Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, March 5, 2022, #343


Dane Wigington

Those who rule from the shadows are now more desperate and dangerous then ever before. The global controllers are well versed at altering the narrative, they have been doing so at will for decades. Any and every time power structures feel they need to further distract and divide the masses, a new chapter is commenced. A coordinated effort from corporate media enhances the impact of the newest chapter of the script, and the planetary Truman Show continues to play out. Through it all, countless converging covert onslaughts are carried out, from the clouds to the ground. Increasing droughts, deluges, wildfires, pandemics, global conflict, the list goes on and on. Are populations finally beginning to suspect the orchestration from those behind the curtain of propaganda, lies and deception? Do we have enough time left to pull the curtain back and correct our course? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard. Awareness raising efforts can be carried out from your own home computer.

This week's outreach booth is at the Del Mar Fairgrounds, Del Mar, California, and is shown below. My most sincere and continuing gratitude to the Gem Faire exhibition organizers for facilitating and setting up this very effective booth in every week's Gem Faire location. The schedule for upcoming Gem Faire events is HERE. A booth will be at all events, thanks to the steadfast support of Gem Faire.

Must view, THE DIMMING, our most comprehensive climate engineering documentary:​

37 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, March 5, 2022, #343

  1. Vin Klavner says:

    Superior analysis and work as always, Mr. Wigington!

    I have been listening to your reports and regularly visiting and spread the message for the last 10 years. I moved back home to NW Montana (10 years ago) and immediately noticed the changes in the climate and flora of my childhood. Dying trees, and other plants, the Contrails that persisted and formed into clouds, the changes in the seasonal norms, and on and on. Along with those disastrous wonders, I started intensely researching the why’s, who’s, how’s, of our other worldly problems. World financial control and manipulation combined with the strong arm tactics of intimidation used by the US Military and assisted by NATO, et al. It is the Deep State/NWO. As I researched deeper and deeper, it uncovered the truly evil intent of the nameless few behind it all. Those nameless manipulate (with money) multitudes of morally weak people who have no clue of the reality of it all. In a nutshell it is a battle of Evil against Good. Like you intimated, it is as simple as black and white, yes and no, good and evil. As humans, we are a mixture of both.

  2. penny waters says:

    how about something that touched my heart

    i stroked a hedgehog in the middle of the night – it was eating the birds left over sunflower seeds

    think it was a she – was very fat and unconcerned by me – is she pregnant

    have never stroked a hedgehog before in all my 72yrs

    there are still tiny incidents that make my life worthwhile

    usually not to do with humans though, sad 

    all the winter flowering shrubs are flowering so much – have never seen before

    keep the tiny precious things close to your heart

    love to all


    • Earth Angel says:

      Me too penny. My interactions with animals and nature are by far the most satisfying of all. I somehow feel closest to the beauty of our Creator through His divine and diverse manifestations. Especially as you describe with your little hedgehog friend; when one is able to have such an intimate encounter with an entirely different species. Simply magical to feel accepted by and a part of the whole web of life. Sending love back at ya' from across the pond my friend.

  3. Robert says:

    "Neither fate, nor history, nor the anger of the State, nor the glory or infamy of battle has any power to effect those who call themselves human beings. No, whatever life holds in store- hard won glory, poverty and despair, or death in a labor camp – they will live as human beings and die as human beings, the same as those who have already perished; and in this alone lies man's eternal and bitter victory over all the grandiose and inhuman forces that ever have been or will be."

    -Vasily Grossman, Life and Fate

  4. Captn.JACK says:

    What is with most of the nexrad radar sites being down for maintenance?

  5. Anx Plaino says:

    Here in coastal NC, we are bracing for another weekend geoengineered  cool down of 40+ degrees.  Anyone reading MSM weather sites about my area and the Northeast will notice many commonalities with Dane's analyses over the years.  They've even adopted the term "weather whiplash"!

  6. Mary Hollowell says:

    It's as if we're living in parallel universes. Why is there laughter during the Q & A portion of this press conference?

    • Robert says:

      She must have dementia as she's sucking in the same crap we are. And this puppet is second in line for the presidency? We are way beyond help here.

