HAARP, An Invisible Killer


The extremely visible spraying in our skies is a very recognizable threat, but what about the immensely powerful radio frequency transmissions put out by ionosphere heater installations like HAARP? Though these transmissions are not visible, they pose an immense threat to our planet and all life on it. HAARP and all the rest of the ionosphere heaters located around the globe are weapons of mass destruction, period. The video below is very important to view for those that wish to better understand the dangers of HAARP (and the rest of the world's ionosphere heater installations). The more we understand what we are fighting to expose and stop, the more credible and effective we will each be in the battle. The constant spraying of the atmosphere makes our skies more electrically conductive. With all the heavy metals we are absorbing due to the fallout from the spraying, our bodies are more electrically conductive. This in turn makes the lethal and immensely powerful signals from ionosphere heaters even more impactful and dangerous. The video below is well worth the time to view.
Dane Wigington

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  1. SortingHat says:

    Has anyone noticed all the Zombie releated films out that give partial information about them at best?   Has anyone noticed the Department of Homeland Security buying up record amounts of hollow point ammo spreading the purchase to other departments? 

    Has anyone noticed there is a training guide for a Zombie crisis the Department of Homeland Security which here is the link?.   Never mind it doesn't let me link to the files.

    It seems hot linking on here has been banned which shows the true colors of the site. :p




  2. SortingHat says:

    The few days before and after our President was in Portland we had CRYSTAL blue skies like when I was little!  Now the spraying is happening again today and it's just like those trails on the front page!

    I can't believe I used to think this was all a hokey Liberal socialist/communist conspiracy but now I'd rather have state ran communism if that's what it takes to get rid of these bozo's polluting our skies.

    • thea says:

      Yes, when the superbowl was here in the SF Bay Area this year in Feb. 2016, the skies were bluer than they had been in awhile.  

      Another climate control event:  heard on BBC that a hurricane had destroyed a lot of Yemen and in the same sentence, they said Yemen was ruled by Al Queda (or one of the terrorist groups).  They had been having war issues in their country and 2 out of every 5 citizens were made refugees.  Then, now with the hurricane, 4 out of 5 citizens of Yemen are destitute/homeless/refugees.  And we are probably doing this for the oil – murdering people, destroying cities, land, culture, all for the greed for oil.  And does anyone wonder why there are terrorists fighting back?

  3. Francesca says:

    After reading all these comments, I do feel better knowing there are so many conscious caring humans out there. It odes seem overwhelming and hopeless at times. There are things we can do for our family and health. Alkaline water, organic foods only (though they are affected by spraying, but at least are not GMO). Also, lots of supplemements, and herbs that cleanse the blood, and clear the brain. Remember one thing, the pure conscious intent of one is greater than the evil of thousands. I do believe that some big event will happen to hamper these plans to dominate and destroy the earth.

    It could be a major solar ejection that takes out harp and satelights.

    Any number of things may happen. When I look up at the sky every day, I picture it clear and bright blue, or with real clouds rolling over. Use your God given energy to see a better world, the world we used to have. On one level, it looks pretty bad, but remember we are spiritual beings, this can never be taken from us, unless we allow it.

    Blessings to everyone, don't ever give up !!!


    • Julie says:

      Thank you for you comment and reminder about visualization and spiritual power of intent. May I suggest to you "The Kabalion ..a sgudy of the hermetic philosophy of ancient egypt & greece" BY the THREE INITIATIVES (only) many others abuse hermetics, but this one does not. This is our natural law in motion and as you said, we have spiriutal power as humans that those who want world domination do NOT. They may have mastered the mind, but they do not have the care and soul ..in fact, that's what they want. God bless you. 

  4. SortingHat says:

    The models have been showing hardly any rain for May and temps equal to June!   🙁   

    Two weeks ago the models were advertising very cold trough to enter and bring several feet of snow in the form of cold/wet systems and then I saw them chemtrail like crazy and each day the models would flip back and forth between the default ridging and cold trough advertised.


    Then after a week of spraying the models severely watered down the rain systems. (no pun intended) and in an ironic fashion there hasn't been hardly any chemtrails.

    The last two days were as Tony the Tiger said "Grrrrrrrrreat!"   One tiny chemtrail this evening to the east over the mountains as the sun was going down and a hazy type cloud was trying to form but the NW wind won the battle this time.


    Why are they so afraid to allow snow in the mountains?  Don't they know the ski resort industry will be toast?    Snow machines only work in dry air if the air temperature is below 32F.    Humidity does not matter.

  5. It's much worse than just HAARP frequencies folks. Cellular phone towers, wi-fi MESH networks, satellite broadcast, and ALL AC power grids are biologically hazardous. That is: Pulsed digital broadcast is not only carcinogenic, but these frequencies also cause direct and often permanent behavioral shifts in humans and other life forms. The entire planet is awash in these digital modulations. You WILL be negatively affected, period. It's time to shut this electronic garbage OFF and get rid of it forever…

    An introduction to electromagnetic emissions probagation and health related issues.


    • Erica says:

      Hi Paul,


      I always appreciate your posts on here. It's obvious that you are an expert regarding Geoengineering, electronic and digital dangers and the law. 

      I'm curious though, how are we to continue to glean information via this internet site if we disconnect from this "electronic garbage"? 

      I'm not being smarmy in my asking, simply intrigued if you have another idea on communication that is harmless aside from snail mail. 


