Media Increases Mass Distraction While The Walls Close In On Us All


We Are All Lab Rats In A Grand And Lethal Experiment

Dane Wigington

Unimaginable global climate experiments have been going on in many forms for more years than most would believe. One can not even begin to touch the full depth of the rabbit hole without writing a series of books on the activities of the “collective insanity” that runs the world. How can small numbers of clinically insane psychopaths gain such control over the world’s populations? Because until now most could stay in denial, repeat the “official narrative” dictated to them by those in power, and stay in their comfort zone bubbles. The days of “head in the sand” denial are rapidly coming to an end as there is no longer any hiding from what is unfolding around us all. What we collectively do with the time we have will determine whether or not there is anything to salvage for life on planet earth.

Keeping Up To Speed With Constantly Changing Information

In regard to the artificial/chemical nucleated snow, finally a critical awareness has emerged. We must fan these flames of awakening while at the same time continuing to examine changing data. The following is one example, the Weather Channel has just today made a point of emphasizing that the snow falling in the coming days will be “heavy wet snow, not like the snow that fell in January“. This is an exact quote. So the snow that falls in February is different than snow that falls in January? Yes, it can be very different on any given day or during any given “storm” if the climate engineers change the chemical mix or the artificial nucleation process.

There is no doubt about the artificial nucleation of the snow being carried out as there are many factors to confirm this. First, we can see bands of rain “flashing out” to snow on radar images, often causing snowfall to begin falling at far above freezing temperatures (though the ongoing nucleation process can cause radical short term cooling to far below freezing temperatures as engineered events unfold). Next, there is the completely anomalous “non melting” characteristics of recent snow samples. Finally, and most importantly, we have lab tests to confirm toxic metals in the snow that match climate engineering patents exactly. All this being said, there is much we still can not know about all the various mixes and methods of artificial nucleation. We can not lock into a particular event as conditions can and will vary. We must also remember that natural snow still of course exists under the appropriate conditions although everything that falls from the sky is tainted to some degree at this point.

The radar image below is one example of a variable in this equation. What part are the numerous radio frequency towers playing in the behavior of the sprayed atmospheric particulates? Specific polarization of particles like barium can cause ice to nucleate at temperatures far above freezing also.


Climate engineering is an inconceivably massive and ongoing EXPERIMENT. Experiments are always subject to change and this case is no different. Given there was so much attention on the recent chemically nucleated snow that did not melt in any usual way, the experiment may have been altered. Again, is it just coincidence that the Weather Channel has made it a point in recent days to emphasize that the snow falling in the coming days will be “unlike the snow that fell in January“?

Documented Experiments From The Past Conducted By The US Government

ABC’s Unsolved Mysteries: Toxic Clear Gelatinous Blobs in Rainfall Sicken Residents of Oakville, Washington State-1994

What Is Another Example Of Our Government Experimenting On Innocent Civilians?

US Military Conducts Secret Testes On Civilians In St Louise.

The 13 most evil experiments conducted on civilians by the US government

While absolutely horrific things are going on around the globe, climate engineering, several dozen countries descending into chaos, resource depletion, nuclear meltdowns at Fukushima, the oceans dying, etc., turning on the main stream media stations today (February 4 2014) yielded the following stories.

CNN covered illegal immigration

FOX covered the Benghazi issue

MSNBC covered Obama’s virtues (does he have any?)

Main stream media will continue to do try and distract attention from anything dire or important, that is their job. They will continue to cover one trivial drama after another, they will continue to try and discredit anything that is drawing attention to important issues like the climate engineering.

Each of us needs to be aware and awake. We need to examine and re-examine data day in and day out so that we can keep up with changes and not lock into perceptions and conclusions. In the case of the artificial/chemical nucleated snow, is that real? Yes. Is such snow always the same? Data from the ground, lab testing and sound reason says no. The ongoing “experiment” can change any time as can overall conditions. People from some locations may correctly report their snow seems normal, and it could be. This does not mean that those who reported very strange and unnatural snow were wrong, they are not. The artificially nucleated chemical snow is very real and verifiable. Lab tests prove it is full of toxic metals and we are still looking for other elements. I hope we will all be vigilant with improving our understanding and perception of the ongoing facts.


37 Responses to Media Increases Mass Distraction While The Walls Close In On Us All

  1. Lilly says:

    Hello there! Do you use Twitter? I’d like to follow you if that would
    be okay. I’m definitely enjoying your blog and look forward to new updates.

