Microwave Transmissions And Sprayed Aerosols Continue To Manipulate California Precipitation


Dane Wigington

The ongoing global climate engineering operations are constantly being ramped up to ever higher levels, the all out assault against Earth's natural systems is relentless and growing. The geoengineers have for decades manipulated the flow of precipitation on our planet. The weather makers decide where it will rain, and where not. They decide how toxic the rain will be, or not. Who gave them this right? Though California has received significant precipitation this year in many locations, a great deal of additional rain is still being migrated over the state in order to be utilized by the climate engineers for their toxic operations further inland. The precipitation radar animation loop below is a glaring case in point. A very powerful radio frequency/microwave transmitter is located near the California coast just south of Eureka. This transmitter is constantly used to disperse the moisture from incoming storm systems.

The inability of precipitation to fully form in the radio frequency/microwave transmission zone is very evident in the above animation.

An actual transmission animation from the California transmitter in question is shown below (which was recorded a few days before).

These extremely powerful radio frequency/microwave transmissions (from transmitters all over the world) are not only completely disrupting the hydrological cycle, they are devastating to the entire web of life.

Earth's once deep blue skies are being completely decimated by the illegal and highly destructive climate intervention/solar radiation management programs. The shocking time-lapse video below taken over the iconic Yosemite valley is a case in point.

How much longer can the web of life sustain the constant bombardment of toxic climate engineering aerosols and highly damaging microwave transmissions?

It is imperative to awaken global populations to the climate engineering atrocities. Constant bombardments of toxic atmospheric aerosol dispersions and relentless RF transmissions are truly taking their toll on what is yet left of the planet's natural processes. Exposing and halting these programs will take the combined effort of awakened populations, we must each do our part in the essential battle to sound the alarm.

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  1. Michel B says:

    I pointed out the haze in the distance against the Mt Coot-tha range to the west of Brisbane to a close person today. I asked them what they thought the haze was due to, considering there was no business traffic. "Hot air." I didn't know hot air looked hazy or smokey or milky. It's incredible the (barely conscious) narrative that some will believe.

    Just imagine, given what people can believe about that which they can see with their own eyes, the effects of the lies contained in official historical narrative.

    Lies are powerful and devastating and just about everything we have been officially told is a lie. There is no authority to trust and none should be trusted.

    • Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      Make the Lie Big – Make it Simple – Keep Saying It, & Eventually, They Will Believe It !

  2. orazio says:

    thanks BaneB thanks to you all, you know i ful your pain as my l m feeling mixed with anger  and helplessness. Bat the feeling of love for nature and all its beautiful things there to never  bring forth.They are extremely strong with weapons and technology, bat very weak with the thought and spirit.Trump and friends beings are poor and miserable heart and brain as they are detached from nature.Let positive thoughts that are more powerful than anything else ,we plant trees is a spiritual act of great love and respect for these more advanced beings us to guarantee our lives! thank you all. 

  3. paul fowler says:

       From the north east shores of lake Erie , sunny skies but still spraying all day. While walking my dog I witnessed 2 planes that had a close encounter , one leaving a trail and one did not . I have seen plenty of videos showing the same thing yet people still don't notice or believe or just don't care . 

       I'm watching a seven part doc. series " the truth about vaccines " hosted by Ty Bollinger . Like Dane Wigington and others these people are working hard to spread the truth . I try my best , but I pale in comparison , I thank you all .

       A guy across the street from me got the shingles vaccine a couple of months ago , before he could see "silent epidemic " , one of the movies that Geo Engineering Watch provided me with . He developed a lump in his under arm . The doctor gave a shot of ? to help clear the lump . Last Sunday he suffered a stroke and died the following night. He was 65 Now I find this http://www.vaccineinjuryhelpcenter.com/shingles-vaccine/ . Should I show his brother ? 



  4. Dog says:


    We should learn to adapt to NATURE, NOT the other way around. To do anything else is madness, because it presupposes that "We" have, or can, obtain(ed) the power and wisdom to do so.

    We have everything we need, if only we apply ourselves with intelligence, foresight, and, most of all, Compassion.

    Seems that there are other people who do not agree.  It only takes one asshole to ruin a party…

    ….if you let them.

  5. Blam says:

    Something is different this year, the sun is so damned hot, but not just hot, I feel like I am underneath the element of a toaster oven. Its gotten to another level. I have no idea how bad but in the sun it felt like 110 degrees when the manipulated temp readout said 70. something has tipped toward disaster this year.

    • Jintampa says:

      Yes indeed, I have felt the same way. We're at least 8 degrees above normal in Tampa Bay and by 9:30-10:00am it is getting hot. This morning at 12:11 am, there's a hot East wind, the sky was fairly heavily sprayed yesterday and a pretty heavy cloud cover that baynews9 says are high clouds the code words for chemtrails.

  6. BaneB says:

    Here is another link that just keeps on giving.  I posted one germane page further down.  But after studying the complete presentation beginning at the home page, it seems there is much to learn about radar, and the weather.  The site owner is an altruistic individual describing what good can be done with redirecting storms, creating rain and snow where needed, etc.  By suggesting the "good" he 'has inadvertently' provided a tutorial about how the weather warfare terrorists operate their 'machine.'  Well, that is my opinion as I see it.  This is an easy to understand expo'se, the details are not complex, and one can zone out on the technicalities and still gain an insightful overview.  You decide:


    and the link to the Florida study:


    At the left of page are the links to the sites info in very tiny red print.

  7. Seeing Clearly says:

    The new world order (NWO) is actually the new world disorder considering all forms of evil are disease and disorder.

  8. orazio says:

    Hello everyone,thank you for what you are doing, but at the same time plating the trees is a spiritual act. Now more  than ever they too are struggling to survive and thus ensure even our life and of all living beings.

    monsters T rump  as we created them ourselves and now we have to stop them.

    The Italian heaven "belong to Nato and  the Us military",we have no jurisdiction over our skies are free to decide our lives!

    do good thoughts to win this battle for life!

    • BaneB says:

      orazio:  Greetings from the heart of the beast.  We are all captives of a global monstrosity.  The people here in the US are as much a prisoner as anywhere.  We lost control of our republic to globalists and their new world disorder.  Pray for us.  Good luck.  And, yes, planting a tree is an act of definance much like telling the truth.


  9. stephan says:

    The street lights and parking lot lights around my area, right across from the Manitoba Legislature grounds, have been replaced with very powerful LED lights. Many here have described pointing a flashlight up to see the particles, these lights show it as an illuminated fog – really friggen eerie. Will point it out when I can. Cheers to you all.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hi stephan,  Don't spend too much time around that bright LED light!  It too is a bad thing as many cities here are discovering, and scientists are saying.  They emit an invisible blue light, now known to cause auto accidents, but worse, heart problems, cancer, lack of sleep–a host of problems.  They even seem to kill bugs.  The same blue light is in these computer screens and TVs.  When first installed in my city and my street, I bitched and bitched about them, to deaf ears.  But at that time it was only me and one such street is right outside my house, my front apt. just maybe 20 feet away.  To compound that issue, many who moved to this iffy neighborhood put up what I call paranoia lights, usually aimed high as if trouble was coming from 20 feet up and so bright as to be migraine inducing.  They are supposed to be covered on top so that the light shines down instead of out, but no one does that.  It is literally blinding.  I'm a sensitive person and no one else chimed in with my complaints thinking it was just me.  Some cities here in the states are switching them out due to the enormous amount of harm they do.  I believe Seattle is one.  I want them all gone.  Yet another case of technology getting ahead of itself and the problems it creates.  They can really screw with your eyes and brain.

    • Blue Sue says:

      Thank you Rachel. Everything I have read on LED lights confirms exactly what you've shared here.  They are really harmful.  Like you, I hate them and pray they soon become a thing of the past.

  10. Dana MacCuish says:

    Hello Everyone.  Did a little watching of the newly released vaccine series,  'The Truth About Vaccines', and if anyone has any questions they would like answered on this topic,  this is proving to be a good place to start.  I was kind of surprised I did not see a link anywhere here for it…  if I missed it and I am reposting…  no harm done… you may have missed it too!


  11. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane, and ALL my friends I haven't met yet,

    Geesh, I just read about the US bombing an Islamic state tunnel in Afghanistan. I watched Trumpuppet talk to the press with all the brass in attendance. Right now I'm having some very mixed emotions about what "our" US did over there. The bomb dropped was "the mother of all bombs", short of nuclear. 22,000!! pounds of explosives. And with explosive technology these days, That's a lot!! "ISIS", formed fueled and funded by good o'l uncle sam. One wonders why uncle sam blew up a tunnel? What else was affected? Maybe there was a stubborn fault line that needed a little adjusting so then the HAARP machines can now trigger another earth quake over there. Maybe those ISIS boys were skimming off the top of the poppy harvest? Maybe the US(deep state) needed to display to other nations what "they" can do without nuclear weapons?

    There's a huge part of me that is sad knowing that I reside in the country that performed that act of violation against many factions. I sit here knowing that I have done my best to stop participating in the system that fuels destruction. (Can you live with "1" electrical outlet? I 'can'. So can BaneB). I shudder to think what will surmise in the minds of the average american after reading and hearing about that bomb. Ha, I'll bet half of those so called americans won't even hear about that bomb.

    It has always run in the forefront of my mind: "Why can't we just quit fighting and get on with our lives?". Myself, I've never been suckered into a fight nor argument. I've avoided either with saying the right things and spoken with the right attitude(confidence!). Looking back, it wasn't that hard to do(stand your ground). Why folks in general can't put their prejudice aside and look beyond what's playing out in front of them is beyond my comprehension. Again, it wasn't that hard to do. Lastly, if one does achieve these understandings, why are they not holding their fellow mankind accountable? "What happens at "the top" is only a crescendo of what occurs at "the bottom". Welcome to the big secret. Mass awareness is our only option, Period!

    War is over, If you want it.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      "Trumpuppet"… Has a nice ring to it. Don't you think?(grin).

      Sorry, But it's ok to be sarcastic sometimes. Gotta smile when ya can or we'll forget how…………

    • Rachel Robson says:

      'a' simple horseman, I like Trumpuppet though it is a mouthful but so is he.  I loved Rachel Maddow's breakdown of this bombing.  First of all, that 'mother of all bombs' was due to expire.  The military made it and wanted Obama to use it but he would not.  Trump campaigned on stuff like that: what Obama wouldn't do.  He promised to bomb the heck outta ISIS.  He's had trouble fulfilling his other promises ("who knew it would be this hard"), but this he could do.  Right as Kim Jong Un is showing his ability to send deadly missiles and right when desert was served at Mar a Lago for Trump and the Chinese president visiting there.  Trump loves to describe it, the cake, a beautiful, pricey cake had just been served and that is when he told the president of China! he'd just then sent that biggest bomb of all, short of nuclear.  Maddow shows how many times that restaurant of Trump's there has had serious health infractions, oh so many, and she says maybe that is why he always orders his steaks well done!  She wondered what all that should not be was in that cake!  Trump is a walking disaster.  He's gonna get us all killed sooner than geoengineering will.  This feeds right into ISIS's narrative.  And, this makes his third mega violent action since 'elected'.  I am sure that people all over the world say what you say about why can't we stop fighting and just get on with our lives.  Citizens everywhere say that.  The military begs to differ!  I mean, they invested all that money, US monies in that bomb, couldn't just let it expire!  People on the other hand, they can expire and they don't care!  But it also distracts us from Trump's multiple legal issues and screw ups, not to mention taking away our rights.  The noose tightens. 

