Monsanto Has Purchased “Climate Corporation” For Nearly A Billion Dollars, Why?

Monsanto purchased "The Climate Corporation" in 2013, why? Because those who are connected to the climate engineering insanity (and the decimation it is causing) need to control the flow of information in order to better capitalize from the ever increasing engineered disasters. Controlling the message makes for better manipulation of the farmers struggling from the geoengineered destruction. The post below is a summary of statements made by Monsanto and the Climate Corporation just prior to the purchase being completed, the message is sickening for those that know the truth of the matter. Monsanto and Climate Corporation state how much they will be able to help the agriculture communities when in reality their goals have long since been clear to any who investigate, to capitalize off the engineered decimation being carried out on our planet. I spoke in front of "The Climate Corporation" headquarters in San Francisco at the request of the "March Against Monsanto" group. At this event I made clear the connection between Monsanto, The Climate Corporation, and climate engineering (the photo above was taken at this event).  Below is a short commentary followed by the carefully crafted public propaganda message from the Monsanto/Climate Corporation merger group.


The Monsanto/Climate Corporation Machine Of Deception

So now Monsanto brings us not only GMO, but weather control!
This was taken from the Michigan Farm News website, but the Farm Bureau organization nationally and within states are huge advertisers/sellers of Crop Insurance.
Seems that everything on this planet has boiled down to money. Period!
Monsanto to acquire The Climate Corporation October 3, 2013 Category: Technology by the Monsanto Company
Monsanto Company announced that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire The Climate Corporation for a cash purchase price of approximately $930 million. The acquisition will combine The Climate Corporation’s expertise in agriculture analytics and risk-management with Monsanto’s R&D capabilities, and will provide farmers access to more information about the many factors that affect the success of their crops. The companies’ combined capabilities will support greater productivity while utilizing the planet’s finite resources more precisely.
The acquisition is expected to expand on The Climate Corporation’s leadership in the area of data science, which represents the agriculture sector’s next major breakthrough, and will immediately expand both the near- and long-term growth opportunities for Monsanto’s business and Integrated Farming Systems platform.
“The Climate Corporation is focused on unlocking new value for the farm through data science,” said Hugh Grant, chairman and chief executive officer for Monsanto. “Everyone benefits when farmers are able to produce more with fewer resources. The Climate Corporation team brings leading expertise that will continue to greatly benefit farmers and their bottom-line, and we want to expand upon this tremendous work and broaden their reach to more crops and more world areas. We look forward to working closely with our distribution partners and others in the agricultural industry to bring this suite of information resources to the farm.”
The Climate Corporation was founded in 2006 by a highly successful team of software engineers and data scientists formerly with Google and other leading Silicon Valley technology companies. Since that time, the company has built the agriculture industry’s most advanced technology platform combining hyper-local weather monitoring, agronomic data modeling, and high-resolution weather simulations to deliver a complete suite of full-season monitoring, analytics and risk-management products.
“Farmers around the world are challenged to make key decisions for their farms in the face of increasingly volatile weather, as well as a proliferation of information sources,” said David Friedberg, chief executive officer for The Climate Corporation. “Our team understands that the ability to turn data into actionable insight and farm management recommendations is vitally important for agriculture around the world and can greatly benefit farmers, regardless of farm size or their preferred farming methods. Monsanto shares this important vision for our business and we look forward to creating even greater experiences for our farmer customers.”
The Climate Corporation has a core set of support tools to benefit farmers. These include products that help them boost yields on existing farmland and better manage risks that occur throughout a crop season. The Climate Corporation will continue to offer its current risk-management products including an online service that provides crop planning, monitoring, and recommendations, and insurance offerings through its network of independent agents.
The acquisition is subject to customary closing conditions and is expected to close in the first quarter of Monsanto’s 2014 fiscal year. Following the acquisition, The Climate Corporation will operate its business to retain its distinct brand identity and customer experience. The company will continue to maintain headquarters in Silicon Valley and all of its employees will be offered continued employment.
Combined Company to Be a Leader in Data Science, Acquisition Expected to Drive Near-and Long-Term Growth Potential
