Geoengineering: Waging Weather Warfare On World Populations


Dane Wigington

Humanity's attempt to manipulate Earth’s climate and life support systems is the absolute epitome of unbridled hubris. The ongoing global geoengineering assault has placed our planet under a state of siege. The thriving world we have formerly known is no more, we are accelerating at blinding speed toward a completely new and unimaginably challenging reality. What can we do to expose and halt the weather warfare assault? The ongoing criminal climate engineering operations are exposed in the PowerPoint presentation below. It was given at the Northern California event titled “Climate Engineering Cover-Up".

Climate engineering is mathematically the most destructive form of anthropogenic activity ever unleashed on the biosphere. Geoengineering programs must also be considered biological warfare due to the highly toxic materials that are being dispersed into our skies. The fight to expose and halt climate engineering is a fight for life, nothing less. All are needed to help sound the alarm, sharing credible data from a credible source is essential to the effort. Make your voice heard while it can still make a difference.

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  1. Em O says:

    Europe floods July 2021- weather not seen in 500 in 1000 years- or ever?… China publishes news last month about plans to modify weather over an area the size of India- saying it out loud- its so crazy how people can blind themselves to the most obvious things… weather war is definitely here

  2. Mary says:

    We've got to demand that EPA, California Air Resources Board (CARB) and other agencies reinstate or start testing for the metals listed in the patents – Aluminum, Barium & Strontium. It is EXTREMELY suspicious & telling that every environmental monitoring agency has a long list of contaminants that they monitor the air, soil & water for which includes other heavy metals but these three ARE ALWAYS MISSING from the lists! Why did Air Resources Board quit monitoring aluminum in the air in 2003, despite levels in the prior ten years that were significantly higher than normal??

  3. Cat says:

    I have some serious medical issues from the spraying they are doing in Tucson, AZ. Late 2015 to early 2016 we had a small epidemic here of "flu" like illness, that weren't really the flu. Everyone around me got super sick for months, with things we never have experience before. I also documented the skies during that time, and continue too. You could smell chemicals in the air so thick some days, and all these fake man-made "clouds". We are also the test site this year for this:

  4. Jack spratt says:

    Spreading the word has not stopped this.People do not want to hear it.What is the true course of action?

  5. susan wolding says:

    Thank you for helping to get this information to the world.  When you said the chem trails expanding to cover the sun, what came to me was, what benefit would they have?  And I came up with…the benefit would be to not allow you to have free energy from your solar panels, that you would be only able to rely on and pay big money for their energy.  That made more sense to me.  What does Aluminum do for the planet? Why would they want to kill the trees, bees, birds, animals and us by spraying?  What is their goal?  That I can not answer.  Do they have another planet or did they ruin all those too?

    • Wills says:

      This is how the worst of psychopaths get their jollies. 

    • dottie says:

      These people are totally..power hungry..The idea that they can actually make people believe that this is a high for them..They are being God and controlling lives and a planet..but what they really don't that they are going to die from all this as well..They think they are exempt..from it..They are killing everything..To think they believe they are smart enough to have a clue of what they are doing is laughable.

  6. simone says:

    I believe that this is  a great example for us to follow in ACTION!! ARM YOURSELVES WITH A LAW..  PLEASE READ HOW MAYOR OF NYC DE BLASIO IS TAKING ACTION AGAINST THE FOSSIL-FUEL INDUSTRY.  (while others are wasting time discussing  Pr. Trump's "knowledge"..) 

    “As climate disasters ravage the nation, Mayor Bill de Blasio is taking action against the fossil-fuel industry. New York City is suing the five top oil companies for climate damages, and divesting New York's pension funds of $5 billion in fossil-fuel investments. Show your support for de Blasio's historic leadership – sign our thank you card now to Mayor de Blasio and New York City's climate activists.

    Every note will be delivered to the mayor's office in NY.”  ~ CLIMATE HAWKS


  7. juli says:

    Universe speaks frequency!! LET'S MAKE SOME NOISE !!!

    • Paul Vonharnish says:

      juli: Absolutely superb demonstration of visual harmonic effects on  materials via sound waves. I once fancied myself to be a musician, but lacked the essential gifts… Alas, I instead spent most of my years as a self taught electronics engineer, and worked in a variety of recording venues within studios and elsewhere. Although this page is just an introduction, readers may find it somewhat interesting: >

      The Solfeggio Frequencies … Miracles & Inspiration

      There's quite allot of history leading up to the codification of the Solfeggio Frequencies… Too much to list here… Thanks again.

    • Elise says:

      I totally agree with you. Wish all would wake up and make lots of noise to heal the world.


  8. trish says:

    pedro- and everyone else-

    i would like to hone in on 2 of the things you mentioned— first– aluminum being flammable and drying everything out- INCLUDING OUR BODIES!     anybody who watches tv sees all the drug ads for DRY everything– dry eyes- dry mouth, dry bowel, dry hair, dry cracked heels, dry brittle nails, DRY SKIN– WHERE ALL THE ALUMINUM IS LANDING– and of course, they have drugs that we can put into our bodies to alleviate THE SYMPTOMS–


    second— you mentioned the satanists– last night i watched an interview about this – and the gov- interview of KEVIN SHIPP–

    after about 15 minutes i could no longer watch– what he was saying made me so ill i just couldn't allow any more of it into my brain– and laid awake praying for the children these evil, sick monsters are sacrificing-

    these are the people who run this genocide agenda- who run our country— and the world— who are killing us and the earth— we all need to pray- we really need to pray-

    thank you pedro for your comments-


  9. trish says:

    i watched the current video-

    i will never be the same- i think it is time we started using different words for these  issues-

    instead of contrails or chemtrails– i suggest genocide spray– instead of pilots- i suggest mass murderers-

    sometimes being nice and tactful and scientific makes peoples' eyes just glaze over- sometimes the truth has to be told in truer words-

    they are killing us all- and destroying our only home–


    • Dennie says:

      Those words'd be most effective if we could get the ball rolling with a Twitter movement not unlike #MeToo, something like #StopSprayingUs, or #CutItOutNow, or #efulalredy.  The point would be to "out" the people involved in doing the spraying, from the planners to the ones loading the planes with the crap, and it's makers.  

      Here's what Utah Phillips has to say on the subject of the subjugation of Earth and all it's inhabitants, by our "lords and masters of the Universe:" 

      "The Earth is not dying, it is being killed, and those who are killing it have names and addresses." — Utah Phillips

  10. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane, Awesome job on the production of this video presentation!! If this is an example of how you save things, count me in on how you want to save the planet and "salvage" what is left of it. Again, good job to you and your people that produced this presentation.

    To ALL my friends I haven't met yet, I was there during this presentation. 7 rows back from where Dane was standing. I traveled almost 800 miles each way on a bus to be there. It was quite an adventure in awareness. I am proud to have met many of the folks that visit this column. "Friends I have now met". I spoke with many strangers on my journey. I also handed out a few hundred flyers along the way. Those that have met me, know that I look "interesting"(grin). It's a great way to approach people. The 4 days it took to get to Redding and back was a journey traveled without fear. Here's a small funny to share with you all. While holding over at the Portland bus station, which is smack dab in the middle of the worst hood Portland has, I asked a police officer where I could get a pack of smokes(yes, I know, bad habit). He looked me up and down and directed me to a near by corner store. I think he knew what I was going to be walking "into". When I arrived at the corner store there were 6 hanging out in front and obviously in the way of the door. I made a "b" line for the door and said as I went, "how ya doin fellas". Looked them all straight in the eye and passed through, both ways. (I don't think they've ever seen a horseman before). The most memorable person I met on that trip, besides Dane, Kevin and Doc Tenpenny was a young Hispanic man. I got to have his ear for 12 hours while traveling back home. He was at a cross roads in his life and was going to see his "cousin" about a job in the Moses Lake area. He told me of several tree planting jobs he had been on in my state. Let me tell you folks, those kids are part mountain goat, ask Dane. They crawl some pretty rugged country. It was good to meet an adventurous young man with clear sparkling eyes and hope in his heart. Moving forward without fear.

    Love and strength to ALL,

    'a' simple horseman

    • Dennie says:

      'a' simple horseman:  Any chance you got the Hispanic guy's contact info, or does he have this website's address?  It would be really interesting to get his take on the tree planting.  I say we need to do as much of this as humanly possible.  

      Someone posting here wrote not long ago that China's doing a lot of this.  I found this report from 2014 in The Economist: 

      Anyone know any more about this? 

    • BaneB says:

      Dennis:  Not to seem defeatist but the state of California is deliberately being dried out.  Without normal sustained natural weather that use to bring on our seasonal rains, the young seedlings do not stand a chance.  Whole forests are dying.  I planted many trees over the past 25 years.  They did well until about 8 years ago when I began to notice a major change in the health of the general flora.  And the sickening decline is now even worse.  

      'a' simple horseman:  Great story.  Always enjoy your adventures and I have a huge respect for your dedication to the cause of LIFE.  Thanks!!


  11. Mary Hollowell says:

    I was glad to attend this event, and I shared a report.  Thank you very much!

