Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, November 5, 2022, #378


Dane Wigington

The climate engineers are currently carrying out a massive chemical ice nucleation cloud seeding cool-down in the western US. Night time temperatures in my location of Northern California were dropped by 30 degrees in a single day. Unorganized moisture flows from the Pacific Ocean are being pumped into northwestern US states. This moisture is being heavily seeded with patented chemical ice nucleation elements which facilitates surface cool downs while drying up much of the rain that should have fallen in the West. Over the next 6-10 days the weather makers are scheduling an expansion of this manufactured surface cool-down that may cover the majority of the US. Though many are now waking up to the climate engineering reality, very few are yet aware of the engineered winter weather scenarios. On the wider weather engineering scenario, crops are being crushed by droughts, deluges and flash freezes. How much longer do we have if we continue on the current course? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

The NOAA "departure from normal high temperature" map below is shocking evidence of extreme climate engineering. A manipulated atmospheric river of Pacific moisture is being pumped into the northwestern US. This flow is being bombarded by chemical ice nucleation cloud seeding operations which facilitate radical temperature drops at the surface. Frozen precipitation in many forms will accompany this large scale engineered winter weather scenario. The NOAA temperature map amounts to the scheduled weather due to the fact that climate engineering contractor and patent holder Raytheon does all the weather forecast modeling for NOAA. Welcome to engineered winter. US mainstream media will sensationalize the engineered winter weather in the lower 48 states while likely not saying a word about Alaska's scheduled above normal temperatures. Nearly the whole of the Northern Hemisphere is experiencing above normal to far above normal temperatures as are parts of the eastern US at the moment, that is scheduled to change.

The water vapor image capture below is beyond shocking. There is no organized storm formation whatsoever in this entire region of the Pacific Ocean, only a manipulated climate engineering seeded flow of moisture that originates thousands of miles west of the Hawaiian Islands. The flow is directed into the northwestern US where the chemical ice nucleation cloud seeding operations are radically ramped up in the desperate and destructive surface cool down operation. Climate engineering is weather warfare, nothing less.

All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard. Awareness raising efforts can be carried out from your own home computer.

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36 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, November 5, 2022, #378


    Well Said Jonathan on Your 3 part comment:

    You have articulated my comment in an like minded heartfelt position. My own walk with God is with all of God's Creation.I am a warrior for this cause. It is my passion to fight against it's destruction. I will tell of it ,scream it from the rooftops as a humble version of Moses's plea "SET MY PEOPLE FREE" . Set  My planet free, free from the enslavement of the greedy controllers and their minions. My Prayers go out to their captive sheep who have been deceived and brought to slaughter. May God bring them to greener pastures of thinking and behavior. As You aptly state Dane: "Only with an army of the awakened and engaged, do we have any chance of turning the tide"

    May God guide us, make us vigilant, strong and true.

  2. JR says:

    In the Southwest, NM USA, hello to all the Warriors. Our rain clouds or snow clouds being bombarded with Chemtrails/SAG/SRM/SAI, just awful and at will with no signs of slowing down.The evil bastards are not working for the good of mankind & spewing their lies that we are in drought when all the punks are doing it and an acomplice with evil works. In the end they'll pay. Meanwhile it looks like we have to suffer at the hands of the evil and its workers of iniquity. I heard the term as infidels. I don't have to wonder why. They have to be in the catergory of Hitler and Putin. Here in the US, we don't have to go to far.

  3. Lance says:

    Earlier today saw 6 aircraft spew aerosol particulates in the sky over the mountains to the NNE of my location which is E of Yuma about 10 miles.  They didn't all fly over these mountains at the same time, but flew over 1 at a time over about 15 to 20 minutes.  They appeared to be "commercial" aircraft.  The aerosol trails spread out, merged, and moved ENE in the direction of Phoenix, AZ.  Wind is blowing from the SSW.  Images on NOAA of the Pacific SW showing a very wide band of "Dust" in the Troposphere flowing over the LA basin heading NE which is quite dark over southern NV and Utah heading into Colorado.  This "Dust" isn't POLLEN!  Could "trigger" various "illnesses".  

    • Judy says:

      It's happening now and for the past month–but especially this past week where temps dropped 20+* in a day. Just this a.m. over 10 passes to right this minute. By the time the clouds disperse, people think it's such a pretty sky, yet never realize it's all been engineered. I have been taking photos but nobody listens to me. Even husband is mocking me…


  4. Lance says:

    Airborne Particulates More Dangerous Than Previously Thought – Can Trigger Pneumonia, Asthma, and Even Cancer

  5. brent papon says:

    Also, for the record…

    No pun intendeed

    ANY combust engine makes a mess.