The acquisition of The Climate Corporation represents a natural extension of Monsanto’s vision to increase crop productivity, conserve more of our planet’s natural resources and improve the lives of people around the world. It will also greatly expand The Climate Corporation’s capabilities in data science, agriculture’s next major growth frontier, an area that represents a potential opportunity of $20 billion beyond Monsanto’s core focus today. The companies estimate the majority of farmers have an untapped yield opportunity of up to 30 bushels to 50 bushels in their corn fields, and they believe that advancements in data science can help further unlock that additional value for the farm. The combined capabilities will immediately expand both the near- and long-term growth opportunities of Monsanto’s Integrated Farming Systems platform and research and development pipeline in the coming years.
Longer-term, the combination is expected to broaden the product choices available to farmers beyond Monsanto’s current row crop and vegetable portfolio, both inside and outside of the United States. This includes the delivery of insight and decision-support tools that could increase agriculture productivity on a billion planted acres around the globe.
Monsanto and The Climate Corporation share a commitment to delivering innovation for farmers through a broad range of choices and service providers. Monsanto noted that, consistent with its broad-licensing and multi-channel approach to technology, it intends to deliver the value of The Climate Corporation’s current and future applications through its distribution network.
About The Climate Corporation
The Climate Corporation aims to help farmers around the world protect and improve their farming operations with uniquely powerful software and insurance products. The company’s proprietary technology platform combines hyper-local weather monitoring, agronomic data modeling, and high-resolution weather simulations to deliver, a SaaS solution that helps farmers improve their profits by making better informed operating and financing decisions, and Total Weather Insurance, an insurance offering that pays farmers automatically for bad weather that may impact their profits. The company is also an authorized provider of the U.S. Federal crop insurance program, enabling authorized independent crop insurance agents to provide farmers with the industry’s most powerful full-stack risk management solution. In the face of increasingly volatile weather, the global $3 trillion agriculture industry depends on the company’s unique technologies to help stabilize and improve profits and, ultimately, help feed the world. For more information, please visit or follow the company on Twitter @climatecorp.
Bio for CEO David Friedberg David is CEO of The Climate Corporation, aiming to help farmers around the world protect and improve their productivity. The company’s unique technology platform includes hardware, software, and related services that help farmers make better decisions, execute those decisions, and insure against risks not in their control. The Climate Corporation was founded in 2006 and acquired by Monsanto in 2013. Prior to founding The Climate Corporation, David was with Google where he held several roles in Corporate Development and Product Management. Before Google, David spent several years in investment banking at Jefferies Broadview, investing in technology companies at a small private equity firm, and was a mathematical programmer for the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. David is also the Chairman of Metromile, providing the only pay-per-mile auto insurance product in the United States. He earned a degree in Astrophysics from UC Berkeley.
Bio for COO Michael K. Stern, PhD Mike leads the commercial implementation of The Climate Corporation’s systems and solutions, as well as enhanced global coordination, growth and operational efficiencies across the company. He most recently led Monsanto’s Row Crop Business in the Americas and has served in leadership roles for a variety of Monsanto’s businesses, including: Vice President, U.S. Row Crops; CEO of Renessen LLC, a biotechnology joint venture with Cargill; and Director of Technology, Agricultural Productivity. Mike has a B.S. degree in Chemistry from Denison University, a M.S. degree in Chemistry from the University of Michigan and a Ph.D. in Chemistry from Princeton University. He is the author and inventor of more than 50 scientific publications and U.S. patents related to agricultural technology.


50 Responses to Monsanto Has Purchased “Climate Corporation” For Nearly A Billion Dollars, Why?

  1. Max says:

    There's a direct correlation between high levels of aluminum found in chem trail sprays and dementia, in which new cases are up by 40% and expected to rise steadily. 

  2. Mary Saunders says:

    Poland's history before and during WWII is a horror. The Germans came and took a lot of stuff, but some of them also warned some of the population that there would be war and terrible conditions coming. When the Russians came, they routed the successful farms, taking the best animals to Russia and killing the successful stewards. The farms fell to ruin, and many of the workers ran away. The ones who stayed had a worse outcome. I hope that most contemporary Polish people know the details of this and that it is documented well.

  3. Diane Gregory says:

    Does Monsanto have to disclose their reasons, that well all know, but feel this should be made as public as possible, Monsanto used to be a weapons company, now they own the biggest weapon on the planet. They MUST be stoped.