  12. Paul Vonharnish says:

    To readers everywhere:

    As Mr. Wigington has mentioned in numerous presentations, "government" agencies are no longer proceeding in any sort of linear process when it comes to minor details such as informed concent, private property rights, or even human survival. Private property rights are the very basis of all true human freedom. Without these inalienable rights – (guaranteed by the American Constitution) – the landless are soon doomed to the proclivities of the wealthy and lawless. Enslavement or death are typically the only choices offered under the laws of the sea…

    See: Admiralty—Law  

    Thus "agencies" (unauthorized by the will of the American people) are known to hire pirates and/or professional thieves at almost any whim. These thieves are often payable with citizens tax dollars. Some of these marginal tokens seem to appear out of thin air… And it's strange, because it's the same sort of cash one would derive from swamp muck or crude oil… Alas… The swamps are full of the stuff…

    A few years ago, a gaggle of employable pirates attempted to steal Mr. Clive Bundy's personal and private property down in good ol' Arizona. It's pretty dry in Arizona, but they went ahead and gave it a go anyway. The Bureau of Land Management (Bums-Liars-and Mercenaries) violated several property rights amendments as detailed within the American Bill of Rights, and they also lied like crazy in Federal court. Fear not, justice has now been served. 

    Breaking News: Mistrial Declared in Cliven Bundy Proceedings – American Free Press

    Geoengineering is a criminal act. The employees of companies who willfully commit crimes against Nature and Humanity, KNOW these are criminal acts. They must be arrested and prosecuted.  

    Rhode Island Tackles ‘Geoengineering’ – American Free Press

    This is your world. Never give up.

    • Pedro says:


    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Paul, thank you for bringing the aspect of "admiralty law" into the light. Like you, I suggest that more folks learn about it. More over the differences between it and constitutional law. Reality sucks, but at least it's real. And for those that do some research, you're not going to like what you find. Even those that are deemed awake need to wake up. There are no comfort zones anymore. So stand up and never stop ticking until you die. "Tick tok, tick tok, tick tok"……

    • simone says:

      OH PAUL!!!!!!  THANK YOU ! This bleeding and deadly confused "SOCIETY"  desperately needs CRYSTAL CLEAR  MINDS LIKE YOURS !!!!!!! YES, YOUR POST IS BRILLIANT, as Pedro is saying,  AND also HIGHLY INSPIRATIONAL, FOR  DEPRESSED, lost in space, SKEPTICS.


    • horsegirl says:

      Paul, hi,

      We're always glad to see you post.  As for the BLM, wild horses led me to the truth about them (forgive me long-time readers who may recall previous mention of this issue):  the BLM – some 11,000 of them – are in charge of 1/8 of the nation's lands.  The Forest Service (not the Park Service who manage the tourism highlights) control another 1/8.  For those unfamiliar with horses, to say that 40,000 wild horses are an unsustainable prospect on 1/8 of this nation's rich lands is a stinking lie.  They are set to kill all the horses, because for whatever reason they're not satisfied with rounding them up, micromanaging them and feeding them hay, all of which is career security along with the helicopter pirates hired to torture the mustangs.  We lived in Cochise County, AZ – roughly the size of Israel – which alone has enough vigorously growing fallow grassland to support all 40,000 of the mustangs if managed well.  For the amount spent on mustang torture they could probably hire one cowboy per ten head, supply each with a truck and trailer, have them move the horses around every week or two for far less than the BLM wasted all these years on mustang imprisonment.  Just to demonstrate the mendacity of them.  Makes me so mad I can't write.

  13. Crazyhorse says:

    Hey Dane!

    Great information! I’m glad to see that there isn’t any partisanship here, Like the good ol’ USA of yesterday. As a God fearing man whom Also loves our planet, you’ve opened my eyes. Much gratitude!

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Crazyhorse, My oh my, that's a powerful name. Just ask the people that used own this country. The only partisanship her is in sink with the planet, our home. Welcome, I hope you learn much.

  14. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    An Officer’s Path to Dissent
    Jan.3, 2018 / truthdig
    The truth is, I fought for next to nothing, for a country that, in recent conflicts, has made the world a deadlier, more chaotic place. Even back in 2011—or even 2006, for that matter—I was just smart and just sensitive enough to know that, to feel it viscerally.
    Still, the decision to publicly dissent is a tough one. It’s by no means easy. Easy would be to go on playing hero and accepting adulation while staying between the lines. Play it safe, stick to your own, make everyone proud. That’s easy, intellectually immature—the new American way.
    When you take the journey of dissent, you lose friends, alienate family, confuse confidants and become a lonely voice in your professional world. …
    …Turning down invitations from Afghan “partners” to attend their regular hash-smoking buggery parties. Explaining to U.S.-trained Afghan officers—outsiders from the north who didn’t even speak the local language—that they must stop torturing their own deserters. Appearances and all.
    Watching young men lose limbs and lose lives to pad the resumes of aggressive majors who want to be colonels and colonels who want to be generals. Some could hardly spell “Afghanistan.” Still, they mostly succeeded in promotion. Maybe they’ll run the next war.
    Seventeen years, thousands of Americans still there, and the Taliban control more of the country than at any time since Uncle Sam’s invasion. We may never leave. … This business damages you, takes something from you, a permanent loss.
     …Still, life trudges along. My wife shops for paint colors for our new house, engages with the kids, lives in the moment. I struggle with such practicalities, because, in so many ways, I’m not here. Not most of me. I’m in Baghdad, staring in wonder at the aftermath of a truck bomb. In Afghanistan, delivering a memorial address for one of my dead troopers, a kid, to be honest, that I hardly knew. … I’ll likely die a sad man. This much I know.
    But for now, I can give voice to a different path, a nobler cause, a chance, at least a chance, of common sense, sober strategy and, just maybe, a semblance of peace—something a whole generation has never known. In my own minuscule way, I’ll try.

    • BaneB says:

      VSF:  Thank you, Susan.  Those on this board are to a greater or lesser degree struggling with these very same understandings.  I have empathy for this individual's entrapment.  However he is free because he knows the truthful reality even if he has yet to grasp it.

    • izzy says:


      And you can roll the timeline all the way back to 1935, when Major General Smedley Darlington Butler (at the time of his death the most decorated veteran in Marine history) first published his pithy little volume “War Is A Racket”. The title says it all, yet the beat still goes on. As dystopian as it is, the current paradigm is extremely tenacious.


    • Blue Sue says:

      Good article Susan. Thank you for sharing.

      God bless this military man, this officer, for seeing the light and having the wisdom and will to confront and speak the uncomfortable truth. 

    • simone says:

      Dear Mr. Ferguson ~ YOU ARE MUCH MORE IMPORTANT in this world than you can even GUESS!!!  Your story has moved me, it shows how courageous you are  to see the great bloody mess around , and even very thoughtfully remember victims who have had  all the rights from birth to live a meaningful, peaceful life..  

      Wishing you great strengths.

      Lets do our very best to make changes for the better in spite  madness that we face, and support each other, in every possible, even impossible way. 

    • Susan says:

      Be sure to see "The Post" in theaters now. How Daniel Ellsberg, Catherine Graham (and others)  helped take down Nixon. Their courage reminds me of Dane.
       And if you've never watched the documentary "Paying the Price" about S. Brian Wilson. a anti-war veteran who was run over by a munitions train in California, watch it. THAT'S a standard by which we should all measure our commitment to stop the war machine.

  15. Joseph L says:

    Thank you for a great Presentation . Gary Null did a very good show on the environment on the prn network 1-3-18.  He covered alot of stuff, methane , tree die off. I just wish he would do Geoengineering and Climate Engineering. He also needs to have you on his show as a guest.

    Here is the link to that show.

    Saving Planet, Saving Ourselves Part 4

    Humanity is faced with its greatest challenges since it evolved on Earth 200,000 years ago.  Rapid climate change and the degradation and destruction of our environment. The Earth has entered a new geological epoch, the Anthropocene Age, and henceforth all atmospheric and geological changes in the near and long term future will have humanity’s footprint on it. It is critical that people begin to understand what we are experiencing now with more frequent droughts, floods, wildfires and extreme weather conditions, and it what portends for the future.



    • Pedro says:

      Hello Dane.

      Thank you very much for the very complete and extraordinary presentation that embraces all the complexity of the insanity that is climate engineering ( climate destruction ).

      I saw the video now.

      That road you shown with the incinerated cars is not far away from my region, in Iberian Peninsula. At least 47 Persons lost their lives in that day, only in that road, among them were children.

      The region I'm talking about used to be a country some years ago, now we are an administrative territory of the EU. And people are still sleeping regarding to that reality. We used to call this region of Portugal.

      Better find a new name.

      climate engineering is a plan conducted by sociopaths and psychopaths to destroy Life on Earth. There is no other explanation.

      They are systematically pushing all living systems beyond the limits of existence, testing, analyzing and trying to squeeze every drop of profit from that.

      psychopaths + business =  destruction.

      no destruction = less immediate profit and less profit .

      total destruction = total control.

      total control = maximization of profit.

      It doesn't matter if with that they kill millions or billions or if, in the end, they will also die in their coward bunkers. What is important is the adrenaline of the moment, because they are F psychopaths.

      The evidences are too many;

      They started with the destruction of the Ozone in the poles, over the ice sheet of the poles. If we mix UV radiation with ice, what we get is water and less ice.

      This insanity never was a plan to repair or contain damage, but one to cut elements of the equation. Thinking in their little psychopathic minds, I wonder if, for them, we and all Biosphere are not seen as nothing but mere methane producers that must be cut off from the equation of global warming? …their military engage in combat training with real ammunition and for experimentation of new weapons having as targets for these trainings marine mammals, no? Whales, Seals and Dolphins by the hundreds of thousands. Something is very wrong with this "people".

      All the aggression towards people that you've mentioned.

      The induced Earthquake in Japan, causing the nuclear accident in Fukushima.

      The tar sands that are extracted having loss, what is the material gain of conducting that extremely destructive activity in territories that were Pristine Territories just some years ago?, the gain is the destruction of the Biosphere.

