Prestigious Health Magazine Covers Geoengineering


With each passing day the curtain of secrecy and controversy surrounding the climate engineering issue is being pulled back.  When prestigious and reputable publications are finally willing to publish feature articles that address the ongoing geoengineering insanity head on, we are indeed gaining ground in this battle. Health Freedom News is a hard hitting publication that is dedicated to expositing the truth for the common good. Their editors have shown exceptional courage and commitment to their readers, subscribers, and supporters by printing the article below in their current issue. The magazine article can be read by clicking the individual images to enlarge them. Again, my most sincere gratitude to Health Freedom News magazine for their courage in addressing the critical issue of climate engineering.
Dane Wigington

Engineering The Biosphere, An Unfolding Cataclysm

Source: Health Freedom News

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Health Magazine

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Those that are interested  in acquiring an original copy of this issue of Health Freedom News (Spring 2015 / Volume 33 / No.1) can get it here. Those who wish to thank the magazine personally can do so by leaving a comment of support here.

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47 Responses to Prestigious Health Magazine Covers Geoengineering

  1. This website was… how do I say it? Relevant!!
    Finally I have found something that helped me.
    Appreciate it!

  2. Pat says:

    When is it wise to look the other way, or ignore the obvious?

    acts of omission have long been endorsed as the favored acts of the innocent, but where harm occurs, denial is a poor excuse that allows delusion to dictate, its own form of tyranny that covets secrecy, and hides responsibility as a participant in participatory society.

    • Gordon Chamberlain says:

      So are all aircraft spraying chemicals ? 
      The vapor trails in WWII footage and in the 1950 were they chem trails also 
      When did spraying chem trails start ? 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Gordon, not all jet traffic is part of the aerosol programs. The WWII footage of bombers leaving trails is due to the vapor injection systems they had to keep the engines cool and to increase power. The aerosol spraying programs were ramped up in the late 40s.

  3. Nancy Levant says:

    Many thanks to Health Freedom News for publishing Dane's article.  You are very appreciated for your efforts to bring geoengineering to the dim light of day.  The critical importance of the ongoing destruction of all flora, fauna, air, soil and water cannot be overstated, and your efforts to educate readers are to be commended.  Thank you for your excellent work, and thank you, Dane, for your tireless efforts.  You are a living, breathing gem of a human being.

  4. Ana says:

    I have donne a comment of support to NHF on 28 of April and yesterday was awaiting moderation but my comment still not published  today .I guess they must have their emailbox full of suports maybe?. Anyway i will show them and you  my suport here and like i´ve said : Many thanks from Portugal to NHF Magazine for publishing about this important  issue ,yes,Portugal ,cause this is a global Threat  and not only happening in USA.Many Thanks to you dane all tthat  educate people and expose this geoengeneering issue/problem.

  5. Cori Gunnells says:

    Dane, thank you so much for taking the time to write this comprehensive article – well done!

    National Health Federation, thank you for publishing this important article by Dane Wigington, and acknowledging all the requests you've been receiving from people wishing to receive the magazine article, and learn more. Many remain unaware how serious and urgent this issue is, and how comprehensive the effects of geoengineering are. There is nothing living on the face of the Earth it doesn’t harm, including human health. We are facing a crisis, with little time left to turn this ship around. These programs must be exposed and stopped, or all life on Earth will cease. As shocking as it sounds, the sixth extinction event is possible… and not that far away. People need to rise up, educate themselves, understand the urgency we face, and help us bring these devastating and decimating programs to a complete halt.

  6. Peggy says:

    Absolutely great article!  Thank you for all you do to sound the alarms! 

  7. Lakotah says:

    As alarming as this magazine article is which opening line is "What you don't know can hurt you" I see mention of CFC's. Working in the refrigeration/air conditioning field for 35+ years long before the idea of recovery systems, I have seen hundred, no, thousands of liquid pounds of R-12 and R-22 released right into the atmosphere due to leaks and needed repairs. I can imagine with all the refrigeration repair companies combined that amount had to amount to be 100's of thousands of pounds of refrigerant or more world wide. Seeing as how these gases are poisonous when burnt up I often wondered while driving around from job to job how much, even at the most minute amount I was breathing every day from the combustion of air and fuel from all the cars and trucks. I'll tell you, the idea of recovering any refrigerant from a system for any reason today, is a step in the right direction. That's some nasty stuff which makes me wonder what the regulations are in other developed countries.  

