Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, December 8, 2018, #174


Dane Wigington

The human race continues to hit the accelerator as we head over the edge of the abyss. The weather-makers are fully utilizing their resources to engineer yet another winter weather event over North America, “Winter Storm Diego”. Are environmental protection provisions being augmented? Or are they being completely gutted? The list of recent actions in that arena is beyond shocking. Are the recent wave of dire environmental reports accurate? Many are already starving around the globe, is it possible first world populations could soon face food shortages as well? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

How can we maintain solace, a proper perspective and a correct compass heading, even as collapse looms on the horizon? If we can look ourselves in the mirror and know that we are doing our absolute best to stand against the darkening horizon, then we are on the right path. Make your voice heard in the battle to sound the alarm, every day matters at this late hour.

Geoengineering Watch wishes to express our most sincere gratitude to Maciej Kocialkowski for his tireless work toward raising awareness on the critical issue of climate engineering. The geoengineering awareness booth in the photos below was set up at the Historical Train Depot farmers market in Punta Gorda, Florida (12/8/18). Maciej has also translated flyers into Polish and personally distributed them in his homeland of Poland.

This week's outreach booth is at the Earl Warren Showgrounds, Santa Barbara, California, and is shown below. My most sincere and continuing gratitude to the Gem Faire exhibition organizers for facilitating and setting up this very effective booth in every week's Gem Faire location. The schedule for upcoming Gem Faire events is HERE. A booth will be at all events, thanks to the steadfast support of Gem Faire.

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  1. 'a' simple horseman says:

    To ALL, I like listening to Chris Hedges. In this interview he says a lot because he is allowed to. If you listen to the very end. You will find that our friend Chris Hedges is finding a way to get the word out about Geo engineering. He's no dummy, he just needed "them" to step on their(-) and there by provide an avenue to disclose and stand by what we all know to be true. Again, I'm very glad I watched intently until the end of this interview.

    Anyone ever wonder what the social equivalent to weather whiplash is? So goes the biosphere, so goes society. No two ways about it.

    Dane, I'm sure this interview is within the GW integrity guidelines.

  2. Mary Hollowell says:

    Activists, heads up on trolls – The depravity of the MIC knows no bounds. Listen to John Brennan on targeting, directed conversation, ordinance that can be adapted, and no touch torture.

  3. 'a' simple horseman says:

    I've been sitting here all morning looking out my 3 big widows and watching the clouds rapidly roll by from west going east. The surface winds are strong out of the south. Every time there is a break in to cloud cover I can see VERY heavy aerosol trails. Very strange days indeed….

  4. My thanks again to V. Susan Ferguson and Dennie for your many informative posts.  To all readers: Please review this very important notice concerning 9/11 (Architects and Engineers) legal actions.

    Massive 9/11 Breakthrough! – Forbidden Knowledge TV

    Here is the cited legal Code – relevant to Grand Jury investigations. 

    U.S. CodeTitle 18Part IIChapter 216 › § 3332

    18 U.S. Code § 3332 – Powers and duties


    (a) It shall be the duty of each such grand jury impaneled within any judicial district to inquire into offenses against the criminal laws of the United States alleged to have been committed within that district. Such alleged offenses may be brought to the attention of the grand jury by the court or by any attorney appearing on behalf of the United States for the presentation of evidence. Any such attorney receiving information concerning such an alleged offense from any other person shall, if requested by such other person, inform the grand jury of such alleged offense, the identity of such other person, and such attorney’s action or recommendation.


    (b) Whenever the district court determines that the volume of business of the special grand jury exceeds the capacity of the grand jury to discharge its obligations, the district court may order an additional special grand jury for that district to be impaneled. 

    Complete text:

    • Louise Neufeld says:

      Paul, I was wanting to read the article on 911 A massive breakthrough but it has already been removed. Any possibility of sending it again?  Thanks also for all your incredible information. 

    • Born in California says:

      Paul,Yes, I too, like Louise, attempted to view the 911 massive breakthrough and found it already 'not there'. 

  5. John says:

    I watched the Thin Red Line last night.  Indeed, it is a movie to watch to fully understand the mindset of the looting, plundering, and pillaging of land, and its effects to the native people.   It reminded me of some of the demeanor my, now, late Uncle had when he returned serving as a US Marine in the Vietnam War, of which he received a Purple Heart.  He was like a father to me.  Like the movie, never tell an ex-Marine that you “forgot” something.  I learned at a young age to really try not to use that verb. 

    At the same time, he also suffered a lot from his war injuries (both physically and mentally).  The medical industrial complex (the VA at that time, along with his insurance) were terrible at rehabbing him.  The way I see it, they drafted him into to fight a proxy war, used and abused him, then discarded after his bomb injury and could no longer fight a proxy war for the power structure.  Very similar ideology in how employers in the US have become to civilians in the job market, unfortunately (use, abuse, and discard).  I remember all my family went through when I was a kid, all the ER visits, and the pain he went through towards the end when he was on lots of pain killing prescriptions for his almost severed leg and his kidneys failed.  It was so hard on all of us. 

