Monsanto’s “Roundup” And Aluminum, A Deadly Combination


The more we learn about the toxic soup the power structure has immersed us all in, the more astounding it is that any of us still have even a shred of health left.  "Synergistic toxicity" is what happens when two elements that are already toxic become much more toxic when combined. Studies show this is the case when Monsanto's "Roundup" is combined with aluminum. The ongoing climate engineering programs are raining down huge amounts of aluminum (and other toxic metals and chemicals) on the entire surface of the planet which is being absorbed by all life forms. Now let's add more toxins to the mix, how much of our food supply is being exposed to Monsanto's "Roundup" chemical concoction? Yes, Monsanto has "Roundup ready crops" that are genetically engineered to resist the the toxic Roundup brew. This means farmers can spray all the Roundup they want on crops without harming their harvest, but what about us? A small circle of power brokers are quite literally "slow killing" us all from too many directions to quantify. How can this happen? Because of the abysmal complacency of populations that have so far not taken a stand. Once the masses fully realize their former reality is over, and why, the awakening will commence in earnest. It's up to all of us that are already aware to help awaken others. The article below will shed more light on the Monsanto/aluminum synergistic toxicity. 
Dane Wigington


Glyphosate Could Combine With Aluminum To Increase Neurological And Gut Flora Issue.

Source: Natural News, article by Jennifer Lilley

It's no secret that mention of the word glyphosate angers many health-conscious people, while those affiliated with Monsanto, makers of Roundup, stand by their product.

Although numerous data show that the main ingredient in the commonly used weedkiller can wreak havoc on health, Monsanto-loyal folks says it's safe. They maintain this position despite the fact that glyphosate, which is sprayed on millions of acres of crops, has been linked to everything from fertility issues to autism.

One study, published in Entropy, notes that its "[n]egative impact on the body is insidious and manifests slowly over time as inflammation damages cellular systems throughout the body."(1)

Its author, Dr. Stephanie Seneff, is the same person who co-authored a more recent study that hones in on the health problems caused by glyphosate. However, this latest study digs even deeper, making a strong case that glyphosate and aluminum, an environmental toxin which is also very prevalent in society, work together to deliver a double-whammy to brain and gut health.

Impact on pineal gland, gut health explained

Seneff, a research scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and her team examined the role that both toxins play in affecting the pineal gland. They explain that the pineal gland is very susceptible to environmental toxins and, when exposed to them, is prone to a range of neurological diseases including autism, Parkinson's disease and anxiety disorders.

Furthermore, they found that both glyphosate and aluminum work together in ways that destroy healthy gut flora. The study, which was published in Agricultural Sciences, states, "Glyphosate disrupts gut bacteria, leading to an overgrowth of Clostridium difficile. Its toxic product, p-cresol, is linked to autism in both human and mouse models. p-Cresol enhances uptake of aluminum via transferrin."(2)

As a result of this uptake, anemia develops and hypoxia results. Hypoxic stress is linked to premature death and an increased risk of developing autism. The study links hypoxia to autism, and since aluminum plays a role in this process — which occurs when glyphosate worsens gut health in the first place — the conclusion is that the combination of both toxins can have devastating health consequences.(2)

Titled "Aluminum and Glyphosate Can Synergistically Induce Pineal Gland Pathology: Connection to Gut Dysbiosis and Neurological Disease," the study explains the process as follows:

Glyphosate chelates aluminum, allowing ingested aluminum to bypass the gut barrier. This leads to anemia-induced hypoxia, promoting neurotoxicity and damaging the pineal gland. Both glyphosate and aluminum disrupt cytochrome P450 enzymes, which are involved in melatonin metabolism. Furthermore, melatonin is derived from tryptophan, whose synthesis in plants and microbes is blocked by glyphosate.(2)

Once again, a strong case that environmental toxins are detrimental to physical and mental health

The study concludes:

[W]e have developed the argument that glyphosate, the active ingredient in the herbicide, Roundup, and aluminum, a pervasive toxic metal in our environment, operate synergistically to induce dysfunction in the pineal gland leading to the sleep disorder that is characteristic of multiple neurological diseases, including autism, ADHD, depression, Alzheimer's disease, ALS, anxiety disorder and Parkinson's disease.(2)

