Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, January 2, 2021, #282


Dane Wigington

2020 is now behind us, but what is in front of us? We are being told that new and far more contagious strains of the pathogen are popping up, the latest in the UK and Africa. Fauci has just stated that these new strains are going to “rip through America”. Dr. Fauci always knows, right? The World Health Organization is now trying to make the case that only the big pharma injection can give us immunity from the virus. Physicians that challenge the official propaganda are being fired. If the CV-19 scenario doesn't work as planned, do the controllers have a plan B waiting for us all? In the meantime weather warfare continues unabated, “Winter Storm John” is the latest example in the US. This so called “winter storm” produced snow in South Texas at above freezing temperatures with moisture flowing directly from the record warm Gulf of Mexico. How can this happen? Chemical ice nucleation elements are being seeded into cloud moisture by the climate engineers, welcome to winter weather warfare. For these and other front line breaking reports tune in to the latest installment of Global Alert News.

In the attempt to answer as many questions as possible for our listeners, starting next week Geoengineering Watch will post an online “Climate Engineering News Q and A”. Questions can be submitted to: 

By submitting a question to this email you are granting permission for your question and your first name to be read online. If you do not want your first name mentioned, please state that you wish to remain anonymous. We apologize that we might not be able to answer all questions, though we will do our best to answer as many as possible. 

All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is unfolding on numerous fronts, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard. Awareness raising efforts can be carried out from your own home computer.

What in the world are they spraying?
Southwest Georgia (12/19/20). Photo credit: the photographer wishes to remain anonymous
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Geoengineering Watch has conducted our first ever high altitude particulate testing. Film footage of the flight and lab testing processes are featured in “The Dimming”, a groundbreaking documentary that is currently in production. This documentary film will provide answers and proof of the ongoing climate engineering / weather warfare operations. Below is a new 12+ minute insight segment on the upcoming film.

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  1. Bryan R Paul says:

    SHARE SHARE SHARE these weekly broadcasts with everybody you know!




  2. Susan says:

    "Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent." – Isaac Asimov

  3. DJ says:

    53:++ gave up eating snow, a long while ago.

  4. DJ says:

    29:50 what kind of question is that??? "Oh shit, I'm dying. Guess they weren't lying to us, after all."

  5. jonathan oquinn says:

    And 2/3 Branches of our government are absolutely corrupted… the Legislative and the Judicial branches, all the way to the top.

    We shall soon see if the remaining Branch is also corrupted beyond repair.

    Dennis Kucinich tried to get legislation passed years ago that would have directly addressed geoengineering, yet the bill he introduced was immediately shot down, and he soon was apparently run out of the District of Criminals.

    No matter what, remember that all we have to decide is how to use the time that is given us. Take time to ground yourself in the understanding of your unity with your Creator, and endeavor to maintain inner peace despite the raging storms about us.




    • Earth Angel says:

      Thank you for the words of encouragement Jonathan. I have been praying for everyone and everything I can think of for days now. (not that I haven't been praying about things all my life) But the stress in general has been almost overwhelming especially lately. It appears that another election has been stolen here in Georgia once again. I cannot watch the mainstream coverage of the election results happening today with the 'swamp creatures' in the cesspool of washington d.c. I watched the video interview on Planetary Lockdown with Catherine Austin Fitts (by the way thanks for sharing it V.S.F.) I pray that the elected members of congress will find their moral compass and have the courage to make the right decisions for the Constitution of America, its people, AND OUR FREEDOMS. The stakes have never been higher. Again, thank you for your words Jonathan, it has taken all I have to refrain from having a nervous breakdown today my friend.. but I'm still here and I'm still sane. omg!

    • jonathan oquinn says:

      OKAY… the third and last Branch of our Federal government is now hopelessly and irreparably corrupted. Now there seems that apart from a massive grassroots education campaign on our part, there remains little to stop the continuance and expansion of weaponized weather.

