Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, November 19, 2016


Dane Wigington

As winter approaches, the climate engineers will further ramp up the chemical ice nucleation assault everywhere they can. The temperature swings are becoming ever more radical and abrupt as weather-makers become increasingly desperate to hide the disintegrating climate from the public until the last possible moment. The paradox is this, every engineered cool-down created by the climate engineers further accelerates the unfolding overall climate implosion. The climate unraveling is a completely nonlinear equation, this fact cannot be overstated. What makes those in power willing to wield their weapons of total decimation? What drives them? Why don't they realize that their own demise is also inevitable if the current course of the human race is not completely and immediately altered? The latest addition of Global Alert News is below.

Many are frustrated and discouraged by the resistance to the truth they are experiencing from their families and friends. For those that have felt this frustration, know this, many shocking realities will be impossible to hide for much longer. The seeds of awareness you are sowing will very soon be forced to sprout, wait and see. Never give up, our combined efforts matter more than we can yet know or realize.

This week's outreach booth is at the Oregon Convention Center, Portland, OR, and is shown below. My most sincere and continuing gratitude to the Gem Faire exhibition organizers for facilitating and setting up this very effective booth in every week's Gem Faire location. The schedule for upcoming Gem Faire events is HERE. A booth will be at all events, thanks to the steadfast support of Gem Faire.



109 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, November 19, 2016


    On President Trump Taking Action; to be quite honest, and one that has somehow witnessed the very onslaught of the skies” the volume being pumped up, per se, so to speak during the very not so savory Obama administration: it is without a single iota of doubt,that if there is any “hope” for this poisoning to cease: then the only hope we have is our new soon to be President. From what one is able to ostensibly gather is that he may at least try to outdo all that has been those of these “executive orders” Obama's rather psychotically charged obsession with climate change, was always one that was at the top of the list, of his warped agendas. Do not get me wrong: I fully realize that the Geo engineering fiasco and spraying was going on before, but just look at the worsening of the skies, even since the last four years after 2012. It has been a rather grim time for humanity, with global dimming / SRM and all these related agendas which have made many if not all of us feel so grossly sick—it is the largest crime, as others have previously remarked, against what we once knew as humanity.

    It is not only deleterious physiologically based harm that has been caused, but I would estimate the very onslaught of psychological/ emotional damage that stratospheric GEO engineering has violently caused to all forms of life: our own ecologically based systems are damaged, animal, plant life, trees, etc: the list is endless: this rather insane plan we can only all guess at the motive behind it all: way too many theories too handle, and some many do not want to even care to hear about: which only goes to verily show the callous nature or psychoses of many individuals who have had the very financial power to create a demonstratively uglier world we now live in. Many who still care to somehow look at this from both science, and prophecy—at least, we all agree that this should be stopped right now, right here, before we face the very mass extinction of humanity from not only chemically based trails, but the infiltration of the the food chain from corporations such as Monsanto, or rather plans from climate change advocates must all be at the very least, ceased, before way too many of the population are conveniently removed from this planet.

    I would tend to think that as one individual pointed out, above: a journey or two, or maybe three to Washington D.C, would be a rather handier approach for many to join together to show our new leader of the Free world: the cumulative damage these “dark operations” have caused, over the years and if this goes on: how humanity will not survive: the very atmospherically based wrath that we have witnessed, on a global level. Regardless of whether the spraying is conspiracy related or not: we have so much empirically based evidence to show, and one must somehow own up to the facts that there are dangers for those who get into this biggest tragedy of what once was a beautifully bound world: we are now living in the uglier ages: the dark ages, whereby our own world is being destroyed—in my mind the really larger humanitarians are those who are responsible for stopping all of this, once and for all. Those that do it should be awarded a far more realistic award such as the Nobel Peace Prize. –to those who deserve it ,and not to others who have made the world a less than pleasant place to abide in.

      In conclusion 

    And thank you to all, who read this and at least share your own concerns, and if Trump is unable to cease this: then I really do not think there is that much hope left for humanity, as further on down the road, it may be far too late, but whomever takes on these tasks will be

    , as assuredly, you will be saving the lives of future generations to come –that is truly something to think about — I salute you and ll the best to you all ,,,

  2. Seeing Clearly says:

    I rarely find good quotes and when I do I like to share them 
    +Seeing Clearly Media
    Or maybe autism is a food allergy. Doctors don't have a clue, especially when it comes to nutrition.  Most doctors believe diet has nothing to do with health. How stupid.
    I'm not saying autism IS a food allergy, I'm just saying that the medical profession is so quick to label EVERYTHING an illness that requires medication, without first using some common sense and exhausting the more plausible cause of most illness which is what we put in our bodies. We understand this logic with cars — you're not going to pour a bottle of coke in your car and expect it to run. You put in the right kind of fuel for your particular vehicle. But when it comes the human body, lay people and doctors alike think we can ingest anything  the food industry calls "food" and we'll be okay. And don't even get me started on additives, chemicals, over-vaccination, etc etc.
    The truth is doctors don't know what causes most chronic conditions, nor how to cure them. All they can do is throw a pill – or ten – at the problem and say they're "treating" it.  And then every Tom, Dick, and Harry jumps on the bandwagon and sees a boy – in this case Trumps son – and label him autistic. Like they know."
    I am not saying everything that is said is perfect but it's more on target than what most people may be.

    • Andrew says:

        Palmdale / Lancaster California.. expecting some rain between 2 and 5 p.m. Channel 7 Eyewitness News Los Angeles today they say a quarter inch.. I will report back and let you know what happens ..looks very dry here so far.. no clouds.. I did notice they sprayed the Tehachapi mountain range yesterday to block what rain is coming through.. also we have lost our (winter) high winds here in the high desert.. just breeze now.. the other morning I woke up outside temperature 29 later in the day 70 degrees.. go figure..Dane, when you're ready to March on Washington D.C let me know I will join you.. I know this time is coming soon.. and I believe President elect Trump will support us..

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Andrew, thank you for your constant efforts to help sound the alarm. About marching on DC, unfortunately the majority of anti-geoengineering “activists” are not yet willing to show up for such events. Film maker George Barnes and I tried to organize a parallel anti-geoengineering protest to the massive NY climate change protest some time back. I supplied geoengineeringwatch informational flyers and DVDs to the event. Though some 300,000 climate change protesters showed up to their event, George Barnes was the only one that showed to represent the anti-geoengineering cause, the only one. Unfortunately even now very few (that are aware of the climate engineering insanity) are even willing to put out the time and effort to share credible anti-geoengineering posts on social media, let alone to show up for a peaceful demonstration. This apathy must change if we are to have any chance of finally forcing the climate engineering issue to the full light of day. 

  3. David former Navy Aerographers Mate Weather Observer/Forecaster says:

    Above average temperatures in Northeast Florida with only a trace of precipitation in the past six weeks, since Hurricane Matthew passed by the first week of October! The Drought Index has been under reported, the drought is much worse than media has stated. Politician's and religious leaders should not mix politics and religion with their beliefs, about the earth and natures current state.

  4. Bill Mcguayhey says:

    It seems to me other countries are more worried about the U S participation in the climate change set down by the U N then actual real issues like terrorism and the world economy. I hope we are not footing most of the bill for these trails.

    • matt sarlo says:

      If I I understand you correctly Bill Mcguayhey you believe the economy and "terrorism" are more pressing issues than the complete destruction of our planet. Will money or guns and politics matter if the planet no longer supports life?

  5. kathleen says:

    Wow, what a wonderful outpouring of support, coupled with much righteous despair and outright horror in these heartfelt comments. I urge everyone to read them as they come from our friends and neighbors, next door and across oceans. We must find common ground to fight the travesty of a few that aim to ruin this planet. We outnumber them, we care for each other, and we MUST win this fight. Never give up, dear friends. NEVER! We will never give up on YOU! {{{hugs}}}

    • Andrew Avalos says:

      A few days ago we had rain here in Antelope Valley California the Palmdale, Lancaster area how pathetic it was.. sporadic dry rain maybe 10 minutes at the most and then nothing.. they spray constantly our skies here and you can see color Hues of an orange yellowish color of all the metals in our sky so disheartening and frustrating we are like helpless here.. the high desert here used to have four seasons with snow not no more we barely get any moisture at all.. I see less and less of bird traffic and absolutely no more bees or wasps but a few flies are still here.. I got a sinus infection last week and it was on like no other constant bloody nose.. the desert skies used to be such a beautiful blue color now they are painted with white streaks and a mix of a whitewash.. I am waking up all that I can hear in Palmdale California to this fact of Geo weather engineering.. and I will never stop and I hope president elect Trump will do something about this and stop this madness at least in the United States of America.. Happy Thanksgiving Americans and I'll see you on my next post.. and remember  "Make America great" !

  6. Ed Bee says:

    Welcome to geoengineered "winter". We went from 70 degrees last Thursday to wicked winds and 20's on Saturday, complete with "snow". Who needs the old-fashioned kind of snow when you can have the new designer snow, made of irregular little balls instead of traditional 6-sided flakes? Even a weather news video shows this new type of chemically nucleated snow though they portray it as normal. And the weather headlines are all about the cold temperatures in the South and the snow "piling up in the North". Dane, in this latest broadcast, it is as if you had read my mind and addressed each of the issues I've been dealing with. I myself am a Christian, and I faithfully pray for you and your family, and the welfare of our crazier-by-the-day world. But I am so disappointed in the church, which refuses to acknowledge any of what's going on. How can we, as stewards of our plentiful resources, be so blatantly ignorant of the atrocities being waged? I have had the geoengineering flyers professionally printed up and keep them in view where I work. I hand them out to those who show interest. I've written to two Christian magazine editors, a well-known Christian news analyst, and our regional newspaper, but don't get the slightest response. I will keep trying till the truth is made known to all.