      All is connected with the satanic cult that these psychopaths represent, the masonic cult.

      220 or 230 years ago, before the great killing begins, the animal biomass of all terrestrial ecosystems was several times greater than the animal biomass that exists today, including all Humans.  They ( and all the growing population of humans in a completely irrational fashion ) have killed all Animals – the blood of the ecosystems – and now the methane from the permafrost and seafloor is coming to settle the score with those who had dared messing with the Sacred, this will be settled by the blind way that Nature has, through Natural Law.

      About the Forest fires;

      – engineered prolonged droughts are created by the high pressure domes which in turn are created by the electromagnetic transmissions made by the antennas haarp and/or other similar.

      – the aerosols are composed by incendiary and high conductively particles, which by the way are also components used in highly destructive explosives.

      For the ones that are coming to the site for the first time, I will repeat; the particles of aluminum are FLAMMABLE.

      – these particles are used to dry the environment and are also causing the desiccation of all Trees. Also the aluminum is linked with terrible diseases like the Alzheimer disease.

      – The Forest fires are a business for many.

      – the aerosols and the manipulation of the Climate are destroying the Biosphere.

      –» how is possible not seeing several different crimes here?

      We can't forget who they are;

      We are still alive, this is a great battle. No fear, the Spirit in invincible.

      Thank you Dane.

  16. L says:

    Brilliant presentation Dane, thankyou with deepest, heartfelt gratitude for all your hard work. This presentation connects so many dots, how can people not wake up when they see it?

  17. Christina says:

    Thank you Dane for all your hard work and information I listen to weekly.

    I read this in the guardian

  18. SD says:

    A SHALLOW M4.4 EQ reported overnight in the SF Bay area.  Was widely felt and described as a SHARP jolt. "Fits the profile".

    Looks like rain heading your way Dennie!

    • BaneB says:

      SD:  200 miles north of Dennie we received "rain."  Mist!  And some drops and drips overnight.  I see the sun is out again.  And the temp is unseasonably warm.  The jets sprayed us silly for five days prior so it's not surprising the clouds pretending to be fog sit on the ridge tops.  These cannot rise up.  There is no lift to squeeze out raindrops, having been topped with blankets of aerosols.  Thus we are soaked with mist and toxins.    Where once the weather forecasts for this region were very accurate, nowadays it's a constant daily rewrite by The Weather Channel.  Rain is forecast, then scrubbed, re-entered and pushed back a few days, or disappeared to the east coast as blizzards. The yellow sun icon really means aerosol gauze coming my way, accompanied by an "end time" roar in the heavens.  We old folk look up.  The young folk look down.  The image is worshipped.  They neither see nor hear the collapsing sounds of silence.

    • Dennie says:

      Yeah, guys– rain in California? Not so much.  The H.A.A.R.P.ers got busy and magically "haarped" it away– gotta cover their @$$es east of the Mississipp, ya know ;-).  

      I want to know WHO are these humanoids pointing their fingers every which way except at themselves???  WE NEED A MOVEMENT a la #MeToo (#OutTheEarthKillers)Twitter movement, YESTERDAY.  Somehow it's perfectly F-I-N-E to out the petty criminals like Matt Lauer and the C.K. guy, but NOT okay to pull the curtain back and expose the MONSTERS such as Edward Teller and his latter-day Disciples, including Ken Caldeira, David Keith and the guys across the Bay down in southern Alameda County at Livermore National Laboratories, where they cook up all the most diabolical of stews.  As well as all the good "scientists" at F.A.S., who somehow got the crazed notion that weather warfare would be "kinder, gentler" warfare to wage on Planet Earth– as if THEY have any kind of "right" to make such insane decisions, all in our "best interest," of course ;-).

    • Blue Sue says:

      @ BaneB — I love the way you put things — so clear sighted and perfectly expressed:

      "The yellow sun icon really means aerosol gauze coming my way, accompanied by an "end time" roar in the heavens.  We old folk look up.  The young folk look down.  The image is worshipped.  They neither see nor hear the collapsing sounds of silence."  — poetic and TRUE!


  19. Dana MacCuish says:

    Hi Dane and everyone.  I am throwing this link up here for one reason only.  No comment at all from the weather puppet the terrorists pay to lie to us on the propaganda box.  When I was a kid the North and South jet stream never joined…  ever.   These terrorists must be stopped.

    • Dana MacCuish says:

      North and South jet streams (plural) meaning two streams…  one in the Northern Hemisphere and one in the Southern Hemisphere.

  20. Daniel- Calgary AB says:




    We know what we are seeing in our sky. I know it’s difficult to share this truth with our social circles but we have to share it because it’s the only action within our power to do. Dane has made so easy for us even if we are shy about talking about it. We can put pamphlets in mail boxes when we out and about. When you are getting your groceries, how ‘bout putting a pamphlet under the windshield of the car/truck beside you and then drive away. Good deed done. Seed planted. You, my fellow awakened one, have just done the most effective thing you can do. You have just shared the truth and you did it out of Love and concern. In that moment you will feel empowered and it becomes easier to keep doing it again and again. 

    We ARE making a difference! We WILL stop the insanity! Know it in your heart. I wish to ALL who read this, LOVE, STRENGTH, and PERSEVERANCE! 

  21. Paul Vonharnish says:

    This is quoted from Blue Sue's excellent commentary below:

    "It is impossible to come to any conclusion from his work [Re: Polish psychologist Andrjez Lobaczewski] except that the development of Pathocracy is inevitable as long as the general population is ignorant about the psychopathic other. Psychopaths have always existed, and they view the world of normal people, those with morality and conscience, as something to be looked down upon and exploited."

    Absolutely! I consistently notice the general population has been taught (brain washed) into deflecting intelligent discussion with cliche, small talk, jabber about the latest movie, or just about any brainless distraction they can pull out of the shallow grave that was once their minds. The media is 100% bullshit, and it's owned by those who have a vested interest in continuing the plunder and slaughter of life…

  22. Johanna Ryffel says:

    Dear Dane , Immense Gratitude to you for all the work you are doing to save our precious Earthly Home ! I hope this Presentation will finally wake up People to take Action ~! Love and Blessings always ~ Johanna ~ 

    • Dennie says:

      @ simone:  Even the HEPA and the hyper-HEPA filters do nothing to keep these nanoparticulates out.  Proof? Environmental Resource Group in Mill Valley, CA, U.S.A. is NO LONGER USING NEGATIVE AIR to rid your house of this type of particulate matter BECAUSE THEY CAN'T BE FILTERED and if you blow them out, they'll just be back. I know, because I've had ERG at my house THREE TIMES.  They are the company that did the barium testing and found it on my windows, inside and outside, on my shower door glass, and in the soil on city property in front of my house.  The last time they were here their tech told me that they had at least 15 clients with this problem… these clients are clearly the kind of people who can actually detect the sprays, like me.  The only way it got dumped here was via airborne delivery.  As we all should know by now. 

  23. simone says:

    How Can We Protect Ourselves from Nanoparticles in Persistent Contrails / GEOENGINEERED TOXIC SPRAYING/ ?
    We cannot fully protect ourselves from the nanoparticles of aluminum, barium, and strontium that are falling on us. We cannot protect ourselves from the polymer fibers, fungi, bacteria, and viruses that are drifting down to the ground. We are breathing them, eating them, drinking them, and absorbing them through our skin.
    Even though the fallout from aerial spraying cannot be fully escaped, we can still take steps to protect our health and the health of our families.
    Some air filters can help. Covering your face with a scarf or other cloth will offer no protection. Low-tech paper air filters will not remove nanoparticles from the air we breathe. It would be necessary to use a HEPA air filter that is capable of removing particles that are 0.3 microns or smaller.[15]
    Water filters and distillation systems can also be useful as long as they are capable of highly efficient water cleaning in the sub-micron level.
    Skin protection is not possible. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a way of protecting ourselves from absorbing these particles through our skin, because they are so small. We also cannot prevent these particles and polymer fibers from contaminating our food.
    They are being dropped by the millions of tons over the United States and many other countries. Even if you don’t often see persistent contrails where you live, the substances that have been sprayed over one state will easily be carried by prevailing winds to other states. If you purchase food from distant locations, it could carry an extra burden of contrail fallout depending on the location.
    Even though we can’t fully avoid this exposure, we can follow an effective strategy to minimize our reactions to these toxins. The strategy is to do anything you can to avoid consuming anything that is toxic and anything that would stress the immune system. 
    This means avoiding all other known sources of aluminum, barium, and mercury. This means avoiding vaccines, which contain aluminum and mercury.
    This means avoiding commercially produced food, because of pesticide contamination, and avoiding eating, breathing or having skin contact with anything that would challenge or weaken the immune system.
    Sugar, processed carbohydrates, food additives, polyunsaturated oils, hydrogenated oils, perfumes and air fresheners, dryer sheets, alcohol, recreational drugs, most pharmaceutical drugs, plastics, ionizing radiation from medical tests, electromagnetic fields from cell phones and wireless technology, mold in the home and work environments, all need to be minimized or eliminated.
    In short, we need to become as healthy and minimally toxic as possible to give our bodies the best opportunity to deal with what is falling into our environment from persistent "contrails".
    There are also various herbs, supplements, and foods that can be used to help rid the body of accumulated aluminum.  supplements that are anti-inflammatory in nature will help clear aluminum from the body and brain.
    Dr. Blaylock, M.D., offers these suggestions:
    A number of supplements have been shown to bind and neutralize aluminum toxicity, for example, curcumin, which is a flavonoid extract of the spice turmeric. Quercetin also helps neutralize it [aluminum]. The problem with quercetin is that it is poorly absorbed. When you mix it with extra virgin olive oil you increase absorption twelve-fold. Saffron has been shown to reduce brain aluminum levels. Skullcap neutralizes aluminum.
    Vegetables also contain flavonoids. Quercetin is the most common flavonoid in vegetables. Onions particularly and tea, and shallots, and things like that. Most of your leafy green vegetables, your cruciferous vegetables — broccoli, Brussel sprouts, cauliflower, kale, spinach (MUST ORANIC!) – all these things contain powerful flavonoids that help neutralize this toxicity.
    Certain teas such as black tea, which most people drink, contain high levels of fluoride. Fluoride binds with aluminum very avidly. It forms a fluor-aluminum compound, which is infinitely more toxic than either fluoride or aluminum alone.
    This is another danger – if you are fluoridating the drinking water and then adding aluminum to it and then putting chemtrail nanoaluminum into it – you are producing some very, very highly toxic fluor-aluminum compounds. Even half the concentration that is used to fluoridate water will be brain toxic. [16]


