Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, May 2, 2020, #247


Dane Wigington

"It's in the air”, what do you think? 

With each passing day our collective reality continues to be pushed ever further into uncharted territory. The true origins of the current pandemic are beginning to come to light, as are some of the agendas and objectives behind it. The paradigm we have all previously known is gone, where do we go from here? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

Many are beginning to wake up to the conduct of our government, but we are late in the game. All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard. Awareness raising efforts can be carried out from your own home computer.

For those that have not yet seen our recent post on “The Dimming”, it is a groundbreaking documentary that is currently in production. This documentary film will provide answers and proof of the ongoing climate engineering / weather warfare operations. Below is a 4+ minute trailer on the upcoming film.

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  1. Keith King says:

    I started a group on Facebook regarding water and hair lab results if anyone has any ideas how to make it better or to get people to participate thank you

  2. DEK says:

    A friend in Venice, Italy writes this: 
    From Monday 4 May, we have gone, as the government calls it to "phase two" which consists of openings, of some commercial and industrial activities, albeit partially and following safety devices.
    In the streets you can see a little more people; it is certainly not ordinary traffic, but from being almost used to seeing empty streets and now seeing a little more traffic has a certain effect.
    I see this whole thing almost like a coup d'etat by a worldwide branched organization which has its tentacles in various levels of society.
    Italy for certain characteristics of its population (we are probably once again the soft underbelly of the situation) was taken as a guiding prototype to break through and apply a modus operand to be applied more broadly.
    All these precautions, gloves, masks, continuous programs on TV and radio that never stop talking about the Virus in a terrorist way, newspapers, even in the supermarket there are continuous warnings and announcements, even in the advertisements they insert the theme of the virus, with everything this never ceases to make us feel an atmosphere of tension and anxiety of psychological pressure around us.
    I believe that all this is done artfully to bring the population to exhaustion, to bring people to have "nerves on the skin" and therefore when, probably at the end of next August, the "Coveted" vaccine, the population will be cooked to the right point not to oppose the slightest opposition to anything they will inject to get out of this nightmare (which "they" have built artfully).

    • Debra Evans says:

      Your exactly right, DEK  It's tiring. (bring the population to exhaustion, to bring people to have "nerves on the skin")  I mute ads. Just about every single one is about isolating, together..can't stand it anymore!  Makes me want to just go to sleep. 

  3. Tom Petrie says:

    Great information as always Dane!

    A week or two ago, I questioned your choice of supporting Judy Mikovits, Ph.D., since it was reported by scopes, that she had gotten arrested for breaking into a lab and stealing things.  As you know, I am extremely skeptical of almost everything I read, so decided to investigate her further by watching some of her videos.  (Caution!  She speaks in a monotone but provides a lot of good information.  She's brilliant!)  I then bought her latest book "The Plague of Corruption."  (It was co-authored by Kent Heckenlively and had a Forward written by Robert F. Kennedy.)  I just finished the book this morning and can honestly say, I am sure glad I read it!  You say all the time, "don't take my word for it, do your own investigation," so I did.  Apparently, she was treated poorly since she was doing things  with XMRV that took away some glory from others who lacked their honesty and character.  (It's a long story, so I recommend you just get the book!)  Her and that of her long-time partner (Frank Ruscetti), had their careers ruined by men and women of low character who will remain nameless here.  Just another lesson to NOT believe any of the so-called fact checkers, something I did regarding Judy Mikovits.  So as Dane says: Question Everything… Esp. if you think you're right!  Maybe you're not!  

    • Tdp says:

      Do a little investigation of snopes and who runs it and you will never trust anything at the sight again. 

    • KB says:

      Snopes is absolute partisan garbage that can NOT be trusted. They don't just misrepresent the facts, they outright lie. I'm glad you decided to look into Dr. Mikovitz for yourself, but unfortunately so many people don't. They see that Snopes said she's a criminal that's not to be trusted, and they move on. 




