Hacking The Planet: The Climate Engineering Reality


Dane Wigington

In the mid 1940's global powers made the decision to intervene in Earth's climate and life support systems without the knowledge or consent of populations. The weather makers tell us their programs are a form of mitigation for global warming, but is this the truth? Is climate engineering / solar radiation management helping to cool the planet? Or are the ongoing geoengineering operations only temporarily cooling some regions at the cost of further fueling the overall rapid unraveling of Earth's climate and life support systems? What other covert agendas are being carried out? How dangerous is the highly toxic heavy metal fallout from these programs that is raining down through our breathable air column? "Hacking The Planet: The Climate Engineering Reality" is a condensed hard hitting 40+ minute climate engineering educational documentary. This informational video reveals shocking film footage of the ongoing atmospheric spraying operations in addition to covering the most fundamental facts about the covert global geoengineering / climate intervention programs. Answers to the most frequently asked climate engineering questions are also covered in this production. Will climate engineering save humanity from global warming? Or will man's attempt to play God with the weather only ensure our common demise?

This video can be freely viewed, shared, and used as a tool for waking others to the critical climate engineering issue. I wish to express my most sincere gratitude to the individuals who helped with this effort. GeoengineeringWatch.org is not (and will not) monetize this educational video in any way. As always, our only goal is to provide essential information in order to assist with critical awareness raising efforts. All of us are needed to in this most important battle to sound the alarm, we must make every day count.

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159 Responses to Hacking The Planet: The Climate Engineering Reality

  1. Ron Coddington says:

    Thanks, Dane, for what you are doing.  Over the past ten years or so we have observed the entire sky over Raleigh clouded over by the white spreading clouds trailing out of jumbo jets numerous times though the frequency of these events have diminished over the past three or four years.  I will simply add that the huge number of anti-chemtrail videos and commentaries have spoken volumes about the truth of what you are showing us.  Keep up the good work.  

  2. Sandra Coad says:

    I must admit I’m a bit late to the party here. Found this site by accident and have spent the last few hours watching and reading. I’ve often looked at the chemtrails and wondered what the hell was going on. Gut instinct told me something was wrong with it but I didn’t know what. Now that I do I’m so sad for my children and grandchildren. I’ve shared on FB and just hope more people get to see it and become interested in what is really happening, strength in numbers and all. I fear it may be too late though. We lose the bees and we’re pretty much done for. As if all this Covid BS isn’t enough to worry about. I live in Western Australia and I still have a lot of bees in my garden thank goodness. I work as a support worker for the aged in the community and the amount of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s I see is huge. My own daughter has MS. All the immune and neurological problems I see and I’ve always wondered how come there’s so much of it. Now I know. Very sad. I am very grateful for having come across your site and wish you all the luck in the world in your endeavours. Keep fighting the good fight. I will spread the word where I can.

  3. Constance Judson says:

    This is REAL… and LETHAL … No one wants to listen. They think I am nuts. After looking at a gorgeous day and watching 4 planes do a zig zag over miles of sky going no where just spraying streams and streams of chemicals the sky within an hour was completely covered. GOD HELP US! Is there a lawsuit we can join? HOW can we STOP this INSANITY! 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Canstance, thank you for your efforts to wake those around you. In regard to your question, though GeoengineeringWatch.org contiues to work behind the scenes on legal efforts, reaching a critical mass of public awareness is ultimately the only way forward in this fight. FYI https://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/how-do-we-stop-climate-engineering-only-way-forward/

    • Tony Delanzo says:

      Hi Dane or anyone.. has any of these PILOTS of these jets ever comment on why THEY think they're doing this, it doesn't take a genius 

      this isn't GOOD!! they ALL should be but in prison!!! Dammit..

    • Tony Delanzo says:

      Are there any jet pilots out there? Why are you facilitating this insanity!!

      I know this isn't privately done! So these MILITARY pilots should be questioned and asked why are they doing this to humanity and them selfs!!!!

    • Tracy timbery says:

      Hi Dane,

      The grid patterns in the northern Rivers area of Australia are getting out of control. We had a major flood in that area than a month later. We have had nature with beautiful normal  weather for this time of year the last few weeks but once we hit two weeks of fine weather the skies are full of grid patterns and within three days rain. It makes people depressed due to six months of this, things aren't growing so well. Who in this pathetic weak corrupt country or elsewhere do we take our fight to ? Some have said it's the UN? Thank you 

  4. Ellen says:

    I think lawsuits that you are involved with might help. But even if everyone I know, believes in GeoEngineering, how can we make the government stop?  I feel so utterly helpless when the planes are spraying.  That high level of corruption, where countries are getting sprayed without their consent, is overwhelming.  My own husband won't listen to me or talk about it.  I think it rocks his world too much and makes him feel too much fear and helplessness, so it's easier to pretend that we have a govt that would never do something like that to us.  It's very sad when smart people won't listen.

    • Rose Ann balaun says:

      Oh gosh..how do we stop it?…keep funding the heslthhstudies…bird population way down it seems here spraying like crazy…we do seem powerless…that th how "they" the freaks….want it..thank you…no one listens to me …family denial….iron curtain of sorts… Isnt it. BAR all seem taken over,

  5. Mel Morse says:

    Hi Dane,

    I awoke to many sad realities about our planet a few years back and nothing shocked me more than geoengineering. I live in outback Western Australia and just today, when driving home from another town for work, I saw a plane come from the North, ladening the sky with it’s dirty smoke! I am shocked that even here, we are experiencing this horrific disaster. Our town is a small population along the coast and is infamous for growing all kinds of food. How would you propose we go about fighting this and who do you suggest we speak to? Thank you for all your hard work and research and making the world more aware to these atrocities. 

  6. Brenda Hardy says:

    How can i help change this?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Brenda, in regard to your question, reaching a critical mass of awareness is the first and most critical leap forward. All of us are needed in the effort to wake sleeping populations. FYI https://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/how-do-we-stop-climate-engineering-only-way-forward/

  7. Patrick Coghlan says:


    Thankyou Dane. A must see video. Let the force be with you!!!

  8. Steve Adkins says:

    Dane No reply necessary,  just wanted to say thanks for all your efforts and I got our backs up here in Lake Stevens Washington. We face a tough battle going forward, however Im always prepared for the Truth. My Senator news latter this morning National Parks week asked for my thoughts on climate change so I am giving them to her. Been doing my part since my awaking about 10 or so years ago and will continue. Earth, My Favorite Planet!

  9. Heather says:

    When I walk our dog, she looks up and barks at the planes with chemtrails. She gets crazy mad!  Even a dog gets it!

  10. Heidi says:

    Has anybody compared the combustibility of leaves from a dead tree where the same dry weight of leaves have or have not been previously rinsed?

    I assume that many contaminants are contained within the leaves, but fallout also accumulates on the surface and might make a difference in flammability. 

    I think visualization of this kind might make it easier to put firefighters on high alert concerning geoengineering.

    Thank you for all you do, Dane and friends!

    • Karen H says:

      Agreed Heidi  I also have been wondering too about the combustibility of our landscapes that have been experiencing crazy intense fires in Calif.  I would imaginei simply testing the trees and leaves in fire torn areas might be useful..

      Thank you for your efforts and information Dane & group!

      I'm just looking into this now.  Thanks again!


  11. Bob says:

    Ask Yourself..

    Why is it that every year there is a Flu outbreak…This spraying of the Sky has been going on since I was a kid.and I am 70 .The US has been doing this for too long and now they have gone too far..

    This form of population control has to stop..


  12. Pedro Santos says:

    do you have info about more intense spraying near high mountains?

    like if it is more efficient for such purposes of geoengineering effects


    • ellen says:

      Hello Dane

      I am looking for the legal right that allows our US government to spray US humans with their "research projects" without our consent. Is there something on the books that makes this "legal"?  thank you for all that you do.


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Ellen, the ongoing aerosol spraying operations are not legal.

    • dan Mahony says:

      Dane ,

      You should sic the the no growth commie crowd on the people who produce the spraying equipment.They would get lots of positive MSM coverage.

  13. Pedro Santos says:


    just watched your amazing video 

    Hacking The Planet: The Climate Engineering Reality


    my question is about mercury on mothers breast milk.

    was earing a radio program where a doctor was defending the mercury on a vaccine that was below the amount ingested by a baby on 3 months breast milk.

    could this mercury comes from these atmosferic sprayings? like the aluminium?


    kind regards and many thanks for the info


    Pedro Santos

    • Pedro says:

      The injection of the heavy metals ( which are present in the vaccines as adjuvants and preservatives ) into the body of a Person, principally into the organism of a young Child causes a terrible immunological response that leads to minor or major strokes in various regions of the brain, which can cause several different permanent negative effects on the brain ( and also in other organs ), leading to a decrease of the cognitive capacity ( among several other pathologies ) and in many cases this drastic immunological response can lead to AUTISM, what is in this case a terrible side effect of the vaccination and which occurs in a very short period ( 24h or less after the vaccination or in a period a bit longer ). In some cases the immunological reaction can be so drastic that can lead even to death. This doesn't happen with the heavy metals that all Persons ingest with their diet, via the oral way.

      Check the information about this subject with the videos of Dr. Andrew Moulden, and send a copy of those videos to the "doctor" that was defending the big pharma companies and their vaxxices. You will be doing a favor to your country.

      One more thing; nobody really knows what comes inside a vaccine and in which amounts, because vaxxines are made without being subjected to a credible and independent CONTROL of QUALITY. But we know that only a few micrograms of INJECTED ALUMINUM or MERCURY are very HARMFUL, and you can find more harmful substances inside a vaccine besides the heavy metals. And we ALSO KNOW that vaccines are built to cause harm; ask to – bill gates -, he will tell you about that.









