MSNBC Report: Geoengineering, What Could Go Wrong?


This report was just released from MSNBC. The climate engineering atrocity in our skies is becoming ever harder to hide as we knew it would. The MSNBC report in the video below is pushing the subject of geoengineering closer and closer to the light of day. Though some of the so called “experts” are still doing their best to downplay the climate engineering reality or completely lie about the issue and its dangers, they look increasingly nervous about their deception. Those that are lying to hide the climate engineering issue must be held accountable, it’s up to all of us to do this. All need to organize in their efforts to contact and communicate with the “experts” and media that are lying about the climate engineering issue in order to hide it. They need to be told their deception is NOT OK.

Dane Wigington

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  1. Marsha Fulkerson says:

    How come the majority of people in Ca can't look up and know something is not right with their skies? We get sprayed, but nothing like they do. Have they become so used to it? Could somebody answer this?

    • bill mudd says:

      It’s as bad here in CA as anywhere,maybe worse. 
      We have now had 5 straight months of spraying and HAARP activity in August September that was off the hook. The monsoon season was microwave blasted from our skies with ALL storms being stopped at the Mexican border on a daily basis.
      Not to mention the UVs are through the roof. And overnight lows in the 70's – when is that normal?
      Not to mention the Weather channel app on your smart phone underestimates the actual temps, some times as much as 12 degrees. All in an effort to trick us into thinking its not as bad as it feels.

    • We all should raise our voice and our fist against the polluters of worldst biggest 'invironmental area' But none of this happen's and if you mention what is going on above our head you are an invironmental fanatic.  What is going on? Concider youre self 'blessed' exposing the truth. 

    • rockhead says:

      California people are retarded. they don't know to look up..

  2. Leslie Krusinski says:

    I live on the north shore of Long Island, NY that now has relentless heavier and heavier spraying chemtrail spraying. I live on a large piece of wooded property and have been "in mourning" for the past three months… no birds singing in the morning. Also, I have always loved the bird song and chatter at the end of the day… I have  thought of it as the birds singing praises of thanksgiving to God for another day… Well… this year the silence is DEAFENING !!! NO bird song at all!!!  Almost NO birds around at all! It is such an eerie feeling not to hear or see anything. How I miss their sweet music!!!  Along with that.. we have had no butterflies, moths, bees, yellow jackets, wasps… not even houseflies, mosquitos, or even the gross stink bugs that have been so much of a a problem these past years. Missing also are the squirrels and chipmunks that always delightfully scrambled about. I have contacted all the Audubon societies and birder clubs that I could find and no one has any answers for me. TI feel as if I am living in the Twilight Zone. This is an ominous situation. I am heartbroken. 

    • Carol says:

      Our bird activity here in Ohio is almost down to nothing as well except a few swallows–I too use to have beautiful birds singing and lovely birds all winter–this year–I have very few birds and our deer population has decreased dramatically as well.

  3. tom says:

    There are many ways to get the word out to a lot of people about this geoengineering nightmare. Find a company that makes bumper stickers. If you want to save money, design yours to say the same thing on the left and right so you can cut them in two. Most bumper-sticker websites have great software to help you design your own stickers. You can get creative and Photoshop a blue sky with obvious chemtrails for your background or use your imagination. Now hand out your stickers to your friends and family and place your stickers EVERYWHERE you can think of. Drive-thru restaurants, poles where cars stop at left turns, light standards at shopping malls, public transit stops, near schools or anywhere the local population congregates. You will be VERY surprised to see how many stickers are still there after 6 months or more and you will know that you did something to get the word out! YOU CAN DO IT!

  4. David Strickler says:

    The spray aircraft do not show up on any flight tracking sites that I have found.

  5. Phillip Harris says:

    We get it here in Central Georgia almost every night and up until around noon and the sky is weird cloudy until around 4 p.m. Numerous times I’ve seen the orange and yellow rainbow reflections on clouds for about ten years that dissappear in less than five minutes. Anyone else see these?

    • Carol says:

      We get weird rainbow colors in the spray clouds–that's what originally caught my attention to these sprays

  6. Phillip Harris says:

    You can clearly see chem trails in the pictures that were supposed to be created by “large fans ” to distribute the silver oxide into the clouds. “Small scale” keeps being mentioned and also “No government funding”! Lying bastards.

  7. jeff says:

    look up their names and find out their emails people do something.

  8. James Boyd says:

    That is exactly what I have been thinking. Any International Airport should do. They say no funding and small scale???? How in the world can these liars live with themselves.