    • BaneB says:

      Simple horseman:  Testing, testing, this is a test….   They had it, and why have it you are not going to use it.  The question is whether the reasons fed us make sense, are factually true, as if any of this could ever make sense or be factually true.  It's interesting how we are provided these "facts" as if somehow WE had a damned thing to do with these foreign policy blunders.  It's done in our name, even though we are officially chattel of this creature and unable to stop the psychopathic behavior.  This madness called MOAB, an ancient Biblical land in Jordan, is the talk of the Internet this morning.  Damn near viral.  My sense is the nation's population is having an  'uh oh' moment.  There is a growing feeling of a looming disaster coming our way.  More Trump voters are seeing their mistake, that Trump is unstable, lied, and is quite willing to give the war machine its head full throttle.  We shall know more about the next move starting at April 18.  

    • Dog says:

      Noting in the last few years the increasing MSM allusions to, and memes regarding, the likelihood of WW3 and nuclear war, that are showing up on many media outlets – softening up a dumbed-down, distracted, and complacent populace to the very possibility of such a previously unimaginable horror. The media had not done this before in the manner in which it is now appearing.

      Conventional wars were "normalized", but not nuclear devastation. A clear warning sign.

      Another possibility is the "Fake-Out" – NEUTRON BOMBS will actually be the ones that will be deployed, they kill people but do not destroy property –

      …"while leaving their real estate just where we need it" –

      Frank Zappa, "Dumb All Over"

      "Efficiency and Progress is Ours once more

      Now that we have the NEUTRON BOMB

      It's Nice and Quick and Clean and gets things DONE" –

      Jello Biafra, Dead Kennedys, "Kill The Poor"

    • Blue Sue says:

      I smiled at your "trumpuppet" — very fitting.  We are truly living under a pathetically corrupt and pernicious corporatocracy, deep state, dark power bent on destruction and death.  It is heartbreaking to be a citizen of such a lost, blind, and fallen country.  Thank god for the good souls here working to right the wrongs we suffer together.  May a great cleansing and healing become manifest on this troubled earth we love so much.

  12. Seeing Clearly says:

    2014-2015 2015-2016 and now we may have a 2017-2018 does anyone wonder why we are now having an El Niño every year? And 2014-2015 was not declared officially from what I know, however, data indicate it still happened.(https://youtu.be/bbXH94gu7w0)

  13. Seeing Clearly says:

    Questions Of Concern


    1.  Climate Engineering Can Be Used To Prevent Or Cause a "natural disaster" using climate engineering takes the "natural" out of natural disasters so it remains a controversy leaning to no it should not be allowed.


    2. Yes in a sense of notion that our property should not be infringed upon by any man or anything other than the happenstance of nature however we can benefit from more analyzing of the subject .


    3.Its not so much of a matter of Can but rather a matter of will it destroy our democracy. 


    4. The effects of climate manipulation need an abundant amount of research however the planet has been seen to get warmer with correlation of climate manipulation.


    5. This is a topic of major study as to what's best in the case of implementing climate manipulation.


    6. This is a major area of controversy and concern and needs further evaluation before we allow climate manipulation to be implemented.


    7. No , Let it be gods will he is the one who decides if we and how we implement weather control.


    8. There are many cases where it's tempting to say we should control   the weather like during drought or floods or any form or severe weather but we must consider the side effects and consequences before a decision.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Bravo!! Seeing Clearly, thank you for your contribution here. I keep a file named "comments worth sharing". Yours just went to the head of the class in the "think about it" category. Did you write that off the top of your head? You could be a "key note speaker". Mostly though, I'm impressed and grateful. Thank you again. I will be passing your words along to others.

  14. Seeing Clearly says:

    The situation with HAARP and climate manipulation technologies is a very important issue. We have to examine the ethics of such technological procedures and we have to investigate the science of such procedures so what do we see?

    • We see grid patterns in clouds and we see geometric shapes on clouds.

    What do we observe?

    • We observe extreme temperature and precipitation fluctuations and we also see an increment in the overall warming after a big winter storms like events.

    What is the suspected technology causing this?

    • Frequencies that can heat and or move air masses scatter air masses and disorganize storms.

    Chemical aerosols dispersions that can seed clouds or dry clouds up. What other techniques do they use? They apply the geometric shape technique to amplify the structure and organization and size of the storm in a way that suits their agenda they scatter a storm with frequencies to eliminate and stop rain and destroy the organization of the storm they heat the storm to change the way the storm operates to suppress the storm or evaporate it.

    That's the brief summary as to what I think is going on.

  15. marc says:

    Sock-puppet Trump (is he really any different than previous presidents?) and his band of merry men continue to engage in behaviors that are intentionally designed to piss people off, under a phony pretext of carrying out campaign promises. Well, THAT has been proven as transparently phony as clean glass. It has gotten to a point where there seems little to gain from reacting to ANYTHING these worthless bunglers do. In fact, much of what is being done by these phony-asses is specifically designed to engender maximum REACTION, "good" OR "bad". Be it on the world stage, inside our borders, inside the MSM, or on f**king Phobos. Yet, we MUST keep our eye on this retard (apologies, but not to Trump) because after all, he wields power at some level. Just how much is debatable. Meanwhile, the big babies in charge of spraying a coating of poison over everything on f**king Earth continue to discharge their "duties". Every so often I experience a "reboot" of my awareness about all this. When this happens I am freshly re-horrified by the magnitude of what is being done in a way that is difficult to describe. We've all gone through phases where we've become glazed-over, jaded, to just how unconscionable and deadly and supremely IDIOTIC these grotesque manipulations of the atmosphere are. I suspect this phenomenon is infinitely worse for the barely-conscious dung-beetles whose jobs consist of perpetuating this atrocity. "Forgive them, for they know not what they do." BULLSHIT!!! In spite of their rank and file stupidity, they sure as hell know, ON SOME LEVEL OF UNDERSTANDING, that what they are doing is WRONG, MURDEROUS, CRIMINAL, RECKLESS, EVIL, IRRESPONSIBLE, DUMB, POINTLESS AND PROSECUTABLE. May ALL those responsible for this abomination, from the lowliest mechanic up to the highest-ranked psychopath, experience the wonderfully rejuvenating effects of full prosecution under the law.



    • Ed Bee says:

      I never heard the word "re-horrified" before but it is perfect for how I feel every day. I'm busy working or doing busy stuff and then it hits me, the realization of the magnitude of the awfulness we all face, and I am suddenly re-horrified.

  16. Blam says:

    The squirrels are nearly all gone, 10 years ago I use to wake from their annoying chatter. Sometimes they would get in to attic spaces through the vents or some hidden space.  I imagine that is the surest sign of the health of trees, squirrels live off their production around here, the trees are dying. I cant stand the sun anymore, its changed from golden yellow to a brilliant white.

    • Earth Angel says:

      I notice the same thing with the land turtles inhabiting the woods around north Georgia. It used to be in the spring and summer after a rain they were everywhere crossing the roads, dozens of them. Now we are lucky to see one or two a season. It always startles me when I am fortunate enough to see one. Last year I think I saw 3. Two live ones and one unfortunately hit- apparently by some careless ignorant unobservant jerk. I hate to hit even a bug or a butterfly now, things are so critical.

    • Diane Friday says:

      @Blam:  I'm so sorry the squirrels are gone where you are. Whenever I notice the number of certain animals, even insects, are declining, it makes me so sad, and SO angry. 

      We're in southeastern PA. We've been feeding the squirrels around here, and thankfully there are many. We've even gotten one to trust us enough to take a peanut out of our hand. Several of us in this apartment building feed the birds as well, and we're fortunate to have many kinds of birds visiting daily. We put fresh water out every day it isn't raining. We have a small plastic container on the ground for the feral cats we feed as well as for the squirrels, skunks, and raccoons. We also have a birdbath, as do many of the neighbors. 

      I've noticed this week, however, that there are more crows coming close to the building. The crows, as well as starlings and even a robin or two, will eat any leftover cat food. I've also seen more turkey buzzards and hawks circling overhead, particularly on those days when a chemical aerosol overcast has been created. This, coupled with seeing crows coming so close to our building, leads me to believe there is a dearth of dead animals to scavenge. 

      We rarely see rabbits anymore though. When we moved here four years ago, there were rabbits everywhere in the spring, summer, and early fall. Adults, babies, and everything in between. Last spring and summer, we saw maybe four or five rabbits. We've seen one so far this spring, but then the weather controllers have only recently allowed spring to happen on a very limited basis. They're still ice nucleating every day – more so than ever now that we're well past the equinox and warming wants to happen. But we're being allowed more days with temps in the 60s at least, and it's finally starting to look like spring. But, still only one rabbit so far. It may be that the feral cats are responsible for this, but there have always been a lot of feral cats around here, so I kind of doubt it. 

      We are determined to do whatever we can to help keep these beautiful creatures alive, and will continue to do so as long as we're alive. These psychos aren't winning this one. Not here. They're not getting "our" beautiful creatures. 

    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      The Insects are not declining, they are almost gone.

      Last Summer, for the first time in my life, I kept, during July, August and September, some windows open during the night ( with open lights for some hours ), without having any insects ( almost ZERO ) inside the house through all night or morning. This was impossible to happen 5 or 6 years ago. Insects are the base of the food-chain. When I was a kid, it was very easy to see many dozens of bats ( maybe hundreds, if we ride with a car for two or three hours near the forests ) flying everywhere during the night ( in Summer ), near the street lamps, feeding themselves of the enormous quantities of moths that also it was possible to see every night. This year, about insects, I'm starting to see some interesting activity ( not much but interesting ), but the MFs can bring back "the toxic winter" anytime they want, and this is terrible for all the little creatures that breathe through stigmas and rely on warm weather.

  17. BaneB says:

    Radar rain shadows:  I stumbled upon this link in a general search about 'microwaved clouds.'  Radar shadows create more or less rain depending on if a region is in "shadow" or not.  Oh, and  the technology could be a way to earn money.  Florida!  Unbelievable the shortsightedness of the much overblown human intelligence.  Let's control the weather systems at local, state, federal, and international levels whereby the creation of rain and drought will soon enough tear apart the earth's entire hydrological system. Add aerosol Geoengineering to the mix and can one say…..weather COLLAPSE!


  18. Dennie says:

    The Newer, Meaner Face behind the New World Order now ruled by the Industrial-Military-Corporate-Kleptocracy, shows itself at O'Hare Airport on a United Flight out of Chicago:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WEw-GjTriI  The passenger, a physician and Vietnamese refugee who immigrated to the U.S. in 1975, was "chosen at random by computer" (translated:  "I HAVE NO RESPONSIBILITY, I WAS ONLY FOLLOWING ORDERS!") was forcibly dragged off the plane by a "police" force that was called after he refused to get off the plane, as horrified passengers looked on and remarked at this flagrantly horrifying example of injustice and abuse. The doctor was supposed to be at a hospital the next day.  He was beaten and will require reconstructive surgery. 

    • Blam says:

      They wanted this to happen, this was preplanned. It is part of the normalization of violence. They let him board, they knew it would be a huge fiasco, all part of the agenda. Its normal for people to get dragged off of planes, what is sickening is how the others react…muted silence, some o my god…its a litmus test for much much worse to come.