  8. Edgar says:

    Wow its amazing how lots of people rounds the world are making the change little by little our voice needs to be heard am glad and proud of those who are spreading the word ..   Lets do this …

  9. Melody Meachum says:

    @Marc..I understand your blinding anger. Ralph has given you wise advice about turning rage to passion, as we evidenced in Dane's example over & over. His calm demeanor is significantly more effective in getting people to open up. It is human nature to be angry. If war in our skies is not justifiable causation, I don't know what is. This all-out concerted, traitorous "Theater" is so far beyond human words! Beyond the anger, it feels like those of us actively engaged in the war are carrying the weight of the world at times.

    @Ralph…Yes, I have been asking for forgiveness as of late. Don't normally struggle with $**## language under my breath.

    Thank you Dane for going it this over and over and over!

    I appreciate everyone's posts and continue to learn much as not one of us can possibly have enough hours in the day to research and understand thoroughly. I think my tie in lately with the spraying has been death to trees…all species everywhere. A home inspection yesterday took me through wooded countryside. Downed trees everywhere…trees leaning against trees, split in half, the forest floor littered with younger trees, sickly green bark, popping/peeling bark or trees stripped bare of bark. Not a single bud or leaf on them. You know when a person is dying by their DEATHLY PALOR. You can recognize that death palor in trees. I know the answers, but can't help asking "how can this be"?

  10. Marc says:

    Driving during rush hour today in St. Louis, I, of course, am scanning the skies constantly. Unbelievable trashing of the entire canopy of sky over St. Louis!! White trails everywhere, amorphous sweeps of weird, bullshit "clouds", trails fanning out, white haze, ugly, UGLY!!! From horizon to horizon!!!! From the posts here on this site, it is apparent that identical blitzing is occurring all over the goddam country, and world. I know this to be true, of course, but when you look up and out over your own city and see the vast numbers of jets doing their dirty work and the resulting nightmare, and then extrapolate the same observation out to countless other cities and regions ALL OVER THE WORLD, it is difficult to grasp the magnitude of the Evil Machine that is furiously working around the clock to coordinate these aerial sorties. We are talking a VAST, APPARENTLY WELL COORDINATED, GLOBAL AGENDA, WITH INTERLOCKING THEATERS  NO DOUBT CONSTANTLY UNDER REVISION  IN REAL TIME, TO MAXIMIZE THEIR DESPICABLE OBJECTIVE.. I'm sorry, folks, but I am having great difficulty  accepting the "multiple agenda" concept. It's like, well, if we inundate the whole f%#!! king world with toxic metals to sicken and/or kill the masses, but in the process also create situations from which we can profit, then it's ALL GOOD. 

    I find myself cursing out loud at the jets and at their ruination on almost a daily basis. And I can assure you the language I use is not fit for print. Such is my rage at those who would so arrogantly and repulsively ruin this beautiful world and piss on every heartfelt hope held within the hearts of men, women, children and all living things, that want nothing more than to just flourish in health and wholeness, and see their dreams come to fruition.

    • Ralph Ely says:

      Marc, why don't you tell us how you really feel. lol  Kidding aside, we are all right there with you.  I found myself asking forgiveness a half dozen times today for having a "trash mouth" after looking at what used to be the most beautiful deep blue sky on God's Green Earth.

      I am doing my best each day to turn my anger into passion and action, so as you point out in your comments…we can all flourish in health and wholeness…and see our dreams come to fruition.

      Amen to that!

    • Gordon Chamberlain says:

      "It is apparent that identical blitzing is occurring all over the goddam country, and world. I know this to be true, of course, but when you look up and out over your own city and see the vast numbers of jets doing their dirty work and the resulting nightmare, and then extrapolate the same observation out to countless other cities and regions ALL OVER THE WORLD, it is difficult to grasp the magnitude of the Evil Machine that is furiously working around the clock to coordinate these aerial sorties."  
      Do you know how unscientific and irrational you sound  Aircraft have to file flight plans Did you check where the aircraft you observed were flying to ?  How is airport security dealing with illegal chemicals being smuggled into airports, pumped onto planes ?  Are you also being put into fuel trucks first? 

  11. Ralph Ely says:

    In my effort to spread the 'good news' of the GeoEngineering exposure in the Spring Edition of Health Freedom News,  I sent a comment and a link for the story to Nationally known Investigative TV Journalist/Reporter and Talk Show Host, George Knapp.

    George and I have had a back and forth "email friendship" dating back to when he started hosting weekends on the Coast to Coast radio show.  I was aware of George long before that, due to my interest in "things that go bump in the night", and his reporting and 'outing' of Bob Lazar and the Area 51 story.