    • Dennie says:

      @ simone:  Even the HEPA and the hyper-HEPA filters do nothing to keep these nanoparticulates out.  Want Proof? Environmental Resource Group in Mill Valley, CA, U.S.A. is NO LONGER USING NEGATIVE AIR treatment to rid your house of this type of particulate matter BECAUSE THESE PARTICULATES ARE SO SMALL THEY CAN'T BE FILTERED and if you blow them out, they'll just be back. I know, because I've had ERG at my house THREE TIMES.  They are the company that did the barium swipe testing and found it on my windows inside and outside, on my shower door glass, and in the soil on city property in front of my house.  The last time they were here I asked their tech who told me that they had at least 15 clients with this problem… barium sensitivity.  These clients are clearly the kind of people who can actually detect the sprays, like me.  The only way it got dumped here was via airborne delivery.  As we all should know by now. 

    • Pedro says:


      Water can filter the particles.

      If you have a system of air purification or air filtering working with a water filter, you can do it. The air must pass by 4 or 5 liters of Water.

      I do not know but maybe the particles can bind with the charcoal in the air-conditioners that work with charcoal filters for air purification.

      For cleaning the house or the car a vacuum cleaner with water filter is the best.

    • Dennie says:

      @ Pedro:  That might work out to filter the air through water in a very small space, but this crap is sooooooo v-e-r-y small that it's going to be a sisyphean enterprise to scrub your air clear of the crap, enough to breathe freely, and in regard to cleaning the air in a 1600 sq. ft. house, how would you do that effectively, exactly?  You need to find a physicist who understands exactly what we're up against with this crap in order to get a real handle on it.  I remember reading that Russ Tanner used a wet mask in order to be able to breathe.  Will have to look into that.

    • Kazadum9 says:

      They can be filtered, I know I built one that filters them out quite efficiently. It has to do with using electricity. Alternately charging screens of copper positive and negative. Once you charge the particles they are attracted to the oppositely charged metal screen. I use a milliamp adapter to charge the screens with negative and postive ions. Its really easy to do if you have some time I can step you through it.

  24. beatriz says:

    Dane, what a wonderful, impassioned and to the point presentation! i am sending it to my contacts. 

    below link to accuweather describing the sensationalist & fearmongering

    "bomb storm" for thursday in the NE 

    The extreme blast of harsh winter weather targeting the Northeast is called a “bomb cyclone’’ because its pressure is expected to drop so drastically that it’s like a storm explosion, experts said.

    reporting from NYC the weather is absolutely frigid. the sky early this morning was deep blue, all of a sudden looked thru the windows and saw about 4 wide lines of trails, a few minutes later they started to expand, formed wispy clouds and finally all the sky got hazed over.

    Dane, if you have time only, where is all this frigid weather coming from? is it coming from the artic being manipulated by the EM frequencies? 

    For Dane and family, and also all the good hearted clear minded friends here best wishes of good health, serenity and wisdom to respond to the challenges ahead.

    olga beatriz

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Olga, thank you for your support in the critical battle to expose and halt climate engineering. In regard to your question on the current round of engineered cool-downs over portions of North America, the attached link will shed more light, FYI

    • Rain Waters says:

      I also noticed much media coverage using "real feel" and "wind chill" temperature figures instead of normal temperature readings in the recent "Bomb Storm" event. One particular example of media spin was -27 f being spread around as a "record low" temperature for Hibbing MN. Anyone older than 10 who was born and raised in Minnesota, me, knows better. 

      It appears to me this particular frankensystem coverage is an attempt to dispel the "global warming myth". POTUS fell for it and tweeted right on schedule.

      Thanks to this "event" my gut now says the science is in, no further scientific evaluation is needed. Were being sprayed like insects to reduce our numbers among other reasons too insane to repeat. I apologize for casting ignorant doubt on the breadth of your work Dane. Good work and keep fighting.

    • Bill Lutz says:

      I am disgusted every time I travel through Newark Airport.  Such obvious spraying going on, in the same airspace as the busy air traffic.  The real beauty is, the Marriot Hotel at Newark Airport has on every headboard wall in the guest rooms huge displays of SRM/Geoengineering.  Disgusting; and no one says a thing…

    • Lee Eyerman says:

      Last 2 weeks here in Ohio, temperatures have not seen 30 degrees and most hours have been single digits wind factor.Snow in Florida,South Carolina is at a standstill,common denominator is Chemtrail spraying.They set us up for the ultimate abuse when twice for no reason the power went out and boy is that cold even for a short time.Bottom line is,by ruining your life continuously with bad weather,people will give up easier and submit to death.Yes Virginia half of us must die so the elite have more resources to control.The goal is to eventually come up with a fake storm that can kill thousands.Giving us cancer doesn't work fast enough- immediate extermination is the real goal,they won't have to feed us.


    • Dennie says:

      NPR/kqed news is calling it That Word, again:  "Bombogenesis…" !!!!!

      "They" are indeed making it up as they go along.

    • Emwardo says:

      Interesting the reactions you get from friends and family members when their broached with the topic of Geoengineering. Everything from semi awake to outright denial with most being asleep. 

      Try contacting Chris Shaffer at WCCO or a local meteorologist in your local market and send them the link to this website. Perhaps it helps educate them further even if they won’t dare publicly acknowledge it. That federal gag order Dane mentions seals that.

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      @Dennie, today, 1/5/18 Friday, we now have "HYPER-BOMBOGENESIS" as the "polar vortex" returns!  Here's the explanation:


      ". . . . .  scientists say climate change may be related to the devastatingly freezing weather currently engulfing wide swaths of the United States. Some scientists say the melting of the Arctic and the weakening the jet stream could be allowing more cold air to escape the Arctic and engulf lower latitudes, such as Europe and parts of North America."

      We're hearing forecasts with phrases like 'cold air escaping the Arctic" "cold air filtering down" "warm air seeping up from the Pacific" blah, blah, blah. . . .

      They're twisting themselves in pretzels for explanations, when all they need is a thesaurus!

      When will people realize there is NO COLD in the Arctic anymore?!?

    • BaneB says:

      olga beatriz:  The use of the term bomb is IMO more evidence the east coast "nor'easter" is weather warfare.  The term bombogenesis that the weather schedulers utilized is too another way of stating that this is just the beginning.  I read this morning a forecaster referring to this "nor'easter" as "the first of the season."  One has to ask how many more 'bombs' are planned for the winter of 2018.  Maybe I am reading too much into terms and phases though I suspect these are road signs to hell.

  25. Bluesky says:

    Never heard of a "bomb cyclone"

    • BaneB says:

      Bluesky:  Me neither.  It's more psyops conditioning of the people to accept ever more severe weather whiplash outrages by our weather terrorists.  

    • Dennie says:

      Our choir master's wife was wondering about the term "Bomb Cyclone" at rehearsal last evening.  I told her that the talking weather heads are making it up as they go along and there is a WHOLE LOT MORE to the story that everyone does not want to know.  I told her that if she's sincerely curious as to what is actually happening with our weather on Planet Earth to come here and start reading.  You say "" three times in a row and make them repeat it that many times.  They will not miss because they actually forget.

  26. Jeff says:

    GOD said evil would have its time in the last days. It is here, its the plain truth. I keep fighting!


  27. Bella_Fantasia says:

    200,000,000 people affected by the icy cold and snow, and predictions of a 'bomb cyclone' is on the way.  Who's ever seen ice like this?  It's completely ridiculous, and the 'weathermen' must be laughing hysterically.  People really, really need to ask some questions.  In Anchorage, Alaska it was 45F today (1/2/18)

    It's really not funny, actually tragic due to the deliberate nature of geoengineering ghouls.  But the drama is over the top.  Gotta love 'the lake effect'.  It's sickening.

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      Northeast Braces for possible 'Bomb Cyclone' (was the video on

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      8 a.m. 1/3/18 Now it's snowing like the dickens in Anchorage, Alaska, even though the temperatures are between 35F and 37F.

      Nothing looks like it used to.  All it takes is a little thoughtful observation.  Dane's presentation is jarring, and thank goodness and mercy!  Populations have been soothed and lulled into a trance, maybe into a coma.   When will the unnaturalness of what we're seeing hit the people like a bullet?  Does it take a bomb cyclone?