Glyphosate, as most of us are aware, is a widely used chemical in the agricultural industry. Unfortunately, in addition to the health issues already mentioned in this article, it's also linked to other problems including diarrhea, weight loss, sleepiness and kidney toxicity.(3)

When it comes to aluminum toxicity, symptoms include speech problems, bone deformities, weakness and muscle pain. The serious complications that could result from such toxicity are disruptions in the nervous system, lung problems, anemia and brain disorders. A variety of tests such as bone biopsies and tests for stool, blood and urine health can be conducted to better assess whether someone has aluminum toxicity, something that is strongly linked to the use of deodorants and antacids containing the metal.(4)






Source: Natural News, article by Jennifer Lilley


17 Responses to Monsanto’s “Roundup” And Aluminum, A Deadly Combination

  1. Jane says:

    Just wait till the Front Lobal of your Brain is so saturated with Aluminum and you can't think because you have Parkinson's or Alzeimer's disease.
    Then you will virtually be a Zombie. 
    With the new Maryjane law coming into effect there will be a lot more people buzzed out. They will not be able to differentiate whether you have succumbed to Aluminum poisoning of the Brain or you are just stoned. Then they will load you up on the Train and off you go to camp.
    That is Camp FEMA. 
    Wal-Mart specialty. Barbed Wire in and no way to get out.
    But first they have to read you your Act of Right before that happens.
    It is called: The Zombie Act of Right
    you have the right to Sht the Fck Up and nothing else because we have Bill C-51 here.
    AKA the Zombie Act
    Then away you go just like in the Old Days…..
    its off to the Funny Farm we go.
    Think it's a Joke…..,
    Wait and see. You won't see it coming because you will be Unfortunately….
    Brain Dead and you won't feel any pain whe they Chop your Head Off with the New Gullitine. 

  2. Alpha Lex says:

    Good for you, Carrie.  Here are suggestions on how to detoxify and revitalize the pineal gland.

    – Avoid all things fluoride: Tap water, cooking with tap water, fluoridated toothpaste, inorganic fruits and vegetables, showers with out filter, red meat, and any sodas and artificial food and drinks . . .

    – Pineal gland detoxifiers and stimulants: Hydrilla Verticillata, Chlorella, Spirulina, blue-green algae, Iodine, Zeolite, ginseng, borax, D3, Bentonite clay, chlorophyll . . ..

    – Foods: raw cacao, goji berries, cilantro, watermelon, bananas, Honey, Coconut Oil, hemp seeds, seaweed, and noni juice.

    – Essentials oils can be used to help stimulate the Pineal Gland and facilitate states of spiritual awareness, meditation, astral projection, etc. Good essential oils for Pineal Gland purposes include: Lavender, Sandalwood, Frankincense, Parsley, Davana, Pine, Pink Lotus, and Mugwort (excess use of Mugwort has a neurotoxin effect if inhaled directly, so be careful!). Essential oils can be inhaled directly, burned in a diffuser or nebulizer, and added to bath water.

    Fresh Cilantro is reputed to help remove aluminum and other heavy metals from the body.

    • John says:

       We could certainly make a very long list of things to avoid and the diseases caused by them and the fatalities that go unrecognized due to ignorance. The reality is that we are under chemical-biological attack and the planet is dying with us. They are killing us like weeds. The Orcas are dying off near Fukushima with seven fatalities and no births in the last several years. Add Fukushima to Monsanto and the aerosolizing and you have an enormous synergistic effect. That’s not counting the toxic clothing, food, water, cosmetics, toiletries, alcoholic beverages, drugs which also enhances the effects again. 

      The technocrats are nihilistic and nothing’s going to change in any aspect of our lives until those damned trails are halted! I first noticed them in the early nineties and until recently I was called all kinds of choice names but I didn't care I knew I was right from the git go having been in the air-wing in the marines. Back when I first noticed them I wasn't sure as to what it really was because there were no experts on this subject yet but I knew it wasn't good and I also wasn't aware of the extent these globalist weather villains would go but they most certainly went overboard a long time ago and now the delayed effect is kicking in.