    I’m sure he’s rolling over in his grave, watching from up above, on how we are all being biologically exterminated via geoengineering, ionospheric heating, and now 5G.  The greed and criminality within the power structure is, truly, relentless and never ending.  It’s definitely not about freedom and democracy, and never has been.  However, some of other alive and remaining vets I know actually believe everything that all is happening is for the greater good.  They’re so used to aggression and fighting . . . that this is all they know, and aren’t aware of any other way to live.  I was once told that we’re a system of interdependence, however, the actual evidence of that is quite the contrary.  I’m hopeful that this can change if enough people stand up against the tyranny, and make some serious changes.  All is not lost unless we completely give up, which we should never do.

    Thank you for all you do, Dane, to continue to sound the alarm.  My sincerest gratitude and appreciation goes out to you, including everyone else that’s trying to effectively awaken others with verifiable facts and credible data.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      John, If I were tasked with writing an expose' of why I have joined this fight to create mass awareness, I couldn't have written a better one.

    • V. Susan Ferguson says:

      Great post, John. Thank you. In my understanding, every General and Admiral stands on a mountain of broken men & women who are bearing wounds that will not heal, who are crippled emotionally & physically, and will never return to innocence, to peaceful sleep, to play, and life without pain.

    • Linda..LS says:

      Thank you John. This is close to my heart as my 33 year old friend made a statement yesterday that some men must be good at going to war. As the daughter of a 16 year old sailor who was nuked in Japan, they lived through it and then their families took care of them and bore the burden of their wounds, physical and emotional. Thanks for speaking so eloquently John. 

  6. Ron Marr says:

    The cartoon show, The Simpsons, has predicted many events…like the election of Trump as president…the death of Robin Williams and many others…it's amazing how they always get it right…NOT!….If it's allowed.. here's the prediction of the California wild fires in 2016…..The insider, Jerry Brown, will tell you it will be on going for the next 15 to 20 years…oh, joy.

    The Simpsons Predicted California Wildfires In


  7. Paul Vonharnish says:

    Notice anything strange about the clueless "weather" person's dialog? > Earthquake in Tennessee felt in Georgia

    Published December 12, 2018

    • Stuart says:

      Right on Paul V.

      You can bet the center of the arriving Low Pressure system will pass directly over the EQ location Friday.

      Another small EQ reported that area this PM.

      And last Fri, 12/7 a M2.7 EQ was reported in same area just as blizzard arrived.  

  8. marc says:

    This video, at times a bit quirky and disjointed (edited) is well worth a watch though a bit long (30 min). Supreme relevance.  Some dots are connected for the "uninitiated". English speaking Japanese host, filmed in Japan. Watch to the end if you can. Important information and overview here.

  9. pissedoffinWNC says:

    Well, the paid liars at TWC scraped by by the skin of their teeth.  While we didn't get the 24" in WNC that they originally forecast (for 4 days no less), we did receive 5-8" on the mountain – could have been more but the wind (which was not forecast to occur at all, until the very last minute) blew like a freight train for about 24 hours – took out power for almost 2 days.  Other areas of NC were hit far harder than what they had originally forecast for WNC with some areas getting snow that weren't even on the 'schedule' for it.  Family members in VA, SW of Roanoke got way more than we did here….  I specifically made the remark, before 'Diego' hit that the 'forecasters' were changing their tune when I noticed that they started backtracking, using the terms Dane referenced in his broadcast – 'tricky', 'could'/'may'/'might', 'unpredictable', etc.  It was a wet, heavy snow and it's a good thing the wind DID blow because if it hadn't and all the snow had actually fallen, our situation with downed trees would have been far more severe.  TWC had this on their site today:

    One thing that has intrigued me is how 'Diego', and now another 'storm', are traversing from the west coast, dropping along the lower 48, and coming east – generating 'coast to coast storms'…. I don't recall that type of storm development before…. we're to get another one this week, but 'rain' this time and the entire country is 'supposed' to have temps 'above average' through 12/21.  Like Dane said recently, you rarely see actual forecast temps on the weather forecasts anymore – just 'above average' and 'below average' nomenclature… we did see some temps shown tonight, but that was the first time in quite a while. 

    Have been keeping the bird feeder full and you'd think the poor things had never eaten anything before – we have to refill it daily – the chickadees, nuthatches, tufted titmice, even female goldfinches are all over it – even had a dove at the bottom of the feeder today.  

    Mentioned my interest in climate engineering in the annual Christmas card letter insert to several recipients along with the comment to 'look skyward and ask questions'….  

    saw the babiest of spiders last night, at 32 deg dropping from a silk thread…. have no idea why it would have been out in that type of temp…. surely were no other bugs for it to try and feed on….

