Life On Earth Is In Virtual Freefall


While the corporate media and the criminal “elected officials” talk about increasing growth and stimulating employment, our planet is dying. All life will go down with the ship if we do not undergo an immediate and total change of course. The denial, blindness, and criminality that permeates so much of the human race can barely be comprehended. Instead of sounding the alarm and implementing life preserving measures on the planet, those that run the world are waging wars and ravaging the biosphere for whatever resources there are left to loot, pillage, and plunder. How shocking should it be to any sane person to realize that fully half of Earth’s wildlife has been lost in the last 40 years, and even that figure is likely conservative. The current species extinction rate is astounding. Fully  200+ species of plants and animals are being lost to extinction each and every day. This rate is 10,000 times “natural variability” which is 1,000,000% of “normal” background extinction rates. Earth is in its sixth mass extinction right now. The paradigm we have all known is already in its death throws, it will not continue. Of all the challenges we face, the single biggest leap we could take in the right direction is to expose and halt the climate engineering. To do so would effectively pull the curtain back from the power structure and fully expose them for what they are, clinically insane and murderous beyond comprehension. Though the human race is causing immense damage to the planet from countless directions, climate engineering is mathematically the single greatest assault against all life on Earth. All of us are needed in the effort to sound the alarm, make every day count.
Dane Wigington

Earth has lost half of its wildlife in the past 40 years, says WWF

Source: The Guardian

Species across land, rivers and seas decimated as humans kill for food in unsustainable numbers and destroy habitats

Rubbish dumped on the tundra, Greenland

Rubbish dumped on the tundra outside llulissat in Greenland stand in stark contrast to icebergs behind from the Sermeq Kujullaq or llulissat Ice fjord – a Unesco world heritage site. Photograph: Global Warming Images/WWF-Canon

The number of wild animals on Earth has halved in the past 40 years, according to a new analysis. Creatures across land, rivers and the seas are being decimated as humans kill them for food in unsustainable numbers, while polluting or destroying their habitats, the research by scientists at WWF and the Zoological Society of London found.

“If half the animals died in London zoo next week it would be front page news,” said Professor Ken Norris, ZSL’s director of science. “But that is happening in the great outdoors. This damage is not inevitable but a consequence of the way we choose to live.” He said nature, which provides food and clean water and air, was essential for human wellbeing.

“We have lost one half of the animal population and knowing this is driven by human consumption, this is clearly a call to arms and we must act now,” said Mike Barratt, director of science and policy at WWF. He said more of the Earth must be protected from development and deforestation, while food and energy had to be produced sustainably.

The steep decline of animal, fish and bird numbers was calculated by analysing 10,000 different populations, covering 3,000 species in total. This data was then, for the first time, used to create a representative “Living Planet Index” (LPI), reflecting the state of all 45,000 known vertebrates.

“We have all heard of the FTSE 100 index, but we have missed the ultimate indicator, the falling trend of species and ecosystems in the world,” said Professor Jonathan Baillie, ZSL’s director of conservation. “If we get [our response] right, we will have a safe and sustainable way of life for the future,” he said.

If not, he added, the overuse of resources would ultimately lead to conflicts. He said the LPI was an extremely robust indicator and had been adopted by UN’s internationally-agreed Convention on Biological Diversity as key insight into biodiversity.


A second index in the new Living Planet report calculates humanity’s “ecological footprint”, ie the scale at which it is using up natural resources. Currently, the global population is cutting down trees faster than they regrow, catching fish faster than the oceans can restock, pumping water from rivers and aquifers faster than rainfall can replenish them and emitting more climate-warming carbon dioxide than oceans and forests can absorb.

The report concludes that today’s average global rate of consumption would need 1.5 planet Earths to sustain it. But four planets would be required to sustain US levels of consumption, or 2.5 Earths to match UK consumption levels.

The fastest decline among the animal populations were found in freshwater ecosystems, where numbers have plummeted by 75% since 1970. “Rivers are the bottom of the system,” said Dave Tickner, WWF’s chief freshwater adviser. “Whatever happens on the land, it all ends up in the rivers.” For example, he said, tens of billions of tonnes of effluent are dumped in the Ganges in India every year.

As well as pollution, dams and the increasing abstraction of water damage freshwater systems. There are more than 45,000 major dams – 15m or higher – around the world. “These slice rivers up into a thousand pieces,” Tickner said, preventing the healthy flow of water. While population has risen fourfold in the last century, water use has gone up sevenfold. “We are living thirstier and thirstier lives,” he said.