  6. SortingHat says:

    The latest *Storm* for the weekend has been killed.  Models for a long time were showing a cold troughy period with several systems starting what would be today then the last few days trended drier and drier. 

    Now it's looking like this weekends storm is being killed over the Pacific down to almost nothing where just yesterday was advertising a cool wet period with several *shortwaves* coming thru.

  7. horsegirl says:

    Up with joint/muscle aches and night sweats in the wee a.m. after a day of being drubbed by HAARP or one like it.  Have stopped pretending I will get back to sleep.  Just witchy, the kind of Easter Day we beheld.  At dawn, glorious.  Tufts of death wafted in from ??? as we live in a "not-see" zone.  We see the effects but not planes.  Although we hear planes and I constantly hear a low plane engine or the Taos Hum or whatever it is now for days.

    The sky was soon ashen, and by mid-morning I began feeling a bit light-headed as the sunlight dimmed.  Despite a great night's sleep previous, I couldn't help myself.  Before noon I fell asleep for hours, a very deep sleep and my husband too.  This stuff really wipes you out.

    Its hard enough getting people to pay attention to geoengineering in an area where planes are visible.  In this not-see zone (pun intended) there's no point in arguing with young people that despite a sky resembling the interior of a beer can, there is not really a cloud in the sky.  It's all fake.  

    Why?  And in recent travels cross-country we learned this is not the only not-see zone.  Where the uber-rich congregate in pockets of the northernmost Rocky Mountains there seems to be a not-see policy.  Is there really a threshhold of shame or cowardice for the fiends?  Is our not-see zone due to southern Arizona sporting some of the world's largest military reservations?  Are they not supposed to observe the aerial death antics taunting everyone else?  Are military personnel supposed to be kept in the dark about geoengineering so that when some signal event occurs – some mass outrage finally expressed about geoengineering – they will ruthlessly turn on the public as depraved "conspiracy theorists?"  Reading about this Jade Helm 15 here, it does look like things are coming to a head.

    Did I forget to mention the HAARP winds?  We are not far from the head of the Sea of Cortez, a major driver for continental US weather.  We believe our zone is often manipulated by ionosphere heaters to agitate winds over the sea.  What might be called wind here at times – luckily not constant – is terrifying to behold.  Probably when the atmosphere kites upward under HAARP's force.  We call it the big suck because it is more than a force that blows.  More like updraft after the concussion of an explosion.  An atmospheric theater of the absurd, it baffles one's wits.  Mood changes, tempers, headaches.  Hard to live through these events.  Like this morning.  Found myself functioning like a seven-year-old.  Vocabulary evaporates.  Feeling sluggish, dazed.  Headaches, tinnitus off the charts, disequilibria.

    Thanks again to all the commenters.  This is our sole means of assuaging our dismay.  That others, if only few, are cognizant of what is going on.  Attending to comments on this site the way kids listened to hit radio half a century ago.  No one else speaks to us.

    • roman ruiz says:

      I am so glad to see that other people see what is going on like i do. I live in gardnerville, nv and every time i get up in the morning i look up to the sky and it's always the same , fake clouds . I have watched chem. trails from when they are first sprayed to the end result. It takes about a half an hour for them to widen out and start filling the sky, i have also noticed their new tricks of breaking up the spraying to try to make it look like smaller clouds. It angers me and makes me sick to know that the government looks at our lives like we do not matter. As usual the government likes to play god deciding who deserves to live and who does not. I would live to get up one morning and see a real cloud and blue sky instead of our fake cloudy sky. A lot of people get up and think oh look it is cloudy today, i wish they would open their eyes and see the truth. I am so glad to see that other people feel the same as i do i just wish there were a lot more.

    • Christopher Glanz says:

      I completely relate to your story.  I live in Southern Ohio and every single day I witness and document the never ending cycle of chemtrail / chemcloud activity turn skies into soup and cause migraine after migraine and sap every ounce of strength I have. 

      I watch helplessly as the planes laying down the chemtrails fly at lower altitude and seem to become more brazen as the days and weeks go by.  I look aroud me as my neighbors and coworkers walk around like lobotomized cattle, either never daring or thinking of looking up…or if they do,the instant response is that nervous giggle which is the sign of being socially brainwashed into never questioning the truth of what their eyes see.  the stigma of being labeled a "cook" or worse has hammered the populous into a permanent state of complete apathy.  The few of us who have stepped out of "The Matrix" and are waking up need to take alerting the world to the next level.  We have to find some yet undiscovered source of personal courage and backbone in order to break the cycle of governmental and social intimidation on this subject…..but I dont know if thats even possible at this point.

    • Rob Schick says:

      excellent statement Horsegirl…I'm plagued with many of the same health issues and I'm coming down with Morgellans…so is a friend…Here in San Diego few people are concerned…the rally today ..April 25..was pathetic…only 5 people showed…so much apathy and ignorance…Italy had some excellent protests and other places….glad some are waking up..!