    Even an outboard 2 stroke is going to bleed into the water.

    I know you know that .


  6. James Biebelbelte says:

    I'm a Christian myself. It says in Genesis 1:26 "Then God said, “Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness; and let them rule (Have dominion) over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the sky and over the cattle and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth.”

    From that it's clear humanity is the steward of the earth. No one wants to live under an unjust king. From the beginning we are told that we rule. Much of Christianity is doing God's will. God call's for a just king. Many examples in the Bible of unjust king's losing God's favor. For for example taken by the Babylonians.

    I don't know what these people who don't care about the environment are thinking. Or how they can use religion as an excuse.

    I know I could find more scripture where it says to take care of the creatures, land, air and sea. So there's my 2cents.

    Reading the Bible, there is an apocalypse at the end. Any river's of blood lately? -"We have been horrible stewards of our planet." Dane W.

  7. Earth Angel says:

    Its been so ridiculously hot for early November lately and I've commented we are in serious drought conditions with water table and pond levels DOWN. Today they started in earnest for the planned 'cool down' in the forecast here in the southeast. Several jets flying in all different directions above us this evening leaving the short bright, quickly disappearing trails which likely contain the chemicals for the cool down. One of my cats was panting just before sundown so I turned a fan on for her in their barn feed/tack room where I put them up for the night. I saw there were some tornados and bad weather patterns in Texas & Oklahoma and also drifting up through Illinois. This is weather terrorism. I'm 60+ yrs. old and one thing I clearly remember is that for most of my life in North America we NEVER had tornados happen in the fall, winter, spring and summers. The ONLY time these weather patterns would appear was in early/mid spring when the cold weather leaving clashed with the warming trends shifting from the northwest (COLD WINTER AIR) to coming from the southwest (WARM SUMMER AIR). We did NOT experience tornados and violent thunderstorms ALL YEAR round all across America. Now the pathetic weather script readers try and make this seem normal. It's NOT.

  8. Jeanette S says:

    Dane I hope this is ok to post. Old but different info. Talks about the ridge off of CA and caused the last drought. Say R did it…? Here it is I posted on yt take it off if not appropriate. This is mostly on the resilient ridge off the coast of CA. This was posted 13 yrs ago, cold wr senti. See what you all can glean as added info. ON Daily Motion site, name of documentary “Weather Warfare Documentary (History Channel)”. Dont knw about the finer details, we have crimnls right here at home as we know today thx to DW.

  9. Ziggy says:

    On the subject of blind religious faith.

    I can't even talk to any of my friends about climate engineering any more, who are obsessive compulsive religious fanatics.

    Every time that I do, they get frustrated and say something along these lines: "Listen. I know you believe that you truly have good intentions, by asking us to become activists. And you honestly believe that the world is in need of our help. But the Lord will take care of everything, in his own time. Stop worrying so much and focus on praying for divine intervention. All you are doing is proving how much you doubt the Lord's abilities. Get on with living your life and trust the Lord to take care of things that you have no control over, or the abilities to fix yourself. When it comes to the overall health of planet Earth. That's God's domain, not ours."

    Really? Then why have we Fracked it up so much and care nothing about being responsible stewards? Of his most holiest of gifts. Our only home in this part of the cosmos.

    They are not only in complete denial of how bad the situation really is here on Earth. They also conveniently forget that God said he would destroy this world and start anew. In order to cleanse it of his children who turn their back on the Earth and Do Not Take Care of It! Every prophecy of the Native American culture and its various tribes or nations… says the exact same thing. But they don't hide under a blanket of Blind Faith.

    • brent papon says:

      The last time I went to church, the preacher went on @ climate change being a myth and that GOD had it all taken care of…

      Honestly, I wanted my 3 bucks back.

      Trump was elected 2 days later.

    • Jonathan says:

      PART 1:


      Dear Ziggy,

      Your friends' collective point of view seems, to me, to be a cop-out. As I had mentioned in a comment from last week's GAN comment section, our Creator is expressing/manifesting in, though and AS us, in a sense, meaning that we have been given the intelligence, the intellect, the arms and hands, the eyes and ears, etc. to use for good.

      I can easily destroy your friends' argument (excuse) simply by pointing out what the Bible says in Psalm 8:5-6. In those verses, the Bible states that the Creator made us but a little lower than the angels and crowned us with glory and honor. It goes on to state that the Creator made us humans to have dominion over the works of the Creator's hands and put all things under our feet.