  4. Duane Martin says:

    Dane – Crazed fury from another voice of the "Criminally Insane" in another time:

    "Finally, consider Sennacherib's (d 681 B.C.) inscription of the total annihilation of Babylon: 'The city and (its) houses, from its foundation to the top, I destroyed, I devastated, I burned with fire. The wall and the outer wall, temples and gods, temple towers of brick and earth, as many as they were, I razed and dumped them into the Arakhtu Canal.  Through the midst of that city I dug canals, I flooded its site with water, and the very foundations thereof  destroyed. I made its destruction more complete than that by a flood.'  Both the act and the morals anticipated the ferocious extravagances of our own Nuclear Age; Sennacherib lacked only our swift scientific dexterity and our massive hypocrisy in disguising our intentions even from ourselves."  Lewis Mumford (The City in History 1961) 

  5. RandylJ says:

    It's midweek everyone, and while there's a feeling of hope out and about today, I still see masks on most Walmart shoppers and on employees everywhere else.

    Dane, We All Appreciate and Thank You (I know), for continuously keeping us motivated in this time of great change which began at least 70 years ago as to weather and population engineering, even if obscured from most of us. This week has been softer here with spring beauty and people seem to be feeling optimistic locally. But You remind us weekly to persevere All the time on this roller coaster of change and to keep focused on the greater ongoing weather warfare and overall engineered change for humanity. And All of US who are meeting new souls through this awesome website created by You, Dane – all of US are brought to mind as I read this special post on the Watcher.NEWS. 
    This 'Computer Guy' was one of the good ones and his words are applicable to what Dane has accomplished and what we are doing here:

    "Here's to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, the round pegs in the square holes… the ones who see things differently — they're not fond of rules… You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them, but the only thing you can't do is ignore them because they change things… they push the human race forward, and while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius, because the ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do."

    Steve Jobs, US computer engineer & industrialist


    From the “ Watchers – Daily” /


  6. Kathleen says:

    Great Information

    Thank you

  7. Dieversity says:

    Dam! Too late again!  Anyways in case a rare straggler sees this.

    The warm west/cold east scenario again! Right along the Mississippi river!  This is SO artificial!  


    No way can this be natural without the rest of the world dropping in temps. This is VERY cleverly controlled and the internet has blocked all comments.

  8. Black Cat Italy says:

    Here in Italy, we have had some lovely weather recently with less spraying and the pure blue skies like we used to have 10 years ago! However, in the middle of the night they did a toxic cool down and we suffered bad throats and dry eyes.  Today, the sky is whited out.  4 million went back to work on Monday but most of the restrictions for the coronavirus remain. Expect it to continue for as long as suits the power structure and to continue with manipulating the figures.

    Is Fauci up to it again?  He is now involved with another money making drug to be given to COVID19 patients. But, it is an experimental  Ebola drug and had not been approved for public use anywhere. Now the FDA approves it under Fauci.  So far, it appears no published list of adverse effects – probably because it is still in the test phase.  Using the drug on “COVID19 patients” would certainly be experimental (they used it in Italy on ICU coronavirus patients and it probably added to the deaths). And, knowing the long list of side effects for the other drugs used for coronavirus patients, it is something to be watched.  Apparently Fauci says it can cut recovery time by around 30 per cent, yet China trialed the drug in hospitals in Wuhan and found it didn’t help COVID19 patients recover any quicker. Ten hospitals in Wuhan gave the drug to 237 patients but concluded it didn’t perform any better than placebo! Yet Fauci is saying there is “clear cut evidence” that it could become a front line treatment for COVID 19. Sounds like more lies and a way to make millions.

    The results from Fauci’s study have already kick-started an action plan, and Gilead Sciences, the manufacturer of remdesivir, has been asked to ramp up production and make supplies quickly available to critical care units.  Follow the money!

