(More) Blatant Conditioning in Commercials



California Almonds

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  1. skywatchergrandma says:

    Just spend one week and watch every commercial while you are watching TV. They all have chemtrails and chemclouds in them. You never see a blue sky like we had years ago. Deep, dark and clear with absolutely no clouds in sight. Now everything is dark and cloudy and looks like a “storm”is brewing. I really see a lot of this in the car commercials and all the viagra commercials. It’s in everything, and now you see the colored nano particles in the streaks of sunlight, only they make them huge. I see these in commercials, the news, and tv programs. Check it out. I was never one to watch commercials until a couple of years ago when I started noticing all of this. Now I watch them all just to see all the crap they are doing that no one seems to notices. Wake up people!

  2. mark says:

    “Someone is laughing at us.” And they’ve been at it for quite sometime.

    Dead almonds from Cali is old hat – and the significance is that most of this kind of thing is by design. A punch line is that, unfortunately, much of anything from Cali, here on in, will be contaminated if grown outdoors.
    Folks still eating seafood!!?

    As far as them laughing… it’s beyond being exposed or even those supposed mass arrests we’ve been waiting for. If we’ve the ability to manipulate subtle energy and events unfolding in the Field (of Consciousness), we could settle this for once and for all. I’m certainly not going to say what that is here. I’m not sure how many focused minds it would take; which is Always the problem. We never seem to be able to ban together for this sort of thing. To, it would take quite sometime if there were only so many, perhaps. I’d have to guess that once they figured out what was up it would be too late.

  3. Stayyo says:

    This is unbelieveable!! The World is in a deep sleep. HAARP,Project Blue Beam, Chemtrails,New World Order,3G waves, weather manipulation, what else?? Im turkish but iwas born and raised in Germany.I saw in the last few years mysterious cloud formations in the sky i thought: “Wonderful game of the nature“. Now i know the truth.
    In 1999 i was in turkey for holidays, and i experienced the big earthquake on 17th August at 3.05 at night. When i woked up, i looked to the window and i saw a red light in the sky. The epicenter was in Gölcük about 150 km air line far away from my origin city Eskisehir where i allways spend my holidays. A lot of people saw this red light but we dont get any scientific explanation about this.
    Yesterday i was bored and decided to search for pics and infos about this earthquake. I get a lot of interesting infos. The most interesting was that the earthquake caused by HAARP!! That can be a explanation of the red light. Gölcük is at the sea with a seaport. In the seaport were US-Marineships at this time. They want to test The HAARP in the area of Gölcük and the turkish government knew it. But the test reached 10.000 times more powerful than they thought! The government gave no statements about this, because the people will kill them. they keep it secret. A journalist asked the president: “can it be that the earthquake caused by the terrorist group PKK“ the president answered: “i dont think so“. I dont think so?? this is not a normal answer! He must say “Caused by the PKK? Are you mentally disturbed? This a evidence that the earthquake was artificially.
    This is the reason why i start to searching for geoengineering, and get shocking details. Many people observed mysterious lights before earthquakes in the last few years for example Japan, Haiti, Chile, China etc.

    My oppinion was that the reason of all this was the New World Order. Look at this:

    I am sad and happy at the same time to get this details.
    The only thing that i can not believe was: “Why nobody talking about this Geoengineering things?“

    I wish all of you a lot of luck to get success in publishing the geoengineering crime! The human beeing hast the right to be informed about this. I will tell this to all my friends, and write emails to the newspapers and TVs. I dont wanna live in a such world.

    greetings from Germany

    (Sorry for my bad English)

  4. Shira Nahari says:

    My understanding is that chemtrails are a project of our military. You can get a lot of info from oneradionetwork.com , esp. the amazing and farout Atom Bergstrom.

  5. Shira Nahari says:

    Avoid CA almonds like the plague. for years I ate almonds to reduce the risk of cancer. Ha! Pasteuried almonds increase it! Buy organic almonds OR check out your local health food store to see if they have found a grower who uses a loophole to permit 20-second steam processing, which is OK. I am lucky – my local Co-op sells these.

  6. Cloudy says:


    A few years back there were internet health news headlines (I don’t watch TV either) re CA passing laws that all Almonds had to be irradiated. Since CA is the major producer of Almonds, for us as eaters/consumers, Almonds were already doomed before this latest obnoxious chemtrail-corporate “psyop commercial.” :-/

    As for McDonald’s, wow again. That is pathological! Are they saying, “Our Big Mac & Fries now comes complete with fluoride, barium, & strontium!” ??

    More like McD “Devil’s Food”!

  7. lee says:

    that is really bad, don’t buy almonds or mcdonalds, stop the spraying.

  8. James says:

    Wow… this is clearly psycho warfare. Corporate PSYOPs.
    Someone is laughing at us.

  9. Karen F. says:

    Hi everyone!

    We stopped watching network tv 13 years ago so I may be overacting, but this blows my mind.

    CA Almonds you are really pissing me off. This has got to be intentional… right? Are you getting a subsidy from the powers that be doing this, y’all?

    I am going to stop buying CA Almond products. I live close to where a lot of the almonds in CA are grown and this isn’t funny. They have been spraying us for years.

    This ad is so blatant I am not sure you can call it subliminal. Who’s idea was it to associate geo engineering plumes with a healthy lifestyle? That’s sick.

    Well goodbye CA almonds! You just lost a very good customer who has been buying your products for years.

  10. Tim says:

    What is the connection between these corporations and these chemtrails?

    • admin says:

      Well…. it certainly seems rather ‘coincidental’… As to who is behind the chemtrails appearing in the commercials, I don’t know. Has anyone else heard anything along those lines?

  11. MommaT says:

    Sick nd wrong.poisoning us all .
    The more the words get out the sooner we will all know peace

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