  6. Bonnie Crawford says:

    Jeanette S – I'm sorry, I don't have a link. I have done searches (not on Google, due to their heavy censorship) on DuckDuckGo and just put in words I hope will bring it up. For example, "Video of Catherine Austin Fitts and Mary Holland discussing the vaccine." I've also checked Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.'s site, The Children's Health Defense, and still cannot find it. Perhaps someone reading these comments can help us out.

  7. Raymond says:

    From August through November, it was unseasonably hot here in Texas. NOAA claimed that was due to an intense La Nina pattern forming in the Pacific and predicted that only the state of Texas would likely experience, extremely higher than normal temperatures… all the way through the winter months. AND that appeared to be the case, until the first week of December. Where temps plummeted and we started getting flooding downpours.

    Well, suddenly now NOAA is walking back their predicted winter forecast for Texas and claiming that a very rare split in the Arctic Polar Vortex is going to bring exceptionally cold air, to the entire state of Texas… for possibly weeks or even months to come!

    And the map from this Washington Post report clearly shows their new prediction:

    The polar vortex is splitting in two, which may lead to weeks of wild winter weather (

    "A dramatic spike in temperatures is occurring at high altitudes above the North Pole, where the air is thin and typically frigid. Known as a sudden stratospheric warming event, experts say it’s likely to have potentially significant repercussions for winter weather across the Northern Hemisphere for weeks to possibly months."

    But of course, this also includes most of the east coast in their predicted colder than normal temperatures. No surprise there!

    The artificial heating of the Stratosphere over the north pole, by the use of geoengineering is so insanely out of control now. That in just 3 to 5 years time, there will be enough methane released into the atmosphere, from melting permafrost alone. That Climate Change will no longer be an accurate description for Global Warming and wild weather events.

    It will then be known as a Climate Apocalypse and a Runaway Venus Syndrome… DOOMSDAY INEVITABILITY!

    Another wards, the doomsday clock will be at one second to midnight and we will have certainly passed the point of no return!

    Unless we can stop Geoengineering and Greenhouse Gas Emmissions NOW!



    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Raymond, yes, Venus Syndrome will be our likely desination if we remain on the current course. FYI

  8. Yar Swerc says:

    Dang, wish I was only half as smart as you, BUT, I am a whiz-bang at arithmetic (former business analyst at Dunn & Bradstreet, systems analyst for Phillip Morris, Reynolds Metals, American Safety Razor, blah, blah, blah) and the numbers I see speak truth to your power. You see clearly, and speak well. I respect and admire you, not only for your insight, but for your courage and perseverance. Only regret that age and  infirmity keep me from bringing my flag to the front of your parade. Be blessed, my friend. May the power that created the beauty now under assault place their mighty hand under, and support, your efforts.

  9. Clare Goldsberry says:

    An article in the Dec. 28,2020 online news The Blaze: Controversial Bill Gates-funded plan to dim the sun's rays moves forward quietly (the URL was terribly long so look this up online to read the article). It continues to amaze me that so many still believe that ASI/SRM is just an "idea" that is being considered. They need to look up!! How ignorant can people be?

  10. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane, Thank you for keeping your sights clear and on target.

    The latter portion of your broadcast pertained to chemical ice nucleation. Damn how I hate typing out that term(I rarely use the term hate). It seems as if all the the available quantities of chemical ice nucleation agents have been utilized in the eastern half of USA Inc. with winter storm John. The weather channel today has the "outlook" for what to expect for January. There's a little blue corner of the map that is northern Washington and norther Idaho and Montana. What the graphics don't show is that virtually all of the snow I have had at the Cabin has come from a southerly direction. Very much 'not' historically normal. "Cold air to make snow comes from the north!" Anything different is questionable at best, just sayin. This last two days have been a Chinook wind kind of situation in my little corner of the world, "yippie"… Now I have at least an inch of ice coating my driveway(3/8 mile down hill) and every bit as much or more 2 miles down my forest service road to the mail boxes on the main road. Now add in that tonight and tomorrow we will get 5 inches of snow and six more in the next two days. At least that is what the schedule is "so far". This last few days is the 3rd time "they" have added just a little bit of moisture over the already laid out chemical ice nucleation agents that didn't have enough moisture to finish their given chemical process. What it looks like right now scares me. I know what it will take to prevail. I'm getting sore just thinking about it. I can put 4 tire chains on in 5 minutes, sometimes twice in one trip to "work".

