Netherlands Department Of The Environment Officer Is Confronted About Climate Engineering


Dane Wigington

In the 12 minute video below, a very revealing and damning confrontation unfolds between a Dutch investigator/photographer (who wishes to remain anonymous) and a representative from the Netherlands Department of The Environment. The environmental officer actually admits to the geoengineering reality, stating the following:

Yes, but I will not deny that geoengineeing is taking place, that is clearly known.

The environmental officer then adamantly denies the true scale of the climate engineering assault.

We assume that this is taking place on a very limited scale.

The governmental representative goes on to say this:

Uh… and there is no major impact on health and the environment.

The systematic denial and/or confirmation bias that is rampant throughout the whole of academia, governmental agencies, and society in general, is truly beyond rational comprehension. Though it is simple enough to identify the self-serving motives of such behavior, one wonders how these individuals face their own image in the mirror. The effort to fully expose the criminal conduct of official representatives like the one in this recording is a responsibility that must be carried forward by us all, make your voice heard.

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  1. Joey D says:

    This is what mainstream media does to make us all feel like idiots and the real idiots feel so smart.


    • Robert says:

      I have noticed the same thing. There was another article like that in The Independent in the UK. They never mention Solar Radiation Management, only pointing to the paranoid people that think they are being sprayed for population control. The photos speak for themselves however.

  2. Kiwiverve says:

    Hi Dane and team,thanks for the great work your doing!

    I'm a Kiwi living in the Netherlands for the past 4 years and I've seen what is going on in the skies on both sides of the earth. I started a FB page a few years ago called Chemtrails Nijmegen as a place to post my photos, videos and to share info I find online. I'm shocked by the heavy spraying above where I live and the lack of people caring or even believing that this Geo-engineering of our weather is happening right in front of their eyes. Once again thanks for doing the very important work you do!

    • Annemaria Dekker says:

      I live in Utrecht and look up to the sky since I was a small child. There were no chem-trails when I was young, but now there are many. Causing haze, clouds, rain, storm. And many people die from cancer.

    • JanC says:

      I live in the Netherlands too and also see the increase in chemtrails dependent on type of weather.  I have sent various emails with photos to the political parties with links and questions.  I did not get answers so I sent more mails with remarks that they are obliged to answer me as otherwise they share a responsibility to have shielded the truth from the people …  So my advice: send mail to politicians and put pressure on them to answer ….

  3. Blumenthalborneo says:

    Friends. I am from Palangka Raya, Central Borneo, Indonesia. I don't know anything about chemtrail or geoengineering before. I just recently noticed in June 2016 that there is something weird with clouds in the sky above my town. There are normal clouds, but above them many other strange clouds look more like long lines of smokes or shaped like pulled cotton (hard to describe). Then in between July 15-19 I saw rainbow colored clouds twice. I started searching in the internet about weird clouds, rainbow colored clouds. Then i found about chemtrail and geoengineering, i was interested and want to know more. After knew more things about this subject i start looking to the sky frequently and find out that EVERYDAY there are jets flying above us while leaving trails and those trails becomes fake clouds! The same kind of jets EVERYDAY, DAY to NIGHT. First time i see it i was trembling. I never noticed this before, i was terrified with the posibility that we are sprayed with toxic chemicals. So i want to know for sure if this is really chemtrail or not. Can someone identify it?


    • Galactic News says:

      Dear Blumenthalborneo,
      I just read your comment and I understand your worries, like I have and many other people. I'm afraid to say yes, we are being sprayed.
      I don't know exaclty all the chemicals but one of the main stuff is nano particles aluminum, barium and many other harmful stuff. Dane Wigington know more about it. But I can tell you these strange clouds that you see above the natural clouds are nog normal.

      With all that spraying is they creating a layer which covering the whole sky which and is dimming the sunlight. This results also into poor farming. Besides that… all the aluminum is harmful for our body and eco system. Naturallly aluminum doesn't belong in the sky, it only found in the bauxite mines.

      Here in Netherlands I noticed this year is really terrible, they spraying almost everyday. It's even worse than the years before. I'm a photographer and I'm total sure that it's not normal that all those stripes keep hanging and spread out.

      It's now time to collecting as many people to calling to your government and try to make them aware about this major problem which has to be stopped as soon as possible. You can show them the videos from Dane's website. There is evidence everywhere when you look up to the sky. So when you call the government, ofcourse they will tell you that there's nothing going on, but let them know that you and all the other people knows what's going on and that you're done with all the lies. That will help sometimes.

      About a month ago we sent Greenpeace Netherlands an email with some questions. But we got that stupid dump default answer which says there was no evidence enough that GeoEnigeering/Chemtrails is taking place. Therafter we sent them another email with some shocking video footage as in the video in this article, and the day after we called Greenpeace. We got a bit angry to them and told that we are totally done with the lies and that we know all of it. So what happened is that the woman was a bit shocked of our reaction and she said "Easy, easy". Later she exactly said this: " because of course there are certain tests that are done to see if the climate is to influence" So this means that she admits that it's taking place.

      This phonecall conversation with Greenpeace will be published later by Dane on this site. To be continued.

    • Blumenthalborneo says:

      Dear Galactic News

      Thank you for replying my comment. Actually i'm hoping that i was wrong about the strange clouds, i really want it to be just normal clouds and ignore it. Just continuing my life without even think about it. But i end up looking at the sky everyday to find more long lines of strange clouds. Such a crazy time we live in. Thank you for your suggestion, i was confused and didn't know what to do with this. I want to make people in my town to aware about these strange clouds. Like you said, the clouds is dimming the sunlight, but almost no one aware, no one asking what the hell is happening with the sky. It will be hard to make them aware, most will give a weird look if you tell them something like this, even call you a bit not right in the head. But it's worth trying.

    • DHM says:

      Hello all, this is my first post to this website but it will not be my last. I am startled, sickened, and angered by what is apparently going on around us! I have just recently begun to awaken to the possibility and the magnitude of these events, and I am grateful for this website as a resource and that the discussion is taking place. I am 31 this month and according to some of the information on this website, this has been going on most of my life, at least since the early/mid 90's. What I have for evidence is my own personal narrative but that is what has led me here. I was born in Colorado in 1985, and at the age of 4 moved off the North American continent to a tiny chain of islands in the central/south Pacific. I have always been fascinated with aircraft and have always paid attention to them overhead.  In those years, I dont recall seeing trails in the sky out there, even though I would see and hear aircraft occasionally passing overhead at cruising altitude, (30,000 ft). I was also on many occasions a passenger on these planes, aircraftother aircraft from this altitude. No trails. It was not until my family moved stateside at the age of 12 (1997) that I first became aware of what I was told were "con-trails". Nothing more than condensation trails, nothing to worry about. And I didn't, not for years. The first time I heard that they might be anything but, I thought the poor old lady was crazy. Just another crazy hippie that doesn't have a clue about real science. So, I ignored her. I was in my early 20's and didn't really give a damn about anything, not even my own life. That brings me to the turning point for me. Earlier this spring, living in central oregon, I left a piece of totally clean untouched metal siding out on a construction site. It had rained over night, and the dry air quickly evaporated the fresh rainwater away, leaving behind a very fine powdery deposit. What was it and how had it gotten there? I was very curious, there was nothing that could have left it, no.winds to deposit it. The previous night had been exceedingly calm. And I was the only person that had come into contact with it. It was a gray/off white powder, more fine than talc, with a metalic look and feel to it. I even tasted it, vaguely metalic. Reminded me of what you get when you burn an aluminum can in a campfire. I commented to my coworker/supervisor, a very firm conspiracy theorist, and all he said was, "yeah, they are spraying us". I laughed uncomortably, not wanting to believe it but it finally clicked. Yes they are spraying us. I had noticed other things too; the rainbow glow in the clouds on a cloudy day in central Oregon. Rare out there as it is the high desert, sunny even mostly through the winter. The intensity of the sun has also seemed to be so much stronger than I can ever remeber, burning with such little exposure on a genuinely sunny day. I say that because i have noticed the general "dimming" as well. Two weeks after making the water stain residue discovery, I saw this website printed on a billboard driving to my now home of Kentucky. I had wanted to take a sample of the powder but didnt have the means or the know how of where I could test, or that I even could. I read about the water samples after the fact, and I had still been in disbelief. Now that I have moved to KY, after being here for two months, I have really come to believe. The trailings here are so dramatically different than they are on the west coast. Out in the west, you see long continous trails at high altitude, 30,000 feet or so. Many of them, sometimes parraleling or crossing over each other, but always continuous. Out here in KY, even in the span of two months I have seen trailing that has changed my mind. The trails start and stop sudddenly like morse code, change paths erratically, I have seen them fly in formation, intentional overlapping and "x" markings out of nowhere, and low level spraying. The most disturbing scene to me so far was about a month ago, when they sprayed down a developing thunder storm at low altitude. I was just getting to my families place when I noticed the rapidly developing thunderheads to the North, a sure sign of an impending thunderstorm. I was ready to watch some lightning and took up a seat in the backyard to watch the show. Not long after, here came a set of three sprayers in formation, staggered about five miles back from the lead with about a one mile spacing between. That was the lowest spraying I have seen, maybe 20,000 ft. About 40 minutes after the flyover, this very large and building electrical storm had been absolutely flattened and what remained was what looked like a very heavy, dirty grey bank of smudgy fog/smog falling to the ground. I cant deny it anymore. I am horrified. I am not sure what to do but spread the message and I am so.glad for this webpage as a resource. I am doing some research now, trying to be versed for when I may be able to speak to my familiy about this. I know their positions now, one works directly for the military industrial complex. I just want to help and I know we have to be together on this to do anything about it. All I can think to do is go around with a gas mask on, pointing skyward and handing out business cards with the website printed on them. Not sure what to do, but I know we have to communicate this.