  7. Mark from OZ -MN native says:

     A widespread and deadly 'thunderstorm asthma' outbreak overwhelms the medical community in Melbourne, AUS which has nearly twice the population of Chicago.Code 'RED" announced at multiple hospital locations.

    ""The emergency physicians say not only have they never seen anything like that before, they've never seen so many people arrive at one time all suffering the same condition," hospital spokeswoman Kathy Bowlen said.

    All the news feeds attribute 'blame' on pollen. While certainly a factor with asthma, the combination of pollen with the increasing concentration of pollutants ( including industrial and SRM based) in the atmosphere is the 'real' reason for the tremendous increase in this threat.

    Sadly, the prevailing advice is to treat the symptoms by encouraging 'puffer' (ventolin and other hormone therapies) which maintains the required 'business as usual'.

    "She'll be right, mate."


  8. Seeing Clearly says:

    Just as our minds started to forget about Fukushima it gets hit again with an earthquake.


  9. T.P says:

    Dane was right to walk away from the so called Christian radio show. We have seen what religion can do.  After the last earthquake in Central Italy, a Catholic priest announced that the reason we had the recent earthquakes was because of same sex marriages/gay relationships.  This just instills more fear into the population and homophobia.  Then as if to copy him, another priest in New Zealand said after the earthquake there that it was God's punishment for the ' iniquity' (wicked/sinful) gay relationships.  None of this is helpful but, again, it throws a smokescreen over it and people don't look for the suspicious, real reasons why they happened. Religion is another way to control the population and especially control through fear.

    • Debra Evans says:

      Right on T.P

    • Politicians in denial are the perfect storm, a smokescreen that really does control the population. Chemical spraying of our skies remains to be acknowledged on the  weather modification Satnav, a burning insult that never moves beyond  'CO2 emissions', fossil fuels,  recommended solar panels and electric cars.  What some believe to be God's punishment is nothing more than a helpless cry over matters beyond their control!  At the end of the day geoengineering is a self-induced punishment.  Nothing to do with God.


    • Seeing Clearly says:

      People's hearts can be hardened and they will not repent from there sin.

  10. Joe Ceonnia says:

    Dave, now that they absolutely control the weather, 70 degrees pn Wed. Oct 17th 30 degrees by night fall. Now nucleated snow falling, they're calling for 20 inches of snow fall? WTF!! Why can't people see that this is not normal in any way shape or form. We must start raising the alarm with harsher wording. Things are too politically correct, we must start telling that they (the people) of planet earth are being systematically killed. These Psychopaths not stop at nothing… Like you said they're doubling down with their Chemical trails, chemical Laden particles spraying. And they have every mainstream media outlet on lockdown. And until people see it on the evening news the won't listen… No matter all the evidences shown, PEOPLE are not taking this urgent information serious enough to make them awaken from their slumber. Harshness is what's needed now. 

    • Debra Evans says:

      No one believes me..where I am. I have to leave here. I'm one who needs to speak the truth, no one really wants that..I feel all alone. The only friends I have are here.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Debra, truly, you are absolutely not alone in this battle. Yes, many (most) are still buried in denial, but they will soon be forced to wake. Every seed of awareness you have sown will very soon be forced to sprout, wait and see. At that time, all the good you have done will manifest. Fully commiting to the truth is always the right path, even when lonely. The hallmark of a healthy mind is most clearly revealed by an unyielding willingness to face the truth, no matter how dire or difficult. You are such a person Debra, all of us in this critical battle march together, we are with you.

    • Laura Kozicki says:

      Hi Debra, Dane is right about the seeds you're sowing now being soon to sprout. I might understand your loneliness a little. I've just recently been in contact again with a friend of about 30 years who stopped talking to me in 2011 after I tried to tell  her about geoengineering. Many of the people we're closest won't believe it or investigate. But we can keep trying to reach out to others who might listen and who would even appreciate having the information.  

  11. SD says:

    Latest USFS survey estimates 100 million dead trees in CA.  Latest ENGINEERED rainstorm will do little to solve the problems here. Sierra Nevadas need 20 feet of snow every year – not piddly rainfall.

    • Chris says:

      Hello fellow smart and beautiful human beings. We all know those who post here are disillusioned to the destruction of the planet by these programs and we have to get together and go gather these lunatics up and lock them up. Or just sit Back and watch them kill us all. Its our choice. Get together folks . I'll bring the torches and pitchforks. Thank you for your efforts Dane. You are an outstanding example of courage and knowledge. Virtue is your strong suit. I'm proud to share this earth and time with you man. You give me hope for our species. We need more like yourself. Good work.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Chris, yes, we must all stand together, we must never yield. Thank you for your support, and for marching with us in this most critical battle.

  12. Michel B says:

    Brisbane, Australia; The end of Spring is coming and it is very dry. We used to have big storms most afternoons, especially in the Summer months. We used to have rain without storms as well, but now only occasional and strange storms preceded by massive SRM bring our rain. Gone are the clouds that brought big, heavy drops of life-giving rain and that made everything green and thriving afterwards.

    I wonder how all the various groups, like horticultural, agricultural, tertiary Environmental Schools, Geography students and Faculty have been silenced and kept ignorant about the reality of things. I'd like to sit in on a university class that deals with Atmospheric Sciences and hear what they say about how the weather behaves. Whatever they would say would have to challenge the laws of physics, would it not? Is there no one amongst them that can figure out the malarky?

    How do the students buy into the idea that a warmer planet becomes drought ridden? On a water covered planet, warmer equals more wet weather. Or has Orwell's prediction come true and it is possible that two plus two equals five? Every city has multiple universities and there is no dissent from the student bodies or Faculty staff! They are supposed to be the most educated about things, aren't they? What science do they uphold? Perhaps some Ptolemaic style self-centered view, perhaps?

    There must be some who are educated enough on the reality of things to get recruited into the actual programs of weather control. I imagine it is very compartmentalised to prevent individuals from realising the nature of the whole thing, but there must be some who are recruited from early on in their education, or at least watched for recruitment.

    The extent of the octopus-like tentacles of control are far reaching. They have plugged into every field in order to suppress it, except for the war machine of course. It seems every other area, other than that which serves the growth of the monster, is kept stunted. Those at the helm are truly insane and power-seeking. They will not stop on their own. They will have to be made to stop and then continuously prevented after that from attempting the same again.

  13. Susan Ferguson says:

    Seemorerocks: 21 November 2016 #DAPL: POLICE STATE MOVES ON PEACEFUL PROTESTERS 400 DAPL protesters ‘trapped on bridge’ as police fire tear gas, water cannon (VIDEO) Demonstrators protesting against Dakota Access Pipeline say they are trapped on a bridge as North Dakota police fire tear gas, water cannon and concussion grenades at them, according to live reports on social media. The demonstration is taking place on Highway 1806, just north of the main protest camp against the pipeline … The demonstration is the latest in a string of protests that have taken place against the $3.7 billion pipeline since spring 2016, with the Standing Rock Sioux tribe and environmental activists claiming it could pollute nearby water sources and destroy the tribe's sacred sites. Video & photos here:

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Thank you Susan!  My daughter's good friend is there, along with other relatives, but friend has new born baby!  Cripes!  Not that any of this is new.  To Natives.  Not that that helps.  I swear that in ND and SD people freak like there's an Indian uprirsing and they are gonna get scalped!  It is Such overkill, one Has to ask why?  Why SO much fear?  A guilty conscious?!

      AND, it just showed up on MSM.  FOX yet.  Our local Bay area FOX station seems separate from other FOX stuff, I guess, as I only watch, in the main, a bit for 'weather' and traffic.  They showed the water spraying and expressed disgust, given the temperature there.  Did not say anything negative about the Natives, or much, but for this taking place, giving temperature, and brief video of.  I guess that is Something.

      My blood boils for the umpteenth time!  Over my lifetime of almost 7 decades, its been one tough road.  Unending.  One bright spot was '78-'79 when Natives were granted permission! to practice their religions.  Everything else, we lost.  And still.  And more.  Until America comes to grips with damages to Natives, nothing will go right, never ever.

    • MS P says:

      They are hitting these protesters at night; with fire fighting type water hoses in 22 degree (sub-zero freezing) temps. So very cruel!

  14. Susan Ferguson says:

    [This is a comment I posted on GW almost a year ago. I still feel the same — Nothing else matters.]  SF:  I reached the NOTHING ELSE MATTERS stage months ago. Still the density and resistance I have met out here on the Olympic Peninsula WA where people are literally being rf/microwaved daily by the US Navy is bewildering. Everyone seems to have built their own comfort zone based on what they can handle. Very few can handle the bigger entire Truth. I try to approach them from all angles, especially plasma physics science. At times I wonder if there is a deadly hard-wired mind-numbing connection between blatant denial and diet & medication.  Are the people who don’t ‘see’ the sky above them already assimilated, trapped in the Sea of Lies? Are the people who do see and are aware the ones who have over the years avoided toxic foods and prescription drugs as I have. Is this pathological denial a matter of brain chemistry?  The military is exposed to all kinds of involuntary inoculations and chemicals even in their training. There are reports of pilots being poisoned. I doubt that their food is ever organic and probably laced with chemical preservatives. The last time I ate a Burger King was in 1989 and the chemicals literally burned the inside of my mouth for days after. I don’t eat ‘dead’ food.  Is it possible that what we are experiencing with those who are the totally CUT-OFF from in-your-face awareness has already reached a physical bio-chemical synaptic state? Truthfully because of my visions that have occurred over so many years now, I have been obsessed with this since the 1980s.  I know that for me…NOTHING ELSE MATTERS.  Soon any semblance of life on this planet as we have known it will disappear.

    • Dennie says:

      Susan:  I'm convinced that people actually get here this way.  They just come like that.  So many of them are just fragments of more parental parts and thus don't have the actual power to move to change– only the parental part can really do that.  The fragmentation is so extensive it's a massive problem.