    I have always respected George Knapp for his tenacity and ability to ask the right question, of the right person, at the right time.

    However, our "digital relationship" hit a brick wall, when over the preceding months of this year George pretty much turned a deaf ear and developed a blind spot when I supplied him any video information or commentary concerning GeoEngineering.

    George Knapp's email back concerning the Health Freedom News article was, in part: He would like to see… a peer reviewed article… in a science journal… written by an  independent health journalist.

    I dare say George went "to air" with the Area 51/Bob Lazar story with little more than a 'good feeling' and 'I believe him' as his "evidence – of – peer – credibility".
    George has dealt the main-stream Investigative Journalist/Reporter community another death blow in a growing list of omissions, half truths and complicity in their reporting.

    Is it any wonder more and more of the populous is turning off their TVs, Radios and canceling News Papers and finding The Truth on the Website of their choice?

  12. Mike says:

    Those who print the money are at the top of the actual power structure in the US. The Central Banking Oligarchs privately own the Federal Reserve Banking Corporation and the money supply. They print all the money for themselves, and then US government borrows it. Because of this, they have absolute control over the money supply, the economy, and the government, because politicians are easily bribed. Being played as fools, the tax payers must pay all of it back to the Central Banking Oligarchs with compounding interest on top of it, who use it to buy things of real value like real estate, gold, and corporations, which is why this .0001% owns 90% of the wealth.

    Since the money supply is constantly being paid back to them, the Central Banking Oligarchs can spend it on whatever they want to, including buying arms for terrorists. The small number of Jewish families, who are the Central Banking Oligarchs, who own the Federal Reserve Bank Corporation, start all the wars. They want to force other countries to use their money supply so they can print more money for themselves and charge compounding interest on it. They intentionally start wars to destroy those countries, thus forcing them to take loans out from them for reconstruction.

    This is the root of all the problems in America and the World. Those who have limitless money, have limitless power. Outrageously, the TPP would give the Central Banking Oligarchs, and their Federal Reserve Corporation even way, way more power. It would be an extremely huge mistake to allow Obama to sign the TPP and ruin us, like Woodrow Wilson did when he signed the Federal Reserve Act in 1913.

    The Central Banking Oligarchs printed and loaned every dollar that exists, and they intentionally keep their money out of the money supply by calling in loans they’ve made or by not making new loans, in order to crash the economy every several years, so they can cheaply buy up all the assets, transferring all the wealth to themselves. To hide what they are doing, they contrived the “Boom, Bust Cycle” concept. The Central Banking Oligarchs have been doing this heist since 1913, the year the Federal Reserve Act, which is absolutely unconstitutional, was snuck through Congress on Christmas Eve, and stupidly signed into law by an absurd Woodrow Wilson.

    Through bribery, the Central Banking Oligarchs dictate all U.S. foreign policy, to keep other countries down, and also to expand their swindle to other countries, and they aren’t even a branch of the U.S. government, they just bribe the politicians, maybe one could call them “the hidden Illegitimate Overlord Branch”.

    The Federal Reserve Bank Corporation is really just a veil used by the big banks and the Central Banking Oligarchs that own them, to own the money supply, control and exploit the U.S. economy, and rob Americans’ tax dollars, while doing no work at all. Any dollars you have in banks within the Federal Reserve cartel of commercial banks, are owned by the Central Banking Oligarchs, and Congress just recently passed a law saying this Federal Reserve Corporation cartel can wipe out your bank account to take those dollars back during a “crises”.

    With unlimited money for making bribes, they can protect this racket, and start ALL the wars. They’re trying to gain control of the World by making loans to countries, with "conditions" attached, this means those countries, including the U.S itself, must do everything the Central Banking Oligarchs tell them to, or their loans will be cut off.

    Congress doesn’t even know what’s going on, because in addition to letting the Central Banking Oligarchs own the money supply, and thus having full control of the economy, Congress is not allowed to audit the Federal Reserve Bank at all. For goodness sake, people should start attacking the Federal Reserve Bank rather than fixate on dumb differences between the Democrat and Republican parties.

    A World currency is not an alternative at all, because the Central Banking Oligarchs would then again, own the money supply, which would give the Central Banking Oligarchs absolute power, again.

    The Central Banking Oligarchs also totally control the mainstream media.“The hand that owns the radio, the tv, the screen, and the far-flung magazine, controls the Country” -Judge Learned Hand.

    The Central Banking Oligarchs should not privately own the money supply, because it transfers our wealth to them!  They did no work for this money! The American people should own the money supply. The Constitution clearly states that Congress is to print the money, and that the American public must own the money supply.