  10. son of san quentin says:

    Old man Bush, the exalted saintly NWO initiate and fortunate beneficiary of blood-drenched Nazi loot. Great work, Dane, the interview with Dr. Baldwin only scratches the surface of the current evil satanic empire. The insanely unnatural malicious, malevolent and malignant manipulation and genetic mutation of the human species is now completely out of control. Most populations are in a stupefied and diseased state of bliss. But for those who simply connect the dots in facing disintegrating reality, did anyone notice the freakishly coincidental timing of the Bush passing and the Alaskan earthquake, in the heart of extremely resource and mineral rich HAARP territory? My only question is, did the man-gods trigger that quake prior or subsequent to Bush's death, as a Canaanite ritual to pay satanic worship to George and offer innocent human (US citizens) sacrifice to appease the ghoulish hell awaiting him? Just something to think about in our religiously lost and shamanistically primitive societies. It's also ironic that Texas, another geoengineered toxic suffocating monstrosity would be Bush's deathbed, after numerous bouts of pneumonia, before the universal god finally struck him dead. Yes, and the unnecessary airlift at the taxpayer's expense – was that also a demonic ritual in elevating Bush one final time, this time to the heavens? Dear awoken people, the freak show is only beginning, we are being misled straight to hell in the name of politico-religious cabalistic pseudo-magic and demonic mysticism. People in prison wake up every morning, but are still locked in a cage.

    • Dennie says:

      "People in prison wake up every morning, but are still locked in a cage."

      …. and so is the rest of humanity…. they are imprisoned by lack of acceptance (really lack of responsibility) for their own Will and the imagination it requires to move to change their predicament. 

  11. 'a' simple horseman says:

    "Vaccinations". Here's what a simple man knows. Many of you know that I had sled dogs for 20 years. The dreaded Parvo virus went through my kennel like an apocalypse. I did everything right and still got pounded by a supposed avoidable virus. Well, turns out, it was. I stopped vaccinating my dogs. I stopped worming them. Anything chemical was halted. My oh my how my kennel health sky rocketed. And for those curious. I wormed my dogs by fasting them every 3 months. As for the parvo virus, I only bread dogs that had survived the previous bout with parvo virus. That was the end of disease in my outfit. I had a 100% survival rate with those dogs. "We don't need vaccinations, we just need to pass on our genes that conquered the bad stuff we experienced". Pretty simple. For what it's worth. My Mustangs aren't much off the same care path. I allow them to be Mustangs. Coda(musical connotation) is a bit over 26 years old now and if I were an aspiring young stud, "I wouldn't mess with him" and Bell is now 16. There have been many times we have been 3 peas in a pod. Why would I let them down and make them take drugs? When they start losing weight I'll search as to why. Until then, we're doing the best we can with the cards we've been dealt. My pets are fat and happy. My dog has already blown out his winter coat. He sleeps 2 feet from the wood stove. Dog years to people years, this year, we are the same age. You should see us. A couple of old cripples still putting some traction down on the road. It's my "monster" (Coda), all 13 and a half hands of him that is my true barometer. May I be as good a teacher as he. Never would I had imagined such a small horse to be the lead of so many physically larger than he. I watched it all happen in real time. Never was it ultimately about physical strength. Always it was about what was necessary to keep the peace and safety of the herd. It always did my heart good to see one horse after another be accepted into the herd I kept. Lead horse and lead mare, both Mustangs, born and raised in the "wild". (An education I'd like to have greater than my own now). I pose to you this, our native american ancestors knew many things we will never know. They always revered our 4 legged friends. large or small, mattered not.

    I ask ALL, how many times a day do you stop in your tracks and say to the creator, "thank you"? Seriously, when was the last time you stopped at a seemingly trivial thing that benefited you and said "thank you"? The reward of being grateful for the self is long forgotten and long over due. We can not be good for others if we are not good for ourselves.

    • Karen says:

      Regarding worming your animals, all of your animals, you can use Food 

      Grade Diatomaceous Earth. It will also pull other toxins from their 

      bodies. So very sorry you lost your babies to the corrupt 

      medical system. 

  12. Sandy Patrus says:

    Another neighbor just had a mild stroke…she was in her 70's.  Last year two other neighbors had mild strokes…both males and were in their 60's.  The year before that, a male neighbor in his 70's had a pretty bad stroke but was recovering and a year later had another one while he was at his other home in Florida.  The doctor said he would never be allowed to return to Santa Fe because of the altitude, so they sold their home here.  Don't you think it is a little strange there were so many people in one small area having strokes within a 2 year period?  All of them were people who spent a lot of time outdoors.

    • Colleen Cran says:

      Stroke warning. Earlier this summer a friend of mine was out driving with his wife. He suddenly lost his vision. His wife rushed him to a clinic.The doctor said he didn't think he was having a stroke, so he sent him home. By morning the stroke played itself out, and he is now paralyzed. Another friend was talking to a doctor, and he said it is very common for vision loss, to be the first sign of a stroke. Heed the warning, and go directly to a hospital, not a walk in clinic.

  13. 'a' simple horseman says:

    I would like to thank Maciej for sending in some current activist photos. Thank you my friend I have not met, yet.

    Not sure who the booth tenders were at Gem Faire this weekend.

    I'm going to get that "5" tender photo first and then I'm going to boast for real. And no one is going to like what I have to say. I promise.