  4. Kirk Mannor says:

    If they are trying to reflect radiation back to space by white out, then why do they spray on a storming days?Monsanto realy has to go and this madness will stop some day, if it’s not too late, I think there are many false flags here to keep us away from the truth about all this spraying the populations, it all boils down to depopulation and the NWO agenda 21,there is no other logical resaon for this killing the planet, we must by all means stop this and jail ervery one involved. this will send a message not to voilate our rights.the trees here in Ohio are dying  or sick looking, manny have died! I havent seen a honey bee for 2 years now, why won’t people do something about this before it’s too late? if shit hits the fan monsanto is  going to be demolished by angry mobs of people, and I don't think the military is going to help them they have families too.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Kirk, yes, there are many layers to the climate engineering/weather warfare, SRM is only one premice for the programs.

    • krista coleman says:

      Kirk, they spray during storms to dissipate the storm and evaporate the precipitation. THEY are causing the drought and calling it climate change.

  5. Kirk Mannor says:

    The FBI needs to start arresting  these crooks, for it is their children that will suffer too, I'm sure there are millions to  speak up for them. Monsanto needs to go, people need to wake up. This is going to fare, the trees are dying, the bees are dying, is this not enough to alarm people?

    • These creeps control the FBI , CIA  . We have been sold out. Whats in your pocket ? A tyranny killer . Boycott all GMO products. Pay as little tax as possible . Quit your job if you can . Survive out of their system .= we win.

    • nathaniel bratchett says:



  6. Cassandra Anderson says:

    My thoughts are Monsanto will one day charge people for a nice sunny day. The same way they will charge us to grow necessary food to survive, they will charge us for sunshine and the much-needed Vitamin D. I think this is their plan.


    • fegfhdsafg says:

      Take Vitamin D supplements for now

    • Porscha says:

      Yes, I thought about the vitamin d issue as well bc we need it from the sun to survive. I noticed they do concentrate the spray to cover the sun, which is probably blocking us from absorbing vitamin d I would think by creating a barrier. I also noticed it rains after they spray heavy within a day or two. So we get a crappy few days after it rains from the spraying, with no sunshine or vitamin d. The spray particulates also soak the soil when it rains, so we may be getting beat up from two or more ways. Restricted vitamin d, and nutrient lacking soil from contaminants. Sounds like genocide to me 🙁 

  7. Diana Moss says:

    I have to wonder if all of those who are on the payroll or afraid of losing their jobs or on the take or are otherwise ‘quiet’ and refuse to begin to understand exactly what they are doing by allowing this deadly combination to continue think that they and their loved ones will be immune to toxic combinations being released on an unsuspecting population. It stands to reason why the law now makes whistle blowers the villians.

  8. Diana Moss says:

    I read somewhere (it had to be here but I can’t locate it,) that Monsanto has also developed their crops to be resistant to aluminum whereas organic grown crops are not. This entire system is downright evil and the developers are the devil/s personified

  9. Diana Moss says:

    Keith: I am interested in your comment because I have been diagnosed with microscopic colitus and I have been convinced that it was caused by GMOs. Until recently there weren’t any products in the stores that were ‘gluten free’ and now there are more and more available and interestingly enough the drug companies have meds available to relieve the symptoms at an astromomical price. This can not be a coincidence. At first I was reading information about Monsanto AND Chemtrails (which I have been photgraphing for about 8 years) and now I can see that they are connected. Now I only have one thing to worry about instead of two. Hoopee!

  10. Raimi says:

    why do you pay VOLUNTARY federal taxes for your own destruction
    federal taxes are unconstitutional , not legally enforcible, and used wholly to destroy USA and its people

    so why are YOU paying them ??????

    check out the truth

  11. Cheryl Webber says:

    Wow! Your comment is stunning because it articulates so well what is happening in YOUR region. While the spraying is occurring all over the US, it does vary in the amount and possibly, the mixture of toxins. However, it is likely that what you describe will be more widespread in the near future. My heartfelt compassion and
    understanding goes out to you!

