Resource Depletion Frenzy Of Insanity


Taken as a whole, the human race has shown virtually no regard for the total lack of sustainability of its actions. Unfortunately, many people have bought into the lie that we will never run out of oil or the lie that technology will always save the day. So far technology has propelled humanity (and the rest of life on Earth) toward likely near term extinction, on the current course extinction is a mathematical certainty. Finite resources have been used as if they had no end, modern civilization has been completely constructed with this ideology. We are already hitting the resource depletion wall, thus the rapidly escalating conflicts around the globe. Whatever the mainstream media propaganda machine states as the reason for the ongoing and endless wars, in reality, it’s all about resources. How much fossil fuel is needed to keep the covert climate engineering going for example? A fully loaded military tanker like a KC-135 burns nearly a gallon a second (about 2700 gallons an hour). How many geoengineering jet tankers are circling the globe and spraying toxic metals and chemicals into the air at any given moment? A single gallon of jet fuel burned at altitude produces about 20 lb of Co2, how good is this for the enviroment? This is not even to take into account the massive payloads of toxic materials being sprayed. The US military is addicted to oil, they are the worlds largest fuel burning entity. In the words of James Kunstler, the “fossil fuel fiesta” is in its death throws, global conflict will continue to escalate as the battle for the globe’s remaining resources heats up. The 6 minute video below is an excellent glimpse of the glutinous and completely unsustainable resource consumption of industrialized society.
Dane Wigington

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  1. classy says:

    I used to live in Dubai. The tap water is not drinkable for it is contaminated. If one consumes water in Dubai they will not have any hair. Dubai is very lovely though.

  2. Michael Greiff says:

    STOP!! Do a 180 and take ONE STEP in the other direction .. Get back to basics OR Parrish
    I choose 180 / basics = life on EARTH


  3. manor dweller says:

    maybe some clue as to what these jokers are up to…

    United States Air Force operates 415 KC-135s (168 Active duty, 67 Air Force Reserve, and 180 Air National Guard) as of September 2012.[42]

    Air Combat Command
    57th Wing – Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada
    509th Weapons Squadron – Fairchild Air Force Base, Washington
    Air Education and Training Command
    97th Air Mobility Wing – Altus AFB, Oklahoma
    54th Air Refueling Squadron
    55th Air Refueling Squadron
    Air Force Materiel Command
    412th Test Wing – Edwards AFB, California
    412th Flight Test Squadron
    418th Flight Test Squadron
    Air Mobility Command
    6th Air Mobility Wing – MacDill AFB, Florida
    91st Air Refueling Squadron
    99th Air Refueling Squadron – Birmingham, Alabama (Associate with 117th ARW)
    911th Air Refueling Squadron – Seymour-Johnson AFB, North Carolina (Associate with 916th ARW)
    22d Air Refueling Wing – McConnell AFB, Kansas
    64th Air Refueling Squadron – Pease ANGB, New Hampshire (Associate with 157th ARW)
    344th Air Refueling Squadron
    349th Air Refueling Squadron
    350th Air Refueling Squadron
    384th Air Refueling Squadron
    92d Air Refueling Wing – Fairchild AFB, Washington
    92d Air Refueling Squadron
    93d Air Refueling Squadron
    912th Air Refueling Squadron – March ARB, California (Associate with 452d ARW)
    375th Air Mobility Wing – Scott AFB, Illinois
    906th Air Refueling Squadron (associate with 126th ARW)
    Pacific Air Forces
    15th Wing – Hickam AFB, Hawaii
    96th Air Refueling Squadron (Associate with 154th Wing)
    18th Wing – Kadena AB, Japan
    909th Air Refueling Squadron
    United States Air Forces in Europe
    100th Air Refueling Wing – RAF Mildenhall, England
    351st Air Refueling Squadron
    Air Force Reserve Command
    434th Air Refueling Wing – Grissom ARB, Indiana
    72d Air Refueling Squadron
    74th Air Refueling Squadron
    452d Air Mobility Wing – March ARB, California
    336th Air Refueling Squadron
    459th Air Refueling Wing – Andrews AFB, Maryland
    756th Air Refueling Squadron
    507th Air Refueling Wing – Tinker AFB, Oklahoma
    465th Air Refueling Squadron
    916th Air Refueling Wing – Seymour Johnson AFB, North Carolina
    77th Air Refueling Squadron
    927th Air Refueling Wing (Associate) – MacDill AFB, Florida
    63d Air Refueling Squadron
    931st Air Refueling Group (Associate) – McConnell AFB, Kansas
    18th Air Refueling Squadron
    Air National Guard
    101st Air Refueling Wing – Bangor, Maine
    132d Air Refueilng Squadron
    108th Air Refueling Wing – McGuire AFB, New Jersey
    141st Air Refueling Squadron
    150th Air Refueling Squadron
    117th Air Refueling Wing – Birmingham, Alabama
    106th Air Refueling Squadron
    121st Air Refueling Wing – Rickenbacker ANGB, Ohio
    166th Air Refueling Squadron
    126th Air Refueling Wing – Scott AFB. Illinois
    108th Air Refueling Squadron
    127th Wing – Selfridge ANGB, Michigan
    171st Air Refueling Squadron
    128th Air Refueling Wing – Milwaukee, Wisconsin
    126th Air Refueling Squadron
    134th Air Refueling Wing – Knoxville, Tennessee
    151st Air Refueling Squadron
    141st Air Refueling Wing (Associate) – Fairchild AFB, Washington
    116th Air Refueling Squadron
    151st Air Refueling Wing – Salt Lake City, Utah
    191st Air Refueling Squadron
    154th Wing – Hickam AFB, Hawaii
    203d Air Refueling Squadron
    155th Air Refueling Wing – Lincoln, Nebraska
    173rd Air Refueling Squadron
    157th Air Refueling Wing – Pease ANGB, New Hampshire
    133d Air Refueling Squadron
    161st Air Refueling Wing – Phoenix, Arizona
    197th Air Refueling Squadron
    168th Air Refueling Wing – Eielson AFB, Alaska
    168th Air Refueling Squadron
    171st Air Refueling Wing – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
    146th Air Refueling Squadron
    147th Air Refueling Squadron
    185th Air Refueling Wing – Sioux City, Iowa
    174th Air Refueling Squadron
    186th Air Refueling Wing – Meridian, Mississippi
    153d Air Refueling Squadron
    190th Air Refueling Wing – Topeka, Kansas
    117th Air Refueling Squadron
    Note Italy has been reported in some sources as operating several KC-135s,[43] however these are actually Boeing 707-300s converted to tanker configuration.

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