    Time isn't running out when you're about to hit the bottom of the canyon. It's 0 second right now!  We hit the wall. The bottom of the canyon. All that's left is what we see in all those bomb videos. Big bright colors of devastation and the the aftermath that comes with it.

  14. Joe Morgan says:

    Hello Kindred Souls,

    @Linda LS, yes – 5G is a serious issue, i am surprised more people aren't chiming in in this as it is getting covered widely. We all need to stand up against 5G and geoengineering, both are dire issues and affect us all. 

  15. Thomas Paine says:

    "Reason and Ignorance, the opposites of each other, influence the great bulk of mankind.  If either of these can be rendered sufficiently extensive in a country, the machinery of Government goes easily on.  Reason obeys itself; and Ignorance submits to whatever is dictated to it."

  16. Gail ~ Yellowhead County Alberta ~ says:

    Bush Family Crimes. Passed down from father to son, to father to son. You know what the odds are of that?     Junk Food?   And you expect anything other then GMO's & low quality grub? It isn't hard to make up a snack bag for your car, so you don't feel the need to stop & eat at these fast foods joints. They even discovered that Subways Chicken, is mostly Soy! What if you are allergic & you thought it was Chicken? How about the mass selling of soda's? Do you know the truth of what's in a Pepsi? You look, I won't even say. Anything they push is more then likely, Bad for you. How about milk? So many drink this by the gallon! Actors with their milk mustache. Got milk?  Man is the only animal that drinks milk after being weaned. Why? Calcium? Strong bones? I beg to differ. I wasn't made to drink glasses of milk as other kids were. A splash on oatmeal as a child. And we now know the crimes of cereal producers. Drink your milk. 32 pats of butter added to each gallon. It's probably margarine. No wonder there is such weight issue's. I see people with 2 & 3 jugs in their carts. Mucus people! Never drink it if you have a cold.  Young Children with runny noses & a warm bottle of milk they've been sucking on for hours. I call it muck! Once again, massed produced, & these Cows are more then likely consuming GMO's & a hell of a lot of Hormones etc. Support smaller milk sellers who care about their Cows & their Product. Buy good cheese, not mass produced if you do choose dairy.   Support them. Enjoy good cheese, it sure tastes different & it doesn't bend like rubber. Not everything needs to be bought in bulk & eaten in bulk.   Buy foods around the perimeter of the grocers you shop at. Try to avoid center aisles where the processed foods are.  Do you know how cheap & healthy dry beans are? I sure know my food buying has changed due to the madness of what they have done to foods of all types. We need to stay healthy & alert. Food choices are very important for our digestion. Now these Waves being emitted are absorbed through our skin. Our largest organ. They've messed with every other, why not our skin!    El Paso drinking treated sewage. Yum!  Deliberate Sound Waves in the Oceans! Those Poor inhabitants of the Great Oceans around the World.  No wonder they are dying at such a rapid pace. They've thrown almost everything in their arsenal at them.    NOAA I thought they were there for the Whales? Currant government cut backs & ending protections. Go trump go! You've almost killed everything! Oh My! Record clean air? This boy is touched in the head.   And hiring anyone who is willing to do what the courts call "Aiding & Abetting"!    How much more do you need to wake up?      We are living in an asylum!   Great broadcast Dane.

  17. Ron Marr says:

    This is one of the sickest individuals on the planet…always smiling as he murders humans…while, he goes about his role in the NWO… of depopulation…Bill Gates…throws his billions into common core…vaccines…geoengineering and anything nefarious he can think of….He would now like to pretend geoengineering has not been on going….He will finance Harvard scientist to attempt 'stratospheric aerosol injection' (SAI) to stop Global warming….Dr. Gernot Wagner from Harvard (Remember him?…see Dane's debate with this guy.) is an author of the paper…he says,"it will be remarkably inexpensive, at an average of around 2 to 2.5 billion per year over the first 15 years."  Insanity in your face! Will we wait to be treated like Palestinians, before Americans wake up? In Unity, we must realize that we and all humans on earth are Palestinians right now!

    Great job, Dane….Thanks!



    • 'a' simple horserman says:

      "Palestine USA" coming to a region near you! Palestine gets their power shut off routinely. Oh my, wouldn't that stop a few million 'americans' in their tracks? And it does, just ask the "weather event" victims. Civilization zigged when we should have zagged at the advent of the industrial revolution(reference, Bane B and I agree). Ever wonder why it is called a revolution? I have. I think that's when one hand let go of the other and we as humanity went the wrong way down a dead end road with the peddle to the metal. What became of the way we should have gone? Good question, eh? Well, I'm doing just fine and I'm sitting here writing to you ALL. Don't believe me? You go sit in my 3 sided outhouse at below freezing temps, off grid and doing your best to "make a difference" and then tell me where I took a wrong turn. It's one single step for me to go back 150 yrs and still live well. Harmony with the planet. Not many can say that. I'm not boasting, it's more of a warning for what is yet to come. Just sayin.

