Portrait of a Cult


By Rebel Siren

TROLLS are everywhere, even the word “troll” is offensive. They have been systematically infiltrating social media, hiding in the shadows like rats. Many of them are paid, hired by PR companies to spin an issue, sway public opinion, and cause debate and controversy where none previously existed, nor should. Check online employment venues for “forum poster” jobs. Trolls contribute to the ills of our society and are a virtual plague upon the planet by perpetuating everything that is destructive from promoting GMOs to geoengineering, to marketing, spamming, and selling us stuff we don’t need.

Geoengineering trolls in particular, claim it’s their “hobby” to bully, harass, ridicule and abuse honest people for the purpose of perpetuating the polluting and desecration of our planet, our health, and all life. They hide behind anonymity, often creating multiple fake accounts all for the purpose of harassing an individual and/or group that they perceive have “beliefs” that differ from theirs. This is blatant discrimination, yet is allowed to run rampant on social media venues such as Facebook.

Trolls are disciples of the two most prolific disinformation sites on the internet. These two main disinformation sites are positioned to come up first whenever anyone does a simple google search for more information about “chemtrails”, geoengineering, or leaders in the movement to increase awareness, (This is why it’s imperative to search beyond the mainstream using scholarly search engines to bypass the disinformation). Unsurprisingly, both sites are run by the same individual, a man whom the trolls worship and blindly follow. This is best described as a “disinformation cult”. The leader and operator of both disinformation sites, is not an expert in atmospheric sciences, aviation, or meteorology, but is a gaming programmer. Apparently, he’s able to program the minds of gullible prey as well. His trolls have the audacity to liken the effort to increase awareness about hazardous, risky weather and climate engineering programs to “religious zealots”, when in reality, that is precisely what they are.

Some trolls get compensated (a.k.a. “shillidiocy”), while others are mere sheep, disciples that are programmed into blindly following the herd and unwittingly help do the dirty work by spreading around the propaganda (lies/disinformation). It’s like a mass Stockholm syndrome where these dimwitted egocentric followers’ limited intellects are held captive by their narcissistic “guru”, the gaming programmer, because their insecure need to “cling” and “follow” outweighs any sense of humanity that an intelligent independent thinker would have.

Trolls target videos on youtube, and elsewhere on social media often creating fake facebook pages, for the purpose of relentlessly harassing critical thinkers. They primarily post links from the two disinformation sites about generic “contrail” formation text-speak, which has nothing to do with aerial spraying of chemicals, other than jet fuel pollution contributing to poor air quality in addition to aerial chemical spraying. If we take a look at the history of this “debate”, the trolls started out claiming that geoengineering wasn’t possible. Then, once they could no longer refute the reality of it, they began claiming it isn’t “being done yet”, that we are “geoengineering the planet already just by driving cars”, that “planes cannot or do not spray chemicals” (despite overwhelming facts that they can and do), all to surmise that all of the heavy persistent streaks we observe globally are mere “contrails”, despite the reality that we observe in our global skies.

Ponder what these trolls have to gain by disputing this issue. What is it to them? It’s a strategic disinformation campaign, that’s what, it’s designed to suppress awareness and prevent public outcry because “an ignorant public is a compliant public”, and they are the sock puppets.

Trolls will incite violence using old political tactics. One of the primary tactics they use is to attack the character of every leader and whistle-blower that dares to speak out. If these are regular people engaging in honest discourse, why the anonymous fake accounts? Why target only awareness videos on youtube? It’s a format, an obvious strategic attack of DISINFORMATION when you learn their tactics and begin paying closer attention.

Many people in the mainstream fall for these tactics due to cognitive dissonance or sheer brainwashing, they’re easily programmable, eager to follow the status quo. It’s a herd mentality, “groupthink”, comparable to a “religious cult”. Trolls are themselves the “zealots” and are doing extensive harm to our health and planet by unwittingly perpetuating destructive, hazardous programs. There are some who intentionally set out to cause harm, for instance an “educated” Australian troll that runs several fake pages on various social media venues; however, others blindly follow the cult, unwittingly doing its dirty work.

Truly intelligent people with the ability for critical thinking and who take the time to do research beyond the mainstream hype, never fall for this groupthink mentality or follow the status quo, and because of that, are inevitably the ones targeted by trolls that seek to attack their character and attempt to “discredit” them to take focus off of the important information they are sharing with the public. “Character assassination” is the primary disinformation tactic used for this purpose.

