulates so small as to be as an aerosol. Completely contaminating lung tissue and devastating cell functions. This destroys immune systems and the body’s ability to uptake vitamins, hormones and needed nutrients. This is so all incompassingly destructive it cannot be repaired from a medical standpoint.
    Geoengineering has also shredded the ozone layer which is what layering the atmosphere with metal particulates would be expected to do. Now the majority of UV rays we receive are UV-B rays as opposed to UV-A. The level of UV-C should be a small fraction of the total received. We are also receiving UV-C rays which under normal conditions should not be reaching earth at all. UV-C light is the last band before X-Ray. This level of UV is also destroying the body’s ability to manufacture Vitamin “D”, not to even mention the destruction it is wreaking on the biosphere.
    Government, military, and corporate entities have joined forces in a genocidal program perpetrated against a large majority of the human race. It is a program of intent and therefore criminal. It is a continuation and a ramp-up of the 1930’s eugenics program that was so efficiently carried out by Hitler’s regime in Nazi Germany. In their own words they feel the earth can support only about 10% of the present population; the other 90% must be eliminated. Henry Kissinger referred to the 90% as “useless eaters”.
    Dwight Eisenhower and John Kennedy warned that vigilance was needed against a time when a global elite, utilizing a business acumen called Corporatism, which is nothing more than a business/military template, would seek to rule the world. The driving force behind this cabal is power and money. Reason and logic are lost to their insatiable greed. This is a satanic driven mindset that will not be stopped by human effort. In the blind absence of any compassion, mercy, or justice, they will destroy themselves along with the population of the world. God said in the last days “perilous times will come”. It seems incomprehensible that one can be so evil and possess so much evil intent as to destroy self simply to destroy others. However, that is what the word “perilous” means; it means to sink into a place one is unable to extract himself from. We see now a time when evil cannot restrain itself. Evil itself has reached criticality and has become self sustaining! Evil feeds on the labor of the helpless and the poor but even after the host has died, and it always ultimately dies, evil continues to feed on itself until even it is destroyed because it has no capacity to stop itself. Greed has no bounds or borders; once all restraints are removed it is unstoppable.
    This dire scenario need not be but will be unless God intervenes. He is our only hope.
    There are many facets to geoengineering not covered here but equally destructive. You can find this and more at There is also much that God says about this time we are in. You can read more about that in the Bible books of Jude, 2 Peter, and Revelation.

  20. U.S. Law Allows Testing of Chemicals and Biological Agents on "Civilian Population" – Global Skywatch PUBLIC LAW 105—85—NOV. 18, 1997: USE OF HUMAN SUBJECTS FOR TESTING OF CHEMICAL OR BIOLOGICAL AGENTS SEC. 1078. RESTRICTIONS ON THE USE OF HUMAN SUBJECTS FOR TESTING OF CHEMICAL OR BIOLOGICAL AGENTS. (a) PROHIBITED ACTIVITIES.—The Secretary of Defense may not conduct (directly or by contract) (1) any test or experiment involving the use of a chemical agent or biological agent on a civilian population; or (2) any other testing of a chemical agent or biological agent on human subjects. (b) EXCEPTIONS.—Subject to subsections (c), (d), and (e), the prohibition in subsection (a) does not apply to a test or experiment carried out for any of the following purposes: (1) Any peaceful purpose that is related to a medical, therapeutic, pharmaceutical, agricultural, industrial, or research activity. (2) Any purpose that is directly related to protection against toxic chemicals or biological weapons and agents. (3) Any law enforcement purpose, including any purpose related to riot control. See complete text:   Maybe the "D" stands for Secretary of Defense??? Maybe we should read the fine print before giving consent…

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Bingo Paul, This is along the lines of what I thought I found out before that would prevent us from winning a suit.  Is it?  Would it?