  4. jason dylan says:

    well dane, life goes on i guess. more and more aireol spraying here in costa rica and an incredible chem bomb last nov 20015 my son caught 6 fotos on his cell fone i can send one if you like.  right over escazu near  san jose the capitol of costa rica  i believe they have a bomb program going for quite sometime as the cover area is so much larger than the few planse that continue flying over  spraying. look like military high flyers from venezuela to honduras

    i see you have way too many letters to read them all, but the word is out. it seems however as tho the scales have tipped …jdm 

    • Toni says:

      I am from the Netherlands, living in the US. Was hoping to retire soon in Costa Rica and get away from the geo-engineering junk, but apparently not. So disappointing. I guess at this point all we can do is detox and… more detox to keep our system at least working somewhat normal. 
      I applaud Mr Wigington for all his research.

  5. Pia Jensen says:

    When I moved to Uruguay and saw chemtrails overhead, I was quite amazed. Uruguay has a unique aviation law that I thought would prevent geoengineering spraying over Uruguay. I was wrong. Every day or night that they spray results in trapping of humidity and heat or blocking of the sun and cooling of the earth, depending on what time of year. So, summers are hotter/muggier and winters are colder. I and people before me in Uruguay, Uruguayos, have documented the spraying and I have told the government. But, nothing changes. Thanks to Dane and the legal team and volunteers who supply documentation and share the information, keep waking people up! More importantly, let's bring this climate charade to a halt.

  6. Pedro says:

    Hello Dane and Friends, thank you for your Work.

    Dear Mr. Dane W.,

    When I told in my Humble words, that the Lady in the photo is a "Princess Warrior", it was because of her courage ( to confront the 3 armed and aggressive beasts, – equipped like soldiers – not policemen ) and because of the example of Peaceful Protesting she has given to all of Us. Gandhi Style. With Love and without violence.

    And you ( Sr. ), and all of Us, we'll need a LOT of Princesses, like this courageous Young Mother, if we want to pass through this F pathological nightmare that we are all living.

    The MFs want to kill everybody ( as we know ), because they are F racists, F fascists, F socio-psychopaths, F insane, and they DON'T want to lose a very big piece of their F dirty and dangerous F oil and insane nuc business to the Renewable Energies sector ( among other things, like the obsession of imposing gmos POISON ""food"" to everyone – Global scale ), as they are losing right now. …the M F s !!!

    Please, do not forget that the right music, water and food, ACTIONS, awareness ( as you know very well, Sr. ) and healthy life, can heal, not only all of Us, but HEAL the World too. …but the MFs must fall.

    Good Luck to Us All.

  7. Korey says:

    Dane, I applaud you, honestly the amount of energy it takes to fight this Satanic battle is overwhelming. I'm sure everyone knows that. I fight, get beat down and take a break, then I seeeeee the air pricks spraying and it's amazing I am fired up ready to rock and roll again, it is so insane. These Satanic sience air pricks are so flipping stupid anymore I mean are you kidding me air pricks white out and are blowing out the sunshine almost every flipping day.

  8. paul fowler says:

       " Anonymous" the activist group has called for a day of protest . July 15 2016 . I think it is , at very least , wrong for them to use the word rage in their announcement .  A quick heads up for anyone planning to attend one of these events . This might not be what you are hoping for . Please don't give them excuse to declare martial law .

       Critical thinking maybe required.

  9. Steve Parsons says:

    Another day of heavy spraying here in northern Maine, USA and New Brunswick, Canada. I was up at 4:30AM just before sunrise and as I gazed to the east, the jets dumping (spraying) their toxic loads were already in progress. Regardless of the reason why government and military officials take it upon themselves to make such a decision to do this … they have NO RIGHT to continue … without the rest of us involved with the decision making process. The people responsible for covering up this horrific activity … we will seek justice.  YOU DO NOT HAVE OUR CONSENT ….

  10. Carrie says:

    Thank you Dane for all the information given on this site, I have only found it fairly recently. I'm still trying to get my head around al the information.  Susan Ferguson also thank you for your contributions, your knowledge is quite amazing.  To add to some of the comments. I live in Australia west of Brisbane QLD, I woke this morning 13-7-16 & the sky was covered in a white haze. They must have been spraying all night, I took photos & also spotted a plane spraying, than shortly after one that did not. I was unwell all day as I have Multiple Chemical Sensitives. The weather news stated cloud cover for all the SE, conditioning people for the bleak skies. Vaccines destroy our immune systems & cause disease with help from Glyphosate spraying.  Pokemon stops people from looking up, the newest distraction, don't forget the football on TV.  I have written to politicians only one replied, referring me to the govt website which tells you nothing.

  11. Grant Jones says:

    The Distraction Masters are getting desperate  When the June world temperatures were released we had the executions and cop killings in Dallas, but the shock and fear wear off to quickly and it is becoming apparent to many more people that this pattern is familiar. So now they throw in a game, Pokemon, and cover their news wires with it.  Sadly this works on the general population.  Even so it demonstrates that the truth is surfacing an more are being aware.. Their desperation is evidence that our word of truth and proof is having effect.  Take heart folks,  We are exposing them and our efforts are working.  We are all impatient and time is short but we are being effective.  Thanks to all who make this effort. G.

  12. paul fowler says:

        The most important decisions on this earth are all made by a very few . If some of the decisions they make seem crazzy to you , don't worry your not alone . However it is not there  fault , it is a result of centuries of inbreeding .

          When we the sheeple come to our senses and remove these purps from public , we should remember to have mercy , they are  just mentaly ill . If we could get their puppets off the public stage , peacefully , we would have success . You know  the puppets , people like Henry AssKissenger  , Dickhead Chenney , Jannet FelonYellen , Barak Insaine Obama and many more . All of these people are aiding and enbetting the crazzy cabal. The inbreed , peodophile , power structure needs to go . We can make this world wholesome and healthy for the first time , at least a very long time

           United we stand devided we DIE .

    • Donna-AZ says:

      paul, Alcatraz is being remodeled to it's original state, or maybe an empty Wal Mart in the heart of Texas would suffice. 

  13. Cesar says:

    Wow!! Has anybody noticed the visitor view has reached 23,000,000!!! People are now waking up more to this reality. Let's hope that these 23 millions can make a difference. Wake up the masses!!!!

  14. Dave says:

    Hello all from the state of Michigan, where so many trees dead and dying. Was wondering for those with graphic arts talents could they make a bumper sticker, billboard saying something like -why all the dying trees?/ Geoengineering I think many people could make a connection between the "lines in the sky" and the state of the trees, bushes ,etc by going to this website. 

    • BaneB says:

      The article seems like another effort at obfuscation.  Nowhere does it refer to geoengineering and the debasement of the global cloud cover.  Nor does it mention the use of microwave transmitters designed to manipulate weather system, including the jet stream.  The article , IMO, is designed to confuse the public while presenting some facts.

    • Melanie says:

      Of course, BaneB, it is a blatant propaganda piece. Just wanted to share the link to the article in case anyone wanted to post a comment on the Washington Post site.

      Best to you.

  15. Steven says:

    I was getting a haircut the other day in the big city of Redding, CA. and the conversation we were having went to the weather. I find myself reluctant to talk about the unknown issues we face pertaining to weather. I noticed that people even family look at me like I'm crazy. I mentioned that it had sprinkled all night long in the small town I'm from, and that it was nice to see the ground wet. I knew not to say anything about the GEO,SAG,SRM,W.W. going on when she said how we were so lucky to have such an overabundance of precipitation and snow last winter here in Northern California, filling all the lakes and rivers. I just went quiet and realized that a lot of the people living in the 'Big City' are unreachable. I mean unless this gal was from Death Valley, how could she see last winter as a good winter? It pisses me off because how can we get through to people who are so blind, even too water falling out of the ski, or the lack there of. If they can't notice the lack of water falling from the sky, how could we ever convince them that the jets flying over us are spraying us like crops? How did they so successfully brainwash all of these people? Some of them are on a different plane of reality in my mind. Almost zombie-like. What is going on with this world? If this is some kind of population control, hopefully 'they', are trying to get rid of people like that. But I'm afraid it's the other way around. They are trying to get rid of people like 'us'. When the Truth does finally come all the way out, 'they' will just act like they were trying to save the planet from Global Warming. When the Truth is, if they don't have a care in the world for human beings, then why would they have a care in the world? Truth in Trinity.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Wow Steven, extremely well said!  And I'll say again that I've come to believe that people see exactly what they want to see.  What they expect to see.  If somebody or something is abnormal, they look away, or rationalize it somehow.  Or fear it, suppress it.  But, don't quit trying.  My neighbor who camps a lot, travels a lot, is a member of Sierra Club, respects the EPA, I've told her about geoengineering for a long time, what little she will let me say.  So a couple of years ago in Texas she saw one such company, a blimp of sorts and photographed it to me.  But, still not aware!  This year, a few weeks ago she was up in the Sierra's camping.  When she came back, I asked how the trees were doing.  Just fine! she said.  The next morning, Sunday newspaper front page: Crisis, Nowhere to put all the dead trees in California. So I shared that.  Last weekend, she was up at Lassen.  She emailed me that a tree just dropped dead near her.  Crack, crack, thud.  Then later said on way back home, saw two trees fall, one after the other.  So Finally! nature girl is aware of trees!  Progress.  Plus she gets that I'm not whistling Dixie here!  So she trusts me more and just gave me a big hug!  Freakin baby steps.  Won't win the war, but it's lost anyway, for all practical purposes. But may well get her to learn more which will trickle down in her large social network.  Talked to another neighbor concerned about Climate Change and what is to come.  We discussed organizing our 'hood.  That documentary I talk about, How to Let Go of the World and Learn to Love What Climate Can't Change, in it, early on, the guy becomes aware of what is going on and is filled wth despair and hopelessness.  So, he decided to go around the world, visiting and interviewing people with no hope in remote places.  It was enough to give one hope!  Human will and innovation for good.  Humans being kind to other humans.  Humans fighting the good fight, winning some, losing some but never giving up.  One such group from Samoa I think, said: Everyday we are fighting is a day we are not dying!  So, Steven, hold strong.  We live in a militarized country and people act like it too.  Scared.  See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.  We need to be brave and stand our ground. 