  9. vickey says:

    The “Native American”/Red Race lands were destroyed when the White Man invaded and stole it from them. For fifty two thousand years Indian left it how they found it. Now White Man spraying on their head. Their arrows and tomahawks can’t reach high enough to destroy enemy. Must trust Great Spirit and Geoengineering Watchers.

  10. Chris Peters says:

    can anyone track where the planes are comming from, I would be up for showing up there with the rest of you.. whos in?

    • bill mudd says:

      Im in the flight path of March Air force base, California.

      Hundreds of flights each day in and out non stop. Nothing else could produce this much except for an organized Air Force mission. Its our government that is behind all this. The pilots are under a gag order. All for the sake of "national security". 

  11. victor says:


    SORRY! We live in southern France and, today for example, the planes started spraying around noon. Result, very little sun.
    I do not know where you live n France, but we get spraying almost every day jn southern France.

  12. Jose says:

    They are spraying in France, is it documented? – Want to let you know, France is always cloudy unless you are in the south 🙂 – How’s Europe in terms of spraying? – i saw a truthfully scary sky in Midland TX 2-3 days ago.

  13. Larry F. says:

    So Cal got some rain last week and a sprinkle of snow on Mt. Baldy
    But already we are back to the searing sun again and it it frying and intense for November.
    I’m very surprised we actually got any rain at all. I think Mother Nature won
    For the Time being but I’m still convinced that Monsanto is doing its best to drought us and the crops out of existence . I did read a article stating that Monsanto recently purchased a very large weather modification company! No need to wonder why. This company needs to be exposed for the evil they are inflicting to the planet.
    As I mentioned before the sun is not normal, and I fear that the lunatics have burned a hole thru the protective ozone layer by using the HAARP array , and Worse yet They most likely have disrupted the earths magnetic field that also protects the planet from the suns cosmic gamma and X-rays! Special thanks to the Psycho morons playing God with the weather and destroying life as we have known it.

  14. Terri says:

    this is a link to a sickening video by the weather channel explaining away a classic geoengineered cloud and its resulting inky oily goop. they claim it is a unique and amazing natural event.

    i hope these people go back to the dark place they crawled out from soon or there won’t be much left. anyone who believes these monsters is truly insane, hypnotized or plainly evil. They should be held accountable for the harm they are doing to millions of people and the lies they tell as well.

  15. GUNTHER LEEB says:

    hi we are complaining,but we do no action about or against it,we arre helpless perhaps,but talkign is not enough,
    i wish we could show a stand and protest infront the greenies,or weather studies,, chemtrails are heating up the admosphare,thermal effect. ….lets be more bold,not just lips action…..consider more…..gunther

  16. windy willy says:

    Just come back from France, covered in chemtrails some times not a patch of blue to be seen.

  17. windy willy says:

    Agreed on that!! First AIDS now EBOLA !! What next??

  18. Nigel says:

    I have a place in Tahoe as well and it’s depressing to see a beautiful blue sky destroyed by these air-force pilots who just follow orders.. even it it mean destroying your own country and killing their own people!

    I was wondering why the Native Americans don’t get more vocal about this and their sovereign lands are being destroyed. They have a political voice and should be making this more of an issues, getting real scientists involved and having news conferences etc..

  19. john graf says:

    These guys are lying through their teeth. I am sure many will buy this full blown BS. So maddening.

  20. Karen says:

    What can we do to bring Geoengineering in the “Light?” How about using the Alinsky Model–keep telling the lie over and over until people believe it. We can keep telling the “Truth” over and over until they believe it. Using ads, radio, lectures, maybe Walt Disney could get involved. Just a thought.

  21. Jerry Druer says:

    The MSNBC guy is in it to get a feather in his career cap and nothing else. He has no idea what he is asking nor the answers that he is hearing, he wants to convey the ongoing confusion that media has been doing for so long. The older guy is about to spill the beans but knows just how far to go before he is turned off and besides he needs his next paycheck. The other guy is typical of new scientist who are so in love with telling us all how smart he is in explaining everything and mostly has his agenda of getting his book out to the gullible public. For some reason this mass media deception campaign is doing a better job than the obvious all out chemtrails right above people’s heads.

  22. Judith Robinson says:

    Absolutely frightening reading all this.Living in rural Ireland we have experienced the warmest summer and longest mild autumn in years. Now the spring bulbs are peeping through already. Very very strange. No one can make any pedictions any more, not even the normally reliable postman.
    Man is an idiot.