  14. Garry says:

    Great work as always Dane. I know this is a little dated, but what are your thoughts on this engineered hurricane flooding on Harvey? It is just sitting in one spot

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Garry, in regard to your question about Hurricane Harvey, see the attached link. https://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/engineered-climate-cataclysm-hurricane-harvey/

    • Lucille Munro says:

      Hi Dane:

      I got some good picture today of 9 jets spraying our clear blue skies here in Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada.

      We had 2 days of beautiful blue sky, not a cloud in the sky, so they hit us pretty hard this morning September 16, 2017.


      One comment I have on your "Hacking the Planet", is at the end you say that the damage done is irreparable?  So how can knowledge of this issue change anything if our climate is imploding and the planet is in omnicide?

      Lucille Munro



    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Lucielle, in regard to your question, yes, much of the damage already done cannot be undone in any time frame that matters. This being said, if we can yet salvage any part of Earth’s remaining life support systems, that is worth fighting for till our last breath.

  15. Oh, and I forgot to mention the silver tones/hues of the sunshine here in our area too, which is not normal and is quite glaring.Yes, the sun does not appear yellow anymore, like many have mentioned.  That, and the fact there are silvery, shimmering particles in the bark of our fruit trees this year which I have never seen before, confirming that nature is absorbing the heavy metals and chemicals which are being sprayed, or is being absorbed by plant-life from the polluted rain.

  16. In the central valley, California, we are having triplet digit numbers in this heat wave.  It is a very dry heat, and is evaporating any of the rain we have previously seen this year from our soil. The ground dries up within hours after we water.  For the past few days there has been no evidence of chemtrails, which is quite odd. Instead, there is the extreme heat. There are still strange illnesses affecting all age groups, not your typical viruses, but making many lethargic with 'fuzzy' comprehension, and short-term memory where you walk into a room, or turn on your computer and immediately forget what you were going to do. This is not normal.  Thank you for this site, Dane, it confirms what we all feel in our gut instincts, that what is happening is not natural. I have been having feelings of de je vu, like I know what is coming next and it isn't going to be good by any means.

    • A T says:

      I frequently adventure to Lake Tahoe, I have witnessed the trails completely manipulate the weather! Turn a sunny day into dreary and overcast, and take a snow storm and turn it into a sunny day! Everywhere I hike is only a matter of time before multitudes of trails appear in the sky. It's disgusting.

  17. David former Navy Aerographers Mate (Weather Observer/Forecaster) says:

    A person really does not even need to understand the weather, to know that these Jet Aircraft are dispersing particles that are abnormal. The inconsistencies and very unnatural phenomena that is displayed in our skies, should be an obvious sign, but unfortunately most people are not noticing what is going on above. Hopefully that will all change soon, as the word keeps spreading throughout the country and rest of the world! Great video!

  18. nobodies fool says:

    Excellent video, Dane and all. I sent Take Back Your Power around to several dozen folks yesterday, some of whom are up against this just now. Thank you so much to the person who posted this. So, now I'm sending this one around. Thank you. They know it's game over, they know. Hopefully, we won't get fooled again. Here's a little gift I received during a private moment a few days ago.

    The Garden of Miracles

    In the secret heart of all this madness, loss, grief, violation, and illusion, the door into the Garden of Miracles is always open  to us. It’s g round is integrity; its light the innocence which is trust; its food is the rich compost of our lives, our dreams and desires, gains and losses, all of our thoughts and experiences and the feelings that came and went with them, all of it. But in order to green, in order to grow, it needs the waters of humility which flow from a compassionate heart.

  19. nobodies fool says:

    Dane and all: Check out this bs from the University of Hawaii. I sent them a response. Told them to bring a thermometer.


  20. BaneB says:

    Forecasted temperature for Central Mendocino County, California is Farenheit 100 to 106 for today, Sunday, June 17.  My area is scheduled for 106F.  This area is not Palm Desert, but a region that has been described as a 'temperate rain forest.'  Four more days and summer begins.  This is an extreme temperature not unheard of in my locale.  But not so early.  And I want to comment on the sky to the north of here last evening around 9 pm to around 9:30…..orange glowing Frankenstein clouds set upon a background of a turquoise sky.  This odd coloring was so totally an ethereal Maxfield Parrish other worldly scene that I sat there mesmerized for a full half an hour wondering if the apocalypse was at hand.

  21. Colt says:


    The spraying is so bad today. Why are they doing this? It obviously isn't to block the sun. It isn't working if it is. Is it to kill us? What the heck are they really doing in your opinion?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Colt, the answer to your question is complex, the attached powerpoing presentation is a start. FYI https://www.youtube.com/watch?list=PLwfFtDFZDpwutYOt4Ds-626kTMX3gDcuD&v=zt_RQ7o7U_s

  22. Michel B says:

    Brisbane, Australia, this Saturday morning, very heavy and extensive SRM with all of its concomitant patterns of stripes amd parallel lines, mixing in with normal cloud trying to do its normal thing except it cannot.

    Our winter is currently too warm. I remember back in the 70s we used to have frost on our lawns on the coldest mornings in winter. Brisbane is in the sub tropics, but ice forming on the blades of grass at dawn was normal. Not now.

    Black mold is extensive on most roofs and vertical structures. Cars parked on the street clearly show that significant dust settling down all of the time, the dust that is synonymous with the SRM and the subsequent all-around-haze on the horizon or closer that anyone who cares to look can see and start to question.

    Wake up, folks, we are being sprayed like bugs in a futile gesture of trying to mask our exploding climate problem.

  23. Seeing Clearly says:

    Documentary made some really good points.

  24. Pedro says:

    Hello All.

    Hello Dane.

    Today was the 3rd day in this week, that the "official" forecasting on radio, gave temperatures of more than 40ºC, for more than one district, here in "my" southern European "country" ( region of the UE ).

    For today they gave 40, 41 and 42ºC, for 3 districts. For the rest of the districts, temperatures were over 30ºC ( from 30 to 38ºC ). And the woman in radio, was joking about the possibility that we will have for the weekend, an increase on temperatures. They said that 45ºC is a possibility for tomorrow.

    We are still in Spring.

    Thank you for your Work.

    • Donna-AZ says:

      Hi Pedro, the radio mouths here in Arizona sound so cheerful that it's getting so hot. We're supposed to be 120F on monday and 121F on tuesday. "And if you're the first caller when the temp hits the record high for that day you get tickets to…." I don't recall where, but really? And, now that it's "monsoon season"  it's monsoon this and monsoon that, how to prepare, blah, blah, blah. I wonder if the controller's are even going to let us have one, or blow them apart at the AZ/Mexico border like last year. "Yeah, we're watching, You Thieves." 

    • Pedro says:

      Hello Donna-AZ.

      120ªF is INSANE, even for Arizona.

      Yes, these "guys" from the media have their hands painted with blood.

      The lack of perspective and responsibility of these morons is shocking.

      They act like they will not suffocate with the rest of the Biosphere, if temperatures rise above the 50ºC.

      These irresponsible creatures think that there is a solution for the methane that is coming.

      Today, here, actually the massive spraying, turned the day into a incredible hot oven. Temperatures were over 35ªC, without wind, and with a very low "cloud" roof, with the color of lead and aluminum. They said thunderstorm is forming.. 

      I hope better days for you in AZ.

  25. Joseph L says:

    Wonderful Presentation.    I hope this video will wake more people up .

  26. DrDignity says:

    Thank you, Dane, for such a wonderful video!  Thanks for your cogent commentary on the times in which we find ourselves: the decade of the lie, the brain dead,  & those who go along to get along.  You're right about everything: hell is empty, they're all here. DrDignity

  27. Dr Todd says:

    Brilliant, scientific presentation. Thank you. I forwarded the link to several people so far,  and I hope  they can finally let it sink in. Most can't. That is an equally bizarre part of this whole unbelievable scenario. The planet is being hacked, visible signs everywhere, and most modern day people too brainwashed or stupefied to look up?    

  28. jean ballard says:

     thank you dane . watched and shared with all that i could. hopeful i planted just one seed that will grow and spread other seeds.  i will never  stop until my last breath to try and plant that one seed that will take root and grow .

  29. Blam says:

    My friends child came down with inoperable brain cancer, she is 2 years old and has one month to live. I cant really tell her what is causing it, she is oblivious, the world is all peaches and cream, well until now. So many children with cancer now, eugenics is definitely part of what they are doing.

    • Dennie says:

      We have all these thousands of chemicals as well as the continual release of ionizing radiation from Fukushima, not to mention the radiation floating around from all the nuclear bomb "tests" and god-only-knows what else.  Then the radionuclides hitch rides on the nanoparticulates from the geoengineering brew and no wonder we have brain tumors in 2-year-olds.

    • Seeing Clearly says:

      I am very upset from the cancer epidemic as well, I hear about cancer all the time even in children it's horrible.

      The whole is to blame for letting what should be criminal behavior like spraying dangerous pesticides and also the atmosphere for whatever meaningless damaging reason they are doing it.

      This is only one symptom of why we have to stop and make others stop as well.

      Since when was farming where much of the food gets thrown away and what we do eat is latent with chemicals more important than our health and wellbeing.