    • MAP says:

      Boycott the airlines. Stop flying, Period. Everyone in Aviation has their hand in "the cookie Jar" of toxic Geoengineering. Every single airline making a buck off this nightmare. Stop patronizing the corporations in charge of dispersing the Mystery Toxic Soup to the masses; and they smile while doing it. Police State USA arrived many years ago. 

    • BaneB says:

      Dennie:  United Airlines stock value lost almost a billion dollars the next day.   Its recovered by now? The video went viral, and especially in China because there it was thought the doctor was Chinese. There were three other passengers who were "volunteered" off the aircraft so four airline employees could make their connections. The man was one year shy of 70. He has a felony conviction from years ago, something about drug prescriptions.  Of course, the surveillance state pounced on that and began the besmirching of the doctors reputation.  Welcome to homeland insecurity.

  19. Susan Ferguson says:

    SF: According to various sources, North Korea has begun moving military assets into OFFENSIVE positions, including heavy trucks moving nukes across the country. Civilians seem to understand the severity of the events taking place over the past week or so; there is now a "mad dash" to LEAVE Seoul, the Capital of South Korea. A U.S. aircraft that specializes in detecting radioactive debris after the detonation of a nuclear device has arrived on Okinawa, Japan, amid rising tensions on the Korean peninsula. China has now officially notified ALL of its military districts to "be prepared to move to the border of North Korea." Japan Government will evacuate Japanese nationals from South Korea if  necessary. many experts believe North Korea intends to detonate another nuclear bomb as a test.  If that happens, it appears the United States will attack. "SATELLITE images show “high levels” of activity at North Korea’s nuclear site. The USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier Strike Group is now "on-station" and ready for action in the western Pacific (read North Korea).

    • Susan Ferguson says:

      Is That Armageddon Over The Horizon?
      Paul Craig Roberts / April 12, 2017
      The insouciance of the Western world is extraordinary. It is not only Americans who permit themselves to be brainwashed by CNN, MSNBC, NPR, the New York Times and Washington Post, but also their counterparts in Europe, Canada, Australia, and Japan, who rely on the war propaganda machine that poses as a media. … Consider the audacity of Secretary of State Tillerson [oil CEO]. He has spent the week prior to his visit to Moscow supporting incredible lies and false allegations that Assad of Syria used chemical weapons with Russia’s permission, which justified Washington’s unambigious war crime of a military attack on a country with which the US has not declared war. Less than 100 days in office, and Trump is already a war criminal along with the rest of his warmonger government.
      The entire world knows this, but no one says it. Instead, Tillerson, who has been heavy with lies and threats has the confidence to go to Moscow to tell the Russians that they have to hand over Assad to the American Uni-Power. Tillerson’s mission demonstrates the complete, total unreality of the world in which Washington lives.  … When Russia hears these flagrant, blatant, obvious lies, Russia understands that Washington intends a preemptive nuclear attack on Russia.  China has reached the same conclusion.
      So, here is the situation. Two countries with nuclear forces expect that the insane fools who rule the West are going to attack them with nuclear weapons. What are Russia and China doing? Are they begging for mercy? No. They are preparing to destroy the evil West, a collection of liars and war criminals, the like of which the world has never previously experienced.

    • BaneB says:

      Susan:  When the a Rubicon is crossed, there will be no more Rubicon.  Nor the need to concern ourselves with any of our concerns.

  20. Joe Ceonnia says:

    We are moving backward on the chemical approved EPA chems, that were previously banded. What in the world is really going on, Like Dane said there are so many agendas going on here???

    • Earth Angel says:

      Last Monday I ran into a bee keeper at a farm supply / nursery and commented to him how unhealthy the young plants for sale outside looked. Many of them were a sickly yellow and a few showed signs of being burnt by UVB/UVC radiation. These were potted vegetable seedlings for sale. Usually the young plants straight from the greenhouses look initially healthy and vibrant until I take them home and plant them outside where they promptly become spotted and yellowed a short time after being exposed to toxic rains and burning rays of the sun without ozone filter. In years past I had NO PROBLEM whatsoever getting plants of any kind (flower or vegetable) to prosper on my farm. We discussed geoengineering and I gave him a color flyer and asked him how his bee colonies were doing. He stated that he started with 20 or so which dwindled to 15 and after coming out of this winter he was now down to 5!!!  (OMG!) He was distraught and VERY concerned about the spraying of all types of chemical pesticides destroying our environment- and very glad to accept a flyer from geoengineeringwatch.org. I hope he copies and shares with many others. I left there feeling glad to have found yet another good soul interested in saving our planet.

    • Seeing Clearly says:

      Donald Trump is an embarrassing reflection of what America has become. We had such poor choices to pick from this past election I don't even know how much of an election it was. Trump seems to fail when it comes to necessary regulations for our own health and the environment. He is more focused on bombing other countries than take care of Americas problems. We spend more money on useless war crap than we do about making an effort to feed and shelter everyone in the world or at least the country. Trump is not putting American first when it comes to fixing our problems, but he gladly uses the America first term out of context to promote greed and other filthy stuff. Just because you don't like Hillary doesn't mean you should ignore Trumps dark present and dark past. Maybe Trump was a war monger after all, from what I am finding out.

    • MAP says:

      Seeing Clearly: Slogan should be "Make the Deep State Greater Again"/sarcasm

    • Dennie says:

      Trump is a perfect REFLECTION of all that's wrong with Uhmerukunz.  He's not The Problem, HE IS THE SYMPTOM.  .

    • Seeing Clearly says:

      Dennie, exactly your on target what I will say is he is kind of both a symptom and a problem because he doesn't have to be that way Trump can be a good person I don't know if they would let him keep his power if he did change the act not that I think he will do it but my point is he is also a problem and a symptom.

  21. C.J. says:

    INSANE Weather!!! END TIMES NEWS 2017 (Major World Events January 21-25) Top Headlines {HD} https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XBvc0cMWtTc

  22. C.J. says:

     The chemical cocktail making up they spray consists of nano-particles of aluminium, barium strontium and a hexafluoride.

    Let’s start with aluminium. When in the air that we breathe it will be inhaled. The quickest and shortest avenue to the brain is via nasal passages. It is known that aluminium plaque in the brain causes dementia and alzheimer’s disease.

    Furthermore, as it descends it lands on the leaves of vegetation, covering with a fine dust, cutting off the breathing through the leaves. As it descends further onto the ground aluminium changes the ph level of the soil, killing off certain species.

    Barium is a toxin to humans, animals and vegetation. Strontium is really scary because it is a radioactive element – no doubt cancer causing.

    Hexafluorides weaken bone density, can cause bone cancer and impair mental ability, especially in children.

    • Randy says:


      Have you heard or have facts that they are spraying Lithium in their mix of chemical cocktails? I was told by a US Marine I was interviewing for a truck driver position, that Lithium is a main ingredient. That helps explain why the general public is in a dumb down state of mind.

    • Dennie says:

      My neighbor, a retired dentist in his 50s, has been diagnosed with osteoporosis. I know another person, a teacher, also in her 50s, diagnosed with osteoporosis.  They are thin but not so thin that they haven't been getting enough nutrition. 

    • Susan Ferguson says:

      CJ — Add LITHIUM!  I am finding substantial credible evidence that the “milky haze” we are all now seeing is also made up of LITHIUM,  thus I conclude that Lithium is now a major player in the sprays. Lithium can be used to block UVs, actually convert them into Infrared IR via electromagnetic conversion processes in plasma. Lithium is well know to treat Bi-Polar afflictions — with side effects like such as confusion, memory loss or lack of awareness, also irregular pulse, weakness or feeling tired, trouble breathing, stiffness in the arms and legs, and more.

      US PATENT: Methods of charging solid state plasmonic electrochromic smart window devices / US 20160246153 A1  / 2016 Abstract Methods of charging an electrochromic device includes post assembly charging using a sacrificial redox agent, lithium diffusion into an electrode from a lithium layer or salt bridge charging, or pre assembly charging using proton photoinjection into an electrode. An embodiment of the invention provides improved charging processes for electrochromic devices, such as devices containing nanostructured material electrodes capable of selectively modulating radiation in near-infrared (NIR) and visible spectral regions.

  23. marc says:

    Listened to C2C show which originally aired on April 3rd. Featured Scott Stevens in the first half. I can't quite figure this guy out. I've heard a bunch of interviews with him over several years and he just seems to get weirder and weirder. Former meteorologist who, in early 2000's, came to the ultimate realization that the government was, in fact, spraying shit to manipulate weather on a grand scale. He is of the school of thought that the planet is actually entering a cooling cycle, as solar activity is ebbing, etc. but he can't ascertain where or for how long we might be in such a cycle. He also several times dodged directly answering questions in a most cagey kind of way. Then, as he now does in most interviews, he steered the conversation into talking about world currencies, Bitcoin, and so forth. Huh?? Bitcoin?? He never once, as far as I can remember, emphasized the extreme urgency of our environmental situation. He did lament the loss of millions of western trees which he asserted was largely due to effects from geoengineering. But his whole "brand" just feels kind of incomplete, with large inexplicable gaps. He does have a grasp, though, of bigger picture issues pertaining to weather manipulation and the commodities markets. When talking about the future of Bitcoin and/or other currencies he talks freely as if there will BE a future. He exhibits not the slightest concern or angst about what is no longer in question: we are in a great extiinction playing out as we speak. For a guy who actually was a MSM meteorologist, who actually "gets it" about geoengineering and HAARP and so forth, for some strange reason that I don't yet understand he will only go a certain distance and then act as if everything is going to be perfectly fine. Very f**king strange. Can't quite put my finger on it, but I don't quite get this guy.

    • Dennie says:

      @marc:  Someone's probably slipping the guy a few greenbacks, or least promising a certain number of bitcoins, in his account.. Bitcoin, if you ask me, was introduced as a "subversive" alternative currency  leaked out, as usual, and presented as a "threat" to our current money system– that is, until "They" decide we can't have cash because it's too hard to control us if we have that much freedom and besides, "only criminals pay with cash," goes the mind-control programming, therefore every last one of us must go on the electronic currency system, no more cash needed, so we'll all be told in Uhmerikah (… and, no, I do not need SpellCheck or owe any kind of an apology to anyone for any reason whatsoever, for that last bit– if you can't figure out where this country is by now, that is YOUR tough noogies– hmmmpfff!)

  24. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane and ALL my friends I haven't met yet, Gracious this weather we have had this last few weeks. Take careful note of what BaneB writes about his climate influences. The high country affects the low country, always has. Something about gravity there. In my own region there are creeks running much higher than in the last decade or so. That's a good thing. I just wish the precipitation weren't full of "extra's". It's hard to campaign global warming in my area. I live in one of the "chosen" cool down zones. And let me tell ya, it ain't as pretty as you'd think. All this rain and my trees are still in decline. I walk out in my little forest and I can feel each and every one of them. I won't write what they have to say. It's kinda hard to put into words.