  23. randy mc garry says:

    I would think they would learn not to mess with mother many animals and humans has this cost already.end it now

  24. Larry Fator says:

    These are power crazed lunatic scientists that are getting paid by ego driven
    Billionaires! The weather is wacked out by design. The military wants a weapon ,
    Monsanto wants to own all food by bankrupting the farmers thru drought in California ,
    And by killing the crops and groves with floods and giant hail elseware in the states.
    Then we have the luminati trying to de populate the world for their own sick agendas.
    Chemtrail cocktails will help that sick cause.the Russians want a warm water port and were the first to use their version of haarp to melt the ice for shipping travel. That was over 30 years ago.
    We need a solid plan as to how to bring all the geoengineering crap to the mainstream population.But to get media coverage will be the tough put your thinking caps on an try and figure out who is influential enough to fearlessly spread the truth of whats really happening with the extreme weather and what’s being sprayed over our heads on a Dailey agenda… THINK! … Then act.

  25. Norman says:

    My son and I witnessed a chemtrail being sprayed right over our area here in Midrand, JHB, South Africa. We took a video and rebuked thee trail in Jesus Name. I have phot’s of an enormous USA airforce plane parked at Lanseria airport (JHB) permanently. All our trees started dying last year????? The Lord will destry those that are destroying the earth (Revelations)

  26. This is a war against humanity meant to cull population. We must all fight back starting with boycotting DC ,Wall ST, the worldbanker Facists. Use gold , silver, bitcoin ,trade + barter, buy local organic, grow your own to barter with = UNPLUG + Starve the beast.
    Ecuadors pres says he wants to ground Chemplanes over his country, We the people need to do the same.One way or a another.

  27. Blue Sky Lover says:

    Well said ana…

  28. MikeB says:

    GE commercial right from the beginning. Is GE still a part owner of MSNBC, the weather channel and other interesting things?

  29. stephanie says:

    I wish everyone would wake up…some people you tell, still can’t seem to believe it, or see the trails..unreal…

  30. Tia Hennessy says:

    There is no where to hide, Mary. Nick is right we’re being poisoned here in California. We had a beautiful morning here but now, late morning, it’s completely overcast with chemicals. I’m pissed.

  31. Mary says:

    Not called Contrails!!! They are called Chemtrails!! And when you see them you should go inside immediately!!! Toxic soup!!!

  32. Lindy Marrington says:

    Oh, and BTW, I have a cabin in Lake Tahoe and there is no “small-scale” weather seeding of clouds taking place, it is full-blown chemtrails day in and day out and I am sick of it, it has destroyed our natural weather patterns for the Tahoe Basin and is destroying the clarity of the lake and the damage it causes go on an on. Let the Truth come Forth!

    LIndy Marrington

  33. Lindy Marrington says:

    “What Could Possibly Go Wrong???” It is already gone wrong! What a pathetic excuse for an intellectual discussion on solving the weather problems. How can these ego driven individuals even think that their agencies/activities could monitor the weather better than Mother Earth? Weather modification is based on EGO/CONTROL, period, no asterisk, no fine print. All research should be going into how to use zero point energy and clean energy so that Mother Earth can get down to the business of healing and making whole Her weather systems that have been so abused for the last 70 years. Wake UP! everyone.

    Lindy Marrington

  34. Nick says:

    HAARP is killing us Californians. 🙁

  35. Mart Narvo says:

    why not do it over calif and nev right now? Nope we do chemtrails over those states so we can HAARP the skies to 200 degrees and keep mositure away so we can bankrupt those farmers in cenral calif. and soon own those farms and plane our monsanto patent chemtrails seeds and grow our nutritionousless crops for mankind to et and die sooner. Oh chemtrails are heavy nanosized metals and people are getting 20% less vitamin d so they get sick and suffer and die.

  36. MarcusW says:

    Rogue climate control!? That I have heard from a talk by a scientist from NASA. Is there perhaps another mystery in this with Geo-engineering?!

  37. Mike says:

    Who is forwarding information to the news media and politicians? Any replies?

  38. caledonia says:

    I wonder what the skies will look like when TPTB finally get around to geoengineering the climate. I would imagine none of us will ever see the sun again ,the sky is covered with persistant CONtrails already.

  39. randy says:

    And the devil is a lier

  40. Gyver says:

    Who has right to experiment with the air that we breathe? How arrogant!

  41. Marc says:

    “Climate intervention?” Yeah, this term is quite obviously crafted to lend an air of legitimacy to the whole SAG onslaught. What a RAPE of our intelligence!!!!
    And yes, the entire MSNBC piece seemed a disinformation ploy, an attempt to do an objective report on weather modification programs while overlooking critical aspects of a massive program already underway and easily verifiable by the average moron on the street.
    But, if this can be considered progress in our fight to bring these programs into greater public awareness, then I guess we’ll have to to concede. But what is it gonna take to get a REAL report about the health effects and biosphere destruction out in front of the american people en/mass so to speak?
    This website should be required reading for both of the credentialed morons paraded out in this “report”.