  2. gingercake5 says:

    Dawn Oaks, I put two and two together recently about the cow deaths. The last two winters’ snows have definitely been unnatural. People with a flame have not been able to turn snowballs into water. The snowballs gradually disappear, but they never drip.

    Then I found out that cows WILL NOT ever breathe through their mouths. If their noses become clogged, they die.

    So when the snow started in the north, the cows got it in their nostrils and could not blow it out (too hard and cold). They died quickly, and then the super cold and hard snow piled up around them.

    Before, I could not figure out how they had become packed in the snow, as opposed to dying on top of the snow. Every animal knows how to “shake it off and step up.” But not when they are already dead. TPTB are doing more and more evil things to us!

  3. Muad'dib says:

    I have a vhs of jaws and a digitally remastered jaws I downloaded. They added chemtrails to the digital copy. What they are doing is so large in scope and evil; its like I wake up in a science fiction movie every day.

  4. DebW says: this is one of the govt sites that are doing all kinds of dangerous things.

  5. Colt says:

    Kids lives ruined. Evil!

  6. Dawn Oaks says:

    James, you are absolutely correct in thinking the snow feels colder. I noticed the same thing, here in Montana. Also, I have been perplexed by the 200,000 head of cattle that died from a snowstorm in N Dakota last year, Oct or Nov, anyways, the temp wasn’t that cold, barely cold enough to snow, so that cattle should not have died, no way, no how. So, I think something makes the snow colder than it normally would be when they make it artificially.

  7. M. says:

    Thank you for this website.
    We never know what’s for real, we have to discern.
    Sometimes we’re wrong, it’ll make us strong.

    they crept and crept
    took over our lives
    stomping out our rights
    WAKE UP to this!
    We’re being kept!
    No Values left!
    We slept and slept
    and in they crept,
    we were to accept
    the lies they fed?
    Well, it came at a price!
    We became
    de sensitized
    de moralized
    de humanized
    it all got Super Sized!
    There’s no grand prize
    There’s YOU and I!!
    Let’s grow to size
    need to stop the lies.
    Let’s ask WHY!
    Why this?? Why that??!!
    Let’s open our eyes
    there’s no TIME LEFT!!!!!

  8. DAVID A BAINES says:

    One of the main problems where numbing down the population exists is the use of highly toxic Fluoride into the drinking water. And the world’s biggest provider of this is the Chinese gov’t. because they have a large amount of industrial Fluoride waste.

    Fluoride was used in Germany and Russia’s Gulag concentration camps directly after WW2 to dehumanize and to make the prisoners sterile.


  9. Maria says:

    Ann, I just tried to sign the petition. I registered for the account, but after several tries, the “sign the petition” link appears not to be working.
    This is why technology will not replace humanity.

  10. Rand Clifford says:

    Our numbers are pathetic. Not only do Americans believe what they want to believe, evidence be damned, while they protect whatever comfort zone they still have, there’s the media problem. They want to believe the bullshit. Virtually none of them will take the bull by the tail and face the situation. Dumbing down of Americans has been the most successful federal program of all time; the most important information is suppressed, while things like the NFL and twerking obsess the masses….

    Bluster and “hey, let’s DO something” vacancy are farts in the wind.

    We need about a million Dane Wigingtons—need his courage, intelligence, verve and dedication. Think how few people even realize that Dane is one of the most important leaders the masses could possibly have.

  11. times2come says:

    They hide it in plain site grandma!!!

  12. choose2know says:

    Hi Brandon, thank you for your interesting comments and information. I had never heard of the term “polar vortex” and oddly enough we had one in the mid-atlantic region a couple of weeks ago. In the days preceding it I had noted an incredible increase in chem trails. I live in a very rural area with infrequent jet travel overhead and yet for days our sky was crisscrossed with these notable plumes from east to west. I also observed unusual sunsets which were marked with heavy pollutants and discolored almost to a mud color. I’m curious if you also noticed an increase of trails prior to the polar vortex there. Also, I would love to see photographs of the fake pine tree or any other anomalies you’ve observed.

  13. Shane says:

    Why don’t we all DO something to take charge here? I assume the structures could be dismantled??????

  14. Linda Cook says:

    I agree totally. I have been asking this question for a while now. We need to know our numbers. This site is probably the best for that. Widely know by those of us who believe.