  12. Cassandra Anderson says:

    Gloria, I feel for you so much. My husband is constantly deathly ill from the spraying. When we have a few hours of normal blue sky all of his symptoms disappear like clock work. As soon as the sky fills up he is back in bed, deathly ill. My garden hardly produced this year and my bees die every year. There are no starlings this winter whereas there are usually thousands that come to my back yard to be fed. There is absolutely no question any longer what is taking place. I have very strong suspicions the shingles epidemic, psoriasis, people losing their hair and all the brain cancer (not to mention a host of other maladies) suddenly appearing is some way tied into what is being sprayed on us. I wouldn’t doubt if the Cancer treatment centers of America are tied into it also. They advertise constantly just like all the pharmaceuticals. If they aren’t advertising it is a bank or insurance company. These are all the culprits we must stop feeding. Everyone needs an alternate plan and then get rid of all the parasites. Every time we pay them they get stronger and more powerful. We must begin to do things differently or our days will definitely be numbered.

  13. Gloria Lee says:

    You are so right the way I see it too. No difference.

  14. Gloria Lee says:

    Sounds awful. I too have trees dying, I had 7 apple trees and 4 are dead now and the others are dying, as are the two pear trees. The bark curls and drops. And my asthma was all the way under control until about 3 months ago, now I’m on oxygen 24/7 and coughing. And I cry for California and the drought.
    I ask EVERYONE if they know of geoengineering. One man today said his brother-in-law talks about it and I told him to listen to him. Then I showed him the apple trees and his mouth dropped. I think he will be paying attention now. I told him I am sick from IT just like his sister says she is. Listen up, guy!
    I wonder if I burn the wood in my fireplace will I be poisoning the air in my house???
    I hope the CIA Torture report which came out today will wake some people up to all of this going on.

  15. TJ says:

    These are obviously backed by Zionists, as usual.
    This CEO David Friedberg is just another example.
    How about David Keith or Ken Caldiera?
    They are from the same tribe of liars, working with the same scum out of the Bilderberg Group and the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) that talks about Climate Engineering. The same people who own the Federal Reserve and did 911. I will NOT be “politically correct” about this when I notice it. You can deny it all day but the evidence is clearly in front of our face.
    fyi: Not all Zionists are Jews and not all Jews are Zionists. Zionists are Satanists. Same FreeMasonry at the top. So is Skull and Bones. So are the “Royals”. They have no shame and utter contempt for society.

    • nathaniel bratchett says:



  16. Talawanda says:

    I do have to say here that I wish I was still writing for the American Chronicle, online. But, the b’stards don’t like the truth. However, at one time I’d written an article about the environment, and it was introducing what the military was going to originally use, which was the Cloud Ships.

    These were vessels like a real ship, however, they were all white. They were run by the batteries only, and were supposed to be steered around the oceans by Remote Control. The object was for them to create cloud cover, to enhance the rain cycle where there was no rain. The cost was $90 million per vessel. What they were designed to do was to take on the sea water, and as it ran through a cycle would let off ‘steam’. This in turn would eventually create cloud cover. You can find the photos of them here. WHY they never used them is far beyond me. My only conclusion is their reaction: “Ahhhh crap! Can’t mess up the earth and kill people with this! Better use chemicals!”

    In all reality I think it would have been much cheaper in the long run for all concerned. But, they couldn’t make the citizens pay enough, and when the ships were eventually debt free, they’d have to find another reason to tax us.

  17. Talawanda says:

    @ Mark – and if I had the financial resources I’d back you to the hilt, that’s for sure.

  18. Talawanda says:

    @ AJ – Monsanto has the government up their you know whats…there is no difference. All the courts justices have been blowing off lawsuits against Monsanto; even when the King of Hawaii took it to court, because of them testing chemicals on the island. The court found in favor of Monsanto. They’re all PAID OFF and Locked UP in their web of lies with Monsanto. Not a high court in the US will give anyone an inch. All for Monsanto.

  19. Talawanda says:

    You’re absolutely correct. Even Dr. Mercola has stated these facts…as well as Dr. Russell Blaylock…neurosurgeon.

    We do have to END all of this…and it begins here.