  30. Blam says:

    100 degrees all week at 5300 ft in N Colorado, unbearable, the sun feels like a toaster oven, its white as well. I remember something about the suns color means its temperature, I remember when I was young it was yellow

    • BaneB says:

      Blam.  Funny you should mention a 'white' sun.'  This is the same here at 4,00 feet.  The sun is not the yellow tint but a brilliant white, so white and bright that a quick glance is barely achievable.  And the general glare all around, from just looking at the yellowing grasses to the "clouds" is hard on the eyes.  A friend was visiting and lasted about 2 minutes in the sun, got up and stood over in the shade saying the glare was too strong.  Yesterday there were these odd fuzzy cotton candy clouds that would pop out from seemingly nowhere.  A wisp appears, then rapidly grows, and takes on fantastic swirls and a 'Swiss cheese' look with the edges as if bites are being chomped out.  I sat and watch the display for a good hour, snapping pics as if I need to add to 2,000 plus.  Given the intensity of the glare, it's probably important to keep at hand a good pair of quality UV blocking sunshades.  Haha, my weapons of choice….sunshades, binoculars, and the iPhone camera:-)

    • marc says:

      Yes, I am old enough to remember when the sun actually appeared "yellow". Bastards have destroyed our world. 

    • Randall. Rj says:

      thats right, the sun is arc welding white now. 

      It's not your imagination. 

      Lets hope the us bakes this summer to wake people up. 


    • Rachel Robson says:

      Blam, hello, and wow.  I used to live high in the Rockies.  Never hot enough to wear shorts in summer!  The sun is yellow here at times.  And not the "tint" of yellow as BaneB says, but egg yoke yellow.Wake early and catch the early morning bird show, which now mainly consists of crows, and see dawn colors in the WEST, zip in the east.  And the reverse at sunset.  VERY disorienting.  Here in Berkeley we get sprayed every single day it seems, and lately it actually looks as if this spraying is painting the sky blue.  I kid you not.  And I am not talking subtle spraying but massive in your face take that! spraying.  This in a town where so many are pursuing higher education, so many of these evil players work Here!, so many international students, so many people period.  Where is the hue and cry?  What the hell do people think is going on?  We've had a nearly unbearable stretch of cold weather, for me, really cold.  Even many freezes this past winter and sometimes for days in a row.  Cold, cold summers.  Suddenly, yesterday the temps zoom up!  And I am loving that.  But what? All this spraying to fine tune our weather?  Uh, lucky us?  Uh?  At least it feels normal………

  31. Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

    A Mighty Powerful Video Dane. You answered all the questions the Public asks. The Photo's are so disturbing.  It turns my stomach to see the amount sprayed out of One Single Aircraft.  And there are how many Hundreds, Thousands flying over Our only Planet Daily?  The Grids shown should have the Public Screaming , Contrail?   I Call Bullshit!    As it's been stated on this site before… The Eyes are Useless, when the Mind is Blind!

  32. 'a' simple horseman says:

    To ALL my friends I haven't met yet,

    I would like to bring light to a comment way down in this column that BaneB wrote to a commentor named "Concerned". BaneB, thank you for sharing a brief glimpse into your own life. I completely concur with much of what you wrote. I can only add to it, versus taking anything away from what you wrote. You are probably the only person I know of that consumes less electricity than I do. But I don't have a cell phone. I have satellite internet though. My outhouse has only 3 walls and a low roof so it doesn't get blown away. The parallels between BaneB's life and my own are staggering. But seriously here, BaneB, you very eloquently spell out what it's going to take to stop participating in the power structures game. I too was once a victim of the corporate world. I can not stress enough the rewards gained by withdrawing from your "enslavement". To see the farm, is to leave it.

  33. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane, and ALL my friends I haven't met yet,

    Today was farmers market #6, 16 more to go. Folks, let me tell ya, when marc writes about "climate grief"(I hope I got that term right marc) he's right. I suffer from it severely. The emotional swings do take their toll. And then days like today happen… Right off the bat at the opening of market, An old local gentleman(I guess to be 85 to 90) came by our booth. He pointed to the banners and said "I'm glad you know about those chemtrails". I about fell over. He did not even look like one that would be hip to what is happening above our heads. He has friends that are aware and that is how he came to be aware of what he now knows to be "aerosol spraying" dispersed by tanker aircraft. You will "never" hear the horseman use the term chemtrails, Ever! I only use it as I did here. I told this gentleman that he made my day. We spoke for about 15 minutes. One can gather a huge multitude of feelings and discoveries in that time. I sent him on his way with a video and he promised to come back and see me next week. It did me a world of good bringing him insight that he is not alone and there are folks like me that are making our voice heard. When one does not feel alone anymore, the smile that follows is priceless.

    My next visitor that stopped by is an electrical engineer back in north Dakota for the big power company in that region. He looked at the banners for a bit and then walked up and asked "I'm an engineer and I want to know what you call "geo" engineering". The tone was a bit coarse. My reply was, "engineer of what!?", with the same coarseness. He then gave his credentials and stated that so often he comes across folks that claim to be engineering something that actually aren't. I put a flyer in his hands and explained what he was looking at. Classic here, he stated that those are just contrails. Oh boy, talk about opening the door. I explained a bit about the high bypass jet engines and then explained what is actually being dispersed from those tankers and the size of the particulates making them bio available. The more I threw facts out the more I could see light bulbs turning on. Throwing numbers at engineers is a way to get through to them.

    A young lady stopped by to get 'another' flyer from me. Her young child had torn up the flyer I handed her during the parade 2 weeks ago.

    A young couple came by to get a flyer. They are "kind of" in the know of those trails in the sky, but here, they sought answers. The young gal is from here and the young man is from the Ukraine. They mentioned they wanted to share the flyer with their friends. I sent them away with 10 flyers. I'm sure I will talk with them again.

    I hand out videos like a library book. They have my name and phone number written on them with a sharpie. Today I had two videos returned. Both folks that brought them back were very grateful for the information and we had good discussions.

    My friends I haven't met yet, YOU can do this too!! I truly hope many of  you are already concocting your own strategy for engaging the public. And lastly, it was forecast today that it would rain sideways in town. Well, turns out it was only diagonal(grin). I invite folks to step under our booth and then I have them captive for a little while…..


    • nobodies fool says:

      You are friggin' awesome. Way to go. The people of the United States are movers and shakers, when they want to be.

  34. Anne Woodworth Bassingthwaite says:

    Thank you for your consistent work on this issue Dane. Been aware of this since 2008. I live on Vancouver Island BC Canada just north of you. We are pummeled daily. Assuming they hit us hard here so that they jet stream pulls the particulates eastward. 

    • rick says:

      Hello, I live south of Toronto  ridgeway. We are getting bombarded with the spraying of heavy metals in our skies. I lived in Alberta for a couple of years and the spraying is heavy there also. I’ve noticed they amped it up and are spraying more often and more heavily. I’ve ordered signs with geoengineeringwatch.org to put on my vehicle. I know the brainwashed will laugh but thats ok. I know what I see.

    • Glad to see some Canadians are here on Dane's amazing website! I'm on PEI, and after a fairly benign springtime, we got absolutely hammered with heavy sprays today…at least 30 trails merging into a wall-to-wall densely gray smear-out. Yuck. Met 2 aware people, which cheered me up, thank God. One was a woman planting flowers, and the other a bicycle trekker, on an epic ride from Newfoundland to British Columbia. I armed both of them with some flyers, and we encouraged each other. Keep up the good fight, everyone!

    • God, I forgot to thank you, Dane, for the great documentary!

      Fantastic job, the best yet, IMHO. Yet again, I forwarded it to about 25 friends and relations. Banging on that old gray wall, one more time…

      SOMEDAY they WILL wake up!

  35. neil says:

    Really fantastic documentary film – a perfect introduction to the most important subject that continues to be swept under the carpet. I have found, personally, that sharing links on social media is not productive… it's become a breeding ground for dichotomous thinking, where people operate within their own reality bubbles, and will not accept anything outside of these bubbles. I have found it much more productive to talk with people in a rational manner, and to then share links to information privately… this new documentary is absolutely perfect for getting the message across. I find that about 30% of people I talk to simply do not want to hear about geo-engineering – they will just see it as a conspiracy theory and react in a hostile manner. Their mainstream mind control is so decisive that only total government disclosure would convince them. About 20% are totally aware – they know what's going on… they may just need to be convinced of the need to tell others. It is the other 50% that will make the difference. They are agnostic on the subject – primarily because they do not have the information. They know something's not right from the titbits they pick up from the mainstream, but they are either unable or unwilling to do the research to find out the truth. This documentary will help enormously with the agnostics – thank you for it Dane.

  36. Ron Marr says:

    I ve watch this video twice. We must have access to this video…like that of the package ( Book and DVD)…. We must show people that need to be something…that it's OK to be disappointed…that no matter what they taught what you think you know… and what to say… You are more powerful than that You are a genius… already… they can only teach you how to participate in a fake reality…which only sets you up for slaughter. Easy to kill…easy to trick with geo engineering, vaccines, GMOs, presidents and any other want-to-be…pretending. Every door of choice leads to the same slaughter house. Dane's abilities… Showing the action… expressing the facts… all the pain and disappointment… we all feel… and think… comes roaring clearing through his eyes. We need to get this out.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Ron, thank you for your commitment to this most critical cause. About the new video, it will be included on the GeoengineeringWatch educational DVD soon (along with many other menu items already on the DVD). In the meantime the video can, of course, be freely viewed online. My most sincere thanks to you and all other activists and individuals that are helping to sound the alarm.

    • Ron Marr says:

      There is something virtual and tainted about the internet. It is easy to click it off, move on to something else and forget. I want people to have the facts in their hands, in their home. Where they can pick up the book and read from any page at any time or watch the DVD over and over, until it sinks in.

