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This essay begins with a question:  is “global warming”, aka “climate change” a diversion from weather modification by geoengineering, including HAARP, chemtrails, and microwave pulses? drkatesview Heralded by the ‘hockey stick‘ imagery of a world climate gone awry by man-made causes such as farting cows, smokestacks, auto emissions, breathing, deforestation, and economic growth of developed countries, are we so caught up in the confusion that we are ignoring the basic facts of weather modification that has been underway in this country since at least the Vietnam War?  And a second question:  why is the environmental community ignoring the significant impacts of weather modification as a part of its concern with “climate change’?

According to the Center for Research on Globalization,

The U.S. government routinely conducts experiments on weather modification, and has been doing so for at least half a century. Previously classified under such names as “Project Cirrus” (1947) and“Project Popeye” (1966), weather modification is no longer a secret practice. In fact, a bill (S517) was sponsored in 2005 by Texas Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchinson, a Republican, “to establish the Weather Modification Operations and Research Board, and for other purposes.” This bill did not become law. Yet, there is reason to believe that various government institutions are carrying out numerous legal and illegal weather experiments without informing the public.

It seems to me as obvious as the nose on your face: there is something causing the increase in severity of storms, droughts, hurricanes, typhoons, and earthquake-generated tsunamis, and it ain’t cow farts. Those citizen journalists who have documented the HAARP rings, microwave pulses, and chemtrails are on target with the geoengineering of global climate as the man-made source of ‘global climate change’  and have received the same treatment as others who have dared to tell the truth about any number of hazards that are intentionally created to do harm to citizens.  Somebody wants to make money and have total control through manipulating climate. No longer a secret then, we know what they are sprayingwhy they are spraying, and the additional tools that are used to manipulate the human environment and inject trouble into our very breathing space. While each one of these tools is dangerous in itself, the combined use of HAARP, chemtrails, and nanotechnology is wreaking havoc across America.  When you artificially heat the atmosphere, change its electrical properties, and send vibrational pulses into the earth, what is unleashed is something that cannot now be controlled or predicted. Do you think God created man to manipulate everything that is fundamental to life, like water, air, soil, and plant life? The following video is one of the best to be made so far on the actual origin and mechanics of HAARP, and how it is used to modify weather although its origins had the initial intent as a part of  our national defense systems.  It is a long film; my advice is to take it in pieces as it is well worth the view and the graphics show you how even large earthquakes can be generated by a technology that was made to manipulate the atmosphere. And my final question after all of this is, how dare they?

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  1. MikeB says:

    I can’t believe it! A cold front passed through the Northeast quad of Illinois two days ago. I haven’t seen a chemtrail for two days. Nothing but blue skies with Cumulus clouds. Usually there is something. Rain near the end of the week. They may start again in a day or two.

  2. dariel says:

    I live in miami fl I see those chemtrails sometimes not often. man and I just wonder what they are trying to do here human population control or what the hell..I try to spread the word but people just think im crazy I dont know what else to do..

  3. ray says:

    I really like the assumption of HAARP that you have drawn here. However, I find that you are lacking some necessary points and stronger factual inputs. I feel people need to know how they affect the ionosphere by speeding up molecular movement to possibly protect us from the solar rays that only getting stronger. Or introduce the theory of a moon based HAARP trying to align planets and create new life by aiming frequency blasts at a neighboring planet and moving further or closer to the sun or neighboring star. I love your articles but more conspiracies would help. That is what most of us need to know it helps us close in on our goal.

  4. John L says:

    It is really incurious and knee jerk on the part of progressives (like myself) who just ‘hook,line and sinker’ accept the official explanation for climate change (auto exhaust etc) instead of looking into the role of geo-engineering in hastening climate change. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to deduce that all this big string of ‘unprecedented’ super-storms wouldn’t happen so quickly from gradual accumulation of CO2 greenhouse gases. This is too sudden, too guided and too ‘conincidental’ to be mere random accumulation of CO2. How also do these weather systems suddenly appear over ONE SECTION of the country and PARK there for a long time without moving on. And the question as to why evil people would do such a thing may be tied up with eugenics and the hastening of the ‘new world order’ one-world government via destabilization of the economy causing people to clamor for ‘climate change legislation,’ as well as heating up the arctic so that corporations can go up and ‘harvest’ resources that used to be under ice. This is all too guided (they know exactly where typhoons and hurricanes will land now, when they formerly didn’t).

  5. Andrea Dawn Overbey Neevel says:

    What are we going to do about it? How can we stop this. How has it gone on this long? What are they trying to accomplish? I can not believe I have even found this out. My very intelligent brother does not even believe me.

  6. VICTOR says:

    I sat mesmerized during the entire video. Yes, I remember the plane crash of Hale Boggs and Begich and the politics then.

    This and all Begich’s videos should be seen by everyone. Why do we let the corruption in Congress continue? We, as individuals, have the capacity to change this world. When will we wake up to our potential?

  7. greg says:

    Ah yes… Wonder what Suspiciousb0servers would have to say about this. He makes a good case for getting all excited about doing finding now now now.

    It’s all making more and more sense.

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