    • lydia says:

      having the same symptoms for about 2 years now, sleeping at least 12 hours a day, chronic sinusitis and tinnitis.  When they turn it way up, get stomach cramps and nausea, no energy to do any physical work, like housecleaning.  I live on the east coast of NJ, just a couple miles from the bay, with a lagoon/canal at the back of the house.  When I get hit by one of those ELF's, I look up and the waters start churning from the frequencies coming back down to earth

      They must have one of those sea canons offshore.  3pm Thursday, all of a sudden a dense fog rolled in, I could see the clouds along the eastern coastline and we are now into our 3rd day iin a row of heavy fog…Total BS, the fog does not burn off.  Every time the skies start to bright, I can feel the frequencies go of and the fog just rolls back inland.  My windows are covered with large white spots from the filthy rain we get.  We used to have tons of gold finches/purple finches all year round, gone, just like the butterflies and fireflies, not even a moth.  On the rare occasion, when we have a clear night sky, there are no stars to be seen, When I moved here in 2002, I would marvel at how star filled the skies were here..they are gone too.  It truly seems as if we have been thrown into an alternate reality, "their" sick perverted reality, misery loves company.

  8. Reading the same stories all over again and again it came to my mind that HAARP might be the reason for people not realizing chemtrails and not waking up.

    Did you consider that?

    HAARP made a new dimension of mind control possible. Maybe most of the people are no longer able to realize reality!? It fits all together: First the spraying, accumulation of metals in the body and brain. Expose them to electromagnetic radiation: There will be no uprising, they might have conquered the masses via HAARP already.

    There are just a couple of wide-awake people left because for them the elite's programming doesn't work. Reasons might be:

    They care more about their health, they do not consume GMO or fast food, they make detoxication or are not that sensitive to electromagnetic attacks.

    That makes sense for me. Just my theory…

    • Mal says:

      Suspect you could be right there, it is quite disturbing the way some people just ignore what is blatantly obvious, bit like being in a sci fi horror movie the invasion or something, very disturbing!

    • horsegirl says:

      @Karl – this is a fascinating if terrifying conjecture.

      We keep wondering if those who observe geoengineering for what it is might not be a group of people who eat well and take care of themselves.  

      Because when you think about the manufacture of food, and how all water sources are fluoridated, every occasion eating outside your home guarantees consumption of fluoride.  Not to mention fast food.

      We noticed our grocery chain discontinued distilled water, which is the only manner by which fluoride can be removed from water.  Just another grim index.

      Also we susect that fluoride is a component in the spray program.  We lifve ten miles from the nearest town.  Every morning there emerges an inexplicable haze over the town which happens to be Mexican American – right on the border.  The people are being fogged out with something.  Two years ago you could see the D on the hill for Douglas, Arizona with clarity from a distance.  Now you can't see it from inside town a lot of the time.

      The fiends controlling all this are capable of anything.  I suspect you're onto something.  A form of brain damage precluding full mental faculties?

    • Christopher Glanz says:

      That actually makes perfect sense.  Since the particles used in the spraying for the most part are micronized to be able to pass through the Blood – brain barriers, these particles pass through our skin as if it wasnt there, builds up in our tissue and make us completely reactive to the electro-magnetic force of HAARP.  The scary part is – we don't even realize this is happening….

    • Ian MacLeod says:

      I think some of us may just have a strong sense of self and a strong will. I've had 7 low back I'd do it in a heartbeat, even if it was my last, but I don't see any holes in their coverage. 

      My brother kept telling me he'd never seen a chemtrail. Well, when he visited here, I SHOWED HIM. Pointed out the plane laying the chemtrail lines behind it. He lives around Hollyweird/L.A.  I'm in Central Oregon. His only reaction was, "Well, I sure can't do anything about it. So I'm just going on with my life." Nevermind that it's being cut short because of it! I don't understand that attitude!!

  9. Marc says:

    I remember when I was a boy and how cool I thought the idea of guns were. We'd play "war" all over the neighborhood with our toy rifles and plastic helmets. (believe it or not) I can hardly believe it myself. The HAARP technology just seems to me to be an incredibly sophisticated "GUN" that I imagine these Beavis's and  Buttheads are soooooo tripped out on! Wow, look what it can do! It can blow billion-watt bubbles up into the top of the ionosphere and shoot back into the earth with such immense power that we can do just about anything to anybody no matter where on earth they live. We rule !!! We are GOD!

      On a different note, sure enough, just exactly as I predicted, there is not the slightest evidence of chemtrailing over St. Louis yesterday and today. Perfectly clear blue skies (silvery blue). I'm gonna guess this pattern will continue through Easter Sunday and then WHAM!!! we're gonna be blitzkrieged again with horizon to horizon shit trails early next work week. This cool, clear, sunny weather system is undoubtedly orchestrated for the greater Midwest and indeed, the vast majority of the country just in time for the Easter egg hunts. 

      People are truly blind, man!! One day here in St. Louis, clear skies, no trails whatsoever.  The next day, incessant trails crisscrossing every which way and spreading into a canopy of pure depressing shit.  Wake up folks, wake up, wake up, wake up.

      When I go about my daily business and observe, I mean REALLY closely observe my fellow humans, it is with great sadness that I see a thick, almost palpable matrix of ignorance and stupidity surrounding and infecting virtually everyone. I really am having extreme difficulty keeping my chin up in this fight against impossible odds. Do the bad guys really win this one? Really?

    • Hawkeye says:

      @Marc- Enjoyed reading your posts! It is Easter Sunday here in SWFL and I awoke at sunrise to glowing pinkish orange trails streaming in to the rising sun – so a Happy Easter to SWFL!

      Yesterday early a.m. I woke to get a glimpse at the lunar eclipse and blood moon. It had been a clear evening prior to this eclipse and so I was sure I would be lucky this time to be able to view this fantastic event in the heavens. At the last sliver of the eclipsing moon as it was setting in the west, out of the horizon came a dirty pile of grey and indigo cloud haze that blocked out the entire turning red color of the moon. The blood moon was lost in to a geo sprayed horizon haze.