Even the so called “educated” trolls that manage to squeeze by and pass enough courses for a degree, still lack the intelligence and critical thinking skills to think beyond their indoctrinations or stop to consider humanity rather than their own selfish existence. Their capabilities are limited to memorizing and regurgitating, not actual problem solving, and they can only be described as “educated idiots”. Education is not the same thing as intelligence. Therefore, these trolls are just smart enough to be dangerous.

Depending on the field of study and intelligence quotient (or lack thereof), education can serve the purpose of indoctrination to perpetuate the system and actually suppress critical thinking and awareness, especially in the field of “applied sciences”. Many trolls with applied science degrees are the worst regarding arrogance and having a “god complex”. They’re out to destroy nature, make it better, “improve” it, completely disrespecting and destroying it in the process with no regard for future sustainability or intelligent management of earth’s resources. Not all scientists, of course, many are highly intelligent forward thinkers that know the importance of a balanced ecosystem and future sustainability. But, as we have all witnessed, there is no room for morality, ethics, or basic respect for life and nature, in global corporate science. Profit over people is its credo.

To clarify, this is not an “anti-science” statement, as the trolls would no doubt claim. This is to point out the difference between IRRESPONSIBLE science, versus responsible science that seeks to work with nature, not against it, and advocate for a sustainable, healthy planet for the present, and future, generations.

The “Dr. Evils” of the world mentioned here, practice irresponsible science in their arrogance. They are routinely careless in their actions with no consideration for future consequences. Just look at our planet for the “evidence”. The desecration by the fossil fuel industry (connected to climate engineering despite their public “denial” tactic)  Geoengineer David Keith is one example, he openly stated that geoengineering “is like free-riding on our grandkids”. If you google his name & phrase, the first thing that comes up are several links from the aforementioned disinformation sites defending him and his statement.  Not surprising, considering it’s their JOB and MISSION to deflect focus from these hazardous programs to prevent public outcry, because, (I repeat), “an ignorant public is a compliant public”, and they will do everything they’ve been programmed to do to achieve this goal. They are deeply rooted in an organized and strategic disinformation campaign.

Additionally, social media venues that allow rampant shillidiocy could be considered an accomplice by contributing to the targeting and harassment of individual(s) and/or groups due to differing beliefs, (let’s call it “religion” since that’s what the trolls enjoy likening geoengineering awareness to), as such, all social media venues should be held accountable for allowing blatant discrimination to run unchecked.

Should we allow TROLLS to run rampant on social media for the sole purpose of attacking, bullying, and harassing individuals or groups whom “they do not agree with”? Allowing such disrespect to run amok online is an affront not only to the reputable individuals and/or groups the trolls target, but to everyone engaging in honest discussions, as well as all of humanity.

By Rebel Siren

5 Responses to Portrait of a Cult

  1. sean cairney says:

    well thought out and very well written ty

  2. Philip Dec says:

    Probably the best article I have read so far describing these obnoxious creatures.

    Good news though 》Over the past 6 months or so they have been getting whacked repeatedly on youtube: to the point where many youtubers who have their own channels are blocking them almost immediately after recognizing what their agenda is! Why should they be handled any differently? If people would not gullibly feed trolls, as many unfortunately do, moderators could simply delete their rubbish and block them. Stop sparring with trolls, and let the site administrators deal with them!

    Thanks for posting this excellent article!

  3. shestelle says:

    It’s the first I hear of “Geoengineering” as put on this site. Just wondering about it all at this point! Is it truly possible that our Earth’s Climate is being “engineered” to change as is mentioned? And, most important: “WHO is responsible for this type of Engineering! It seems to me to be in-human to so work secretely or to just play at being GOD! that is in control of all of Creation! We are meant to care for Creation not to change it as to destroy it!

    Who are these “TROLLS” that infiltrate every aspect of our lives? . . .

    Lord God, have mercy upon us all!

  4. Constant Walker says:

    It is also written: “Even as you do unto these the least among you, so shall it be done unto you.”

  5. francis mangels says:

    The lady is correct. I might add that the 7/7/14 update, nor any update for several years of “Geo What We Know” has ever been debunked. Check it out, trollops, and see if you can come up with any critical thinking beyond the usual ad homineum response. Of course, hollering “I don’t believe it” does not negate the facts. A fact is a fact is a fact. BTW GOD said “I will destroy the destroyers of the earth.” Rev 11:18 Trolls should consider their Opponent.

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