    And lastly just for fun, "anyone remember seeing old film clips of Eskimos walking around their Igloos/homes?" Anyone besides me remember how they walked funny? Well, now I know why thanks to these last 7 winters. "If you don't walk funny and hold your footing 'and' balance it's gonna hurt. You all would laugh at the Kung fu walk that is sometimes necessary just to get down to the out house in the morning. This year I added a tamarack pole railing to break my fall if need be. Sucks getting old. I've fallen so many times I figure I've used up all my crash and walk away cards. Love and strength my friends, we must take what is thrown/hurled at us and push it to the wayside. Face to the wind, always,  'a' simple horseman

  11. JF Squared says:

    Such a great site, many thnx to Dane for his invaluable work.

    Re: the vax – will not go near the mRNA ones, might consider the Sputnik/sinopharm in that order if absolutely mandated for travel (gotta feed the family), but NOT for my kids!

    To detox the Russo/sinopharm vax if forced to take it (can't detox the mRNA ones, they are PERMANENT!), I am fortunate that I discovered Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2) [aka MMS] more than a decade ago, and use it regularly, internally/externally, I just ignore the hype from within/outside the movement and go with my own protocols, trusting my own body and judgement to tell me what works and what don't. Just nipped in the bud a nasty bug (covid?) before it got a chance to get a good toehold, my latest anti-virus protocol is continual drinking inactivated ClO2 (about 4 drops/liter water) then gargle/swallow activated ClO2 gas in water (nice yellow colour but not too strong), worked like a charm. Have not been sick since I started doin the inactivated 4 drops/liter a year ago (usually get sick 4-6 times/year). IMHO fwiw.

    Now from health freedom to financial: I got Bitcoin 3 years ago to remove myself from the financial rot that is the current system which btw supports the ongoing poisoning and is the main driver of war as well. You yanks should get some before ussa gov bans it as it threatens US dollar hegemony on its way to being new reserve world currency. Hopefully us bitcoiners can move the world away from the current systemic toxic garbage, but maybe not, but at least we are financially free with our unconfiscatable coins!

    Lastly, I have lived in about a dozen countries, and they all have quite different levels of spraying, N. America/Europe seems the worst, hopin to find a clean air locale soon after btc grants me financial independence  (prob. this year it's lookin like) to raise my kids in a less toxic environment. It'd be nice to have a country by country spray rating to help with this decision. Any takers?

    Some countries where I noticed quite a bit less spraying: Philippines, Oman, Kazakhstan.

  12. f reps says:

    2021 will be " just" another year  of Theater and Confusion.   Some of the Actors will change ; but the Story line and Plot  will be the same.  Right now ; our Our Heroic Politician with a " storied" history of Draft dodging , and mediocre TV acting ;  who seems to be working very hard  for a "Foreign" Nation in the Middle East ; while up to his neck in millions of dollars of  Balloon payments due shortly…….is exhibiting courage against a Corrupt, evil ;  old, and  barely sentient  shuffling  " borderline" Cadaver  who makes the "Snopes' Family seem like Paragons of Virtue.  All this taking place  while another "International" group is still engaging in  the mischief they have been engaged in for the past two thousand years.  In the meantime….The Skies are Actually Falling ; with all sorts of Chemical concoctions that kill the birds in the air, the trees on the ground, and the fish in the Sea.   The few people who can actually think ; and don't buy into the idea that all breeds ; and cultures of humans are the same; and that "mentally ill" people who engage in surgical procedures  to change their innate sexual identity are " Not" really mentally ill ; are looking in wonderment as well as disgust at what is going on.    Have Faith people.   We Humans have  limited lifespans.    This will keep Most of us from going on "Overload".   A better place awaits the Normal ones.  Social distance from all Authorities.  Look what they got us into.   