    • Dennie says:

      Bella_Fantasia:  Apparently it DOES take a bomb to get all of the hundreds of millions of silly, distracted, medicated, spaced-out narcked-out humanoids in Umerukuh to notice One Damned Thing.  Today on my neighborhood, someone was actually stoopid enough to ask what to do to be "safe" in the event of a nuclear bomb strike…. you should have seen all the ridiculous flippant 420'd-out "Cheech-'n'-Chong"-type answers that said essentially to "run for the nearest bar and duck inside for cover" (AND whiskey) and essentially just get loaded instead of looking at and dealing with a potentially real and mainly unsolvable problem, once whatever Idiot-In-Charge decides it's somehow "cool" to go ahead, make our day and push that button!  NO ONE on that thread thought it was "cool" to take the profit out of selling the weapons of mass destruction, however.  Which would stop a lot of the insanity.

    • Chad says:


  28. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Dane — This is a wonderful very clear impressive presentation. Thank you! Kevin Shipp has eloquently said what so many of us feel. Your purity-of-heart integrity is the key and a blessing to us in these dark days. Thank you for all the endless sacrifices you and your family have made.

    Here is an anomalous NASA Worldview screenshot from the Crater Lake Oregon area. Interesting parallel 'lines' of freaky clouds in the sky!

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hello Susan, I did look at these you offered.  And I see them nearly every single day far out over our Bay here from Berkeley.  In fact this morning, early and as soon as there was light, and as soon as I could wipe off the massive amount of moisture, heck big drops of water, off the Inside of my window, I looked to see a blueish sky, a cold blue, odd blue, made me think of barium, but-when staring hard, there were the lines of white horizontal 'clouds', pinners as we used to call very skinny joints of weed way back when.  They appeared stacked, one on top of another.  Lately this has been very common.  Thing is, this morning, it was as if I had to look through! the blue to see it.  As if hiding behind the blue, so, what the heck was the blue?!!  Not sky!

    • BaneB says:

      Rachel:  One device that is a great way to pull out of the sky the more subtle smears and grunge is a decent pair of UV sunshades.  If there is any UV glare in the atmosphere which does tend to blind the optic nerve, sunshades will block and the finer constructs will be evident.  Another tactic, if you have a IPhone, is to take a photo.  Then go into the filter setting about which I find "noir" to be very effective for taking out glare.  Like magic the seen and unseen crap and its construct usually will come through to the realization of shock at what is in our atmosphere.  In emailing my do-nothing Congressional Rep, I send with commentary these images, one in the already revealing natural lighting, and then it's double with the noir setting.  Of course they say nothing back to me.  Quiet as cheese-stealing church mice.

  29. lawrence LB says:

    report from Long Beach CA.

    Looked at sky at 4:30 toward ocean and there were 3 big SRM lines going along coast line. Common sight for afternoon. In 1/2 hour the  white spray had disappeared. Heavy spraying this holiday season.

    Thanks Andrew for the artic reports. I'm going to call 2018 the year of methane. Thanks to others writing in for Socal. I cannot report on Pasadena area. 

    • BaneB says:

      Lawrence LB:  The Rose Bowl sky in Pasadena was definitely a geoengineered affair.  Obvious.  There was not going to be any rain allowed on that parade.  Then again there is no exaggeration to say the weather terrorist seem hellbent on turning the S. California region into a dust bowl fire trap.

    • JF says:

      Lawrence, I’m over in Riverside, the spraying has been heavy here also for the past month. I can’t believe people don’t notice this. It has been very dry with no rain.

    • Dennie says:

      I'm in San Rafael up in the North Bay Area.  It's been soooo dry that you can smell the dust coming up from the ground.  It's been pretty cold and dry and has frozen the top of the Chinese elm tree pretty good out back.  It will probably be burnt up from record high temps this summer when "They," our out-of-control CRAZY-order-following "brothers and sisters" in the Military, decide they need to go ahead and follow those orders to push the button for another 15,000 degree Fahrenheit blast to the ionosphere in order to keep up that Ridiculously Resistant Ridge of high pressure off the Eastern Pacific/coast of the U.S./North America.

    • Andrew from scotland says:

      Thanks lawrence LB. You could be right about 2018 – methane peaked at 2764ppb on 1st Jan. Geological records show (and common sense tells us!) that methane is released in a series of bursts/peaks.

      2018 might also be the year of "ocean hot spots" aka ENLE (El Nino Like Events).

  30. Barb E says:

    Here we sit in NH literally freezing our butts off!! This so called arctic blast has been setting new record lows all over NH. I cannot imagine how much wildlife and birds "they" have killed.  I feed the birds and less are coming every day of this insane cold. Walking the dog is scary wondering if today he will get frostbite on his paws. We're expecting musher boots to arrive any day to help keep his feet directly off the sidewalks, snow, ice and road thawing chemicals. People here are running out of oil and having to call several delivery companies being told it may be a week before they can come. By then they'll be frozen dead in their bed. Heat tape is sold out as the household water pipes are freezing, also in stores and schools.  Schools have been closed as the school bus fuel gels and won't run.  Space heaters have been sold out as people seek to warm their rooms and so house fires have increased. They have not mentioned the homeless that live along the river banks….I'm sure some have not made it.  Town and city water supply lines are also breaking all over the place and crews try to fix them in the icy holes after they dig up the streets.  Fire crews are fighting fires with trucks and hoses and hydrants that are freezing up as they work.    Now we have the new MONSTER OF A STORM – Grayson – heading our way that could drop over a foot of snow.  Immediately after the storm they are saying it will warm up into the 20's for a couple days, then another even colder arctic blast will come in.   I just read about 2017 being another of the hottest years in history SO I can only assume they are causing these freezes to throw people completely off that subject.  This is also causing alot of crop damage in the south and I can only imagine that it is the beginning of the food shortages.  Hang on to your hat, we're in for a hell of a ride!!

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      Barb E.  30 years living in Anchorage, Alaska, and we've never had conditions such as you've described.  Fairbanks is historically colder, but always remains manageable.  The cruelty of these 'projects' cannot be overstated as they relate to man and beast.  This angers me tremendously.

    • Wanda says:

      I have lived in SE coastal NC for almost 30 years. Yes, we have had snow, ice, and freezing temps in the past, but NEVER like this. Some areas here got about 4 inches of snow. I am less than 1/4 mile from the ocean, we got 2 inches at least. The snow and ice hasn't had a chance to melt because the temp has stayed so low. This extended period of cold, for this region, is unheard of. Maybe 32* today and tomorrow, then a huge warm up to around 55* for Monday. This warm up after 3-5 days of way below normal temps.

      I truly believe now that TPTB are trying to cover up something.

      God Bless s all!

  31. Don Hall says:

    Thank you Dane Wigington! A man of High Character we should all emulate. If you ever need someone to help with your security I can be in Redding in 9 Hours. The most wise man on the planet. You are so right on every topic.

    • Rick says:

      I so wholeheartedly agree!!!!  One of my Pillars of this society and someone I look up too as a leader in this fight for the common good!! Been my fight for over 40 years!!!  I use the website in my class rooms and use this site as a presentation!!! Thank you for all the diligent work you put into this amazing site to be able to present the credible and reliable information at our finger tips!!! You are a true Social Game Changer!!!

    • Dana MacCuish says:

      Hi Rick.  My Dad is long passed from this plane of existence and he was a school teacher.   A Principal when he quit teaching.  He was in his seventies and spending a winter with me that ended up being a summer as well.  He enjoyed my book collection while I was at work.  I know he is more than happy with what you are doing.  I was watering some plants I had in the old chicken coop on the farm I was at one fall evening when he leaned against the barn and said to me with a painful and strained look on his face, 'Do you know what it feels like to have taught my students lies my whole life?'   I reassured him that he did not know better.  He was taught what he was taught.  It didn't matter.  His eyes still showed hurt and anguish.  I know he is with you in every classroom Rick.  How do I know this you may ask?   The heart never can lie to the mind when they are connected through love and justice in my belief system.  And yes I also agree with Dane being a unique man amongst boys in the sandbox.  A true leader connected to this planet with his heart.  Your students have two great teachers in my opinion.

    • simone says:

      I AGREE 100%, WITH EVERY WORD YOU SAY, DON HALL!  Bless people like you,  who can recognize Dane Wigington as  a very powerful leader and profound visionary of the 21st Century! Greetings 🙂

  32. Tinky Winky says:

    We can never make the mistake of thinking that because Climate Engineering has not been exposed that it will never happen. None of us, none of us as individuals has the power to expose this thing, but just as a supercooled liquid will freeze instantly when one crystal of  solid is dropped into it, so all of us, including the doubters, will rise instantly when the right word comes from the right source at the right time.

  33. Blue Sue says:

    Mountains of gratitude to DANE, who as an astute synthesizer of information takes the time and energy to share his vast knowledge for the   greater good and betterment of mankind.  Another excellent source of credible documented research about the endless insanity of our evil government's doings for the past few decades can be found in Timothy M. Silver's "Lifting the Veil: An Investigated History of United State's Pathocracy".  Well worth the lengthy read.

    • Blue Sue says:

      When one wonder's why the insanity of geoengineering could be inflicted so mercilessly upon the planet, the following provides some insights. An excerpt from the above mentioned link:

      Chapter XV: The Pathocracy

      On August 12, 1991, Investigative Journalist Danny Casolero was found dead in a bathtub at a hotel in West Virginia. He was in the state to meet a source on a story he was working on called “The Octopus”, which referred to a sprawling international criminal cabal that was exerting influence over a multitude of world events, such as the Iran hostage crisis that helped get Ronald Reagan elected. Although his death was ruled a suicide, the Casolero family was adamant it was a murder, citing threats on Danny's life.512

      “The Octopus” that Danny Casolero was following is the Pathocracy. It has grown over the centuries, spreading its many tentacles across the globe, tightening it's grip on control of information, money, wars and beyond. The scope of this book was mostly kept within the context of the United States but the scope of the “Octopus” is truly international. Of course, we cannot fully know the extent of the beast until it is starved and dissected. But until then, we can still reasonable construct the 'big picture' of our current situation.