  37. Donna-AZ says:

    Very nice video Dane. Thank you.

  38. marc says:

    These complete idiots who are geoengineering our planet to death goddamn well KNOW IT! If anybody thinks they are NOT monitoring the effects of their SRM/SAI/HAARP activities, think again. They not only are well aware of the murderous effects it is having on soils, waters, and bio-mass, they are acutely aware of the fact that THEIR MASSIVE GLOBAL SPRAYING PROGRAMS HAVE NOT ONLY NOTHING TO DO WITH MITIGATION OF WARMING BUT ARE ACTUALLY EXACERBATING IT. They KNOW this!! At the precise moment our military is pointing to climate change as the primary national security threat, they are doing everything humanly possible to aid and abet the worst aspects of warming. Problem/reaction/solution. These guys are either the dumbest motherf**kers that have ever lived or they are incarnations of pure evil. 

      I was shocked to read BaneB's report from northern California spelling out the extreme weather whiplash they are going to experience. From 30's and 40's to over a hundred degrees inside of a week! And STILL the worthless guttersnipes spray, spray, spray. These dumb-f**ks are exactly like Donald Trump and his tweets: even in light of the damage his tweets are doing to HIMSELF legally and politically, he cannot refrain. Same with these idiot geoengineers. They cannot help themselves in spite of the damage to themselves. Why? Too much money to be made by too many corporations, especially defense contractors, who are ecstatic to have the opportunity to serve the needs of the military, while laughing all the way to the bank. But for all the thousands who are profiting immensely from this whole thing, of what use will your bank account be when food can no longer be grown, oxygen plummets and we cannot breath, potable water is unobtainable?

       Yesterday was a blue sky day here. No clouds, no trails, nothing. Until around 7 p.m. Suddenly an extremely low trail appeared right over north Tucson from horizon to horizon. One single solitary trail at an altitude that should have caused some alarm. It spread out for awhile and magically disappeared. Very soon thereafter, just at sunset, four long perfectly parallel trails appeared in the exact same airspace and were conspicuously illuminated by the setting sun. By dusk, they, too, had disappeared. What.The. F**k. Really? If I was an average Joe on the street and saw that, I'd wonder what that might be about. But since I don't consider myself an average "Joe on the street" when it comes to this issue, when "I" see things like that I see "covert" spraying of deadly toxic nanoparticulates which, when they settle down to ground level (which they absolutely will, might take a year, but they will) will be inhaled by countless millions of respirating living beings contaminating them forever and potentially killing them or, at the very least, causing a long list of ailments of the most unpleasant kind. Again….they KNOW we are suffering from these spraying programs. They goddamn well KNOW IT. They KNOW the planet is dying and burning from this. They f**king know it and yet they continue to commit the crime. Why?

    • Dog says:

      Marc, corroboration of your description of the sky here last evening.

      Unusual sky / cloud Phenomenon are appearing even without the planes being visible from the ground sometimes…satellites manipulating the particles from above??

    • BaneB says:

      Dog:  Sitting outside at mid morning day before yesterday, with a good view of the relatively blue clear sky, I watched in amazement clouds appearing overhead popping out of "nothing."  The wispy thing would begin as barely perceivable, but within 60 seconds or so a fully blooming puffy large cotton ball kinda thing would be morphing like crazy.  From cotton ball to Swiss cheese to lenticular to striated.  So many different shapes. This happening was not some distant thunderstorm forming but right over head.  I do not say this is not natural, but more overly-natural….too much all at once, too many bizarre shapes.  And I too wondered if my region was not under satellite microwave assault.

    • Dog says:

      Hi BaneB, yes I have noticed the very strange formations of clouds appearing from seemingly out of nothing – this NEVER used to happen, folks, which is why I am postulating some additional factors may be in play, beyond just the spraying.  In any event, the milky sky remains day after day even when there is no spraying, so I would assume that the particles are continually adrift in the atmosphere – manipulation of these from above could be a possibility.

  39. pedro says:

    Hello All.
    Watch carefully this film starting from minute 26, "they" are recreating the same scenario that has lead to the Permian extinction, and "they" are very proud of talking about it ( minute 30 ).

  40. pedro says:

    Hello Dane and friends, thank you for your Work.

    Outstanding video Dane, thank you very much for your effort to inform those that are still distracted by this society of entertainment.

    Thank you for your Courage and Integrity.

    After seeing the video, I doubt that someone will NOT start looking to the skies with other eyes.

    What is going on is a plan of destruction, GE is a destruction plan ( and big business );
    This is easy to proof, if we take a look at the hottest Planet of the Solar System, Venus, we can see very well that the high reflective clouds, are a trap. If there is energy that is being produced underneath the tick layer of clouds, the Heat will build up without escaping, between the clouds and the surface of the Planet. Even the little energy that comes from the Sun and passes Venus Atmosphere, with time will add more energy to the scorching Atmosphere, because it will not escape this dense layer of "greenhouse" gases and chemicals. In our Planet, it is easy to see that in very warm latitudes, normally the nights are very could. I'm talking about the deserts, all arid and very warm regions, because in the end of the day ( normally in deserts there is no nebulosity ), all the heat that was accumulated at ground level, dissipates very fast to the space. Precisely because there is No nebulosity to trap this energy at the lower Troposphere.
    And now with the DESTRUCTION of the OZONE layer, more and more heat will reach the Earth's surface, under the form of lethal UV rays, which should be blocked by the Ozone in the Stratosphere.
    About the Trees, the MFs want to capture CO2 in the Oceans. Taking from Trees this capacity. It's insane.
    Humanity depends on the Oceans for everything. For food, for having a stable Climate, for having an Healthy Biosphere. The acidification caused by the CO2 is killing the Oceans. The rise of temperatures on Oceanic Waters will cause the collapse of the Weather systems in the World, in continental areas. And of course, this will help also to destroy All Life in the Oceans.
    And we depend on Trees for having Ozone.
    About the toxic mix that is raining over our heads almost every day of the year;
    Even when "they" do NOT spray the specific chemicals with which the clouds are formed, for creating nebulosity, they are always leaving chemicals in very big quantities, principally over Agricultural fields and over Pine Tree Forests.
    The Pine Tree Forests and Oak Forests are in terrible shape.
    The biggest reservoirs of Water in Continental regions are Rivers, Lakes, and – Forests -. The desiccant effect that the aluminum causes in Trees is CATASTROPHIC. Trees are NOT capable to store enough quantities of Water anymore. One of the most IMPORTANT characteristics of Plants and Trees is their capacity of producing O2 ( as everyone knows ) and their capacity of transforming CO2 in the wood that makes Trees so Majestic, and in doing so, also very important reservoirs of this gas, which contributes at large scale to the PROBLEM of the "greenhouse " effect.
    This is, as you say, playing God with the Lives of Global population. BIG business, it will rain or there will be some spraying for covering some regions from the lethal UV radiation, if the interested in surviving will play by the rules of the interests of the bullies ( the socio-psychopaths ). This World is a technological shame.
    And the issue of the scarcity of Water is central. GE is decreasing the amount of precipitation Worldwide. In my "country" that is clear.
    The World will be transformed in a near future, in a arid place. Just look at the mouth of the Amazon River in the dry season.
    If we do not fall in a nuclear war sooner than that.
    In my "country" ( region of the EU ), and since Monday of this week, the "official" radio forecast gave temperatures of 40ºC, already in two days, for more than one district, and we are still in Spring. Atmospheric sensors in cars are indicating temperatures of over 30ºC, in the night and after the 22.00 hours. Believe it or not.
    Thank you.
    Good Luck to Us All.

  41. Catherine says:

    I just finished watching Hacking the Planet and am shaking with emotion and anger. Thank you Dane for providing the most powerful, compelling information about geoengineering yet. The segments that answer common questions are especially effective. They are questions that I hear all the time as well. How could anyone watch this and still deny what is happening right over their heads? Dane, you inspire me to help do anything I can.

  42. BaneB says:

    Woke up this morning earlier than usual.  Thought I would check out the upcoming weekly forecast for this area.  Mind you summer begins on June 21.  Last week I was under a five day low pressure system that was more like the weather in Southeast Alaska.  Cloudy, misty, rainy, windy, and downright cool or cold.  Mind you again, it's still late spring, not winter.  The temperatures hovered around 40F with one morning st 35F, and daytime highs in the low 50s.  I had to break down, pull out my hefty winter bathrobe, and build a wood fire.  26 years here and never had this cool weather in June, and very rare in May.  This morning I nearly fell over…..the forecast is for temperatures to soar up to 106F by the end of this week.  Last week cold.  This week hot.  Not relatively, but an extreme switchover.  This follows on top of a very severe cold cloudy blustery damaging winter, a rainy season that began in mid October 2916, of cement snows and almost twice my average rainfall, from 60 inches to just over 100 inches.  

    • Jan Becker says:


      I hear you!  This is so ridiculous.  All last week while we were building fires in the woodstove at a time of year when it would normally sit cold and idle, my anger also helped keep me warm.  When these whiplashes happen, I also think of the animals.  I live in a forest at 5,000 feet in California.  2 weeks ago, hummingbirds were at the feeder in my backyard.  Now—not a one.

  43. TNGeoWatch says:

    Well done Dane.  I'm praying for your safety as video's like this has to be pissing off the power structure.  Everyone let's get this information out in force.  FYI.  Facebook filtered this information multiple times so the powers that be do not want this out.  Send via email or better yet sit down and watch it with people.  Have a conversation.  Don't lean on social media to spread this.  