    The only solution is that Congress should create a publicly owned, interest-free National fiat currency, and a publicly owned National Bank, where the interest charged would be revenue for America and would do some good, rather than be thieved by the Central Banking Oligarchs. The income made from interest on it should be revenue for the U.S. government.

    What we can achieve once we throw these scumbags off our back is unfathomable.

    • Mushroom says:

      Amen, you hit it on the head these people are the devil incarnate.

    • Claudia says:

      Thanks for such a clear and concise explication of how this all works.

    • awakensleeper says:

      That's why they wanted to destroy the concept of nations, races, peoples, ethnic groups etc so that they can own everyone except they package it as Communism, Marxist Dialectical Materialism..whatever, and the sheeple buy it.

    • darrell neff says:

      The world revolves around the almighty dollar. Most people are too ignorant to believe it, let alone what is going on in the skies above their head. May a God relinquish us from this insanity that has almost entirely engulfed us.
      Keep the inspiration coming
      Darrell and Maria

  13. nigel says:

    Hi Dane, God bless you in all you are doing . I will do what i can to awaken the masses here in the uk . a brilliant article on a very nasty subject , please don't forget the Hadron collider was turned on a few days ago at double the power , this gigantic electro magnetic circle must be pulling on the earths core with enormous forces , i'm no scientist i just go on common sense , i think we can expect more earth quakes and volcano's , i hope and pray i'm wrong . is there a war on us from under our feet as well ,for i understand you have one of these in u.s. as well . Regards Nigel.             

  14. Chad says:

    Glad to see people waking up Dane! I've done my work and will continue! God bless all good people!

    • Chad says:

      I passed out all your flyers, videos and cards from Eureka, Ca at Eureka Natural Foods! Love ya Man. Great job, we might still have a chance!

    • Chad says:

      Most ignorant sell outs still aren't looking up and listening though! My own doctors wouldn't give me a blood test and check for heavy metals because they are gov grant funded! They are guilty too and should be also held accountable for war crimes and treason against humanity!

  15. susan says:

    Great article for me to share share share–SHARE!!!

    Much love and thanks.


  16. Carol says:

     Even though more and more information is getting out, The spraying is getting worse and worse. The Spring here in Southeast Michigan has been very cold and unpleasant.

     Today when it could easily be in the low 70s, we are going to be held back in the 60s because of all the adverse spraying this morning.  I suppose I should be thankful for the 60s when we are just coming out of the 40s. 

     This is very discouraging, because it seems our hands are tied no matter what we do. 


    • Wyatt Berry says:

      Same here in Camden, Maine.  It barely goes above the forties and today approached sixty.  It is cold and cloudy, not nearly as much sun and warmth that should be expected by late April.  Unlike any other Spring that I recall.

  17. Lori Smiskol says:

    Because of your courage and staying on this course I have awakened along with the 8 percent and the 10 plus percent now awakening.

    I had a meeting with our city Couselman for almost 2 hrs and then by God’s direction found myself on a chartered bus from Granbury Tx to fight for our water rights. We talked on the bus and now he invited me to speak at our next counsel meeting about geoengineering going on not only over our own city but globally. He said I could ask anyone to come and speak.

    People in the city offices are now awakening. They don’t like what is happening in their cities too. I encourage you to approach your city officials that are concerned with our environment like Gary Couch was a big advocate to fight for our water rights so I joined him and many other city officials and concerned citizens about losing our water to Dow Chemical and spoke up a Iut our personal rights being more important then big businesses rights when it concerned our safety since we are near a nuclear plant and our water levels ate dangerously low. Our city officials said it was there biggest showing from private citizens and now they are listening to our concerns at the Brazos River Authority. Because I supported his efforts now he wants to support my efforts. I encourage you all to approach your cities. They are now awakening in Texas. I am proud to report.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Lori, its all of us working together that has helped to wake the masses. About the actual percentages, I have heard certain individuals throw these numbers around again and again, but there is no study whatsoever to confirm any particular percentages that I am aware of or have ever seen. I don’t believe those who have repeatedly cited these percentages have any actual study to back up the claim. Just wanted to set the record straight on this for the sake of our credibility. This being said, I am very grateful for all you are doing to help bring the climate engineering issue to the light of day, Lori. Its efforts like yours that will help us to reach critical mass.

    • Hawkeye says:

      That is great to hear Lori, but SWFL county commissioners are ignoring my pics and reports, so maybe you can tell TX to call SWFL – Lee County – and tell TX that Lee county knows but won't admit it. If my guys know your guys are joining the people on this then maybe they will lose their cowardly lion acts and do something here too!! Be nice because paradise is so F'd up it is heartbreaking.