    • Blue Sue says:

      Dear Susan,

      Similarly, I have often thought your very same thoughts: "Everyone seems to have built their own comfort zone based on what they can handle. Very few can handle the bigger entire Truth . . . At times I wonder if there is a deadly hard-wired mind-numbing connection between blatant denial and diet & medication."  — I too wonder: maybe, additionally other insidious awareness-blocking mindcontrol mechanism via wi-fi, smartphones, or microwaves, or perhaps the cumulative combination of environmental toxins, meds, flu-shots, GM foods, along with the pervasive media-induced mind-numbing disconnect from nature that prevents people from perceiving the terrible truth of these times we live in.  Perhaps, it might serve our most urgent cause to take an additonal tack besides trying to awaken the apathetic and distracted masses via INFORMATION (valuable as it is!). If we can't wake them up, maybe we CAN change their minds.  Aristotle may have been the most famous arguer, and he put forth three effective ways to change the mind of the other: Ethos, Pathos, and Logos.  Perhaps powerfully presented PERSUATION might accomplish more than just information — it sure has been effective tool for the PR manipulators. The website below shows a diagram of psychologist Abraham Maslow's "Hierarchy of Needs" pyramid that reveals the main three psychological needs most targeted by marketing: safety, belonging, and esteem. (So much for the really fundamental basics like food, water, shelter, and warmth!)  We must stay strong and perserve.  God help us! 

    • Mark says:

      I've mentioned this before…look up Silent Sound Spread Spectrum. Then think about your radio, TV, news stations.  Someone just mentioned that 90%. Were owned by 5 international companies

      May the Blessings Be

    • Mark says:

      I forgot to add office "White Noise" systems and look up who owns those companies   That is in reference to my post on Silent Sound Spread Spectrum.

      May the Blessings Be

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Susan and all,  I think some people seek what is wrong, find something, and that reinforces their view that things are wrong; they continue down this path.  Others seek out what is good, they find good, that reinforces their world view and they continue with that.  People sometimes think I am being negative and this because my own life not going so well.  They think I dwell on whatever is negative.  Not true!  And plenty of examples I could profer.  What ever happened to being able to hold two views at once, or three or four or more!  This is a multideminsional world!  All is real, all is illusion.  And I like to dance!  As Dane says, dicotimous thinking is a huge mistake.  None of this is linear.  Except people seem to be!

    • Jan Becker says:

      Susan Ferguson,

      During the 90s, I rode my bicycle about 40,000 miles for transportation, recreation, and commuting in the Bay Area and Pacific Northwest.  I never noticed trails over my head!  This thought still stuns me now.  In 2013, I noticed them for the first time.  I was getting migraines and suffering nausea and diarrhea so much that I began to look (UP) for answers.  Dane's site was a lifesaver.  I have tried to alert others in my town to the phenomena.  So far, all but my husband (IQ >160) think I'm crazy.  This July, I had a brain tumor removed, which many here probably thought had caused my "craziness."  Maybe.  Or maybe being constantly sprayed by neuro-toxins, etc., caused the brain tumor!  Anyway, I have eaten organic whole food, drunk living unfluoridated and unchlorinated spring water, avoided all prescription drugs with the exception of a round of antibiotics, and gotten LOTS of exercise over the past 10 years.  I am a born skeptic, don't have TV, a smartmeter, or a smart phone. As a child (b. 1962), I only received a few vaccinations. I am a certified yoga teacher  living in rural Norcal. Watching the habits of others my age, it is apparent that they mostly "accept" everything from the oligarchy:  food, water, the stock market, central banks, TV, "smart" phones and meters, the official explanation of 911, prescription drugs, the "Patriot" Act, militarization of police, endless wars, and Orwellian double-talk.  Why would they reject it?  So far, it has served them well–at least that's what they think, being pampered Americans.  They seem to be unable to connect SRM, routine massive human-caused pollution, Fukushima, and vaccinations to the very poor health most here have. I believe that we as a nation are more like spoiled children than true world citizens.  We don't want to know where the salary comes from, how natural resources are procured, how many children are slaving in Chinese factories so that we can have a new cell phone, etc.   Our selfish outlook (my bank account and my friends and family, that's all that matters) prevents us from seeing the very real suffering and dangers all around us.  A neighbor responded to my question about what he thought was going on with all of the lines in the sky.  He said it made him feel safe–like Londoners enduring Hitler's Blitzkrieg must have felt when the RAF flew over–because it meant to him that military planes were "protecting" him.  People think that feeling safe and being safe are the same thing.  Right now, somehow many Americans are still able to "feel" safe.  I have never really felt safe–not with my parents, not at school, not at church, not walking down the street, not at work, and not in the current police state.  The uneasiness I've felt was not caused by the threat of some shadowy "terrorist," but of the true intentions behind every institution that I've known–a deep-seated mistrust from an early age.  Perhaps it is only that I have allowed myself to notice things that others choose to ignore, while these others choose to view the extreme control we are all under as a protective shield instead of a smothering violation of our human rights.  Soon this blanket we've been hiding under will be torn away as our economy implodes.  It will be a crisis, no doubt, but also an opportunity to awaken completely to the reality of who we are–as a nation, and as individuals.  I hope we will all turn to each other, for once, instead of looking to the "government," the "church," "education," "experts", and the "Federal" Reserve for help and guidance.  This is the mindset that has so entrained us and so enslaved us that we are helpless against a naked assault waged by a few of "our own."  Even those who have soothed themselves with nonstop pleasures and distractions will be unable to ignore this soon.  Be kind in planting the seeds of awakening.  No one else has your unique combination of life experience, habits, and worldview.  See yourself as a conduit for truth, rather than an ego set up to be approved or disapproved of, and it will be much easier to continue the work of at least attempting to alert others to what is right before their very eyes.  Namaste.

  15. T.P says:

    Dane, I have just listened to your Global Alert News. Living in Italy after the earthquakes we have just experienced here and hearing about what happened in New Zealand, Haiti and Japan. I think something is very disturbing and suspicious about the earthquakes we have been receiving in Central Italy.

    1.  The area near Amatrice, they are fracking for gas. You can see that the earthquakes DO NOT follow the fault lines but are in straight grid patterns going horizontal and vertically. That is not how earthquakes happen!.(see Youtube – Italy earthquake swarms)   In the week of the major earthquake there were more than 250 recorded and they continue on a daily basis (we have a friend who has an app on his phone that alerts when they happen).  The houses do not just collapse they are shaken into small rubble! Whilst looking at the news I picked up an article by Eric J. Lyman for USA Today. I quote, "Italy has had nearly 250 earthquakes since Aug.; and why it can expect more".   How do they know we should expect more? or is something going on?  Matteo Renzi went to the White House to meet with Obama some weeks ago and this week Obama met him again.  Maybe he is putting pressure on Renzi as he wants him to head up US interests in Europe now that the Brexit has happened and Britain is out of favour with the US. Interestingly, when the mayor of Amatrice earthquake area was interviewed on TV following the earthquake, he started to mention that the water from fracking was a problem and the interview was quickly brought to a close.  

    2.  The previous major earthquake in Central Italy. The seismic centre picked up a massive spike in energy from the CERN particle accelerator in Switzerland right at the very time the earthquake happened.  Apparently, there used to be such an experimental machine in America but it caused a earthquake and was shut down.  

    I have found out that Italy has a CERN-type machine.  A massive laboratory complex underneath the Gran Sasso mountains which must have cost billions (how, when Italy is bankrupt? Maybe the US has funded it). Renzi was filmed visiting it.  This is hundreds of feet underground and right next to the earthquake area. Coincidence? I think not.

    3.  The government/official reporting of the magnitude of the earthquakes are being UNDER-REPORTED.  Why because the government said that they would pay for earthquake damage if it was of magnitude 7 so if the earthquake is deemed lower than will not pay. I wondered why when I looked at other news coverage and seismic reporting from around the world the figure for the Italian earthquakes were higher than what the Italian TV and radio were reporting and now I know why!

    We have also experienced typhoons and water spouts on the coast which we have never seen before.

    Maybe Italy hasn't been conforming well enough to US policy!  

    Meanwhile, we still have spraying from the skies. We noticeably have clear blue skies when it is annual vacation time! We point it out but like fracking no one knows about it or connects the dots.

    The continuous thunder that went on without break for many hours one day was particularly frightening.  It was so noticeable to us – with normal thunder and lightening there is a rumble of thunder and a few seconds break before lightning but this was continual – we thought it was another earthquake coming. It has not happened since.  I thought it could be HAARP. 

    Dane spoke about Nigeria now running out of food.  I checked on an Oil web site the other night and deals are now being done with Nigeria for more extraction of oil and gas.  What better way to get the resources than get rid of the people!

    God help us all!

    • Susan Ferguson says:

      T.P. — I agree that the EQs in Italy were suspicious. I have been watching Italy on the NASA EOSDIS Worldview website. My sister has lived in Rome for over 50 years. I have seen evidence of both radio/frequency & microwaves around Italy along with crazy aerosol spray clouds that can only be the product of chemicals and transmitters like HAARP, etc. There is evidence of activity around Sicily and the isolated islands to the west of Sicily towards Africa.. I also found recent evidence of transmitter emissions coming from Morocco heading towards Italy. Nothing like what I found around New Zealand, but it must be more difficult for them to carry on these secret programs in such a densely populated area as the Mediterranean. NZ only has 4 1/2 million people.