    We've had massive heat lightning events past two days in Southeast TN.  Lightning with out clouds or absolutely no rain.  Very dangerous lightning too.  Last night we saw lightning coming out of the tops of clouds arcing down to the earth.  Yesterday temps where pushing 100 yet they where absolutely not reporting those high temperatures.

    Good luck to all!

    • JR says:

      Here in Southwest, New Mexico over Las Cruces area, El Paso, Texas & Juarez, Mexico the lowlifes obliterating sky with SAG/SRM, aka Chemtrails. Our temperatures are over 100 degrees. Over 2 years back they did same thing over our sky with not one single cloud in sky and dry lightning and no thundering because they had to have been man made. What else? Just like (Tesla Master of Lightning) dvd. The sky had also been painted in white outs leading up to this event, bunch of psychos…Sorry Bastards that they are whacked out! One of my family member was bleeding at nose…I pray they get their just reward! Lord be with all here, thanks to all with just conscience and doers of good.

  44. ron hall says:

    Absolutely perfect video, Dane!! I'm sending it out.  I'm gently pushing a political science Professor who looks like he will ask students to research geoengineering–this video is so good because you mention and refer to U.S. patents.

    To all who know anyone in any level of education-any teacher, etc. you might want to suggest a gentle way they could introduce Dane's material into their curriculum. THIS PARTICULAR VIDEO IS PERFECT,IMO, AND CAN BE FREELY USED, AS PER DANE! This is coming from an old hard-nosed Bezerkely activist sometimes not too delicate in action in the 60s lol.                                                                

  45. Blue Sue says:

    Dane, thank you so much for creating/providing this superb and powerful video for this critical battle to save our planet.  I will share it widely. 

    Here in Southcentral Alaska, we have been robbed of summer so far — with (no doubt) chemically nucleated cooldowns, our temps are about 20 degrees lower than they should be and overcast grey skies day in, day out. Anytime there is a patch of blue it's marred by white streaks stretching between clouds.  With Elmendorf AFB so close, we are regularly bombarded with aerosol dispersions, so natural normal weather here is a thing of the past. We have had lots of lingering drizzle for many days but no heavy penetrating rains. The air does not smell clean and fresh after the "rain."  All the flowers are so late to bloom and slow to grow this very cool and practically sunless spring . . . (sigh). 

    Dane, your undying determination to battle on in the face of unbelievable challenges is ever an inspiration to me.  So grateful that you are in this world. 

  46. Susan Ferguson says:

    “It is the function of the CIA to keep the world unstable, and to propagandize and teach the American people to hate, so we will let the Establishment spend any amount of money on arms.”  [John Stockwell, former CIA]
    Paul Craig Roberts: June 12, 2016
    … There is no sign that American leadership in any area is actually capable of thought. … Neither Wall Street nor corporate boards and CEOs were smart enough to understand that moving jobs offshore also moved US consumer incomes and purchasing power offshore. … the financial and business leadership were too stupid to comprehend that without the incomes from high value-added, high productivity US jobs, the American consumer would not have the discretionary income to continue in his role as the economy’s driver. … A country whose financial and business leadership is too stupid to understand that a population increasingly employed in part-time minimum wage jobs is not a big spending population is a country whose leadership has failed. … capitalism has reached the point in its descent that it cannot exist without public subsidies for the people dispossessed by capitalism. … cost shifting has now reached the level of inducing Armaggedon. There is an effort to impeach Trump and put the warmonger VP Pence in the presidency. As Trump campaigned on restoring normal relations with Russia, a defeat of the attempt to reduce tensions would reinforce the recent conclusion of the Russian military high command that Washington is planning a first strike nuclear attack on Russia. This is the risk that the entire world faces due to the dependence of the power and profit of the US military/security complex on war and enemies.
    In other words, there is only one remaining rationale for the existence of the United States of America — the interests of the military/security complex — and these interests require a powerful enemy whether real or orchestrated. … Globalism, that is, labor arbitrage across national boundaries, and financialization, the diversion of consumers’ incomes into interest and fees to banks, have wrecked the US economy. … The high concentration of income and wealth has negated democracy. The government is only accountable to the rich.

    • Jan Becker says:

      Mr. Roberts,
      Yes, I would not be at all surprised if the radioactive clown is replaced by someone even scarier–Pence; indeed, when the Trumpster was handed the presidency by the electoral college, I knew right away that the REAL reason was his VP running mate, a man with no moral conscience who is nevertheless extremely clever, keeps a low profile, and fetches whatever his actual supporters ask for.  Trump's actions have provided no end of cover/fodder for those who don't really want to change anything (i.e., Clinton supporters, etc.).  When his usefulness as a distraction and target wanes, you will see a "new" president (the one who has actually been running the ball up the field for the elites, while the Dumpster tweets nonsense).

    • Dog says:

      Dr. Strangelove – watch it, and laugh while you cry & vice-versa –

  47. Frank says:


    You have reached as close as you are going to get to perfection with this one. Perfect, irresistible flow of information. Never a "wait a minute" or a "that is BS" moment. Anyone who has lived as an adult for the past few years will find it impossible to not see the probable connection to the modern eternal questions of Autism, Dementia, the Bees, etc. (Cancer?)

    If we have not already reached the level of mental impairment shown in the movie Idiocracy, then we have a slight chance. Thank you for this difficult and enormous body of work.


  48. WILLIAM says:


    • barbzi says:

      The use of money can be very worthwhile OR money has become so important that men will lie, cheat, bribe, defame, and kill to get it. The LOVE of money becomes the ultimate idolatry. "The love of money is a root of all kinds of evil, for which some have strayed from the faith in their greediness, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows" 1 Timothy 6 "10

    • Dog says:

      Barbzi +1

      The LOVE of money is the root, money itself  is a medium of exchange –

  49. Jack says:

    Consider this.  The reason SRM is taking place is because the big corporations have polluted our environment beyond Earth's normal repair.  The reason it must be kept secret is because admitting they are trying to repair their damage is admitting they are liable.  Admitting liability opens them up for millioins of lawsuits.  Therefore, it must be denied at all costs.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Jack, yes, I agree with all your points, and would add this last clarification to the list, the climate engineers are not trying to repair anything, but only to hide the damage (from countless forms of anthropogenic activity in cluding of course climate engineering) for as long as possible ( “at all costs”, as you stated) while at the same time continueing to use weather as a weapon which continues to exponentially increase the damage. We are all truly swimming in a sea of insanity. 

  50. Jack Rabbit says:

    they are poisoning people without their consent

    most wont admit it or really think that it is happening

    foremost even if they have any intuition about it they most likely would consent to it

    just like the concentration camps

    give them lots of  fluoride and they will gladly walk to their death with no hesitation

    that is exactly what is going on now

    not too many can grasp the huge deep rabbit hole

    it is going on though

    it is way too bad that there are so many that hesitate and do not grasp the magnitude of this

    very murderous situation on hand here

  51. Abigail says:

    Thank you so much, Dane! Sharing with Russ Tanner's OrbisVitae. They will be sorry. Our planet is on spiral downward…..trees are dying, plants, animals, insects, and our most needed bees.The weather is being manipulated by men (governing officials), and they DO NOT even KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING!  The Forest Fires are frightening! PRESS ON!  Praying for you and Russ.  Please try to get your rest. I know you are working relentlessly.  Sincere prayers for you and all those who are reaching out to get the word out. GEOENGINEERING is DESTROYING our PLANET!  WAKE UP, PEOPLE!    

  52. izzy says:

    Excellent video – concise and informative, presented in a way that allows little room for doubt. Maybe this will be the grain that finally tips the scales. It has inspired my first-ever “Share” on Facebook, and I will continue to push the link to anyone who may seem receptive. 

    • Dog says:

      Hi Izzy – Please check out a more recent post above regarding Social Media, and a response from myself…

      …"(Social Media) –  it's become a breeding ground for dichotomous thinking, where people operate within their own reality bubbles, and will not accept anything outside of these bubbles. I have found it much more productive to talk with people in a rational manner, and to then share links to information privately… this new documentary is absolutely perfect for getting the message across."…

      As a means of wide dissemination, Social Media such as FB is great, but as soon as the "Arguments" start, which is the current state of the medium in many ways, it becomes a "personal issue" for many/most of the people posting – everyone sees themselves as "Right", in their own eyes – the facts become subsumed by opinions.

      ALSO consider:

      “Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.”
      George Orwell, 1984    

      Seems that Social Media, as currently being enabled in "The Free World", is allowing AND serving this situation. How can you influence and/or win an argument with a person whom you do not know? It's all a meme –

    • Dog says:

      I will qualify my last post by saying that it must be better to get the word out in any way possible –

    • izzy says:

      Hey Dog – 

      I’m right with you on so-called “social media”. It was obvious when Facebook first came out it was a giant data-mining operation, and has further degenerated into an ad-riddled echo chamber for both sides of the feeble-thinking general population. Ah well. Which is why I have never shared anything previously, but this video is powerful enough that it seemed worth the chance. In any event, I won’t go back to read any idiotic replies.

    • Dog says:

      Hey Izzy, good observation – FB has become a fetid kennel of Yapping Puppies (as "Dog" I should know.!..) I know people who relish "destroying" someone else's argument, as if it's all a competition instead of discourse.

      However I do agree with you that it's worth putting this new video, especially, out there. You might actually want to (hold your nose!) and scan the comments, because there might be some interesting and possibly informed reactions worth noting, and also you'd be able to read the level of effectiveness and see what the push-backs are (much as we do here).