    These are just the side effects of the other drugs they use to “treat” COVID19. (From

    "Among the drugs suddenly being used on people diagnosed with the coronavirus: Kaletra (anti-HIV); chloroquine (anti-malaria); remdesivir (unapproved, anti-Ebola).

    rxlist[dot]com provides a list of adverse effects of Kaletra:

    Kaletra adverse effects






    stomach upset



    a bad taste in the mouth 

    trouble sleeping

    skin rash

    changes in the shape or location of body fat (especially in your arms, legs, face, neck, breasts, and waist)

    “Tell your doctor if you have serious side effects of Kaletra including”:

    unexplained weight loss 

    persistent muscle aches or weakness 

    joint pain

    numbness or tingling of the hands/feet/arms/legs

    severe tiredness

    vision changes

    severe or persistent headaches

    signs of infection (such as fever, chills, trouble breathing, cough, non-healing skin sores)

    signs of an overactive thyroid (such as irritability, nervousness, heat intolerance, fast/pounding/irregular heartbeat, bulging eyes, unusual growth in the neck/thyroid known as a goiter)

    signs of a nerve problem known as Guillain-Barre Syndrome (such as difficulty breathing/swallowing/moving your eyes, drooping face, paralysis, slurred speech)

    increased thirst

    increased urination


    persistent nausea or vomiting

    stomach or abdominal pain

    yellowing eyes or skin 

    dark urine

     Chloroquine adverse effects

    Chloroquine adverse effects (from Drugs[dot]com)—-”Check with your doctor immediately if any of the following side effects occur while taking chloroquine”:


    attempts at killing oneself

    back, leg, or stomach pains

    black, tarry stools

    bleeding gums

    blistering, peeling, or loosening of the skin

    blood in the urine or stools

    blurred or decreased vision

    change in near or distance vision

    chest discomfort or pain


    cold sweats


    continuing ringing or buzzing or other unexplained noise in the ears


    dark urine


    difficulty in focusing the eyes

    difficulty with speaking

    difficulty with swallowing

    disturbed color perception

    With all the hype coming out of mainstream media about “treatments”, NO ONE is mentioning about the likely side effects that could include further deaths.





  9. Bella_Fantasia says:

    Are the masks driving you crazy?  Since the public became so perfectly compliant, I'd rather stay locked down than look at all the nonsense.  Now there is evidence that sides with me.

    We're being fed CDC guidelines apparently, but see this:

    "On 6 April 2020, the World Health Organization once again rejected the use of surgical masks by the population against the Covid-19 pandemic."

    "WHO points out that such masks are intended to protect patients from droplets emanating from hospital staff. They have no proven effectiveness in protecting the caregivers who wear them or the general public against contamination."

    Not only that, they give a false sense of security to the wearers.  And the origin of the public wearing surgical masks goes back to the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic in Japan where authorities wanted to keep moral high even though the masks had no real impact on the epidemic.

    If I'm challenged to wear a mask, I have my Guy Fawkes/Anonymous mask on hand.  It seemed appropriate.

  10. Duane Martin says:

    Very eloquent again, Dane. You are were the perfect choice for the position in which you were placed!  Moreso, it seems quite possible that you were the only person of the 7.7 billion available that could have undertaken the entire panorama that you are surveying.  We feel that we are very fortunate that you were……….and did! Thank you.

  11. sea says:

    I would like to suggest 2 books that dive deep into the magnitude of the creation of biological weapons ( not just for military use).The word "intent" was often used in the release of hundreds of thousands of diseased ticks at a given time- in the early days millions would be loaded into crates and dropped from military planes over cities and towns, to see how the population might respond.A test as to how sick they might get? I could never accept the diagnosis that my sons had been bitten and now had "lyme" disease. I finally have the confirmation that  so-called lyme was developed/designed/created as a biological weapon by Willy Burgdorfer a Swiss scientist .Willy was  hired by the US govt in 1950, Willy spilled the beans shortly before he died to the author Kris Newby :
    Bitten The Secret History of Lyme Disease and Biological Weapons

    The 2nd book – is Germs Gone Wild , author Kenneth King (written 10 years ago) How the Unchecked Development of Domestic Biodefense Threatens America

    The author speaks of thousands of bio labs scattered throughout the US, how most of us would not know that they were in our "neighborhood"- and that the BSL-4 (any and all pathogens that come out of this level 4 lab are labeled deadly by the govt). The BSL1-3 are many times referred to as "incapacitating" ….