    NewGirl inquired if any of us have seen an upturn in helicopter traffic. Namely military traffic. I am fully qualified to chime in here. I lived 11 years adjacent naval air station whidbey island and 12 years on the east side of fort lewis. Now known as "Lewis-McCord"(Aerosol central). I lived close enough that I heard the 50 cal guns "practicing" and the tank brigades "practicing". I saw lots of choppers fly over also. The increase in the shear number of those weapons "practicing" over those years was "off the charts" as they say. Now I live on a mountain side 250 miles from all that misplaced power and I have to listen to those damn growler jets. They have been increasingly relentless. The growler jets "sessions" have noticeably become longer in length. I'm sure there's an infraction in there somewhere. My dog "Magnum, PI"(he checks everything out), has been on high alert when those growler jets are flying. Oh sure, he thinks he's doing his job in alerting me that they are getting to close. But, It was him that told me they were measurably up to no good(true). When things become intense, the Mustangs are on high alert status too. I've spent several hours "standing" with them so as to get my "family" calmed down. All this serves a "purpose". When things get tight, and they will, trust and truth will carry you through in the world that will survive.

    War is over, If you want it…

    • BaneB says:

      a simple horseman:  Just a quick note to say another white cement "snow" storm hit here yesterday afternoon into the night. The winds blew sideways.  It's all ice, not fluffy soft snow.  Three inches.  Not much depth, but so heavy that again my fruit trees suffer damage. Everything is coated.  Where am I, Hudson Bay?  A freeze is forcast for tonight.  Flowers and springs leaves and the insects will suffer.  Of course the sunshine is a rare sight.


    • LS says:

      Yes the  High Country affects everything downhill. It has never been more bizarre and unexplainable as it is now at a mile and a quarter up in altitude. The cataclysm is being exposed as the glacier type of 'snow' melts. There are ponds of melted water all over yet the banks are still over 8 feet and at least 5 feet is still on the ground. As Dane has repeatedly said "the time is coming where there will be no denying this any longer"  It is tragic to witness.

  25. Joe Ceonnia says:

    I was speaking to a Doctor Friend of mine, She's a Specialist in Neurology at the local Hospital. She said that she has seen a definite increase in brain disorders. Also an increase in Parkinson's, I wanted to ask if heavy metals could cause these types of diseases? But, I didn't want to scare her away. I just wanted to listen, because she seemed alarmed. Can anyone tell me if Breathing the geo-engineered air with it's known chemical patient's of Aluminum, Barium, and Strontium can have an effect in this way? Or an effect on the cerebral cortex? Even symptoms of cerebral embolism or signs of Brain Disorders as a whole?? Does anyone if this can be cleaned from the body??? The reason I ask; is these are nano size particles, very very very small. I wanted to bring to her attention of the programs going on with GeoEngineering, But for some reason I think she knew. That's why she was telling me, she knew I handed out these brochures printed from this web site. But still I couldn't bring myself to ask her?? I wonder why I didn't, I've been asking myself that question all the past couple of days since we've had this conversation although one-sided… Can any help me with these questions? I just had to tell this to someone, my wife is tired of me talking about this topic. This subject seems to be the only thing on my mind. Thank you Dane again, for this WEB SITE!

    • nobodiesfool says:

      It's been long known that heavy metals create mental illness, see Canadian Psychiatric Assoc.'s Nutritional Healing in Schizophrenia and other common mental Illness. A few years back, may be a new edition. Most pesticides act by poisoning and attacking the nervous system with heavy metals compounds.. Organic olive leaf powder, every day.


    • Joe Ceonnia says:

      Thank you Much – Nobodiesfool: For your answers to my questions. It's very disturbing to know the harm they (Deep State)  has caused mankind, isn't that a play on words uhn…(mankind) isn't so kind?

      Thanks again, I will do what you have suggested. Have a great day and a better tomorrow.

    • Susan Ferguson says:

      Vegetal SILICA every day seems to be the most effective on metals.

      Getting rid of heavy metals with Silica
      Aluminum is one of the most fatal heavy metal for our brain and nervous system. This is the heavy metal, which together with brain tissue calcification, causes one of the most terrible diseases a human being could go through: Alzheimer’s disease. All the scientific studies and all the scientists admit that silica is the most effective detoxifying agent for aluminum and heavy metal poisoning in the body. Even more, silica has been discovered to amazingly work against another disease very similar to Alzheimer’s, and that’s dementia.

    • Dennie says:

      Okay, so silica's great– problem is, how much and how often do individuals need to take it.  That's the problem.  You need a professional herbalist dispensing this advice.  All herbs are not without side-effects, allergic or intolerance reactions.

    • ron hall says:

      @Joe Ceonnia: Here you go, Joe:  How the BBB(blood brain barrier) is easily crossed by all kinds of nano-particles; This is a must read! And this is ongoing with us all!


    • MAP says:

      In addition to Vegetal Silica, there is Cilantro with Chlorella in liquid form. I buy a 2 ounce bottle and use dropper to add some to my juice each day.

  26. ron hall says:

    Dane and group:  Have you seen this particular article? It does make one wonder what the approximate % of friggin, sponge brains are on the planet?? What 99.5%??    The MATRIX IS PLANNING GEOENGINEERING!    Well, fancy that! All the methods shown here are NOWHERE NEAR WHAT IS GOING ON NOW!! No words to describe this GALACTIC CUNNING!!




  27. BC says:

    Driving in the Forestry road this evening looking at the miles of pine seedlings they have planted over recent years. They all have one thing in common. NONE of them are green. They are all a sickly yellow! The only trees green are the lucky one's growing behind the odd random taller tree in front of it that shelters it from the Sun's direct rays. The powers that be are in Big trouble. We haven't had any Sun or Blue sky days here in nearly a year and the trees haven't improved at all. Doesn't seem this spray and cloud canopy is doing much at all so why are they doing it then?? Be interesting to see what their excuse will be this time when they all flash die. Headline; "Millions of BCs pine conifers mysteriously die from XYZ disease". No doubt! No immune system, no resistance to anything. These scientists are such dork's. Doesn't it say the armies of the earth went to war against the lamb and prevailed not?


  28. frank reps says:

    lettters to the editors of your small town newspapers warning your neighbors about the dangers of geoengineering activities { clearly visible above our heads } with a reference to dane's website is a MOST EFFECTVE way to help spread the word.  If anyone is told that their local paper ONLY prints news about  " local events " ;  Point out to the publisher or editor that the skies above your communities are " local skies "

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      frank, Excellent suggestion!. "Now I have something to do"…..

    • Joe Ceonnia says:

      I Will do this Immediately, Thanks Frank. 

    • Dennie says:

      On radio station KQED's NPR show from 11 to noon today there was in interview with Dave Davies, a British rocker from the Sixties.  His latest album is titled Chem Trails.  The host of the show made no comment and asked no questions about his choice of title.  So word's getting out, one way or another.  When the rock stars start talking about it openly, the cat's outta the bag.

    • paulafs says:

      Hi Frank Reps, ………… since I love doing editorials in our local newspaper, yours is a definite approach I am going to try in this matter.  I, too, am SO SICK of not seeing blue skies and NO sunshine; always this stupid VERY  BLACK-lined sky with the stupid gray junk in behind it, ALWAYS!  I see them spraying all of the time here where I, unfortunately, have to live, and I can tell you that most days it NEVER makes it out of the 50s or low 60s.

  29. Tim says:

    What is wrong with people? They can't see this?

  30. JR says:

    Nothing different to post from Southwest, New Mexico. A multitude of rain clouds being broken down to nothing and the winds come, nothing new, down pat they have it. It's pretty evident for anyone with half a brain, sad to say. The U.S. citizen is all to gullible in believing those running our government are honest people and have our best interests. Right?! US led by a bunch of crooked perverse generation punks sickos…

  31. Gaianna says:

    Dane, they are now officially coming out with it!


    Looks like scientists will now come on the record. Perhaps this will be the game changer.



  32. Hello to all my like minded friends on here. I have been following this website for 3 years corresponding via snail mail with Dane and watching the ongoing changes to our Western PA skies and radical weather swings of temperatures and very strange weather trends. I can no longer sit back and must do something. We are being sprayed here most everyday now just like people are reporting in Ohio and Michigan and many other states-countries. It is growing worse and they spray heavy before any strong storm front that is forecasted that is causing strong winds and drying out the rain moisture. This year me and my wife both came down with a very nasty respiratory infection that hit us hard in Mid March. Many people are sick in this area and medical offices are full with doctors prescribing strong antibiotics. Some cannot get rid of a chronic cough. I have tried to raise awareness to others including my family members in subtle ways to open their eyes / minds and I'm met with skeptical silence. I have forwarded comments, photos that I took including this website link to many to never get a reply. Are they afraid to grasp this information yet notice changes going on?

    There is so much great energy awareness on here and Dane your in-depth information cannot be denied. I believe we need to organize interested like minded people in various regions to perform ongoing tasks such as daily sky watching (similar to plane spotters in WWII) and recording our daily sky observations and time date stamps with temperatures. I have started mine on a spreadsheet on March 31st.  We need collective water and soil samples taken for testing from regions across the country and internationally to test and build our case with the findings. A medical trend report can also be collected as I'm seeing more sickness on this comment blog. I see so many outdoor nature lovers on here who could record photographic changes to their properties of trees, bushes and plants to be collected for the record. The next question is where should all this information go to. A main database with reporting function could be started (not connected to the internet) to build our case and help the legal team with a structured informational. A planned national campaign to strategically blast information and fliers out to key people in organizations that could be effective will be listed asking them to contribute their reality and hopefully pass on. Lets think big folks and begin to organize our awareness to the masses.    

    • Jintampa says:

      I would be interested in this idea. Breaking the country up into smaller geographical regions would make it easier to collect data and record daily patterns.

  33. Wes says:

    Dispatches from Eastern Nebraska:

    I saw a wasp staggering around like it was poisoned.

    A sparrow in my apricot tree, eating the blossoms.

    The skinniest garter snake I've ever seen. It was about three feet long and a big around as my finger.

    I pulled some old pallets I had with my fire wood sitting on them. They had been there about three years. Between the wood and the dirt, no worms.

    Lots of predator birds in town now. Hawks and Eagles. Now we have flocks of buzzards, all the time. I saw one eating a dead squirrel off the street right in front of my house the other day. 

    Everything seems to be starving.

    So grey and dark, day after day after day……… Like has been mentioned here recently. A handful of days of filtered milky "sunshine" in a couple of months.

    The plants all look like they are in suspended animation. The blooms hang there half way opened. No real greenery yet.

    Last Friday our weather forecast for the weekend. They said lots haze, if you have breathing problems stay inside. Why the haze, they said it's from Oklahoma fires. It's not from the 300 jets going back and forth all day Friday spraying us, nope, can't be that. It's from some mythical fires two states away.

    All the trees look sick.

    All the people I try to inform…….nothing it seems. The whole nation is on some Gerbil tread mill. Never sitting or slowing down to contemplate their existence on this planet. Just spinning in their Gerbil wheel. A hollowed out meaningless existence in their consumerism.

    Oh how I miss all the life that use to be here. Most of us commenting on here, in our own way, lived to be next to nature. We marveled of the magic of it all, they've stolen that from us. They have stolen our birthright.

    These F-ers doing this, all parties involved, need to be strung up by there gonads, except they don't have any. Eunuchs is what they are.

    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      Hello Wes.

      Yes, it is very SAD.

      Animals are having a very hard time everywhere. Here in southern Europe is the same.

      If The MFs do not get to us with the spraying, or with the Ozone destruction, or with the gmo ""food"", or with the vaxxices, or with Global Warming, chemicals, or with the Methane / GW, or with the collapse of the Ecosystems ( plants ) and Food, they will get Us with the shortage of Water the Fkrs are creating everywhere in the World. One Mf said one time; if we control the Food, we control the People. But to achieve that without the climate "engineering" ( depopulation plan ), could take centuries. But who controls the Water, controls everything. It is SAD.