      There you have it… it is right there in the Bible for them to read. Dominion over the Earth was turned over to us.

      I do not wish to stray too far from the original intent of this comment thread. However, there are many other people who hold the same view of your friends. I therefore believe this point is relevant. And of course, we really cannot argue people into doing what we believe they should do. That would likely be an exercise in futility. Yet if your friends are intellectually healthy, sharing these verses directly from the Bible may help them to realize that from a Christian point of view, dominion was given to people over the Earth and all the Life therein. This means that we are the ones charged with responsibility for what happens to the Earth and the Life it contains, and we are responsible for what we do in that context.

      I humbly submit that I believe the Creator has literally put us in charge of these things.

      I will take it even a step further, Ziggy If you read further, Psalm 8:7-8 actually lists different types of animals and makes it inarguably clear that they are specifically under our authority. In other words, WE are their guardians; we are their caretakers. This is a sound Biblical point, if your friends would benefit from reading that, indicating that we are responsible for what has happened to the Earth and all its Life, and we are responsible for what we now choose to do with the downstream consequences of humanity's collective behavior towards the Earth and all of its Life forms/biosphere. If your friends only see things based on what they read in the Bible and are the kind of people who would base their viewpoint and actions on the specific guidance of certain verses in the Bible, please consider sharing these verses from Psalm 8. There are other verses in the Bible that say similar things, but it cannot be made any clearer that what is in the verses I just shared. The Creator made us, made the Life in this world, then put us in charge of its care.

      Perhaps this will motivate your friends to re-think their viewpoint and consider a better way to approach the dark corner into which humanity has backed itself and all Life. Perhaps they will feel more enabled and more empowered to now roll up their sleeves and do something about it.  :+)

      Just to update everyone, a few years back I mailed a nice cover letter and GeoWatch materials to every member of the NC State Legislature. As of today, zero replies.

      Also, most of the Eastern NC meteorologists have blocked my email address, so when I send them links such as this GAN link, I get a message stating the messages were blocked.

      I will add that is becoming easier, generally, for me to make the point to people that the information covered on this website is in fact true. There are now so many things happening with the world and the environment, with the weather and so forth, that I usually do not have a difficult time finding something to point out to them with which they will agree. That establishes common ground that we can work with, and then I hand them GW materials and ask them to at least look at the documentary "The Dimming." I also tell them, as I do with other kinds of information, that if this resonates with them, to please share it with others.

      Eastern NC has had very warm, dry weather lately, significant drought here, in the mid 80s often lately. I could not even go out into the sun lately, because it is scorching hot on my skin (think of the poor, defenseless plants and animals!). Dane has mentioned that if you hold your hand up to the sky and cover the sun as you look up, even if no trails are present, an indication that there is still a substantial amount of particulate matter in the sky is that you will see an almost metallic glow around the sun that is very harsh on the eyes, a blinding glare. A nurse anesthetist at the hospital and I were talking about this one day a few years ago. This would suggest not all the sun's rays are being bounced back into space but rather are being reflected in all directions off those particles (hmmm…. perhaps it was never about reflecting the rays but something else). The last few days, it was so incredibly bright that I could not even glance in the direction of the sun for even a split second without my eyes aching. Years ago, one could look at the sun for a second or two with no problem. No longer.

      For years, we have been turning on the porch lights on one side of the house at night during warmer months, because we have so many tree frogs and toads, who come up to eat the insects attracted to the light. Lats night, I saw one of the regulars, a large toad I named Claude, who has lost weight. I saw a couple green tree frogs as well. At this time of the year, there are few insects for them to eat. The frogs and toads should be getting ready to go into hibernation soon, because it should be cold in this part of the state now. However, it has been dso warm, that they are still out and about looking for food, which is becoming scarce this time of year (and in general).

      I am still using a hummingbird feeder, though the hummers are long gone to the South. I filled it up last night. This is because there are so many honeybees coming out to the feeder, also some ants and a few species of wasps. They too should be getting ready to slow down for the winter, but for the unnaturally warm weather confusing all of Nature. So therefore, they are still out and very active. I have observed their behavior for many years. They are edgy and irritable now. I think they are stressed, because they intuitively know that their bodies want them to start preparing for the winter and slowing down, yet the weather is playing a nasty trick on them. And most of the flowers are now gone for the season. There are some wildflowers still blooming in the meadow at the back of the property. I found a praying mantis a few days ago on one my truck's tires. I gently picked it up and carried it out to the meadow, where it will have more of a chance to find food and shelter.