    The ugly world of lies and deception, power and greed and the mud keeps getting deeper with each step we take.


    • Jeanette S says:

      Hello Sea, so glad to hear from you. Miss ya! Thank you for sharing. They say this about many diseases; they take the bad ones then intensify them. They say that aids/hiv was "around" but why the sudden explosion of the disease? I never believed that for a minute. Nature takes care of itself and had been. It is when it gets "help" it gets out of whack. "Silent Spring" is account after account of using chemicals on our wilderness and our people. I know where one of those labs is; it is either biotech/bioweaponry. The building looks like little air gets in and not much gets out. It can be UC Berkeley affiliated. Off of 80 north between the race track and Costco hidden in a grove of very tall Eucalyptus. And by the small blue threatening signs on the drive, dead give away. LL lab in Livermore I would suspect too. They need their toys taken off of them and the labs burned to the ground. The MSM is saying that we have/employ many labs around the world.

  12. Laurie says:

    Kindred Spirits ~

        As always, thank you and God Bless you Dane for your Video Alert! And thank you fellow Kindred Spirits for your passionate comments. Everyone is Spot On!  I just wanted to make this comment . . .  It's APPALLING how our very own government can pay scientists to make viruses rather than to find cures for actual diseases.  Has anyone ever wondered why they don't have a cure for cancer by now when they found cures for other diseases years ago.  The reason they have not found a cure is because it is BIG MONEY for them. Rather than finding cures for Autism, cancer, dementia, Parkinson's, they are MAKING MORE diseases like this Covid 19.  What kind of government would actually help make more diseases!! Why??  Why make virus's?? Why not find cures instead??  Because cures DO NOT MAKE MONEY! Cures DO NOT DEPOPULATE!!! And then they have the nerve to send out millions of letters asking everyone for donations to save the whales, save the parks, save the forests, save the bees, help find a cure for cancer, help find a cure for autism, help find a cure for Parkinson's when they are then ones causing all of this.  Dane is correct when he states that we are living in an Asylum!!! 

  13. Roi says:

    There used to be a non profit organization staffed entirely by Volunteers in the state of Texas and possibly other states too, but I never fully researched that possibility. It was known as the Air Quality Control Board and for five years, I volunteered to collect samples from the 18 various air testing stations placed around Fort Worth.

    I was in high school at the time and received extra credit for sharing test sample results, with my teachers and fellow students on a weekly basis. All of this began in 1976 and continued for two years after my graduation, when I enlisted with the Army and became an Airborne Ranger in 1980. 

    What concerned me and the Scientists who championed for such an Earth Friendly project, was the slowly increasing levels of aluminum, barium, zinc and various sulfides. We expected to see lead readings gradually fall as gasoline legislation eventually introduced unleaded as the primary gas, to be used in newer vehicles. But in virtually exact proportionate ratios, the aluminum readings rose as the lead readings fell. Almost as though an orchestrated effort was underway by the Federal government and the EPA, to covertly replace lead in our atmosphere… with aluminum and a list of around 15 other toxic substances that were only in extremely minute trace form, prior to around 1975… according to previous sample tests by the same scientists of the new AQCB.  They also told me that readings of the aluminum and other toxins on that list, were basically undetectable… prior to 1952! They pretty much confirmed that our atmosphere had started a degradation slide, into what we now call "Toxic Skies"… shortly after the end of WW-2.

    Various radioactive isotopes also began to accumulate in our atmosphere and by 1978, they had reached such dangerous levels that the scientists predicted nearly 25% of the population would be dealing with some form of terminal cancer by 1998. Presently I believe that we are at around 42%, if you factor in undocumented cases. Of course, not all terminal cases result in death. But quality of life is usually degraded dramatically, even after people go into remission. Those same cancer survivors make up a substantial number of deaths from CV-19 and others who survived the virus, are now being diagnosed with cancer themselves.