  20. Dave says:

    How can we stop this? We the people can! 315 million people in this country. If half of them would wake from there slumber. We the people can!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. curtis says:


  22. Keith says:

    I believe i read that the president made a law protecting Monsanto from lawsuits that people such as I might bring as a class action lawsuit, based on evidence Celiac disease is caused by GMO corn. The corn (among several other vegetables) contains a Roundup pesticide that everyone who consumes them, is subjected to tiny holes being blasted through the intestines. It effects everyone but not all develop Celiac disease, but there are other diseases people develop too. Scientists say in 20 years we will see a huge increase in all kinds of deadly diseases. GMO products havent been out 20 years yet. Mothers feed babies soy milk which is GMO and soy is another product that contains the Roundup poison. Monsanto has no worries because they’re protected.

  23. June says:

    You need a boat load of money to get through this, and I pray you get it. You’re not alone in feeling and seeing the devastating effects of climate control taking place. It’s effecting all of us in a horrible negative way. Those who don’t know what’s going on, who can’t see the damn fake clouds and trails of chemicals in the sky, will one day wake up. When enough people wake up, we can stop this insanity. I write my weather people and senators about the chemical spraying taking place on almost a daily basis in the sky above us. No one responds. When they become broke or sick from the effects of the chemical spraying, then they’ll respond. In the meantime, we must keep educating people about this madness, and, please, don’t lose faith, Alexandra. Please, take good care of yourself and your animals. I pray for a windfall of money for you to get you through this.

  24. AJ says:

    I have a question. If Monsanto purchased Climate Corporation to carry on this insane project, then as a private corporation (since Monsanto is not a government entity), couldn’t that company be sued for spraying these highly toxic chemical compounds? There must be something that can be done legally if the people working for our government claim to be uninformed. People have hard data reports of what are in these compounds and that data proves these compounds are highly toxic. Wouldn’t there be some type of legal means to sue both the government and Monsanto for reckless endangerment or greater since these substances are highly toxic and accumulative? And since these are accumulative, perhaps monetary damages for both all humans exposure and environmental damages? There has to be some way to shut down the “insanity”. Anyone out there an attorney????

  25. Irina Jokobinski says:

    The best follow the money search engine is opensecrets dot com. Put the name of your political party and politicians in before you vote. NEVER vote for people who get oil or defense money, , NEVER The church also works with these people, if your church radio or TV station tells you to vote for someone vote for the other guy.

  26. Alexandra says:

    These sick sociopathic bastards are banckrupting us here on the East coast,our heating bills (the heat & lights in the house just to cope with the never ending darkness)has to be on now from Sep. through May or we will freeze to death & die from the darkness, our livestock is eating 3 to 4 X the normal amount of feed to stay warm in the bitter cold ice age PRODUCED/MAN MADE WINTER FREEZE, the jets NEVER STOP spraying here in western NY state. the winters are HORRIFYING, the sun NEVER shines, they block the sun about 10 1/2 MONTHS out of the year here now, all the trees are dying, I lost 7 in my yard alone the last 2 years & 3 more are dying, my yard has gone from a masterpiece of gorgeous towering trees to a tree & bush grave yard, i can’t sell my place & do i just let my beloved animals FREEZE to DEATH every winter in this never ending HELL ON EARTH which last for 9 months now, No spring ,No fall, just cool summers where we are flooded out in monsoonal MAN MADE rain storms for 3 months which turn into BITTER HORRIFYING WINTERS, I am completely bankrupt between heat,electric bill & feed & can’t hold on much longer, this shit is litterally killing me.

  27. Jane says:

    Dogs with Job’s
    U gotta Kidding me

    Not enough Food for the Animals around there


    Geo Engineering

    Not Brain Science

    Look at them Clouds in the Background

    Like Survivor

    Stupid Show

    Stupid People

    Like them Clouds

    Holy Sht

    Dumber then Dumb

    Stupid Dumbed Down


    Blows Me Away

  28. Nick says:

    Forget Al Qaeda, the real terrorists are Monsanto/HAARP and they’re killing Californians without notice with these unnecessary ridges and heat waves.

  29. Howard Taylor says:

    Allways follow money.Also the control the weather they can kill areas of private competition. Look what they are doing to Hawaii.

  30. james says:

    Where’s The Woodpecker when we Need him?!