    • Jonathan says:

      PART 2:


      ….We have to help the animals, whether it is the great creatures of the oceans or the small insects we see in our yards. Remember, we were given dominion over the care and protection of these precious creatures. We were tasked with being stewards of this Earth and the Life it harbors.

      Everyone might want to look up the character named Treebeard (Fangorn) in the Tolkien story. He was an Ent, a shepherd of the forest. It was his duty to be a responsible steward of the forest in which he lived. This is exactly the same principle Dane talks about every week. And as for the Tolkien quote he used, from the conversation between Frodo and Gandalf, it's quite serious. That quote cuts right to the heart of the matter of the meaning of Life. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.

      We are the stewards, the Ents, if you will, of this forest called Earth. We were given the task and the ability to exercise our free will and our loving care and dominion in the care of the majestic and glorious creatures and all other Life and Life systems of this planet.

      Dane has talked about the time scale of the Earth's history and how modern humanity has nearly wrecked it in the last few seconds of the clock on the last day before midnight. Please think about this. At one time long ago, all people were basically indigenous tribes, living in perpetual balance and harmony with Nature and all the Life on Earth. They hunted, gathered, fished and gardened for their survival, never taking more than they needed and did not over-populate the planet, during that long ago and far away time.

      What do you think the connection was between the rapid decimation of so many of the Earth's Life systems in the last few seconds of the clock on the last day before midnight, and the Industrial Revolution?Are we, the Earth, and all the Life therein truly better today versus 500 years ago? 100,000 years ago?

      Would that I could go back to being the Native American that I have have had visions of having been, long ago. However, I am here, and I am here, NOW. So whether it is fair or not, whether it is convenient or not, I am responsible for doing my part to help correct the course of events that have been set in motion by irresponsible and reckless people. And yes, this does include many of the people who sit idly by and passively expect the Creator to come "fix" things that we were given the responsibility and dominion to have not messed up in the first place.

      Emperor Marcus Aurelius Antoninus is said to have written, "What we do not will echo through eternity." His Meditations are worth reading, as are the teachings of his teacher, Epictetus and many of the other stoic philosophers. Remember, no one group of people through history was given a monopoly on Truth. What is more important is for us to understand that what we do now shall echo and reverberate throughout eternity. Let that sink in. We are here, and we are here, now. It is up to us and in fact is within our sanctioned dominion, to be the stewards, the shepherds, of our forest.

      In whatever ways you feel led and are given opportunity, make every day count. Not everyone has a platform like Dane. No matter. Each of us has something we can do, a sphere of influence uniquely ours, and the world abounds with opportunities to do good and to show kindness and love, not only to each other, but also to all the precious creatures that inhabit this planet with us.

      Do you recall my telling you about the pit bull I found, absolutely skin-and-bones starving, abandoned, half-dead, and lying in a ditch, about 4 months ago? Without a thought as to what to do, I acted on instinct and did what I knew in my heart to be right in that moment. I fed and watered her and picked her up and put her in the truck and took her home. A stray, lost pit bull, and she let me pick her up! Imagine…

      My friends, there is a blessing of protection and guidance upon those who are Sensitive to Life, those who act in love and are kind to those in pain.

      Gracie is now doing wonderfully well… she is a beautiful, gentle, loving animal, so happy, smiling every day, giving kisses and tail-wags to everyone.

      Two days ago, a friend of mine had the same thing happen to him. He too was driving home and came across an abandoned dog, clearly thrown out, with only a t-shirt from it previous owner to remind him of the home he once had. He had dug a hole in the ground beside the road and has lying in that hole with his t-shirt. My friend immediately stopped and rescued him, and the precious animal is now receiving the help and care he needs and shall have a safe, loving home for the rest of his Earthly life.

      My friend never questioned or had to think about what the right thing was to do. Guidance was given to him in the moment in which he needed it, as it is to us all when we reach out in love to do our part to inform others as part of our stewardship of this planet and all its Life.

      We were given the task and the dominion to be better than so many wanton and reckless people have been, Though we cannot right all wrongs, every Life is precious and sacred (recall its Source).

      I hope these words will be encouraging to everyone reading them, and I trust everyone will be able to tie this in to our efforts to raise awareness of the weather warfare programs.

      Everybody knows somebody, so consider sharing information if you gave not already done so.

      Be encouraged.

      Never give up.

      Look the storm in the eye.

      If one is bound, none are free….