      One other thing about Face Book – know that they are funneling everything into an algorithmic paradigm, allowing the creation of a personal profile of every single user. This makes the creation of an "Architecture of Oppression" such as the world has never known, as Edward Snowden so succinctly described it, far easier. Zbigniew Brzezinski addresses this probability in his book, "Between Two Ages" – a book that was written in the year 1970.

      East Germany's STASI in the post WWII – era is a prime example of this state of affairs. "Can't Happen Here", huh?………………the current technology is stunning, and ever-evolving, and the temptation to use it will never go away.

      This is exactly the situation that Senator Frank Church warned about in the 1970's – and it is now coming to pass. This is another very important issue and should be watched closely. The Constitution of the US is being systematically shredded (along with the atmosphere) – We are possibly one emergency away from its full suspension.

      A Perfect place to start looking at this issue is the film "Citizenfour", which documents Snowden in real-time with the journalists in Hong Kong in June of 2013. This documentary, one of the most important  ever made for a number of reasons, and which won the Academy Award for Best Documentary Film in 2015, is oddly rather hard to find (Gee, wonder why?….) but it is essential, and frightening. I cannot recommend it enough. Add it to the cart, along with 9-11 Architects For Truth.


    • Dog says:

      Regarding data-mining, I see that you already knew that…I should have said, "Everyone should know". And they should.  Maybe they's be a little less apt to put their entire lives out into the ether for consumption. But they've made it too much FUN —-

    • Dog says:

      Donna-A – THANK YOU THANK YOU!!
      Everyone, please make the time to watch this film!! Its importance cannot be overstated, and it definitely ties into the overall picture of our government's complicity in crimes against humanity.

  53. Jack Rabbit says:

    I woke up this morning and had a runny nose and non stop sneezing

    Then i went outside and looked up

    Too my amazement there were a whole bunch of trails and filthy air that was overhead

    Not a wonder why the Hospitals are clogged up with sick people

    • Blue Sue says:

      Dog (and Donna), thank you for sharing the link to Citizenfour.  Just finished watching it. Wow.  Thank god for such brave souls. 

  54. marc says:

    Went to a 9/11 truth meeting last evening. First time for me there. Was toting videos and flyers and handed them out to all. Folks were all aware of the geoengineering issue but were at different stages of understanding, which is to be expected, even among that hip crowd. We discussed how dots connect between geoengineering and 9/11, which at first glance seems obtuse. Even gave a video and flyer to the young millennial running the coffee shop where we met. He knew about "chemtrails" etc. but was appreciative in receiving the video. 

      This world is a big place. Will the deterioration of the biosphere, and hence our societies, outpace our ability to inform, educate, or otherwise activate critical mass? Now going on 3 or 4 straight days of no trails over Tucson. Straight up washed-out blue skies. I lived in Tucson from 1976 to 1984 and I will never forget the magnificent skies back then. Even before that I took many trips to the Rocky Mountain West to camp and hike, from Montana to Wyoming to Colorado mostly. Unbelievable skies back then, though I do remember some air pollution issues around Denver and a few other places. Not under any delusions about our air pollution problems back then, either. Speaking generally here….The sunrise over the Rincon mountains on the east perimeter of Tucson nowadays always reveals a shockingly bizarre whiteness enshrouding the eastern sky, an intense white glare so strong you can barely look in that direction without your eyeballs feeling like they're gonna blow up. This sight is so unnatural, and so f**king weird, I have difficulty imagining how ANYONE could gaze upon it and not wonder WTF?

       I am regularly engulfed by sadness, I must admit. Don't particularly care for the term but it might be relevant: Climate Change Grief. If you google it you'll find stuff on this. However, I remind myself that many humans (not all, obviously) are eco-empathic in varying degrees. We are ALL OF US NOW canaries in the coal mine. What is happening to the biosphere is happening to us, inside us, deep in our psyches, deep in our souls. Not just referring to contamination and frequency or radiation bombardment. There are deeper levels of human experience that transcend waking consciousness and 3-D. As things get dicier and dicier, it is a certainty that exponentially more souls will awaken to a higher understanding of the evil loosed upon this world. But one of the primary functions of this evil is to maintain control of the narrative about the effects it is having upon humankind and indeed, the entire living world. 


    • ron hall says:


    • Anne Nonimus says:

      I don't get to this site always but I hear you, Marc.  Get over the sadness, the C.C.G!!!   For me it took about three years from the initial shock.  It's been the same in my Midwest, rust belt region (Indiancrapolis, Shitcago, DeToliet, Pissconson, Shittsburg, Leaveland, Blowledo area).  I gaze upon the oblivious zombs and  wonder WTF false reality they exist in.  Always be awake,  pass the word, reject BS and keep Faith!     

    • Dog says:

      Could the whiteness in the sky at dawn be due to residual, lingering particles in the sky, as well as the angle of the sun?

      It's obvious that the sky is no longer the shade of Blue that it used to be anywhere, according to multiple accounts on this website, and especially so out in the formerly pristine expanses of the American West. Washed-out blue skies, as you say. This should be evidence enough that something's very wrong –

    • BaneB says:

      Dog:  That is exactly what the whiteness of our sky is….a fluorescent wash-out of our blue sky.  And the contrail lie is the white-wash.  

  55. Rachel Robson says:

    I don't know if this is helpful but I think maybe.  Pierce Brosnan, the actor, now married to Kaylee Shaye Brosnan, (his first wife died).  He, they, live on Kaua'i in Hawaii.  Kaylee is an award winning broadcast journalist turned documentarian and together they have produced a documentary called: Poisoning Paradise.  And it is stunning, at least the info is, you can look the info up,  I've not seen it yet and I don't know when it will be available to watch.  Apparently, in the late 80's, there was talk of a center of biological research.  Kaua'i, which many regard as the most beautiful island in Hawaii, is the center of the highest number of open air test fields in the nation, using pesticides not allowed in Europe. "Kaua'i is one of the most toxic agricultural environments in all of American agriculture."  Sprayed 250-300 days a year, 10-16 times a day near schools, homes, hospitals, and environmentally sensitive shorelines.  They, Pierce, wife and others, are tying to pass Kaua'i County Bill 2491 into law.  If passed, it requires multinational agricultural corporations who experiment with pesticides and genetically modified crops to disclose their use of pesticides, comply with modest buffer zones, and conduct environmental impact studies.  This documentary also delves into the alliance between local, state, and federal politics and the agrochemical industry.  It goes on to say that "feeding the world" is a 'greenwash' excuse for chemical companies.  They want full disclosure, awareness and for it to stop–in a perfect world…..

    Sounds familiar?  Perhaps GW Legal would be interested in this, perhaps this will open some doors, laying ground for weather modification issues and against the hubris of these players destroying "paradise".  Which, my dear friend from Hawaii, on the big Island is totally unaware.  She's lived there a long time, almost two decades, and is so found of saying how great it is to live in paradise.  I've been aware of Hawaii's issues for a very long time, since I was in my early 20s.  Military everywhere.  She brought to me some Hawaiian salt, mixed with a bit of earth, yet.  I recoiled, my daughter took it and later chided me for not being gracious. But seriously, to me it was like being handed poison.  Apparently, paradise is a state of mind!  And I am the threat! via disseminating info.  Which does go on as I mentioned the island one can see from Molokai: Kaho'olawe.  In 1965, 'we' used 500 tons of explosives to simulate an atomic blast.  They called this operation Sailor's Hat.  It cracked the land and water table such that fresh water went out and sea water in, plus so much explosives, some not detonated, lurking in the sea around and on the island itself, the island dying.  Natives have been trying to 'reclaim' the land, very, very carefully, as in 1993, the US gave it back!!!!  Like, we broke it, it's yours now.  When I tried telling my friend this, she did not believe me and said she's been on every island.  Well, not This one, Not allowed!  Again, Paradise is a frame of mind.  And no one wants their frame of mind broken!!  Sure, break the land, break the skies, break our water supplies and our bodies but for God's sake! don't break someone's frame of mind!  We are seen as broken people looking to blame anything but ourselves and so we dwell in negativity, while others hold a positive thought!  Uh, NO!  The point is to take action, to not be a silent witness, or worse, not notice what you Are witnessing!  This info is not for the purpose of bumming people out, but for taking actions that might help heal this incredibly resilient Earth just begging for help!  Again, familiar?!! 


    • Blue Sue says:

      Rachel, you bring up some good thoughts here and "negative" or not, the truth must sound.  I recall some years ago watching a Hawaiian women on a video complaining how the pineapple farms were using toxic sprays that were spreading to the neighboring schools on the big island. It is horrible what's been done to those the beautiful islands. And even worse on the Marshall Islands (and many other places). I hope Pierce and his wife join this fight and help shed more light. 

    • marc says:

      Rachel, incredible post. Thank you so very very much.

    • Dennie says:

      The mind set of most of The Clueless is identical to those who tell a person who lets you know that something's really wrong, like a fire, a raging infection or a very serious accident, who comes asking for help, to just shut up, go away and do NOT come back– hmmpff!

  56. Rick L. says:

    Just a thought but, I'm thinking this whole global warming thing is man made. But not entirely from fossil fuels. As I look around at videos and pictures from around the world, I constantly see those chemtrails. Even through the middle east and places that aren't very populated. Most of the time it appears that most photographers include chemtrails to make their photos look more dramatic. But you know, with all that chemtrail coverage we see above us, that has to be trapping heat and keeping it closer to us. Thus global warming. I don't know. Is it just an experiment gone out of control by a group of mad scientist's. There are many days around here that a blue sky turns milky white within hours and the glare from the deck around our pool is gone.What could possibly be the motive of such a project? 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Rick, yes, as you stated, the current warming of our planet is a result of countless forms anthropogenic activity (including of course the ongoing climate engineering insanity). Yes again, geoengineering is the single most destructive form of human activity yet short of nuclear cataclysm which is also a very real and immediate threat.