    • Chad says:

      April 17th through 20th in Boise,  Idaho Western Snow Conference.  Go crash it people. 85th Annual Western Snow Conference.   85th !!!!!! Been going on lot longer than you Folks KNOW. Governor of Idaho will be there too. Question them PLEASE!!!??? Take care God bless . Happy Good Friday!

  34. Adam Coleman says:

    I was explaining to a construction crew leader what the planes were doing above as we speak and spraying us with heavy metals and who knows what other…stuff? He reluctantly asked why would they be doing that so I told him and of course I didn't have my tinfoil hat on so he mistook me for just another useless idiot but the gentleman had never heard of physics taking the day off 9/11 so when I showed him and his partner Building 7 two minute orange comparison so for their first time they found out about building 7 and they were stunned. I asked them as I walked away why do you think you never saw this till today? ProPaganDUH media Tell-Lie-Vision has you guys "Programmed" a,d that steel bucket under your backhoe will melt too if you hold a big lighter under it long enough. Deepwater Horizon was a fast fuel fed fire that had all the air, heat and fuel it could gather and still took 36-38 hours to melt into the Gulf.


  35. Wes says:

    I read on here about these name brand groups, environmental save this animal, or save this whatever. I'll use green peace as an example. Why would these groups not be addressing this blatant spraying of our skies.

    I'm not sure how many of you have read Howard Zinn's book, "The Peoples History of the United States"  If you haven't, in there he talks about the famous speech Martin Luther Jr. gave in D.C. Those crowds had actually come to shut the country down. Kennedy came to him and asked him to stop it. Martin Luther said it's too big for him to do that. Then they said you have to be a part of it. So he made a deal with Kennedy to do that. Kennedy had promised him the feds would deal with the states in addressing federal discrimination laws. He "steered" that mass demonstration to shut the country down in a different direction. 

    My point is telling this is; It's my hunch these big environmental  organizations were all started by the alphabet agencies. Why not? What you have from the very beginning is a way to steer it in the direction you'll take it, not any further.  We can all take a look around, what have they really saved? Nothing! It's all controlled information. It's about steering the masses, control. 

    I've thought all along, Rush Limbaugh is part of the deep state. He's "government" whatever that means.

    If you haven't read that book, here it is, it's a great read.


    • BaneB says:

      Wes:  One has to assume these environmental organizations have been coopted.  They were founded back about the time EPA was established. Enough time has passed.  Corruption seeks in.  Spooks seep into the top echelons.  Corporations subsume EPA.  Foundation and government grants pay for the operating costs.  And after a few decades of subversion, the reality is they are captives.  Geoengineering is easy to ignore because the population is ignoring it.  These "green" sell-outs won't go up againt the upcoming Geoengineering "tests" to take place near Tucson.  Nor have they publicized the dimming of the sunshine, nor the major increases in UVA, B, and the deadly UVC.  

    • Dennie says:

      Rush Limbaugh, like The Donald, is just another "useful idiot."  Someone else pulls their strings.  They don't self-operate.

  36. David former Navy Aerographers Mate Weather Observer/Forecaster says:

    I have noticed a trend here in northeast Florida, after the chemical ice nucleation has taken place and the High Pressure Center moves in, there has been little to no SAG/SRM. Clear sky conditions prevailed here for 5 consecutive days, while the temperatures were below normal. When the temperatures began to rise above normal, heavy spraying began!

    • BaneB says:

      David former Navy…..:  The attached link is going to be of interest to you.  I think this guy had 'inadvertently' let the cat out of the bag, so to speak.  A decent, altruistic fellow, his understanding and presentation of how radar effects the weather is really a wonderful easy to understand crash course.  He sees a potential good, and is not offering that such abilities to make and break weather systems might be of great interest to the warfare sickos.  This link is to the home page, and the second link is to a area in Florida.  The left side in tiny print are his site pages.



  37. curly says:

    “Military men are just dumb stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy” Henry Kissinger

  38. curly says:

    “If the personal freedoms guaranteed by the constitution inhibit the government’s ability to govern the people, we should look to limit those guarantees.” Bill Clinton

  39. Ron Marr says:

    For the first time I felt the machine in full force. One day last week, when they decided to end winter;  the wind arrived, as if it had an appointment. It blew hard for about three hours. During that time the wind blew… a frequency ran through my body and mind. I paced like a caged animal. The wind stopped blowing as quickly as it started, like someone flipped a switch. The frequency departed and I looked out the window to see the clouds moved out and the stars twinkling in the sky…I knew Dorothy was back in Kansas. Sunday they sprayed like nobodies business. Three and four jets at a time left dripping lines in the sky until totally whited out…summer was here. The last few days have been warm with nasty skies. Like many people, I am not sleeping well, either. I try to remember a dream to see if I slept. Weird days, indeed.

    • susan says:

      "I try to remember a dream to see if I slept" what a bizarre and intriguing statement. Yet,me too.

      Today 4/14/17 everyone feeling unwell, out of sorts, two days prior double X's one over lapping the other.

  40. curly says:

    “The price good men pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men” Plato

  41. curly says:

    “A really efficient totalitarian state would be one in which the all powerful executive of political bosses and their army of managers control a population of slaves who do not have to be coerced because they love their servitude.” Julian Huxley

  42. curly says:

    “The world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries.” David Rockefeller

    • BaneB says:

      curly:  Too bad about David Rockefeller passing on. There is much coming to pass generated by him and his ilks' New World Order and their globalist agenda.  He threw away American sovereignty, the American middle class, the manufacturing base, created a global bully, and set the world up for nuclear war.  It seems only fitting he should have to see the ashes of his betrayal.  

    • Dennie says:

      @BaneB:  yeah, but if he did, he'd declare such a world "beautiful," just as that other member of his tribe, Edward Teller, remarked upon witnessing the detonation of his "creation," the hydrogen bomb.  From such a "creative" race of "good" and "law-abiding" people, god's "chosen," huh?

  43. curly says:

    http://"Those that would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither safety or liberty." Benjamin Franklin

  44. curly says:

    http://"Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the peace makers for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country." Hermann Goering

  45. curly says:

    "Naturally, the common people don't want war: neither in Russia, nor in England, nor for that matter in Germany. That is understood. But, after all, it is the leaders of the country that determine the policy and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, whether it is a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship." Hermann Goering

    • Dennie says:

      And besides, war is good for business, right?  Think of all the money the weapons manufacturers and their peon employees will be paid…!!!!!!!

  46. curly says:

    http://"Our government has kept us in a perpetual state of fear – kept us in a continuous state of patriotic fervour with the cry of grave national emergency. Always there has been some terrible evil at home, or some monstrous foreign power that was going to gobble us up if we did not blindly rally behind it." General Douglas MacArthur

  47. Everyday American says:

    A relative of mine is a teacher for a class of lower grade students who are academically challenged.I asked if there was WiFi at the school and my relative responded that there was. It started me thinking, I wonder if they remove those students from that situation (that school with the WiFi) and place them in a school and classroom far away from any WiFi if that would improve how the students acted and their learning capacity. My opinion, it would benefit those students greatly, plus the teachers! The reason I say that is because I am plagued by electromagnetic frequencies and when I am being subjected to those frequencies sometimes I feel as if I'm losing my mind along with it makes me angry. Also, I feel worse before, sometimes during weather changes. Maybe those students are experiencing ill effects of EMFs along with the aerosol spray and no one is aware.

    So the microwave transmissions coupled with the aerosol spraying are bad for every living thing, human, animal and plant. Really much worse than bad.

    • Ashleigh says:

      I too feel worse when the weather changes, especially now with this "rain" that's off and on here in the Bay Area. Wifi is absolutely horrible. I know it affects children, I hate being around it and I really hate that my child is around it too. I know the heavy spraying affects my child too, it's so hard to breathe. 

    • horsegirl says:

      You read my mail!  Seriously this is so right on.  My husband and I have had such a challenge because of the emotional/vibrational effects of what some locals call our microwave winds.  We live in an open laboratory and regret being quite aware of what you describe.  Blessings to you, hang in there, you are not alone.

    • Lee says:

      Hi Everyday American,  if dirty electricity and or EMF's are affecting you you may like to consider these products (from Australia), http://www.nexusmagazine.com/products/emf-protection.  Not cheap but work.

  48. Dennis says:

    Now we need to do what we can to stop the coming 5G network. This network will be the last nail in our collective coffins. It is not a done deal and maybe we can stop the insanity yet.

    5G gives them final control on humanity, it is NOT for increasing data throughput as they claim. Why would we want giant outdoor MICROWAVES in our neighborhoods? Just another day at the asylum.

    • BaneB says:

      Dennie:  Funny you should bring up 5G.  I was studying this very topic last evening.  Added to the global microwave oven will be millions of small 5G antennae.  They are relatively small and easily placed in every nook and cranny.  These devices will add much more of the microwave radiation to our overall absorption.  Slow cook is going to speed up. And the biosphere will unravel ever faster.  There really is no end to the "need" for increasing the profit centers rush to sell more crap.

    • Peter says:

      In reply to what Dennis wrote regarding the dangers of 5G, I would urge all to have a read at this article which explains what it means for all humanity.  Embedded within the piece is a video on the speech given by the FCC head Tom Wheeler and this is truly one dangerous psychopath! 

      Dennis you are correct, this is indeed the final nail in the coffin of humanity if we don't get this thing stopped. 


  49. penny waters says:

    cos sometimes we are up and sometimes we are down

  50. penny waters says:

    we have no rain here in essex still – they already have done a mind set in essex, about essex being a dry county, through the 'gardening world'  (people who dig up the local vegetation and replace it with plants from other countries and spend enormous amounts of money on plants that will be the first to die – local weeds have a better chance of survival)

    essex is full of streams that flow to the thames estuary to the north sea 

    where i live the water table would rise in the winter to the point it became a problem – now no longer!! i dug a small dip in the slope on which i live so i could see the water before it became a problem – that dip is dry and has been for a couple of years

    it all began in a big way when the airport authorities informed me by letter that they were changing the flight plan and were bringing air traffic over essex to follow the thames into london and the west

    and so it began – the filth in the sky

    get much burn on leaves and the green slime in water

    i say – eat it and drink it – do not try to avoid the pollution – eat it – somehow gives me power – even if it only in my head

    i think behind my eyes – do you? – that is where 'i' seem to be!

    they really thought if they threw some dirt in the air it would rain hahahahaha – why are humans so bonkers?

  51. kathleen says:

    Today I handed out two more business cards to someone who was, get this tidbit of good news, interested! He was semi-to-barely aware and said he'd share the extra card with another. I told him I'd bring him some flyers soon, and he was pleased. The kicker was this: he asked "Are they trying to kill us or what?" and I just couldn't stop my mouth and said "Well, that's what think, but that's not the official story, if there even is one." 

    Will someone please share ideas of how best to respond to that in the most succinct phrase, a more elaborated sentence, and a short paragraph?

    I know I may be barking at the wind, but it feels right to attempt to inform others, just in case…and today was proof that this attempt was certain to spread the knowledge! Trust me, friends, I could not have done this without countless previous stories from so many of you who post such wisdom, rage, advice, encouragement, experiences, inspiration, despair, etc., and, of course, Dane — your seemingly tireless efforts and assistance are beyond words of appreciation I can express. Many thanks to all of you who keep me somewhat sane during these unfathomable days and oft' sleepless nights.