      The history recounted thus far is the history of institutions that have become saturated with psychopaths, who began to act ruthlessly on their desires to control and manipulate others. The process is called Ponerology, a term coined by Polish psychologist Andrjez Lobaczewski, who studied how the governments of the Soviet bloc became increasingly evil. The term comes from the Greek word poneria, meaning lawlessness. Lobaczewski published his work in a book titled Political Ponerology.513

      Lobaczewski had tremendous difficulty in publishing his book; At one point the manuscript was thrown in the furnace shortly before a raid by the secret police, and later the publication was blocked by none other than Zbigniew Brzezinski himself. He had hopes that by sending his manuscript to the Vatican, the word about Pathocracy would be heard on a global level. The manuscript was never returned. When he came to the United States, he figured that the freer society would be more accepting of his thesis; again, publication was blocked and his work was marginalized.

      What was so revolutionary about Lobaczewski's work that it was repressed by the elite worldwide? It is impossible to come to any conclusion from his work except that the development of Pathocracy is inevitable as long as the general population is ignorant about the psychopathic other. Psychopaths have always existed, and they view the world of normal people, those with morality and conscience, as something to be looked down upon and exploited. Perhaps the most shocking revelation of his work is that psychopaths learn to recognize each other, even at a young age.514

      The natural result is a network of psychopaths, a subset of the population that recognize their differences and feel not only contempt for the rest of society, but the need to control and manipulate them as well. Over time they become experts in our weaknesses and follies, watching from a distance with curiosity and amusement.

      The idea that Psychopaths can recognize each other is central to the Pathocracy. Imagine for millennia the process of evolution of a psychopathic cabal growing in power and numbers, increasingly manipulating society. You would think that the United States would think twice when in 2004 we had one presidential candidate who was a member of a powerful secretive society known as the Skull and Bones run against the Presidential incumbent who was also a member of the same secretive society.515

      Tim Russert: You're both were members of Skull and Bones, a secret society of Yale. What does that tell us?

      Sen. John Kerry: Not much because it's a secret.516

      These connections are not insignificant, rather they are the tip of the iceberg of a vast covert network of collusion, the result of the process of the ponerization.

      This process of ponerization has happened to the major centers of covert power in our world. The CIA, FBI, NSA and the global financial elite all the way down to local police departments have all become ponerized institutions. Understanding the condition and development of ponerized networks is not just important, it is perhaps the most important information that society can have. It is the next step in evolution of society, the next grand paradigm shift.

      This is the context under which the Pathocracy operates. A system of government hidden from the public view and operated by a psychologically distinct subset of the population whom do not feel empathy, have no conscience, and derive pleasure from the manipulation and abuse of the mass of the population they view as inferior. When we read accounts of horrific extreme abuse perpetrated against children, understand that the psychopathic other enjoys this abuse. They derive pleasure from torture and murder.

      These psychopaths recognize each other and over time they come to be key holders of power wherever it exists in an unadulterated form. Seemingly antagonistic institutions such as competing banks are actually operated by the same psychopathic cabal behind the scenes. In the same way that you and I naturally exclude social deviants from our social groups, psychopaths do with normal people. The result is a web of mutual conditioning of evil. Through a vast propaganda matrix, the Pathocracy is slowly conditioning humanity to conform to their sick standards such as endless war, resulting in a large portion of the population displaying 'secondary psychopathic' tendencies. This is the group that has subverted democracy not only in the United States but around the world, and are currently manipulating world events behind the scenes."

    • Pedro says:

      Hello Blue Sue,

      Yes the MFs recognize each other; it is the way they look to others and the way they smile among them. Look at pictures of famous psychopaths smiling and you will understand. The gates guy, etc..

      I think that these grotesque creatures can be considered as a sub species of the Human Specie, because of the fact that the brain of psychopaths is morphologically different, so probably in fact the DNA can be also slightly different.
      The part of the brain responsible for emotions is very different from the brain of regular Humans.

      Thank you for your important post.

    • Dennie says:

      I have a copy of Political Ponerology in my library. It was reconstructed from the authors' memories once they escaped Europe and got to the U.S., world headquarters of the book's title subject.  It's available at in English, French and Spanish.  The cover is done in shades of Hell-flame red and the images of the faces of Bush I and Bush II figure prominently amongst the portraits of other world-class rogue leaders on the front-cover gallery.

    • Pedro says:

      Hello again.

      ponerization = to pathocracy = to the masonic cult = to satanism.

      The process of selection begins with the access rules to universities and how people get thru that process of institutionalization, which ends in the award of the diploma. I'm not saying that the majority of people that go to college have a tendency for psychopathy, I'm saying that the system is shaped so as to be more favorable and to be more accessible for the success and for the admission of the few psychopaths that pass by there.

      I saw in wikipedia that Andrjez Lobaczewski died in 2007.

      Blue Sue, the info in your post is extremely IMPORTANT. We are living in very important times, for the first time ever in History the psychopaths that rule the World are at risk of losing.

      They will Fall.


    • Nina says:

      Hello Blue Sue, your excellent post below just reminded me of a brilliant book by Paul Levy called Dispelling Wetiko breaking the curse of evil. It  explains how and why the psychopathic mind is created . His insight is profound . Also how we can heal.

  34. Blue Sue says:

    Hello all,

    Dane often points out the bizarre and unnatural phenomena of square clouds, and while aboard an Alaska Airlines 737 flying from So. Cal to Seattle, I awoke from a brief doze to behold a sheet of thick white flannel "cloud" blanket end with an abrupt, perfectly straight edge as if cut with scissors that ran (visible from my perspective) from the rear of our jet at a 60 degree angle for miles into the distance.  This sheet of white angled/ butted against a blue sky that contained scattered natural looking small cumulus clouds — what a sharp contrast!  Later in the flight I noticed another strange phenomena that I haven't seen before: our jet appeared as a shadow upon the cloud below us and the small dark distinctly outlined shadow of the jet was perfectly centered inside of an iridescent "rainbow ring".   Has anyone else seen this image while flying? 

    Now back in Alaska, today the temperature here in the south-central part of our state (Wasilla) it is a ridiculous 51 degrees F. (it should be about 5 to 20 degrees normally) and the roads are clear and the scanty two inches of winter snow accumulation here is fast melting.  Looks like yet another year of a veritable northern (in this area) drought. 

    No natural weather anymore for sure.  

    • Rachael says:

      I know exactly what you have seen, I fly quite frequently and have noticed the same images. The hard edged straight lined clouds never cease to amaze me. makes me think of the old saying God/Nature doesn't build in straight lines. Meanwhile, you are basking in 51 degree heat wave in the middle of winter, we here in Texas 3,971 miles to the south are in record cold, 16 degrees in my town, even Houston was in the low 20's, and snow in Austin. It boggles my mind that most people still will not wake up and realize this is not normal.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hi Blue Sue,  It must have been 3 years ago now that I saw a huge square 'cloud' over Berkeley.  Blew my mind and had to post it and did. First one I'd seen and must say they seem few.  The iridescent ring around the shadow of your plane is an artifact I think of the chemicals in the clouds and their ability to project color.  Perhaps it was around the plane itself but from your position not visible.  Or, refracted from the metal of the plane in this 'cloud'.  Gee but speculation sucks.  As does 51 degrees F in Alaska at this time of year!  It IS a new world order–one freak show after another!

      Rachael below/above says God/nature doesn't build in straight lines.  I get her point but yes, God/nature does.  As in some rocks, like say shale.  And others.  Even a perfectly straight line of a perfect tree trunk, back when there were trees.  Markings on animals.  Etc.  It happens, all sorts do if natural.  How quickly will we forget?

    • kckelly says:

      Recently, I flew out and back into Seattle on the same airline that I love; and fly in their planes often.  This time, I sat in the rear of the plane, behind the wing; and, for the first time ever, I could see unusual, thin, contrails of shiny and colorful particulates coming from small jets on the wings.  The windows seemed to collect and sparkle with the shiny, small, particles, too – that appeared, in the sun, very bright and frozen.  These particles remained on the external window glass until we descended on the landing flight path.  Very odd…

    • Dennie says:

      Do people actually know where Alaska IS, any more?

    • Chad says:

      MICROWAVED.  You can see on radar, watching them engineer the clouds and storms, Or kill them with microwaves and electromagnetic energy. HAARP AND GWEN SYSTEMS

    • Earth Angel says:

      Hi Blue Sue, We're freezing our butts off down here in the southeast. It has been ridiculously cold here for the past two weeks. It seems we have your winter weather now and you have ours. I try to explain to people that if the poles are melting, then where is all this arctic air coming from?..The equator??!!.. Snow was actually moving from southwest to northeast when this all came in- starting along the Gulf near New Orleans and Texas and moving up over Georgia, Northern Florida and the Carolina's before shooting straight north up the eastern seaboard!.. WTF!! .. Who could POSSIBLY think this is in any way, shape, or form a NORMAL weather occurance???!!!

  35. SD says:

    Astute observers noticed the SRM activity in skies over Rose Parade/ Rose Bowl on Monday. I was in the area and can verify.

    Also in the area on Sat and Sun.  SRM spray runs back and forth south of Pasadena area, laying down a smudge of aerosols between the sun and ground based observers. NO "aircraft trails" north over San Gabriel mtns.