    • Dan G says:

      Yes God help us all

  16. Ron Marr says:

    The Atmospheric Sciences Research Center of Scotia, New York, reported in December of 1969, that there was no longer a breath of uncontaminated air to be found anywhere in the North American hemisphere. Thor Heyerdahl, sailing the Atlantic on the RA II expedition in 1970, reported finding not one oil-free stretch of water during the crossing. Jacques Piecard, exploring the depths of the seas, warned the United nations in October of 1971, that the oceans would be soon incapable of sustaining aquatic life due to lead exhaust, oil dumping, and mercury pollution, with the Baltic, Adriatic and Mediterranean seas already too far deteriorated to be saved. Just as the world becomes the dumping ground of the urban-industrial societies, it also becomes their amusement park. This was all written about 45 years ago by someone who predicted the future that we live today. But, just last week a Rothschild ran a Pypmy tribe from their land in Cameroon so that he could set up hunting expeditions, at $50,000 a hunt, for an elephant. I remember years and years ago enter a high rise apartment of a writer and in his neat, dark apartment hung elephant tusks. I could only stare at them, my mind went blank. You could only wonder, don't they belong on an elephant?

    • Doreen says:

      Ron, you hit on a very important point: our industrial society, the very culprit to this runaway disaster.  

      But let's ask ourselves, why do we even have an industrial society? Because we as consumers want it, use it, and buy it !   

      We have to face facts and see where our own materialistic and sensualistic tendencies have led us all: to too many people wanting too many things for power, control and prestige, leading to the immense insanity of fighting over it and causing so much damage in the end to the environment that even more craziness and desperate measures were brought forth to cover it all up!   

      We are all insane if you ask me, I myself included, for who is not guilty of all of this consuming? 

      We have to see the real cause first before we can begin to turn things around.  And I would even venture to say this is one of the reasons why people don't want to look at anything or hear what Dane or anyone else has to say about things.  Because deep down that might mean they would maybe have to look at themselves and see some responsibility for the condition of our world.  And people just don't want to do that, nor change, until life makes them.  

    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      Hello Ron Marr.

      Yes the tusks belong on an Elephant.

      For me they are Humans, not from the Anthropoid family, but Humans in their own Humanity, Marvelous and Singular. Longest pregnancy ( of all Animals ) and heavier brain of all terrestrial Fauna. Excluding Bats, the most amazing order of terrestrial Mammals, if you ask me.

  17. Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

    I now stream your Broadcast on KQMS aired at 6AM west coast time. I use to wait until it was uploaded on Geo engineering  watch which I could listen to at 9AM in Alberta. I am always Hoping for something Great to break and that the Lawyers from the US and Canada have forced the media to tell all. Hope is Eternal! I was so disturbed by the Christian Host to have said; "To Blow Iran off the map!!!" You leaving the show was of a Christian behavior, not theirs. Shame on them. I Hope the listeners were wise enough to Hear and See the truth of your words. Your response to Dave in the reply's was very moving, Thanks for your Kind words. What happened to Love thy neighbour. That means all of Man. I am a Christian and I would never look the other way to such Hatred. I too would have left, post haste. Not that I am a Coward, but you know when you are beating your head against a wall and you want to leave with your head held high. You always handle yourself so well Dane. That's why we all have such Respect for you. You even have Fans in Angola Africa re: Mutunda in reply's. You are  the Geo engineering watch spokes person, along with many other credit's to your name. You have brought us together to join us of like minds. All of you are in our Hearts and minds each day. Thank You all for your tireless efforts.

  18. Seeing Clearly says:

    Anti-Vaccine religion video (

  19. Seeing Clearly says:

    " GMO labeling misleads people "  what a ridiculous statement he may be our CIA director again mental illness is linked to diet and we have 20% or 1 in 5 maybe more chronic mental illness. 

  20. Seeing Clearly says:

    The CIA director is connected to Monsanto when will the population wake up we need to LABLE GMOs as they are linked to autism and other health problems , do you want your children to be autistic? I mean it's diversity .


    • Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      To Label GMO's is like putting a bandage on a broken arm. They need to be Banned!  We Do Not Want GMO Anything, until they are proven SAFE. Tyrone Haze from Berkeley Univ. did study's on Frogs and what GMO"s and Round Up has done to them. Males changing to Females .GMO's are Screwing with Everything! Not just Our Foods.  He too is a Man of Honour and stands up tp Monsanto even after many threats to him and his family. Monsanto even have the nerve to threaten him while in class. FYI: Monsanto first funded his research, but when his report was complete, they did not like what his results showed. The funding ofcourse was stopped. We need to stop these deadly programs. Not tweak them. No offence to You Seeing Clearly. But we need to strive for more. To Hell with Scraps!!!  Spraying Toxic Chemicals on the Planet each day, destroying Everything. Genetically Modifiing Our Planets foods for Our consumption along with the animals and Fish we eat. Then injecting Us with Poisons. They All need to end NOW. We need to take control of Our Lives. Before the ones left living know no difference. Hopi Indians stated; We are the ones we've been waiting for. We need to end these three Killers, then move on to the next in line of importance to Our Planet.

  21. Donna says:

    I found your site about a month ago when I was wondering where the rain was. I'm a firm believer in this weather modification thing. As I live in North East Alabama, we've had no rain for 6 months with fires popping up all around. This area of Little River Canyon National Preserve has not ever had drought like this. I wrote to senator Jeff Sessions telling him to turn the HARRP OFF! Their killing the trees and all life up Here! 

    Enough if this CRAP! Everybody wake UP! Start complaining about this. It's obvious the winter weather pattern has been disrupted. The front hits Mississippi and dissipates or goes straight North. Not normal!

  22. Malcolm Foster says:

    I try to post warnings in the online MSM comments to everyone about the realities of what is happening in regard to geoengineering and steering them to this channel for the facts at every opportunity. Others are now doing the same I am glad to see yet many others insult me (and Dane) and are in complete denial. "Those are only normal con-trails, you idiot" from someone connected with the aviation industry `for 38 years'. I said there are more scientists and meteorologists besides Dane who are FAR more qualified than they are to present the evidence.

    And yet, here we have an open admission straight from the horse's mouth. The laughable bit is when he is claiming it is helping to keep the global temperature down when, as I understand it, it is having the completely opposite effect! At least he confirms the cost of this operation which I have always commented on, saying it must be billions and, indeed, he points to £10billion.

    Please keep up your great work Dane. One very small point – I don't suppose it might be possible to arrange for this website to send a notification when someone replies to a comment? It would be so useful to follow up on when it can be so heard going back to find your earlier comments for any replies.

    Thanks for all you do.

  23. barbzi says:

    A government big enough to give you everything you want is big enough to take away everything you have. -Thomas Jefferson

  24. Donna-AZ says:

    Yesterday 11/19, I had a visit from 2 Jehovah's Witnesses, both men. Normally, I say I'm not interested, but, they only wanted to ask me 1 question, so I said go ahead. They asked weather I thought God was doing a good job, a fair job, or a bad job. I answered, "a bad job" and they got the full on, geoengineering, low-down. They left my house with copies of both, Collier's "Weather Made To Order" and Popular Science "Weather As A Weapon" from magazines I purchased from ebay. I also gave them photos that undeniably show the trails were turned on and off, explained the modern jet engine and gave them business cards with Stop Climate Engineering and Both were very receptive, seemed to have had no idea this was going on, and promised to share the articles. 

    Dane, once again, excellent show. Thank you, and thank you for all the tools to help spread awareness. Donna

  25. LoriBridgeford says:

    Having endured the Catholic indoctrination rituals as a kid in 60's , I truly feel for the unsavory exchange with Christian Financial host you shared Dane. As you state, the addiction to power and control does not skip religious  "leaders"  and we must soberly  ask all: REVISIT your BELIEFS in everything. The Military, Medicine, Media and Money Changers (financial advisors in pope's clothing ? white collar, and all the rest I witnessed )  continue to clash with Morals.  MIND Control in place . You Tube has a massive collection on Vatican , Rome , Gold & the UN as ONE Global currency, ONE religion,  ONE World order-all ties together. (Trilateral/Rockefeller  & Pope  overly involved w/ Climate "Change" in Paris) Stronger Together motto  starts to feel creepy; not  true community the  deeper I research WHERE this is heading. Personally, trying to get through to some of these self-righteous advisors are in the same thought bubble as geo-e deniers. Brick wall. Defensive.  Severely blocked, using scripture for permission to rake in wealth/ value.Not all do this. Any chance you can share who these advocates of Christian finance are ?  Where ? Wonder if they are coming from " chosen ones " ? God will protect & save from collapse is their hope.  Have met enough of these narrow vision types, and your experience is worthy to EXPOSE. Too bad they cannot look at hard data/ science of earthly damage. This is the risk any religion faces> the extremes.

     Also, having grown up in Minnesota where first snow storm hit, reports state what Dane has been expressing all along. After very warm fall temps 50  degrees plus-THEN suddenly a fast, wet, clumpy and heavy snow fell on Nov. 18 th -so bad it clogged  up a snow blower. This knocks out power lines, and about 900 weather related accidents thus far, plus the intense WIND. Not natural- designer damage on the way for winter ahead.  I tell all I can of ice nucleation process /programs, and the horrid  manipulations from it ! With you Dane, and entire pure & brave ones who DO anything but nothing.

  26. Knowforlongtime says:

    After entire day of spraying, and the nice, ️clear blue skies turned dark grey like something out of a war zone I decided to call the a Health department, my senator and the FAA.  I was glad to hear back from the senators office who received my photos and will be calling the FAA. I also received a reply email from the FAA stating they will look into this. I refuse to sit here and do nothing. I had ️sent an email to one of the lawyers listed on your website Dane but haven't heard back. Do you know any lawyers who will work on the east coast ?  Please let me know.  TY 

    • JR says:

      Knownforlongtime; don't hold your breath on the truth to come out. They will most likely tell you what you see is normal through Air Force Military and (Complex), and Naval Intelligence as they work hand in hand. The FAA is no different, and they may tell you as I was once told of layouts of SAG/SRM from FAA in El Paso, Texas that what you see is normal. The different trails (patterns) left from jets spraying I was told that they were different engines, that's why they appeared different one from another? Right??!! At that time of my call the ones flying lower were leaving their crap, and the ones higher appeared to be burning normal with nothing behind flight as a normal contrail! They (all) like to lie through their teeth, very deceitful the whole lot!…. Make the best of our day here on this Earth…..