    • Jonathan says:

      PART 3:


      And interestingly Ziggy, the particular flower still blooming in the meadow, where I took the praying mantis the other day, is called "cosmos."  :+)

    • Envirowarrior says:

      Dear Dane and  all here who are passionate about what our role is  as stewards of our Planet.This world was created By God For his Own Enjoyment. Some of the people who consider themselves “The Faithful” regardless of creed or culture, possess an entitled positioning of their selves. Many are self serving and greedy with their God given license to subdue the earth ,be fruitful and multiply Genesis 1:28. Well these folks who seem to want to possess dominion of earth  possibly have not read the rest of Genesis – 1:1 to 1:31.

      My point is that the remainder of God’s Gift to Us who feel entitled, involves a perpetual responsibility to preserve this Great Creation. In Genesis 1:7 to 1:8 We see that the sky or atmosphere is referred to as Heaven. How much clearer can it be than we are polluting Heaven / our atmosphere. There is a great destroyer , fallen, dark angle who would have us destroy all things God and take His  glory and our minds and souls away from this benevolent God in Genesis. If You believe in this God You so called believers. Who are we to agree with the annihilation  and extinction of any life form here: mankind plant, animal, clean air or clean water? Do we have license from God to do so or is it the Destructive fallen angels we serve?

      As for my opinion it is better to do God’s will as an atheist or agnostic than disregard His will as a fervent believer. Not all are thankful or even recognize creation, Yet many are Greedy in serving their own pleasures and indulgence at the price of a dead planet and the squandered Gift thereof.

      Believer or not; Have some Courage and Love to do the right thing.

  10. Barb Eaton says:

    November 6.  Here in NH and Maine today it is 80*.  This follows all day Thursday where the planes were spraying 6 wide in tandem.  Then new ones coming out of nowhere to make giant X's and tic-tac-toe boards.  There were SO many planes that people were concerned and calling the local news stations here and in Maine (we went to our camp) and so the weather-people had to try and quiet the questions by running a slide show of how it's so dry in the upper atmosphere that it is just condensation – just like when you go outside on a very cold day and you can see your breath – they say.   Well I have yet to see my breath linger for hours and then miraculously turn into a 'cloud'.  We haven't seen the spraying that bad for a couple years.  Now today there are sustained winds around 10mph and there is a fog like haze everywhere all the way to the ground.  I'm thinking it's all the chemicals that they spewed over us Thursday reaching the ground today.  I wished I had worn my Geo Tshirt on Thursday.  At the rest stop I kept looking up at all the planes and pointing out new ones to my hubby.   Do you think ONE person bothered to look UP???   Nope not one, too busy with their noses stuck into their phones.   Holy hell – we ARE living in an insane asylum.  

    • TAD BREWER says:

      SUN CITY <TEXAS is being targeted and turned into SMOG CITY by HEAVY CHEMICAL ATTACK OVERNIGHT>>>I WITNESSED many airplanes FLYING ARCS over my HOME spraying MASSIVE AMOUNTS of CHEMICALS  targeting the exact place I retired named SUN CITY< TEXAS. I AM AFRAID to go outsidethe CHEMICAL HAZE looks like a GAS CHAMBER>     this is the 17th time in the LAST MONTH where a.m. blues sky   and  the p.m. 

      TOXIC CHEMICAL HAZE>NO BODY LOOKS UP and if you point out that WE are under CHEMICAL ATTACK the RAGE that creepy old people exude is quite alarming>>>>frighteneing to experience.

  11. Mike UK says:

    Hi Dane,

    Thank you so much for your weekly broadcasts. I’ve learnt so much from you and have also been prompted, inspired really, to direct others to your website which also includes the Guardian newspaper. They do seem more willing than most mainstream outlets to report on these uncomfortable truths. But I have found that some of the people I talk to about these all-important issues, in particular the real possibility of our extinction say that ‘they’ve been hearing that kind of talk for years and nothing has happened’(!). In denial or what? They seem to forget that sure, two hundred years is a long time in human terms, but as you frequently remind us it is not even a blink of an eye in geologic terms. Yes, trashed the planet we have – with our selfish, profligate way of life that is so at odds with nature. Most of our politicians are just a waste of space with their heads well and truly up their backsides with regard to these issues. All they seem to talk about is ‘net zero’ by such and such a date that we almost certainly won’t be around by. I think they just hope that they will either be out of office or dead by the time things get really bad! As if things are not really bad now. COP27: what a joke – just another talking shop where nothing will be achieved. It does seem that the only change will come from ordinary people who understand that we are indeed all a part of nature and we can’t go on abusing this precious planet and that urgent action needs to be taken NOW – not at some indeterminate point in the future. That action will require a drastic change in the way we live our lives – and governments to cease immediately their toxic geoengineering! I have many photos of spray trails that I’ve taken from my back garden, and have seen a dramatic decrease in insects and birds. These are simple facts that one can so easily see for oneself. The evidence is everywhere – so why don’t more people see it and report it? Is it fear of uncomfortable truth that they simply don’t want to accept? They won’t be able to push away these facts for too much longer, will they, Dane?