  15. JR says:

    Hey Brandon; I hear the same humming noise in my home and in my elderly mom’s home 3 blocks away. I’ve heard it in Las Cruces, NM miles away in buildings!, so don’t feel alone. Some people will not mention it I’m assuming because they’ll feel awkward trying to describe something they may feel only they are experiencing and ashamed or made fun of if revealed. The way the evil perpetrators go about doing their games over us can only be but to conquer and divide the sheeple as we’re called.

  16. GUIDO says:

    I would like to clear up a very common misconception that I hear all the time about “jet fuel”. I spent 4 years in Afghanistan, on several military bases. The fuel is called JP-8 -it is basically diesel fuel! It is used in most of the ground vehicles including hum-vees, armored personnel carriers and MRAPS to name a few. It is diesel! Now think about the ignition protocol to ignite diesel fuel; and how it heated the towers to over 2,000 degrees for 4 hours to liquefy the steal? That’s a joke! There is a big difference between jet fuel and rocket fuels. Just sayin’—

  17. Laura says:

    i agree, their main objective is de-population, reason why they truly don’t care who’s working or not, who’s getting food stamps or not etc. definitely cover ups while they are really doing their plans…we will have a whole new world way before this year is out….

  18. Brandon says:

    Yesterday in the Rockies we had one of the ‘Polar vortices’ over top of us. It’s interesting to watch the earthwind map and see how it correlates to these events. The had to push the low pressure hurricane type system up towards the Koreas instead of its position in the middle of the pacific as had been to create the events on the east coast. Another interesting fact is how the winds developed here. They moved East [ normally blow west ] UP the mountains. That’s kiddo science. Cold air rushes off and away from the mountains… Not towards them. However, the upper stratospheric aerosols remained completely stationary and the lower cumulonimbus clouds with the moisture moved the opposite direction of the clouds.

    It’s likely they created a plasma sheath around the aerosols and moisture clouds and used our heavy array of microwave towers to achieve this counter intuitive goal. You can hear the high pitched ping when they switch them on if you’re sensitive to that type of stuff like I am. The front cover of ‘principals of plasma physics’ has a picture of the haarp array on the front cover. Funny.

    At the beginning of January someone installed 3 large satellite dishes on the westward downslope of the Wasatch Mountain range 20 miles outside of where I live. We have a microwave tower disguised as a pine tree In The middle of town supposedly for ‘4g’ cell phone service even though the service has yet to be seen. I ask all the cell phone drones and they say their reception hasn’t improved or increased in bandwidth. We have 4 geodesic located microwave towers located on hills at the four corners of our town. The one to the north is very active in how the aerosols, winds, and moisture clouds behave. They stack the stuff up over there and ‘zap’ it out of existence. The tower is located on an old natural gas well operated by chevron. 2 smaller antennas are used in the east. They often have visible signs of electromagnetic activity in the skies there. They straddle a type of canyon that would naturally ‘filter’ wind and moisture but not anymore.

    Seems like one set of microwave transmitters ‘moves’ clouds and aerosols, one set ‘holds’ certain pieces in place, and one set ‘zaps’ some of the pieces out of the sky. The entire sky looks like a circuit board on same days here if you’re trained to see that type of thing. Being in the Rockies at my location seems unique as they have to expose their entire hand while forcing the weather to behave in certain ways that is completely divergent to typical weather patterns for large mountain ranges. The ‘cloud stacking’ is something that scares the shit out of you no matter how many times you see it. Just like cars moving through a traffic light. Almost like they let the moisture clouds build up with something from the aerosols above and then move them over our city, to the East and them ‘zap’ them out of existence before the moisture makes it towards the agricultural regions in the East.