      From another post, I gather that the massive Navy training with EMR in the Olympic Range is going to happen, is happening.  Then, today I read about how the area is on fire, a fire that cannot be put out, in a Rainforest yet.  Not one mention of aluminum of course to help account for the tenacity of this fire right after days of rain.  So, of course I'm wondering if this was the Navy's plan all along in order to make their games more fun?  Bastards!

  21. mike says:

    Air pollution lowers you vitamen D levels, so sitting out in the sun on an air pollution day doesn't help.

  22. Hello Dane,

    Again another great post of yours. I have a question, can I take vitamin D supplements to help me get my daily dose of that mentioned vitamin D? If so, what dosage do you recommend me to take? I don't know if it goes with the age and weight but, if so, I'm 35 years old, I weight 265 pounds, measure 5 feet 6. Also, can I give some to my daughter to? She's 9 years old now (since July 14th) and weight about 60 pounds. Also, if those doing these programs don't stop until 2025, as a document suggested, I'm I right to say that at this rate, I think Earth will break down at about 2018-2020. If they ever realize that what they are doing is catastrophic, do you think they might decide to stop these programs? (now IF they do in fact stop the programs, it will NEVER be said publicly that it was done because they won't want to admit they miserably failed) Another thing, I'm really active in this fight, I not only comment here, I use my SkyderAlert application on my cell phone EVERYDAY at least between 15-30 pictures a day ( I hate using cell phones for the damage it does to our brain but, for this cause, I do), I send letters, emails, comments, messages to every possible people of the public I can (I admit I don't often get answers, and when I do, it's to deny) yet I still harass them as much as I can, I'm starting to lose my own family to this cause because they know it is done but, they are sick and tired of hearing about it so my girlfriend is fed up with me ( I don't know how long before we break up our 12 years relationship ) my parents are fed up, yet I still fight with every ounce of energy I have, sometimes I spend nights not sleeping to write on my forum, do research, write to my governments, my mayor, my news sources, meteo-media (weather channel), I print flyers from this site and pin them around town regularly, heck, I was kicked out of some buildings for doing it!, I send out the flaming arrow package to everyone I can think of, I use my girlfriends facebook to post stuff ( I hate facebook so I don't have an account ) I'm completely forgetting myself in order to be as productive as possible in this fight. I know I'm not perfect, I'm a very sensitive man so sometimes I do make honest mistakes when sharing stuff here and elsewhere, fortunately, Dane and others put me back on the right track and then I can correct my mistakes. With that being said, I don't know for how long I can keep going on like this (as you read this, it's 8:49am and I haven't gone to bed yet, too much work had to be done in the fight) I might lose my girlfriend, my daughter and a lot of friends (many have left me alone already) but there is a little voice in my conscience that tells me to keep fighting because if I don't, it's like if I would abandon my fellow humans and mother Earth. I would like to organize public speaking like Dane does down in USA but, I know no one that could do it bilingually, except me but, I don't have the same expertise as Dane. There seems to be nothing here in Quebec, Canada about geo-engineering, SRM, CDR etc. People are sleeping and being stonewalled into the EAT-WORK-SLEEP-REPEAT cycle, it's like they don't see what's going on. The more days go by, the more i'm starting to think that we just might have to bust in and invade our representatives offices, our governements places, we just might have to act more violently. I HATE HAVING TO MENTION THAT because I'm a really pacific person, I hate conflicts, I hate wars and fights but, it's just getting clearer that if we don't strongly act, they will always have an advance in this genocide. With all that being said. I'll keep fighting for myself, my family and all of you folks here until I die! I will surely lose EVERYTHING, it's just a matter of time (losing all I have or losing my planet, it's all the same, in the end, I lost! ) I thank you all here and mostly Dane, for everything, from huge to little, that you all do in this fight! I don't see the light at the end of the tunnel but, I'm not afraid of the dark, so I keep marching on in the obscurity. Keep faith in your fellow comrades!
    Your dedicated soldier,