    The Texas Air Quality Control Board was abolished in 2001 and replaced by the TCEQ (Texas Commission on Environmental Quality) in 2002. Where this new Covertly Federal Funded State Organization no longer releases air sample test results to the public and actually falls under EPA jurisdiction.

    Ironic to me, is the fact that the Air Force's SRM operations began pumping upwards of 100 times the previous amount of aluminum, barium and a multitude of other deadly toxins, into our skies… starting in 2001, shortly after 911. But according to the soon to be decommissioned Texas AQCB. Their air sample readings recorded the first noticeable super spike of SRM aerosols in 1995… at the exact same time that the U.S. Air Force announced their plans to convert weather, into a weapon of war, aka… 

    Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather by 2025

    The proof for Climate Warfare is in the pudding. You know, that milky gray pudding that makes up our skies now!


    • Dennie says:

      Wow!  What a story.  Now we also have killer viruses that are riding aloft on nanoparticulates including the metal stuff we're being sprayed with.  

    • Jeanette S says:

      Air Quality Boards only have control over bad air quality that is generated within their stated jurisdiction.

  14. C Iannetta says:

    I heard about this website through a friend, been seeing  artwork in the skies, (white lines ), some days after spraying my eyes bother me, as well as my sinuses, ever since the lockdown,   noticed the quality of the air was great, Blue skies. Just a few days ago am seeing some artwork. My question is: before this so called bug,  some areas around the globe were heavily sprayed with artwork,  then the bug came, the areas that were heavily sprayed seemed to have more hotspots, than others.

    could it be?

  15. penny waters says:

    dear all

    all of this makes me realise why i stay away from people. 

    what a lark to be human

    so sad

    • Dennie says:

      "Hell is other people."  ~ Voltaire  

      "No man is an island,"  ~ John Dunn

  16. Jonathan O'Quinn says:


    I have not had a chance to listen to the global alert news yet from this weekend. However, I do want to share an idea. I went to a local Starbucks to buy some coffee for some of my office staff the other day. of course we cannot go into the Starbucks. However, the drive-thru is open, and there is a metal shelf at the drive-thru window, which they use to set people's orders upon for picking up their orders.

    Before I left, I placed a stack of the 20-page color geoengineering booklets on that shelf where others will be sure to see it. Normally, I would go in with a few of those booklets and flyers and sit down and look at them in the little Reading area where they have all the newspapers as I  was waiting for my order. And then I would leave whatever I was reading at that area so other people could see it. Subtle way to share printed material without engaging people directly or disturbing anybody….. we just have to get creative about ways to share. Another update on the North Carolina State legislature. Out of 170 members to whom I personally mailed Geoengineering materials, not one has responded to me. And two of them know me.

    Still, let's not be disheartened when things like this happen. I have lost a number of people whom I thought were true and close friends, as a consequence I believe of my strong views on things like geoengineering. And of course many other things too. Every time someone expresses Truth, it can be uncomfortable for some people to accept, because they may go into cognitive dissonance, and it may also challenge their comfort zone, their worldview, which they have held. some people simply cannot tolerate that and will cut you off. They often don't actually say that they're doing it. You just start to notice over time that you receive less and less contact from them, until one day you realize that you're not a part of their life anymore. In this particular type of scenario, I take that as a sign that I am on the side of Truth, as Truth is very challenging to people's established worldviews, whereas lies rarely are.

    Please excuse any typos that my dumb phone makes.

    keep up the good work, and remember that every person's contribution is invaluable at this point. We need all hands on deck, and I'm grateful to be a part of this internet community.

    "Look the storm in the eye," as Geddy Lee sang.



  17. Lara says:

    So really, where are we going with all of this? I don't doubt any of it. I totally believe it. Everything I listen to on here. All the proof I see in the skies. And this is truly very upsetting. BUT I have a hard time seeing where WE are going with this knowledge. With millions and millions that eventually become aware, then what? Seriously, look at who we are up against!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Lara, in regard to your question, the only chance we have of stopping the juggernaut of insanity is from the inside out. That is where reaching a critical mass of awareness comes in. FYI

  18. Mary Hollowell says:

    I am not a fan of NPR, either, particularly of their fund drives in GA. My least favorite was on April 18, 2016, nor do I miss elevator music in stores.