      Here in SWFL at 9 a.m. on Easter Sunday there is no day off for the planes spraying our skies. We have been getting different kinds of trails last few months. They are not so white, more of a translucent indigo white and we have purple clouds every day. But hey, isn't it so festive for Easter!? My neighbors don't seem to mind any of this, they are packing up their boats for a day out on the Gulf to enjoy the dim sun and the indigo haze, and they are out taking morning walks with the trails being sprayed right over their heads as they exercise.

      They walk past the nature preserve on the street that has several patches of brown dead trees littered through out the preserve and they cut down the dead Fl pine trees in their front yards as the Eagles and Osprey's scream from the other tree tops. Lately I have been noticing birds lying dead on my front yard area. One recently flew right in to my front window and fell dead on the porch. Another day a red cardinal just fell out of the sky dead on to my front lawn. Everything is dry as a bone and has the appearance of color fading.

      This has been our busiest tourist season in 7 years and local news just reported that people are staying down here longer this year because it is so "nice" to be here. So Marc, I am thinking that not only has the technology gone batshit mad  and raging drunk on it's own but people have too! Thank you for the smiles from your adjectives. This place where I live has a saying which came to my mind when I read your descriptions. "Welcome to Pine Island. A quaint drinking island with a fishing problem". Happy Easter to all, may God Bless us and give us the strength to keep enduring this insanity. Hawkeye



    • Larry says:

       Karl and Marc  you are right on the money and there is clearly mind control affecting the masses or else we are surrounded by dumb ass zombies that are blind and question nothing. Why is it that so few of the population are aware while the rest are asleep to what is really going on.It is virtually impossible to get anybody to simply look at the sky and question what they see no to get anybody to simply do some on line research as to what I am claiming is happening such as haarp, the freaky weather, and the obvious aerosol trails.the planet is frying and and the natural atmospheric conditions and magnetic fields are being modified and destroyed by a bunch of lunatic military industrial children in adult bodies. They are single focus mindless mDmen playing god and they MUST be stopped before it is too late . As I have mentioned before in other blogs that the haarp experiments have let the genie out of the bottle and created the solar melt down and that the SRM program of spraying the planet in millions of tons of dangerous particulates is simply a bandaid fix. A temporary plan to fool those in congress that are using our tax money to fund these insane lunatic fringe experiments. Has anybody checked the signatures on the Indian organized petition to congress to stop chemtrails ? I know my signature was not recorded as I tried twice on Friday. I'm sure the petition has been hacked and we will never the 100,000 signatures but I sure hope I'm wrong. We need a anti HAARP petition soon because simply stopping the chemtrails will not save the planet ! It is haarp and all the related experiments that must stop or else it is over for Mother Earth. Someone please  start a paper petition if possible as  the email can too easily be diverted or blocked by the same technology we are trying to use to alert our sums ass politicians. I better quit now before my head explodes from the overwhelming frustration. 

    • Christopher Glanz says:

      Unfortunately Marc……….it looks like they do.

  10. Marc says:

    Yeah, as it was expressed in the film, "we don't know what the limits are"….. Indeed, is this not the penultimate tragedy of technological innovation in the service of military objectives? For do not kid yourselves folks, HAARP is a tool of power which is a tool of dominance which is a tool of war. The heartless psychopaths who command these installations are the marionettes whose strings are controlled by even more diabolical HIDDEN COMMANDERS, BE THEY MILITARY OR ILLUMINATI, OR A COMBINATION OF BOTH, IT DOESN'T MATTER. The net result is a technology gone batshit mad and raging drunk on it's own capabilities. Mother Earth, our beautiful and sacred and infinitely precious home in the infinitude of space and time, is recoiling in horror at the anomalous entities she has birthed out of her own womb. These entities have turned on her and would seek to subjugate and exploit every conceivable precious part of her body in search of chest-beating power and unbridled profit. 

      Let us not fail to recognize the scientists whose respective expertise has been drafted into the service of a war machine so vast that it is far, far beyond the understanding of even the most savvy of today's renaissance man. To all of them, I say the sooner you make it to hell the better. And to all the covert operatives who monitor this site, you are beneath contempt. 

    • Bija says:

      Marc…you are right on. I expected the same here in the southwest, but interestingly they have sprayed non-stop since Friday, and building line upon line since early this morning so that now the sky is a thick, milky haze! Families have been celebrating Easter out in the parks, including my family, regardless of the toxic witches brew being dumped on their heads.

      I chose, instead, to plaster my car with signs and drive around most of the day: GeoengineeringWatch.org; Stop Spraying Our Skies; Look Up – Wake Up – You Are Being Sprayed, etc. 

      Because it was family traffic, I got more lookers and a different kind of response than during the work week. A very few honked. I noticed some commenting and some keying into their cell phones (not sure whether related to me), some sped away from me as fast as they could get away, others tried to ignore me or gave me dirty looks. But I figure I at least spent my day attracting some attention to the cause, rather than sit in a cesspool of malevolent aerosolized particulates masquerading as a holiday in the park. 

      Whether it's Agenda 21, a continuation of the deeds of psychopathic criminals brought here through project paperclip, or a misguided and uncaring government and military, this kind of blatant disregard for Earth and its inhabitants is clear indication that, in the words of Dr. Bill Deagle "the masters of chaos have completely gone over the edge."