But while freshwater species such as the European eel and the hellbender salamander in the US have crashed, recoveries have also been seen. Otters were near extinct in England but thanks to conservation efforts now live in every county.


The number of animals living on the land has fallen by 40% since 1970. From forest elephants in central Africa, where poaching rates now exceed birth rates, to the Hoolock gibbon in Bangladesh and European snakes like the meadow and asp vipers, destruction of habitat has seen populations tumble. But again intensive conservation effort can turn declines around, as has happened with tigers in Nepal.

Marine animal populations have also fallen by 40% overall, with turtles suffering in particular. Hunting, the destruction of nesting grounds and getting drowned in fishing nets have seen turtle numbers fall by 80%. Some birds have been heavily affected too. The number of grey partridges in the UK sank by 50% since 1970 due to the intensification of farming, while curlew sandpipers in Australia lost 80% of their number in the 20 years to 2005.

The biggest declines in animal numbers have been seen in low-income, developing nations, while conservation efforts in rich nations have seen small improvements overall. But the big declines in wildlife in rich nations had already occurred long before the new report’s baseline year of 1970 – the last wolf in the UK was shot in 1680.

Also, by importing food and other goods produced via habitat destruction in developing nations, rich nations are “outsourcing” wildlife decline to those countries, said Norris. For example, a third of all the products of deforestation such as timber, beef and soya were exported to the EU between 1990 and 2008.

David Nussbaum, chief executive of WWF-UK said: “The scale of the destruction highlighted in this report should be a wake-up call for us all. But 2015 – when the countries of the world are due to come together to agree on a new global climate agreement, as well as a set of sustainable development goals – presents us with a unique opportunity to reverse the trends.

“We all – politicians, businesses and people – have an interest, and a responsibility, to act to ensure we protect what we all value: a healthy future for both people and nature.”

Source: The Guardian

15 Responses to Life On Earth Is In Virtual Freefall

  1. Freedom Ranger says:

    Constant Walker, why would anyone envy the so called “elites”? The only ones worthy of envy are those who know the truth about existence and in no way can one be wealthy and know God. Why would you envy someone destined for hell? NO ONE IS ELITE BUT GOD. Those who know the truth know that everything we presume to have is not ours and is soon dispossesed with death. Those who have placed their faith in things suffer the most when their time comes and it comes for us all. To God there is no difference between a trillion years and a second. It all happens at the same time.

  2. Nancy says:

    For everyone concerned about the planet survival, please research what the WWF, SIERRA CLUB and NATURES CONSERVANCY is really all about. Like the secret society of FABIAN CLUB, they are Wolves in Sheep’s clothing. They are instigators, motivators, and number ONE for transforming Terra Firma into Scorched
    Earth. They promote ‘overpopulation’ as geneticists do, and firmly against HUMANITY as a whole.
    Prince Phillip, the lead perpetrator, condones wiping out 90% of the planet’s population…by his own admission many times in videos and documentaries.

    What will happen to all the Liars and Deceivers: complicit pilots, Scientists, Patent Inventors, Chemists, Meteorologists, University Professors, Government Agencies ie; NOAA, NASA, NWS, TWC,DHS, MEDIA and their Militaries complicit with destroying planet Earth and it’s inhabitants with main target: Humanity, via CLIMATE ENGINEERING. This is just the
    tip of the problem, it has started from grass roots up to the very TOP, including the UN AGENDA 21 PUPPETS.

  3. Constant Walker says:

    It’s very tempting, there in the terrorized virtual world-o’-hurt where our domesticated Human Relations are systematically suffocating, to lay moralistic ‘bills-of-indictment’ against ‘others’ thought to belong to such nebulously abstract collections of the artificial “individual” as: the so-called “power structure,” or the now-despised (but usually envied) “greedy elite,” or inhuman “evildoers,” or papered-professional-expert “criminals,” or bought-and-paid-for “liars,” or….well….pick your preferred poison. One potentially huge ‘problem’ with that “self”-satisfying approach, though, is the dead-certainty that pretty-much all of the thoroughly “civilized” ‘ones’ levelling these charges so “self”-righteously will theirself also fall inevitably under at least a few of the ‘particulars’ in their own catch-all list of entirely make-believe “crimes against nature and humanity.”