    • MAP says:

      Great Job Kathleen! As for your question posed: Dane always mentions to us that many "agendas" are being carried out by GeoEngineering. We all need to get very familiar with those agendas and the insane people behind them.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hi Kathleen,  Well done.  Hmm.  How about saying we are not sure what all they are doing but we do know it is making all of us sick, as well as killing trees and plants and critters including butterflies and bees and the oceans too.  We know some of it is weather modification for rain or drought, that the military is involved for their own reasons, as well as others.  When you think about it, it is a money maker for those who do it and for insurance companies, hospitals, doctors and pill pushers!  We want it stopped so that we could see if the Earth can heal herself without all this interference which is making matters worse.  So, I'm very glad you asked, we need more people to ask and to demand full disclosure for these on going experiments they have tried to deny.  There are some legal efforts going on, bringing suit over this in Northern California and in Rhode Island for instance.  And this is happening all over the world!  We need lots more people like you to care and speak up.  At GW's site, on the sides, are lots and lots of info 'boxes' of all sorts that explain what we do know.  Check them out!  And thank you for noticing, wondering, and caring!–something like that?  I'm afraid that is a sharp as I can get today!  I wish you much luck!

    • nobodiesfool says:

      Kathleen, when I get this kind of question, I ask my questioner if they are referring to the people who build atomic and hydrogen bombs with intent to use them.

    • Gretchen says:

      Kathleen,  Tell them its killing everything, and we may be at the top of the food chain, but when the bees and trees are gone, and the oceans are dead, so are we.

  52. Mark in OZ -MN native says:

    "This May, the Navy will again sail its warships into the Gulf of Alaska. There, it will perform military maneuvers and possibly drop bombs, launch torpedoes and missiles, and engage in activities that stand a significant chance of poisoning those once-pristine waters, while it prepares for future battles elsewhere on the planet. Think of it as a war against wildlife, an assault on the environment and local coastal communities."

    A 'war' on wildlife, the environment and coastal communities, is a war on all of us. We all know and experience the legendary 'apathy' that seems to be everywhere but getting the word out builds geometrically-i.e.tell 2 who tell 2 etc ,4,8,16,32,64,128,256,512,1024,2048,4096,8192,16384, 32768, 65536, 131072, 262144, etc.

    Now is time to kick it up a gear and keep applying the pressure. Not everyone will 'snap to' with just one try-just remind those that 'default' to it's not possible' to use their own investigative judgment-facts are facts!

    The Arctic is currently vomiting ice bergs into the No Atlantic, searing temps have arrived  across the USA in April and rainfall of astonishing intensity is smashing the southern hemi. The 'critical mass of awareness" that Dane refers to over and over like a drum beat is to enable the citizenry to finally stop the various programs which are destroying our planet.

    It's not about academically agreeing that there's a problem while we sit comfortably, ankle on knee with fingers laced behind our heads.  It's ALL about behavior that leads to action which leads to change.

    It's the bottom of the 9th, two away with bases loaded and we're down by 3. Everybody here needs to be looking for their pitch  and swinging for the fences!


  53. BaneB says:

    Dane:  I have long wondered about the facility (NEXRAD/PAR) at Eureka.  Many times from my location here in central Mendocino County I have observed "clouds", ray-like spokes, imminating from that direction.  Further, the land mass upon which this facility is sited juts out into the eastern Pacific.  This provides an advantage for impacting incoming low pressure systems entering the southern Oregon/Northern California region.  There also is an interesting interplay now and again between the Eureka facility and the Medford, Oregon operation.  

    • Hawkeye says:

      Hi BaneB and Dane, and everybody in here!

      Hey, this a.m. on drudge report is (was) a news link titled: Harvard researchers are preparing to geoengineer the atmosphere. By, Greg Walters @ http://www.seeker.com. 4/11/17. Try finding it please as I am unable to copy the link for you all.

      Now, this is definetly a follow up from a previous article, also on drudge, about ice balloons spraying the stratosphere to Geo the sun away. 

      It is s tell all but still said to be "coming soon" and they mention the test site to deploy this "test" will be from a launch site near Tucson AZ. Launch site for the "balloons" that will be spraying "only" water vapor and technology to "move" the clouds! Lol….. BUT, also said was after the water vapor test, as the "study" progresses, new substances "may be introduced" in place of and including calcium carbonate, sulfates, or even diamond dust!!!!!!! What prices of shit these mad men are and I am including our prez in that label too! 

      Then they go on to say this idea is "NUTS" and no solution, but, they say, nuts compared to what?!! Its also nuts to be staring down the climate abyss as we are now……it says.

      I have said Geo is like chemo for earth. This article says it should be seen as similar to a painkiller for a gravely I'll patient. So, not a fix, just a masking, well as we already know this!

      OK, how can I get in on one of your law suits Dane??!!!!! F these psychos! You said it Dane, its really starting to come out publically now! There were about 100 comments under that article and scanning them slightly I saw no one acknowledging but all were complaining and mocking these mad scientists. Keep yelling it everyone! Good show!!

      Thanks much Dane!!!!!!!!!

      Best, Hawkeye

    • BaneB says:

      Hawkeye:  Great information.  The people of Tucson have been given a heads up.  Maybe they can organize and vigorously protest against this sacrilege againt Arizona's once pristine blue sky.  

  54. kit says:

     if you think about it, all of us really feel the pain of ecocide so deeply. That's why instead of crying from the depths of our heart, we argue and pick it each other troll each other's comments.  it's almost as if human disconnection from nature which we all need so desperately, has been almost severed completely. Sometimes it's hard not to go in sane in insane world. How do we reach out to each other? 

    • penny waters says:

      by sharing our pain with each other……as a human ……..one to another……..as the simple horseman writes 'friends he hasn't met yet'!

      and share the wonder at being alive as a human being and given the gift of seeing nature in all its glory and horror and to see it in our own particular way – there are as many opinions as there are live people – out there in the world

      i was intrigued as a child when i heard of the monks that gently walked along with a soft brush sweeping living things away cos they felt difficulty in destroying life under their feet as they walked with little care! – intrigued that someone cared that much!

      and because we are a part of nature ultimately we cannot hold ourselves 'solely' ('soul-ly') responsible because we come from nature and have the creation and destruction in us – so the destructive part of the human race has to be forgiven (but resisted and not forgotten  – to the last breath) because of the inevitability of it 

      and share writings by other people who also were/are awake…like….

      tis a little long, but some bits for me take away the pain of watching fear and confusion wave again and again through the human race


      'do you think you can take over the universe         and improve it?

      i do not believe it can be done?

      the universe is sacred – you cannot improve it – if you try to change it, you will ruin it – if you try to hold it, you will lose it

      so sometimes things are ahead and sometimes things are behind; sometimes breathing is hard, sometimes it comes easily;   sometimes there is strength and sometimes weakness,         sometimes one is up and sometimes down.

      therefore the wise person avoids extremes, excesses and complacency

      author – lao tsu – man from a long time ago


      why are 'they' (the establishment) so frightened, that they cannot share the burden with us?? is it because the individuals have 'fought' to get into 'power' and now cannot be open to other views – even to the point where they seem so blind – like they are blindfolded and reaching out, groping in the dark!!

      but when i meet people – in a shop – on the street – i think everyone should work in a food shop – cos to see so many people day after day and see the consistency in people – both the light and the dark – i realised that the emotions in the character kinda stayed the same – so how they treat me is not personal – it is just them expressing them-selves – and i get on with some but not others – and the ones i get on with i hang about with

      except i don't any more – i prefer to stay indoors – if i do go out i do talk to people but find that the way i think is too much for people

      when i worked in an organic farm shop (11yrs) my 'boss' was always telling me to stop talking to the customers – hahahahaha – needed to know, always have, what this is all about?

      love to you all

    • LS says:

      Thank you for that kit.  After an MD offered me anti depressants when I went in about the foul air. I was searching for a reason. Turns out there is science behind that. Apparently we are all running around in a state of serotonin depletion. Knowing that helps me with myself and dealing with everyone else. Yes I suffer from the loss of Nature too.

    • Dennie says:

      "Take a pill" is the first thing you hear from the Em Deities whenever something needs fixed. UGH– as if THEIR medicine is the only way??

  55. John King says:

    I've started telling as many people as possible. most of them have never even thought about it. Some have opened their eyes. I.m going to have a meeting in my complex and pass out fliers and show films. I can't just sit still. Everyone I know has had some sort of chest ailment this winter with many getting pnuemonia Today was a very heavy spray day in idyllwild ca.

    • Dennie says:

      Wow, it's beautiful down there around Idyllwild.  I'd hoped for a student to go to school there, and to visit during the summer music camp weeks one day.  You're just up the mountain from Palm Springs, right? 

  56. Dennie says:

    The two kids I worked with today, nine-year-olds taking weekly private music lessons, come from a very conscientious and community oriented philanthropic family in San Francisco.  Today they were really riled, almost freaked out about the fact that Emperor Trump's pick for a very powerful position was plucked from the top position at Exxon… the boy was nearly yelling that Trump and his minions are a bunch of criminal climate change deniers.  I agreed that everything is upside down and backwards right now– not sure how we got this way but gerrymandering, making it difficult for minorities who traditionally vote democrat to get signed up to vote, voter herding, one-issue voters and electronic voting machine hacking all played their part.  Even if all hydrocarbon and green house gas emitting activity was to stop right now, I said, it will take 40 years for The Machine to cool down.  Very many of the children are really sensing the Insanity and they are nearly panicking.  Their parents trudge on to work and keep paying the bills, helplessly ignoring the ship that's carrying their kids as it is being steered directly for the rocks.

  57. NewGirl says:

    Saturday in Minnesota was an alarming 67 degrees. Sunday morning mid 60s, followed by heavy spraying. Monday was  rainy, cold and windy 43 degrees. Today is back up in the mid 50s.

    Went to the doctor for a regular check up. The clinic has an urgent care attached, with a sign reading, "If you are experiencing shortness of breath or chest discomfort notify the front desk immediately". As I waited an elderly woman walked in panting, saying she couldn't stop coughing and it was hard to breathe. Her voice had the laryngitis typically associated with heavy spraying. Sometimes I hate being one of the awoken. 

    • BaneB says:

      New Girl:  Selfishly, it's not just me.  Coughing and the sense of not getting enough oxygen. I just came through a miserable flu-like cold, with temperature.  But prior I had said to a friend my lungs feel like they are restricted, full up, like not enough air. And my little dog yawns all the time.  And gags and has asthma.  Today my ridge was enveloped in a "fog."  What it really is are clouds that are sprayed with aerosol dessicants which depress the tops, dropping the clouds lower to the earth.  There is usually little rain out of this.  Just mist.  I am at 4,000 feet.  My understanding is a cloud needs 8,000 feet tops for rain to occur.  My guess is when this soup develops at my 4,000 feet, the top is lower than the needed height.  Which brings up just how concentrated is this stuff I am breathing?  And this has gone on since mid-October, fog and more fog thick as pea soup.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      "Some times I hate being one of the awoken"

      NewGirl, I've had the same thoughts myself. There are many societal circumstances that will stir these traces upon our our minds. It is important to remember that we do not hate being awoken, we simply do not like what our awareness tells us to be true. When mankind actually evolves, hate will not be an option simply because it won't be popular.

      (Oh the possibilities)….. War is over, If you want it.