      Every day is a living nightmare that I wish I could wake up from. Some folks say we live in interesting times and we chose to be here now to fight this fight. If so or not…then let's do what we know is the right thing to do. I'm glad to be in the company of so many courageous and moral beings who are willing stand against pure evil!

      If the bad guys really do "win" this one, anyone who survives will have to redefine just what it means to win…


  11. Rumplestiltskin says:

    What Bernard Eastlund is not speaking to is the other uses of HAARP, some of it so sinister that they dare not speak of it.  He tries to make it appear so benign and safe.

    What he is not saying is that it can be used to push earth-quake zones such that they can cause earth quakes almost at will.  Ministers in Japan have acknowledge that they were warned that they had better tow the line or else.  When they didn't do as they were told, I believe TPTB used Haarp to force acquiescence to our demands by causing the earthquake that caused the flooding in Japan which killed about 18.000 people.

    AND my friends, that is only the tip of the iceberg.  That power can be pulsed and modulated to create problems in our human anatomy as well, and that is the part they are keeping secret because it can be used against a citizenship such that they would abdicate their rights without even knowing what hit them.

  12. Wyatt Berry says:

    I really enjoy this HAARP documentary.  Credible people, the late Dr. Eastlund among others, dispel all of the myths about the ionospheric project, he helped to create it.  The scientists and HAARP people themselves all verify that this technology has an extreme potential for abuse, the same abuses that we are seeing today.  HAARP and its counterparts are not benign.


    Local update:  At this point in time the weather here in Midcoast Maine is unlike any I have ever experienced before.  The entirety of the month of March was 20 degrees below average.  It felt like early February.  As we enter April the temp is still below average and there is a considerable amount of snow still on the ground since January.  It does not seem to melt, even in direct sunlight.  Yesterday, April 3, the temperature reached 60 degrees F.  The entire sky was aerosoled with a few patches of blue here and there.  The temperatures are expected to drop back to the mid thirties for the next week with more snow expected.  Our weather is apparently manufactured entirely.


    Where has the consistency with the climate gone?  This situation is so out of control.  Everyone was jumping up and down with joy for the good weather.  No one can put 2 and 2 together, although many do feel that something is not right.  The weathermakers have assumed the role of god.  This is a psychological operation on a massive scale and without precedent.  The physical health and mental states of billions of people are being altered and degraded as if we are simply play-things to entertain the elite.


    It is sickening because those of us who are aware are part of a growing minority, which despite our best efforts, is unable to completely expose and halt these monstrous programs.


    I believe Dane when he says that raising awareness is the best way to go about this.  I have contacted and received a replies from the offices of Representative Bruce Poliquin and Senator Angus King of Maine.  The interns there are condescending and patronizing when discussing this issue.  Most of the sheep feel that because they are not informed or aware of this issue, then it must not exist or have any significance.  So many are willfully ignorant because they cannot accept the consequences of breathing 20 million tons of aluminum annually.  Despite the three dozen letters I have written to my so-called representatives since November, with all of the credible data, rain tests, telescopic footage of spray tankers, etc., they refuse to even acknowledge that anything is occurring.  Dialogue may not be the final solution to this problem, regrettably.  Prepare accordingly.


    2015 will see a water crisis in California and the southwest.  Is this part of the reason why the military will be conducting Operation Jade Helm and begin infiltrating cities and towns in ten southwest states starting this July?  I fear that our military is being prepped to deploy on our own soil in order to contain the inevitable unrest and disorder, or worse.


    For anyone who is not yet aware, please look up Operation Jade Helm 15.  If there is significance to it, and it is not just a "training exercise", I cannot help but to think that this operation is somehow related to the spray agenda.

  13. Ana says:

    Haarped Skies? or hazed skies full of gigantic white  lines and tainted of unatural colors? Not evidence enought for too many people i´m afraid…no "flying spagetti monster" in front of their own eyes so how they could see the big  "white elephant in the room " scheme of climate engineering ?all they can see is their pensions or careers and  "credibility" (but what credibility means to them? a empty word with no meaning? is credibility stronger than the truth ot than the reality?) …they probably think that  aftherall if they are going to die why to bother ?…better enjoy their last years peacefully (at least they can find peace in a chaotic world and full of criminal actions by those in power  -lucky of them if they can still enjoy this shit!)…unfortunatly WE NEED ALL IN THIS FIGHT ! we need Dane but Dane needs all of us !  We need everyone with two eyes in the face(to look up) and that still holds some since of moral and justice in their minds in this corrupt  world ! …I didn´t need more evidence than what my own eyes showed to me along with other documents ,footage and lab tests that Dane presented  to us ! …everything else was just more to add to the confirmation i already had and to add to what i felt since the begining that i looked up to my skies and saw the increasing number of jet planes playing on the "playground" of our once blue skies!