      We are reaching a critical mass. These are not experiments these are deliberate attempt to take us out and the planet too if they have to. I have been alerting people about this subject for decades and it's finally paying off as I noticed I'm no longer alone. We are not in control of any aspect of our lives anymore BUT if the aerosolizing stops then that would tell me we are taking back control. Dane your amazing research was confirming what I had suspected for many years but I didn't have all the pieces so thanks for letting me see the latest version of the puzzle that we do not yet have all the pieces to which unfortunately will unfold in the future. 

  3. Carrie says:

    Alpha, As I read the article, this is exactly what I was thinking.

  4. Alpha Lex says:

    It is truly remarkable that here again, as with sodium fluoride (a byproduct of aluminum manufacture) in water and toothpaste, the combination of glyphosphate and aluminum work synergistically to damage and inhibit the pineal gland, called by Rene Descartes and known since ancient times as the “seat of the soul.” In other words, this little pea-sized gland in the center of the brain is our spiritual sense organ, the third eye.

    The World Order is actually an occult theocracy (see As such, I am convinced that the conspirators in this grand diabolical scheme of poisoning humanity and the planet have no less a goal than to kill our spiritual perceptions so that we will mistakenly think of ourselves as mere physical entities that live short, miserable lives and then become extinct.

    That way we are conditioned to labor only for temporal goals and thus become more tractable to totalitarian controls.

    Pure evil.

  5. For this reason, your State Department is pressing our EU politician puppets to sign TTIP *) behind close doors as soon as possible, public excluded.

    Thus they can flood Europe with their Monsanto crap as well !

    You are right: They attack us from too many directions to quantify…


  6. Frank says:

    This is weather warfare and the severe harming of the people of the US. We had a high of 55 degrees yesterday and by 1am it was 15 degrees her in southeast TN. The forecast for Monday is up in the air as meteorologist can’t decide on what will materialize. We could get snow sleet or freezing rain until Tuesday then temps will be below freezing for the rest of the week. The south isn’t prepared for these winter systems especially if it snows and gets colder. We can be shut down for a week. There could be power outages if there is icing and that means no heat for many. Low temps will be in the single digits with now power is life threatening. We will see what happens as the power structure unleashes there manufactured event. Wake up everyone you know about climate control and never back down.

  7. bija says:

    Might I suggest…if you are wavering or looking for some TRUE inspiration to continue the IMPORTANT WORK of awakening ourselves and others, then please watch Mark Passio’s Natural Law Seminar on YouTube. It’s many hours long, but stick with it and you will know exactly how and why we are where we are and what we have to do to free ourselves. Until we fully awaken to our part in all this and take responsibility to fully understand and actively work to turn this around, we will remain victims of those who wish to use us and throw us away. ACTION IS THE PATH! If you want to help Dane, then never give up!

  8. middleway says:

    Although the primary focus of geoengineeringwatch is that of weather modification and associated impacts, if one takes several steps back to gain a broader perspective, it becomes blatantly clear that there is much more than our weather being modified. To cut the chase and quickly gain insight into this global agenda, I highly recommend a recent book written by Patrick M. Wood, entitled, Technocracy Rising: The Trojan Horse Of Global Transformation – 2015 – available at Amazon books.

  9. Freedom Ranger says:

    Hello Paul, yet all a grad student in physics has to do is invent a self replicating nanobot programmed to disassemble all weaponry and all the weapons of the world could be rendered inoperable by one man nearly overnight. These are the times we live in my friend, it is not beyond the range of possibilities. Swarms of flying nanobots could scour the skies and absorb CO2, Methane and Flourine  and restore our earth to optimal atmosphere, these technology breakthroughs are not beyond our grasp. One invention could change our prospects over night and that is why we stay in the fight.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Freedom Ranger, I agree with you push for all to stay in the fight. We have long since had the perfect invention for sequestering Co2, trees. Industrialized society was doomed from the begining. The decimation of nature for profit should be seen for what it is and has always been. If the human race wishes to have any chance of survival, it most stop proliferating and destroying, and put all its energy into renewing and restoring. A global effort to plant trees would be a good start once industrialized society collapses. The bottom line, yes, we all have an obligation to the whole, a duty to continue our fight for the common good until our last breath.