      I'm very sensitive to what is and has been happening in Palestine. There are many ways to learn of parallels in nature. If I were a horse and Israel was the 'trainer', I'd be a problem horse too, my favorite kind. Friends, for what it's worth. Every 'problem horse' I've ever dealt with had only "one" problem, No one was listening!!" I kid you not folks. Some people think I'm magic. Not even. I listen well. How else are you supposed to learn and communicate? 2 legged or 4, matters not. We're all in this together. Sad that 2 legs means more than 4.

      Ever since the early 80's, that Bill Gates has given me the creeps. Call it what you will. That guy is modern day dangerous.

  18. More greed and "official" stupidity.

    COP24: Solar geoengineering may help limit global warming

    "Scientists suggest there is high agreement that injection of chemicals into the stratosphere could help limit global warming." by Neave Barker

  19. Dennie says:

    The EMF Health Summit gives information about how to protect yourself and detox from electrosmog, free, through Dec.

    Beverly Oliver was 17 years old when she filmed the motorcade at Dealy Plaza, then her film was confiscated by regional FBI agent Regis Kennedy as she arrived at work.  She is now in her 70s and hasn't ever seen the film she took, that included the head shot that killed JFK:

  20. jeanette s says:

    I came across a youtube trailer for Peter Jackson's "They will not get old" about wwI soldiers. they took many films and modernized them, colorized them but the thing I noticed most, and these may have been soldiers from his corner of the world which is cleaner even today, is how healthy and vital they were. No growth hormones to keep the bones soft, no metals no poisons in our food or water. their complexions are perfect. You should see what beautiful people they were look at their faces and look at the ones today. when you open a pack of pork chops today, the bone has barely turned from cartilege, you can break with your hands. when I was a child, the bones were solid stone, you could not slice the bones at home, the butcher, stores had to do it. I have a Collier's pictorial of wwII, the men on the beach weren't busted up or head injury from force. that is because they were all farm boys from before the great poisoning. with bones of stone that protected them from so much injury. they died from direct hits to vital organs, explosions because of direct hits or shrapnel. I think there are more injuries from soft bodies from the growth hormones; I think this is more the disability, soft injury to the brain causing pstd type of injuries. this is my opinion and war clips are where you see the most of average americans, people and their health signs through the decades. check it out.

  21. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Screen Time Changes Structure of Kids’ Brains

    (Bloomberg) — Smartphones, tablets and video games are physically changing the brains of adolescents, early results from an ongoing $300 million study funded by the National Institute of Health have shown, according to a report by “60 Minutes.”
    Scientists will follow more than 11,000 nine- to 10-year-olds for a decade to see how childhood experiences impact the brain and affect emotional development and mental health. The first bits of data suggest that the onslaught of tech screens has been transformative for young people — and maybe not for the better.
    In brain scans of 4,500 children, daily screen usage of more than seven hours showed premature thinning of the brain cortex, the outermost layer that processes information from the physical world. Though the difference was significant from participants who spent less screen time, NIH study director Gaya Dowling cautioned against drawing a conclusion.
    “We don’t know if it’s being caused by the screen time. We don’t know if it’s a bad thing,”
    Dowling said, according to an advance transcript provided by CBS network. “It won’t be until we follow them over time that we will see if there are outcomes that are associated with the differences that we’re seeing in this single snapshot.”
    Early results from the study, called Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development (ABCD), have determined that children who spend more than two hours of daily screen time score lower on thinking and language tests. A major data release is scheduled for early 2019.

  22. Andrew from Scotland posted this link to an excellent Extinction Rebellion meeting and discussion: >

    This could become a potent activist rebellion.  We'll see…

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Paul, there's a big difference between "we'll see" and "we(I) will".

      Andrew, thanks for the video, I watched it twice. Those kids have grit. They're welcome by fire any time.

      I know the fury I feel for what has been done in 'my' time. I can only imagine what an awakened young person feels today. Ripped off comes to mind.

    • Andrew from scotland says:

      Thanks Paul.

      Let's hope we see mass action when they start again on 15th April 2019, after their period of momentum gathering, research, planning etc. 

    • Maciej Kocialkowski says:

      Thank you, Paul for posting this.

      I have to admit, I am skeptical. I would like to see some comments and possibly answers, if someone delved into this movement. First of: Is it genuine? If it is allowed to speak under guise of official climate conference, then could it even be genuine? I would argue not, but I don't know. How many times over the course of last few decades we saw similar initiatives, raising hopes and stirring the pot, just to go nowhere?

      Isn't it the goal: To exhaust people's energies and resources, so they realize no matter what they do, is the moot point?

      One could also question their stated objective of getting arrested as many people as possible to bring media's attention. 

      And then there is obvious absence of climate engineering from the discussion, but the discussion was not really about the climate, but the tactics of their movement, so I can give them the benefit of the doubt. And besides, if climate engineering was brought up (as an ongoing reality, not proposal), then would they have a spot on this conference? Again, I would argue not. 

      What do you guys think? Dane? Paul? Andrew? Others who frequent comment section here? It just begs the question: Rather than raising public awareness on climate collapse with particulate attention to climate engineering issue, what else can be done? And is movement like this it?