  31. Ana says:

    The way people like this are changing the Nature of everything on Earth with chemicals being released everyday in our environment it just will makes us more dependent on sinthetic food or GMO plants and animals and dependent on this big corporations that just want the control of every living thing on Earth.They can´t get satisfied with less than what we are witnessing ,i guess they just want more and more…they created aluminum resistant crops and even like that people still not making the connection between what the “conspiracy theorists”(what they call them) say and what our governments (don´t)say or deny …if they have more technologies each day ,more businesses and clima manipulation as if they were Gods what more they will need? so,it´s very easy for them to create all the rules of the “game” with our corrupt/paid governments …
    If they are helping farmers why farmers sooner or latter find out that was not for better or good at all ? they seem to become prisioners of a policy where banks and other big corporations are enslaving them and in reality they (these corporations)are the only true owners of farmers land or animals breeders…
    I saw this on RT Tv (of course this is just the tip of iceberg that many people /media minimize as usual,never nothing is conclusive either!) :

  32. JR says:

    Terri; They already do their own tests if you want to call it that, deregulation being one form leading back to Reagan one of many forerunners. Daddy Bush on one hand, Dan Quale another, the list goes on. The majority of these lowlife sellouts umbilical cord was cut with the same scissors at birth, (greed). If you haven’t seen dvd documentary “The Future of Food” or, “GMO-OMG” it’s a good watch. The poor farmers in India growing cotton for years have been committing suicide because their cotton seeds (BT) don’t produce the bumper crops promised. This creates debt on top of debt and they get desperate with no one caring in turn taking their lives. “Roundup”-Monsanto product is a form of protest by drinking it, and getting further in debt with wife trying to raise up family left behind. She tries to raise family as husband did failing as well taking her life in desperation leaving orphans. Nice guys huh? Yes, even our own government did an approval on the “terminator” seed as Gloria states above. What nice people as well, yeah! Let us never forget the drought resistant seed and its makers. Not to get sidetracked on subject here but also remember who gave us Aspartame to eat and drink, see dvd “Sweet Misery A Poisoned World” and see the revolving door in corporations and our government representatives. We have not been good stewards of all natural gifts to us this earth offers in this country with greedy people taking and taking everyday. With these people good is never enough without having to modify and altering with chemicals as well as deception in all forms. The love of money is the root of all evil. The money and perceived power has become their master and will be their demise in the end. We all need a good form of currency $$$ it’s understood, but not be slaves to (or) of it for our existence.

  33. Jane says:

    A Real good Show on GMO on Netflix

    Just search GMO on the Netflix

    Well worth watching

  34. andrew says:

    My 24th email to my contact list, titled Ukraine vs Sudetenland and Poland.

    There are serious similarities with the current crisis in Ukraine, and the Sudetenland/Poland crisis that resulted in WW2.

    At the conclusion of World War I, the victorious allies rewrote the map of Central & Eastern Europe. The artificial state of “Czechoslovakia” was pieced together in 1918. Czechs, Germans, Slovaks, Romanians, Hungarians, and Poles lived in this new state. The German portion (formerly part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire) was a long strip of northern territory known as “Sudetenland.

    During the mid 1930’s, Edvard Benes was President of Czechosolvakia. Under his regime, Germans endure brutal attacks and oppression (rape, mutilations and murder).

    The 3,500,000 Sudetenland Germans wished to join Hitler’s Reich, but are denied the right of self determination by Benes’s government.

    Hitler is pushed to the brink by the deliberate abuse of the Sudetenland Germans. He threatens to liberate the Sudetenland by force, a move that could lead to war with Britain, France, and the USSR. In an 11th hour attempt to avoid war, Hitler invites three European leaders for a conference in Munich.

    The Munich Conference is attended by Hitler, Mussolini of Italy, Daladier of France, and Chamberlain of Britain. Agreement reached on 29th Sept 1938.

    Upon his return to Britain, Chamberlain is greeted by jubilant crowds. He applauds the Munich Agreement as “Peace in our time”. Throughout Europe, Chamberlain is praised for his calm diplomacy.

    Upon his triumphal visit to Sudetenland, Hitler receives a hero’s welcome.