    I don´t need this BS of passing the word to others cause we all have lifes .I´m studying Medicine ,do i need to be in this fight?(This is an answer to the "normal" not tin foils nuts wearing nutcases once that they think we don´t have more to do with our lifes except being nuts! )in my opinion i think i need ,it´s even  a duty but people always sees us as loosers ,as uneducated or crazy people ! If i don´t need this  Dane and others here in this site need it as much as myself but they still here …They fight as they can! And what are you doing except to deny the "flying spageti monster" ?(yes this is a message to the "unbelievers" once that we are seen as "believers") …I´m tired of being seen as a lunatic when the only blind people here are the ones that are probably scared ,afraid or commited with the system somehow! we need more corageous and independent people and unfortunatly seems to me that to find people like this(in this condition in life) is even a harder mission than to make the world to see the climate engineering crimes happening in our skies(so i´m afraid we are doomed …)…learned people at this point can argue if is it a crime or not in their point of view (aftherall for some people aluminium can be a good "drink" or the spraying a harmful cocktail)but no longer i can accept a denial from this educated/informed people…a denial for me means commitment with the system or fear of any kind!…

    Sorry Dane! i have had less time these days to comment and to be honest i´m getting tired of people that i´m begining to  no longer feel sorry for them(i feel rage for them, i can´t lie) ,i´m getting disapointed to the point i´m almost giving up on discussing with stupid people!(the majoraty i see in my daily life  unfortunatly) I know it´s not pretty of me but i just feel sorry for very few people in this world ,the children and all the inocent beings /nature in the planet! i got so disapointed with so many people these days since Chico presentation! it´s not only you who have to deal with people that is with one foot in envyronment and other out of reality ,people that is worried about Co2 emissions  or recycling their garbage and that that are the same people whom close their eyes to the most terrific threat(s) to the envyronment …(this is what is really crazy or who are the real tin foils wearing nutcases that our governments distract and control  very well with brainwashing media)

    I admire you a lot! we need more people like you !

    I would like to fight against these criminals not only with words! words are nothing to them! They don´t care about us or about our words!but probably i will die first before they will fall on the ground! …they are debilitating us and killing us slowly with cancer,Alzheimers,parkinson ,Autism etc and they will be profiting with it forever till the end ! the world for them just means money /profit and power/control so we are only their chess pieces on their chessboard (the world) ,pieces that they control and send to war as numbers of men and women to control this or that area and to protect their businesses(they should send their own sons or themselves to the frontline of a war )…I´m afraid that the world and people will never change cause of one side we have those in Power but on the other side we have the ones that obey all their sinister rules (we,the people) to continue on the same doomed path of our existences! The next beings afther the extintion hope to be better than us but i´m afraid we will be living in a hell on Earth for long before that happens!(not even death would be the easy way out for us i´m afraid as Mr Guy thinks!)

    Keep the good work ! I´m not such a good human-being as you are !I wish i was! Cause i´m hating this damn world and stupid people ! 


    • Bija says:

      Ana…no need to doubt yourself. You are a good human being. It is natural and necessary to feel anger and frustration not only at the architects of this evil and destructive greed and control machine, but also at those who are really too stupid or too personally involved to do anything or even acknowledge that this is happening. Keep doing what you can. Yours is an important voice and presence in this movement. You inspire others. Take a breather when you need to. Let your anger and hatred of what is being forced upon us be  the unbearable pain that keeps you moving forward. You are not alone – in your feelings of despair, or your willingness to look the awful, ugly truth in the face. Every one of us is needed to raise awareness and consciousness. Ignore those who are hopelessly dumbed down and instead look for any sign of intelligent life on this planet. We wouldn't be in in this situation if we all hadn't been asleep at the wheel at some point and handed our freedoms to those least likely to guard and cherish them. 

      It's bad, maybe worse than we know. Our world and humanity may be a lost cause. But we must do something every day to tip the scales toward a different outcome. If not us, then who? If not now, then when? Thanks for voicing what I also feel, and thanks for all your thoughts and wisdom in this fight!

  14. Rick L. says:

    A welcome scenario to get peoples attention would be to see HAARP knock out all satellites that handle any and all communication for PC's, cell phones, GPS's for say a week. Then on and off again a couple more times for month. Just think, what would people do if they couldn't find their way around or spend countless hours jibber jabbering about nothing and texting while driving around in their fancy cars How long would it take for them to forget about what happened and go on with their lives?

    All we can do is Hope. Like what John Heckscher the project manager for HAARP said, they don't know the results. "That's why we experiment". So maybe there is a chance to cut off all the satellites yet. To me it's obvious to see the power needed to get this madness stopped is more than we as civilians have against such a bunch of demons.

    Until then I guess I'll just have to go out back and try to enjoy all the pretty designs that HAARP can make in the sky. I'll tell you they will never end up in any of my oil paintings.

    • Randall Richards says:

      I live in n wisconsin, close to lake superior, and the planes spray daily, and incredible as it seems, in summer the plane comes by every 15 minutes.
      I guess I live on a so called moisture river comming off the lake??
      With 70 persent of americas people on antidepresents its no wonder we are dumbed down.

  15. Barbara Connelly says:

    March for a cure or Fight the cause…

    Love Your Mother Earth!

    Good Work, Sir Wigington!

  16. @ Milla

    @ Nikola

    You are not alone. These assholes sprayed my German town heavily today as well. They started around 05:00h in early morning, huge big lines at low altitude, and thought nobody would realize that. They continued to spoil a former clear sky all day long until something, looking like white mist, was left.

    I can not document everything for technical reasons but the culprits will hopefully get their invoice one day! Nuremberg like trial!??



  17. @ The Mayhem

    The same "Elites" that initiated HAARP created ISIS.

    Wanna bet?



  18. – a new development in Atlanta on April 3 – All of the many aerosol lines are stop-start (dashes across the sky) rather than continual long lines.  Why coordinate in this manner at this time?