  7. Robert says:

    As mankind circles the toilet I would again like to thank you Dane for your Hurculean effort to get the word out. You are a true constant in my life, one that has always pointed me in the right direction. What I find interesting is that people (sceptics I've witnessed to) are now leaning in closer to hear what I have to say, your hard work is being rewarded. Take care all here, stand strong and stay committed. 

  8. Lance says:

    One of the things that is rarely discussed, if ever, is the reality that humans think that they, in one way or another, can control this world by making of it what they will.  Up to this point in human history those who've thought this way have brought about a multitude of problems that are so numerous its overwhelming.  The solutions to these problems are causing yet more problems and they have reached a peak now where there is no escaping the manmade disasters that are increasing in number!  Short of God's divine intervention to stop the insanity, "…no human would be saved." just as Jesus, The Christ, said long ago.  

  9. Hey all of my friends involved with Dane and weather warfare injustice . Just a quick note , had a chance to go ski mount bachelor here in bend Oregon the other day.  I noticed a very distinct odor ?? not the fresh smell of snow, like days past. Also the trees have this black mold? on a lot of them and almost dead.  Very sad , folks didn't notice i suspect  , also mostly that Styrofoam snow coming down ??

  10. Nyira says:

    Once you realize that EVERYTHING the governments / globalists do is designed to keep the population in check while profiting, you will understand it all.  Our financial system is beyond corrupt.  Going back to when they empowered women to join the work force- that was designed by corporations simply to reduce babies while lowering the work wage as the labor force was flooded with workers enabling them to pocket the extra pay.  Then later on it was decided to move jobs overseas so they could profit even more.  Our pensions have been looted and they plan The Great Reset to resolve it and gain power over every single human.  From Covid 19 to vaccines, genders, geoengineering and now on to the war- the globalists want to reduce the population, control whoever is left, and profit from it all.  They aren't worthy to even be considered human- they certainly have not earned that title.  Thank you Dane for fighting this battle on behalf of humanity.

  11. Putting it on the calendar says:

    LIVE Radio Q&A on Santa Cruz, CA radio station KSCO

    Saturday March 12th at 8-9 am Pacific daylight time

    Call in number for questions at 831-479-1080

    No commercials, no politics?  YES!!!  Love it! 

    Thank You!!!


  12. Lance says:

    Looking outside my window facing NW right now in South Lake Tahoe and there is an artificially created "cloud layer" flowing from the NW to the SE.  This "cloud layer" is currently visible on the GOES West visible image.  This artificially created "cloud layer" crosses through the south half of Oregon and the northern half of California.  Nighttime Microphysics images clearly show the dark toxic particulate matter in this "cloud layer".  These toxic particles have been released and continue to be released in enormous amounts into the atmosphere every year.  They have been and continue to be ingested, absorbed, and inhaled by every living thing on this planet!  Isn't man's technology wonderful!        

  13. Dennie says:

    From  Letter from Colonel-General Ivashov warning re war with Ukraine 

    Today, humanity lives in anticipation of war. And war is the inevitable human sacrifice, destruction, suffering of large masses of people, the destruction of a habitual way of life, disruption of the life systems of states and peoples. A big war is a huge tragedy, someone’s grave crime. It so happened that Russia was at the center of this impending catastrophe. And, perhaps, this is the first time in its history.

    Earlier, Russia (USSR) waged forced (just) wars, and, as a rule, when there was no other way out, when the vital interests of the state and society were threatened.

    And what threatens the existence of Russia itself today, and are there such threats? It can be argued that there are indeed threats – the country is on the verge of completing its history. All vital areas, including demography, are steadily deteriorating, and the rate of population extinction is breaking world records. And degradation is systemic, and in any complex system, the destruction of one of the elements can lead to the collapse of the entire system.

    And this, in our opinion, is the main threat to the Russian Federation. But this is an internal threat emanating from the model of the state, the quality of power and the state of society. And the reasons for its formation are internal: the non-viability of the state model, the complete incapacity and lack of professionalism of the system of power and management, passivity and disorganization of society. Any country does not live in such a state for a long time.

    As for external threats, they are certainly present. But, according to our expert assessment, they are not critical at the moment, directly threatening the existence of the Russian statehood, its vital interests. Overall, strategic stability is maintained, nuclear weapons are under reliable control, NATO forces are not increasing, and they do not show threatening activity.