      I am looking forward to your feedback,


    • Paul Vonharnish says:

      Hello Maciej:  I must say I remain ambivalent regarding all methods of protest, as history has proven that protests against war have had virtually no impact on the common marketplace.

      If societies (truly) wish to stop the practice of mass ecocide and territorial wars for profit, individuals within those societies must first reject thievery <, and discard ALL moronic thoughts of Natural dominion… Mankind must divorce itself of butchery as an acceptable model of resource management, and quit blaming "organizations" for the indiscriminate criminal actions of individuals…

      I was a "war protester" during the early 70's, and could easily see the connections between what people said they believed, and what they actually "did" about it.  I've been a skeptic ever since… My generation has proven to be the most destructive and morally depraved generation in the history of man.

      All Wars Are Illegal, So What Do We Do About It? | PopularResistance.Org

      By Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese, Popular Resistance.

      September 23, 2018

    • Andrew from scotland says:

      Maciek/j, I think ER is genuine. Their intention is to be an umbrella for many/all climate activists to join forces. We still have people from different climate groups criticizing each other when we should be working together – which is the ER aim.

      They are using the 2018 IPCC timescales because governments can not then say that the ER timescales are inaccurate.

      Past mass rallies and marches have often had little or very selective media cover, so "upping the ante" with arrests is necessary to hopefully get more media attention and raise public awareness.

      There are ER groups springing up all over the world incl the US – easy to find on fb.

      As I have written in the past, I disagree with some of their demands and they are not yet openly talking about geoengineering, but hey, they damned well deserve our support and not our nitpicking criticism.


    • Mac says:

      – Hi  Maciej, I think you're rightly speculative in several ways. A sort of bottom line I've come to about groups 'media' shows or are pushed on 'web' is I don't count on anything. The fact is, no advertised groups the last century made a difference to stop tyranny, and tend to add to false expectation. None of supposed 'enviro' groups even the big ones have stopped the mass of destruction. As I look back it seems some groups begin as real people, yet somehow get steered to something else, such as the tea party people were. The original upset was mass bailouts and govt tyranny, then suddenly the agenda changed to  christian and abortion stuff that had nothing to do with the original focus. The original website was reduced to nothing as 'other' websites suddenly sprang up, then a few who were 'elected' with that label, didn't make any difference. Also big groups are easily hijacked by a few grabbing the microphone, then the individuals that made it have no voice. In years of trying to wake people, and thinking of basic things we've lost over centuries, such as side to side communicating, the same as people are handed 'money' and 'smart' fones, focus on 'big group' has seemed similar bait. The same way 'smart' fones infer a sense of control, but are really an opposite illusion. In terms of practicality, it's easier to control two or four big groups than it is a million tiny groups. Think republican democrat green blah blah, why never the 'choice' for a Stop Spraying Me Now party.

      The media pushing perception of big groups can make people feel small, or make lazy people assume they don't have to make action for their earth, future. So, I think best to only base expectation on what we each do. I think some things we do ourself, some we do with few others, small group. That way focus stays clear. I did a lengthy comment about six or seven alerts ago on handouts, they are a side to side way, and helps others do something. Dane handouts work so we don't have to explain as much which is a big help.


  23. Brian N Tanimoto says:

    As Dane mentioned in this video, America's so-called global war on terrorism (GWOT) was never intended to fight terrorism. Just the opposite, in fact. It's real goal is to foster and fabricate terrorism and in doing so create a smokescreen or cover story for America's agenda to achieve world hegemony.

    The CIA is fabricating the terrorist threat cover story in a couple of ways. One, it's feeding propaganda to the US public via the fake mainstream media (MSM) in order to demonize Al Qaeda, ISIS, and Muslims in general. After all, it's easier to gain US public support for your hegemonic agenda when the public has been conditioned to fear and hate the principal populations of the targeted countries. Secondly, it's orchestrating false terrorist attacks and blaming them on Al Qaeda or ISIS. The WTC attacks (twice – 93 and 2001), Paris (twice), San Bernardino, Brussels, Orlando, London, and Manchester, among others, were all orchestrated by factions within the US and or UK governments.

    The smaller attacks are what I call backlash or revenge attacks against the US hegemonic agenda, which is causing much death and destruction in the Middle East region. Some examples are the attacks at Ohio State University; Flint, Michigan; Edmonton, Canada; Boston, Mass; and the New York subway bomber. These are typically low-skilled attacks – a single person using a knife and/or ramming people with a vehicle, or trying to plant a home-made bomb that more often than not, malfunctions. The Boston Marathon bombs were an exception in that they actually worked.

    People need to understand the corrupt nature of the beast that is our government. It lies pathologically to manipulate us, conceal its misdeeds, and with malice a fore thought. It lies to cover up previous lies until it’s layers deep. It destroys the truth. Or, it takes the truth, twists it, and puts it back out as disinformation and propaganda, and it discredits or 'neutralizes' those who try to expose the truth.

    Once you understand this, everything will start to make sense.


    • BlueSue says:

      Absolutely Brian! Makes sense alright, and sorry to say, it is full-blown immoral insanity that rules the day.