    (You have to wonder why on 10th May 1939, Prime Minister Chamberlain gave public assurance to the Soviet that it would not be expected to enter any war until the French and British were already in the field. In another statement before the House of Commons the Prime Minister urged speed on the secret mobilization bills, and in response the House voted to limit debate so as to pass the measures.
    He also said, “If the Soviet government wished to make their own intervention contingent upon that of Great Britain and France, His majesty’s government for their part would have no objection.”)

    In the summer of 1939, Poland (under Marshal Edward Smigly-Rydz) was manipulate into provoking Hitler, exactly as Czechoslovakia had done in 1938. Once again, Hitler calls for an emergency conference.

    Less than 1 week before the conflict erupts, Chamberlain signed a military defense pact with Poland. There will be no Munich Agreement type peace talks. Hitler’s frantic phone calls are unanswered.

    By 1st September 1939, the killing of Germans at the hands of Polish-Jewish Communist militias becomes so widespread that Hitler is forced to invade.

    3rd Sept 1939. 3000+ German civilians are raped, tortured and massacred in the town of Bromberg, Poland. The massacre is known as ‘Bloody Sunday’.

    3rd Sept 1939, Britain and France declare war on Germany.

    Chamberlain (speaking off the record to Ambassador Joseph Kennedy while playing golf) stated that America and the world Jews had forced England into the war.
    -The Forrestal Diaries ed. Millis, Cassell 1952 p129

    17th Sept 1939. Stalin decides to break the Soviet-Polish Non Aggression Pact of 1932. Poland is stabbed in the back as Soviet forces pour in from the east. The advancing Reds carry out massacres, the most infamous being the Katyn Forest Massacre in about 10,000 Polish officers are shot in the head. Total deaths thought to be well over 16,000.

    The ‘Allies’ say nothing and allow the German Army to be blamed for the massacres. It is not until 1990 that Russia finally admits to carrying out the massacres.

    Do we have to wait 50 years to find out the truth about current events?

    Then there were also the Kočevski Rog massacres in Slovenia (May 1945) when between 10,000 and 12,000 war prisoners were murdered after being forcibly repatriated by the British military authorities.

    Let us also not forget the Prisoners of War Temporary Enclosures, or Rheinwiesenlager, that were a collection of 19 U.S. built prisoner of war camps constructed to hold German POWs during the Allied occupation of Germany.
    Typical estimates put the number of deaths from starvation, exposure and dehydration at up to 10,000. This figure has been heavily debated, with some researchers placing the death toll in the hundreds of thousands.

    These deaths should have been classed as a war crime under the 1929 Geneva Convention, but for the fact that Eisenhower ordered the prisoners to be classed as Disarmed Enemy Forces, in order to circumvent the treaty.


    The race is definitely on – global destruction by Geoengineering or war.

  35. Gloria says:

    Monsanto….cough cough sputter….wants to help the farmers bottome line….cough, choke, sputter…..after years and decades of taking their farms away from them? Think back to all the Farm Aid Fundraisers….and connect the dots. They will lead back to MonSaTano, and their Terminator Seeds !

  36. Connie Donaldson says:

    So very wrong to poison us an wildlife . God said this would happen can’t we try anything but poison.Please beg of you .STOP…

  37. Marc says:

    This is completely off the hook corporate bullshit on steroids times a factor of googolplex.
    If I could imagine into being a specialized weapon capable of disassembling the atoms of every Monsanto-related office, every research lab, every high-salaried scumbag scientist and sociopathic stuffed shirt…..I WOULD USE IT WITH GLEE! FOR THE BENEFIT OF ALL OF MANKIND.

  38. Terri says:

    that goes right along with the most recent bill passed by congress that restricts the epa from taking advise from scientists. they must get their information from the very corporations they seek to regulate. must like the police who murder people and then get to investigate themselves. now Monsanto and DuPont will be telling us that they have investigated themselves and found nothing wrong. business as usual in the ussa. the new hell on earth poisoning for profit.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Great idea.. I think they SHOULD cut off the water to it. With all the water shortages out west and the chronic 'man made' drought compliments of climate engineering by these ba#ta*&s it would be insane to waste precious water cooling their data storage/control machines of the NSA! Think of the farms, crops and human beings who will be much better served by putting that PRECIOUS RESOURCE to a GOOD USE. Thx for sharing this article Alli Larkin.

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