  19. Roi says:

    Over the last six days they have sprayed incredible amounts of SRM Aerosols in our skies in Texas. It has been non stop 24/7 and our county alone went from just 4 confirmed Coronavirus cases, remaining steady for the last 30 days… to suddenly shooting up over the last three days to 35 confirmed cases! Texas altogether set a record for over 1,000 new confirmed cases each day, over the these last 3 days.

    Trump keeps saying "Things will get better as it gets warmer and by mid Summer the Virus will simply GO AWAY."

    Really? Then how can you explain our record number of new cases over the last three days? When prior to… we were seeing highs in the 70s and low 80s, and over the last three days it has been from 92 to 98 degrees! 

    Sorry, but even a blind, deaf, mute child can easily tell that this virus is spread by planes in the atmosphere and not by visitors to our state, infected with COVID-19 coughing on us!

    Yet, when I quote these scientifically verifiable facts to people… I am consistently labeled a Conspiracy Theorist. Is the entire population of humans living on planet Earth on Drugs! There is no excuse for Billions to choose denial and apathy as their security blanket. When the world around us is slowly disentigrating and sliding into the Abyss. I call it the Titanic Syndrome and when I toss everyone a 'Wake up and Smell the Roses" life preserver… they curse me with profanity and throw their last chance, life savor right back in my face!

    I have only been able to wake up maybe 5 out of every 1,000 people, to our collapsing web of life. More frustrating than trying to convince politicians that their job qualifications, evidently include Habitual Lying and a natural ability to Embrace Corruption. With Self Preservation being at the top of that list. 

    It also appears that people like Bill Gates, who advocate for the culling of Earth's population… are purposely using their COVID-19 project as a test model, to see how much reduction in pollution and natural resource preservation can be achieved, by limiting the number of people driving and commuting to work, booking airline flights and keeping the Matrix of Industrial Factories carbon emissions to a minimum.

    What the human race desperately needs though, is a virus that keeps aerosol spraying airplane pilots at home… sick in bed, or furloughed by jet engine fuel shortages.

    Hey Bill Gates, can you work on what the results and benefits of just such a test model would be like, if for just 30 seconds… you could possibly pull your head out of your ***!

  20. BaneB says:

    Susan:  Is there anything these bastards have NOT weaponized?  The weather, bacterium and viruses, the internet of things, vaccines, drones, cell phones.  Thanks for posting the information.  It’s important the people understand the evil rot infecting America.  Emerging diseases are lab creations.  The United States has 25 biolabs scattered across this planet.  And 200 high “security BSL 3 and 4 peppered across the US.  Dr. Francis Boyle says the only reason for these high security labs is to create diseases.  Those who do not know this man’s eminence, please search him out. 

    • Frances says:

      Boyle reports that the bio-engineering work that makes the virus easy to spread was done at the Uni. of North Carolina financed by NIH  and that the work that allows HIV to be added was done in an Australian facility.  The US also provided Wuhan with samples via secret shipment from Canadian intermediary level 4 lab in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, where Chinese scientists and their Chinese research team worked.  Check out CBC News Canada.

    • Brenda says:


    • Amy says:

      You forgot….also weaponised……food, water, personal hygiene products, cleaning materials, medications, led bulbs, computer screens, smart meters, amalgam fillings, lead in gasoline, teflon coatings, bha in plastics, media (mind control films and TV)….plus what I forget right now….