  10. Ed Bee says:

    I read with interest Steven Chamberlain from Nikiski Alaska’s comments on Feb. 9 about days of clear blue skies probably preceding another Polar Vortex. We in Southern Wisconsin then had unusually clear skies for 2 days like I haven’t seen in quite a while followed by the prediction of a more acceptably named “Arctic Front” which was followed by nasty winds, blinding white-out snow and subzero temps. It used to be that our weather followed a West-to-East pattern, so that the extended warmth out West should have led to somewhat moderating temps here. But now the typical pattern is Canada’s weather just dropping down on us. During all this they are heavily chemtrailing us again. I constantly send photo evidence to our politicians but get absolutely no response. I feel like I am singing the same old song solo and it gets pretty depressing but I keep praying people will wake up and put an end to this insanity. God bless your efforts, Dane. You are a hero to me and a reminder I am not alone in this battle for our very lives. Thank you.

  11. Marc says:

    Every day I wake up to gaze out my windows only to see identifiable evidence of spraying. Today was no different. And in fact, today, over St. Louis, Mo., was a particularly bad spray day. Trails morphed all day into extremely ugly techno-clouds that were a chaotic combination of geometric lines and swaths, and random patches of clouds with lateral trailing wisps going in many directions. I gazed upward, upon emerging from a grocery store around 5 p.m. only to see directly overhead blinding white quadruple trails blasting out of the wings of a jet. These trails covered easily half the entire canopy of sky.
    Friends, I am afraid. I am afraid of what may happen if I succumb to this toxicity. I am past 60 and only in average health anyway. I confess I am reluctant to bike or walk outside anymore for fear of increased dosing from toxic metals. How can this be happening? Can anybody fucking believe this is happening? I bounce back and forth between rage and despair and hopelessness. The vastness of the killing machine working around the clock on this agenda is just about enough to castrate me into almost total ball-less ineptitude.
    I talked on the phone today to a friend in San Jose, Ca. He is an amazing dude, almost 70, recently ran a 26 mile marathon, banjo player, fiddler, enlightened! But when I brought up geoengineering and the California drought, he was largely clueless and says California has droughts regularly over history. I strongly encouraged him to visit this site but I sensed that he was not ready yet to take my claims seriously. But he assured me that he would check it out sometime. He knows lots and lots of people out there. Is a public figure, owns a film company, does many many music gigs and is socially conscious, etc. He is also a close friend and the right kind of person to light a fire under. What’s interesting to me is WHY HE IS NOT ALREADY HIP TO THE FULL SCOPE OF GEOENGINEERING. Especially in California.
    One person at a time…..

  12. bija says:

    Alan…I understand exactly how you feel.
    Death has always been our guaranteed eventuality, so let’s live each and every moment in morality, dignity and love. In the end, the psychopaths are the big losers because all the money and power in the world will be taken from them and they will truly know hell! Pity the poor, ignorant fools.

  13. alan says:

    Asking the Powers that are doing the spaying to stop because we can see them them doing it to us, is insane.
    That powers that be have accumulated all of the weaponry and resources and wealth to wipe out those few that have awakened too late.
    It’s literally too late now, probably by decades too late.
    So late, it’s a joke 🙁
    A bad, sad tragic joke.

  14. carol freiberg says:

    I was diagnosed with diverticulitis a year ago and haven’t felt right since. This could be why. I am an outdoor person and I guess that is why I really notice the spraying.My garden last year was pathetic and am seeing dead and dying trees everywhere around this part of Idaho. For some reason “they don’t allow the sun in for long before it is obscured by the “persistent contrails”…We are in trouble folks.

  15. Frank says:

    This problem with toxic metals and chemicals are at epidemic proportions. We as humans are being effected with mass cases but the power structure are using lame excuses for the problem. The animal die offs are beyond epic numbers but most MSM just cover this matter up. The over abundance of aluminum combined with barium and other toxic chemicals create deadly diseases in many human and animal life. Many peoples’s pets are dying of premature renal failure at epic proportions. My dog had to be put down recently because of kidney failure. At the time I knew of 3 other people that there dogs had kidney failure. There were 200 pilot whales that washed ashore in New Zealand this week. This insanity is proliferating at a alarming rate. We all need to contact people everyday and plant the seed of knowledge.

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