    Therefore, the situation being escalated around Ukraine is, first of all, artificial, self-serving for some internal forces, including the Russian Federation. As a result of the collapse of the USSR, in which Russia (Yeltsin) took a decisive part, Ukraine became an independent state, a member of the UN, and in accordance with Article 51 of the UN Charter has the right to individual and collective defense.

    The leadership of the Russian Federation has not yet recognized the results of the referendum on the independence of the DPR and LPR, while at the official level more than once, including during the Minsk negotiation process, it emphasized the belonging of their territories and population to Ukraine.

    It has also been said more than once at a high level about the desire to maintain normal relations with Kiev, without singling out special relations with the DPR and the LPR.

    The issue of the genocide committed by Kiev in the south-eastern regions has not been raised either in the UN or in the OSCE. Naturally, in order for Ukraine to remain a friendly neighbor for Russia, it was necessary for it to demonstrate the attractiveness of the Russian model of the state and the system of power.

    But the Russian Federation has not become such, its development model and the foreign policy mechanism of international cooperation repel almost all neighbors, and not only.

    Russia’s acquisition of Crimea and Sevastopol and their non-recognition as Russian by the international community (and, therefore, the overwhelming number of countries in the world still consider them to belong to Ukraine) convincingly shows the inconsistency of Russian foreign policy and the unattractiveness of domestic policy.

    Attempts through an ultimatum and threats of the use of force to make the Russian Federation and its leadership “fall in love” are senseless and extremely dangerous.

    The use of military force against Ukraine, firstly, will call into question the existence of Russia itself as a state; secondly, it will forever make Russians and Ukrainians mortal enemies. Thirdly, there will be thousands (tens of thousands) of young, healthy children killed on one side and on the other, which will certainly affect the future demographic situation in our dying countries. On the battlefield, if this happens, Russian troops will face not only Ukrainian servicemen, among whom there will be many Russian guys, but also military personnel and equipment of many NATO countries, and the alliance member states will be obliged to declare war on Russia.

    The President of the Republic of Turkey, R. Erdogan, clearly stated on whose side Turkey will fight. And it can be assumed that two field armies and the Turkish navy will be ordered to “liberate” Crimea and Sevastopol and possibly invade the Caucasus.

    In addition, Russia will definitely be included in the category of countries that threaten peace and international security, will be subject to the heaviest sanctions, will turn into an outcast of the world community, and will probably be deprived of the status of an independent state.

    The president and the government, the Ministry of Defense cannot fail to understand such consequences, they are not so stupid.

    The question arises: what are the true goals of provoking tension on the verge of war, and the possible unleashing of large-scale hostilities? And that there will be such, says the number and combat strength of the groups of troops formed by the parties – at least one hundred thousand soldiers on each side. Russia, baring its eastern borders, is moving formations to the borders of Ukraine.

    In our opinion, the country’s leadership, realizing that it is not capable of leading the country out of the systemic crisis, and this could lead to an uprising of the people and a change of power in the country, with the support of the oligarchy, corrupt officials, lured media and security forces, decided to activate the political line for the final destruction of the Russian statehood and the extermination of the indigenous population of the country.

    And war is the means that will solve this problem in order to retain its anti-national power for a while and preserve the wealth stolen from the people. We can’t think of any other explanation.

    We, the officers of Russia, demand from the President of the Russian Federation to abandon the criminal policy of provoking a war in which the Russian Federation will be alone against the united forces of the West, to create conditions for the implementation in practice of Article 3 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation and resign.

    We appeal to all reserve and retired military personnel, citizens of Russia with a recommendation to be vigilant, organized, support the demands of the Council of the All-Russian Officers’ Assembly, actively oppose propaganda and the outbreak of war, prevent internal civil conflict with the use of military force.

    Chairman of the All-Russian Officers’ Assembly, Colonel-General Leonid Grigoryevich Ivashov


    "Collapse now, or collapse later?"