    Who among the domesticated peoples, after-all, has not aided-and-abetted to some degree the very same electro-mechanically-enhanced ravages of Earth’s Whole Living Arrangement (by the Planet-wasting “civilization” disease they idolize) that some here are now trying vainly to place exclusively at the clay feet of ‘others’ higher-up in the death-dealing privateering pyramid-scheme to which all of them have been subservient….and most have been (and remain) ardent supporters? Who among them hasn’t proudly (and slap-happily) subscribed to the idiotic “dominance” paradigm supposedly putting their own virtual ‘kind’ at “the top of the food chain”? Who hasn’t bought lock-stock-and-barrel into the foolishly “self”-serving ‘Humans-are-the-brains-of-this-outfit’ conceit. They’re all rock-throwing dwellers in glass-houses.

    There is a specific bio-chemistry incidental to Fear….with only slight variations for its toxically, corrosively, and addictively debilitating derivatives like anger, hatred, greed, etc. Every single one of the substance-based “assaults on life” Mr. Wigington notes regularly here (and they are all essentially of that ilk) is completely dependent for its effectiveness on that specific bio-chemistry being always present in each-and-every “individual” constituent of the target population…..which, of course, is all of the now-redundant (having done the disease’s ‘dirty-work’) virtual sub-species homo domesticus. There is no other purpose to the reign-of-terror than to ramp-up and sustain, in susceptible people, levels of these specific bio-chemical states necessary for the complex of variously distributed pathogens to do their “dirty-work.”

    It is nothing but the captivating “self” itself, with its organically crippling I/ME/MY/MINE syndrome, that renders those infected with it accessible to the arsenal of these officially ”deniable” death-blows. The invasive retro-viral “self” exists always in abject fear of its own demise, and imbues host Human Birthday-suits with this dread, inducing in them the bio-chemistry of fear….guaranteeing thereby the ‘death’ of their ‘host’ when the doomsday ‘trigger’ is pulled. That’s how come The Ancients through The Ages have urged Humans exposed to the Planet-wasting “civilization” disease process, and infected by its “self”-activated immune-suppression regime, to get over it.

    This Old Indian’s GrandMother used to say: “Great Spirit helps those who help Mother Earth and All Our Relations and each other, but only their own false gods can help those who help their “self”….and those crazy bastards sure-as-hell ain’t goin’ to help anybody but their “Self.” With “those crazy bastards” calling the shots, is it any wonder such rampant insanity as “geo-engineering” threatens, here in the “civilization” disease’s own terminal throes, to extinguish “all life” here?

    • maria says:

      ok, constant walker, i got your point but with so much effort… such a hard and tiring climb up your high fallutin stairs that i lost some of your points there.

      i have just one question for you, constant whatever, what are you doing here? this is not your turf.

      we’re ordinary folks here who want their life back to how it was when they looked at the sky and fear nothing.

  4. RBUSH says:


  5. RBUSH says:


  6. Constant Walker says:

    It is often observed that PANIC, rather than the mere ‘depth’ of their predicament, is what actually kills people who foolishly ‘get-in-over-their-heads’ in one fashion or another. They get to thrashing-around futilely in ultimately-fruitless efforts to “beat back” the ‘elements’ in which they’ve become ‘entangled,’ and by which they’re being overwhelmed. Thus The Ancients’ frequent reminders to stay calm, even (or more precisely) especially in the midst of the most extreme conditions….such as those prevailing here-and-now.

    The “self”-infected domesticated part of Humanity (Most of whom much prefer to be called “civilized,” instead, even though biolgically and functionally, within Earth’s Whole Living Arrangement, the terms are exactly the same in meaning….and consequences.) has definitely gotten into their entrely “self”-inflicted predicament a long ways over their collective heads. So much so, in-fact, that “geo-engineering,” with its climate-engineering/weather-warfare sub-systems, is nothing (in its actual effects) but a “global” ‘murder-suicide pact’….with, of-course, Ecocide thrown-in just for good measure.

    Since “civilization,” as-such, is nothing but a Planet-wasting disease anyhow, and since the virtual sub-species homo domesticus, as such (who most of ’em virtually idolize the disease), is so severely dysfunctional as a component of Earth’s immune system, it’s only Natural that, here-and-now deep into the terminal stages of the syndrome, the muddled masses of its witless Human ‘agents’ are really in even more dire straits than those of us surviving Free Wild Peoples (of ALL Kinds) who are in it with them. This is so because our tame Human Sisters and Brothers are not only altogether IN this mess, they are also all-together OF it.