    • Al C says:

      I went for a walk near sunset along this great stretch of boardwalk along the water, about 3 miles.(Southeastern New England)
      The planes were up there and it always seems they intensify the aerosols near the horizon as the sun is setting.
      As I was nearing the end of the walk, I overheard a lady tell her spouse, "What a beautiful sunset!"…………..I almost lost it, right then and there and point out that it was more of a "chemset" with all the obscuration blocking what would have been a normal sunset and kept my mouth shut.
      Too much tell-a-vision, me thinks…………….And what this new thing with everyone and their smart phones finding Pokeman?

    • Killer Dana says:

      Steve ,,,,  Great  Post  !

      This is from my educated research of  the Last   12  years  of the Poison Pathogen we  call Morgellons .  The pathogen  I speak of  is a  Bio Weapon that has been created in the Lab by a Mad  Science Doctor  who is not of this Mother  Earth .  A   World  Life  Form that  does not have any interest in seeing us alive  and well .

      This  Dark Sided  Life form  ,,,

      Started  Spraying  All of  Iraq's  Air space  soon after We  went in to take  out  Sadam and  his  Sons  ..   Sad  to say this ,but all of the Humans in the middle East and Iraq  are now infected with the Pathogen we  call Morgellons .  Its  no  Wonder  why  they  hate us  so  much .

      The  Brain fog  we  are  seeing in our environment  is  Causing all the  Test Subjects to be under the Mind Controlled  MK Ultra  and  Darpa Corporation mind control unit.    Darpa  has had its  hand on the Pulse of the Nation  for  a long  time  ,,,, Its  stating  to get real  ugly  real quick …  The  Nano  Tecnocrates   have  infected the whole general  Population    with the  Morgellons  Pathogen ,,,    

      Sorry  to  Say              " Its   a  fact  Jack "

      When  I   talk to our  fellow  citizens in Jackson ,   its  very apparent how  much mind  control the  general population is  under  …   The   poor  Brain dead  zombies just don't  have  a Clue as to what's  been done to them . The  Poor  people  I speak with in Amador County , are  almost all  completely cooked in their Minds with the Constant Aerosol  , SRM , Geoengineering  , HARRP Weapons Systems   , Weather Modifiction  and  other  related  systems.   Our  whole  environment  has been infected now  by   The  Dark Side .

      If  They were to  stop Spraying Us Today    ,,,

      How  long is it going to take before  we clean our environment  and  make  it safe to  drink our Surface Water again  ? 

      My    Theory is This,   its  going to take a very long time before we see a clean  River without the Morgellons Pathogen  Floating on the surface of the water  ….

      Please get it together  EPA  ,,,,, Your   starting to let me down

      Good   news  to report .

      The  Cure  for  Morgellons  is .

      High  Dose  Vit  C  in  a  IV  Form

      Clifford  Carnicom Speaks  with his research on  Vit  C .

      I  have   Had   6  treatments  at  a  holistic  Clinic in Sacramento  to date and  looking forward  to more  treatments .  More than  Likely its  going to take 15 to 20 treatments to  get the job  done .

      I  am  now  expecting  a complete healing  from the Morgellons Pathogens  ..     

      How   simple  is  that  ?

      A true  miracle  has  arrived on my door  step.




    • Pedro says:

      Hello everybody.

      WiFi cooks the brain of everyone..

  16. Veritas says:

       To anyone wanting to know who has been writing the script's for most of this madness and deceit we see from "our" media and politicians, this link should illuminate the hidden hand. Knowledge is power, may we do the correct thing by using it to help our still asleep world to waken from its perpetual nightmare.


    • a simple horseman says:

      Veritas, Mucho thank you for posting this link. That's the stuff that needs to go viral, everywhere. To think that a think tank(pun intended), of overly endowed psycho's could sway mass populations around the world. Damn, if folks could only remember "yesterday". Ya, the place we didn't want to end up at. The universe has a way of putting things 'back' in front of you until 'you' 'solve' the problem. My comment on your video you posted 'would' have been, "there are way more people on this earth that want to get along than the opposite". Lord knows that is true. Lord knows that is the biggest kept secret in the whole world. Lord gave us free will. Use it! Speak out. "Be" the world you want to have. Fight for it, "with your mind". Make it manifest in effort, for the good of the many in all life forms.

    • Veritas says:

      You are very welcome A Simple Horseman, it is true we are all in this together. Please pass these video's on to other people as well before they are removed or edited, the good people of the world deserve no less then to know who has been socially engineering us all, and to what end. We all deserve a better future.

  17. Abigail says:

    As always, thank you, Dane. You truly are a real Trooper, right out in the front lines. I send you and Russ Tanner many blessings for all you do. Yes, we must keep sounding the alarm, BUT at the same time we must be kind. 'A kind word truly does, turn away wrath.'  Otherwise, we will just be ignored or thrown in the trash. PRESS ON! KEEP THE FAITH!  There are so many people that are ill from this stuff. Death to the planet, animals, trees, insects, etc. For those who do pray, please keep Russ Tanner in your prayers. This nightmare is causing him much illness. He is a very humble man, and does not complain. Yes, he does inform others of his heart attack from these awful chemicals being sprayer, FOR the PURPOSE of awakening them, and GETTING them to be involved in saving our planet. Thank you and may God bless (and forgive) our land.  No matter what, IN GOD WE TRUST! He, the Creator is our only hope. Sharing this with Orbis Vitae, Russ Tanner's website. Sincerely, we are ALL in this together. PRESS ON!

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Thank you Abigail!  I could not agree more.  Kindness truly turns away wrath.  Many prayers and blessings for Russ.  Hopefully he will heal.  Many in my family did.  Until they had one too many and for one grandma, it was her 7th!  I sincerely hope Russ never has to experience this again.  Sweet of you to let us know.  Thank you.

  18. paul fowler says:

    I just sent a video of jets spraying or should I say playing tic tac toe to

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      Sorry to say Paul Fowler, your photo is not what came up on that link, just a blank email.  Please give it another try.  I wanted to see that!

  19. paul fowler says:

       I just watched a video of jets playing tic tac toe in the sky over some on known city. Search Yahoo news , one of the side stories . I could not load the comments for some reason .

    • paul fowler says:

      It was a video on UK Yahoo news , just this morning (I3 july , I shall try it again.

    • paul fowler says:

      I,m sorry Bella I can't seem to manage to get the video to geoengineeringwatch anywhere on the site. It is still on http;ca. – Right hand side of page , editors picks , top row use arrow to scroll side ways. "Jets play tic tac toe in the sky" It is a video from junkin media dated 6 July 2016. or  try to find Paul Fowler on face book , I posted it there .

  20. Mike looking up says:

    TO A WONDERFUL GROUP……. I only post once a month or maybe every two.  I cant add much to the fine knowledge here on this site. However, I have a personal comment I would like to share. Last Sunday I was outside on a clear day SE Michigan Detroit area, for yard work duties.  I may have spent 1 hour or a little more outside on this 80 degree clear nice day. In that amount of time my neck was burnt and today I have small  blisters from shirt line to hair. UV I suspect being dangerously high. Thank you all for the efforts to expose this dangerous crime happening everywhere onto everybody.

  21. frank says:

    I love this site, and I commend all your efforts, but this was so frustrating. Not just a drop in the bucket, but an atom in the bucket. You need a full-page editorial in the Times. Here's the idea: There is a debate over whether the lines in the sky are jet exhaust or some kind of spray. Obviously, it is some kind of spray. 

    We the undersigned, along with a contingent of the press demand to visit one of these bases where these 1000's of jets are kept and we want to take a direct sample from the nozzle of the sprayer and have it checked at multiple facilities.

    That is a pretty modest request in regard to an activity that may be having dire effects on all life on Earth, and if you can't believe that such an openly visible activity could be kept secret for so long, just think how powerful the effects must be for someone or something to do whatever it takes to keep this secret activity secret.

    It must stop now.

  22. Marc says:

    Played a gig at a "country store" (literally) and met the proprietor for the first time. She is in her fifties, seemed pretty cool and hip, you know, turquoise and silver bracelet, blue jeans, attractive, blah, blah. She was a most accommodating and delightful person. We played outside on the porch of this store and my car was parked very nearby exhibiting my huge "Stop Geoengineering" rear window screen. She came outside and noticed my car which kind of stopped her dead in her tracks. She actually asked me: "What is geoengineering?" Well, needless to say, and to much eye-rolling of my fellow musician, I spelled it out for her in great detail. Told her to visit this site, etc. But what always amazes me about this issue is how really fine and decent people CAN STILL HAVE NO CLUE! I asked her if she'd ever heard the term "chemtrail", which, I discovered long ago, is a strategy for connecting to people's understanding of what the f**k it is I'm talking about when the word "geoengineering" just draws blank stares. Even the word "chemtrail" was not readily recognized by this person. Point being, it never ceases to astound me how some have completely escaped awareness of at least some aspect of this issue. Maybe I should not be surprised. The world is a big, complicated place. But jeesh, how can one even look at the criss-crossed sky on bad days and not experience even just the tiniest spark of a few neurons firing and voicing in one's conscious mind: "What in the f**k is with THAT?"

  23. ron hall says:


    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      I love that photo, Ron Hall.  To me it shows that Humanity has the answers to all our problems.  We all aren't beautiful, but we must be brave and demand dignity.