    • penny waters says:

      st petersberg is called the city of bones by ordinary people in russia

      ordinary people know the enemy

  14. Dennie says:

    Excuse me very much but there's something that smells absolutely scripted about this Russian/Ukraine/Europe war business, especially coming so very hard on the heels of the COVID "crisis," which has pretty much disappeared from the daily newsfeed– oh, and where in the world is Tony Fauci? Perchance he's having lunch with…Justin Trudeau, whom we also are not hearing much from (thankfully!):

  15. Lance says:

    Went to Reno, NV today to take my brother-in-law to a neurologist.    While driving there from South Lake Tahoe notice there was an abundance of aerosol trails visible overhead and to the north of Reno.  Time was about 10AM.  Some were spread out as they had been sprayed out earlier and some were being sprayed.  Quite obvious.  All of it drifted to the S and SE.  Was clear when we drove home at 1PM.  Special weather statement from the National Weather Service was sent on my phone this morning claiming there was going to be an odd low coming in late tonight into Wed from the NW that could bring precipitation.  Clouding up right now to the N and W of the Lake.  Not normal, but then again, nothing normal anymore.  

  16. Dave Hunt says:

    The Gateway Pundit has published a report that is completely false about condensation trails, claiming geoengineering is Russian disinformation. I am extremely proud of all the people commenting quoting Dane and Geoengineering dot com!!! Dane has made a huge difference, I can't believe how many people know what is going on, very few trolls and they are being countered with factual information. It makes me feel great that many know what is going on. The Gateway Pundit has a very large audience and I hope people that read the comment section will visit here and learn the truth!!!!!! This is great and many people are telling The Gateway Pundit to contact Dane for an interview, let's hope it happens. There is hope!!

    Dave Hunt from North East Iowa

    • Tim Lynch says:

      Kia Ora and Greetings from New Zealand Dave, we are under constant aerosol attack here as well. Ten days ago whist driving North from Wellington the capital – we were inundated with chem-trails. It's been ongoing for years. Yet, like in the US & elsewhere –  NZ'ers are blind to them. As an aside, I had been for 14 days sleeping in my car along with thousands of others in tents as well and had surrounded 3/4 of the area of our Parliament due to Government 'injection' mandates and increasing overreach. Well, after 3 weeks we lost to an overwhelming Police presence – however it all stems from the New World Order using NZ as a 'global guinea pig' and test case for Klaus Schwab's 'Great Reset.' This is a battle we as a humanity can not, and must not lose.    

      However I am writing to ask you about what could be a typo?  You wrote "I am extremely proud of all the people commenting quoting Dane and Geoengineering dot com!!!"    Did you mean to write – ?   Believe me I have made typos in the past and it can be upsetting.

      Meanwhile keep the faith brother – we can never give up.

      Kia kaha and Aroha – Tim    

      ps my website is under attack and you-tube has taken numerous interviews down – so l don't post there any more.  

  17. BoomerFred says:

    Oh, One more Bright  Spot to Note; (didn't include) the over 5,000 citizen, 55+ city show of opposition to Russia's horrendous mess of a Ukraine intrusion.It was Worldwide too. Talk about courage to confront power in spades !!!

    Age of Aquarius   Rage on    May Truth be Known    We're Next

  18. BoomerFred says:

    Greetings, Dane & Brave Commentors, So many emotions, much turmoil, then gratitude arrives because it's the love and forgiveness we must allow to emote for anything good to work. Today 'the new war' in Ukraine gave me realize we must pray for the entire globe and all life for the circle to be complete. OK no boundaries, full bore love

    The People's Convoy coverage with Children's Health Defense is doing a fine job resisting the first distraction and winning. It was difficult to be excited when we know it is a good example of how to behave when the actual hard-times arrive and we have to come together to alert, halt and hold accountable  those who run the 'control show'. Agreed ?!

    Here in hill country texas the 'rollercoaster' continues to alternate regular winter and phony bitter created cold as everywhere. For us it's a daily check on the EAM forecast schedule for the heat-pump and Kitties' sake. BTW right eye is doing well, next will be the 31'st.

    All for now, Stay Strong Pray Big, Breathe Deep Peace Be Yours

  19. Be Steadfast in Love and Truth says:

    Great episode! 

    It's true- if nature itself is never going to give up attempting to survive no matter what happens, then why would we humans be willing to give up?  Especially when considering the fact that this is what these abusers want the masses to do…. 

    If our child was abducted by evil people, would we ever give up looking for them?  Of course not!  No way!!!!!! 