    • Captain Joe Sullivan says:

      Hi Mary Hollowell,

      great question! although I do not have a credible answer – I hope some one here does. 

      I documented this activity yesterday with many pictures as well as videos – live action – as I witnessed it. 

      It was a very busy day for our Airforce and the jets they are spraying with.

      Im extremely concerned and upset what  I witness every sunny day

      Capt Joe Sullivan

    • kb says:

      Probably think the dashes look more like real clouds than stripes.

    • donna ford says:

      Mary, They are doing that here also and it seems to create cloud clusters and not white outs. I also think that their spraying tactics are changing a bit. I've seen planes that leave a less apparent trail but still will dim the sun. They have been at it all day here in NM.

  19. Ono says:

    Haarp safe?  of coarse it is;  let me show you a little demonstration with sealed glass tube filled with glass and a household microwave.  How about a real demonstration?

    Every scientist who promotes this project should me given a house right next to one of these facilities…


  20. carol freiberg says:

    Who are the men at the HAARP facility who say there is no military purpose? The janitors? Disgusting liars!

  21. The Mayhem says:

    HAARP: A bigger threat than ISIS. It's time for these so-called psycho terrorists to shut down the machine for good. All it's doing is cause more harm in California. 


  22. Diana Moss says:

    There has been a lot of interest in the drought in California and now Californians have been put on severe water rationing, but still no mention of chemtrails, except by the residents on this website and no mention of the use of HAARP or how it is being used to move the jet stream.  Watching so-called scientists lying about chemtrails, HAARP, and GOMs is not only offensive, it is totally without a moral basis, merely a misguided group of persons intent on destroying every living thing on the planet but the planet itself.  As I watched this film I kept thinking that they have already used HAARPs ability to alter minds: 1. the minds of the leaders of the governments involved , plus. 2. the minds of the masses that refuse to acknowledge what is happening right before them.

    A couple of weeks ago there was a news item that reported that over 2,000 snow geese ' just fell out of the sky dead' in Idaho on their migration  to Northern Alaska.  My first thought was that they ran into a field of microwaves.  Could that have been possible?  I haven't read any follow up on the story.  

  23. JR says:

    I've owned this dvd video now for several years. It is and eye opener and these horse asses talking good about it well, are just that. Horse asses! As Tesla said, if it's not good for man, technology is not technology. If it hurts human and nature as the Lord made all we have not been good stewards of everything. In this dvd you will hear about the paperback put out by Nick Begich and Jeanne Manning. Good book if you can stomach this trash forced on us by the evil ones and designer of evil and deceit. The prince of darkness this sucker and it's followers….. 

  24. An engineered  drought has been  and is taking place in California, once the bread basket of the whole USA. They engineer the drought then make billions if not more off the solutions they offer. Classic PROBLEM->REACTION->SOLUTION. This Genocide needs to stop NOW…
     I almost lost my Beloved to this so its very personal and it is imposition the kind that Stalin himself would envy. This is an AbomInation, the choice is ours, America Land of the FREE, or OBAMA NATION?

    • Michel B says:

      Just to respond to your comment about "sub human lizards" rather than 'Men' being the more proper term to use. Whatever label we give to those who are behind these schemes, we the general public are largely at a loss to explain how they arrived at positions of power and influence. If we don't know how they got there, how will we stop them from continuing to infiltrate those spheres of influence?

      I feel the same emotions of anger and frustration as you do over this situation, but we have to pull back from emotive resorts to understanding exactly how it all got to be this way. I can well imagine the people who work for these programs do so with very little emotional investment.

      On sites like this one, we postulate and guess as to many aspects of what is going on, but we are in the dark. We guess fairly correctly that it isn't for our good. We really have to buckle down and sort this mess out, because if we don't it will probably get worse before it gets better.

      Most of us find it very hard to imagine why this would be happening even after we find out it is happening. Most people are not prepared to find out what is going on, as it is done in secret and most people are 'educated away' from this aspect of reality of life on this planet before they may inadvertently discover anything.

      The words 'psychopath' or 'sociopath' is used at times to describe the persons who propel this activity and it is likely to be correct. But the whole system we live under is sociopathic. We, the rest of us, have unwittingly subscribed to living this way.

      The capacity for what I will call "the absurdity that allows for psychopathy to arise" is an evolutionary genetic/social anomaly that for whatever reason is something that can exist in this reality. It is guessed that this happens to 4 – 10% of our population. The rest of us are largely ignorant of this, yet we live under the disastrous umbrella of it.

      The ones of us who are waking up will have to develop institutions that dismantle the current Military Industrial Complex and all the supporting and subsidiary elements around it. This is breath taking in scope, but the current regimes are already breath taking in scope as it is. Then after the dismantling, there will be a constant process of prevention of these power centers being taken over again by empathy-challenged persons.

    • Hawkeye says:

      @IRSTitanicWW1 – The engineered drought in Cal. will not go away as long as the geo-spraying continues, so yes it is engineered and so yes it is not going away. Plan accordingly.

      Cal. is also a major grower/supplier of food for this country et al, so if their drought is NOT going away then what to expect next from NO water to grow is food shortages and price increases. I am sorry for you all in Cal. but the drought is also trickling in to other states and area's around the globe so do that math on how food will be effected and then who/what will be in control of the entire food chain for the globe. Then what? Vote it out? LOLOLOL… oh please stop!