  19. skywatchergrandma says:

    JR When you see movies from the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s with chemtrails, these have been photo shopped. I have movies I have watched over and over and they never use to have chemtrails in them, but now they do. I have movies on tape and DVD that have nothing but blue skies and now when you see them on the movie channels they have chemtrails. Why do they think we are so stupid? I wish the people doing all this photo shopping would speak out.
    When you watch TV now every commercial and program shows a streak of light and the colored nano particles in that light. These too I think are photo shopped because sometimes those streaks of light will only show one color. I know from looking at my windows and windshield these particles are always a mixture of colors never just one color. You never even see these unless the sun is streaking thru the glass. Some of the shows on HGTV are a good place to see these streaks, several times in a half hour show. Notice all the news channels and weather channel with their planes, lines, X’s, etc, everything to get us use to these things. All this stuff drives me nuts, I can’t believe these insane people. I watched a video last night that just made me sick. The last half of the video talked about Morgellons and what all these particles could do to us once in our bodies. It’s all part of the plan, it’s just insane. I’m worried sick about what my Kids and Grandkids will go through. I’m old enough I might not see it, but who knows. These people are insane and evil is all I can say. Why anyone would even consider messing with the atmosphere that protects our beautiful planet has to be nuts. I just finished several books about Haarp. I can’t believe this was ever allowed to be built. This is a scary world we live in. Take care everyone.

    • Marie says:

      If you look at your car windsheild on the days they spray this poison you will see small gobs of this yukky yellowish colored stuff stuck all over the windsheild. It's sticky and takes a few wipes to get it off. Don't touch it though.

  20. skywatchergrandma says:

    Sharilyn tell your husband this. A contrail is water vapor, vapor is a mist. Chemtrails are not a vapor or mist, they are thick billowy crap that looks like it is being pumped out of the back of jets. A normal contrail does not have this look and it dissipates in seconds. Besides that I see jets poring out this crap that fly way too low to be a passenger jet. Contrails only form when conditions are right and at around 40,000 ft. If anyone just watches the sky or takes the time to look they will quickly learn the difference. Also I have read there are new applications being done that look more like a real contrail so you never know anymore. I’m contantly telling people about chemtrails and directing them to this website and others. Do they listen? Some do and others you’ll never convince. I don’t understand it, when everything is so obvious. I don’t understand why more people aren’t talking about the drought in Ca being caused by chemtrails. I’m so sad about all this and none of it makes sense, except for the fact they want to thin us out. Keep talking, that’s all we can do is spread the word.

  21. Carlton Roberts says:

    These indeed are very strange days JR..

  22. JR says:

    After heavy spraying here in the Southwest, U.S. the winds come year round now. There are no longer 4 seasons as God intended when he created this earth we live in. I’m relaying info. from only ten years now of observation. If we see old movies from the 70’s to current you’ll see the chemtrails in the background of these U.S. made flicks. We’ve been brainwashed now for years……….Later Days…Bye for now…

  23. Darcy says:

    What EACH of us can do to stop “Geoengineering” simple steps we all can take!!
    January 25, 2014 at 2:47pm
    To stop Geoengineering, we should learn from the man that exposed and stopped much segregation in the South, Martin Luther King, Jr. King was a master of bringing people of conscience together in order to end injustice. Today, humanity must form a united front and join together to stop death by Chemtrails. Educating others is the foundation of change. This means distributing flyers, speaking to your city council members, confronting air quality district board members, filing complaints, and filing public information and freedom of information requests. Lawsuits must be filed against the Air Force, EPA, Department of Health and Human Services, air quality management districts, and any private contractor or local government that is known to be Geoengineering.
    We must continuously e-mail local, state, and national politicians, and stage public demonstrations to increase awareness. The new phone application may be helpful with this process. Once ten percent (10%) or more of the public is educated on Geoengineering, organized local and national campaigns will be needed to create tension in order to bring the issue to the public’s attention. From there, resolution will be possible – Stopping All Geoengineering.
    There are many examples of this process. One is Monsanto’s genetically modified crops being banned from much of Europe because millions of people marched to create tension and awareness. Sheila Hemphill defeated smart meters in Brady, Texas. Adam Bonner, a farmer, defeated government CCTV cameras in Australia. Tony Rooke defeated a TV license fee and exposed corruption at the BBC. Michael Allison, the 41-year old Illinois mechanic who faced life in jail for video recording police officers, has had all charges against him dropped after a state judge ruled that his First Amendment rights had been violated, following a trend of similar rulings across the country that underscore the fact that it is not illegal to film police. Now it is our turn to defeat Geoengineering and stop Chemtrails.
    The evidence demonstrates that the primary purpose of the public nuisance of Geoengineering is to cause bodily injury and premature death with malice aforethought. The Geoengineers are well aware of the consequences of spraying tiny particles aluminum, barium, and other dangerous toxins into the atmosphere.Our mission is to stop them and it will be accomplished if we take continuous action to inform others