      On the other hand, here's the group that may put an End to Geoengineering, but only inadvertently.  They are not brave and have no dignity what so ever.

      also see:  Obama Slams the Door in Putin's Face

      Meanwhile, Putin has a problem similar to ours:  To War Journalists he says, "I don't know how to get Through to you People!"

    • Pedro says:

      Hello Everybody.

      We must notice with disgust how is the approach of the satan's followers..

      God will Rise Again, and the "bankers" will fall. …they will fall.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      ron, picture is just stunning.  This woman planned this, I know it.  Right down to her shoes.  Not only is she poised, but in a meditative, intentional state of mind.  Reminds me of another quote from that documentary I like put forth by another amazing woman: moral imagination.  That our situations today call for moral imagination.  This woman has it!

      But, what knocked my socks off were these barely able to walk incredibly armored cops!  Overkill much?  Looks like a bomb squad, or a bomb squads' wish list of armor.  Must weigh tons!  Think of just how hot and sweaty they must be.  That can't be helpful.  Looks like all they can do to walk.  And their boots, with extra cover for toes, as if all the better to kick someone or something with, without breaking toes!  How can cops possibly hope to function well like this?  Insane!!!  So this way ups the contrast, the more than contrast actual reality of the situation and how very insane.  Wow.  This is moral imagination at work.  This woman planned this.  Extraordinary and educational too!  

  24. Janos Pasztor Appointed Senior Fellow and Director of New Carnegie Climate Geoengineering Governance Project / July 7, 2016
    Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs is pleased to announce the appointment of Janos Pasztor as senior fellow and director of the new Carnegie Climate Geoengineering Governance Project. In addition to his project at Carnegie Council, Mr. Pasztor is also senior advisor to the UN secretary-general (UNSG) on climate change. He has over 35 years of work experience in the areas of energy, environment, climate change, and sustainable development.  In 2015, he worked as UN assistant secretary-general for climate, and before that he was acting executive director for Conservation (2014) and policy and science director (2012-2014) at WWF International.
    "The Project's long-term objective is to encourage dialogues on and to develop governance frameworks for climate geoengineering," said Pasztor.  "It will build on the best available assessments of the science—physical, economic, and social—as well as of the policy options available for potential governance framework, such as those being considered by the Academic Working Group on International Governance of Solar Climate Engineering." One major means of achieving this objective will be to introduce into all key relevant intergovernmental institutions and processes the issues related to geoengineering and earthsystem governance.

    So the elitist Carnegie folks are creating terms like "geoengineering governance" and "earthsystem governance" – and are working with the UN and other geoengineering think-tanks. This is a done deal. It's only the clueless intentionally dumbed-down public that remains unaware. We have no say in any case.  As we know, they have been experimenting for 70 years and now they are ready to legitimize their activities with foundations, etc. We are merely collateral damage, disposable.    – Susan

    • János Pásztor (born 1955) is a Hungarian diplomat, the Senior Adviser to the Secretary-General on Climate Change
      Career outside of the UN: From 2012-2015 he was Policy and Science Director, and from May 2015 Acting Executive Director for Conservation at WWF International; (1989-1990) he was a Research Associate, Stockholm Environment Institute; (1985-1986) Senior Programme Officer, Energy at the World Commission on Environment and Development (the “Brundtland Commission”)…
      Education and personal life: A national of Hungary (and later also of Switzerland), he holds a B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Nuclear Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He is married and has two children.

    • Grant Jones says:

      Susan, That "They" are trying to legitimize this entire fiasco is a given for most here.  We have never had a say as individuals, yet as a group  and a movement we may yet be heard.  The truth we relate and the effort we project have magnitude that waits for the moment to completely expose the peril of this Earths' present lifeforms.   For me there is no other path than to keep at this.  Absolutely nothing to lose, save ones' self respect, an that is a cherished tenant to me. Keep up the great work in your efforts to reveal the truth.   On a side note I think those Growlers, with their zink aerosol and advanced electronic warfare capabilities, were configuring the Tactical Cloud in the war exercises near you.  Ya Think?  G.

    • BaneB says:

      Talk about chutzpah!!  Earthsystems governance?  The height of arrogant folly.  Of course the universal extrapolation of this effort at controlling everything is Universesystems control.  Remember the NASA probe….."voyager"…now out in space beyond the solar system.  The message etched into a metal placque is "We come in peace." LOLs:-))) These bureau crazies mock theirselves by seeking to be God.  Given the opportunity, these mentally deranged controllers would destroy the universe just as they and their science religion have destroyed our dying planet.  Just to make the point, one only needs to observe what has been done to the region above the earth.  Weaponized, junked up, a high tech garbage dump, and the recipient of at least two nuclear test explosions with the eternal manmade layer/cloud of radiation floating overhead.  Somehow long ago our race of beings was known to be deranged….."come let 'us' confuse their tongue to end the building of the tower, lest there be will be everything that they imagine that will be achieved (paraphrased out of Genesis 11:9 or 9:11).  To digress, the global universal language is the computer.  In other words, we are our own worst enemy.  And our psychology/nature was realized long ago.

    • Grant Jones — I rather thought they are still trying to hide everything they are doing from the public. And perhaps now are moving into the 'legitimate' phase with nanotechnology, which makes it more difficult for us to observe and report.  And I certainly had no intention of discouraging anyone here. I was expressing what I have experienced with these types from living in Manhattan NYC for over 25 years. Dozens of these tax-free Foundations, like the Carnegie, were littered all over Manhattan, on Riverside Drive and the upper east side. Usually they had their own private townhouses with stone-carved entrances and polished brass plaques. What used to be called "the Ivy League" colleges often breeds a kind of insular arrogance of superiority impossible to penetrate. The Council of Foreign Relations elite, and the United Nations ambassadors and Consul Generals are equally isolated in their black limousines from any real life. And yes, the Growlers fly over my home maybe 8 times a day – but I don't count. I pretend I'm back in noisy Manhattan – and continue to take photos of the electric-rf/macrowaved-fried skies here as evidence. Thank you, and please continue to contribute to the plasma science. I need help!  :o)

    • a simple horseman says:

      BaneB, as always, I appreciate your comments. You've got grit. Your surmise of "our" modern day and the old testament is spot on. I'll be more than happy to admit, "I need the input of folks like yourself" to help me along my journey of never ending expansion of awareness. (Oh, and you also Susan, more than you know), (smile)….

      "The universe is already perfect, it needs no changing". I wonder how many know who is credited for saying that? To me though, I took it seriously when I read it. I've yet to prove the statement wrong. I think broad and deep 'and' observe in ways most can not. (No ego there and no offense). Not many folks live as close to the earth as I do. Frankly, these days, my "spidy" senses are tingling every single day.

  25. David former Navy Aerographers Mate (Weather Obsever/Forecaster) says:

    What is it actually going to take, for these people to start opening up, to discuss what they actually know, about Climate Engineering/GeoEngineering, they are in total denial! Debbie Brenkman was saying any and everything she could possibly think of, to avoid telling the investigator the information he was requesting for his report! We all know she knows in full detail, what is going on in the atmosphere above! I feel she should be forced to disclose all the true data and evidence. She should be given a GAG Order to speak the absolute truth or face dire negative consequences!

  26. Jonathan Leitch says:

    Year after year the Monarch Butterfly would grace the vast hydro corridor next to us, except this one. The Swifts would dodge in circles and the Yellow Finches be ever present. Oh, don't forget the dragonflies. I have honestly only seen a handful of Bees.  A million Bees were found dead in 17 hives and the blame is on farmers using chemicals..which has led to a lawsuit against the manufacturers of such chemicals in Ontario. Of course there is no mention of our friend Aluminum et. all.  Has anyone else noticed the complete absence of Monarchs?

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Jonathan Leitch, Hi.  And no, not the complete absence of Monarchs here in Berkeley.  My next door neighbor got photos of them this year in her garden.  I also saw one today in town.  Have not seen a dragonfly here in maybe two years, but in Lodi, yes, many.  I was thrilled this year to see 3 different kinds of native bees.  A few kinds of butterflies.  Hover flies again, though not in huge numbers but one year there were none.  and the spider I call a 4×4 is back, making its tennis racket of a huge web that can bounce me back!, clearly not for little bugs and so we usually take them down as seemingly intended for bees and large bugs, maybe even butterflies.  We do have far fewer birds.  I miss the chickadees and the titmouse ones that nested for two years in my green roof birdhouse on porch.  Have not seen yellow finches and oh so many in more than ten years.  Do have red headed finches.

      In one of the documentaries/movies about bees, there was one beekeeper pollinating California's almond groves.  He lamented the spraying of pesticides in the daytime when the bees were doing their thing.  It showed heart breaking footage of the bees just doused in poisons while still trying to work.  Guy wished they would spray at night when bees are back in hive.  Said that the groves were so huge, so dark at night, there was no way said that that could be done.  He hated it, but did it, let his bees be in it, knowing the harm that would come to them.  Because such crops are mono cropped, he also lamented that there was nothing else there or nearby for them to go to and so he has to pack them up in this heavily worked and poisoned state, and travel them to next job.  It also showed what a rough ride that is for the bees and the auto fumes on the road getting to them as well!  Poor bees!  And all that does not even factor in the aluminum!  Or, WiFi.  Boy do they take a beating and then some!  Mono cropping anything is bad farming practice.  From bees to critters to soil to biodiversity.

      We've had some honey bees, but I was especially happy to see natives!