    High Barometric Pressure, High Temps (5-10F) above normal, Bright sunshine (between spray runs) and no wind here for over three weeks? Very strange.

    Local Sea Surface Temps here also warm @ 62F.  Many stingray stings at various beaches, to people wading in placid waters.

    Geoegineers may be making a calculated decision to try and protect sea surface from xs warming through heavy SRM in Eastern Pacific?

    Weighing relative risks of drought vs too warm Pacific Ocean (with drastic consequences)? We could see heavy snow in CA late Jan or Feb, but time is running out.

    • BaneB says:

      SD:  Our controllers are completely mad.  I did study the images of the Pasadena sky via S.California websites.  So obvious.  I suppose with all the blimps, hot air balloons, and fighter jets overhead, most attendees at the parade and the Circus Maximus did look up.  How many noticed the carnage destroying the sky and the moisture field?…..likely too few gave it a passing thought.

  36. Heidi says:

    This talk is amazingly clear.  Thank you Dane. has an old but interesting video on a senate hearing in 2003 —


  37. Phil Caprino says:

    Great work Dane. So glad to see you are uniting all camps. If we can get the climate programs to cease, and then get full disclosure on the technologies the have been kept from thee general population IE zero point energy and anti gravity we can survive. Dane the earth is alive as much as you and I are. It will recover and it will not take as long as you think if we help it along.. We may not have to be doomed. A conscious shift in how we live will go along way. It is already happening in the younger generations. But the longer it takes the harder this will be to recover from.

    • Dennie says:

      Zero-point energy is being kept from the public because the public does not understand that what they keep hearing about is too theoretical to work in the actual real-live world.  Now, maybe your research scientist knows more than my research scientist, but as for actual reality and how it stands now, here you go:

    • Marie says:

      I think we would have a better chance if we also banned all autos, mass produced electric cars, or have people use bikes and horses with buggies. Go back to the 1800's. India and China stop all their factories. Millions would probably die, but at least the planet may be saved. We need to go back in time and live in smaller communities. They can breed horses and have people use them with buggies like the Amish do. Stop fishing for many years as a lot of the fish are already gone. Ban all spray cans whatever they are. I'm sure there's more i just haven't thought of. But the problem is "they" won't ever do that. They don't care if the people on the surface all die. The Elite have been digging underground shelters for the last 70 yrs. NOW we know why! The elite will go underground. They have food, seeds, animals, medicine, underground water, technology, everything "they" need. They are cruel and inhuman. They don't care if the earth dies.  I have not seen a toad in almost 3 yrs, no yellow jackets. Very few birds. The mans pond next door always has a lot of frogs in spring and summer. The last i heard them croaking was in late spring, and then all quiet. The last time i saw a lot of birds was in summer. In Sept. i saw very few. I live in the country in NY. I have 3 pine trees that have totally died. The 4th one lost all it's needles except for the top 4 ft. The house next door has 3 pine trees dead. I didn't take a closer look so there might be more. I saw very few insects this summer. When the insects are gone then the birds will be gone as they eat the insects! Last winter i had field mice in the yard. Don't see any now. I do see some rabbit tracks in the snow. I doubt they will do anything as they don't care. They are just getting their under ground shelters all ready….for them.

  38. High Awareness says:

    A Great Presentation Dane! I live in W.PA and they are spraying the arctic chilled skies from all directions today as the sun came out mid day in this brutal arctic air mass. I just saw many planes flying some in a curve and multiple planes spraying like tic tock fashion and at all altitudes. A bitter cold night is forecasted again and below zero in the next few days. However the local TV weather script readers are already telling us it will be 42 degrees next Monday with rain after a brutal string of arctic air mass days in a row. They act as like it is all just normal. Water mains are starting to break and a lot of damage will occur in the upcoming days to property and people.

    An idea I have in 2018 is to advertise in my local newspapers to ask people to call me and seek to join me in building a group of like minded people who are aware of what is happening and are not mentally shut down. The presentation materials Dane has provided are excellent to pass out to start the conversation. Our focus would be to go after the media offices ,nature groups and food growers including the politicians to raise more awareness and build larger support to affect more people. I will report back to see if my experiment works. It is call to action folks. Wake up!

  39. penny waters says:

    tis a scary human world we live in

    the only way is to live with the view of a buddhist

    life seems to be about suffering and once you feel it in your depths – you just get on with it

    but how to do that, as an observer, whilst still feeling the passion of wanting humans to behave in a human way, is a lifetimes struggle

    love to all this year

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Penny!  This is the wrong way to think of Buddhism.  This interpretation used to put me off until the Dali Lama's 12 hours of a DVD on Compassion in Emptiness.  Which half saved my mind.  Course there are all kinds of Buddhists including the ones in Myanmar killing Rohingya peoples, raping, killing, burning, forcing out of the country, forcing 500,000 people to flee to freakin Bangladesh who has but a few feet of land left.  I brought this up some time ago and apparently did not resonate with anyone, but is in fact one of many 'climate refugees' stories.   Another is of the climate refugees fleeing Indonesia, often trying for Australia, which has been cruel to these, many captured in the effort are now and for some long time, rotting in a sort of falling apart prison in Pa Pau, New Guinea, via some relationship with Australia. These men are in a desperate situation.  A month or more ago some reporters made it out to that prison and took stunning photos, so many have died there, living in near total dark with no food, no help, but for those who are able to escape at night and that has become easier as so much time has passed, the prison and the inmates both falling apart.  Few in the world are aware or even care much, especially Australia who sent them to this hell hole.  Those who can, fetch water and what food they can in the dark of night, while these men's lives pass in limbo.  There are many such stories we are not hearing.  Climate refugees. So far, we are the lucky ones!

      Dali's take on suffering seems to be two main causes of suffering and learning to detach from those, to see them for what they are.  How it pulls our strings.  Designated origination, designated dependency.  The first being your family more or less.  The other being what you depend upon, a job, animals, a government, something like that.  The idea being these things cause conflict and pull at us strongly, causing suffering.  This is of course a simplification and of course many different kinds of Buddhism.  But it did clarify for me what was pulling my strings and how to stop being that puppet.  Yanked this way and that.  Yes, of course suffering is a part of life but hopefully not a Way of life.  I refuse to accept that.  I am also fairly good at making my own fun, even cracking myself up.  It seems necessary.  Don't you feel All that humans do is very human indeed?  Stuff that animals will Not do!  Humans can be lazy buggers, huh?  And stupid.  Critters, not so much: busy, busy, busy–climate refugees themselves.  A Huge bee flew into my kitchen today and that bee was angry!  Such a racket, then gone.  May have been the biggest bee I ever saw.  A confusion!    Glad to hear from you always.  Good wishes for you and all in this "new year"!  Refugees too!

  40. EP says:

    I just recently found geoenginneringwatch and I am profoundly grateful to Dane. I am feeling overwhe!med by what I have learned but i wonder if we should consider another paradigm shift? Geoengineering consists of metals including aluminum. Aluminum is a conductor of electricity. What if we are being sprayed with, breathing in and ingesting these nanoparticles for an even more nefarious reason?

    Annually there is a GSMA conference in Spain.The GSMA conference of 2017 was filled with information about the future of the 5G network, the internet of things (us), artificial intelligence and SINGULARITY. When 5G is implemented will we become part of the singular system? They are going to have 2000 satellites in the atmosphere that will connect the entire world, rural and city, within a few years. I know this sounds far fetched but what if?

    I viewed a gallery today of a small town in Peru. The Peruvians were displaced by a company mining copper. The citizens were given a new little town to resettle in complete with modern day thick black cabling similar to the new cabling in my town. 5G?  The thing that struck me was one photo of this tiny rural town that showed a chemtrail in the background…

    I am no great mind but I am trying to see the big picture.  I have a degree in computer science that I haven't used in 20 years. I don't know if my supposition is physically possible but I had to put it out there for discussion.  I am a Christian.

    • Keith says:

      There seems to be a correlation between fluoride, which is in all of our drinking water, the aluminum particles sprayed in the air, and a increase of aluminum in Alzheimer's patients brains after an autopsy.

    • Paul Vonharnish says:

      Hello EP and others who may not be aware of 5G dangers. I posted this link the other day, but it's well worth another go:

      Max Igan – Surviving the Matrix – Episode 302 – American Voice Radio Published on Aug 4, 2017

      Please take the time to listen to this fantastic presentation in it's entirety. Max Igan has connected allot of important elements regarding geoengineering, the intentional poisoning of OUR Earth, and the resultant end-game intention…

    • Nina says:

      EP, yes, I believe you are right. The geoengineering, the 5G smart-grid, and AI all working together  for total control. It does sound like the description in the bible of the Beast system. I think all the cell-phone towers are weaponized now too. Sometimes I feel that we are all slowly (or not so slowly) being cooked from the inside out by all these frequencies. I also feel it when the ionospheric heaters are active here. (I may be more sensitive than some.) What will happen when the AI takes over control ?  It is not hard to see that something very evil is behind all this. I too have come to see this as a spiritual battle.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      @Paul, I recently fought like crazy against 5 G slated to go up everywhere here.  I believe it is imagined to facilitate driverless cars, trucks and stuff like that.  I didn't know about it until I saw a woman posting warnings, looked it up-what it does- and the bill for it in CA congress.  I called every single person and wrote and spread the word. Our idiot senate and congress, Sacramento, people passed it!  Some did not go for it and I took names and let them all know I would circulate those names and never ever vote for them again.  So pissed.  This was to be via Verizon and? uh?, forgetting, but for them renting out our street poles, one of which is in front of my house and I am not far from the freeway.  Luckily, Gov. Brown ditched it but for how long?  Clearly the others just saw this as additional money, not even grasping what it is.  I had to spell it out!  So, saved for the moment……idiots all, but Moonbeam saved the day, while remarking it was of interest, but that the health aspects needed further investigation.  Upshot for me was that to some degree our government works IF you work it.  Otherwise, if not watched and dealt with on a regular basis all hell will spill out.  So for those who think that is a waste of time, think again.  Really, many of us have been lazy and taken much for granted. 