  57. MS P says:

    Dear Dane,

    Thank you for your awesome video presentation.

     Your Inspiration, moves me brightly!

    Many Thanks & Much Love

  58. MS P says:

    Something I have not seen before. I was going NB on the I-5 north of Los Angeles. Noticing the demons at work, with their planes.  Lots of curved lines in the sky. Looking towards the west.  Then there was this jet. A very fast moving jet. It too was going in my same driving direction. At a speed I have never seen before. I have never seen a weather manipulation jet move so fast.  I was doing 75-80 MPH. It flew overhead, passing me. As if my vehicle was standing still. 200 -275 MPH? Is that a fair guess?  (It seemed like 400 MPH) Anyway. It seemed like it was moving that fast, spraying, who knows what?  Whiplash weather had come to my mind. Now we are expecting temps in the 100's. Where on that very day.2 days ago. It was under 60 degrees (F) . Cold & windy. The winds also had picked up. After that plane flew over head. Wonder what was coming out of that jet? To make it want to go that fast!

  59. L says:

    Brilliant presentation Dane and I really like the fact you pointed out towards the end that paycheques and pensions won't do any good if the climate collapses!

    I have a question relating to some science that was shown under the Welsbach Seeding patent. In one of the frames shown on this video, part of the patent states: "the metallic particles would trap the long wavelength blackbody radiation released from the earth. This would result in net increase in global warming."

    Does anybody here have any understanding of why they would increase global warming? Has increasing global warming actually been part of the plan…. or do they somehow ludicrously think they will use this effect to increase global warming in some regions of the globe and not others?


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello L, the answer to the question you have asked is complex, and there are of course unknowns as well. In summary, the climate engineers can create short term toxic cool-downs at the cost of an ever worse overall planetary warming. About the why question, again, the answers are complex. I would advise viewing some of the powerpoint presentations that are on the center column of the GeoengineeringWatch.org home page.

    • L says:

      Many thanks for your reply Dane. I can certainly see how it would fit in to their short term viewing of climate engineering and of course, there are many unknowns. I was probably trying to apply logic where none exists! I wouldn't put it passed them to want to cause more global warming in the long term for profit, though of course, this is pure conjecture. I guess we just keep watching, researching and fighting… as ever!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello L, yes, climate engineering is further fueling the rapidly accelerating global meltdown, but the equation is very complex and is much larger and more dire than the pursuit of profit. FYI powerpoint presentation attached. https://www.youtube.com/watch?list=PLwfFtDFZDpwutYOt4Ds-626kTMX3gDcuD&v=zt_RQ7o7U_s

  60. Paul Vonharnish says:

    How the United Nations condones atrocities committed by NATO, whilst claiming to protect human rights. Read the entire page. Check out the photos of NATO butchers posing as heroes, when they are actually just cheap sluts for bankers and other corporate filth…

    [The UN International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia has also admitted “there is evidence of use of depleted uranium (DU) projectiles by NATO aircraft during the bombing campaign.” However, the UN tribunal has pointed out that “there is no specific treaty ban on the use of DU projectiles.”]

    ‘Up to 15 tons of depleted uranium used in 1999 Serbia bombing’ – lead lawyer in suit against NATO — RT News


  61. Dennie says:

    Funny how that saying goes, "Be careful what you wish for, you might just get it."  On the one hand we have the Air Force saying "Weather as a force multiplier," and here we see them crying "Weather as a threat multiplier."  What a bunch of stoooopid @$$es.  This just proves it.

  62. Stuart says:

    Great vid!!! Sharing

  63. Dog says:

    The central question/answer re: WHY would "they" do these things –
    A "Risk-to=Risk" Scenario – the risk of doing it vs. the risk of not doing it – From their perspective, they feel compelled to geo-engineer the planet in order to compensate for the damage already done – …
    …Profit – Disaster Capitalists, (and others) – too many people invested to turn back…they have chosen for us, without our knowledge or consent, to engineer the planet…
    Looks like it – It's hard to imagine such a scenario except otherwise – yet most people won't absorb the idea –

  64. 'a' simple horseman says:

    "The Ponderosa Report", Spring 2017, June 13th.

    Spring time on the north Okanogan WA is so out of whack this year it boggles the observatory mind. "Missing", a flock of grosbeaks, stink bugs(pine beatles), yellow jackets and flies. Survival is so tough these days the Ravens have invaded my domain and stolen several baby birds to feed their own young ones. This is totally out of the norm with my friends the Ravens. The Ravens and I had a good understanding. I'm sure hunger and the need to feed the young ones has prevailed over understanding and respect. A parallel in nature that will be visiting a region near you very soon in the human sense. We here in the "blue region" have experienced an abundance of water this spring, compliments of all the chemically nucleated snow that fell in the highlands this last winter. I'd be hard pressed to teach anyone that we are in a final phase of global warming this year. Fortunately or not, there are many other factors to point out and converse about that have a serious play in the status quo of our sustenance. If you buy an apple, pear, cherrie or peach, it might have come from my region. 3 years ago at this time, I had to shake out the stink bugs from inside my boots each morning. Not so anymore. With all the moisture we've had this spring, I should be over run with flies and yellow jackets. Neither is so. In fact, I haven't seen one single yellow jacket this year. The wasp's are few and very far between and the flies are 2 or 3 at a time when in previous years have been in the hundreds(thousans). BaneB wrote that he has had a fire in his wood stove for days now, 'In June!" in California at 4,000 ft ele. I've had a fire in my own wood stove during the same time period. I'm at 3200 ft ele. This is not normal by any stretch. The Ponderosa… They are not doing so well. Usually by this time of year they are showing signs of prosperity. Not so this year. A week ago the Ponderosa let out such dense pollination all inside of a day and a half it coated everything here in a blanket of yellow dust. The "Hippie" at the farmers market confirmed this for me. He and I both have never seen anything like it. The wild grasses here have matured and seeded out about a month early this year. My wild flowers are a long time coming when in past years they were in unison with the grasses. Butterflies have only been seen in pairs by species. Meaning only 1 pair of each species. This is extremely alarming.

    I find so little happiness in this current world we live in. Today, I was gifted a small portion of happiness. I have 3 birds nests within 20 feet of my cabin. They have been quite noisy these last few weeks and today I heard the little ones practicing their wings inside of the bird houses. It won't be long and they will fly. This morning while I was sitting here reading the previous postings here from the night before, I saw a young snowshoe rabbit foraging around my wood pile. My neighbor a half mile away saw Mr Old Cinnamon Bear at his place last week. I reminded him that it is not right to shoot him and he will have to deal with me if he does. My forest friends give me the strength I need to get the word out about geo engineering. More than anything, it is them I fight the hardest for. They did not ask for their habitat to be devastated.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Simple Horseman, stand by on the temperatures, record heat is scheduled to return to parts of California in the coming week. The weather whiplash will continue to worsen.

    • Blam says:

      Yeah had a run in with nature last night, I left my door open, but kept the screen shut so a breeze could blow through. I was greeted by an 500lb bear. They always come and laze around my house, so do the deer, and pretty much all the wildlife around here. I dont know why. My neighbor said the queerest thing, he said the deer only come to my yard to bed for the night. I dont know maybe I have some type of luck, I do tend the energy of everything on my property. For some reason the bees are plenty, wasps,birds and stink bugs…but they are disappearing from the environs, maybe my house is built on some special lay line that I am unaware of.

    • Yolanda Rosales says:

      This is a most powerfully written explanation of everything that is happening as a result to the obscenities being done to our planet.  I too have noticed the grosbeaks are missing and no stinkbugs and almost no carpenter ants.  Such a big change everywhere I look.  I am not as elaborate or eloquent in my writing or expression and I'm wondering if I may share what you've written.  Thank you!  

    • BaneB says:

      a simple horseman:  Yesterday was a nice day.  The sky was near-perfect.  Some puffy clouds built up in the early afternoon.  They form out of nowhere, just appear as wisps and grow into cotton balls.  Jets returned at high altitudes emitting the fake "classic contrails" of short duration.  I wonder what is in that aerosol brew that makes them different from the longer fatter non-disappearing trails?  began my prodigious mowing job.  Only in areas turned brown.  This for fire reasons.  The grasses are overwhelming me this spring.  I have never seen the various species so thick, tall and full of ripening seeds.  This is a good thing no matter the work to weed eat.  I got rid of the star thistle on about 7 acres.  And the native plants rebounded.  The rest is mostly forest.  I let all form seeds before mowing. I think when the weather heats up the wasps and yellow jackets will activate.  And the butterflies, too.  But while the ground cover is thriving, the pine trees look terrible.  And the firs are in trouble.  My Ravens have raised one child this season.  Last year they had three.  The band tail pigeon flock of a few hundred are cooing and happy, but I do feed them once in the morning.  Doves are in abundance.  No western bluebirds for over two years.  I did see a yellow grosbeak yesterday on a compost pile.  They are back.  So too the flycatchers.  And the rattlesnakes.  In general the wildlife are okay here. Granted I do offer some sustenance for one and all in the morning.  Which is probably why the Douglas squirrel population is growing.  And the snake population.  It's still cool here, but warming up.  I do see a big spike in temps coming up.

    • Concerned says:

      Your a lucky person to have lived amongst so much beauty, I've been trying to make my way to mountain living for some time, though I visit as much as possible I feel a real loss of hope as I see this progress, now mostly I find myself unmotivated and just sad for this planets future.