    You can come to my forum, it's not professional but, it comes from the bottom of my heart. I invite you to register for free and post whatever you want, send me your suggestions (someone from here did already!) and just don't forget, if you use an outside source, please name it at the bottom of your posts. If you want me to translate your posts, let me know, I'll gladly do it. Here is the link By the way, you can take articles from Dane's site, just PLEASE site the source in your posts out of respect. Keep coming here and visit me too if you wish.
    Take care folks…

  23. Judi Berry says:

    Thanks, Dane.  Another very effective video! I mentioned heavy metal testing to my internist the other day, and he actually seemed interested and followed up with me, although they knew of no tests for aluminum.

    • Nancy C. says:

      JUDI, I just had a urine test through my Naturopathic Doc that tested for many heavy metals, including aluminum. The lab is  Genova Diagnostics 63 zillicoa St Asheville, NC 28817. There was a special collection kit, and procedures to follow before overnight FedEx. Well worth it.  

  24. Rachel Robson says:

    Stephen, what a good idea and where did you get that t-shirt?  I've been out of the loop a short while-miss a little, miss a lot!

    When I was first told I needed more vitamin D, I figured that made sense as I have Lupus and am seldom in the sun.  Then, my daughter remarked on the quantity, the amount of.  So I asked another doc, this time saying that because we are receiving so much less sun shine and my Lupus, is that why?  He said no.  He said my blood work showed way way too low vitamin D.  I said, well, because I'm not in the sun and I'm allergic to milk and milk products.  He said no.  Too low to be any of that, saying it differs with different people and implying genetics.  I found that confusing and he seemed oblivious to lack of sun shine though many others acknowledge it.

    What I do know is that Monday and Tuesday, here in Berkeley, CA we had clear blue skies with no trails, no clouds.  And it was hot, really hot for here.  The last 6 years at least have been chilly summers here but for a couple of warmish days last year.  This year we have had some real heat and by Tuesday it was oppressive.  Yet the plants seem to be loving it.  Today, skies all whited out and despite forecast, it is cool.  I swear, there was a moment in that heat I almost wished for trails- to- clouds, it was that hot.  Then, I wondered if that was the point!

    I gotta admit the plants and trees seem to like the real sun here, even though hot, not nearly as hot as Redding-which to my many decades here memory, Redding, it has always been hot, but then, not always such high UV.  Even my chickens were loving it, sunbathing, splayed out, soaking it up.

    My ailing-to put it mildly-beloved golden plum tree even sprang a lot of new leaves on its previously virtually naked self-and a flower!  At end of July!  The plants have lost their minds.  All sorts of oddities going on with them.

    Also, last night, looking at the full moon, a real blue one yet, it was so bright I could barely stand to look at it!  I don't recall that ever happening before.  Has anyone else noticed that?

    • stephan says:

      Hi Rachel, I got the t-shirt from Skyder Alert which is unfortunately closing down. You can try contacting George Barnes there and if not you can get shirts made up at places that do custom t-shirts. Take care.

  25. Keith Whittington says:

    They were spraying all morning in southern Illinois. As I was talking with friends and neighbors, a plane was laying a new streak, which I pointed out. The response was typical; contrails. Then the plane shut off the spray. A minute later the jet started the toxic spray again. I asked how that was possible. Was the jet gliding?  Believe it or not, I was told I was a dummy because I dont watch the news. We are so up against it! It is late afternoon now and the sky is a featureless white haze.

    • stephan says:

      Hey Keith, Hang in there – That's a typical response from people who do "watch the news". I'm going to a pro football game tomorrow here in Canada and I'm going to wear a bright t-shirt with the logo front and back in big letters that reads "WANT SUNSHINE ? – BAN GEOENGINEERING". I'm also taking flyers. I wouldn't normally go to this kind of thing but the ticket was free and I'm okay with any kind of remarks like you got. Here's hoping they're spraying and I talk to some people who "don't watch the news". Take care.

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