    • Dennie says:

      I felt like I couldn't get my breath most of last week.  The spraying was so bad a week ago Saturday night, I didn't sleep most of the night.  The inability to breathe, which too many do not even notice, even as it is happening to them, is causing a lack of sleep, which in turns is responsible for no small amount of cognitive impairment.  The ultra-fine, dry powdery stuff adheres to anything immediately moist, including the inside of your nose, mouth, larynx and esophagus– and we got slammed last week– what is this DOING to us, long-term???

    • penny waters says:

      i thought it was particles that made it rain and that one of the most abundant used to be pollen – apart from thestuff that they are doing now – much of what i do not understand – not good on chemistry or physics in the way of science

      anyone know what it used to be? or is that a silly question

    • NewGirl says:

      I had a minor cold in February that I kept at bay by taking huge amounts of vitamin C, D and zinc. Thought I was better so I decreased the supplements to my normal amount. The mistake was acting on my rebellion by taking a walk while it was overcast. I got home and within half an hour/hour I was so chilled my teeth were chattering, hands were ice cold, body was clammy. The exhaustion overwhelming. I coughed all night and all day for a week. It morphed into wheezing, couldn't catch my breath. Had to break out an old inhaler-which expired 3 years previous. I used all that was left and called my doctor for a refill. The panic I felt when I couldn't breath was unlike anything I've ever experienced. I considered going to my mom's house and using her oxygen- who had been in the hospital with a pneumonia and was sent home with oxygen, but I was too weak to drive.   This went on for another 2 weeks. My cough was dry with nothing expelled. Here's the interesting thing; over the next four weeks I had a tooth pulled and 2 root canals which required 3 weeks of antibiotics. I started coughing and expelled an unbelievable amount of crud. Not to be gross but I was literally choking up crud the size of silver dollars for a  week straight. I didn't really want to take the antibiotics but I sure wonder if it wasn't a blessing in disguise.

      My dog seems to have aged 5 years in the last month, he wheezes, coughs and gags after being outside- not always but consistently more often. He is also very lethargic.

      Lastly I want to know if others out there are noticing an uptick in military helicopter traffic? I've seen the huge green helicopters-hueys(?) but also the black ones. I want to say several times a week. It used to be only the 3rd weekend of the month and now it's weekly…..conditioning the sheeple? 

      I feel a sense of urgency that I have no rational explanation for; deeply buried intuition alerting me to be aware and to accelerate my relationship with Christ.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hello All,  Lately, on TV I've been shocked by commercials about narcolepsy!!!!  They show young adults falling asleep at the movies or other situations, saying: do you feel tired all the time?  Are you still tired even if you take naps?  Maybe you have narcolepsy.  And, of course, there now is a pill for that!  I mean….WTF?!!!  Seriously?!  This one really pisses me off.  Yes I am tired all the time and it ain't narcolepsy!

    • horsegirl says:

      Dennie, also the eyes.  One thing I've seldom seen explored here is the effects of this filth on our eyes, because they are hot-wired into the amygdala and generate instant emotional reactions (not to metion poor vision):  https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2017/feb/07/trump-liberals-hate-brain-amygdala-neuroscience

  58. Blue Sue says:

    From the map posted here it looks like there is another microwave/frequency tower located in Medford Oregon, not too far north of Eureka.  Is that correct? 

    • BaneB says:

      Blue Sue:  YES.  NEXRAD has 160 sites around the continental US.  They have a 360 degree radius of 250 miles in all directions, a diameter of 500 miles.  These facilities over lap each other.  Each facility can power up to 748,000 watts.  They are being upgraded from dopplar to phased array radar (PAR) which will give them greater abilities of a technical nature beyond my "pay grade" for comprehension.  These units are apparently a part of a weather manipulation and control op hiding behind weather forecasting.  It's obvious there is manipulation occurring.  

    • Blue Sue says:

      Thank you BaneB for the info.  I am looking to possibly relocate perhaps somewhere in Oregon, but do not want to move within range of any such facilities PAR, dopplar or other (?) pernicious technology.  Where does one go to these days to find a (relatively-safe?) haven?Ecuador is not a realistic option for me.

    • Gretchen says:

      According to this map, NEXRAD are National Weather Service/Dept. of Defense radar sites. How clever is blurring the lines between civilian (NWS/NOAA/Dept. of Commerce) with military business! Frugal; I doubt.

    • BaneB says:

      Gretchen:  There are no areas that not being zapped by powerful microwave facilities.  The entire continental US is saturated.  We glow.  It's getting worse.  More cell towers. GBOSS, NEXRAD/PAR, and 5G, GWEN, and environment-wrecking facilities about which we have "no need to know."  Pull up a NEXRAD map for the US.  You will note in the area of Utah there are a few places out of their reach. That will change.  I have been considering putting a small one room building here that is designed to block all of microwaves.  I need a break, a place of absolute quiet where my body and brain can have a rest. There are designs on-line.  

  59. Anonymous says:

    For the past two days Staten Island, NY, has been hammered with 3  aircrafts deploying simultaneously.  From dawn to dusk.  Thick white bold lines across the sky for as far as the eye can see.  Planes deploying appear to have black large ovals visible on the underbelly of the craft.  No one looks up – So strange.   Neighbors don't want to hear about it either.  Zombies is what they have become.  Walking their infant grandkids as if it's a day in the park, undaunted by what is overhead. The artificial clouds are all different.   What appears to be large dumps of dark grey thick clouds, or,  white puffs that are in unusual straight lines, against completely white milky sky's of slowly disintegrating aerosols.   This island is only 14 miles long by 8 miles at its widest.  Maybe we should all start wearing white partical safety masks on heavy spray days with wear t-shirts that simply say "look up – we are being sprayed today – protect yourself and children".   I just don't know what can be done to halt this unfolding travesty. 

    • penny waters says:

      now that is a cracking idea – a tea shirt and a face mask – and a direction to look up

      i shall get a kit!!!!

    • LS says:

      Great idea Anonymous.  Wearing a mask gets you lots of attention and potential opportunities to inform. And t-shirts work. People read them. I am considering getting t-shirts and selling them at cost or giving them away at the flea market. That would be a lasting impact, drawing immediate attention along with the banner from 'a' simple horseman and Danes materials to hand out. Thanks for any and all ideas that can help us reach the critical mass that we need to stop the war on our air. We need to get creative and busy. Press on fellow lovers of life and our planet.

    • Jintampa says:

      I like it….. Clever idea thanks!

  60. WILLIAM says:

    CALL ALL THE INC. CO . & ASK THEM HOW MUCH IT COST THEM FOR ALL THE STORMS CAUSED BY GEOENGINEERING $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$??????

  61. Carol says:

    WAKE UP  UK ….. 

  62. Carol says:

    Dane Hello .uk  temperature was 77 high ?? very  hot … it then went the next day freezing  cold … spraying gone mad ((( despair )) I dread to think his year weather I will be able to grow my veg patch it failed last year ?? UK is a sleep over the this issue lost on what to do I give leaflets out !!! tell people  ((( DESPAIR  walking ZOMBIES  frustrated …. Thanks DANE for what you do ……..

    • TP Italy says:

      Yes, the people of the UK are asleep.  Although we moved to Italy from the UK for a better life it is worse because we are sprayed more here.  I have sent full reports of all information gathered to my three step sons in the UK, two of which have children. When I asked if they had read what I sent them and how we were worried for the future, they said they had "just scanned over it – they are far to busy to read it properly!!!!!!!! When my husband tried to talk about the general state of what's happening in the world to his brother in England his brother's wife began screaming like a lunatic and told him to "get out of her house".  We have not broached the subjects since because they don't want to hear.

      We have just suffered an odd flu-type bug with coughing and my husband wakes every morning at 6am with blocked sinuses and headaches.  As it is holiday time again (coming up to Easter) we have had normal blue skies for a few days (who is on holiday from the power structure?).


    • penny waters says:

      where are you my friend – i live near chelmsford, essex

    • Enlightened Patriot says:

      Hi Carol, Yes, it is getting MUCH worse in the UK but some of us have been awake to this abomination for several years. My newly-started veg patch last year did well on potatoes and greenhouse tomatoes but most other, like salad stuff, was disappointing. 

      After the high temperature about a week ago, I turned my central heating off, removed the electric bed blanket and nearly planted some seed potatoes I have ready. In the space of a day or so, we have virtually gone back to winter! People talk about how crazy the weather is and they know something is wrong but I have virtually stopped mentioning the reasons for all this after getting so much ridicule and disbelief for it, even from friends and family. I now use other opportunities, usually in print, to spread awareness.

  63. Yar Swerc says:

    How can you possibly be SO optimistic???

  64. Yar Swerc says:

    They read your email, tweets, messages, whatever. Anyone who has only your address can look you over via Google Earth.

    • BaneB says:

      Yar Swerc:  Smile, you are on Candid Camera:-))). That was a TV program years ago.  It was very funny.  No one laughs any more.  Google motto is "Do No Evil."  I think looking down from the heavens onto what ought to remain private, your castle, your sanctum, and making this available to any and every one is evil.  And neighbors use it to look "over the fence" to see into other properties.  Of course the ultimate evil is the drone.  Where does this go?  But billionaires are being created…..at our expense.

    • penny waters says:

      but they don't know what is going on inside my head – if they have to watch me then they have too much time on their hands and need to get a life!!

    • BaneB says:

      penny waters:  Hmmmm….  That might still be the truth.  But, there is a great deal of research in this nation to unravel how the mind works.  The main center with the most funding is guess who…..  MIT.  Check out the McGovern brain research center there.  These massive projects are alledgedly and founded and funded upon idealism, good things for humankind.  It's all for "our" good.

    • penny waters says:

      'they' might be trying to understand brains but as i have said before 'their' science is flawed – it is static – 'they' don't understand time – or space – or themselves 

      understand nature – understand yourself – understand nature – understand yourself and so on

      science is a crude tool to measure nature – all the 'great' human inventions have led us here to this place – in this time

      and what a mess – no connection in what they do

      trump has found out his idea of making things great again is the ideology of the naive – look in his eyes he is struggling – listen to his voice – where has the sincerity gone – along with his awakening of the cess pit he is now involved in – he didn't know – he was just into money – not manipulation of the population – he just didn't know!

      i remember reading about energetic research on the brain in america

      the woman who was running it (this made me laugh out loud) said she hadn't expected the brains of men and women to be so different

      energy in mens' brains go from front to back and back to front – the back is the memory and the front is the future – men are hunters – so they need to be going forward as a hunter does – biology made it so

      the energy in womens brains go from side to side – and she was surprised – what fools these 'scientists' are – science is a human concept and construct

      explain love – or hate!

      inferiority complex is an expression that one hears – what about superiority complex – so many people have that – we are tiny puny life that believes it is huge – what an ego – damnation!

      love to all the awake

  65. CP says:

    This was a link on the Drudge Report today:  https://www.seeker.com/earth/climate/harvard-researchers-are-preparing-to-geoengineer-the-atmosphere

    Looks like the power structure is going to start pulling the curtain back and pretend that they are just now going to start 'experimenting' with solar radiation management.  They must realize that their gig is up, or they know that things are so much worse than any of us realize, that they are going to be ramping up their game and it will no longer be able to be hidden.

    • Dog says:

      Hi CP, if you look up in the sky, especially in the last week where I am, the curtain has been pulled back BIG TIME

    • Jintampa says:

      So how do we let them know that we were on to them and their nefarious deeds a LONG time ago!?