      May our souls soar like the Eagle.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Dane and ALL, I looked at the 10 day schedule for the weather in my own region. Yep, we're gonna get a bit warm too in the coming weeks. Today I have the most plasma looking clouds I've seen yet. Since when do lenticular and cumulonimbus 'and cirrus clouds exist in the same sky at the same altitudes?! And more importantly, why does no one speak up or exclaim about the oddities? These are things I point out when I am speaking with folks. I think the right questions get people to start looking up.

      Blam, The term "sanctuary" comes to mind when I read your comment. You're doing something right for sure. As time wears on there will be little pockets of life. Sadly those pockets will diminish in number as the biosphere continues to implode. Thanks for sharing. If it's possible, would you send me a picture of 'your' "Mr Bear". The Mustangs have run off my Mr Bear. It took me an hour to repair the fence where he was run through it. I haven't seen a trace of him here on my place since. "Guard Mustangs"(smile)……

      Yolanda Rosales, Of coarse you can pass on my comment. I pass on many comments from these comment columns here on this sight. I also brag about them when I am explaining this sight to a new individual. "We matter".


    • BaneB says:

      Concerned:  Luck has played a major role in my life.  But so too has a dream based on forethought and planning.  Retired now, most of my employment had me trapped inside a large city five days a week way up in some skyscraper cubicle.  I sorta sold my soul to pull it together to get the hell out of that neurotic environment.  My nerves were shattered by the time I managed the "escape."  Anyone with a small nest egg can find land in rural California that is still relatively inexpensive.  One approach is to search out a owner who will carry the note (contract seller).  Rural real estate offices do also handle these.  You avoid the banks.  The interest rate is a bit higher.  Build a small barn or find property with rural structures in place.  You need shelter and water.  Grow your own food.  Tote your own water. Stay organized.  Stay clean, both you and the land. Live as your grand parents or great grandparents, and they made it just fine without all the high tech "time saving" crap being pushed on everyone.  Take yourself off the grid. One small Honda Generator will take care of your occasional power needs.  I live beautifully without the following:  refrigerator, washer/dryer, indoor plumbing, kitchen sink, wiring, AC, central heat.  A cooler works just fine with ice from a local store.  And easy to keep clean.  I drop my laundry off ($1.25 a lb.).  I charge batteries and cell phone when watching a movie, or via the auto cigarette lighter.  I use large old enameled basin pans for dishes, others for occasional quick laundry, etc.  A clothes line.  My friends say my outhouse is the best anywhere.  Wood heat, propane cook stove, I shower outdoors using solar.  And in winter or cloudy weather, I have a large copper kettle that gives me plenty of hot water to wash up.  I cut my own hair.  I handle my own garbage, most is recycle.  In short I have no bills.  Granted 'no man is an island.'  This is not a homestead in the truest sense.  We are all to varying degrees dependent upon the system for survival. In this day and age there is no getting around it.  But, one who is willing to unplug, and get back to the basics, more or less, can find one's sanity returned from the abyss 

  65. LS says:

    Thank you Dane for this. It is hard hitting and I really appreciate that you aren't pulling any punches. Too late in the game for that.

    It is perfect timing for all the folks I 've hopefully sent here recently. My letter in the local monthly paper was printed – it came out yesterday – with the address of Geoengineeringwatch.org included. Oh yeah!!  I am happy about that. I've been putting in a lot of effort and have even been in front of the local city council which was rebroadcast repeatedly on tv here. Not much time for resting as the pace of change is increasing from what I am witnessing. 

    Check out my comment on the previous show comments – from 6/10  to help with what I have been informing people about recently.  It is an easy thing that everyone can do to help make a difference. Walk the talk, please, and join me in commenting to SMUD. Thanks … LS

  66. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Ah, "so this is what global alert news looks like on video".

    Dane, great choice of medium!! Maybe this one will get through "their" thick heads. I sure hope so…….

    Like, share, subscribe or not, this video is going somewhere!!

  67. NewGirl says:

    Great video! Posted on Facebook- argh. Hate Facebook, work in technology, never post on Facebook, but I did tonight -because it matters. Thank you Dane.

  68. Barb Eaton says:

    Dane, superb educational video!! I just shared it via email to several people that aren't on facebook, then I posted it on my facebook timeline. In my email I included pictures I took of the planes spraying and lines all over the sky at our camp in Maine. I'll be anxious to see if any of them have anything to say. This video is perfect for planting the seed – unless people don't watch it there is NO way they can deny the reality of what has been going on. Thank you so much for your efforts!

  69. Jerry says:

    Very helpful video, Dane, thanks for all your work.

  70. marc says:

    Standing ovation for Dane Wigington on this fine video. Very well crafted presentation, hard-hitting truths, incredibly damning film footage of spraying operations. Anyone who tries to write off or "reinterpret" the footage of massive plumes of spray emitting FROM THE ENTIRE WINGS OF JETS has registered themselves for the "Idiot of the Year" contest. Fortunately for them, perhaps, that contest has already been won by Donald Trump. In any case, this video is a must see and I'm going to immediately share it to FB. Dane, are hard copies of this video going to become available? I remain in awe of the expanding activism that has been nurtured by your efforts, within which I humbly include myself. I wouldn't be here where I am today with this issue if it hadn't been for this incredible website and the exhaustive research you have spearheaded into what is really going on. 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Marc, thank you for your steadfast support and activism in this battle. About your question on the video availability, yes, this film will be added to the our primary DVD which already has multiple menu items on it. This new addition will make our DVD an even more comprehensive educational tool with almost 4 hours of total informational menu choices. Again, Marc, my most sincere gratitude to you and all other activists and individuals that are standing strong in this most critical battle.

  71. concerned citizen says:

    Dane, thank you for this great documentary. This will be a big help with waking up my friends and family.

    • Mark Brown says:

      Thanks Dane ! hope to shake your hand some day when this madness ends .till then keep your powder dry ! .I will continue to sound the alarm !  MB  ,horseshoe ,bend Idaho

  72. Roberta says:

    Excellent video, thank you.

  73. Randall says:

    blam, yup most here are starting to wonder what is going on with the weather. We are having heavy heavy rain after rain. We only have seen a couple of blue sky days out of 40 or so. Most I talk to gasp when I say get used to it, it's your government doing it. Google it. And how are you going to tell your kids they will be dead soon!! Then the anger comes and I strike back with facts and tell them to go read this and that so they are smart enough to know WHO to be angry at. I'm just stating facts. Your young kids will not live long. They will be here for the end. Wake the hell up. I don't pull no punches to ignorant people. I expect a punch thrown my way some day. Buy hey! They help with my murder by their ignorance. Don't pull punches, time is short and we need to ramp it up. Get off the fence, help expose or help murder, it's your wife's, kids, and your planet . 

    Murder is murder even if it's slow kill. 

    • marc says:

      Randall, right on the money, my brother. Thank you.

    • Rhonda says:

      Randall, you are right on! I am so wrapped up in anger, terror, and utter sadness for my sons and for all of our children! And at the rapid pace this is moving, there will be no adults alive to help them through. Ths is not being an alarmist. This is utter reality! Look at the rapid increase in infant and childhood cancer. Are you kidding me?!!!! And people still think we are the crazy ones?! It is right before their eyes!!!

    • LS says:

      Ahhh… we are vibrating in unison and speaking alike coincidently… if you believe in coincidences. I do not. I believe we do resonate with those that we share this battle with even if we never meet. Press on, all.

    • BaneB says:

      LS:  If you like Carl Jung's psychological insights, you will love confidences.  The term coincide…. Two incidences that meet at a juncture in space and time of the quantum variety that I savor for more than grasping at straws.  Nor dismiss, but stop and mull over why the connections.  Guideposts comes when least expected, a message in a bottle washed up on one's personal shore, sent by a universal continuum about which we know not.

    • BaneB says:

      LS:  I meant to type out that you will find a new respect for COINCIDENCES.  And that was the term I thought I saw on the original reply to you.  But it morphed into "confidences."  It is obvious what I meant .  Losing the meat of the meaning of my reply is by no stretch a coincidence:-)

  74. Blam says:

    You know what really gets me are the people who get mad when you bring this up, its hard not to laugh at them because I am trying to tell them something, but shouldnt they know they are programmed to react that way. I mean how or why should you get mad when someone is just trying to relay information. I have seen old people freeze up, face red, you know what I am saying. I think its because they know its happening but you are showing them for the coward they are by not facing it.

    • Kelly says:

      Blam, I am having the same thing happen to me when I try to talk to people… anger, denial, making you feel like a nut. I have found it best to drop the subject and move on to someone else because they just get angrier …their minds are closed.

    • Mecovey says:

      @blam- well said. I don't know why many people are frightened of at least listening to something that will impact their lives forever. Denial, turn red in the face, run away , become offended refuse to even listen… I get the same reaction sometimes when I gently try to share the good news about Jesus and the pardon available to everyone who asks.

    • r k says:

      Yes, many people get angry with you when you tell them the truth. But is it not better to have someone be angry with you for telling them the truth than for lying to them? Participating in waking up is not easy, but if i were knowingly participating in the sleep agenda I would be even sicker than they are making us with all this poison. I hope all of you who are telling the truth will fully absorb the good medicine of your courage and service.

    • barbzi says:

      Maybe they are just being lazy… the easy way out. It takes effort to be part of the solution. Their laziness just aids the problem. I wonder if the 0l' 80 20 rule applies here. Those in power probably rely on it.

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