  24. Dean says:

    OK – so I've been trying to sort through the mountain of data, particularly scientific (that I often cannot decipher!) but this table caught my eye:

    Although aluminium (EINECS # 013-001-00-6) is not included in a priority list, it is considered hazardous in powdered form. Aluminium powder is classified as: F; R 10,15 and the following risk (R) and safety (S) phrases have been assigned:

    R 10:


    R 15:

    contact with water liberates extremely flammable gasses

    S 2:

    keep out of reach of children

    S 7/8:

    keep container tightly closed and dry

    S 43:

    in case of fire, ‘never use water’

    This is from a VERY long article from 2009 found from a search on effects of aluminum on humans:

    So what are they dousing the forest fires with??

  25. David says:

    Dane tank you for sharing the important information. While south Florida is under attack every day from geoengineering. Our fish population is down to a few. The guys catching fish have luck because the bait population is almost gone. Winter in S. Florida is clear skies for months but now we get cold fronts from the south every night. 

    I fear we are so close to the end I'm not sure I need to plan dinner. Speak out loud anyone who reads this because with out people like Dane the blind will never see the light. Do not stop. People laugh or say they know but do nothing we need to motivate anyone or all is lost soon.

  26. Andrew from scotland says:

    My 247th email, titled "The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth"?

    1. Global carbon emissions in 2018 have reached a record high, despite the global scam of so called "Renewables" (industrial wind turbines, solar panels, biomass boilers, air and geothermal heat exchangers,etc), and all their associated subsidy scams which have made a few people and businesses extremely wealthy – at the cost to the general public.

    The intensive geoengineering (particularly Solar Radiation Management and Stratospheric Aerosol Injection) aka aerosol masking effect, has done nothing to improve the situation. The opposite is true, and methane emissions over the last few weeks have been extremely high. 

    2. US and NATO continue their squeeze and provocation of Russia with a planned large military base in Poland, at the border of Kaliningrad.

    Ecuador has received $1.1 billion debt relief from US controlled banks…for Julian Assange's head?

    The Syrian Parliament has passed their 2019 budget – without any requirement for foreign debt or loan. All that US/UK military expenditure and all those killings of Syrian civilians and military, and US/UK are not getting any "compensation" – unlike the millions they extracted/are extracting from Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, etc.  

    3. Notes to Self (week 100 of 104). To create a two-year long nuclear volcanic winter, the intention is to use approximately 200 tactical nuclear weapons in designated volcano cones to send dirt, dust, and sulphur into the stratosphere. Volcano cones were chosen because most of them have sulphur and most of them can be used to focus the blast directly upwards into the stratosphere where it cannot be rained out. 

    Atom bomb tests show that the increase of Radioactive Particulate (RP) from nuclear bombs is of little consequence compared to the tremendous rates of cancer increase from the burning of coal. The RP from one coal-fired electrical generating plant is equal to a hundred nuclear weapon detonations in the atmosphere. In volcano cones, a great deal of dirt, dust, and sulfur can be irradiated by neutrons from the blast but quickly decay within a few weeks and what you have left is the long half-life RP like Cesium 137 and 134, and Strontium 90.

    Some more Extinction Rebellion "must watch"

    If Extinction Rebellion (ER) and other similar movements continue to grow exponentially, and we get global ER rebellion before the 'global migration and starvation civil unrest', we may find that, should 'they' feel their power structure is under threat, the deliberate nuclear volcanic winter will be initiated earlier than currently planned – with no warning to the general public and with uncontrollable natural events being blamed.

    I doubt "The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth". That expression was probably an original propaganda/mind control method to keep the general population docile and under control.

    We should be trying to create heaven on earth, not hell on earth.

    • Dennie says:

      "The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth" looks like a Utopian statement but we won't see anything like that as long as we also have a "Survival of The Fittest" level of mentality.  In reality, BOTH statements are just not reflective of reality.  The truth is that species survive through co-operation," not by duking it out and fighting to the death over every last thing.   REAL science bears this out.  It is not a "coincident." 

  27. Christopher McGihon says:

    Dane – As always, you’re connecting the dots despite the toxicity which is killing us one nano particle at a time. The backdrop against which this happening is revealed by Tragedy & Hope, THE historical tome of all time – preceding & remaining. The dots it connects for us are ginormous.   Here’s an excellent introduction to Prof. Carroll Quigley’s seminal work.–LFW_8

  28. Jeanette S says:

    I just wanted to say that I think every president from now on is going to be worse than the one before. and if trump is that bad with all the environmental roll backs, is that much worse than the one before then people need to know that the next one rep or dem is going to be that much more worse and then some. It is not just trump; you only know about what he does because he is not as popular. each president from now on will "snowball" each will become exponentially worse, 

  29. Matt R says:

    I so wish I could call my state's national guard on it's 24-hour emergency line and report these chemtrails and they then scramble two F-16 fighter jets to intercept the plane that I had reported and hopefully get to see the spraying plane end up being tailed by F-16s and chased off.