    • Valerie Woodard says:

      Good luck with that. I called and emailed the FAA. I spoke to my Congressman's staff. I contacted my California elected officials. Not because I thought they'd act, and they didn't, in most cases not even responding, but to create a record. As the recent Wikileaks has shown, all the ignored emails may come back to haunt them some day. How will the FAA explain away thousands of people calling, writing, and emailing to report planes spraying their community with unknown substances that cause respiratory distress, allergic reactions, asthma attacks, watery eyes, sore throats etc? 

    • Lynn taylor says:

      I also called local member of parliament  and dept of primary  industries regarding chemtrails after a number of calls they ALL said no not chemtrails they are contrails i said obviously I am not  going to  get  a truthly answer from you or you are ignorant  to whats happening 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Lynn, thank you for your efforts to help sound the alarm. A suggestion, if you stick to the science terms, “geoengineering”, “climate engineering”, “solar radiation management”, etc, they can not marginalize or excuse your concerns so easily.

  27. barbzi says:

    Not only is climate engineering affecting India's agriculture, now it's a government's cash-ban.  News this week reads…..

    Amid scenes of panic across India, following PM Modi's shock decision to withdraw high-value bills in the middle of the sowing and wedding season, Reuters reports the move, aimed at cracking down on the shadow economy, has brought India's cash economy to a virtual standstill. With over 90% of all transactions done in cash, money flows in and out of the black-and-white system… until now, as Devangshu Datta exclaims, "The system works because everybody believes that those pieces of paper will be accepted by everybody else… This move has shaken that trust."
    Farmers have been left stranded as traders have no cash to pay for their produce, while millions of Indians lined up outside banks and post offices for the ninth day to exchange old banknotes or withdraw rationed money from their accounts.
    Many of India's 260 million farmers have no bank accounts and depend on local money lenders to fund sowing, which means those that have to borrow to sow winter crops like wheat or rapeseed could face debt trouble without a good harvest.
    And so India's government on Thursday announced immediate steps to ease a cash crunch for farmers amid widespread criticism. In the latest in a series of ad hoc steps, Modi allowed farmers to withdraw up to 25,000 rupees ($368) a week against their crop loans to ensure that sowing of winter crops "takes place properly", a senior finance ministry official said.

    • BaneB says:

      barbzi:  India is a test run for what our controllers have planned for us here in Babylon.  The Wall Street criminals want a cashless society.  Absolute control of OUR money is their goal.  Absolute control of our lives is their goal.  Without the white and black economy most people, now looted by Wall Street and corporate America would starve to death. Our controllers want everyone to wear a dog tag and carry a debit card.  Basically speaking these criminals want our cash, now that they have looted our jobs.  

    • Dennie says:

      Yes, and we'll just gladly hand it right on over to Them, lock, stock and barrel– without so much as a whimper, and probably with a smile– look at what just happened.  People like fake stuff, plastic and all.  Just another way to keep their heads faaar up their lower chakras where it's nice and dark and cozy and they don't have to see reality.


  28. Robert Kuskis says:

    Keep up the great work you are doing.
    Revelation 16:9 And men were scorched with great heat, and blasphemed the name of God, which hath power over these plagues: and they repented not to give him glory.
    God put this verse in his almighty word for a reason.
    Regards, Bob

    • BaneB says:

      Somewhere in the Bible there is a verse about hailstones weighing 100 lbs raining down upon those alive at a future date.  Maybe the future is not too distant given the expected blowback from Geoengineering.

  29. ron hall says:

    Dane:  I'm not sure if this will help you, in particular. Let me state that in my 8th decade of life on this planet I have seen many things and talked to many wise people. Some 50 or more years ago, after going through intense metaphysical struggle (now I shy away from the word “spiritual"), I arrived at a position whereby I could never join any religious group. It would require me to "believe" and accept myth. I especially had serious problems with religions who believed in the dualism of good versus evil and accepted a monotheistic god which controlled everything. Through the subsequent years I developed my own path with integrity as the anchor. Of course, I read much of the endless slaughter brought by religious armies-not only against one another, but also the mass slaughter of innocent native peoples throughout the world. These facts cannot be denied.

    Also, as a seeker of facts, You and I have encountered hundreds, maybe thousands of people who just switch off.   Facts are too uncomfortable for them.  And, in my life I have encountered too many to count who would shrug their shoulders and say "It is all in god's hands anyway. He will take care of it."  

    The quote by Plato is one of the most powerful.  Once one transcends one's culture and notices the broad scope of humanity, one can pose a danger to one's original culture. On a humorous side, my 54 year old daughter calls me a Martian and my brother agrees with her.

    Stay the way you are, my friend-even though our brains are still forever searching.

  30. Seeing Clearly says:

    Geoengineering or climate control is like a disease , it's comparable to a disease we have climate disorder and or GMO climate and what happens if the patient is sick for too long and starts getting worse and worse it dies in this case we die .

  31. kathleen says:

    Dear Dane, please NEVER feel the need to apologize for a
    righteous rant. It is individual tales that often make a bigger
    impact than something printed/broadcast in the so-called "news."

    Speaking of "news," ~90% of all media — books, movies, TV, radio,
    newspapers, etc. — is owned by five multinational corporations,
    as opposed to ~20 back in the late 90's, and corporations
    have one goal: to make more money than indicated on their last
    annual report, plus they are free to lie on said reports. Well,
    such expansion is simply IMPOSSIBLE on a finite planet. Couple
    that with people who don't read and that's a doomsday course. Has
    anyone checked the stats on which countries are better educated?
    Not the US of A.

    Today's broadcast did a magnificent job of connecting dots,
    exposing feedback loops, and tying up loose ends. And there are
    more to come, and they'll be fast and furious. Here are five reasons why:

    1. Most parents are highly toxic before their offspring
    are conceived, giving birth to children at increased risk for
    health concerns and subject to, among other travesties, "baby
    water" (a higher dose of the fluoride-related poisons than in the
    "regular" water supply) and personal hygiene products like talcum
    powder, baby wipes, baby "oil", not to mention baby "monitors"
    that send EMFs (Every Mother's Fear) right to their infant.

    2. Most students are "indoctrinated" rather than "educated" via
    outdated if not outright false (the "winner" writes the history)
    textbooks and the need to mimic whatever the teacher says. Dumb
    and dumber. DUH!

    3. Most people now have been dosed with fluoride/fluoride
    compounds in their drinking/bathing water — the SAME dose
    regardless of age or health (and the same stuff given to Nazi
    prisoners). That is criminal. Would you give an adult dose of a
    painkiller to an infant? Of course not. That's why you're smart
    and the regulatory agencies are not.

    4. Many people are too busy trying to keep above the poverty
    level that they often resort to processed food-like-substances
    for the cost and convenience, forgetting that they'll pay for
    that down the road in terms of adverse health conditions. Just
    wait until you have to "save" for whatever disease event comes to
    pass your way and no will will help you "because you're already

    5. If caregivers allow kids to watch unlimited TV, those kids are
    bombarded with ads for sugar-laden JUNK, and learn to nag their
    overworked parents for said junk. The coloring is as poisonous as
    the HFCS is addictive.

    I could mention dozens of other issues (vaccines, RF exposure,
    and, of course the elephant on the planet, geoengineering
    wrecking our air, soil, water, and food), but there are plans in
    the works that might get folks' attention since those apparently
    don't grab the dimwitted mindset of people like that of the very
    unChrist-like "Christian" you wisely parted company with. Here
    are three:

    1. Once all bans on fracking are lifted (Jan 20), the middle of
    the country will experience earthquakes like never in recorded
    history. California, too, as we are fracked to the max, on quake
    boundaries, and have countless inactive (so far) volanoes on
    fault lines. These quakes will migrate to the East coast, too.

    2. When the registration of Muslims begins (Jan 20), and all
    brown-skinned people are subjected to profiling and deportation,
    certain segments of those populations will, overnight, become
    radicalized, and rightfully so.

    3. Once there are no more migrants (aka temporary slaves) to pick
    our crops, your store will be empty if and until they can
    conscript the poor to do such backbreaking labor in exchange for
    a pittance of GMO food — providing crops even grow once water is

    That we have allowed sociopaths and psychopaths (none of which
    creatures are capable of empathy or remorse) to take hold of our
    very being and the future of the planet, it rests with us, in part.
    Yes, many people do try to do the right thing, and certainly all
    of us who have taken whatever actions we can might rest a bit
    easier on our deathbeds, knowing we did the best we could. It's
    time to ramp up the best and do more, and better. How? Here are
    two big ways:

    1. Spread the information on geoengineering. A great example is
    from Donna-AZ (huge hugs to you!) who hands out business cards
    with imprinted. You can leave them in tip
    jars, on tip trays, on bus seats, in bill mailers, on park
    benches, in church donation boxes, in pockets of shirts donated
    to thrift stores, and everywhere they won't blow away and be
    cited as littering. If you're shy like I am, just point to the
    sky and offer a card to folks nearby.

    2. "First put the oxygen mask on yourself" — i.e., grow whatever
    food you can (you can sprout seeds in a jar in a backpack); eat
    organic and/or local; support nearby farmers; join a CSA; start
    educating yourself since the gov't will NOT be helping.

    Finally, once "they come for you" and you have done nothing, it
    will be too late, there'll be no one left to help you. If your
    faith professes any inkling of doing good for others, practice
    that aspect of it. Now!