    • Jeanette S says:

      Not "WE", They. If we knew, Everybody that says "we" would have known better. It is the They that do anything for a buck.

  12. Jackie Pollock says:

    Hello Dane,

    Awareness of this catastrophe must be growing since you have a good listing of radio stations. But that doesn't always translate to equally growing action. I believe most people cannot and will not believe their own country, their own military, would play out such destruction of life against their fellow citizens and against their own home planet. It just can't be – they will say.

    We all have many 800 pound gorillas in our rooms today to keep a wary eye on that I think we are running to and fro amongthem all or some of us may be simply avoiding all the bad news and pulling the covers over our eyes.

    Standing with you Dane!

    Jackie from Texas

  13. Stan Sylvester says:

    I  was sadden  but not surprised at Dane's experience with the  religious host. Ya know, dump whatever you need to into the oceans because, "God's got this, brother!"

    This sort of talk appeals to the masses because it minimizes personal accountability while enabling us to maintain our lifestyle at the expense of God's magnificent creation.

    Luke 16:10

    "He that is faithful in that which is least is faithful in much, and he that is unfaithful in little is unfaithful in much."

    Principles of stewardship and accountability are all throughout God's word. God expects us to take care of little things. When we don't we won't  develop a habit of taking care of big things like his creation.

    There's a reason this religious host didn't give  Dane any scriptures to back up how he thinks. There aren't any! 

  14. Gene Adaway says:

    I haven't seen a spider for more than a year now.

    • Jonathan says:

      I want to share a spider story that connects with my earlier comment that Dane was kind enough to post with this GAN report.

      One day several years ago I was about to go into the house. We have vinyl siding. There was what appeared to be a dead fly just visible under the edge of one of the vinyl siding pieces. Without thinking, I hit it with my finger and it fell to the ground. Just then, a jumping spider peeked out from under the edge of the vinyl siding looking for its meal. I could almost hear it swearing under its breath. I felt so sorry for it. I did not know I had just deprived it of its meal. So I reached down and picked up the fly and held it up to the jumping spider. The jumping spider raised its front two forelegs and gently took it out of my grasp and resumed its meal.

      I would like to reiterate one of my earlier points. The hand of our Creator is evident in every single facet of the world in which we live, except for where people have caused chaos and destruction.

      From the design of every living thing, to the interconnectedness of natural weather patterns; from the seasonal currents of the oceans to the hydrological cycles that provide needed water food and other resources for survival to every living thing around the world (when not tampered with); even to the intricate design of the chemical reactions and intracellular machinery that keeps living things alive; even the latticework of atoms in rocks and minerals. Everywhere one can see the autograph of the Creator.

      This is but one reason of many that every single life form is precious, and I want to please encourage everybody to share the links from this website with everybody that you can, and also with the most influential people that you can find.

      This includes all people of religious faith. Regardless of what they think will happen to them at a future point in time, they are with us here and now, and many of the living things that are the Creator's handiwork are being jeopardized and in fact destroyed daily. Those who have faith in the Creater should be leading the charge on this, and sadly, so many are not.

      Always be encouraged.

      Never give up.

      Look the storm in the eye.

      And always remember, whether it is the mighty whales of the oceans or the tiny insects that pollinate plants around the world- if one is bound, none are free.

    • Patrick Ardell says:

      “If you want to live and thrive, let the spider run alive.” Grandmother Spider in Native American lore protects esoteric wisdom.

    • Ziggy says:

      Gene, I too haven't seen a single spider in about 15 months now. Usually that number would be in the hundreds!

      No snakes, frogs, lizards, bees or centipedes either. No wild turkeys, ferrol hogs and only a handful of migrating geese.

      I'm a volunteer for the National Forest Service too and spend on average, about 18 hours a week searching for animals that need rescuing. So, that is saying a lot for some one in my position.

      These oddities must be a sign of really bad things to come. Especially since the flies and mosquitoes appear to have reached nearly plague numbers, and the fleas and ticks are also reaching epidemic levels.

      But the really strange thing is… I haven't seen any roaches now for several years. What's up with that? Not even water bugs. I guess this NATIONAL drought is seriously having dire consequences for certain species. Not to mention the sky sprayed crap trails both day and night. Try saying that three times really fast.