  27. Cesar says:

    Wooooow!!! The Netherlands really get sprayed alot!! I have not seen anything like that here in the states. Just by looking at the video from above they are breathing more toxic metals than anywhere else. This is sick! Clearly they deny everything that is going on above their heads. This is insane just to look at that video. How can anyone deny something like that that is right in front of them??? These people are clearly paid to lie.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Cesar, Here in Berkeley, CA, we've had many a sky that bad and then some.  Oddly, today and yesterday seemingly clear blue skies!!!  Though I think I could make out a bit of overlay, sort of pink/lavender, barely noticeable, obscuring upper atmosphere? 

    • Steven says:

      It gets worse than that here in Northern California especially Redding. Sometimes I think they spray all night long over the Eastern Pacific just so it can blow in over top of us mid morning, with constant spraying throughout the day above the haze. It's sick. Our immune systems are being lowered by this. Sometimes I wonder if there is a hidden agenda behind the hidden agenda?

    • Rachel Robson says:

      @Steven, Yes, I wonder the same thing all the time.  It seems clear.  and is becoming more clear to me by the day.

  28. srmisthetruth says:

    Great job

  29. Dan says:

    I attach Herndon's latest.  I think the video producer could use this today.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Dan, Thank you!  This is just excellent!  Go Herndon!

    • sea says:

      Dan thank you for this link- WOW, so much detail, how can the truth be hidden for much longer.


    • Marc says:

      Thank you, Dan, for the link to Herndon's latest paper. I read every word and am blown away by Dr. Herndon's courage and tenacity in attempting to verify the astounding truth: that coal fly ash is way more than likely the base substance utilized by the assholes behind all this mayhem.

    • Melanie says:

      Hello, Dan,

      Thanks so much for posting this. Thank goodness for people like Dane, and J Marvin Herndon, and many others who expose the truth.

    • Marc says:

      I just recently received the results of a hair analysis I had done. Definitely some peculiarities there, including "toxic" levels of boron, high levels of lithium, mercury and phosphorus. Oddly though, almost no presence of aluminum in hair sample. Not sure if I should consider that suspicious or just anomalous. There were other extremely high readings as well, some elements of which Herndon has identified in coal fly ash. Some presence of uranium as well. 

    • Rachel Robson says:

      @Marc, Interesting about your hair analysis!  Can you tell me how one gets this done?  I can't even get a barium test at my "Over 60s Clinic".  Where does one go and how much money?

      @Susan, Dane has talked about nanotechnology being used for a long time, such as with the aluminum.  So, I am not sure what you mean about Now moving into actually using it?  Or, what did I get wrong in what you said?  My take lately is that most of what they've done is to build a foundation for their communications-military, and weapons.  In the troposphere first as a cover.  Once that is in place, we can't really see what they are up to higher?  But can make educated guesses from satellites and weather.  I am referring to your comment to Grant Jones.  As the seas rise and peoples displaced it becomes more obvious what the navy's role is and why so much navy.  Costner's Water World seems nearly prophetic now.  So many here are enjoying two kinds of whales frolicking IN the Bay lately.  While I'm thinking they are trying to get away from the navy.  One such couple of, seemed a breeding pair.  My daughter commented that she didn't think the Bay big enough for them, doubt big enough for a submarine, not to mention shipping traffic.  The whales are putting on quite a show! 

    • Christine says:

      Today is July 26. I went to the link, excited to read the info and it's not there. It's been retracted by the website. Obviously the truth needed to be hidden right away and Herndon made to look foolish. Wish I could have read it.

  30. Alan says:

    There was another instance of multiple sudden onset illnesses aboard a Delta flight that was diverted because of the serious nature of the illnesses and the numbers of affected passengers.   Carbon monoxide poisoning was diagnosed in nine passengers.  Comments about the incident as reported in the Drudge Report this morning included this one from somebody who was challenged about his contention that it's from exposure to toxic aerosol spray:

    DC  Ryan Richter • a day ago

    No. I don't need to make anything up.. Look it up for yourself. There is plenty of info out there.There have been repeated diversions because of crew, passengers and pilots becoming ill inflight, but there are never follow up stories because management refuses to acknowledge it or inform the press. I don't really care what you think or believe, Ryan. We have many crew members who are permanently disabled, mostly with neurological problems because of these toxic events.

    • nobodiesfool says:

      No wonder they threw me off my connecting Delta flight when I spoke of the spraying I had seen happening off the wings when landing in Seattle. The subsequent Alaska Air  flight I took also sprayed from under the belly of the plane, as this one was a turbo prop.  I believe that all commercial airlines have been retrofitted to do this, this is one way this program can be kept at lower cost. I was told by an ex military in Hawaii in 2003 that Aloha Air planes had already been at that time. 

      We all need to stop flying and create a movement to force the airlines to stop.  

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      To nobodiesfool, Hello!

      They actually threw you off Delta which Alaska Airlines partners with?  Did they make you buy another ticket?

      Used to be that Alaska Airlines was the only good airline left, in our opinion as Alaskans and frequent flyers, so hearing this news is beyond disappointing.  But then, the greed and the climate engineering are everywhere.  Now business as usual, I suppose : (

    • nobodiesfool says:

      Yes, Bella, I had to spend an extra $250, and there is absolutely no trace of this action up to now. 

    • Rachel Robson says:

      @nobodiesfool, Hi.  Hey I remember when flights to Hawaii were very expensive, then they suddenly dropped to downright inexpensive.  I smelled a rat and think this was that rat!

  31. Eva says:

    Question:  What does chemical nucleation of storms accomplish during the summer? Winter Rudely Interrupts Summer in the Northern Rockies:  

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Eva, a primary purpose with such completely engineered anomolies is to create exactly the kind of headlines that you sent. The geoengineered cool-downs confuse and devide the population in regard to the true state of the climate while the planet is completely melding down (with geoengineering fueling the overall fire). The attached link will give more information on the scenario I am outlining. FYI

    • Diane Friday says:

      How in the hell does the NWS in Montana get away with dumping these inane reports and "forecasts", making it all sound like it's no big deal, but also some bizarre kind of great fun??? And no one questions this!!! And of course they have to put up a report from last year when it snowed even later in July…and no one questions this!!! They at least make mention that snow is falling at lower elevations as well…and no one questions this!!! I can't wrap my head around it. How brain dead or brainwashed or willfully oblivious does one have to be to not see that something is very wrong with this picture???

    • Free Energy Technologies says:

      The northwestern engineered cool down that is happening in the northwest it's just a last-ditch effort to distract people from the fact that the planet is in meltdown earth is going through right now ,it's literally not even snowing hardly at all in that area of focus , but it's a last-ditch effort to confuse the population, I doubt this will be able to continue much longer but I could be wrong ,however the part that's disturbing is the fact that people once they're afraid of the truth they shut down they don't want to know they really don't it scares them and it is scary but what really matters at this point in time.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Dane, though I well get the gist of what you are saying, since seeing the movie: How to Let Go of the World and Learn to Love the Things Climate Can't Change, I got my first insight into how the bugs doing in the trees are proliferating owing to warmer weather.  This was in reference to the Hemlocks back east, and the Wooly A….something- bug eating them to death for lack of freezes and cold.  Occurs to me, given the Uber rich in Montana, this might have something to do with trying to save something very much treasured in Montana.  Not that that would make it right, not that as you say, nothing benevolent, but understanding warm weather and this one bug's hay day, can't help but wonder what they "might" be trying to kill, besides people and everything else.  I mean if people view it as unusual but fun, then they are aware abnormal.  So, it seems logical to think there is a different reason than to make people feel as if the norm.  Which broadens My interest and curiosity at least!

    • nobodiesfool says:

      Here in southern B.C., every blue morning is filled with these crappers, and sometimes the northern sky is  totally brown, ugly sick brown. and its cold, cold, cold, with rain……Like I said, these coastal areas have become the ice factory for these bimbos' idiot-control scenarios. Strange days indeed. 

  32. Clare Goldsberry says:

    It is true – more and more "officials" are speaking out about the actuality of geoengineering, putting to rest the "conspiracy" theories of we "crackpots." Recently, John O. Brennan, the CIA director addressed climate change and the "array of technologies" being used "that potentially could help reverse the warming effects of  global climate change." One method that is his personal favorite is "stratospheric aerosol injection, or SAI, a method of seeding the stratosphere with particles that can help reflect the sun's heat, in uch the same way that volcanic eruptions do. An SAI program could limit global temperature increases, reducing some risks associated higher temperatures, and providing the world economy additional time to transition from fossil fuels. The process is also relatively inexpensive — the National Research Council estimates that a fully deployed SAI program would cost about $10 billion year." Find the report at  — intereseting!

  33. I, too have received the same nonsense about "these are contrails" in emails from our Minister of Environment even when I have clearly explained the difference.  The next "response" following my badgering is silence.  That's also one of their effective tools.  You can't argue with someone who refuses to respond. They assume you will forget and the problem will go away. It works for the Media.

  34. Donner says:

    Walked out on the girlfriend's porch early one morning and got this.  These idiots are poisoning our world.
    How should we respond to people/groups that are trying to destroy our world and kill us?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Chirstine, about McPherson, he has not yet found the courage to tell the whole truth. In two personal meetings I have had with him, his denial of the climate engineering factor was truly psychologically alarming, as was his behavior in general. There is a massive and completly ommited factor in McPherson’s conclusions, what happens when the climate engineering assault is haulted and the planet is finally allowed to respond on its own? That is the best chance we have, and yet McPherson remains buried in his lies and denial of the geoengineering reality. FYI

    • izzy says:

      Not at all defending McPherson’s peculiar warp on the geoengineering problem. However, he does tangentially address what happens if it should all stop when he notes that within a few days of no more particulates in the atmosphere, temperatures are likely to soar as the reflective nature of the smog is removed. Which was apparently what happened right after 9/11 when air traffic over the continental US was halted briefly. This weird schism in the ranks is truly unfortunate, because he pulls no punches about most of our very dire environmental troubles.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Izzy, in the scenario you describe, again, McPherson is only addressing part of the equation. FYI

    • Rodster says:

      The problem I have with Guy McPherson is that he wants to have it both ways. He hints that Geoengineering is real by saying that it could be considered to cool down the planet. But then he denies it's real by calling it a flying spagetti monster. He won't admit that it's on going now because then he has to admit that someone else figured it out before he did which means Dane was right all along.