  18. anotherAnon says:

    That's good to hear. I'm going to check it out now. Our skies are looking crazy today here in North Alabama.

  19. Mike says:

    I will email this to all in my inbox as most people see me as a nut case ..Big thanks to Health Freedom FOR EXPOSING THE TRUTH

  20. carol freiberg says:

    Will start sharing right now.Thanks Dane.

  21. Bija says:

    AWESOME to see this and gratifying to be able to pass it along to everyone I know, especially the sleepers!!!

    Thanks Dane, Russ and the multitude of awake, aware, and active folks who make up this movement!

  22. Dog aka db says:

    Bravo to Health Freedom News and as always to Mr. Dane Wigington! True journalism! Not our corporate controlled mainstream media! a.k.a. Snake oil sales people that wear way too much make up! People must wake up soon in my opinion, and stop believing the lies that deceive the ones that are gullible! Or maybe most do not want to wake up to reality! It is difficult to believe that there are beings that would profit off the misery of others?

  23. Earth Angel says:

    I already have this magazine, I became a member of this organization after hearing an interview with a man from it on Joyce Riley's Power Hour last year. I hope all who read this article join them in support of their good works. This is an extremely valuable and worthwhile organization.

  24. Marc says:

    A spectacular overview of the whole issue! If one read nothing else, this article alone should cause thousands to seriously question WTF is going on! Just a fantastic summary of the most crucial aspects of what is admittedly a difficult subject for a lot of people to truly "grok". Standing ovation for Dane Wigington!

  25. Julie says:

    Hi Dane,

    I sent an email to the Health Freedom News to thank them for supporting your article. 

    thanks again for all your hard work,

    Julie Loewy

  26. russ elder says:

    Thank you so much—it warmed my heart to see and read this God Bless you for all the hard work you do .I cant even begin to say thanks—as a father and grand-father I cant think this is what we leave our kids with  thanks again

  27. Denise says:

    Thank you so much for this vital information, Dane.  Finally it gets out to the public.  Keep pushing, all our lives depend on it.

  28. Stop paying federal taxes to fund your own demise . Quit your job if you have to. I did and feel liberated . Lets all starve the beast. Thats how we win.

    • Irene Parousis says:

      Quit my job and stopped paying taxes, wrote a letter to them that they're killing me with the spraying and they haven't bothered me so far. I absolutely agree with starving the beast, years ago my alternative doctor told me the only way to get rid of a tumor is to starve it.

    • Mushroom says:

      You cant starve the beast because it prints its own food and calls it quantitative easing. We could never produce enough tax for what is going on. They wont let an audit of the Fed occur because they have printed up over 100 trillion easily not the 19 trillion they tell people. They would discover all of these black projects. Keep your job so you can give to worthy causes who dont get QE

  29. Rachael Webb says:

    This is another great article Dane, thank you for posting this link, and what a great accomplishment for a major magazine to publish the truth for a change.

    I  watched our local Fox affiliate this morning ramble on for 20 minutes this morning in an interview with a so called specialists on earthquakes try and explain why North Texas which sits on one of the most stable fault lines in the world (The Balcones Fault) has experienced over 100 earthquakes just this year, and we should expect them to get worse, of course the total blame is always fraking, never a mention of HAARP, SRM,SAG, or the countless other high frequency and pulsating weapons research that goes on above our heads everyday.

    • Hawkeye says:

      Rachel – your TX quakes, et al, are NOT from fracking or haarp or sag etc. ( all horror stories yes, but not the cause of these quakes all around the globe daily and on going ) They are from methane gas explosions from global warming under the ground and this gas escapes into the atmosphere which is one reason for us being sprayed. GLOBAL WARMING people wake up!!!!! Fire those dam pubs and stop watching fox and listening to rush. They are all evil beings.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Hawkey, yes, methane is releasing all over the globe as you said. Its important to remember that fracking and thermal expansion are also connected to this process in many cases. All is connected in some fashion. Yes again on your final statement, with you completely on that.

  30. Thank you so much, Dane! This is wonderful news regarding the "Prestigious Health Magazine Covers Geoengineering."  CONGRATULATIONS!  You are truly a blessing and are being used to help thousands upon thousands (PLUS) people who have the horrific bad health issues with the chemtrails, geoengineering, HAARP, etc.  I am sharing this with Russ Tanner Many blessings sent your way. 

    <> forum.

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