  13. Joseph says:

    Overshadowed by COVID: the deadly extreme weather of 2020

    December 30, 2020 8.06am EST


    The year 2020 will no doubt go down in history for other reasons, but it is also on target to be one of the warmest on record. And as the climate warms, natural hazards will happen more frequently – and be ever more lethal.

    We are early career researchers in meteorology, geography and environmental sciences, and each of us focus on a different hazard. We may not have been as in demand as our colleagues in virology departments, but we nonetheless had a particularly interesting and busy year. So while attention was often focused elsewhere, perhaps understandably, here are some of the meteorological extremes recorded in 2020.


  14. Raymond says:

    A Fox News poll revealed that 38% of all Americans believe the many conspiracy theories that Trump embraces (such as "World Leading Scientists debunk Human Caused Climate Change, as a lie perpetrated by liberal democrats who are out to take jobs away from fossil fuel energy industry unions"). Yet the new Biden administration is appointing active and retired executives from Raytheon, Exxon and Koch Industries, to their Climate Change Council.

    Really?       Even though you can find over 1,500 official government documents online (Including the new Bill Gates Sun Blocking jet plane spraying dispersions project) verifying beyond any doubt whatsoever… that Geoengineering is taking place in every country on planet Earth. That very same Fox News poll… confirms that 79% of Americans consider Geoengineering as one of the top and Most Absurd conspiracy theories known to man.

    How is that even possible in a sane and rational world?

    68% of all nurses and 35% of all doctors in this part of Texas, refuse to be vaccinated. Because for every five Covid patients, there are already two patients with severe allergic reactions to the vaccine. This info comes from my primary health care physician and several RNs that I know personally. Many of the severe allergy patients are themselves, doctors and nurses that are not exhibiting many documented vaccine side effect symptoms. But rather a host of symptoms related to the virus itself, bee and food allergy symptoms, whole body paralysis and short to long term blindness. Including seizures, lapsing into a coma and congestive heart failure!

    But none of this is being reported on the news and those who try to inform the public of these vaccine related emergencies, are being served with search warrants and jailed indefinitely by authorities… for making false claims and terrorizing the public!

    The CDC merely documents them as Virus patients and insists that they were infected prior to being vaccinated.

    We just saw our first snowfall in five years, here in north central Texas on New Year's day morning. That snow resembled dry ice and literally caused frost bite if held for too long. Plus it felt like the temperature was around 35 degrees below zero and it was super chilling to the bone. All standing water that accumulated from the rain, preceding the snow event… immediately began to freeze over, if just one single large snowflake landed on the surface of that water. VERY, VERY FREAKY!

    I once lived in Oscoda, Michigan and Minot, North Dakota… back in the 70s and even during blizzards, I never once saw water instantly freeze over, when just a single snowflake hit the surface. Plus the snowflakes that fell here on New Year's day, had no perfect geometric patterns in their structure. You know, like all snowflakes made by NATURE.

    Evidently it was chemical ice nucleation snow and as it melted, it simply evaporated like dry ice. Rather than turning to water like real snow. I watched this happen on a dry sheet of carbon fiber auto body panel material that I took from the garage, and laid it outside to collect the snow.

    The people of this community hate me with a passion, because I distribute free fact based printed material about geoengineering, at Farmer's Markets, Libraries, Businesses and Outdoor Concerts. I can't tell you how many times people tear up that material and basically spit in my face, while calling me a liar, coward, doomsday idiot and conspiracy nutcase! All because they are huge Trump worshipers, who believe nothing but his lies and refuse to accept all of the signs of a dying planet.

    Really strange too, because I am actually quite stocky and muscular… and could easily snap them like a twig. But I am a God fearing, peace loving man who actually trains my martial arts students, on how to de-escalate road rage morons, to avoid violence and keep anyone from getting hurt. Especially Blinded Trump Loyalists.

