Glaring Radio Frequency Storm Manipulation Shows Up On Satellite


My thanks to the activist that sent the 1 minute video below. The radar loop it shows glaringly exposes the extreme weather influence of ground based radio frequency transmitters. The global climate system is being torn to shreds from so many directions and sources that there is virtually no natural or unattained weather left at this point. In addition to affecting the weather, the radio frequency transmissions are detrimental to the health of living organisms. Many people do not yet understand that the HAARP facility in Alaska is only one of perhaps 24 or more large ground based ionosphere heater installations. Even if the Alaska transmitter closes, there are so many more. There are also the SBX radar facilities (sea based x-band radar) which are another part of the weather modification arsenal of insanity. All radar images and loops are now normally heavily filtered to screen out visible evidence of the ongoing climate engineering operations, sometimes the filters malfunction and evidence is captured. Again, my sincere gratitude to the activist that captured these images.The scope and scale of environmental modification weapons is immense, its up to all of us to help expose and stop it. Dane Wigington

One more excellent 90 second video from the same source, well worth the watch also.

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  1. phyllis says:

    Nexrad activity. Dopplar radar. Use them like haarp.

  2. Sharon says:

    Recently, it was announced the U.S. military will be bringing in (if it has not already begun) electro-magnetic equipment to several “strategic” areas on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula. All in the name of national security. This equipment includes several weapons and alarm systems that has been proven detrimental to all life. Look up the article in the Peninsula Daily News.

  3. Mart Narvo says:

    Please say a prayer to God for these chemtrails/haarp/microwaving us to stop and make it null and void to His Children (us), amen.

  4. Freedom Ranger says:

    Positive Mental Attitude is the most important thing. Fight the good fight until the end.

  5. Sandra says:

    I have seen this also, on but had no clue how to record it…to show it…
    Does anyone really believe it can be stopped, at this point…like is stated…our weather is so screwed up, there is nothing natural about it, anymore.

  6. paul meereis says:

    i have intelligent ,educated friends . They sneer at me . They say I waste my time ,and yet Jerry is a programmer that understands haarp AND ENJOYS BREAKING ME i WILL NOT GIVE UP AND i SEE THE PLANES SPRAYING HERE IN ENGLAND

  7. don says:

    past fue years i saved alot of this from NOAA they took down the best page that would show something like this , i have 100s videos saved in a hard drive but its locked up , will not run,or open , u can see them pulse acroess the USA

  8. Julie says:

    I believe this is happening needs to stop

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