  41. Daniel- Calgary AB says:

    I posted this quote on the latest global alert news (#125) this morning, but after watching this phenomenal presentation, I want to share it on this page as well. 

    “I love those who can smile in trouble. Who can gather strength from distress, and grow brave by reflection. ‘‘Tis the business of little minds to shrink, but they whose heart is firm, and whose conscience approves their conduct, will pursue their principles unto death”.

                                                                           – Leonardo DaVinci

    I wrote it down and stuck it on my fridge and it inspires me everyday. 

    Love and strength to all who in this battle and Thank You Dane for sharing this powerful and empowering presentation!

  42. Sherri says:

    it makes me so sad and often cry when i see the evil ones who are in power and are psychopaths destroying the entire globe at such an alarming rate – non-stop spraying, fake weather, biological warfare and poisons and toxins in the air we breathe, water we drink and bathe in and the food we eat, we are being killed off due to their not-so hidden agenda and it is so troublesome to me that still so many don;t seem to care or are truly unaware and have been dumbed down to the point that they are just materialistic and interested in their own pursuits – whatever that may be…the days of seeing blue skies, beautiful green and plush landscapes, beautiful gardens and yards and little critters all around is all but a distant memory now – something i reflect on when i was a young child playing outdoors with all  my neighborhood friends back in the 70's…it is all concrete, dirt, rock, no greenery, and fancy cars and cell phones abound everywhere…it is so bleak and depressing yet i don;t want to give up the fight and let the evil ones win…i care too much to do that…i still have a soul unlike so many others…i care.

    • laura hall says:

      I'm with you. I've been wondering where is the bus I am ready to stand up but where how and when

    • Jeanette says:

      It is terrible what "they" are doing to land and life. I do not know how to stop their destruction. I started speaking  out in 1997 when I saw the first chemtrails. People did not care, or thought I was a nut; a few understood and acknowledged the destruction. More people are waking up nowadays….over 20 years since I raised my observation and objection. My answer to this madness is the same as it was back in1997….in your daily life do as least damage as possible; live simply, grow a small garden, be kind to land and life and PRAY TO CREATOR PRAY THE MONEY PEOPLE, THE WORLD LEADERS, AND COMMON MANKIND WAKE UP, AND STAND UP ENMASS. IT IS ONLY THROUGH PRAYER THAT THE DESTROYERS WILL WAKE UP AND HAVE A CHANGE OF HEART AND CEASE THEIR DESTRUCTION.

  43. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Runaway Train Towards Full Digitization of Money and Labor
    By Peter Koenig
    … throughout Switzerland and throughout western Europe. Cash machines gradually but ever so faster disappear, not only from shopping malls, also from street corners. Will Switzerland become the first country fully running on digital money? … And you are powerless, as a cash alternative will have been wiped out. … When I talked recently to the manager of a Geneva bank, he said, it’s getting much worse. ‘We are already closing all bank tellers, and so are most of the other banks’. Which means staff layoffs – which of course makes it only selectively to the news. Bank employees and managers must pass an exam with the Swiss banking commission, for which they have study hundreds of extra hours within a few months to pass a test – usually planned for weekends, so as not to infringe on the banks’ business hours. You got to chances to pass. If you fail you are out, joining the ranks of the unemployed. The trend is similar throughout Europe. The manager didn’t reveal the topic and reason behind the ‘retraining’ – but it became obvious from the ensuing conversation that it had to do with the ‘cashless overtake’ of people by the banks. These are my words, but he, an insider, was as concerned as I, if not more.
    Surveillance is everywhere. Now, not only our phone calls and e-mails are spied on, but our bank accounts are too. And what’s worse, with a cashless economy, our accounts are vulnerable to be invaded by the state, by thieves, by the police, by the tax authority, by any kind of authority – and, of course, by the very banks that have had your trust for all your life. …Why scare people? They will be scared enough, when they are offered jobs at salaries on which they can barely survive. That’s happening already. It used to be a tactic applied for developing countries: Keep them enslaved by debt and low pay, so they don’t have time and energy to take to the streets to protest – they have to look for food and work, whatever menial jobs they can get, to feed their families. It’s now hitting Europe, the West in general. Some countries way more than Switzerland. Cashless trials are going on elsewhere, especially in Nordic countries, where selected department stores and supermarkets do no longer take cash.

    • Dennie says:

      Here's Lynette Zang, chief market analyst of ITM Trading in Phoenix, AZ interviewed by Greg Hunter of, on the current implosion and the future of the money system:

      "Market analyst Lynette Zang says we are headed towards an undemocratic technocratic financial system. Zang explains, “Technocrats don’t care about people, they care about systems. That’s what the most important thing is. The formulas that guide all of those systems is not how a democracy works. . . . Essentially, what they are trying to do is get all wealth held in cyberspace and the title to all wealth held in cyberspace. Then the “Smart Contract” can immediately transfer that title. You can go to the mall and spend the equity in your house.”

      Zang warns that central banks could make a big mistake and lose control quickly. Zang says, “They could lose control because it’s all about confidence. Why do they keep testing all of this confidence? People have been losing a lot of confidence in the governments and central banks. Why do they need a trustless system? They could lose control.” Zang says every fiat currency will reset against gold and silver, and if it happened today, she estimates “gold would be more than $9,300 per ounce” and “silver would be more than $625 per ounce.” Zang says, given all the unpayable debt in the world, those are conservative estimates."

    • BaneB says:

      VSF:  Excellent article!! 

      Dennie:  Ditto

      My take on this is to survive these criminal machinations one needs to have a trade skill, commodity barter, and lots of good and silver.  Too, the inference is the end of garage sales and flea markets…. no cash.  One can well imagine the size of the black markets of the future.  We must push back if we are to maintain our soul.  

    • Rachel Robson says:

      All: We had a strong quake here today.  2 something AM. 4.4 not very far away, on Hayward fault which has a Big one every 150 years I think the guy said, hasn't had one in that long, so one due? and this may be a precursor.  The weather dude, Steve, told people to keep cash on hand! Said that in such a case, not unlike our Big one in '89, no card machines would be working, one would not be able to get cash, pay for things.  I use cash only but was surprised he gave good advice.  We WILL rue the day all went digital.  Huge mistake, HUGE!

    • Dennie says:

      BaneB:  Yeah, I wonder just how well the "cashless" idea is actually going to work out in reality, over time?  Probably not.  Especially when the power fails….HAH!!!!  Oh, "they" think they will win Every Last Battle, but I say, "NOT!!!"  NO group of so-called "leaders" has ever been able to accomplish Every Last Thing they wanted to have happen, no matter what.  "They" are NO MATCH for a healthy WILL– look at what happened in Vietnam, a war given for all of LBJ's wealthy WMD-salesmen "friends."  NOT. GONNA. WORK–!!!!!

  44. Tom Keith says:

    Nice presentation Dane. This one I hadn't seen. 

       The clock is ticking.  Can you hear it ?



  45. Kevin Love says:

    Still no rain.  You'd think the masses would wake up but they still listen and submit to MSM propaganda till death do us part.  Rain is a blessing from God for our our nation but as our nation continues to unbless Him we see a curse on our land.  California was spared a mass drought last year by this Devine blessing despite the weather modificator's attempts to either bring drought or destructive deluge.  Because of our mass fire outbreaks recently, any deluge would be catastrophic to the burn areas. As we begin a new year let's remember who is really in control and lift our prayers to A Holy God that holds everything in His hands.   

    • Dale K says:

      Another Snowmageddon-like weather event being cooked up by the geoengineers.

      A "Monster Of A Storm" Could Hit The East Coast Next Week
      Published on Jan 1, 2018

      The potential for a strong coastal storm system is increasing next week as multiple pieces of energy come together. However, where this system tracks remains highly uncertain and will ultimately determine sensible weather impacts along the East Coast. Subtle changes to the forecast may be the difference between a snowstorm or more Arctic cold and little or no snowfall,” said Ed Vallee, a meteorologist who specializes in Northeast weather.

    • Diana says:

      Amen Kevin!

    • BaneB says:

      Kevin Love:  I do appreciate your comments.  But my view is that the nature of these weather assaults are by way of men playing god.  Unless one would suggest these evil men are being allowed to do their dirty deeds for a greater 'good' certainly unbeknownst to that end by them, but allowed to come to a fruition by the Divine providing plenty of rope, by which to hang themselves.  Somehow our human pathology and the God-factor go hand in glove.  Maybe it's our way to assuage our much deserved guilt knowing how conflicted is our nature.  The Life-Force works in mysterious ways. LIFE is all about LIFE.  There is nothing else that exists.  

  46. Glen Bateman says:

    more "PLAYING GOD".

    Let us stay small in polultion forever, like before Christ days 

    NO MORE 

    • Glen Bateman says:

      population, not subject to financial differentiation- simple natural world, no temptation beyond primative metallurgy. Forget it, advertising psychology may have your mind trending as simple numbers of bipedal placental mammal.

      LEAVE IT IN THE GROUND- no need for mining and drilling/fracking

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