  15. Paul Davis says:

    Here in Massachusetts, the planes are spraying daily. Just experienced the 3rd artificial snowfall event. The snow is heavy and dense; very un-natural-like.  The air is also un-naturally bitter cold; very biting and very dry…Also the sun is very bright; feels like the protective atmospheric layers are gone or greatly reduced. The chemical spraying continues. Many leaves still hanging on trees….Many effects abound of Climate Engineering if one knows how to see…Much plausible deniability.

  16. penny waters says:

    dear all in the asylum

    have i said this before?

    do we all have to get this virus before it stops frightening people? do we all have to chew it up and get it to live amongst all the other microbiota in our own particular microbiome?

    seems 'they' are worrying now about other major 'bugs' that will overwhelm us humans

    seems to me that the attitude to our microscopic world needs adjusting – trying to clean and destroy that particular world just leaves us open to the 'major bugs' – 'they' are now chattering about

    2 problems – many simplistic people trust 'experts' – and many 'experts' are arrogant and therefore closed psychologically, using 'closed sentences' in their language that counteract and deny different attitudes and reasoning

    found an article where the students were being taught to take the personal out of their written work – it then looks more factual 

    most upper class men use very few personal pronouns – they don't have to because their culture, by its existence, demands their importance amongst 'lesser mortals' 

    the other problem is the lack of knowledge about our health and our food

    we would have administered both food and medicine to our families but now it has become industrialised – as has most of human life

    too many people driven by too much fear and too little love

    evil abounds when good men do nothing!

    and good women too

    lets hope this shock of a virus makes people sit up and take notice of what is going on around us – every way we look

    love to all

  17. barry says:

    90 percent of all judiciary and politicians are corrupt including the supreme court as Trump so you can not count on bringing concerns to their attention and expect any thing to change

  18. Ben Billings says:

    Dane Wigington, in this most recent “Global Alert News” played an audio clip of Justin Trudeau reciting his oath of office as Prime Minister of some undefined entity (check it out at the very end) – presumably that of the “Dominion of Canada”. To hear the clip is merely shocking, but to see a video clip of the event in all of its royal splendor, is earth shattering, especially since it was viewed by millions of Canadians. Check it out via the url shown below, but first strap on your seat belts.
    Justin Trudeau Inauguration Oath of Office


  19. Barb says:

    I live in Michigan's upper peninsula and have only had a few sickly snowfall events so far this year, when our landscape should be flush with snow. In the back of my mind, I know our weather is unnatural. I admire your work Dane…keep it up!

  20. KillingMeSoftly says:

    Bizarro world continues to escalate. we have people distancing with masks to check in for their flights prior to being crammed inside a crowded aluminum fuselage, such insanity!! How many actually stop to think? On Saturday here in SE PA, the skies were filled with dispersion trails, as they now seemingly are prior to every pending precipitation event. It was quite the dramatic scene for anyone choosing to look up. I watched a 5-6 yr old little girl point up intuitively to her father, who seemingly ignored the truth his young daughter was observing.

    There are the 2 week old remains of a 4-5 inch "snow" plowed into heaps that are like ice mountains, persistent even with several 50-55 degree days of clear sky with a hot on your skin sun in January. 

    Like Dane, I still try to get people to think about the damage being done and have mailed out the flyers to 30 people. Wanna guess how many responses I received?

    I'm old enough to remember smashed bugs all over my car windshield, we use to buy hood deflectors to mitigate it. Today no bugs hit my windshield. I walk in the woods daily with my beloved companion and it is beyond eerily silent, a handful of non-singing birds can occasionally be spotted, scavenging no doubt for the missing insects. Instead what I hear are train horns many miles away, and car noises from nearby highways.

    Tree barks are falling off everywhere, I'm sure this will be soon be tauted as covid, the gift that our oligarch lords will push until they achieve their 500 million human slave population to supplement their robot and AI legions.