    • Dennie says:

      Dane told us about this:  I have had leads on try to tell me not to post anything about Francis Boyle, Ph.D, J.D.  They then post articles from Wikipedia as "references" that smear Dr. Boyle to back up their baseless arguments, saying that Boyle is a "conspiracy theorist," never mind that George H.W. Bush had him write the language for the Anti-bioterrorism Act of 1989, which is still in force, tho obviously not enforced (btw: go ahead and scream all you want about the lack of enforcement, we all know about it, just don't scream at me for posting this, as if I'm a total dumbshit– sheeesh).  I always deflate those "arguments" by telling those posting them that Wikipedia is never allowed as a reference when doing papers in either college/university courses or even in high school without providing three other reliably credible sources that can prove their point. 

  21. Dennie says:

    From, December 19, 2017:  U.S. Lifts Moratorium on Funding Controversial High-Risk Virus Research:  

    The federal government announced on Tuesday that it is lifting a three-year moratorium on funding controversial research that involves genetically altering viruses in ways that could make them more contagious, more deadly, or both — and that critics say risks triggering a catastrophic pandemic.

    Called gain-of-function experiments, the studies aim to understand genetic changes that can make viruses such as bird flu, SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome), and MERS (Middle East respiratory syndrome) more transmissible from person to person. But if they escaped from the lab, perhaps through human error, the modified viruses could in theory spread quickly or be extremely virulent, increasing the toll of an outbreak.


  22. Mary says:

    Beautiful closing statement; thank you so much for articulating so well this love we feel for God's magnificent creation.

  23. Fr Michael Ruskin says:

    Good dot connecting V. Susan Ferguson

  24. Gary Morrow says:

    Dane mentioned that the United States is the only nation to have used atomic weapons on civilian populations. Many, especially in America  believe that the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki were the main cause for the Japanese surrender in August 1945. But the fact is that more than sixty major Japanese cities had already been destroyed by conventional bombing by that time. In fact the March 1945 raid on Tokyo was the most deadly in WW2, and in all history, (though many more in Hiroshima and Nagasaki would eventually dte from radiation poisoning).

    • tim says:

      Gary another fact is, prior to the US dropping the A bombs, Japan was already suing for surrender, there was absolutely no justified reason for dropping the nukes other testing them out to see how they worked.


  25. f reps says:

    What actually illustrates the gross incompetence ; and absolute Stupidity of the politicians of both parties from the Federal. { including Trump }; to the State; to the Local levels ; is their dull witted , moronic response to the  National" Meat Plant " Shutdowns.   Not one of those Idiots or Fools has even suggested { let alone } implemented the use of " Hazmat Suits" for the workers in the Packing Houses.  Cheap Hazmat Suits  can be obtained from China , Russia,Germany , Mexico; or any other place.   Starve the people to save them from a disease ??.    Why Vote at all ?.   Help Dane  get the word out by making a financial contribution to this site.  " Atta Boys " are not enough.  Step up to the plate.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Yes, And equally shocking to me was the complete and total disrespect for LIFE by suggesting that the backlog of livestock resulting from these shutdowns of packing plants would have to be simply destroyed and buried. What??! With hundreds of thousands around the world starving these idiots would just destroy and bury hundreds of thousands of innocent animals so they wouldn't have to keep feeding them?.. because it wouldn't be PROFITABLE for them to do otherwise? I feel badly enough that we kill and eat animals; but to  kill them simply to dispose of them is WORSE THAN DESPICABLE. Those even suggesting this are unconscienable brain dead idiots on par with the rats who needlessly slaughtered buffalo with rifles from trains in order to starve out the north American Native Peoples..very sick b@st*r$$$'s.

  26. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Nature | News
    US suspends risky disease research
    Government to cease funding gain-of-function studies that make viruses more dangerous, pending a safety assessment.

        •    Sara Reardon
    22 October 2014

    The US government surprised many researchers on 17 October when it announced that it will temporarily stop funding new research that makes certain viruses more deadly or transmissible.  The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy is also asking researchers who conduct such ‘gain-of-function’ experiments on influenza, severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) and Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS) to stop their work until a risk assessment is completed — leaving many unsure of how to proceed.