      GMO's were created to replace real food plants because normal can't grow in poison dirt, air & water. The ironic part is GMO's can't grow in droughts either. LOL…

      Getting the word out is vital, I am with you all there, but I still do not see it changing anything because people are so gone even if this issue was out in the open the masses would allow it because they are programmed to accept the machine and like it better. IF the machine says it is needed to maintain the status quo of FAKE, then the masses will vote for it time and time again regardless of what others say against the machines data.

      We "thought" no one would ever allow chips to be implanted in their bodies yet what do we see? People love it, they are putting cell phones in their arms, so a chip? No problemo they will do it in a heart beat. The masses are use-less in our fight to expose and halt the spraying, don't count on them to help and don't count on any party people or leaders to stop this either, it won't happen. They have already made their choices and sold we the people and our Earth out! Move on.

      America is not land of the free and this is part of what we are finding out now. Get over this political mindset that thinks it is all obama, it is not, it is all parties and none are worth your time to vote. America et al are BROKE, ok so what does that really mean? Simple; it means that ANY government that DEPENDS on banksters to operate is NOT in control of their country, period!! ALL they can do as "policy makers" is follow the loan terms dictated by the banksters or they get their house taken away, period.

      When all minds realize this fact of life and how ALL bankster governments work, then maybe you will stop voting for liars, both red & blue are this. All they do do is push hate your fellow dem or pub and this is why we can't reason with our fellow man because red & blue is their God now and they lie like rugs. IF you want truth then you can not vote for liars or you are a hypocrite, sorry it is true. 

      America is not "the" evil, it is a joint effort because America can not go spray europe etc. SO there must have been a meeting of all minds to get it done. You still want one world, one people? Then this is it happening now and it is not so good is it?  They are spin masters of deceit and so be careful what you "think" you want. IF there is only ONE, then that means there is NONE to over see the one. And here we are.

      Choice is ours??? No no no it is not. Did we get to choose or not this sky nightmare? Did we get to deny all the fiat loans they signed our names to? Did we choose fake food, fake plants, fake insects or livestock? Did they ask us our opinions? Did we choose any of the BS we are living in today? NO on all questions, so I rest my case. Thank you. Hawkeye


    • SortingHat says:

      Hawkey is right in all accounts! What part of the USA is broke and cannot make it's own rules anymore do people NOT understand?  


      What part of debt do Americans not understand?   I feel like they are getting ready for a zombie crisis by dumbing people's minds down enough to be dead yet alive and then with food shortages people will start *gasp* eating each other but that's happened before when civilization has fallen or people are in desperate situations with no moral values or love of the true creator that made us. 

      It's not a mistake the Department of Homeland Security has a training guide for a zombie scenario.

  25. Charlotte says:

    The only way I see out of this is through the mass awakening of military personnel.

  26. Ralph Ely says:

    Love for each other and Mother Earth is good and we should practice it daily.  However, we need to go beyond that.  We all need to copy the videos that Dane suggest and forward them, along with some of the timely notes on the subject, to everyone on your email contact list. Get the email addresses of your City, County, State and Federal  representatives and pepper them with this information.  Add Radio, News Papers and TV stations to your address book along with Talk Show Hosts and in particular your local  *weather person. (*They are in deep denial and/or follow "the party line" when talking about climate.)

    We can all be an extension of this website by spending just a few minutes each day to spread the word.  The Power Structure behind Geo Engineering is starting to crack.  We need to keep pushing until it crumbles. Tell everyone you meet, Look UP!  Arm yourself with the facts, start the conversation at every opportunity ie: Shopping, pumping gas, at a social gathering, after church…etc, and Follow through with emails and phone calls.

    Do it today, tomorrow and everyday!



  27. Michel B says:

    Do bullets perform a type of 'surgery'? Well, yes they do, but it is not beneficial to the person receiving the bullet. But the person placing the bullet perceives a benefit from the rearrangement of body tissues that ensues from a targeted being receiving that bullet.

    These technologies cannot have a completely safe scope to their operation. To start with, safety is not a primary goal. Environmental Impact Statements will be whitewash and placatory.

    I've worked in lead mines where Health and Safety is completely micro managed, but you will be breathing and absorbing lead dust for the majority of the time you are at or near the mine.

    There are inescapable hazards inherent with certain undertakings. A military force cannot have safety as a primary goal, at least not while in the hands of the current Military Industrial Complex.

    The concept of Safety is based on perceived values of sustaining natural integrity in living and non living systems so as not to threaten or diminish the health of any entity in those systems.

    Nature has taken billions of years to evolve the systems of equilibrium that is reflected in the flourishing of Earth's many life forms. Man, who is more primate than any type of enlightened being, has taken perhaps a couple of thousand years to bring his house down in order to serve the base territoriality and other primal, animalistic urges that we have inherited from our evolutionary past and for the large part have not yet transcended.

  28. Nikola says:

    I saw the heavy spraying today, here in Bosnia, very heavy, and I felt a lot of love!

    • Milla says:

      Nikola, I am sorry America is a cesspool of evil BS and does this to every nation on the planet. I am sorry, from America, with love. We were sprayed here in NYC, too. Let's end nations. One world, one people, one flora, one fauna, one planet.

  29. Nikola says:

    Let's love them like they love us!!!

    That would be fair.

  30. Zachary Isaac says:

    We have a mutual interest in stopping them. By ourselves we have no power. Through violence and strife we have no power. But with love we can defeat them

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