  15. Jonathan says:

    To add to what was shared on a certain subject in the comments here and in Dane's broadcast, I would like to comment on my observations about the people who believe they are the chosen ones and that everyone else- well, that they are not. It is the same kind of duality that I try to warn people about on a regular basis, partly because it involves checking one's intellect at the door, and partly because it is not conducive to raising awareness about subjects that we need to be sharing with the whole world.

    I'm not trying to criticize anyone's personal belief system. However, I will share some of my observations from my personal experiences.

    The reason I'm submitting these comments to be posted by Dane is that this mindset I will describe has enormous implications in terms of getting people interested and willing to engage in this fight to expose the climate engineering warfare programs. 

    Here is the basic problem that I repeatedly encounter whenever I try to share awareness raising materials on the subject of climate engineering and other certain subjects. Many people who have a certain rigid religious worldview are often callously indifferent to legitimate causes like this one. Living in Eastern North Carolina, many of the religious belief systems that I encounter involve a passionate belief in an imminent future event in which many people who share a certain belief system will disappear, in the twinkling of an eye. My personal experience with many such people is that I cannot seem to get them to care about things that are happening right here and right now on this Earth, such is their Devotion to that belief system.

    Without meaning to be offensive, a simple question would be, is it possible to be so Heavenly minded that one is no Earthly good?

    Another concern that I have is that we are all children of the same Heavenly Parent, in a sense… I was pondering this last night while taking a walk with one of my dogs and marveling at the sheer amount of particulate debris in the air forming a halo around the setting Sun. In fact, it was so thick yesterday afternoon, I could look out across the fields and see almost a haze. And of course, one can also smell it, that chemical smell.

    Anyway, I was wondering to myself how any one particular group can be correct in their viewpoint while every other group is incorrect, in light of the fact that we are all God's children so to speak.

    I have shared geo watch materials with many of the religious devotees of this area, including members of the clergy. I have yet to find even one such person for whom these materials spark a significant interest that leads them to choose to actively engage in our awareness raising efforts.

    This strikes me as an extraordinary tragedy. It would seem, in my experience, that those who most devoutly hold certain religious beliefs, should be the ones who are most passionate about what we do in this geo watch community. What I mean is that such people would be logically expected to have the greatest degree of faith that every living thing on this Earth was created by our Creator… Yet where is their righteous indignation in light of the fact that so much life on this Earth is being slaughtered? As far as I can tell, it is nowhere to be found. I would expect these people to care the most about being a good steward of all of the Life and resources of this planet, all of the interconnected systems that make Life possible on this planet, since they believe so strongly in the One who created all of it.

    Instead, among such people I see nothing but apathy whenever I try to share these materials in this information. Whether it is this subject or other subjects currently staring as in the face. What I see instead is sort of a deer in headlights look and often a dismissal of all Earthly problems as insignificant because of this event they expect to happen at any moment.

    You may know that Mark Twain was something of an iconoclast. A religious leader approached him one day and asked him if he was bothered by the things that he didn't understand in the Gospel. Mr. Twain replied that he was bothered more by the things that he did understand.

    It is my belief that those who claim to have the greatest faith in the Creator should be leading the charge to expose and halt the climate warfare programs, as well as so many other forms of Injustice and cruelty taking place in this world at the hands of psychopathic people. Instead, the cruel and ironic twist in this is that they are among the least concerned. This is one of the reasons I have been distancing myself from them in recent years.

    Another ironic thing is that I devoutly and passionately believe in our Creator, and it is partly because I see the hand of the Creator all around me that I perceive even greater value in all Life forms of this planet.

    • Jeanette S says:

      The religious people to that extent need that somehow. Another group is the environmental people especially to me is the animal conservation groups; the ice nucleation especially must kill everything below it. I find it shocking; the "preppers" too. YOu would think they would want to know all scenarios headed their way…again, no.

  16. A prayer says:

    May the lord Jesus Christ change the hearts of the evildoers wreaking weather havoc on behalf of their master Lucifer, may the compartmentalized tools be enlightened by God almighty of what terror they are committing on humanity, and may the pilotless drone creators understand the crimes they are committing, Amen.

  17. Ziggy says:

    Dane, that satellite image is the most obvious example of climate engineering to date, and all of us here at Geo Watch appear to be the only people on Earth, who are able to put the pieces of your brilliantly presented puzzle together, and fully understand its implications to the whole climate change paradigm. NOAA and the NWS are simply saying that it is a freight train of atmospheric rivers that are being augmented by a polar storm dipping south of the Arctic. But like you said: "Where's the storm?"

