Rule From The Shadows – The Psychology Of Power


3 Responses to Rule From The Shadows – The Psychology Of Power

  1. Judy W says:

    We saw this all unfold. The red flags were flying since the 60's. This video shows the connections perfectly. The enemy can manipulate/buy off our government, but if we can influence at least 20% we can turn this around. Our Revolution in 1775 started with less.

  2. m says:

    "THE SLEEPING GIANT" must awaken before its too late as WE are about to be pushed over the brink of no return….!!!

  3. KAREN SHULTS says:

    This is now the beginning of the end.Karma is what it is.Its all over.My Mother born 1921 said she'd rather be dead then live without all her Luxury's.Well she's dead Now. we are all left with the idiots power gamers,as are leaders> leading us to hell. There now building behavior health centers with plans to put all on LSD other psychedelic drugs so we are happy workers for them. look at the stock market. wow Dynamic Wealth Research.They do not care about the SKY or AIR or any thing but there group power and Luxurys.perioid. THEY WOULD RATHER BE DIED THEN CHANGE THERE WAY's. Are manners and laws that we try to follow mean NOTHING to Them,GET THAT THROUGH TO THey are pure evil.  

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