  32. horsegirl says:

    Dane, hi, as for your experience with the "Christian" media people, I urge you and everyone to understand how totally saturated our society is with CIA off-books spooks.  Especially the church.  I speak as one who would describe her core beliefs as most compatible with the Essenes. Who would define the "fear of God" as the certainty and conviction that karma exists – that you will reap what you sow in the next life if not this one.  Look at these spook televangelists.  Is a single one able to call himself humble?  Organized Christianity teems with spooks like worms boring through a skull.

    Let's put the notion of the CIA as shifty men in shiny black shoes be put away with the teddy bear and the real heart of what governs our nation exposed (although already in plain sight).  You and I are nearly the same vintage.  Grew up watching all that glorification of the "secret agent man" etc.  Well I submit that most CIA maintain a seldom recognized public face. 

    • horsegirl says:

      Consider the rock and roll industry, America's crown jewel of spookdom.  Even in my teens I smelled something foul with the top ten hits.  "Market forces market forces" they demured, as if the entertainment industry epitomized democracy.  I say it is more fixed than elections.  Upon reaching adulthood the very rock concert format disturbed me.  It felt like worship.  I submit that every last celebrity ensconsed in the uppermost echelons of the entertainment industry is one of the black ops cash basis spooks.  No one gets there otherwise.  Even Julia Child was found to work for the OSS.  Consider the real genius that has been slaughtered in "accidents" or cancered (William Kapell, Buddy Holly, Richie Valens, Camus, Kerouac, Hemingway, Richard Farina, Phil Ochs, Jorge Ilbarguengoitia, Aldous Huxley, Francoise Sagan, David Halberstam, David McGowen, James Dean, the list is endless).  The most popular music reeks of mediocrity.  Pounding 4/4 rhythm designed to seduce the lyrical human psyche into identification with the internal combustion engine. Consider the poseur Bon Jovi. Doesn't anyone see the enormity of ego here?  Slop entertainment you can play while drunk and stoned.  It's not new. Consider Nero.  Composters they are, not composers, musically unworthy of licking the brine off Chopin's coffin.  

      Their contempt for us is unsurpassed except by their own hypocrisy insisting on our adulation of them.  It can't be proven without a money trail, but many of the real power houses governing the great corporate gizmo are not pounding the venerated halls of Congress or in the oval office, but instead are shaking their nalgas on stages as televangelists, rock stars and so on.  Consider the real function of upper market rock and roll.  Rock concerts started out as the cornerstone of the illicit drug business.  Their burgeoning traffic (how does the public miss this?) keeps the lords of darkenss plied with cash.  They are the illicit, equally slimy dark side of the coin called big pharma.  One and the same.  There's your real governance.  The WHO?  Haha, inside joke…  "Meet the new boss, same as the old boss…" That agency that primarily functions as an off-books cartel fed by the Exchange Stabilization Fund as described by Eric DeCarbonnel on Market Skeptics [].  Don't believe me?  Look at the CIA contact page.  A phone number that almost never is answered (I've tried) and two options.  One is for the mass media to contact them.  The other is written in Arabic.  Inquiries from the folks they've sold us out to, awaiting their moment to arrive boots on the ground to plunder Babylon.  It's all over except the bloodshed. To not mention Hollywood…

    • BaneB says:

      horsegirl:  It's interesting you should bring up the subject matter.  Granted, each generation does cast a critical eye upon the cultural achievements (such as they are) of younger advents.  I have been listening to our local radio station.  Much of the newest pop "music" has all the maturity of a five year old.  It's unbelievable.  Has the lowest possible common denominator been reached or can it possibly devolve further?  Tune into NPR and their music critic will wax on about how deep, sustaining, and meaningful is a new "artist and their latest CD.  The intellectualizing about nuances he claims are so brilliant is beyond laughable.  But, someone manages the "artists, and someone is pushing to sell these less than mediocre works of mental retardation.  Don't leave out Bono, another spook.  The counter culture phenomenon of the 1960's and 70's was LSD derived.  As you know, it was the CIA that began the drug epidemic and introduced "acid" to the nation's restless youth.  An interesting read is about George White, CIA, and the LSD safe houses,  clandestine experimentation parties, spiked punch.  For an interesting read, and some great humor, try Miles Mathis' website under that name.  His science papers are one segment, but go to "updates" and there is a list of his essays, and he definitely is not buying the "sell" anytime, anyplace, anywhere. Just who was Sergeant Pepper as an example. It should not be surprising to learn these geoengineered aerosol particulates are laced with lithium.  Maybe that is why pop music seems so mentally deranged.  

    • Dan G says:

      You got that right  we were all set up duped from the beginning . Infiltrated our churches our schools social clubs and our mothers and fathers marched off to work not even questioning this government that we never had control of

  33. Mutunda says:

    Dane, it's hard to believe that there are men like you, you're one of the few people who deserve the credit of turning this planet into a good place to live, I'm writing this message from the African continent in Angola, I'm passing on the real information on geoengineering , I read the website on weekends but I do not like to comment for the sake of prudence, you're on the right track. you are a great man.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Mutunda, hello!  Perhaps great men find one another.  Myself, I am delighted to 'meet' someone from your country, about which I know little. Are you on the coast?  Or, inland?  What are things like there?  How is the land doing, the peoples too?  What are the most everyday activities, the most common foods?  Do your skies look like ours?  I read that our military is all over Africa, and that so are the Chinese who are building much.  A first hand account would be great to hear.  I hope you can comment!

    • Malcolm Foster says:

      Well said!

  34. John in Oregon says:

    In response to Andrew of Scotland's first question;

    People, as a general rule, will not react to any stated problem until it affects them personally. They are too involved with NOW and will let others solve the forecasted event.

    It was in the early 1970's and I worked outside daily, that I first became aware of changes in or from the sky. When questioning the local "experts" they denied any knowledge of change. Now 50 years later, they same people are only willing to say that "nature has changed…it's not manmade". My regret is that I didn't do more to sound the alarm then. Now all I can do is use the computer to chip away at the granite blocks of lack of understanding by writing my thoughts and forwarding articles such as Dane's work.

  35. Marc says:

    Thank you, Andrew from Scotland for bringing the term "climate grief " into your post. This relatively new "affliction" is without question real, and many millions are experiencing it in some form or another. I do not see enough open discussion of this human aspect of what is unfolding. Guy McPherson is one of the very few who actually recognize the phenomenon and are not afraid to discuss it. I personally have gone through ALL the five stages of climate grief, one by one, not at all necessarily in linear order. In fact, it could be argued that this upcoming Phoenix conference, which features such “geniuses” as Ed Griffin and Tim Ball, is, on some deep level of the human collective unconscious, an expression of one of the classic stages of grief: denial. We are all one, to borrow a spiritual phrase. Beyond this, we are even one with the planet. We ARE the earth, and the earth is deathly ill. For so many millions to rationalize their way into denial of the meltdown going on all around them, may, in fact, just be how they are working through the stages of a profoundly deep and visceral grief, an unconscious recognition that something is deeply wrong. I think many people know more than they think they know. My personal discussions with people bear this out. But, of course, many other asinine agendas are competing for control or manipulation of human consciousness. Dane is right when he says that a full and complete understanding of the extreme severity of our global predicament will very shortly become undeniable reality.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Marc, yes, about McPherson, he does discuss the dire nature of what we face, but unfortunatley McPherson completely denies the geoengineering elephant in the room (as you know). Because of this fact, all that McPherson says has a fatal flaw. Though our collective situation is far beyond dire, the greatest leap we could make in the right direction is to expose and halt climate engineering, which McPherson completely refuses to acknowledge even exists. FYI

    • horsegirl says:

      My husband Mark – a concert pianist in youth – was drafted into Viet Nam, given an MOS of 11 bravo when he wouldn't marry his CO's daughter and thrown onto the front lines as a point man for a year with the poor boys.  Maybe one of the only people with five years' university who ever saw what he did.  Now he says this war is worse than Nam.  At least in that case, he felt assured that if he survived, he'd have a life once home.  This war doesn't seem survivable.  The enemy is much more sinister and powerful.  Equal to 500 atomic bombs per second in effect?  The weaponry far too insurmountable.  We're outnumbered.  Maybe every other one has spook ties, a nation of budding brown shirts.  Similar to troops walking canals filled with dead friends' blood.  When you're watching your friends' heads getting blown off, you start saying "go ahead, fuckers, get it over with."  Mark saw friends stand up into the line of fire there.  Now he's got battle fatigue again today.  The worst may be the microwaves.  Making us nuts, nervous, attacking us after making comments on the internet when our ears suddenly feel plugged, our heads simultaneously pressured, our demeanor snaps.  We've never seen such aberration in the skies.  Bizarre 180 degree wind changes within the hour.  The bizarre dome of haze over Douglas/Agua Prieta that never leaves, never moves no matter how hard the wind blows, the now constant stream of ambulances coming out of a relatively small population base on the US side.  The times the nanoparticle clouds choke our lungs, and we spend hours spitting up.  The sensation like Nam:  go ahead, get it over with, I'm not going to make it anyway.  How many times did Mark hear and say it.  That along will give you battle fatigue.  Climate grief indeed.

  36. Tom Keith says:

    Dane, as the saying goes " be careful out there". They have used religion as a weapon since Roman times to capture the minds of the masses.It is nothing but a tool of the elite for propaganda and manipulation. Or,if you will, to create a cultist community.I have nothing against a person being spiritual, for that may be all we have left.

    Whether you realize it or not, you have become our spokesman and they will try to destroy you. Whatever you need, please ask, and I will help.

    I have this feeling we're in a horror movie, and there's no way to switch the channel !

  37. Yar Swerc says:

    Dane Wigington for president! 2020! (If we last that long.)