    • A simple horseman says:

      An observation if I may. Last night and yesterday there was only a few aerosol attacks in my region. Last night, with clear skies, it got cooler than it has been in a while.

      Personally, I am all for the abrupt and sudden halt of "all" geoengineering tactics. Our mother needs some breathing room and needs a good stretch of those legs that have been stuffed into an airline seat for tooooo long. For the sake of our mother earth, I am willing to face the giant storms that will occur all over the world. "Finally" "we" will get to have that 7% more rain per 1 degree C rise in temp. "All over the world". Can you say catastrophic celebration?… Seems a strange thought, doesn’t it?…

    • BaneB says:

      Horseman:  To coin a phrase?  The whiplash might be more than we would want but given we are between a rock and a hard place I vote to cease screwing over the natural systems and the natural weather.  The reality is the jugglers already have lost control.

  35. Christine says:

    ~12th day WITHOUT chemtrails, during the day, since that's what is visible… Vegetation is having hardship with growing. The best small crop of some eatable veggies, I can get is in a plastic box put outside.. All pine trees are dying. Just wonder, assuming the sprayed stuff stayed in air (with the help of microwaves and judging by personal memory issues..), one can get to certain concentration levels of the specific chemicals, where intended effects are established, and maybe no more sprayings are necessary???..

    Killing the propagation of certain plants, which are very temperature and chemicals sensitive, might be te result.. Planting AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE and observing it, can give one some clue about what is going on.  

    • jodi says:

      I live on the central coast of California and there have only been a couple of visible trails during the day for about the same amount of days.  Now we are getting the stinky "fog" off the ocean, that is not wet, and "burns" off as soon as it hits the ground.  Garden not doing all  that great either.  We have to rise above.RESPOND WITH LOVE……….??

  36. Dane Wigington says:

    Hello Anonymousa, patents list attached FYI

  37. sea says:

    Just had to share this article "a rare blob of unusually warm water that did massive damage to California's marine life…." thats a convenient term and very catchy "the blob"

    I will try to write to the journalist responsible for the article and ignorance.

  38. Rodster says:

    This is what it looked like one day outside in Venice, Florida. I took these pictures outside a local supermarket parking lot. You think as Dane has put it we might all be omnicide in the not too distant future?

    • Stunning…evil looking shark-like teeth…

      Thank you, Rodster.

    • BaneB says:

      Interesting that a 'Snickers' full page candy bar ad comes up first.  It can be easily junked, and then the sky image is available.  I was particularly interested in Venice Beach.  A board host at another site lives there.  He is an avid outdoor beach enthusiast. He says he sees no problem in the sky and has yet to admit to the jet aerosol trails. I am going to send him these links.  Thanks.

  39. Bella_Fantasia says:

    The newly reformed Alaska Satellite Weather Service Site is up and it looks better than expected.  One cannot get a larger picture now of the surrounding areas, particularly of Russia.  I need Russia and a broader perspective of the Pacific to see where the weather is coming from.

    I don't know what all this means, but I see the frequency footprint.

    • BaneB says:

      As you probably know, NOAA, along with the National Weather Service, has been given a gag order.  This occurred several months ago.  No whistleblowers allowed.  Of course your tax dollars fund these public entities.  And so, they are gagged, and our worldview is being dimished. A narrower framework, a smaller sandbox, a deliberate move to stifle food for thought and grounds for further research and understanding.

  40. Philoveritas says:

    So last night my child's hamster died suddenly, I was half-joking that I hope it's not the canary in the coal mine…This morning I wake up and all of the grass in my neighborhood, as far as the eye can see, has turned from green to yellow seemingly overnight…I hope for all of our sakes that I am just being paranoid and these are not signs of our impending doom…

    • Teri says:

      We live in a rural area and hearing rumors from local farmers of massive livestock deaths. cows dying of lead poisoning from what they say the ''official'' reason is. only there isn't lead in the water in these areas. at least wasn't up until now. wonder if it is being added to the water and wells like fluoride is in the drinking water. i know they poison the aquifers with fracking chemicals. wouldn't surprise me that they are poisoning well water or the creeks and streams. 

      a neighbor had several goats drop dead. no known reason though they claim the vet is testing them. i don't buy the official accounts or even the reason behind it given by the local farmers. i believe it has to do with the spraying campaign. the mix has changed. it is more deadly. these are browsers and the deer are dropping as well. so it has to be something coating the grass. or in the water. 

       i notice a lot of planes that fly that have no visible trails. all white.some with black belly on them. low and slow flying back to back. have even seen these same planes flying right directly above a spray line. directly behind the playing laying down the spray. they run on top of the trail. 

        the other thing i noticed with these planes is they put off something. a sound. a chemical that changes the pressure. i am not sure what it is but the flies go crazy like they do right before a storm. they start swarming and biting. i look up and there is one of those planes. i can predict the location of these silent flyers by when and where the flies attack. i know it sounds crazy but it is true. the insects react to these planes.  they get excited like before a rain storm. i wonder how they can change the pressure? or perhaps a chemical those planes drop act like rain ? not sure. just an observation for what it is worth to you. 

    • MS P says:

      Sorry about the hamster. I too have lost some rabbits. They also do not reproduce. I feed non GMO diet.Kept rabbits since I was a child.

       There is a great decline in hawk & owls nests too. Or the chicks just suddenly die. Audubon blames the drought. Lack of prey animals. Lots of nest failure on the bird cams. 

      I also notice a yellow dust, in my garage. Lots of that here. We get lots of flying overhead too. Same cloud patterns day after day, same altitude, & same place, @ the same time. Clockwork clouds. 

      Gardening has been more crop failure, over the years. I have kept gardens for years.Wonderful gardens. Bountiful harvests.  Nothing  much grows here. The rabbit mulch is the best & I should have gardens?  Full sun plants, prefer the shade. My Pepper plants seem to live on, year after year. Also never  have seen such a thing before. Even the cacti is struggling. Sad story, but true.

    • renate says:

      MS P You mentioned “Yellow dust”. I have been gathering some of this stuff. You’ll also find it stuck in your car-sit joints and air vents. Cars were all covered with this. There was a pile of this yellow dust dumped in May I believe. Neighbours thought it was pollen. I live in  Mission BC, canada. Where do you live? In 2015 fall I collected black rain water from the gutters. Very interesting times. 

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Oh dear you guys, A week ago one if my hens died and I don't know why.  About a month and a half before that, the first of the four died.  No apparent reason.  They just turned four, past their prime, but should have had years to go.  The best food, a whole yard, side yard anyway, really good looking and healthy looking.  No apparent reason for their deaths.  Not a mark on them, not even a bug.  I have found out some information but there is no way to know.  I came damn close to doing autopsies.  These girls are my only pets, and a source of protein, and barter.  Buttercup hasn't laid an egg in two weeks and Coco is now panting.  

  41. Bella_Fantasia says:

    This was a valiant attempt, and the caller started out very collected, IMO.  One can feel his angst as the conversation progresses, however.  I was screaming at this self-proclaimed politician in my mind!  She certainly was not going face off with this caller in the same room.
    The natural inclination to SCREAM is the reason some of us do better with written dissemination of information.  This caller has my congratulations for bravery, and for the persistence of the detective character of Columbo, who repeatedly annoys the Guilty party with his asking for one more thing before he will depart.
    Something I employ is the question of how these "contrails" could possibly represent ordinary jet traffic.  With X's and loops, how could they?  I like to offer the video of the FEDEX pilots dodging the tankers above and below them.
    So documents were emailed and no reply received.  A phone call was in order, but the politician just wanted the round-about to continue.  Sigh. . . . . I have to wonder if contacting these gatekeeper types is not a waste of time.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hi Bella, Gee, that was well said.  And that video!  I thought it a victory of sorts.  The woman did casually admit, a rather full admission, that these programs are going on as if but of course!  Clearly to me, she felt out of her depth fast, was then afraid to put foot further in mouth and balked at any more.  I like the questioning route too.  Gets people to notice more and when they do, I at least hope they continue to think about it.  Wondering.

  42. Marc says:

    This Debbie Brenkman knows far more than she is admitting. She repeatedly refers to their "difference of opinion" regarding the phenomenon in question (geoengineering). But the questioner doesn't fall for it. It must then be asked: FROM WHENCE ARISES HER OPINION ON THE MATTER OF GOENGINEERING, since she DID INDEED ADMIT it is going on. Who or what is the entity that has molded her clay-like brain into something that parrots such responsibility-free nonsense?? Listening to this exchange makes me realize there will come a point in time during which the perpetuation of such lies can no longer be tolerated. Actually, I think we've long ago reached this point. Debbie Brenkman knows she sits in the "power seat" on the matter but it's a testament to the diplomacy of the questioner that she didn't cut him off sooner. She is clearly a buffoon and a disgrace to her agency and to whatever alleged training she underwent to ascend to employment in an agency that prefers irresponsibility and deceit to furnishing accurate scientific truths to the public. Sound familiar?? Can you spell N-A-S-A? The repulsive propaganda NASA has fed to the public, AND to schoolchildren is nothing short of diabolical, as it relates to geoengineering.