    What’s more, having been “individual”-ized by the “self”-infestation that is the ‘mechanism’ of the wasting disease’s immune-suppression regime, the “self”-captivated constituents of the “global”-gulag/shrinking-“economy contraption are also, in their vain and desperate and finally-feckless attempts at “self”-preservation, much more apt to succumb to panic attacks than are us Free Wild Natural Persons belonging to the Free Wild Natural “Communities” (for want of any better word in English) that are our Natural Organic Form within Earth’s Living Arangement….and so are the only ‘repositories’ of the Organic Integrity essential to fulfillment of our given Function as a component of Her immune system. So it will be lots easier for those among our domesticated Human Relations who get over their own usurping and crippling “self,” and who then coalesce spontaneously into our true Human Form, to keep calm….as the Planet-wasting “civilization” disease (of which the madness of “geo-engineering” is only one of many lethal symptoms) runs its course here.

    Take it from this Old Life-Guard, the “civilized” world (with its idiotic “dominance” paradigm and its DEAD END privateering pyramid-scheme) runs (and has always run) entirely on gangster rules. The ‘basic rule’ is Fear….and chronic Fear (having metasticized once again into an outright reign-of-terror) is right-now-this-minute just a ‘nano-meter’ from becoming the ‘world-wide’ PANIC that is about to kill all who remain “self”-obsessively ‘subject’ to it. So best forget-about exacting some illusory “justice” upon the so-called “criminal element,” Sisters and Brothers. They’ve long-since been irretrievably co-opted and corrupted by the disease process….and they’re already as good as dead.

    So for the sake of your own Children, if for nothing ‘else,’ do whatever it takes to get over your own sickening “self.” It’s the only thing actually Humanly possible you might still do that has any chance at all of responding to this Condition in any beneficially effective Way. Do that one thing first. The rest can and will then follow….Naturally.

  7. Europe says:

    Thank you Dane! You are a HERO,
    fighting for the humanity, trying to stop the largest crime against humanity in human history.

  8. Richard Netwal says:

    I really, really, wish there was a way out of this, but unfortunately, the world does not want to accept the reality of our predicament. It’s too late. It’s so sad to think about what could have been for the human race, yet we’ve squandered it all for laziness, greed, and power. The cancer has metastasized – go home, be with those you love and make peace with your destiny. All we have left is love.

  9. Marc says:

    One GLARING TRUTH about the entire global spraying program (the absolute secrecy) is so obvious, that it completely seals the deal on the suspicion that these aerosols are deadly toxic. The public would fucking freak if this program were to be fully, and I mean FULLY, divulged to the people of the world. This is so obviously why the asswipes do not formally disclose their agenda. The world would revolt!!!

  10. andrew says:

    This week’s email to my contacts: “Are You Too Small Minded”

    I am sending this week’s email slightly early because of the incredible amount of easily visible atmospheric spraying today.

    I am sure some SNP members were delighting in the scores of toxic white Xs that were destroying our blue sky this morning. There were even some ‘stars’ where three spray tankers had deliberately intersected at the same point.

    I can only presume that at the recent IPCC Climate Meeting, they gave the “go ahead” to do even more damage to our health and environment.

    “For the International Order that we have worked for generations to build, ordinary men and women are too small minded to govern their affairs. That order and progress can only come when individuals surrender their rights to an all powerful sovereign”. Barack Obama.

    Who is Obama’s “all powerful sovereign” – a person, organisation or country?

    The rest of the video is a bit tedious, but worth watching for some intriguing comments.

    We have had the “Arab Spring”. Maybe we need a global ‘People’s Autumn’.

    It is already too late to avert most of the impending catastrophes, but we must do something to stop them spraying.

    Blatant denial is disgraceful, unacceptable and a crime against humanity.

    “There’s nae pockets in a shroud”

    Future emails will include:
    recent uses of directed Infrasound and Low Frequency Noise (ILFN)
    observations on covert atmospheric spraying (their tactics have changed in the last few weeks – this has been noticed globally)
    who is controlling the spraying – who are “they”
    Arctic methane
    much of the northern hemisphere is burning – California, Canada, Siberia (2,000 mile smoke clouds), Sweden etc. Think Pyrocumulonimbus!
    what effect is this spraying already having on us
    our forests are dying, our seas are dying, our biosphere is dying

  11. Rebecca Matthews says:

    I hope the link works. It’s an article about 3 seals that have washed up on the beach sick in the last month.

  12. Muad'dib says:

    Thousands of children are being paralyzed by an heretofore unknown respiratory virus, respiratory. In all 50 states, these are victims of the aerosol program. They are poisoning us and killing us, the amount of victims cannot be hidden anymore.

  13. LILIAN TUDORIN says:


  14. Darren Earth says:

    Need vs Greed
    Please wake up brothers and Sisters

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