    • LS says:

      How about climate science advisor right now?  Trump is ripe for truth telling. I am positive he knows about Dane and this site. Suggest a meeting of the minds. Recommend a cabinet or staff appointment. We have an opening and we need to make the best of it. VaxXed fb page has the form to contact the new administration. It says "tell your story"  but the form is for any suggestions to the President elect. Go for it!!! 

  38. virginia says:

    Dane, just listened to your broadcast, which, as usual shows your sincere efforts to educate us, to wake us up, to make us realize exactly what the present is giving us and what the future will look like.  Thank you for giving me and others the courage to  continue our fight – when all around us seem to be wallowing in total denial of reality.

    But, do not for one minute, for one second, think that you owe anyone an apology for courageously standing up for your principles in responding to the 'Christian" host in the manner you did.  At the risk of sounding corny, you are a man to be admired, to be emulated in the fervor you show for the salvation of this planet – and in the face of such opposition from ignorant and misguided individuals.

    It has always been my contention that one's religious beliefs should be kept at a personal level – something between you and your god.  To conflate religion with science, no matter what field, is not only illogical but self-defeating.  In the early years of archeology, the bible was the ultimate source of identifying historical finds – a book that has absolutely no historical basis, whatsoever. That has all changed and ancient history has now taken on a new and accurate perspective.  One has the freedom to read the bible, believe in it – but, when a "man of Christian beliefs" has the unmitigated gall to call for the destruction of an entire, sovereign country (Iran) who has done absolutely nothing to the U.S, has not invaded another country for over 200 years, who grants freedom for individuals to practice their own religion (there are many Jews living in Iran who refuse to emigrate to Israel) – then, he displays his total disregard for "Christian" credo -Does he also approve the slaughter of innocents in Yemen, Gaza, Syria,Libya, Iraq?  Would he also be a cheerleader for the obliteration of, say, Israel, or Germany or England?  I mean, is his religion selective on whom to kill? Religion can be used for many facets of life…..but it should never be the basis of scientific discussion. 

    I felt the need to support your actions.  It takes a man of honesty and bravery stand up and be counted. You are that man. Thank you.

    • horsegirl says:

      Iran and Iraq are both heavily populated by ancient Christian sects such as Coptic Christians.  I can't believe the show host Dane met is sincere.  He can't possibly take Christ's words seriously, is an arrogant stuffed shirt and I second your warning to Dane.  He's surely on a black ops payroll.  Those kinds of spooks are often trying to lure someone in to be poisoned or otherwise sabotaged.  Stay clear of them.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Horsegirl, the show hosts issues were buried in his own ideology, I have had enough off the air communications with him to confirm this. There are many like him, so many. They cannot face the fact that their own personal pursuit of pleasure is coming to a rapid and disasterous end. They cannot face the fact that life is not about their own personal material pursuits, but rather, it is about contributing to the greater good. Still, at least the shows listeners got a dose of reality for a few weeks, whether they wanted it or not.

    • horsegirl says:

      Hello, Dane,

      Having an uncle who ran with spooks trained my nose.  Once I caught on I became pretty good at spotting them, and seven years distantly observing all the gringos in Mexico on snoop payrolls did plenty to train my wits too.  Your words " They cannot face the fact that life is not about their own personal material pursuits, but rather, it is about contributing to the greater good." so perfectly describes the credo of every one of these cold-blooded sorts I've met. Always characterized by coldness, lack of compassion, and smugness.   Perhaps the big spooky is not animating the talk show host, but someone is footing the bill.  Nine times out of ten, I understand, that turns out to be the big six media cartel.   Christian radio is no exception.  I also apologize to you for his demeanor, wherever his money comes from.  He ought to consider that Christ's betrayer shared his table.  If he'd kill Iran (Oh Lord what a beautiful country and people), who else wouldn't he kill?  Judas hung himself in repentance afterward but it was too late to save his soul.  I heard someone once explain that as the cost of thinking he could push God into action (i.e., war against the Romans).

  39. Sylvia Sires says:

    The system is not broken, it was made this way. Our Republic nation was slowly infiltrated by an enemy and slowly took over our very rich country. I moved from CA two months ago after 65 years to AZ. It's exactly as what's going on in CA with drought. My daughter see's it and believes me but my son see's the chemtrails but does not believe that it's to prevent precipitation. Friends & family ignore me, but it doesn't stop me from posting on FB and telling people where ever I go and telling others on you tube channels no matter what the subject is and I do it everyday! I know I'm being attacked with weather warfare, I live it, I feel it each and everyday. I use my fear and anger that gives me a feeling of power and strength so nothing can stop me from informing others. I am in the resistance movement and damn proud of it. I Can't believe how many liars are all over the internet and t.v. media!

    • horsegirl says:

      As for the liars, google public relations jobs on the internet.  I was astonished at the plentitude of opportunities for full time work as paid liars supporting whatever talking point the particular orifice of the great corporate gizmo propounds.  The "employment opportunities" for liars are beyond number.

    • Steven Chamberlain a.k.a. The Pizza Guy says:

      Thank You Sylvia!  Without fear, trepidation or timidity, until our last breath. I am proud of to too. Never Give Up!!!

  40. Susan Ferguson says:

    A PDF from the University of Florida / 2013
    * While naturally occurring events can have a pronounced and long-lasting effect on the ionosphere, the term "ionospheric modification" specifically refers to changes in the ambient properties of the ionosphere that are produced by humans.  Our working definition of "ionospheric modification" applies only to effects that can be repeated and controlled. Ionospheric heating facilities broadcast high power radio waves typically in the HF band in order to modify the ionosphere in a controlled manner. HF heaters have been able to successfully reproduce several types of naturally occurring events: scintillation, electron density channels and layers, and airglow, among others. These HF heaters thus provide a controlled environment in which to study naturally occurring events.  A number of HF heating facilities exist around the world: HAARP (Alaska), EISCAT (Norway), Sura (Russia), Jicamarca (Peru), and the once-and-future ionospheric heater at Arecibo (Puerto Rico). Our work centers on experiments performed at HAARP.  … One primary focus of our work at HAARP is to quantify the HAARP-modified HF radio wave absorption that occurs within the D-region ionosphere. We make use of a process known as HF cross-modulation, wherein a high power radio wave modifies the rate of absorption experienced by other HF waves propagating through the same volume.  … a cartoon diagram for a typical HF cross-modulation experiment, wherein the HAARP HF heating array radiates two distinct waves: a high-power radio wave that modifies D-region absorption, and a lower-power CW probing pulse that is used to quantify changes in absorption.     [University of Florida article & images here]:

  41. Andrew from scotland says:

    My 139th email to my contact list, titled "Climate Grief"

    1.  Why is it that most people choose to ignore or deny the reality of our dire climate situation?  

    Climate Grief is fast approaching all those living in the temperate zones of our earth – i.e those who live between the tropics and the polar regions, and I can fairly safely say THAT MEANS YOU…and you WILL experience Climate Grief over the next 4 years.

    What will it take to get people aware?  As Kirk Brent replies: "Death of a loved one caused by extreme warming". We are

    2.  Where has the sea ice gone?:  for amusement (!), please click through the charts.

    My 2024 E Year is too optimistic.  Even in 2008, James Lovelock said that we have just "…20 years before global warming hits the fan": 

    In case you can not be bothered to work that out, he implied TSHTF in 2028… But that was said in 2008, and warming has increased dramatically since then – due to intergovernmental inaction and public apathy.

    3. “Rabbit's clever," said Pooh thoughtfully.
    "Yes," said Piglet, "Rabbit's clever."
    "And he has a brain."
    "Yes," said Piglet, "Rabbit has a brain."
    There was a long silence.

    "I suppose," said Pooh, "that that's why he never understands anything.”  Winnie the Pooh.
    "I am a bear of very little brain…" Winnie the Pooh.

    • Joe Ceonnia says:

      Andrew from Scotland, go to Architects and Engineers for Truth for 911. Org, it will explain the psychology why people are in denial also it's an excellent video it shows the shadow government in medieval all across the world

  42. Mr Jameson says:

    Weather has been UNUSUALLY COLD here in the Pac NW. This time of year is always just rain, but we had our first frost & it was like there was NO atmosphere holding heat in. Then last night a strange, very dark blanket of clouds came over us and there was no moisture in the air, but the temp rose 5 deg almost instantly. Very weird weather here in WA. 

  43. Susan Ferguson says:

    The Amazon as a positive feedback: Rates of Hothouse Gas Accumulation Continue to Spike as the Amazon Rainforest Bleeds Carbon / Robertscribbler, 18 November, 2016
    Back in June, atmospheric carbon monitors indicated that the Amazon Rainforest was leeching out more carbon dioxide than it was taking in.  This is kind of a big deal — because the vast expanse of trees and vegetation in the Amazon represents a gift nature has given to us. For all that lush vegetation draws in a considerable amount of carbon dioxide and stores it in leaves, wood, bark and soil. And this draw-down, in its turn, considerably reduces the overall rate of atmospheric carbon accumulation coming from human fossil fuel burning.  Over the years and decades, this great service has saved the world from an even more rapid warming than it is presently experiencing. But not even the great forests could stand for long against the unprecedented plume of carbon coming from human fossil fuel industry. For the great belching of heat-trapping gas by all the world’s engines, furnaces, and fires is equal to about 4 or 5 of the Siberian flood basalts that triggered the worst hothouse extinction event in Earth’s deep history.  And so the world has warmed very rapidly regardless of the mighty effort on the part of forests like the Amazon. And that very heat is now harming the trees and damaging the earth to which they are wed. For when soils warm, the carbon they take in is leached out. And along with the heat comes fires that can, in a matter of minutes, reduce trees to ash and return the captured heat-trapping carbon to the world’s airs.  …  During both 2005 and 2010, scientific studies found that the Amazon briefly lost its ability to act as a carbon sink. Now, it appears that another period of a loss of functioning of the ‘world’s lungs’ has occurred. But in this case, the Amazon, and parts of West Africa, appear to be consistently emitting carbon dioxide rather than taking it in.