    “I think it’s really excellent news,” says Marc Lipsitch, an epidemiologist at the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston, Massachusetts, who has long called for more oversight for gain-of-function research. “I think it’s common sense to deliberate before you act.”
    Critics of such work argue that it is unnecessarily dangerous and risks accidentally releasing viruses with pandemic potential — such as an engineered H5N1 influenza virus that easily spreads between ferrets breathing the same air1, 2. In 2012, such concerns prompted a global group of flu researchers to halt gain-of-function experiments for a year. The debate reignited in July, after a series of lab accidents involving mishandled pathogens at the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, Georgia.
    The White House’s abrupt move seems to be a response to renewed lobbying by gain-of-function critics who wanted such work suspended and others who sought to evaluate its risks and benefits without disrupting existing research.
    Arturo Casadevall, a microbiologist at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York City, calls the plan “a knee-jerk reaction”. “There is really no evidence that these experiments are in fact such high risk,” he says. “A lot of them are being done by very respectable labs, with lots of precautions in place.”
    Some researchers are confused by the moratorium’s wording. Viruses are always mutating, and Casadevall says that it is difficult to determine how much mutation deliberately created by scientists might be “reasonably anticipated” to make a virus more dangerous — the point at which the White House states research must stop. The government says that this point will be determined for individual grants in discussions between funding officers and researchers.
    One of the most prominent laboratories conducting gain-of-function studies is run by Yoshihiro Kawaoka, a flu researcher at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. In 2012, Kawaoka published a controversial paper1 reporting airborne transmission of engineered H5N1 flu between ferrets. He has since created an H1N1 flu virus using genes similar to those from the 1918 pandemic strain3, to show how such a dangerous flu could emerge. The engineered H1N1 was transmissible in mammals and much more harmful than the natural strain.

    Kawaoka says that he plans to comply with the White House directive to halt current research once he understands which of his projects it affects. “I hope that the issues can be discussed openly and constructively so that important research will not be delayed indefinitely,” he says.
    But it seems that the freeze could be lengthy. The White House says that it will wait for recommendations from the US National Science Advisory Board for Biosecurity (NSABB) and the National Research Council before deciding whether and how to lift the ban. The groups are expected to finish their work within a year. As Nature went to press, the NSABB was set to convene on 22 October, its first meeting in two years. Lipsitch, who will speak at the event, says that he will advocate for the development of an objective risk-assessment tool to evaluate individual research projects. In particular, he says, decision-makers should consider whether a gain-of-function study makes a contribution to a public-health goal, such as the prevention and treatment of flu, that could justify both the risk and the use of money that could be spent on safer research.

    “There clearly are going to be instances where gain-of-function research is necessary and appropriate, and there are others where the opposite applies,” says Ian Lipkin, a virologist at Columbia University in New York City. The need to understand the ongoing Ebola outbreak in West Africa and control its spread, for instance, emphasizes the importance of infectious-disease research — as well as the regulation of such work, Lipkin says. Although public worry about Ebola being transferred through the air is unfounded, researchers could make a case for the need to determine how the virus could evolve in nature by engineering a more dangerous version in the lab. “I think we should have some sort of guidelines in place before such experiments are even proposed,” says Lipkin. Yet Ebola is not included in the White House’s research-funding ban, and a spokesperson says that there are no plans to include it on the list.
    One thing is certain, says Casadevall: the NSABB meeting is certain to see heated debate as scientists from all sides convene. “I hope they have enough room,” he adds.


  27. V. Susan Ferguson says:


    Dr. Fauci Backed Controversial Wuhan Lab with Millions of U.S. Dollars for Risky Coronavirus Research

    In 2019, with the backing of NIAID, the National Institutes of Health committed $3.7 million over six years for research that included some gain-of-function work. The program followed another $3.7 million, 5-year project for collecting and studying bat coronaviruses, which ended in 2019, bringing the total to $7.4 million.

    Many scientists have criticized gain of function research, which involves manipulating viruses in the lab to explore their potential for infecting humans, because it creates a risk of starting a pandemic from accidental release.

    • tim trillwood says:

      Actually Susan, Fauci's history goes way back to HIV and SV40, Check out Dr Jack Kruse.


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