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The Weather Channel theater is getting ever more ridiculous.  The latest in a in a string of completely geoengineered snow events, "winter storm Saturn", is as of this moment falling apart. The "meteorologists" are stumbling horribly as they try to explain why its 45 degrees and raining instead of dumping the "heavy wet snow" they had predicted. For any that are at all familiar weather radar, it is extremely easy to see the brief "flashing out" of rain to snow in some regions of this storm as the weather makers try desperately to make good on their "scheduled" snow event. Aircraft disbursements of unkown chemical ice nucleation materials are causing fozen precipitation in some regions of the storm, though for today, the sub tropical rain has overwhelmed the efforts of the geoengineers.. It is likely they will eventually get the rain to "change over" to snow (as they now say at the Weather Channel), we will see as the "winter storm Saturn" unfolds.

On the west coast the spraying continues. Much of the precipitation that would have fallen in the West is prevented from falling by heavily aerosolizing the storms. This keeps the moisture "in play" for continued manipulation for the next geoengineered storm which will likely be "winter storm Triton".

Russ Tanner and Dane Wigington discuss Winter Storm Saturn

Keep Looking up.

Dane Wigington

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  1. Rina van der Merwe says:

    For a whole week there has been very heavy spraying in the North West Province of South Africa over Klerksdorp. I live 700m from a mossive cellphone tower. EMF’s have been unbearable. Our municipality was threatened with power cuts due to non payment of their Eskom Bill.( Electricity Supplier. State Owned) They are 1.2 bilj Rand in arrears. Some “deal” was struck and our electricity was not cut off. So who knows who is footing the bill and to whom have we as regular rate payers been enslaved. It seems somehow though that a blind eye is being turned and carte blanche is being given to spray and radiate us with levels where we are so sick. 2 of my friends have Parkinsons of late. One old and the other young. I woke up 2 hours ago with massive wind, droning of a “flying tanker” above and then endless light flashes. Somehow trying to be lightning. A few drops of rain fell. Now it is pouring like a reservoir has been opened but with no thunder or lightning.Everything is just so unnatural. The past week 3 frogs ( green with sharp faces) were floating in my waterlilly pond. This year the water is dark green while in previous years the water was clear due to a natural eco system. I speak to docters,. lawyers,pilots, politicians, the Professor in GeoScience at the University where my daughter studies but NOBODY seems to care. The Professor actually “audits” for Monsanto ! Must I now go and pray and thank “god” for the rain ?

  2. All words metioning hell in the bible in their original language mean a shallow pit in the ground [a grave] but I wish there was going to be a hell that burns forever these idiots should be there and forever is not long enough to satisfy me.

  3. simpleman says:

    They are spraying in a different pattern today.It looks like a chickens foot.With the open part facing northeast.Not far from grid lines that are being laid east west.I never seen this pattern here before.In Northeastern North Caroilna.

  4. Lee says:

    what percentage of weather is natural and what percentage is engineered these days? eventually playing God and controlling Mother Nature will have devastating results – daily I am angry that the psychos and megalomaniacs not only control the banks, the corporations, our monetary system, tax us to death and lie while in the offices we elect them to, and take us to Wars we don’t want – THEY KNOW what’s going on with the planes in the skies and HAARP – Al Gore was on the Ellen show a month ago and he had the nerve to tell Ellen when she asked him about “scientists” wanting to spray chemicals via jet planes to reduce global warming – Gore’s response was “they are “thinking” about doing it – I think it’s nuts” – can anyone imagine this man NOT being aware of the weather control program that is going on and has been FOR YEARS? Mr. Gore your soul is as black as the skies of our future will be unless this insanity is stopped immediately – my suggestion is: these wackadoo people represent 3% of the population – the 97% worldwide who are mad as hell and don’t want to take it anymore should, in protest, take one day and call it the 97% Day of Revolution during a week day and simply STAY HOME – no transportation, no one shows up to work world wide just to show there is power in numbers – imagine how powerful we would all feel if we just took one day and shut down everything in protest to demonstrate how the tables could easily turn on the 3% who think of us all as obedient, dumb, uninformed, mind controlled by their controlled media, sheep! stop the world I want to get off because it’s getting unacceptably insanely run by an out of control group of greedy lying bastards and bitches who have devised a system so evil it truly takes one’s breath away when you finally WAKE UP – it’s like we’re all in the Truman Show –

  5. Wiley says:

    So I was just thinking that geoengineering could also benefit Monsanto / elite by there being much less rain. Drought resistant seeds don’t care. Non gmo crops fail! People have to eat whats there to eat , so win win situation for agenda 21 bastars

  6. Seth says:

    Anyone know if the winter storm currently dumping rain over So-Cal was geo-engineered?

  7. Gabe says:

    Thank you for confirming what I was already suspecting, that the spraying here in SF Bay is suppressing rain storms that would normally dump water.

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