    Also note how Ms. Brenkman clung tightly to the escape hatch door and would not agree to a face-to-face meeting with the questioner so that scientific documents (proving massive global geoengineering) could be literally placed in her hands and discussed. She has either been tutored on how to handle this issue by her superiors or she is under a gag-order due to national security concerns. I have a feeling that if she ever DID receive said documents, there was no way in hell she was gonna follow up with the questioner. She's just a marionette and an unusually dumb one at that. Incredible that bonafide anti-geoengineering activistists have to continually hit brick walls like Debbie Brenkman, who, by the way, actually number among those on whose behalf we are ALSO fighting for. I'd wager that Debbie is too immature and "institutionalized" to understand this simple fact.

    • Michel B says:

      She knows exactly what is going on. The pathetic transparency of her obfuscating methods indicate she knows. She has to peel out those meaningless lines and just run from the questioner. It is what she has been told to do and she is a follower, an 'order follower'. But it is amazing she admitted as much as she did. I imagine she will get a whipping for that.

    • Marc says:

      Yeah, Michel B, she probably will get reprimanded for saying as much as she DID say. I also wonder if they will get on to the fact that her conversation was recorded and posted on a website to be heard potentially by thousands.

  43. The melting Arctic Ice – 07/09/2016
    Sunday, 10 July 2016 / Arctic ice report
    Seemorerocks: “I don't know where this is but the ice seems to be breaking up quickly.”
    NASA Worldview image here:

    • Jet Stream is covering the equator
      Sunday, 10 July 2016
      Seemorerocks: “Here you can clearly see the north-south movement of the Jet Stream across the equator.”  [shocker image here]:

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Susan, Hello.  I've been finding it difficult to see what I should? in the pictures of the jet streams and so I looked them up on Wiki, which also said that they meander, and it begins to be easy to see why–I mean this is very complex and all in flux and many kinds of jets-as in streams.  But, there was also this:

      "Scientists are investigating ways to harness the wind energy with the jet stream.  According to one estimate, of the potential wind energy in the jet stream, only 1% would be needed to meet the world's energy needs. The required technology would reportedly take 10-20 years to develop.  There are two major scientific articles about jet stream power.  Archer and Caldeira claim that the jet stream can generate the total power of 1,700TW, and that the climatic impact would be negligible.  Miller, Gens?(can't read my own notes!) and Kleidon(r)? claim the jet streams can generate the total power of only 7.5TW, and that the climatic impact will be catastrophic."–from Wikipedia

      First, sorry about my spelling issues in that my notes are hard to read owing to destroying my right arm, shoulder and more in a death defying fall down stairs a couple of decades ago and having to build new and weird muscles to write which bites as I am a writer.  Typing is easier and readable, if painful.  Second, Caldeira, as in Ken is it?  Who we Know to be involved in geoengineering.  And Susan, you mentioned fracking the ionosphere, but is this the first I've heard of fracking the jet stream?  For energy, "clean" energy?!  I have to say it is an inspired idea, if oh so very wrong.  Forget 10-20 years, seems to me they may have well tried this and really screwed up!  Have I missed something about this here?  It does get my attention.  I'll look it up again for the correct spelling as well as trying to find out more, perhaps even these papers and links..  Interesting mistake in the numbers they came up with-each paper.  For those that don't know, T stands for trillion.  1,700 trillion watts versus 7.5TW.  Huge!   Plus, no consequences versus catastrophic!  Plus, Wiki says in our summer months, the jet stream does tend to go way south.  I don't have much time at all, and so was hoping you could shed light!

  44. Damon Duval says:

    …. another re-presentative that looks yet cannot see

    mercy mercy mercy

    • Edward Palys says:

      The truth is she knows exactly what she's talking about but has been ordered to political correctness. The whole academia teaches that all those streaks in the skies are contrails, just simple water vapors from aircraft engines. Who's going to tell these academics that they are really idiots? 

  45. paul fowler says:

    Factual data makes for good reading and will be very important when it comes time to restucture society , however it will not stop this assult on humaity. If you disagree , then please explain JFK , 911and the 2008 economic melt down meltdown , just to name a few. There is so much credible evidence about these events it makes one head spin , yet nothing has changed . It is buisness as usual for the crazzy cabal. 
    I have had to fight for my life before this fight , several times. If I tried to reason with my attackers or inform them of their wrong doings I would not be here today . We need to take action , what ever it takes to stop the assult.

  46. carol says:

    Same treatment I got from every agency I ever confronted about this issue. Kinda like they are all reading from the same playbook heh? No first amendment protection for whistleblowers and open game on the public by our own government. 

  47. Irene Parousis says:

    This video just made my heart race.  This is exactly what we dealt with when we met with the Premier of Ontario and the Minister of Environment.  It's hard to believe these are humans and these are the people the masses have entrusted in making decisions for us.  How are they all trained to repeat the same lines and how don't they cave in when we persist with our rhetoric?  I have to believe they are mind controlled.

    • Edward Palys says:

      Yes, they are controlled by their employer, the government. I have written some emails to Environment Canada also and all I got back were lectures on "contrails". I intend to go up the ladder with my persistence even if I have to call these people idiots. 

  48. Mike Hallett says:

    That incredibly stupid "politician" needs to be firmly reminded that she works for the public who pay her salary. I suspect she is a "Common Purpose" graduate, like so many of her kind throughout state employment, including education, police, military and both the local and central government departments of all EU countries. Her pompously dismissive attitude is typical – you may even notice various Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) key-words in her conversation.

    This "programming" is now well entrenched in our society and, I believe, is why the younger generations who have been most exposed to it, are apparently so compliant. You only have to look at the reaction of the so-called "Remainers" who lost the UK referendum to leave the EU (Brexit). They just seem to accept what they are told by "authority" – qualified or otherwise – without question.

    Houston……We have a problem!

    • Jennifer Symonds says:

      The older you are (I'm 65) the more negative changes you see (re EU) so more likely to vote leave. Re stratospheric geo-engineereing: it's really difficult trying to explain to people what's really mucking up the climate/weather, there's a lot of folks suffering from "ostrich syndrome"; what I could do with: short pithy explanations that are printable & fairly easy to understand. 

  49. Beverly Foster says:

    The attitude expressed by this bureaucratic hack in the Netherlands, that she thinks as politicians they don't have to pay attention to science, prevails worldwide.  In the US, it's driven by the depthless greed for power and money. Our country is run by a few insane psychopaths who have no objectivity or care about destroying the earth.  Please call your representatives and spread the word over the internet.

  50. paul fowler says:

    My wife is Dutch , she will be glad to hear someone is breaking through the stereotype of , "wooden shoe, wooden head wouldn't listen . 
    For those near the San Fransico area , the "American Geophysical Union (A.G.U.)" is having their fall meeting somewhere in San Fransico . December 16 2016. I would love to go and listen to their latest denial techniques , but it is just not in my budget . So, any one that is reading this and planning to attend this function , could you please make notes of all people involved . I would love to know as would others I 'm sure.

  51. susan says:

    It's called a "brush off".  So many of these so called authorities say the same thing.  She knew exactly what to say.  She looks up but she wants her job and she'll keep saying what she says.  People need to revolt but too many still in denial and asleep….

    • Edward Palys says:

      The problem is that those do NOT represent the people who elected them. Politics is basically like a religion, do as I say, not as I do. If you were working for the government at any level, you are ordered to comply with the ruling party. It is the same in American business, it is a "culture" entrenched in the "authority".

  52. WIKI: Research into the military applications of high-energy pulsed power systems is conducted in the 34,261-square-foot Air Force Research Laboratory’s Directed Energy Directorate, High Power Systems Facility. The facility houses Shiva Star, the Air Force’s largest pulsed-power system. Shiva Star stores nearly 10 million joules of energy (equal to 5 pounds of TNT). It produces a pulse of 120,000 volts and 10 million amps in one-millionth of a second to produce a power flow equivalent to a terawatt. Shiva Star has evolved from a 1 megajoule system in 1975, a 2 megajoule system in 1979, to its final form as a 10 megajoule system in 1982. Shiva Star has been used over the years for many different types of experiments such as pulse compression to increase energy in the pulse, plasma liner implosion for production of x-rays, solid liner implosions to compress matter to high density and pressure, compact toroids for generating high-energy plasmas, and simulation of explosive pulsed-power generators. [WIKI image here]

    Open-air plasma device could revolutionize energy generation, US Navy’s weaponry / Sebastian Anthony on April 17, 2013
    Researchers at the University of Missouri have devised a method of creating and launching rings of plasma through open air. … exactly what the nascent plasma weapons industry needs to finally get plasma rifles and shields onto the market. … the weaponization of the technology — imagine a plasma rifle that can cut through just about anything, or a plasma shield that can instantly incinerate incoming ammunition and missiles. This theory is made all the more plausible by the research group’s primary source of funding: the Office of Naval Research — the same office of the US Navy that funds research into the humbling and/or terrifying railguns that you can see in the video below.

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      I wish my eyes wouldn't glaze over trying to understand these scientific explanations of plasma, Susan.

      I have to go back to Sister Rosalie who tells us Life on Earth developed in a neutral (without charged particles)  environment because of the protective veils of our atmosphere.  Apparently, lightening strikes every day around the world are essential for creating a balance or grounding.  It's something I don't quite understand, but I trust her.  All this charged atmosphere is really, really detrimental to Life.

      But here are these scientists who are so enthused as to apparently forget the basics they once learned.  Then there's the military. . . . . for whom everything's a weapon.

      Anyone, Please correct me if my interpretations are wrong.