    I certainly don't see any recognizable storm in that satellite image. 

    If you look closely at the entire image, you can also see a huge mass of sprayed trails in blue, trailing down from the "G" in geoengineering and veering towards the Hawaiian Islands. They are working this system from tip to tail and chemically nucleating the precipitation as it moves inland over the NW coast. Producing more than a foot of FAKE snow, for all of those ski resorts in the mountains.

    You know. The kind of Frankenstein snow and ice that doesn't melt into water and fill the reservoirs come Spring or in Summer.

    It's a very sad state of affairs, when the Earth is incapable of producing natural cool downs any more, as we slowly edge closer and closer to the Venus Syndrome end game. And the problem is that these chemical ice nucleation band aids are actually ushering in the Venus Syndrome, just that much faster.

    But hey. No worries mate. As Raytheon makes billions on the sale of weapons to NATO and European countries, from the fear of nuclear war becoming a reality.   U.S. weapons sales in Europe are booming as Russia's war in Ukraine continues to rage (

    Billions to be used in non stop chemical ice nucleation events, until they stop working entirely. Then they can use those weapons in all out thermonuclear Armageddon to create a nuclear winter apocalypse. And even though the radiation from the bombs and nuclear power plants going into meltdown, will kill all life on the planet. At least they can avert the dreaded Venus Syndrome scenario. Which would make total sense to me, if I were as insane as they are.

  18. Maciej Kocialkowski says:

    Both images of departure from average temps and water vapor image in particular, posted under the broadcast, are indeed shocking. I have never seen that obviously manipulated. 

    Entire surface of lower 48 with below average temps? And a huge, on the planetary scale, corridor of moisture flow, with double elbow turn, aimed directly at the United States? Are geoengineers getting bolder and more blatant because of lack of any reaction, let alone outrage, from the society they subject to their crimes?

  19. Maciej Kocialkowski says:

    Hello Patrick,

    Thank you for your willingness to help with awareness raising efforts, and with such a monumental task like erecting a billboard. We put up one in South West Florida over six years ago, and it is still up. If you have a question, I perhaps could answer, please do ask it. Here is the original GeoWatch article posted at the time the billboard was erected. For more current photos and updates, the gofundme link in the article is still active.

  20. Orwell Luxley says:

    Thanks again for another great broadcast Dane. I truly am grateful for all your honorable efforts, and you have taught me a lot. I spread awareness to others whenever possible and share your data.

    I really resonated with the last part of the segment about the so-called religious "chosen" hypocrites and their apologists who think only they and their contrived polarizing dogma have the truth and all other belief systems are wrong. These same people virtue signal their beliefs in the Creator while justifying the act of destroying the Creator's creation in the same sentence.  Cynical to say the least.

    This is a large part of the controllers Psy-OP and has been highly effective, sadly for thousands of years through divide and conquer. Pacifying and dumbing people down to apathetic sheep, while actually stunting our entire species spiritual growth, and ensuring our total demise in the process. So clear for those of us with eyes to see.

    May the Great Spirit protect you and your Family.

    Mahalo and Aloha.

    • Maciej Kocialkowski says:

      Orwell, thank you for pointing it out so well, and to Dane for bringing the issue of "faith" induced willful blindness in today's broadcast.

      I could not agree more. This is what the so called "belief systems" do. They provide excuse to their followers, to do things that otherwise would not be acceptable to do. All in the name of "god". I have so many examples of this irrational behavior, among people I know and work with every day. And any and every attempt to point the fallacy of their irrational reasoning is doomed to fail. No matter how carefully you choose your words.

      And yes, it is not only so clear to see for us with eyes wide open, but how painful and infuriating is it to watch seemingly good "god" loving people, to be so blind and indifferent to things that our near term survival depends on, at the same time!?

  21. Canadian Guy says:

    Here in Atlantic Canada we have had 10C temp swings in 24hrs. I think it's polar vortex winds and high pressure heat.

    My Chestnut tree dropped all it's leaves. @5C… Days later it was ~15C. For a week. Now the tree has started budding again.

    The other day was "Foggy" but the air was dry, there was no dew, it was dry?! The air smelt like burning tar/Diesel/Sulfur. Instead of sea-salt or evergreen or manure. Abnormal.

    SAI everyday, 2-3 planes every 5-10 minutes. The new LED streetlamps are so bright, you don't need a flashlight. You can see the particles in the air.

  22. Patrick says:

    If you are in Montana and want to help pass out flyers or help get billboards up, please let me know!

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