Jeff Rense Radio Update on Climate Engineering With Dane Wigington

The walls are closing in, much is changing by the day including the ongoing nightmare climate experiments in our skies that is geoengineering.

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  1. Caroline says:

    They are unknown to me, same as you, but what is clearer is that they are ‘above any law’ that would ‘give them the right’ …. We need to see what is going on ‘above our heads’ and without our consent or knowledge, until now, until these brave reporters and scientists who have been paying attention are now offering us the new information so all of us and only all of us, standing and acting together can stop this slaughter of the earth, the people and the natural world of plants, animals, fishes, and insects. For just as every year we see loss of numbers in nature WE ARE SURELY NEXT!
    Get as much info as you can and tell those you know and care about what is going on for this is beyond prayer or parliaments. Act now.

  2. Cassandra Anderson says:

    It will take all of us doing what Dane is doing to have sufficient impact.

  3. Charles Hickey says:

    I still want to know whomis behind this con trail stuff is it Governments or individualals ??
    what gives them the right ??

  4. Linda says:

    Dane & Jeff: Thank you once again. People are very much liking the flyers you sent me to give out Dane; it is awakening quite a few, but whether anything will be done? Keep on talking…and we will keep on praying too.

  5. Dae Williams says:

    I so appreciate every spec that Dane and others are doing to shine a light on this situation. I think constant sharing and reminders of what people can do is of the greatest value as it’s so easy to feel overwhelmed and disempowered facing something this massive. I’m sharing constantly….. most don’t want to hear it and eventually more and more will listen!

  6. Sara L says:

    We need more people like Dane Wigington! What a wonderful human being!

  7. Adam says:

    Thanks Dane for giving me daily updates. It is still very frustrating that most of my friends and family laugh inside at me when I tell them about the Chem trails. I believe and I can only hope that one day soon, all of those people will finally see the light. What is the most definitive proof that I can show my friends and family and what event will it take for others to finally see the light? Thanks again,

  8. Rhonda Lee says:

    Dane I mean, sorry (red face)

  9. Rhonda Lee says:

    Big thanks to Jeff and Dave for trying to reach the masses.

  10. Jordan Litz says:

    Keep it going Dane. I just order and lawn sign and bumper sticker from Im trying man..

  11. john graf says:

    Thank you Dane for waking up the masses. We are all living a full blown nightmare so we really appreciate what you are doing. :O)

  12. Anita M. says:

    I’ve been noticing the haze for weeks, San Diego North County..thank you for explaining what that is..sad what they are doing to California. To think no one is finding it odd the extreme haze (pollution), the hail, the mudslides, the flooding? What the heck is it going to take for people to look up? Thank you for your broadcast..I will be sharing.

  13. Ellen says:

    THANK YOU, DANE & JEFF… The white sky has blocked 20% or more of our Sunshine. Without Sun light/heat on water there is no natural evaporation to make Nature’s real rain; no sun, no rain, it’s that simple. Artificial Nucleated clouds are dehydrating to our atmosphere. The frozen Seas in Arctic were destroyed by USCG Polar Class Icebreakers that chipped up Seas (24/7 for 30 years), that should have remained frozen to hold back glaciers, etc. ..The cold/warm is what drives Ocean currents. How soon will it be before the Seas become stagnant? Destroying the Plant for Control, Power & Profit. Whomever controls the weather WINS ALL WARS. Weather is a Commodity traded on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange; it became viable the same year our Air Force decided on “Owning the Weather by 2025” (1997). . . Regarding “the people”: 50% of our population has Average or less than Average I.Q…. THE KILLING OF US(A). What happened to US(A)? …In 1946, the Nazi Scientist’s were brought here by our Gov’t and Industrialist/Bankers (Operation Paperclip), so that the Nazi Scientist’s could “continue their work”. Consisting of Brain-washing/Propaganda (newziness, nonewz, zeronewz,faux-newz); Dumbing-down (Fluoride in our water!)(14 years to get a good 6th grade education)(Diploma in Consumerism)(Degree in Huge Debt); extermination/control of human masses (GMO’s)(diet related diseases); conducting chemical (Phake-Phoods) and medical experiments on humans (Rx chemicals!)(Mandatory child vaccinations); advocating Animal Rights while planning the extermination of the Jews and other “undesirables”; eternal War(s) for Empire; HAARP/Rocketry/Weaponry; weather control/modification (Chemtrails/Global Dimming) and much more. … 68 years later? Welcome to America.

  14. Darcy says:

    TRULY HE IS!! I’ve had the great honor of meeting him personally and I was overwhelmed w/the look of urgency and pain in his eyes.. He is the REAL DEAL and has dedicated his ENTIRE LIFE to helping us all…The LEAST we can do is help him spread the word, we all must fight this crime against all things LIVING!!!

  15. Anthony Falsetta says:

    If you care for all Life on this planet, then stand up and do your part. Thanks Dane and Jeff.

  16. Average Joe says:

    A majority of the people we will never have. The zombieism is profound and dissappointing. Everyone needs to take personal protective measures each and evryday. Do what you can awaken others bit do not neglect yourself in the provess, we will need some survivors.

  17. Jewel Gauger says:

    Dane your perseverance gives me hope. Thank you so much.

  18. Mike says:

    Thank you Dane for all you are doing and being!!

  19. Steven Chamberlain says:

    Dane Wigington is a true hero of Humanity.

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