    Love will fuel us, guide us and protect us if we are willing to persevere with the proper intentions and take action by utilizing our innate intelligence.

  20. Earth Angel says:

    God Bless You Dane!  Tad, I love your statement. So very true- but perhaps it's changing. I hope so. Strength to us all.

  21. James Holloway says:

    Trail plumes noticeably enlarged and more frequent. Why? We're one of the largest growing cities in the country.

    We're with you, Dane on behalf of Planet Earth. Thank you!

  22. penny waters says:

    dear gary morrow and tad

    love the wonderful play on words

    how about, and this has been said many times but i only just found the end of the quote:-

    power corrupts and absolutely power corrupts absolutely, all great men are bad

    originally said by the baron of acton, west of london(never heard of him!!)


    do we always have to be run by bullies – a bully is a frightened person – very dodgy

    i have heard that putin is going to have a go at the u.k.

    why do us poor people have to be so on offer to any kind of madness that the rich and powerful want to throw at each other, cos we are the ones that get it in the neck??

    being alive as a human feels like a madness 

    will we ever come out of it as we fill this tiny planet with ever more children – no, i don't like the irresponsible way that women just have children with no thought for anyone else – the height of selfishness

    love to all the wise folk out there, 

  23. Loran Elizabeth says:

    I have been loving and recording spring peepers for at least 20 years. They have started peeping as early as the end of February. As of this date, here in SE Ohio, I have not heard a single one. Breaking my heart.

    • Jonathan says:

      Plenty of spring peepers here in Eastern NC

      Not as many toadies as I would like to see, these last 2-3 years


  24. Stan Sylvester says:

    The CIA's control of the media goes way beyond the U.S. In 2014, Udo Ulfkotte ,former editor of "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung" for 25 years became a whistleblower. He said "  I have been educated to lie, betray and to not tell the truth to the public. The German and American media tries to bring war to the people in Europe and to bring war to Russia." Hmmmm.

    In 2014, Udo published "Journalists For Hire: How the CIA Buys The News." In 2017 he died reportedly of a heart attack. He was only 57. 

    His warnings, like Dane's have for the most part been ignored. 

  25. Berni says:

    Hello friends of the truth,

    you can't imagine what's going on in this country called Germany right now.
    National Socialist ideas have replaced humanity. People are persecuted and threatened just because they come from Russia. Cars are damaged and even children in kindergarten are insulted because of their origin. The state-ordered propaganda of lies has Germany firmly in its grip.

    I hope you are better off in the States.
    By the way, the sky over Germany is not currently covered with a toxic slime carpet.

    Remain steadfast and strong.
    May our Creator always hold his protective hand over you.

    All love
    Berni from Germany

    P.S. forgive me my bad English

    • Jonathan says:

      Hello Berni,

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts to the collective comments of the GW community. 

      It sounds like Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum has infiltrated your country's government as well.

      Be well,


  26. Gary Morrow says:

    Anyone who still believes the controllers narratives either has a hole in their head or their head in a hole  They are either being paid or they are being played. 

  27. Lori M. Bridgeford says:

    Stunning to hear of a loved one presenting at ER  for  9 times since  his "vaccine" .  NINE !  Hoping the medical staff are connecting the dots. We recently had a local ER  Dr. tell our Bd of Supv about Drs being told to rewrite, alter & change the medical chart so the symptoms presenting do NOT get associated with the jabs.  Dr Kathy Reschke is on record during the taped mtg from Feb 15th- and we were grateful to hear this TRUTH come out.  They risk so much to reveal what is really occurring.  The first responders know as do the last responders (morticians)   Whistle blowing ! Looking forward to the NEW radio live  Q and A .  offering ; Mar . 12th PST  8-9 am.   Call in 831) 479-1080   KSCO Thanks for yet another offering from you Dane . Time is short and very dire, so agree that grid can be shut down, and the warnings have come from you for  many YEARS ! 

    • Robin Christensen says:

      Thank You for that info Lori.  Looking forward to this critical dialogue/discussion.  Yet another stone to turn to trigger the avalanche of the matrix & to clear the skies to bring back the light of awareness.

  28. Tod Foulk says:

    TY Dane! TY JR for having Dane on your airwaves!

  29. Tad says:

    Too much mankind, not enough kind men.

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