  44. David Smith says:


    Down here in south Florida I'm using every avenue to spread the word. Slowly but surely I 'm making more headway. I have approached several people who are in a position to help spread the word to large groups. Thank you.

    As for the ongoing efforts to bring the temperature down in Florida. I have posted pictures from the day noting the location and showing spraying through the day and told everyone the sky would be gray by days end. Sure enough after the day long photos of spraying sent to Facebook I was surprised how many people responded. If enough people share the same type of photos from different groups and locations Facebook could be saturated with these photos it would be hard to hide. Maybe if it was called Pokemon we would have more participation..

  45. Susan Ferguson says:

    CHRIS HEDGES reveals the ‘corporate mentality’ at the New York Times / Excerpted from his new book "UNSPEAKABLE, THE MOST FORBIDDEN TOPICS IN AMERICA" /Nov.9, 2016 / truthdig:
    * The NY Times is a fear-ridden place. But it wasn’t fear-ridden for me. I didn’t care. I knew reporters who showed up for work and the first thing they did was go to the bathroom and throw up. It was an unhealthy place. These reporters and editors cared so much about having the “imprimatur” of the New York Times that the paper was able to carry out sustained forms of psychological abuse. …  because I didn’t play the game … it meant I was never going anywhere—in terms of rising within the hierarchy. Never. Those who rose in the paper had to prove over many years that they were pliant and obsequious to power. They had to endure this corporate hazing. They had to prove that the institution came before all else—including their own colleagues. They had to internalize the unwritten motto of the Times: Do not significantly alienate those on whom we depend for money and access. … if you start to alienate them a lot of the time, your career is over. This unwritten mantra set vague, undefined boundaries that contributed to the deep anxiety that dominated the newsroom. … NY Times consciously caters to an audience of roughly 30 million people it has defined as the country’s economic and political elite. It does not care about the middle class … the working class … the poor. … most people at the Times are so unhappy. They have surrendered their independence and often their integrity. They are nervous about crossing the line that will see them singled out. It is a very hard high-wire walk they have to negotiate.

    • BaneB says:

      Susan:  One hopes that rag goes bankrupt.  It has cheer led this nation into one foreign policy blunder after another to this very hour in Syria and elsewhere in the Middle East.  It's the voice of the Wall Street con, which itself is a node of the Deep State, a monstrosity that is sucking dry the nation's spirit and treasury while the infrastructure of cities and towns crumbles for lack of industry and jobs. The rag cheers on the surveillance-police state's takedown of our Constutution.  The rag is a propaganda organ of the first order having influence over the herd mentality of effete parrots and wannabes mouthing the BS to every corner of Babel….all the way to that piece of journalistic crap referred to as the Record Searchlight in Redding, California….another tentacle of the obfuscating disinforming, misinforming, "newspapers of records" who don't record anything revealing about why Humpty Dumpty is all fall down.

    • Joe Ceonnia says:

      Susan, I read everything you post, your well informed and very brave. And citizens of this nation and other nation's solute you. Keep up the great work. The Earth is more important then the money in and surrounding our freedoms. You are another hero of mine.

  46. Dave says:

    Dane,upon hearing how you were ridiculed by your christian co-host and his or her desire to make war in the name of Jesus "the prince of peace", I as a christian am compelled to ask your forgiveness on behalf of many believers for such a ridiculous misrepresentation of the scriptures.Strangely enough just before listening to the podcast I was researching how the Scofield bible aided by Zionism influence became standard for many seminaries and pulpits, and thus "Christian Zionism" became mainstream, and not only legitimates, but encourages such anti-christian behavior. I would encourage all fellow posters to do some investigating about this as it ties in with much of how our foreign policy has been conducted over the last decades. Again, as a christian first and a citizen second, when I first heard your presentation with John B. Wells a couple of years ago, with the eyes ears and mind given to each of us I felt such a responsibility and obligation to sound the alarm to everyone I knew and in many cases did not know, I still cannot comprehend the indifference, uncaring, mocking, conspiracy theory, etc, responses as were supposed to be good stewards of this beautiful creation. Thanks again Dane, for your tireless efforts, and leadership in the cause of the truth. Lets all remember and give thanks for Dane and others like him during this Thanksgiving and their work  that this evil will finally be exposed to that "critical mass" and to honor him by never giving up. Blessings to all.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello David, thank you very much for your message, and thank you much more for your courage and willingness to face the full truth. I in no way fault the Christian community as a whole for the actions of those that use the church as a shield for their own personal pursuits. I am very grateful to march with you in this battle David.

    • Diana Hobart says:

      Well said Dave. I too am a believer.

  47. Chad says:

    Great informative show as always Dane.  Thanks again for your lack of self righteousness, and compassion towards all. You are a good man and will be REWARDED with eternal life and Soul. Continue the fight for Righteousness, liberty, freedom of will, and Love for others. I too am in the Battle until the End quickly approaching.  People better WAKE up and get right with GOD. Soon, nothing else will matter, not money, things, food, water,AIR, NOTHING. I hate to express this, but it is sooooo true. Calling all Angels and Saints, it's Go time for your CALLING that's been Chosen for you. Do what's right, love your family and friends and fight the evil forces. It's only us against the whole world, sad as that may be. Don't let fear out way Courage.  They have NO POWER UNLESS YOU GIVE IT TO THEM. FREE WILL !!! USE IT APPROPRIATELY.  GOD BLESS US ALL IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST. !!! GOD=LOVE. UNTIL NEXT TIME, KEEP THE FAITH AND PRAY FOR IT ALL TO GET BETTER. ONLY GOD CAN MAKE IT RIGHT. DEFINITE NOT MANKIND AND TECHNOLOGY.  GOD BLESS AND AMEN. PEACE,  CHAD HABERMAN,  MAN, MYTH, AND LEGEND!!!

    • Chad says:

      Spread the truth, send pics, emails, sites, phone numbers, agencies, whatever you can whether you lose family and friends.  I know I've lost Most, because they are either too much of this world and it's ways, they are a part of the cabal or just afraid and in Denial!!! If people  can post emails and numbers I will personally blast them , forward messages, and do my part to make it go Viral!  God bless and NEVER GIVE UP!!!

  48. Mi says:

    They are spraying so much in Jacksonville Fl that there is no longer fresh air.During the day its a continuous fog and it gets worst in the night.At nights it's like a horror film through out the entire city, and no one seems to consider it.They just walk and  go about their normal activity inhaling the toxic fumes.

    Am trying my best to awareness but the spraying has not stopped in weeks. Thank you for being active in documenting this catastrophe.


    • Colby Sanders says:

      I think we are looking at a situation where the majority of cities in North America are being sprayed daily.  I'm writing from Calgary, Canada and we have been under sprayed cloud cover here basically since July.  Calgary used to be known as the sunniest city in Canada, with more days of sunshine than anywhere else.  Now it is cloudy every day.  Sometimes the sun peeks through for a while and then you see the planes going.  At night the city lights reflect off of the cloud color and they glow deep red.  Some nights are more red than others, but every night there is a red hue to the clouds.  

    • Louise Cleveland says:

      Yes, I have a ranch in the California foothills above Fresno. The oak trees are dying, dropping limbs and eventually falling.  It breaks my heart.  Nobody here can say they don't have enough fire wood, though.

  49. Adam Coleman says:

    That’s ironic you mention,Rudy and his 911 treachery as well as treasonous John Bolton (Krauthammer too) and a few other FoxNewsLies PAID pundits. I have commented several times about Rudy bashing Thee Evil One and while I agree with his aggressive words against Broom Rider and her criminality, I have suggested Rudy keep his own BFM SHUT and be mindful of the glass house from which he lives while casting stones at OTHER TRAITORS’ glass houses. Amazing that if Trump goes after 911 Deceivers, he will find one of the real players that day quite possibly right under his nose. Poetic justice? One can hope right?

    • Hey Adam, agree totally with your comments regarding guillanie, and boldton. I also think Trump probably knows all about 9/11.

    • BaneB says:

      Susan:  In other words these sad people have sold their souls.

    • BaneB says:

      Adam:  Guilani is a 911 weasel.  Trump is clueless on many levels.  One might not expect someone chasing profit in the big league to have the time to investigate the major treason and the particular players in the planning and execution of PNAC's "new Pearl Harbor."  Maybe he will figure it out.  If he dares to expose the Truth, his days would be numbered.  Millions of Citizens know the lie perpurtrated, but can't initiate nor massively disseminate the outing in a captured mainstream media that censors and lies.  No one will be held accountable. Indeed, the players have been promoted.  The dead have no justice.  Their families have no peace.  And the national psyche, traumatized by murderous manufactured fiction about whodunit, unable to coalesce reality, has a national ethos bordering on a collective psychosis.  Toothy Guilani did his part to screw over America.  

  50. michael says:

    dane you are a man of unbelievable fortitude and my 24 year old diagnosed with autism (yes i was vaccinated as a child) self is encouraged and humbled to be a brother in information arms with you in this fight to save our planet from ourselves


    just remember the principle of DETERMINATION (and i think Generation) is to remain steadfast and unwavering to the cause , never faltering , and in the end you will succeed , for when in a battle of will it is those who lose their DETERMINATION first that lose the struggle

    and you are always so on point how clear is it that the only thing any of us own is our agency , the application of our will , to choose what we CARE about and Generate it in reality before us….

    • Dane Wigington says:

      It's a team effort Michael, I am only trying to do my part, as you are doing yours. All those that are making every effort to march in the correct direction, with the  correct compass heading (based on solid verifiable facts), must pull together. Thank you for your courage in facing this most critical issue Michael, also, I wish to express my most sincere gratitude to all those that are fully commited to the critical fight for the greater good.

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