  24. Sharilyn says:

    That is interesting to me that re your remark about this problem going back to the ’50’s & ’60’s as I was born in 12/51 so I was just a kid and teen during those years. I have only been aware of the chem trails for at least 10 plus years (I think it may have been in the ’90’s but not exactly sure of my first realization of them). For years I have tried telling others, as you suggested, most I think at least think about what I have told them but some, such as my husband is in total denial even when I have shown him on one side of the sky the chem trail and the other side of the sky, a normal jet plane tail and he had to see that it did not spread out the same nor did not dissipate the same as the chem trails. Maybe its a man thing not wanting to believe a woman, I don’t know but he has been stubborn on this issue for several years now.
    So what is the answer for stopping this madness?

  25. Ann J. Reier says:

    I am also “awake” now, and can’t believe it took me this long. Now that I am, I feel consumed by it, but I am trying to do something. I have been involved, trying to inform people any way that I can. Using Twitter, Facebook, my websites at work, projects at work that I do. I started a petition to the President on Jan. 22,2014. In order for a petition to be SEEN by the President you have to have 100,000 signatures in 30 days. That would be Feb.22,2014. Well, I have posted my petition everywhere, thinking it would explode eventually. Now for days, it has been stuck at 63. This will be the last time I post the link. I haven’t given up my conscious effort, I just have given up on other people.

  26. Sye says:

    Can we have a Census put up on here & shared with all the popular Alternative News websites, whereby we can just add our gender and country that states we are awake n aware. After 3 months we should be able to see how many of ‘US’ there are and not to feel so alone. After this we could co-ordinate actions….like shutting down airports these chemtrailers operate from & demanding they open up their facilities to scrutiny? We can become the enforcers but first we need to know OUR numbers don’t you think? Aren’t we meant to be operating as one big co-op? This would grow our numbers too I think.

  27. Sye says:

    Can we have a Census put up on here & shared with all the popular Alternate News websites, whereby we can just add a gender and country that states we are awake n aware. After 3 months we should be able to see how many of US there are and not to feel so alone. After this we could co-ordinate actions….like shutting down airports these chemtrailers operate from & demanding they open up their facilities to scrutiny? We can become the enforcers but first we need to know OUR numbers don’t you think? Aren’t we meant to be operating as one big co-op? This would grow our numbers too I think.

  28. Sye says:

    They’re engineering terrible storms in the UK. We’re just now bracing ourselves for a further 3 days of wind and heavy rain and this comes after a day of very very heavy chemtrailing?!

  29. Greg Smith says:

    I’ve been watching the animated, ground based radar maps since the late 90’s – and it has become obvious to me that many small radar broadcasting stations can and do operate in concert – in given regions of the U.S. (especially east of the Mississippi) – to augment whatever engineered weather event is happening in that same region.

    You can begin to watch this daily and hourly through the courtesy of NOAA – which updates the animated map regularly throughout the day and night. Nighttime signals seem to be much more intense, for some reason:

    Watch and draw your own conclusions.

    Greg Smith

  30. Gene Maynard says:

    This was a story ran on the Weather Channels web site.

  31. Gene Maynard says:

    Death by Sound
    Talk About Disinformation
    A sound system so powerful it can kill humans. Said to aid scientists in developing super strong satellites it is capable of producing 154 Decibels. It is housed in a room with sophisticated sound proofing in Noordwijk, the Netherlands. Developed by The European Space Agency it is said to be used to blast satellites and spacecraft with sound. According to the agency itself, “no human can survive hearing it when turned to its maximum volume”.

    Sound at 85 Decibels can cause hearing loss. 120-130 Decibels causes pain in humans. As a comparison, a 400,000 watt speaker used at a rock concert can generate 135,000 decibels. The call of the Blue Whale reaches 188 Decibels and therefore can travel hundreds of miles underwater. A space launch can generate 170 Decibels at its source, if this sound was directed at the spectators a half mile away it could in theory kill them.