    • Bella_Fantasia — I understand. I'm an art major. I have forced myself to read these plasma physics text books, and search these relevant articles and Dane’s amazing list of relevant US "plasma" Patents, because every time I look out my windows over the once beautiful Olympic Peninsula WA, I see the sky – and grok that we are being systematically poisoned and electro-rf/micro-fried. Then I often get angry, Scots-Irish Texan stubborn angry, and so I keep reading and taking notes and forcing myself to comprehend the fact that they have figured out how to turn plasma into a weapon, to squeeze, compress, heat, and amplify plasma into a weapon that is capable of destroying the subtle magnetic polarities in our atmosphere – and in my view, they have done just that.
      Think of this universe as a polarity realm, positive and negative. This goes for our thoughts, our bodies, and the Earth’s magnetosphere that travels through space like a magic ship. Everything constantly moves between two polarities and everything seeks equilibrium. Just as you like to magnetize a man or friend to ‘balance’ you, to create equilibrium in you and your life. Plasma is one of the four fundamental states of matter that can be created by heating a gas or subjecting it to a strong electromagnetic field. Like someone can create 'heat' in you when they get near you!   :o)  The presence of a significant number of charge carriers (electrons) makes plasma electrically conductive, so that it responds strongly to electromagnetic fields. Our Sun and the stars are made up of plasma. The solar wind delivers charged particle plasma into Earth’s magnetosphere every day. They want that power. It's most intense in the Ionosphere and the various radiation belts.
      And yes, lightening strikes every day around the world are essential for creating a balance or grounding: "Atmospheric electricity is the pattern of electrical charges in the Earth's atmosphere (or less commonly, that of another planet). The normal movement of electric charges among the Earth's surface, the various layers of the atmosphere, and especially the ionosphere, taken together, are known as the global atmospheric electrical circuit.  … Thunderstorms, which create lightning bolts that 'instantaneously' discharge huge amounts of atmospheric charge to ground in a rapid release of energy stored in the electric field that built up to a particularly extreme degree in the storm clouds.

    • Grant Jones says:

      Bella,  You are not wrong at all. The beginning of life may have used lightening as an energy source as a spark to ignite a chemical process leading to life. No one knows for sure.  The ionization of the atmosphere is military in origin and practice.  Trying to keep the masses unaware of the unfolding Chaos. Plasma physics are a realm that is difficult to grasp, but I should leave that to Susan. Fusion, weaponization Tactical clouds etc are out there but the main thing is that humanity has indeed disrupted the earths balance. G

    • Grant Jones — PLEASE! Don't leave sharing plasma physics to me! Susan needs all the help she can get making this inscrutable vast complex technology accessible to us. Especially anyone with experiential knowledge as you do. I am not an electrical engineer or astrophysicist. What I do understand is primordial sacred metaphysics, which appears to be the substratum of plasma physics. You and Ron and anyone else, please do contribute. I often use direct quotes from the texts so that any misunderstanding I may have, does not get transferred to the innocent reader. I feel that plasma physics has intentionally been made as difficult as possible for the 'common' man to learn about – including the ridiculously expensive text books!
      Have a look at this very intriguing video of the visualization and summary of Marklund Convection:

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Well Susan, this answers a question I put to you a while ago about what they are doing with plasma.  I said something like-they could just aim it and incinerate something.  Is this from UMKC, University of Missouri at Kansas City, or another branch.  UMKC being one of the universities I attended. The freaking navy is funding this?  I can see why, but for shame on the university in question!  What are these people thinking!!!  I well remember when mathematicians were first trying to map toroidal shapes.  Who knew it would come to this?  And the nerve to call it Shiva Star.  Almost as if knowing The End game.  I asked you earlier about fracking jet steams for energy, supposedly for the needs of the world, not our navy for Pete's sake!!  In the article I mentioned in that post from Wiki, here earlier today, it said it would take 10-20 years, me speculating done already and apparently so!  GRRR!  And, thank you, you know, for blowing my mind yet again!

    • Rachel Robson says:

      @Susan,  Sorry to have to ask you so many question as others do about plasma, you have made it clear this is not your area, but you did take it on.  I have some familiarity with it as I study particle physics and a great deal of physics.  For the last year I've been studying geophysics for which I have no background.  It's been rough going.  I have to read the same thing again and again before I finally get it.  I too am stubborn and sick also.  Making it extra hard, making me that more stubborn.  Your mention of Scotch/Irish Texas stubborn says a thousand words!  You may have trouble with this, but your doing it and posting what you do with links and all, opening it to others.  Who then hit that brick wall, and calls to stubborness!  It does take relentless effort and that is what we all applaud.  It is so tempting to leave to you to explain.  But, you do it so well!

    • Rachel Robson says:

      @Grant Jones, Yes, it's often been said that lightning started life.  If unsure about that, at least we do know magnetism was involved and a really small window of opportunity in which each "little" factor, like oxygen, had to be present and in one specific small range.  Gee, the sheer number of things that had do go just so in order for life to be!  It is astounding, a miracle, and one the military would destroy.

      I do think a great deal of weather manipulation has been a part of the military's efforts to maximize lethality, maximize range.  Experiments for their behalf as well as a dumping ground for their used poison and the fossil fuels they so need, and its detritus.  Like the coal fly ash.  In the main, all for them and any harm to us but a happy side affect. 

    • Rachel — Thank you for your kind words to me! Yes, the use of the word Shiva is portent indeed. Shiva who is metaphysically considered as the Centripetal Force, the power that destroys what needs to be destroyed, and generates the Dissolution. Probably named by some brilliant plasma physicist from India, although it is well known that Oppenheimer taught himself Sanskrit and quoted the Bhagavad Gita as the bomb went off. "Now I have become death, the destroyer of worlds…"   In fact, the real meaning of the Sanskrit word Shiva is "auspicious" and Shiva as a deity is not mentioned in the oldest texts, like the Rig Veda. Scholars say that the Vedic term Rudra, became Shiva in the centuries later Puranas.

  53. Roberto says:

    Debbie is a brainwashed governmental representative and not to disappointed her chief, just say what she have to say as one devoted puppet as she is. So Debbie Brenkman, make you home work once for all and investigate for yourself and stop to talk non sense 

  54. Judy Lauer says:

    Dane — I now realize that different countries are as dumbed down in their fantasy explanations of what is going on in our stratosphere as the un controlled  U.S. The only hope left — is those of us who are not criminals.

  55. Plasma patent US 5041760 A from Mr. Wigington’s list:
    Method and apparatus for generating and utilizing a compound plasma configuration
    US 5041760 A / 1991 / Abstract:
    A method and apparatus for generating and utilizing a compound plasma configuration is disclosed.  The plasma configuration includes a central toroidal plasma with electrical currents surrounded by a generally ellipsoidal mantle of ionized particles or electrically conducting matter. The preferred methods of forming this compound plasma configuration include the steps of forming a helical ionized path in a gaseous medium and simultaneously discharging a high potential through the ionized path to produce a helical or heliform current which collapses on itself to produce a toroidal current, or generating a toroidal plasmoid, supplying magnetic energy to the plasmoid, and applying fluid pressure external to the plasmoid. The apparatus of the present invention includes a pressure chamber wherein the compound plasma configuration can be isolated or compressed by fluid or other forms of mechanical or magnetic pressure. A multiple chamber reactor device is also disclosed, as are methods and using apparatuses for rising the compound plasma configuration in a number of diverse situations.  …Once produced these currents generally tend to relax to a force free state.

  56. renate summers says:

    How frustrating. There are patents that prove what the evils are doing, for God Sake. That’s all that is needed.

  57. johnny says:

    Aloha, the internet radio show, Strange Universe, which Dane has been on before, played a clip of the CIA director actually admitting geo engineering saying it cost about 10 billion a year, and said they are spraying aluminum. Is there a chance you can find this video and verify if its really happened. The host of the show seems really credible. Mahalo

  58. glendon says:

    Has anyone noticed how our sports events are broadcasting chemtrails.  i've seen it during golf tournaments, where they zoom to show the 'beautiful' day.  what beauty is in chemtrails.
    And then today during the wimbledon finals, the chemtrails were featured.  the sky was blue with puffy clouds, and the straight poison clouds were obvious.
    Next we will see them in commercials, just like the movies!
    Saturate the earth, and our minds.

    • AllyL says:

      Hi glendon, noticed last night during a shot in the current Suzuki car commercial in the UK where three cars (red, white and blue!) are shown side by side, the sky is a sprayed mess above them. Very obvious. 

    • Edward Palys says:

      Yes those of us aware of the truth see them everywhere. Unfortunately, like many sleeping heads around us, the majority of people haven't a clue what this is all about. I even have a landscape picture from Iceland with chemtrails above. I'd include a copy here but don't know how to get it in.

    • stephan says:

      Yeah glendon – was watching a baseball game – the announcer called it a "hazy day" – the players were losing sight of the ball on high pop ups – then the announcer called it a "bright sky" – I call it sickening.

    • Jennifer Symonds says:

      Been watching several historical type dramas (eg Muskateers, The Living & the Dead), notice the the un-natural chemtrail made clouds & think: not very 17th or 19th century really! was listening to Radio4's  Gardeners Question time this w.e. & they were banging on about how little proper sunshine there's been lately which is making fruit & veg &c vary late in growing & ripening, not surprising when the sky is covered this horribly sickly looking geoengineered cloudy haze

  59. michael says:

    so we got the president of iran , a princess of i forget where suadi arabia? the chinese government in that 1 case where they did a billion $ of damage to bejign , and now we got a rep from a neherlands department of environment , how many more 'top officials' of governments do we need to state on the record climate engineering is happening – which should never be allowed period – before people will consider this a legitimate issue?

    trick question obviously as long as the people are propagandized it will always be that way…..

    • BaneB says:

      My take on her non-plausible denial is she can't see because her religion of science has not confirmed for her via a controlling bureaucrazy that the geoengineering program is the cause of those obvious white stripes over the ZanderZee. The video depicts a sky as screwed over as any over my own region.  But she says the geoengineering program to which she admits is a reality is not very consequential.  She is a soulless wonder. Frankly, after the video ended, my impression was that this trying experience was a disjointed conversation with an inmate of an insane asylum.  A genuine mind F.

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