  42. Ana says:

    When I look at this vídeo the only thing that comes into my mind is :- Race for weaponizing the weather just as the classic old Arming race and cold war between East and weast … soon these guys (or their governments) wont need Armies cause one of these mad scientists will play the role of a entire Army and all they will need will be a much smaller number of people working on this and a few aircrafts and operators…Armies will be something of the Past cause they seemed to have found out how to control humanity more efficiently and in a more profitable way …perhaphs that´s why just now they talk about how humans are polluting the world and how small the world is for all of us and perhaps that´s why just now they are worried about keeping the population under 500.000.000 with genocide kind of policies …i don´t believe they are really worried about the clima change or global warming cause they are not worried about the consequences of these programes or how bad these weather programes are for the world and humankind…these people will be called to justice by populations when they will no longer be able to hide their criminal actions based in their mad opinions …the worst is if it will be too late for all of us cause they are just gaining time …and time is short for us …they might kill us before that!

  43. JR says:

    Today again in Southwest, N.M. we had clouds with a big storm front coming in from East. Well, Lord and behold the lowlifes were out to destroy flying right over high and front outline of top of these clouds. Now they were flying directly from south to southeast right over edge as if it were part of actual cloud for the people not in the know of how they operate. One can point out these things and most people still will not know what to look for. This puke telling us cloud seeding is o.k. with silver iodide is fine does not tell you this crap is bad for you to breathe (respiratory). It’s not even good to drink, chemicals are chemicals! If these punks were to really want to induce rainmaking they would flunk out of school all the while causing drought. Talk about indoctrination and forked tongues! It’s all about playing ball he says, what a farce and irresponsible punks, ignorant people. It’s been like this since right after World War II and running like a snowball headed for hell affect, oooh with so many ideas and what imaginations and great works. What man will do with it and mess up this planet with the human race, man??? We are not to be boastful and so proud as many do, instead of being more humble.

  44. Protest NBC Weather Control Disinformation & Censorship

  45. Christopher Bains says:

    Interesting….more is coming out!

  46. carol freiberg says:

    Seems like there are some rational people who are knowledgeable and skeptical about the whole notion of playing god with the weather.Unintended consequences,no mention of the health effects of aluminium,barium and other things that are being experimented with on the population with absolutely no oversight or accountability for the possible “unintended consequences”.

  47. Frustrating to watch the liars. The arrogance of these scientists who think spraying Nano metals may possibly help our planet is outrageous. I call them “over-educated MORONS – Oh and small scale, what a crock. The programs have been massive for years now. May the Truth be told!

  48. Judi Brisse says:

    THANK YOU MSNBC!! Thank you Dane!! This is EXACTLY what we need- exposure/public ‘discussion’ via tv networking on climate engineering programs (on-going as we speak). You know if enough people hear the risks of such damaging scientific weather modification, more will understand these short-sighted programs are beyond dangerous for the whole planet. What a relief to see names and faces associated with geoengineering. From there more can be done to find these individuals and put major pressure on their programs that leave the Earth in a highly compromised state of being. Let’s hope this public exposure on TV will prompt even more networks to do the same. It can’t come SOON ENOUGH. Big ‘THANK YOU’ to MSNBC once again- I thought the interviewer did a fine job with his questions. I know he wanted to go deeper with it but he had to maintain some equilibrium between the two. And BIG thanks to the Professor for his courage and clarity of thought in speaking out against global weather modification. He had many facts to counter the claims made by the geoengineer that weather control is safe, worth doing, and that we need these programs.

  49. Steven Chamberlain says:

    It’s official! We are now living in Bazzaro World.

  50. Aria fox says:

    Stop geoengineering

  51. marit says:

    Think about our children ! I feel so sad about their future but I do have hope for a change !

  52. TreesAreLife says:

    Space Mirrors, Climate Intervention, and Carbon Storage the new acceptable wording for Geoengineering and Weather Modification. I’m sure Bill Gates is behind this.

  53. Chris says:

    They act like this is a new thing they might start doing.Why is it I see aerosols being added to the sky every day. How long does it take for people to see what is really going on?

  54. Ken says:

    “Small Scale Deployment”? YEAH RIGHT.

    The Military is already involved in a large scale full deployment since around 1998 in all NATO Nations.

  55. Michelle says:

    Fleming with his smirking.

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