    Waking up is critical now, I will continue to do my part. My role as tin-foiled hat quack in my family is notorious as they cower in fear of a "virus" with a 99.7% survival rate, this in spite of the known HCQ medication removed by the corrupt CDC in order to promote their more expensive drugs and poisonous vaccinations.

    Americas Frontline Doctors who tried to tell the world there is no medical pandemic, they have the treatment, no one needs to die. Standing on the steps of the SCOTUS with a numerous doctors to tell the world, which was very quickly banned from Pharmatube.

    Is waking up possible?

  21. Gary Morrow says:

    It saddens me to see how many people are breathing a sigh of relief now that 2020 has passed into history. As if a new year or a new administration were magically going to make things better. On the contrary, I don't think that it is an overstatement to say that 2021 may very well be the year that decides the ultimate fate of humanity. As Dane says the fact that the corona pandemic is happening at this time is a sign of power structure desperation  THEY are waging this global coup against humanity because THEY want a system of total global surveillance and control in place before environmental collapse becomes impossible to hide. This may truly be humanity's last stand. May we all find the strength and courage to face the difficult days ahead.

  22. Lori M. Bridgeford says:

    The  depicted  Georgia sky image of Dec .19th is awfully stunning and a total  FRIGHT . Any wonder on WHAT toxins were  deployed  in broad daylight . At this point  might be another " CV strain ". Thanks to ANON person who sent it. Dane , Your new LIVE  Skype  Q and A was a success on radio today  , callers and chat room comments all helpful in forming more of the masses to UNIFY  and challenge the  power structure /controllers  !   Climate eng & CV19 are tied together . Variety of questions &  international listeners ,;Dave from Iowa was very aware too !   Shall tune in again    Sat.  8-9 am PST     NO commercials !   Congrats on this latest extension to educate &  make  "last call" impact  before entire collapse . Tipping point is  NOW. Jan 6th is a serious date for fate of USA. Be prepped  for  violent reactions . Once forces at your driveway/ door -it is too late . Deep swamp may be getting sloppy in their rush to control it all- they are met with resistence.  I will not submit. 

  23. Stuart says:

    More Earthquake Weather –

    Engineered Blizzard which stretched across West Texas, OK and KS last week was accompanied by unusual seismic activity in those same areas.  A swath of quakes AND record snowfall in the same week?

    Meanwhile here in Orange County, CA I experienced the most intense hailstorm of my 68 yrs.  USAF Tanker Fleet observed spraying before, during and after. Rooftops, yards and streets white w 5/16 in dia hailstones. Patches of hail were still on the ground my yard 20 hrs later. How is that possible WITHOUT chem additives?


    • Laura Cotter says:

      Wow Stuart.  Yes….how is that possible.  Here in southern New Jersey we are fed up with clouds and rain.  If only investigative reporters were in existence with news broadcasters, as in the past.  I can't imagine the "headlines".  They were invaluable.  I wonder how many would have had the guts to point out the crazy skies, the dying greenery, the predicted crazy weather, the lack of sun, etc.

  24. Ben Billings says:

    Does every medical professional who administers – actually gives the “poke” – of a COVID vaccine know every ingredient in the vaccine being injected, and the health effects on the human body of each ingredient in that vaccine, and the health effects of all the ingredients together? Could it be that injecting a vaccine without knowing what is being injected and therefore not knowing about any potential negative consequences of that vaccine – might that be considered medical malpractice? Were is personal responsibility for ones actions – especially among the "professionals"?

    • Krista says:

      I can tell you as a nurse, I didn’t know the vaccine ingredients until my child died after a vaccine adverse event which I reported to my Dr. I’ve been educating those in my field ever since. It’s taken years to educate friends and family, some have begun to research for themselves. Others are so indoctrinated that they are getting the covid vaccine and experiencing those adverse reactions firsthand and now are having serious regrets. 

  25. Eric says:

    I believe everything you say . We need to gather and protest   So you set the time I'm there with 50 people. If they can for an election fraud on the 6th we can to.  I'm ready for action . Thanks for all you do Dane it's time for me and you and all your viewers to quit screwing around. 