  30. Paul Vonharnish says:

    Strange earthquake waves rippled around Earth, and nobody knows why
      "and nobody knows why."

  31. Paul Vonharnish says:

    Energy Consumerism. What no one wants to discuss. >

    Excerpted from 'Tsunami of data' could consume one fifth of global electricity by 2025

    "A 2016 Berkeley laboratory report for the US government estimated the country’s data centers, which held about 350 million terabytes of data in 2015, could together need over 100TWh of electricity a year by 2020. This is the equivalent of about 10 large nuclear power stations."  Please view entire page:

    • jeanette S says:

      Is that just the gov'ts eye in the sky. or everybody on their computers?

    • izzy says:

      Can’t help but be reminded of the old saying “more than we need to know”, though it was not originally about power consumption. Another out-of-control vector of progress, headed in the wrong direction. On the other hand, the cops are apparently joining the protestors over in France, yet the general sense of too little, too late, persists. Parsing the satellite data can be tricky, but we seem to be in the middle of big methane release right now. It may well turn out that the only ones left will be the break-away psychos in their bunkers. 

    • Dennie says:

      @jeanette S:  I think we're talking 5G system.  With the coming of the "internet of things," there will be mountains of data consuming electricity in the near-future.

    • Jeanette S says:

      thank you dennie but what I really wanted to know is the data centers that Paul speaks of if it is just the gov'ts or the gov't and people. this makes a difference.

  32. Linda..LS says:

    Dane and All.  The Tahoe Tribune from 11/30/18 has a notice from the State of Nevada. It is having the UNR Desert Research Institute weather modify the entire Tahoe-Truckee watershed for their water use, at their whim, basically. Lake Tahoe is under a federal and two state agency called TRPA. This is a war declaration which we know has been going on and has decimated the Lake Tahoe and surrounding area environment. Billions of federal dollars have been funneled through the TRPA over 3 decades and they have no stance against this criminal weather warfare from our skies. Call your congress. This is a national protected treasure and if they don't stop it over Tahoe…well everywhere is their target.

    Also Verizon is placing 'free' giant microwave towers to water agencies all over. One is going up next to Lake Tahoe Community College on So. Tahoe Public Utility District property. The attacks are accelerating in all direction. It shows. The time is now or never. 


  33. Bruce Wallace says:


  34. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Cancer as Weapon: Poppy Bush’s Radioactive War on Iraq
    CounterPunch / Dec.7, 2018
    … months of bombing of Iraq by US and British planes and cruise missiles has left behind an even more deadly and insidious legacy: tons of shell casings, bullets and bomb fragments laced with depleted uranium. In all, the US hit Iraqi targets with more than 970 radioactive bombs and missiles.
    It took less than a decade for the health consequences from this radioactive bombing campaign to begin to coming into focus. And they are dire, indeed. Iraqi physicians call it “the white death”-leukemia.  Since 1990, the incident rate of leukemia in Iraq has grown by more than 600 percent. The situation is compounded by Iraq’s forced isolations and the sadistic sanctions regime, recently described by UN secretary general Kofi Annan as “a humanitarian crisis”, that makes detection and treatment of the cancers all the more difficult.
    “We have proof of traces of DU in samples taken for analysis and that is really bad for those who assert that cancer cases have grown for other reasons,” said Dr. Umid Mubarak, Iraq’s health minister.
    Mubarak contends that the US’s fear of facing the health and environmental consequences of its DU bombing campaign is partly behind its failure to follow through on its commitments under a deal allowing Iraq to sell some of its vast oil reserves in return for food and medical supplies.
    “The desert dust carries death,” said Dr. Jawad Al-Ali, an oncologist and member England’s Royal Society of Physicians. “Our studies indicate that more than forty percent of the population around Basra will get cancer. We are living through another Hiroshima.”
    Most of the leukemia and cancer victims aren’t soldiers. They are civilians. And many of them are children. The US-dominated Iraqi Sanctions Committee in New York has denied Iraq’s repeated requests for cancer treatment equipment and drugs, even painkillers such as morphine. As a result, the overflowing hospitals in towns such as Basra are left to treat the cancer-stricken with aspirin.
    This is part of a larger horror inflicted on Iraq that sees as many as 180 children dying every day, according to mortality figures compiled by UNICEF, from a catalogue of diseases from the 19th century: cholera, dysentery, tuberculosis, e. coli, mumps, measles, influenza.
    Iraqis and Kuwaitis aren’t the only ones showing signs of uranium contamination and sickness. Gulf War veterans, plagued by a variety of illnesses, have been found to have traces of uranium in their blood, feces, urine and semen.
    … “As a result of heavy metal and radiological poison of DU, people in southern Iraq are experiencing respiratory problems, kidney problems, cancers. Members of my own team have died or are dying from cancer.”
    Depleted uranium has a half-life of more than 4 billion years, approximately the age of the Earth. Thousand of acres of land in the Balkans, Kuwait and southern Iraq have been contaminated forever. If George Bush Sr., Dick Cheney, Colin Powell and Bill Clinton are still casting about for a legacy, there’s a grim one that will stay around for an eternity.

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