  66. Randall says:

    I have been doing nothing but read read read everything on climate truths. It has taken me way down the rabbit hole of knowledge on climate change. Methane, co2,moisture, feed back loops, permafrost decline, Geoengineering to name just some. I read read and educate myself to be correct and knowledgeable to speak truths with facts. I never wanted to be a climate brainiac , but I am becoming one. I was just a home builder at 61 waiting for retirement to have more time to enjoy the wilds of my outdoor world. I and my wife both live for nature, silent sports is our gig. Anything outdoors we are experienced in. However things have changed. The outdoors are becoming sad, to paddle a canoe around a lake skirted by dying trees is no fun. Do we eat the fish? Do we make jam from the black and red berries? Covered with creasote fallout from all the fires every summer, the toxic fallout from the crap they spray. My 60 ft wild black cherry trees now drop shriveled half dry berries. Clover with no bees where before you had to watch where you stepped. Can't eat the snow when skiing or snowshoeing, the multitude of simple pleasures we had outdoors are passing right before our eyes into a memory. When you had Eden, lived in Eden, it's heartbreaking to see it go. Almost wish I was young so I wouldn't know what is lost, how it was.

    so I educate to prepare for debate and truth with assurance comes of my lips. I'm pissed off, anger must be directed into usefulness to others. 

    But I am pissed, and I am being ripped off. You all should be also. And that means fight back. Sting those who deny, and sting them again with truth!!!


    • marc says:

      Randall, your reflections bring great sadness to my heart. Millions of us are experiencing the grief of which you speak. Don't know how, but I wish you some kind of peace in your soul to help you deal with all this.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Randall, Couldn't have written those words any better myself. We have a lot in common. Those weren't happy words you wrote, but they're real, to the core of our dream we once "almost got to have". Myself, all I wanted to do when I "retire", is grow trees. Lots of them!! I figured(past tense), "a man's gotta leave something behind worth keeping". Trees were it, for me. Now, like you Randall, I plunge ever downward into this rabbit hole world we live in. "Read, read and read some more". And then relax and watch a few videos concerning the same topics. Does that about sum it up for most of you folks out there? If it doesn't, you'd better get on the train and join us in our plunge into this rabbit hole world we live in.

      It's our only way out…. Mass awareness.

    • Lee Eyerman says:

      Randall,this is the best I have ever read.We are being ripped off.Hopefully you and yours don't experience nose bleeds,dizzyness and actual flu symptoms like me and my wife have experienced in Ohio.Someone needs to collect air,soil,and water data and make a nationwide case.The youth of America needs to put down their phones and realize what is being taken from them.

    • Grant Jones says:

      Randall, At 65, a Vet, somewhat aware, there is only one thing I have found.   To effectively teach we must set an example that others wish to emulate….Continue my friend.  There is no other path.  All due Respect, G.

    • penny waters says:

      i agree with all the comments and especially about continuing with you way!

      when angry – hold the anger – then breathe – concentrate on the feeling on the skin – of the physical feeling of the air passing across the skin – calm the body – so when the anger comes out – it comes out later – at another time – in another place where your anger has become cold, directed and pure with the consequence effectively changing the person it is directed at

      life seems to be about suffering 

    • matt sarlo says:

      Randall, I relate to your observations. I am 54 and have lived my whole life in Colorado.  So much pristine wilderness in the mountains, foothills and plains is gone. Ski resorts, unregulated sprawl, coal mining, oil wells, fracting and now years of ever increasing and ever more toxic srm programs have turned this area into a wasteland compared to how it was decades ago. I can definitely feel damage being done to my cognitive abilities. I have become very forgetful and frequently forget where I was headed in a conversations. 

    • Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      Thank You Randall. I too feel Ripped Off ! I swore my Life would be in place by now. Having gone through Life's Challenges of the younger years. Who would think at 50+ 60 + 70 + years of age, as many of us are, here. That we would be fighting for Our God given right to breathe Air that has'nt been poisoned deliberately by Our governments approval ? That the Scientist's that we have thought were of such Great Value to Society, Scientists & Engineers that We have Trusted with their findings of the World as a Whole …Many, we now have learned, Have No Moral Fiber. That Our Military's are Cowards & Sheepal, following orders regardless of the results or outcome to Our Planet & all the Inhabitants. It breaks my Heart also to look at the Dead & Dying Forests, Lakes & Lack of Birds & Wildlife & Pollinators that use to Flourish in Alberta.  I too have made my own Jam for years & Grew my own Produce & Flowers with Little effort. What possibly can We Trust Now. Everything is Toxic. What once gave me Pride & Joy to do, for Decades. No longer does. Everything is now questionable. Nothing is More Important to Me, then for this Madness to End. It Has Become My Life's Work. Whether I Like It Or Not !  I Need to Look in the Mirror & Say… Good for You. You done Good today.    I Pray that Mankind Finds their Courage & Helps Us to reach Critical Mass, THIS MONTH.  Tick, Tick, Tick !!!

  67. Barb Eaton says:

    Dane it's not only over California but in New Hampshire as well.  We had winter storm Thesius drop almost two feet of snow here a couple of weeks ago. The temperatures during most of the storm were 38 to 40.  A blizzard at those temps? Yep.  They have been heavily spraying here 24 hours a day and the tell tale radio wave clouds tell that story.  Yesterday it was in the 70's and today we broke all records at 87.   As for the UV's, microwaves and toxic fallout – I've lost 5 of my lilac's that have been in the backyard for 20 years. Had to cut them down, nothing left but dried out branches. Not one leaf, not one flower.  Today we took down the spruce tree next to the house. That tree has stood for 88 years. The past few years it started dying rapidly from the bottom up. No needles, just bare brittle branches that kept snapping off. It was at least 50 feet high. Not anymore…it's gone.  Another victim to this mixture of insanity!!  Blink of an eye all that we know will be gone. I'm going to print posters here, laminate them and staple them to the trunk that is left for all to see along with the words "Another Victim Of Weather Manipulation".

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Barb, 5 established Lilacs gone and one well established Spruce. That's a tough one, I'm sorry. Lilacs are one of the sent's that takes me back to being a child on a summers day. The Spruce in my region aren't doing well either, even worse than the Ponderosa.

      I like your idea for the stump. It will help folks "get a grip".

    • chris says:

      I live in New Hampshire also. I, too, was horrified by the stifling heat and searing UVs. I saw 85 in the shade…late day. April 11th!!!! This AM the skies have ugly roller coaster formations of chemicals, but it's 'supposed to rain'. That's the scheduled weather from Raytheon.

      We have tree die-offs everywhere on our property. A large Russian Olive bush, right outside our window, is now dead….completely. I can count a dozen Red Maples that are in the throws of dying.

      Not to speak of the chem stench in the air and my nasals clogging within a minute of walking up to the barn. You would think everyone would be angry about this…they're not, let alone curious. I talk about it with others…doesn't seem to sink in. I mean, just ONE tanker flying overhead, spraying toxic chems, should upset anyone…wouldn't you think? We see, easily, 200 in a 24 hr period!! People have their faces buried in their devices. They don't look up anymore. Sad.

  68. anonymous says:

    There needs to be a gathering of people who understand what is going on; we need flyers, pamphlets, people to explain to us the raw basics of HAARP, ELF and microwave NEXRAD, etc. so that we can arm ourselves with the correct information!  I've been taking pictures of chemtrails for years but I feel very weak and not very helpful otherwise.  This movement needs warm bodies and intense information in layman's terms.

  69. Randy says:

    Hi Dane,

    Is it true? One of The Aerosol Chemicals that gets sprayed on us is Lithium?   

  70. Sean Slavin says:

    For as long as I've been listening to Dane he has said over and over again that when the damage to the biosphere can no longer be hidden the last card that would be played would be WWIII. Unfortunately it looks like he was right on the money buddy.

    • Dog says:

      I PRAY that you and Dane are wrong…but current events are trending in this direction…

      Such Mad Fools – it should be so easy to see…

    • Hawkeye says:

      Yes Sean, Dane is right on with all his info. and to you for just making this point all I could think to say is WOW! This is where it looks like we are right now, yes you are right I think. All the coming out news lately and all of a sudden we are once again finding ourselves in a show of forceful aggression against a foreign leader with chemical weps. Sounds familiar but that familiarity is no coincidence I bet.

      Anyone think Sadam when they heard this Syrian news????

      Dam! I was getting excited thinking the news was coming out so finally my family will hear what I have been trying to tell them from the news themselves , and then more exciting it would then be for me to not get kicked out of my mothers house for saying we are being sprayed and climate change is real. They are trumpers and under that seriously deranged spell. I just pray for them hard!

      Thanks for your post Sean!

      Best, Hawkeye

  71. Isabel zepeda says:

    Why even bother at this point ? Everyday when I walk outside, it's either light barely blue skies, or airplanes spraying above my house. Or artificial rains. What can we possibly do to stop them at this point? For the last 5 months at dawn the coldest time of the day is  almost always 55 degrees there are no lows. How can we change everything back to the way it was before? it's so depressing , seems impossible.

    • Dog says:

      DON'T GIVE UP, if you do they will SURELY accomplish what they are trying to do. Remember that "Triumph of Evil" aphorism – for evil to triumph, all that is required is for good people to do nothing. As the skies get ever more saturated people will start to wonder why (unless they are too busy watching reruns of The Apprentice)………………

      What is happening is so scarcely believable that most people can't wrap their heads around it all. I wouldn't believe it myself if I didn't see it happening right over my head!

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      "Why even bother at this point?"… ?… Because you woke up breathing this morning! Because you can still think! Not until either one of those factions desist should you not "bother". Through out history it has been asked after a "warrior" died, "did he die a good death?". We are all Warriors, even horsegirl(wink). In that, we have but two choices.

    • NewGirl says:


      You can't give up. All you can do is acknowledge how helpless you feel and pray for resilience. The people in this blog community are blessed with awareness for a reason. We are the stubborn rebellious fighters that refuse to give up without a fight. Dane has done so much for humanity but he needs an army of dedicated people to help him fight this battle. Please realize you are part of something that is of utmost importance; this is the battle for good to triumph over evil. May God renew your faith and give you strength and courage to continue on this epic journey.

    • Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      Impossible ? I Do Not Know This Word !      How do you know Isabel, that temperatures won't return ? Or at least improve Greatly from what they are due to these programs.  I do know if we all give up & let "Them" have their way.  Our chances are , less likely.    lt Is "Us", That CAN Stop Them, by Simply Standing Up to them.  Evil has Always Been Stopped by Us, When We've Stood Up To Face It, Head On !  Chin Up. Face To The Wind !  We Will Do This !

  72. jake s. says:

    Great post, Dane, those towers sure do have everybody real irritated nowdays. I wish people would stop arguing over nothing and pay attention to some issues in this crumbled nation. keep doing what your doing-thanks

    • BaneB says:

      jake s:  I think we are increasingly being heated up.  Our bodies are uncomfortable. The sensation is not yet conscious.  Looking at the animation up in Eureka, I see a strange weird bizarre operation that surely must be impacting those brainwaves of the brain dead citizenry.  We are about 65% water.  If this NEXRAD device can create a hole in a low pressure storm, impact each water molecule, what is the result on brain functions?  Small wonder.  A new born baby is about 75% water.  What is this doing to them, or the zygotes and fetuses??

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