  26. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Portland Oregon Mayor Turns On Antifa, Vows To Battle 'Lawlessness And Anarchy'
    … "My good faith efforts at de-escalation have been met with ongoing violence, and even scorn, from radical Antifa and anarchists," said Wheeler.
    "It will be necessary to use additional tools, and to push the limits of the tools we already have, to bring the criminal destruction and violence to an end," he added. "Lawlessness and anarchy come at great expense, and with great risk to the future of our community. It's time to push back harder against those who are set on destroying our community, and to take more risks in fighting lawlessness."
    "I condemn anyone who engages in violence or criminal destruction no matter what their ideology."

    • Joseph says:

      What is antifa and why is Donald Trump targeting it?

      But, perhaps more importantly, experts also say that there is no actual antifa organization for Trump to define in this way. Put simply: antifa does not really exist as a distinct entity.

      Antifa is a useful umbrella term that denotes a broad spectrum of groups and individuals of far-left or anarchist tendencies. The term itself means simply anti-fascist.

      Although the president and his allies wish to conflate large protests in every city with radical anti-fascist groups, Bray says they “drastically overstate the numbers and influence” of committed Antifa activists.


      The president proposed the US designate it a terrorist organization – but experts say it’s just a loosely organized movement


  27. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Up to 60% of US health workers are refusing to get COVID-19 vaccines over fears of side effects
        •    In Ohio, about 60 percent of nursing home staff say they will not get a COVID-19 vaccine
        •    In Los Angeles, between 20 and 40% of health care workers are refusing the shot
        •    About half of health workers in Riverside County, California, are saying 'no'
        •    Dr Fauci says a national vaccine mandate is unlikely, but that some institutions probably will choose to require vaccination

  28. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    VSF:  This is perhaps Catherine Austin Fitts’ best interview yet! She gives an over all pervasive view of exactly what is occurring on this planet and how is is intended to lead the human race into slavery. Do watch several times. Fitts is brilliant, amazing! Thank you.


    • Reply to comment above says:

      Yes, insightful interview!

    • Ben Billings says:

      Yes, I feel that Catherine Austin Fitts has clearly explained the overall global agenda for the subjugation and control of humanity, and ultimately global genocide. She also recognizes the drive to control space via satellites, as evidenced by the Trump administrations creation of the "Space Force" as a significant addition to the US military complex. The term "transhumanism" is removed from the realm of sci-fi, whacko theory and grounded in the following: the manufactured corona virus, massive obedience to lockdowns, masks and distancing, the toxic vaccine, the chip, 5G, and space weapons. The controllers leave no stone unturned.

    • Ben Billings says:

      Oops, I forgot the biggest control trip of all in my reply to V. Susan Ferguson's great comment, and that is Climate Engineering, also known as Weather Warfare. How could I have possibly missed that one, especially on this website? Too much nano-aluminum induced brain fog no doubt.

    • Bonnie Crawford says:

      YES, Susan! I saw that video. Fitts is brilliant as well as brave to lay it all out. Another one of her best videos was several months ago with Mary Holland, attorney for the Children's Health Defense.  It really spelled out what this so-called "va$$ine" really is with its nano weaponry. I've looked and looked for that video again, and I think the dark controllers have taken it down. Too much truth in it.

    • Jeanette S says:

      Bonnie, do you have a link I searched all three parties mentioned and nothing came up. Thank you

    • Sandy Patrus says:

      I watched this 3 times because I really wanted to grasp it all.  Then I tried to get my husband to watch it and he refused calling it all nonsense.  If it is this difficult to convince one person to watch it, imagine how difficult it would be to get a whole brainwashed society to believe it!  I am afraid if we can't get people to see this, then we are in big trouble!

    • Maciej Kocialkowski says:

      Here is the video of Catherine Austin Fitts interviewing Mary Holland, mentioned in the comments.

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