    We are all becoming uncomfortably familiar with government claims of peaceful applications concerning these inventions. All too often we realize they have applications far more sinister than stated. Reasonable people know that if anything exists that can be used by man to gain power over his fellowman it will always be used for that purpose. Sound waves have long been used for such a purpose. Sound can be very destructive and only needs a medium to affect travel; such as the Blue Whales call utilizes water as a medium. High powered sound waves can disrupt or destroy the eardrum, they can also cause disorientation. Less powerful waves can cause nausea or discomfort. High powered frequencies have for some time been used to incapacitate people in terrorists or crowd control situations. Some frequencies can cause the eyeballs to vibrate causing loss of vision. Sound cannons and acoustic grenades capable of producing 190 Decibels are already being used in America. 210 Decibels can cause violent internal injuries to anyone exposed to it. The facility in the Netherlands is said to, “Produce in excess of 154 Decibels”. It is a fact that 151 Decibels destroys eardrums. It seems reasonable to assume that this facility is capable of much greater output than 154 Decibels.

    Sound is vibration traveling as a wave of pressure by the means of a medium such as air or water or solids. It seems the denser the medium the greater the travel. The particles of the medium do not travel with the sound but are stationary. They simply bend and compress creating force to send the sound greater and greater distances. I am studying this as I go but I have become wholly distrustful of man and in particular men who have at their disposal the power to control and destroy their fellowman. Men who have this power will use it in this manner 100% of the time. That’s a sad but true statement.

    This facility in the Netherlands seems to be nothing more than a variation of the existing H.A.A.R.P. facilities. Just as the haarp heaters bulge the ionosphere and manipulate weather through sound waves, this facility may have its true purpose in the control of people in a more direct way. I suspect debilitating sound waves from this facility can be directed anywhere in the world travelling the medium of the aero-soled metal particulates that saturate our atmosphere as well as our bodies. I would think our bodies would magnify this many time over, maybe even explode. This will probably be blamed on aliens; Seriously! Just saying; We’re not up to this, we need Higher help!

  32. James says:

    Speaking of ‘normalcy’, perhaps you who are walking around in a few feet of snow, as i am, can comment on this. From the surrounding snow, do you feel there is a coldness radiating up from that fallen cover that wasn’t there before? Let me check with you on that, because I’m getting a different reading than my history of senses recall. It feels like I’m walking inside a meat cooler. I have walked inside a meat cooler many times, so i have something to compare it to. If you are walking around outside in this snow, and it feels normal, please tell me i’m crazy. Am i experienced in snow? Yes, i have lifetime with it. The snow ‘here’ is cooling the air, can you feel it? Not normal.

  33. James says:

    Hello Francis & John. It’s so nice to catch your thoughts here, ‘nice’ being a euphemism for profoundly thankful; plus that Dane’s crew makes it possible. On my side, I am spellbound by the reality we are waking up into. I’m looking back to see how all this all happened without me entirely not noticing. I regret not taking George Carlin more seriously. Somehow he survived along side this beast, and told the real story. This is no laughing matter today. The world as we know it is gone. Now we must figure out how to survive what is coming.

  34. kathleen beynun says:

    I am totally “in” this to solve it. The only thing I’m not figuring out is how? So lots of us know now. What next? How do we get them to stop?

  35. francis m Reps says:

    ” Why would anyone do that ? “exemplifies the” Normalcy Bias “that prevents ordinary human beings from wrapping their minds around the destructive activities that are destroying our habitat. Several generations of people who don’t believe in good and evil, but accept the idea that psychology and medication can solve aberrant behavior have lost their capability to face the psychopathic multi generational inbreds who are controlling the world with fake currency,fake issues and cheaply purchased politicians who do their dirty work. God will set things right…..but not before a lot of people suffer.

  36. John says:

    I have been keeping up with you on all of this and way before you as well. I am so glad to say the least that there is someone else out there who realizes what is and has been going on. I have been speaking of the changes in the environment for well over 3 decades now. Trying to wake so called people up about what’s going on. It isn’t hard to see if you possess any kind of common sense, but again that is truly hard to find these days.It all started way way back, but really got going in the 50’s and 60’s with altering food source with many chemicals, and then the water and then the air. They ! whoever they are ? spray crap into the air or water and mandate the doctors give this crap to us everyday. We can go on and on about the truth of this thing we call our reality. I am so very happy to see someone such as Dane and good folks who care like himself out there trying to do something to benefit all man kind with their time and their lives. Please people wake up and simply notice what is in our skies and don’t just feel helpless but do something about it. Something like tell everyone you know and speak with. Bring them into the light about it, even if they don’t believe you. What do you have to loose by trying !!! Thank you. John,Dallas USA-Let’s at least be heard and know that we care and we tried. Those of you who have children and love them, then do it for them !

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